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Russia Calling
Date of Scene: 22 September 2021
Location: Xavier's/Remy's Cell.
Synopsis: Remy steals a phone and calls Rogue. He's obviously not himself and without much in the way of useful information to give, the call probably only served to get a little Southern Belle stirred up like a nest full of hornets after a good kick.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Clarice Ferguson, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gotten the message from Mystique near the end of the school day at Xavier's. She had to take a couple of the kids to the dentist this afternoon and couldn't answer the message until she got home. The red truck pulls in to the garage area beside the main drive and Rogue helps the two kids out of the truck before ushering them in to the side doors of the house. "Don't drink anything until that numbin' stuff wears off, ya hear? You'll be droolin' down yourselves like you're starin' at a chocolate cake if ya do.

The kids rush off and the Belle turns and places a hand on the side of her phone in her pocket. "Now I want cake..." She mutters before drawing her main phone out and walking back toward her truck. She places a call to Clarice and lets it ring ring ring before the other answers.

"Hey." She says in to the phone. "I'm in the garage at the school. You wanna pop in here so we can talk about what's goin' on now apparently?" She asks from beside her open truck door, her eyes going out to the well cultivated lawn of the school grounds beyond the open garage doors.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice is elbows-deep in dealing with the fact that her boss is missing - and she's currently in charge of the Brotherhood. Neither of those statements make her a happy girl. As her phone starts to ring, she looks at the name of the person calling - and lets out a loud sigh. Yup - yeah. That doesn't surprise her at all.
    "Yeah Rogue, just give me a few minutes. I'll be down," she promises. It comes off a little more tersely than she would like, but she doesn't always handle stress the best. She was in the midst of trying to recall some of their heavy-hitters from the field so they could go after whatever assholes had taken down the //boss// - and making sure nothing important got overlooked when it comes to the day-to-day running of this place.
    But for now, she'll simply enter a few commands to her computer to hold all but the most urgent messages, before she blinks out of her room on the asteroid - and appears in the garage at Xavier's, looking a little tired and frustrated.
    "I should have contacted you sooner," she admits. "I just... wanted to have more to tell you than almost nothing."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy LeBeau always did have *impeccable* timing. It isn't but a few moments after Clarice's arrival that another phone rings. It pelts out Crescent City by Lucinda Williams. It's the one the crazy Cajun gave Rogue that's just between the two of them. The platonic phone, if you will. No one has the number but *Remy*.

    Caller ID has some weird number, she's never seen before.

    It's just before dawn where he's at and right around eleven hours ago, Remy managed to snatch a cell phone from the pocket of someone bringing him his evening meal, or someone escorting him from point A to Point B. The who of it isn't important, the only bit that matters is that he got the damned thing, because he's Remy freakin' LeBeau and getting things he needs is what he does, right?

    Sitting on the little cot in his little cell in clothes - sweats and a t-shirt - that aren't his and subdued by a collar around his neck, he leans back against the wall, closes his odd eyes and prays for someone to answer.

Rogue has posed:
"Yeah, I get it." Rogue says sounding surprisingly calm. She knows Mystique and Remy are capable and at least she has some idea of what's going on and why the guy has been missing, again, which is superior to even Clarice's definition of 'nothing' in this case.

"Okay, I'll be here." She says a second before the phone in her glove box starts to ring. It takes her a second before she realizes its that burner phone that Remy gave her... "Shit." Rogue says as she leans down and crawls in to her truck on her hands and knees. She sets her phone down on the dash then reaches to open the glove box... and for possibly the first time in history, the contents of that are mostly all gloves, actual gloves, and they're spilling down on to the floor in front of the passenger seat.

It only makes sense for her after all!

She gathers the small phone up once the various types of gloves are out of the way, and then flips it open and thumbs it on.

"Hello?" Rogue's voice is heard over the phone. "Remy?" She asks before even waiting to find out who is on the other side of the connection.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Sorry, I haven't slept much since-" Clarice doesn't finish the thought, however, because the next thing she knows Rogue is diving for her truck, and flinging gloves aside. A puzzled look crosses her features as she makes her way closer. "Who-" she starts, just as the question is answered for her - and surprise mixed with hope shows on her features.
    Can't be...
    "Where is he? Is Mystique there? Can you get GPS coordinates?" she asks in a rush, moving closer. In theory, the assholes who have Remy also have Mystique. And she intends to show them the consequences to such audacity.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    He sits up and leans forward when someone actually answers. One elbow rests on a knee, the other holds the phone to his hear. Remy's voice is barely over a whisper, the connection likely isn't the *greatest*, the two combined might make it a little difficult to hear him.

    "Who is dis?" he asks. Odd question considering. It's obviously his voice, that's a thing pretty unmistakable even with the whispering and the bad connection. "Why's dis t'only number Ah could t'ink t'call?" He sounds confused to say the least. Without giving Rogue a chance to answer those two bizarre questions, he states simply, "Ah need help."

    Because as confused as he seems, *some* part of him remembered that *this* was the number he could call for just that, help, no matter what the circumstances.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to sit down in to her driver's seat as Clarice approaches and sees her holding that phone up against her ear beneath her white bangs draping down over her hand. "Remy?" She questions again before her green eyes glance over to Clarice. "I can't track it, no." She says with the phone receiver held down toward her shoulder.

When Remy talks though she pulls the phone right back up. "Remy, it's Marie." She tells him rapidly back. "Where the hell are you? Is Raven with you?" She asks of the blue bodied assassin. Her right hand comes up to stroke over her head to pull her wealth of long brown and white hair out of her face to drape it down the other side instead.

"Remy, I'm at the school. Clarice is here. Tell us where you are and we can be there, lickity split!" She says in a more frantic moment!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Well, fuck," Clarice says simply but sincerely. If Mystique were here - would she be able to track it? Mystique knew so much about this stuff... "What about, umm... Pryde! She could track it, right?" Maybe? "Is she here?" She looks about ready to blink through the entire school looking for the young woman, to drag her back here.
    She stands beside the car, her body tense, her hands clenched into fists at her side. She didn't do well with inaction. If she just knew where to go...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Who?" Remy falls silent for a few seconds. Did the line go dead? No. "Lickity spit..." he repeats the words along with an actual chuckle, soft though, like his voice lest he wake the sleeping beasts or whatnot.

    "Russia. Ah t'ink? Listen, Cher... dey doin' things. Ah'm tryin'. But dere things missin', oui? Dat telepath, really powerful."

    Another long pause, just dead silence save the cracking and popping of the line before, "Ya gotta get me outa here, please." And maybe the worst bit of all? Remy LeBeau sounds *scared*. All of that bravado and laissez-faire attitude? It's just gone. "Dey givin' me stuff, Cher, it's messin' with me. When dey not testin' if it's workin' in dat white room, den it's a collar."

Rogue has posed:
At the question of Kitty Pryde's wareabouts Rogue just shrugs her shoulders and glances toward the doors in to the west wing halls of Xavier's. She shakes her head and mouths / loud whispers. "I have no idea." She says, in what is likely just more frustration for Clarice.

She turns on the truck seat so she's facing out of it to face toward where Blink was though, and her green eyes drop to concentrate on what Remy's quiet jarbled voice is saying over the phone. "They're doin' stuff to ya?" She repeats. "You sound like you're hidin' somewhere... can you describe the place you're at?" She then asks before she looks up to Clarice.

'Russia' Rogue loud whispers to Clarice, almost like that infamous orange man people hate.

Back to Remy then, Rogue listens and shakes her head. "Look. We're gonna find ya and get ya outta there. But if Mystique is with ya, stay close to each other. You'll need t'support each other t'make it through this..." She looks back up to Clarice then. "Can you think of any names'a the people holdin' ya? Signs with anythin' we can use?" She asks further, trying to talk quick but clearly.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Ask him if the 'Beijing Power Plant' means anything," Clarice counters, frustration on her features as she listens to half of the conversation. It all has something to do with that - according to Mystique, before she went missing. But it was hardly anything to go on. Pulling out her own phone, she starts dialing, trying to get through to Kitty. If she answers... If they can get her here before they lose their connection to Remy... If she can track that damned phone...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm in mah cell," Remy replies. "Stole a phone." Of course he did. "Who's *Mystique*?" Uh-oh. Hell, he's not even entirely sure who Rogue is other than the fact that this was the *one* number he knew he could call, without a doubt, to get someone that would help him, someone he could *trust*.

    "Part Ah was in first, it was different den dis. It's a lab. Ah don' read Russian, Cher, couldn' tell what any of it says, name tags, signs, none of it. Don' speak it either.""

    He's really trying to stay calm and give as much information as he possibly can, but the fact that he's having an issue with staying *calm* is so evident in his voice. If it's managed to damage *Remy's* calm, it must be bad. "Dere a bunch of mutants here, not just me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is trying to listen to both Clarice and Remy, which is a little bit challenging in and of itself. She looks up when Clarice asks that question before she looks down again to wait for Remy to finish speaking.

"Do you know anything about the Beijing Power plant?" Rogue asks Remy over the phone before she lowers the receiver again to speak to Clarice. "It sounds like a mutant experiment lab somewhere in Russian. He says he can't read any'a the signs around him, or name tags. He says there's buncha other mutants with him." She rapidly says and explains before raising the phone up again.

"Remy." She says. "We got the number for the phone ya called me from. We're gonna give it t'Kitty and see if she can ... do that Tom Clancy shit t'find ya. But if ya can... keep your phone on as long as possible, hide it if ya gotta..."

Rogue leans back then and lays over her center console in her truck. She starts to dig around in the glove box again until she pulls out a phone charger wrapped up and around itself that she quickly starts to unravel. "We're gonna figure this out." She says with a stretching strained voice while doing so.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice's phone rings, and rings, and rings- and goes to voice mail. Shit. "Kitty, it's Clarice, when you get this - call me or Rogue. //Urgently//. Life and death shit, yeah? I'll come and get you."
    Really, what else did she need to say? That gets the point across, so she disconnects the call and gives Rogue a helpless shrug. So much for that idea.
    She hates feeling so damned helpless and useless.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dat don' mean anything." Remy doesn't even remember how he *got* where he's at. "When Ah first got here, dey wanted mah DNA. But dey got real excited when dey saw what Ah can do and now dey..." He just drops that little bit thought, maybe Rogue can infer the rest of it. "Just get me outa here, Cher." Desperate Remy sounds so very desperate.

    "Sun's comin' up, dey be comin' for me soon."

    ...and as if his words summoned the devil himself, a voice, speaking Russian is heard over the line, somewhere in the background. It's followed by the horrible sound of a snapping and cracking electrical current. He was holding the phone right there, at his ear and so close to his neck. There's no mistaking that sound.

    The phone clatters to the ground amid Remy's strangled sounds of pain and a single word choked out between those sounds, "Rogue," as if her name finally came from the recesses after being stolen from him by that telepath mentioned, floating up to maybe give him a little light and strength in the dark?

    But will he still remember by the time they get to them? What will be left of him, his mind. Mystique? What's become of her? Is she going through the same? Worse? One thing's certain it's unlikely they'll let Remy get his hands on another phone.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking up and down from the phone as she hears Clarice and then Remy both. She hears the phone get cut off and everything that takes place on the other end of it. It makes her stand up from her chair and speak with urgency. "Remy??" She says before he's gone which makes her lean her head back and clamp her eyelids shut. "God damnit. How does one guy get himself in so much trouble!?" She calls out to the gods above.

She centers herself with a couple deep breaths and then looks back down to the phone in her hand. She connects the charger and then leans in to her truck again to slip the USB in to the port on the console. The phone is dropped in to the little cubby with all her spare change and other odds and ends.

When she comes out of the vehicle again she leaves the door open. "We gotta find a tech person. Maybe they can back trace that call somehow...." She tells Blink with a weary and worried look on her face.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Did he have anything else useful to say?" Clarice asks quietly, with obvious sympathy. "We're going to find them, Rogue. Him and Raven both. And these fuckers are going to pay for thinking they can do this to our people." They'll make a bloody example of them.
    "I left a message for Kitty... We could try Hank?" she suggests. "We could take it up the Asteroid to see if anyone up there has any experience tracking calls like that?" Someone must. It can't be only Mystique who knows about computers.
    Hesitantly, she moves forward enough to put her hand on Rogue's shoulder. "You know Remy and I aren't exactly close - but I won't just let people get away with this. You've got my word."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shuts the door on her truck and just adjusts the shirt around her waistline as she sighs and shakes her head. She's still in her fancy work / school attire. "Okay. Yeah." She states. "We should go look around for Kitty, maybe Hank... though I dunno if this is up his alley or not. Maybe Forge too if he's down with the Jet..." She keeps one hand on the door and then glances to Clarice. "I know. This is just, so frustratin'. He's never clear enough about this kinda thing, neither. But this time... I dunno. I think they had him on something. Drugs of some kind. I dunno." She runs a hand through her hair again before she nods once and starts around the truck. "I'll come up to that space place if it'll help figure this out though. I just wanna... contain myself a bit before I go nuts." The Belle starts walking on her small heels toward the doors in to the school. She looks back to Clarice. "How the hell do these two get in to so much trouble even after goin' 'straight' like they claim?" She says to the other, who likely has seen enough of this herself since being with the Brotherhood!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "They would, yeah," Clarice confirms. "I mean - he's got some combat training. Safer keeping him drugged." She'd just been a little girl - and //she'd// been kept drugged. "Drugged, restrained... Probably collared. Be hard to contain someone like Raven without collars." She keeps her voice as calm and neutral as she can - but she know how Mystique feels about the collars. Hell, she has very strong feelings about them, herself. The thought of anyone daring to collar Raven makes her blood positively boil.
    "I've had everyone working this thing all day, trying to pinpoint a location. I'm calling everyone out of the field that I can. We're going to find these bastards and hit them hard."