8006/Cultural Flexing on Themyscira

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Cultural Flexing on Themyscira
Date of Scene: 27 September 2021
Location: Temple of Wisdom
Synopsis: Diana, Caitlin and Donna torment Terry and Gar on Themyscira. Terry torments Gar, too. Gar flees.
Cast of Characters: Donna Troy, Gar Logan, Terry O'Neil, Caitlin Fairchild, Diana Prince

Donna Troy has posed:
    It has been two days since the Battle of the Gate. Two days on Themyscira. For those who have never been before it is not nearly long enough for it to start feeling entirely real. Themyscira just isn't like /anywhere/. Partly it's the lack of influences from the world outside. You might find a coke machine outside a Mongolian yurt, or be browsing the net on your phone via satellite from a boat drifting in the icy tides off Antarctica, but Themyscira is just different. Other. There is so much to see.

    There is only one more day.

    Troia had made this clear to the Titans yesterday. This would be a short visit. There would be more opportunities in the future, but it was the politic thing to do. In a few weeks, the visit by several /male/ Titans would be this thing that happened without Themyscira being eaten by Goblins or the sky catching fire, and it just wouldn't be a big deal next time. This announcement would have been disappointing though. There is so much to see.

    So... those days are busy. Diana, Cassie, Caitlin and Troia have been making sure that the vistors got to spend those brief hours seeing as much as possible, and this afternoon had been an eye-opening visit to the Temple of Wisdom, a compound of forges, workshops and temples across the island from the city. A chance to see Amazon smiths hard at work forging weapons and machinery, a chance to see the bizarre parallel technologies developed by the Amazons, like the huge mechanical computers, a visit to a scriptorium that had frustrated Terry with his inability to read the language and driven him almost to tears with the translations of titles Donna had pointed out to him.

    The last building to be visited was the observatory, where the Titans had got a look through a giant telescope of beautiful clarity (apparently Themyscira makes great optics), see the elaborate machinery of the great orrerry; hundreds of beautiful silver, bronze and gold orbs circling each other in a very accurate model of the solar system, and finally walk through the grounds of the observatory.

    With the sun starting to set over the deep blue sea and the great green plains of the island spreading out below, and warm shafts of sunlight lancing between the tall columns of the collonaded walkway, the second day is coming to a close. A day full of barely believable sights, of a whole new world on a small island that three days couldn't even come close to revealing. A day that makes the name 'Paradise Island' seem very real. It is beautiful here. It is peaceful. It is very obvious why Diana, Troia and Aikaterine love it so much.

    "Wanna take a break here?" Donna suggests. "Sunsets from up here are something special. The way you see the light slowly spreading over the landscape of the whole island. As a kid I'd come here often just to watch."

Gar Logan has posed:

Multiple times, Gar has failed to expand on his vocabulary because that's the word he's used the most when seeing things that wowed him, and a whole lot about Themyscira has wowed him. There's just so much that draws the eye, whether it's a great view, some fancy technology, a weapon or piece of armor being made in front of them, kangas, an Amazon or two..it could go on.

He admits, "I can kinda see why you didn't want to let others see this stuff. If you did, everybody would want to come." He pauses to consider what he's just said, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "I guess everybody's /gonna/ want to come. And people say I have my head in the clouds sometimes, but that's an awesome model of the planets and everything."

Soon, from their viewing spot, he will see that sunset.

Soon, another "Dude" will be uttered.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry is reticent to break, but he has to admit that even his enthusiasm can only fuel him for so long, and that he is starting to run low on batteries after a full day. He would also make a point of saying that all he needed was a helping of Turkish coffee and he could be at it for another twelve hours.

Still, the view was enticing, and Donna's description made up his mind for him. "Yes, let's rest... I could use a breather."

He is in his human form, as he needs to constantly find balance between his mundane and chaotic selves, and even though he is in the clothes that have been made for him here, that messenger bag still goes with him wherever he goes. His camera is in it, and he has certainly been using it. His brain is working overtime about the article that he is going to write when he goes home...

After only one more day.

"It occurs to me... that in order to become more accustomed to modern man, maybe your sisters need an exchange volunteer that they can study and ask questions from?" Terry asks Donna, green eyes sparkling, "I volunteer as tribute. That should give me... what, a couple of weeks to be studied... and get to look at some of those manuscripts..."

Terry trying to present himself as an ambassador for all men? He chuckles and reaches over to wrap around Gar's waist. "Cat got your tongue?" he asks after the cavalcade of dudes have come out.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"It's not so much that everyone will want to come," Caitlin corrects Gar with an apologetic tone. "It's that they won't all come as grateful observers." Caitlin's wearing the same casual white shift and sandals that most Themyscirans do, her hair bound back in a ponytail that can be pinned up out of her way quickly if need be. "They'll want to pick through the library and argue philosophy and tear down the forges and orrery to see how it all works." Shoulders rise and fall in a frustrated shrug. "And there are some people who would like to burn it all down for their own evil reasons. It's a risk bringing people to Themyscira," she says, and smiles. "But in my opinion the risk is a lot of humanity in general. Not just the males."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had been with the Titans earlier in the day but she'd separated from them by the time they got to the temple of Wisdom. Here and now, the Princess is coming from the market road. She's got two other Amazons with her, one of them being Adrastea and the other Liona. All three of them are carrying handcrafted garments and small folded blankets over their forearms that they picked up in the market. Diana pauses when she sees the Titans and hands the few items she had off to her friends before smiling at them and separating from them now.

She turns toward the Titans on their viewing area and walks down a set of stone stairs that carry her toward them. The Princess is dressed in a leather corset and white short skirt that shows off a fair amount of thigh from slit sides. Her shoes are tall leather boots that go up to her knees and yet still leave her toes exposed out of the tips of the boot. The dress is sleeveless save for simple white cloth shoulder supports and a leather strap that criss-crosses her chest and wraps around her neck. Her hair is tied back in to a braided pony tail that is laced with golden ropes that dangle amongst her dark hair.

Diana approaches the others and blossoms a broad smile for them. "How was your afternoon?" She asks, looking from Troia to the honored guests.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I want everyone to see it honestly Gar. Though..." Donna glances at Caitlin, then shrugs lightly. "I want them to see it the way I see it, and not everyone will. Cait's right. The answer isn't a hotel, tourist industry, regular flights to the mainland. That would not be good to Themyscira, and would not be good for the world. But there are people who will benefit from what we have here. We should be sharing it."

    Terry offering himself up as a sacrifice has Donna smirking, but she leans forwards and starts to speak with a conspiratorial air. "Terry, if I get my way, then... well what I'm planning to do is..." She spies Diana arriving with Adrastea and Liona and straightens up, falling quiet for a while. She gives Diana's companions a wave and waits to make sure they are out of earshot before continuing. "I want to open an embassy here. To match the one we have in America, an embassy for Man's World. A place where scholars, artists and scientists can come, in small numbers, for a cultural exchange. Don't mention this to anyone please... except Di of course. She knows. Hi Diana!"

    Troia breaks into a wide smile when Diana reaches the bottom of the stairs, stepping over to greet her and offer her a hug. "It has been a good day, sister. Terry wants to learn Themysciran so he can read all our manuscripts, and Gar loved the orrerry, though I think he may have mainly seen its potential as a climbing frame for one of his more agile forms." She flashes Gar a quick wink.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's hands go up at Troia/Donna's teasing. "I'd never do that! I don't want to break anything here! But if Terry's gonna make an offering of himself, I could offer to help with the kitchens. Like, as a taste-tester for everything." It's a great idea, if you ask him. He nudges Terry after a moment, rolling his eyes. "Of course not."

As Diana and the two with her arrive, he flashes a Gar Grin <tm> and a double thumbs-up, saying, "Everything's awesome here! Did I already say that? No? I forget. Anyway, I get it about people having bad intentions with stuff here. Just because you're letting outsiders visit, that doesn't mean you have to let everybody in. You gotta be sure you can trust them, right?"

Then he adds, gesturing toward the garments and blankets and all, "What's all that?" He's still in his normal clothing, which really has him looking like he doesn't fit in which is the case.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
At Gar's answer, the obligatory quip from Terry is: "... would you like to?"

Because, really, how can he resist that set-up?

"Oh Diana, it's been... wonderful!" the fatigue in his voice is still edged with excitement, "Gar and I are trying to get ourselves adopted. Although he seems to want to be the royal taster... in a country where there are no royal poisonings. So what he's going for is, really, a royal gourmand. Even with his enhanced metabolism, I think /that/ might be the end of his figure." The kitchens are... impressive.

Everything was impressive. What Donna tells him next is impressive, and he grows completely silent at the implications of what she says. An Embassy.

Suddenly, he wishes he could re-establish ties with Wonderland. He could get himself named the Ambassador of the Monarchy of Hearts, right?

~You didn't want to know more...~

His father's voice. Or, at least, what he thought was his father's voice, from the stairs. Accusing him of not wanting to dig deeper because he had come to like the way things were.

Dig deeper into... what, exactly?

He blinks, coming back to the here and now, because there is that sunset, and his friends. And Themyscira.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin gets up and after Donna hugs Diana, embraces the older Princess as well, smiling warm welcome as she joins their circle. "C'mon sit," she invites, and gestures at an open seat.

"We were just talking about the island," she clarifies, and reclaims her spot, leaning back with her palms braced behind her on the bench. "My favorite thing is that you've never seen it all," she tells the guys. "There's always some hidden catacomb or nook with a mosaic on it. I've gone wandering areas that aren't in use anymore and found stuff that's thousands of years old."

Her brow furrows, then she laughs. "Of course that doesn't mean much -here-, since everyone' centuries and centuries old. I found some old painting I was sure was a lost antiquity or something. I ran over to the library and showed it to Tessaia. " 'Oh yeah', she says, 'I put that into storage because it was lousy brushwork'." Caitlin's eyes roll a theatric supplication skywards.

Diana Prince has posed:
The first hug goes to Donna and the second to Caitlin. She gives Cait a touch to the side of the face because she's always happy to see her here and having a good time on the island. The Princess then looks to Gar and Terry who get a warm smile from her as she walks toward the seat that is offered for her.

A glance is given back to the stairs apex where Adrastea and Liona are still residing watching the sunset themselves. "Oh, we picked up some gifts for some of the young ones back in Manhattan. Blankets for newborns and some clothing for the little ones a bit older." She says to Gar's question. "Would you like a blanket to take home? It is nice to wake up wrapped up Themyscira, if I do say so myself..." The Princess gloats about her homeland... because at least in this moment she has good reason to!

Diana leans back on the seat and raises her right foot up to cross her legs at the knees as she drapes one arm back across the back of the bench. "So... the Embassy is out in the open now?" She asks Donna with a sly grin.

Her eyes go from Cait to the two young men then. "What are you all doing tonight? Visiting one of the drinking establishments I hope?" She says with a mischievous expression upon her sculpted features.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna reacts to Caitlin's story with a laugh of pure delight. "Cait, I did that /so many times/. Seriously. Starting when I was... I guess eight or so, I wanted to explore the entire island. And I got really good at losing the guards. Eventually mom just kind of -- you know. No going into the Forest, no climbing the mountains, no messing with the harpies, or else. But that was enough. And obviously, no going into the forest really meant not far into the forest. No climbing mountains meant only small mountains, and so on. Anyway I was always making discoveries I was convinced everyone else would be as excited about as I was, and Tessaia was sick of the sight of me."

    Her eyes flicker for a moment to Diana, then she's looking out over the rolling landscape of the island, where the golden light of sunset pools in the valleys and seems to flow down hills. "Then one day my sister returned to the island, and we used to go exploring together. I showed her the best things I'd discovered, and she showed me the best things she'd discovered. Quite often they were the same things. One of the things... one of my favorite places, and I'd never mentioned it to Tessaia, because it is quite deep in the woods... and because it was my secret place. Diana told me to ask Tessaia about it. One day, a few years later, I did. Tessaia was very excited. It had been seen before, recorded during one of the earliest explorations of the Forest, when the Amazons first arrived. It was ancient before we came here. And nobody had seen it since. Except..." she glances back to Diana with a smile. "Except Di. Because when she had been as young as I was, it had been one of /her/ secret places too."

    She grins a little, and gives Diana a shake of her head. "No, not in the open yet. I think we need to pace the shocks we're giving to mother. But I wanted to give Terry a reason to learn Themysciran."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's eyes go wide at Caitlin's anecdote. "Wait. In storage? So - she doesn't want it? Could I have it? I'll gladly take it off her hands!" Lousy brushwork or not by Tessaia's standards, it would be prominently displayed in their modest apartment. "And I need a reason to learn Themysciran? Who do you think you're talking to? I don't need a reason. I just need... time." There was the question of the second job looming in his mind. He hadn't shared it with Gar because he knew Gar would offer to help with the money, and, well, that just didn't seem right. He didn't date the adopted son of the fifth richest man in the world for his money, after all. He needed to pull his own weight, and if that meant a second job- then so be it. Gar wasn't /obligated/ to help him with the money, and he couldn't force Terry to accept- it wasn't as if they were married, after all.

He may not be the Cheshire cat at this very moment, bbut some traits carry over, sometimes. That last thought makes Terry's eyes glint with mischief, as if deciding that Gar has had an entirely too pleasant experience without flailing TOO much in Themyscira, the redhead decides that it's time to add a little bit of that. One arm drapes around Gar's shoulders and he says to Diana and Donna "That sounds absolutely wonderful and mysterious. Oh I wish I could see the enchanted forest... and explore this island some more. Imagine, that would make for such an adventure... or a honeymoon." He turns his head to look at Gar, "Don't you think it would make for a positively magical honeymoon, Gar?" he asks, keeping his tone as innocent as possible, and the expression on his face as innocent as he can muster.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan whispers to Terry, though it's more of a stage-whisper, "Behave. /She's/ here," and he gestures in Diana's direction before leaving his arm outstretched when she offers to give him a blanket. "Uh, sure! Thanks!" He lowers it afterward, whether that means she gives him one now or later.

And Terry goes there anyway, leading to him rubbing his forehead briefly.

Apart from that, he expresses agreement with the rest of the thoughts about being a food taster-whatever, growing quieter as he listens to the others as they reminisce and tell a few stories about the things they've seen. "I'm not much of a drinker," he admits, his attention span beginning to wander. It /has/ been a long day.

Plus, that sunset is getting more worthy of watching.

"I don't see the moon yet," the green one states, before blinking and staring at Terry. Color rushes to his cheeks, turning that area a darker shade of green. "Uh..." he squeaks. Was not expecting that at all right now, nope.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"No thanks, I got my drinking for the year done after the fight," Caitlin tells Diana. Her nose wrinkles. "I'm just lucky I didn't like, pass out in the baths and drown. That'd be an embarassing way to go."

The aside of a honeymoon almost evades her attention, and she blurts out a laugh before quickly putting apologetic fingers to her mouth. The smile and amused dancing in her eyes is harder to suppress though; it's not often that one sees Gar truly gobsmacked and deprived of the ability to speak!

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks over to Donna and smiles at her before she gives Terry another quick glance. "Yes, I see this one going out of his way to learn the language as rapidly as he can. Which will be about as useful, if not less, in the rest of the world as ... Klingon?" Diana knows Star Trek? Yes. At least in part. She's been around awhile, you know!

Her eyes go back to Caitlin then and she has a little laugh escape her from the talk of drinking too much already. "Please do not drown in the baths...." She says to the youngest Amazon.

At Terry and Gar's banter, Diana looks back to Gar and just smiles upon him. "I'll find you a blanket more your size and perhaps give it as a gift for this honeymoon?" She looks around at them all then. "Is this to be our first wedding ceremony of non-Themyscirans?" She asks then, because she needs to dig a bit in to this subject to make it more uncomfortable, for... Gar? Anyone? Maybe its not uncomfortable at all!

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna is more on the smirk side than the active teasing side of this particular encounter, sharing an amused grin with Caitlin while Diana just encourages Terry to greater heights of Gar-torment. She's momentarily tempted to bring up Bart's story that in the future Terry and Gar will have kids, but she's merciful today.

    "Terry," she says, still smirking but trying to be merciful and get Terry's mind off tormenting Gar. "Think about this. We live on an island that supplies all our needs. There is quite a lot of leisure time. A lot of Amazons create art. And they have had /thousands of years/ to get good at it. And over those years, each one has painted thousands of works. The art you've seen at the Arts Center? Around the palace? Those aren't the pick of centuries of Themysciran art. We change them all the time and most of what you have seen has been painted in the past few years. Imagine if Carravaggio or Picasso had lived for thousands of years. Themyscira is /different/. We have vaults full of museum grade paintings nobody has the /time/ to look at. If you want something for your apartment wall... we'll give you something. So long as you promise not to sell it."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Mischief on a roll, Terry grins at Caitlin's mention of drowning in the baths, and adds, "I don't think you would be done in by baths. All of that training under waterfalls has surely given you legendary breath control by now!" It is, of course, a little teasing- the kind that happens between family. And it has been a while since he's teased Caitlin, so it is now her time. But that doesn't last long, as Donna brings up the works of art.

"Donna, I haven't even sold Harley's /very special garment/ because it was a gift from her. Do you really think I'd be capable of selling anything from /Theyscira/ without my conscience making me burst into flames?" He pauses, he flows into Diana's train of thought and says "Oh, I am /very/ interested in finding out what marriage ceremonies are like on Themyscira. Very interested. What do you wear for one? I figured that Harley's special gift is more the kind of garment you'd wear on your wedding night anyways, right?" he throws the question in Gar's general direction.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had let her eyes drift out to the sunset as she hears the conversation about the amazing artwork on the island. It's entirely why she had spent the past 100 years as a art restoration expert herself... because even her mundane skills here on the island are master level out in the mortal world. She hears the conversation about marriage dress and quickly looks back to the others.

"Oh, we do not partake in clothing during our ceremonies. Well. We have accessories. Bracelets. Necklaces, Anklets. But... that is mostly it." She says with a heavy sigh as she smacks her lips together and glances to Donna and Caitlin.

A quick smile is shown to them before she looks back out to the sun and puts a hand on the back of her own head.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's entire expression kind of just goes blank, then pale. This definitely has him unable to form the right words. Brain broken.

Honeymoon. Marriage. Themysciran weddings. What do they wear? Nothing? Sometimes he wears almost nothing. He's not /that/ afraid of going au naturel, but usually that isn't happening around large groups of people.

Fittingly, Diana's the one who seals it. He can't tell if she's being truthful or not, and he doesn't have the lasso to use either.

What he does have, instead, is a flash back to the last animal he saw.

This is how a very green Kanga is suddenly bounding back in the direction the others are staying. And, in the direction of the kitchens.

Distractions: necessary. Many distractions.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin covers her mouth with her hands and gets up, walking a few paces around a convenient plinth tall enough to hide her. That way, all Terry or Gar can hear is her barely-suppressed snorts as she tries to bite back overwhelming, cackling laughter at Diana's /devious/ interjection into the chaos that Terry spins up around Gar in short order.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna does not burst out into laughter at Diana's pronouncement on the nature of Themysciran wedding ceremonies. She does not have to hide behind the plinth with Caitlin. She just gives an idle nod agreement, as if to confirm Diana's claim without giving it much thought. It's probably true then.

    She leans forwards and rests a hand on Terry's shoulder. "We'll get you a painting before you go. No problem. Honestly there are so many that are just gonna decay otherwise." Her eyes remain fixed on Gar bounding into the distance.

    "Think he'll make it back okay?" She asks. "I mean he knows the rough direction, but... well. Let's just hope he makes it back to the Palace and doesn't get distracted by the scent of one of other Kangas and try dropping into one of the Kanga pens on the way. Maybe I should go catch him and give him a warning not to. I mean..."

    She turns to Diana, giving her a quick wink. "...Gar really does make a very PRETTY Kanga."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"If that were to happen, then we'd /definitely/ have one hell of a story to tell the guys back at the Tower," Terry laughs, watching Gar recede into the distance. Then he adds, a little wistfully: "I love that boy, but I tell you- I think he'd rather entertain the notion of fighting undead centaurs than marriage."

Glancing between Diana and Donna, he feels he needs to contribute to the discussion of sumptuary traditions in Themysciran marriage ceremonies. "Well, it's a good thing you have a more Mediterranean type of climate. You don't have to deal with surprise hedgehogs during your wedding ceremonies."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
It takes Caitlin just a few moments to collect herself; she emerges from cover still giggling a little and daubing a tissue at her eyes to wipe away the laughing tears.

"Oh golly, you guys-- you're TERRIBLE," she tells Diana and Terry. It almost sounds like she's trying to scold them but she keeps hiccoughing with periodic laughs. "So mean to gang up on Gar like that," she informs them. Cait reclaims her seat, curling her legs up next to her and locking her arm out against the stone slab for support. "I guess there's not much liklihood of anyone mistaking him for a loose Kanga, at least. Green is definitely not a common pelt color around here."

Diana Prince has posed:
Donna's deadpan play-along expression has Diana cracking and smiling at her sister across from where she is seated. She just smiles then over at Terry who doesn't really seem that put out by the idea all things considered.

But then Gar is off....

Diana tilts her head as she watches him go in his Kanga form. She looks to Caitlin then as she rejoins them on the bench seat. "Hopefully they do not think he is ill and issue him medical isolation. Bath and medication, so on and so forth." She is teasing though, and now she fully shows it upon her face.

"I am glad that there has been so much revelry since coming to the island though. I wish it had been under a bit more... relaxed circumstances from the get go. But, at least we have this experience to pull upon now." She looks between them all.

"To be honest, as well, this being how it happened seems to have had a greater effect upon the Queen. In a positive way, I think." Diana draws in a breath as she looks back to the horizon, watching some native birds fly off toward the ocean waters.

"So it takes a bit of ... danger... but... through all darkness, there can still be light found." She swipes a loose strand of hair off of her cheek and lays her head against her knuckles, her fingers pressed against the side of her cheek. "Especially when we work together, so perfectly, as we did at the battle..."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Yeah I'm sure nobody will see the green Kanga and think the only explanation is that it must be some enchanted creature escaping from the Forest that needs to be captured by the rangers and returned there," Donna says, returning Diana's smile with her head turned to ensure that Terry and Caitlin won't see it.

    "But if they do, not to worry. We'll ask the rangers if they saw anything, if he's not back at the Palace when we get there. He'll be /fine/."

    Donna leans back on the stone bench, her eyes going back to the landscape and the lengthening shadows - and the distant green dot bouncing away. "I feel bad about putting her on the spot still, Diana. But... well. Honestly I didn't really have a choice. Because when they refused to go through the Iron Gate and insisted they would accompany me and Caitlin to Themyscira to bring warning, they did to me what I did to mother. She knows we were right, but knowing something and acting on it is different. Circumstances forced her hand to do something she would have agreed to do eventually. It makes it... harder. But it also makes it quicker. And I think over all..."

    She gives a quick shrug, and looks back at the other three with a broad smile. "Worth it. Diana, when you brought Cait here that first time, after D... Doomsday. That's what started it. I wanted Cait to come here so much, but it was hard to believe it was possible. You made it happen. And... it was important. It was something we both needed. Right, Cait?"

    "I wanted Cait to come here, because of who she was. Because I have always known that it was right she should come here. But it was more than that. Seeing this place, seeing Themyscira through her eyes opened my eyes to just how important it is to share what we have. Not just because it is a comfort to share what we have with those we love, but because what we have here is /meant/ to be shared. Then Cassie, then the Titans vacation here, now the boys. It feels so /right/. And it's just the start."

     But in case anyone forgets..." Donna turns to Di with a huge grin. "Just remember you started it Di. If it all goes wrong, It's all your fault."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Sure, blame it on your big sis. I used to do that all the time. Except I blamed April because I have no sisters or brothers. Sometimes April wasn't even in the state," Terry grins and he sighs, looking around him.

"We're actually here, though. And we have to leave soon. Damn. But we're here anyways," he chuckles a little, and then glances back in the direction that Gar left. Nobody knew what tomorrow held, the only certainty was the now, even if they still had to make plans for tomorrow.

There were questions he had been afraid to ask, questions that needed answers. He decides there and then that he's going to deal with that-

But the day after tomorrow. There's nothing he can do about that in Themyscira.

"... I would be interested in the drinking establishments. Provided we can convince Gar to come back and join us. I want to get him tipsy!" he grins, "I bet you I can get him to do the Roger Rabbit dance routine."

Diana Prince has posed:
"Mm." Diana softly says of their mother and all that has gone in to getting to this point. She gives a quick smile to Donna for giving her the root of the credit for it all too, but she doesn't comment on any of that. She does, however look back out to the dimming skyline and moves to stand up then.

"Speaking of the Rangers." Diana says as she starts to rise up again. "That is where my evening is to be spent. I told Adrastea I would ride out to her unit's station this evening to spend time with them on their patrol. It has been quite some time I enjoyed a Ranger patrol, and in response to recent activities... perhaps it is the right time to do just so."

Back on her feet, Diana looks back to the three of them. "So, go wrangle up that runaway Kanga, and go find something to do that will entertain all of you. And the others, if you can find them." She grins at them all as she starts back toward the stairs where her two oldest friends are still up on the marketside streetway waiting for the Princess.

She gives a little wave of her hand as she goes too, along with one of those endless smiles of hers.