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Carpe Diem, Oui.
Date of Scene: 01 October 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: What started with drinking and dancing wound down to a little serious discussion. Tabitha and Sam kept the drinks coming through it though. Remy filled in a few missing pieces, but a lot of that puzzle's still left scattered.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Samuel Guthrie, Rogue, Roxxi Smith, Tabitha Smith, Alexis Carr

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    While Remy LeBeau isn't a man of extreme wealth, he is one of extreme means. Getting the money to actually pay Harry to close this place for the night wasn't a terribly difficult task and the food? Well, it all came straight from the source. Gumbo, jambalaya and a good old crawfish boil and all if it was sent straight from New Orleans, packed in ice and ready to just be warmed and served.

    Remy himself? Likely didn't lift a finger in it all. Not so much that he's lazy, just it ain't his thing. However it got there and whoever he paid to do it, doesn't much matter, in the end the food's there laid out on a spread over various tables, there's a jukebox as well as a spot set up for Karaoke later when everyone's had enough.

    Currently Remy's at a table, shuffling a deck of cards. All things considered, with the ordeal he just experienced, he's looking pretty damned good.

    Except for the collar around his neck.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is behind the bar, dressed in a purple dress shirt, and black dress pants. He is the one working the bar tonight. He is finishing up cutting up some lemons and limes to fill up the drink prep station. He has tried to make sure everything is in the best place and such. He maybe part of the family but yea Sam takes his job seriously.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is of course in attendance tonight. She's wearing a green button up top that is unbuttoned but tied off around her stomach over a light yellow tanktop beneath. She's got some black gloves on her hands and they're rolled down to her wrists. On her head is a straw cowgirl hat with the sides rolled up to the crown of the hat. Blue jeans with torn knees and boots peaking out under the frayed cuffs complete her attire.

In her hands she's holding a mug of beer that she had just gotten from the bar. She's standing not too far from it now and welcoming people arriving with a wave and a big smile.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi isn't altogether sure who this Remy is, but it's a party, and he more or less invited the entire school. That was sufficient for her. The teen arrived with hair freshly dyed a rather vibrant red and wearing boots, jeans, and a 'Twisted Sister' tee. In her hands, she balanced several covered Tupper ware containers.
     The young woman paused inside the door, having never been to Harry's, but spotted the tables with the food easily enough. She hurried over and began to unpack her offering for the evening. Well, at least to remove the lids. Inside were the three different styles of Rice Krispie(tm) Treats she'd spent all day making. The Kitchen still bore a few battle scars, even after the clean-up. One container had classic treats but with rainbow sprinkles, another was chocolate, and the third was Banana Pudding!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Like Sam, Tabby actually has a job of Harry's these days, not that there's much for a waitress to do at a private party for your own friends, but she's at the bar helping Sam and prepared to get drinks for anyone who thinks to ask her instead of just getting them for themselves.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    As far as dress goes? Jeans, boots, a t-shirt and that horrible, beaten, battered, worn leather duster. He does love that thing. After a bit more shuffling, he tucks the cards away in his pocket and stands to make his own way to the bar.

    There's no pomp and circumstance with this guy, no grand announcements. He just felt like a party. He passes by Rogue and leans to ask, "Jus' beer, Cherie? How 'bout somethin' a stronger, oui?"

    He breezes on after and offers Sam a wink before, "Set me up wit' a bourbon, neat and whateva' Rogue generally drinks that isn' jus' a beer?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods, and will move to get two glasses, and pours a double shot of bourbon one of the top shelf brands, and a double whiskey for Rogue. He sets them both on the counter, and looks over to Remy, got you something from back home for later if you want some." He offers the man, and lifts up a mason jar from under the counter. It has an amber colored liquid in it.

Rogue has posed:
A big smile is given to Roxxi as she comes in. "Heya Sugah. I like that shirt!" She notes before seeing the food that Rox brings along with her. "I'm gonna have t'pace myself with that stuff too." She says of the delicious items being placed out. Her eyes go back to the bar to Sam and Tabi who get grins. "So how did Harry sucker you two inta workin' here anyhow?" She asks moments before Remy sidles up and asks her that question. Her eyes dart down to her mug before going back up to the Cajun man. He gets a smile. "Can't I start light and work my way up...?" She asks in a sweet tone of voice.

But soon there after and Sam has a drink coming her way. "Oh, fine..." She states before sipping her mug and setting it down again. "Whisky makes me wanna punch stuff though, fair warnin' t'all in attendance t'night!" She announces before taking a quick swig!

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     With the Rice Krispie(tm) Treats set out, Roxxie then takes a moment to look at her surroundings. Noting familiar faces at the bar, she starts to head over. However, she pauses to grab a rice crispy treat first. Chocolate, of course, she also grabs one for Rogue.
    At the bar, Roxxie beelines for the familiar Rogue, and asks, "Hi Marie, thanks!!" She returns the greeting cheerfully. "Hey, who's this Remy guy anyway?" The red-haired teen pauses to wave first as Sam, then the two strangers, Tabitha and Remy himself. Finally, she sets Rogue's treat on a cocktail napkin and slides it over.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith flashes Rogue a grin of her own, "Well Xaviers isn't paying me and Sam here thought it would be a good way for me to work on my anger issues if I had to deal with drunks without blowing them up." She winks in Sam's direction and gives Roxxi a smile, "Can I grab ya a soda?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Look a dat, mon ami, man afta' mah own heart," Remy replies to Sam along with a wink. He snags his own drink and just tosses it back before putting the empty back down on the bar and tapping the bar top twice to indicate he's ready for a refill.

    He may have come back from Colorado different in some ways, but one thing hasn't changed. He can still put the bourbon away like water. Roxxi gets a little mock salute before Remy's attention turns back to Rogue.

    "Why would ya want ta start light, Cherie? Jus' takes longer ta get dere dat way?" His voice drops into a lilting little purr of a thing when he adds, "Migh' get me all worked up ya start punchin' stuff, oui?" Pitched low, mostly for her ears only.

    Maybe more than one thing hasn't changed?

    Drink in hand, he makes his way back toward the table he'd holed himself up at before.

    The jukebox, for the record, is cycling through the likes of Willie, Hank (Jr. and Sr.), Conway, The Allman Brothers... Mostly country or Southern Rock.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will pour another glass, and looks to the two "Well, I have been working here for a while, and tonight, who better to make sure nothing get to torn up." He offers with a smile, and says "Plus Allegra, said she would come by after her last classes and hang out with us, so getting paid to hang with friends, what more could I ask?"

Rogue has posed:
Sam and Tabi both get a grin from Rogue as she sets the beer aside and embraces the Whiskey full swing now. "Well, if a buncha drunks die here someday, we'll know who's t'blame. Harry, obviously." Rogue says with a grin before she eyes Remy as he starts to depart.

"Watch it, LeBeau." Rogue warns him with a big mischievous smile whilst he parades back to his table.

Another sip of the whiskey is had before Rogue sees the Rice Krispy treat brought by Roxxi and it makes her grin ear to ear. "You're the sweetest." Rogue says before answering the question with a glance toward Remy. "He's the guy who can teach ya all about Royal Flushes'n Full Houses. And not the kind with the Tanner Family mind ya." She says to Rox before taking a nibbling bite of the tasty Treat!

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi nods emphatically at Tabitha's question. "Oh, yeah! Um, Dr Pepper, please. " Rogue's response pulled at her attention though as Roxxi shifted to look at the other woman. She propped a hip against the bar and smiled brightly as her gaze shifted to follow Remy as he retreats. "Oh. Thanks for the Invite!" She calls after him.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith grabs a clean glass and draws up a Dr. Pepper for Roxxi. If she handles the soft stuff it lets the bartender himself focus on the harder drinks. She hands over the soda with a friendly smile, "I'm Tabby by the way. Let me know if you need a refill. Or if you ever wanna get your rear kicked at video games back at the school."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    That second drink, Remy doesn't down so quickly, he more just sips at it. The cards come back out of his pocket. For the most part, his attention seems focused on them, but anyone paying any amount of attention would see that's not truly the case. He's watching... everyone.

    The watching includes studying faces, digging back into his Swiss Cheese brain to see if he can put names to those faces, if there's a name... he's digging backward for anything else that might be connected to those names.

    Ulterior motives, Remy's a man that often has them. Seems the reason for this little party isn't just for fun times. It's a way to get as many people that he's supposed to know in one place as possible and try to figure out how much he ... actually knows.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Roxxi and tells her "This is Remy, he is our guest of Honor, Remy, not sure if you have met Roxxi." Sam does the introductions and says "If there is anything ya need let us know, " and to Remy he will add "Got the stuff set up for some poker in the back if you want to play some later."

Rogue has posed:
Another nibble of the Rice Krispy Treat is had by the southern gal as she smiles at the conversation going back and forth. She glances at Remy as she had wondered if he'd been hoping to test his memory here tonight, but she hadn't brought it up with him. Instead, she's just focused on enjoying the evening as is.

"We got lotsa good food here too, so don' fill up on just sweets now." Rogue warns before she walks over to a chair near to where Remy is. "We go through a lot around here, what with aliens and people lookin' t'hunt down Mutants. It's nights like this that ya gotta really treasure, cause its all about just havin' fun without worries." She says before showing a big smile off.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi eagerly accepts the drink from Tabitha, grinning widely even as she takes her first drink. "Oh hi Tabby! I'm Roxxi. I'd love to play video games with you, thanks! I don't know very many though." She admits simply.
    Roxxi starts to nibble her rice crispy treat. As Sam adds to the invites, she grins. "Thanks Sam!" Otherwise, she doesn't much bother bartender, being a few years too young for what he's serving. She grins at Remy, her face being unfamiliar being more to her status as new, than his swiss cheese brain.
     Roge's words remind Roxxie of the table of food. "Oh right!" She exclaims, and pushes off from the bar, heading back for the food. Roxxi can always eat. She might have a hollow leg.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    It had been a Good And Long While since 'Alexis' had made an appearance in Westchester. Less so after it started going around that she was a member of ProHUMANA and more that life was just... busy. But she'd made her way up this evening, at Sam's request, her dark hair braided, wearing jeans and a nice blouse under a light jacket and carrying, in spite of her age, a bottle of her family vintage. She of course recognizes the group Sam's around, making her way into Harry's.

    "Hey, Sam!" she calls out with a little wave.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks up from his cards, his face still hidden slightly in the shadow of his own hat, a black Stetson of all things. "Oui, Cherie," is offered quietly to Rogue before his attention drifts back to Sam and Roxxi. "Don' wanna take everyone's hard earned cash, mon Ami," he replies in regards to the poker in the back.

    Poker in the back. He bites his bottom lip to keep from elaborating further on that before those odd eyes of his shift back to Rogue. "Jus' need a minute ta figure some of it out, den we dance, oui?"

    He gestures with the deck of cards in his hands toward Sam, "Dat one, he seem... more familiar den some," he murmurs, voice pitched pretty low, only those closest to him would hear. "Saul? No... Sam?" A beat and he repeats with more conviction, "Sam."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is behind the bar, his smile brightens as Allegra enters the place. He waves his hand to her, and motions her over. He starts to work on a Pina colada, but anyone paying attention will notice no alcohol is put in it. He does flips the bottles a bit showing off perhaps for Allegra, maybe for the bar in general. "We do have some odd times, here but the times, you get a free night with friends and family, they help you make it through the tougher ones." He adds to what Rogue was telling Roxxi.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith chuckles then also adds, "And once you're in with the Xaviers crew, you've always got friends and family. No matter how long you've been gone or how dumb you've been." She gives Allegra a little wave as she comes in.

Rogue has posed:
When Remy talks of the poker being in the back with that tone, she angles her elbow over to bump his side. A glance is given to him a moment later and she speaks quietly to him. "Liquor in the front." And glimmers a bit of amusement his way before she looks back to the others and pops the rest of the Rice Krispy treat in to her mouth moments before Alexis enters the bar.

She hadn't seen Sam's lady friend in a while so she raises a black gloved hand up to wave to her happily. "Look at your fella!" She says motioning to Sam as he starts to throw bottles around all fancy like. "Long gone are the days'a drivin' pizza around t'folks!" She says to them both with a smile.

A sip of her whiskey is had then as she reaches up to tip her straw cowgirl hat back on her head some. "Lotsa us are regularly dumb too. But we keep on keepin' on in-spite'a it." She adds with a big grin.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxie grabs a plate and starts heaping it with food. She doesn't seem at all picky. Glancing at the bar once more, she waves cheerfully at Alexis, before watching Sam's bartending Flair. After a few minutes and being quite impressed, she returns to filling her plate. She takes her plate and Soda and has a seat. Most of the double entendres go unheard or over her head.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra, however, was always awkward around the Xavier's crew.

    "I would say that is a determination based on how close you are to more than one member." she tacks onto Tabitha's statement as she comes up to the bar, though she gives a wave to Rogue, and she takes a deep breath. "Yes, long gone are the days of driving pizzas around, now look at him, flipping bottles, flair -- I'm going to have to start working on my baseball bat skills to start keeping ladies off him." she gives a friendly smile, and from her bag withdraws a dark, violet-red bottle of wine, with a hand-scripted label in Italian.

    "Sam let me know it was a celebration--" she states in that crisp, proper British accent, "so I brought a bottle of one of my grandparents' vintage. As a gift. And peace offering." she states quietly, and looks a little meekly about. She's definitely telegraphing that she's on high alert as she accepts the frozen virgin pina colata -- pineapple, coconut, and ice. Super easy.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    When the Jukebox cues up 'Rock My World' by Brooks and Dunn, Remy shoves those cards away and stands. He gives Rogue a wink along with that little half smile that shows the dimple in his left cheek. He holds out his hand in obvious invitation.

    "Show'm how it done, oui?" he asks. Dancing? It's well within his wheelhouse, man moves with an undeniable grace when he's just *walking*.

    If that invitation is accepted, he'll pull the Belle to her feet and show her just what kind of moves a little thief from New Orleans has. It's all spins and dips in the right places, with just the prefect amount of pulling close and tight when such is seems appropriate.

    He did promise a dance, didn't he?

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will set the bottles back in their spot, and says "I do come home smelling like pepperoni a lot less." He grins a bit and will reach out to rub his hand along Allegra's arm. He knows how her last visit up this way went, and he wants to make sure she knows he is there with her "Allegra's grandparents are great, a place in Italy, and the nicest folks you could hope to meet."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Remy stand up then before she looks back over to the others. To Roxxi she smiles as the girl gets herself some food. "I hope you've been settlin' in t'class too, Rox. It's been a pretty busy school year this year so far, especially with the new College House on campus..."

She gives a smile to the bartenders and stands up then, setting her glass down on the table she walks toward where Remy is now offering a hand. She accepts it and moves to join him for a dance

But on the way she looks between Allegra and Sam. "Sounds pretty fancy. I'd like t'try some'a that stuff." She says with a smile before putting her attention on to the Cajun.

The dance is shared, Rogue's hands gloved to keep them both nice and safe as she smiles at Remy. The dips are taken in stride almost like she's done this once or twice before! "Guess ya haven't forgot these moves though, have ya?" She says up to him as a hand spares a moment to pat the side of his face affectionately.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi starts shoveling food into her face with economical speed and precision. Some of the Seafood broil slows her down, but only slightly, as she is forced to deshell crustaceans. Speaking around a crawfish, she smiles brightly at Rogue. "Oh yea! I'm settling in great! Everyone has been so nice,"
    Well, almost everyone. The thought goes unspoken. Instead, she watches as the couple dances, smiling from ear to ear.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dancin' not somethin' forgotten, it like ridin' a bike," Remy replies before he spins Rogue out and after back in again he adds, "Helps ta have a good partner, oui?" For just a moment, his head tilts to one side as if he's considering...

    ...a kiss that never happens. Instead he calls out, "Sam, don' leave dat pretty lady waitin', c'mon out from behind dere and give a go!" Dancing that is.

    When the track switches to 'Gimme Three Steps' by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Remy's eyebrows shoot up with a little bit of a waggle before he kicks it up a notch. He even sings along. He may not win any prizes for that voice, but it's not so off-key as to make dogs howl. He'd be alright at that mic later, really.

    "Ah'm gonna ask Scott if Ah can move mah stuff from th' apartment ta th' mansion," he tells Rogue at some point when their steps bring them in close. Scott... because that's the man his Swiss Cheese memories are telling him he should approach about that bit. Scott, the Big Brother.

    "Ah think dat best, even afta'..." He points to his head, then a little gesture to the collar around his neck. "...all dis sorted."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    "Oh, oh no this isn't the type of dancing I'm good at --" Allegra replies, her shoulders rising up in shyness as she looks to Sam, and then looks to Remy and Rogue. Watching the two of them dance was a treat. Partners well suited.

    Not like the tiny little Allegra and the very, very tall Sam. Allegra attempts to hide behind her drink, and gets a brainfreeze for her trouble!!

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will take the bottle and set it so it will not get hit or broken while they are waiting for it. He looks over to Allegra, and says "You show me how to dance some of your dances." He will come around the counter to let Tabby handle the bottle for a while. He does hold his hand out to Allegra and says "I can show you a few steps for a change." He grins at Allegra.

Rogue has posed:
Saying that Rogue is light on her feet is a understatement. When Remy spins her out, she goes up on to her booted tip toes and just twirls outward before stopping and extending then returning like she wasn't even under gravity's oppression! Nevermind her toes weren't actually touching the ground at all if one was perceptive enough to observe that detail!

A big smile is on her visage when she ends up back in Remy's embrace and when the song adjusts she does along with the Cajun. She'd seen the hint of a suggestive kiss, but if anyone is prepared to not get a kiss its definitely Rogue!

As they continue onward, she exhales and laughs softly. "Well, I got the truck, if you wanna make that happen, Mistah." She says back at him. "Not many people are as good at movin' as I am. I could operate my whole own movin' company, if I was so inclined. Employee of one." She says light heartedly before looking over at the others.

Allegra's brain freeze gets a grin. "Pace yourself, Sugah!" She calls out before watching Sam move to help Allegra. "Thatta boy, shake that British girl around a bit!" She teases of course.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi continues to shovel food into her face. It's quite good, but all the old bay seasoning has mysteriously caused her Dr Pepper to disappear. She gets up from her table, crossing back to the bar, to offer her empty glass to Tabitha again. "Hi Tabby! Can I have another please?" She asks brightly, absently watching the dancers as she does so.
    And, for those paying attention at home, an argyle sock does hang from one of the belt loops of her jeans.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith flashes Roxxi a grin and gets her another soda, "As much as you want. Remy's paying the tab." Afterwards she slips away from the bar area with a rag and makes a sweep around the room, wiping off tables and cleaning up anything that's gotten spilled.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Oui, den, we make it happen as soon as Ah clear it," Remy agrees readily enough. The more he's out there, the more he seems to relax, the less he seems focused on all the rest of it and the more he shows that winning, dimpled smile.

    Conway Twitty, 'I'd Just Love to Lay You Down' cues up next and Remy pulls Rogue in nice and close for that one. It's a huge step from when they first got him back, when he wouldn't even let her close let alone actual *touching*.

    "Dat Sam, we play cards a lot," he mentions, a little flicker of things coming back, not a question just a statement. "Ya took me ta a ballgame, St. Louis..." Again, a statement, not a question. Seems the less he *tries* to remember, the more he actually manages to remember. It's like looking for something lost, as soon as the looking stops, the thing is generally found.

    "He also seem ta forget walls aren' meant fo' runnin' through." Sam that is.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra is pulled up, and she flushes pink to her ears as she's pulled up to Sam, and he begins to show her a couple moves, but as the slow song comes up, that she's familiar a bit with, though she laughs a moment at the tall blond man, shifting her weight a little against him, her hands reaching up to drift over his shoulders.

    "I don't suppose there's any tangos, foxtrots..." she trails off with a playful lilt to Sam as they dance, but she's pressed against him with a bright smile.

Rogue has posed:
The song and dance style change keeps Rogue moving and adjusting with Remy accordingly. She keeps herself up close to him before smiling right at him and the things he's remembering. "Baseball was for your brithday, but you've been pretty happy about takin' me t'em since ya found out I was a Cards fan." She helps him along with the memory all the same, just to keep the gate open on that mind's pathway.

"Jeepers will be happy t'have ya at the mansion too." She says at the dancing man with her, holding her a smile before looking over at Sam and Allegra. "That's it you two, give us some competition over here!" She grins at them.

When she turns though she catches sight of Tabi cleaning the tables. "Where's James at, Tabs?" She asks then.

And to Roxxi, Rogue calls out. "Hey, Rox. You ever been to a Renn Fest? We're goin' to one this weekend for a school outin. You're welcome t'join in!"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smiles a bit and says "Well not with the music we got going a bit more square and line." He grins but does keep her close. Sam's dance lessons at the school and others have shown him how to actually not trip over his own feet. He looks over to Remy at hearing a bit "I usually only fly through walls when I intended to these days." He grins a bit back to Allegra "So, how was classes today?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith glances up at Rogue with a bit of a wry smile, "Well last I saw him he was studying. He got a little behind in his classes what with being stolen away by the Dominators and all so I figure he's still doing that. Or went off to a study group or something. He didn't say if he was gonna make it at all."

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi takes her refilled drink from Tabby with a chipper word of 'thanks!' She then returns to her table, so she can continue to stuff her face. She breaks off a hunk of her cornbread, using it to sop up a bit of juice from her plate. At Rogue's question, Roxxi's eyes go as large and round as dinner plates. "No! Is that the fair with the jousting and stuff?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Jeepers, the puppy... but... "So, dis Jeepers, how old is he now?" Remy asks. From one song to the next, he just keeps going. Might be that he's reluctant to settle into that same stillness he was in before. Leaves too much time to think, sitting still.

    To Sam he calls out, "Well, dat good anyway! Unless ya fond of new doors where doors don' belong!"

    Just a beat and he adds, "She out o' your league, mon Ami." Obviously referring to Allegra, but there's a wink to soften the joke. He's mostly kidding, but who is he to judge? It's not as if he's not out of Rogue's league too?

    "Afta' dis all over, wanna go ta th' creek? Look at th' stars? Don' much feel like bein' cooped up inside tonigh'."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    "Slow. Working on barre exercizes. It's a little more challenging with the youngsters who perhaps don't have a fine grasp of French." she pauses "Or Spanish. And I had a very intense mother who I had to ask to wait downstairs."

    And Allegra turns to face Remy, and she raises her eyebrows, and gives a brilliant smile.

    "Then the lady in your arm and I have something in common, don't we?" she asks of Remy, and she gives a smile, a little more relaxed as she leans her forehead against Sam's shoulder a little bit.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs softly toward Roxxi. "Yeah." She replies. "It's like Game'a Thrones but without the brotha and sista kissin' on each...." She trails off as Remy moves her around and she rolls with it. "Actually there's probably some'a that there too..." She mutters more quietly just toward Remy. "Based on some'a the folks I've seen there..." She flashes the Cajun a grin as she comes back around again.

To Roxxi once more, Rogue smiles. "It's fun though. People in armor beatin' each other up offa horses an' such. Lots'a shows and crafts too."

Her gaze goes then to Tabitha and she gives her a quick smile. "Well, since you're workin' we're gonna leave ya a big tip for bein' such a good hostess, Sugh." She says to the other bartender.

Her eyes go back to Remy then and she keeps up with him, good and close. His question about Jeepers has her grinning. "About two years old now. He was eight or nine months when we got'im last summer." She answers before nodding her head once. "And yeah, could take him and a picknic spread out of the truck down there.... It'd be great." She says in a happy soft tone.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie grins and has pretty much always dated out of his league in his opinion he does not understand it but aint questioning it. He chuckles a bit and "I am so sure the guys at the comic shop loved that." He continues tp move with Allegra, and say "Speaking of such, we have a comic books shop under our apartment and Allegra's dance studio." He tells this as if it is a cool thing. Yea he is a dork sometimes still.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith flashes Rogue a bright grin, "Well now that is much appreciated. Never can get enough tips to go round." She heads back to the bar to cover Sam so he can hang with Alexis without worrying about the bar if he wants.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     "Do we get to wear costumes?!" She asks Rogue excitedly. Not that she likely has anything. Still, it was a fun thought. As Rogue mentions the fact Tabby is working, Roxxi slaps her own forehead. "Do you want some help?" She asks Tabitha as the other teen returns to the bar. "That way you can have some fun, too!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith grins, "That's real sweet o'ya Roxxi, and I'm not gonna complain over less cleaning up when the party's done if you wanna, but I'm the one getting paid this evenin'."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Maybe take sleepin' bags?" Remy's suggests, a little tentative that and he's sure to add, "...separate ones," quickly. He finally breaks away from Rogue though and starts back for that table, dragging her along by the hand if she allows it.

    Either way, he settles back down and pulls those cards from his pocket again. He doesn't immediately begin shuffling them, instead he flips them one at a time into a pile on the table. It's rhythmic, the time between each flip almost exact. Calming?

    He flips until he gets to the Ace of Hearts and then picks that one up to hold it between his fingers. He rubs the edge of it between his thumb and index.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra gives a small smile, and then goes up to her tip-toes to kiss on Sam's cheek.

    "Speaking of, I should get back. I'm not sure if I'll have to stop by the Club tomorrow. I've been separate but... you know how it is." she gives a wry smile.

Rogue has posed:
The door to the bar opens up and a group of people all stream in, they all start commenting on the food and atmosphere as they come in to the midsts of it. Those who know Rogue well, will know that its the employees from Music Center in Salem Center. I.e. her friends that let Remy stay in the apartment above the store. Six of them in total. four guys and two gals.

They start to greet everyone as they approach the bar to give Tabitha even more work, as they clearly have drinks they wish to be downing!

Rogue, grins to Remy and shakes her head. "As if I'd let ya sleep in the same sleepin' bag with me, ya swamp monstah." She chides him with a grin. Her eyes go over to Roxxi then and she nods to the young girl. "We could raid Kitty's closet. She's got all kindsa medieval dresses and other costumes hidin' in there. But yeah, dressin' up is parta the fun of a Renn Fest." She tells her too.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi nods to Tabby about helping out, but then the crowd rolls in. So, instead, she looks at Rogue. "Oh great! I haven't met her yet, but everyone has been //so// nice." Roxxi comments, in terms of Kitty. The teen then rises and returns to the table for seconds.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods, and kisses Allegra gently and says "I will probably be home about two in the morning." He tells her, rubbing her back, and tells her "Don't wait up if you gotta be up early, but I will bring some left overs home with me." He says of the food, and kisses her again "See ya when I am home."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Typically Remy's a little more outgoing than he is this evening. As more people come streaming in, his reaction isn't typical. He seems a little more... stressed? That's not quite the right word, uncomfortable? That fits better. More people that he sort of thinks he might know, or should know?

    He flips through the cards to the end of the deck, picks them up, shuffles them with style and flair and fancy fans and accordions. He reaches up to pull his hat forward a bit, hiding his face in the shadows of its brim.

    "Somethin' tells me maybe we shared one before, Cherie," he comments in return, that dimpled grin visible despite those odd eyes mostly not so with the hat and all. "Maybe it get back dat way one day," he murmurs softly.

Rogue has posed:
The people start to get served their drinks and definitely show off just how much Remy should know them. One of them is literally raising his beer up and saying. "What up, my Cajun dude?!' over to Remy as he does that trick with the cards. None of them have any idea that Remy had been kidnapped, but Rogue had told them some vague story about him feeling a bit under the weather lately!

With the dancing at a end, the Belle goes back to the table to get her drink and then looks to her friends at the bar to wave at them. "Get some food!" Rogue shouts at them and several do just so, moving to introduce themselves to Roxxi too. They're all in their early 20s, though one looks like he's pushing thirty at least! They are soon to dig in to the food themselves.

Rogue sips her whiskey and moves toward the Cajun again. "Maybe we did. Maybe we didn't." She grins at him as she sips her whiskey and watches Allegra depart. She waves toward her. "Good to see ya again." She tells her before smiling toward Sam. "I wanna see the dances she knows some day. I bet they're fancy British stuff." Rogue comments toward the Guthrie fella.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     As at least Allegra, if not Sam as well starts to leave, Roxxi waves Merrily, "Bye!" At about that point, the new group starts to move in, and the redhaired teen happily engages with them as well. However, at about that time, her stomach gives a low, long, distressing gurgle. She looks down at her plate. Maybe the refill wasn't a good idea after all...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Who th' hell dat guy?" Remy asks Rogue, quietly, almost under his breath. A little louder he calls back to 'who the hell's that guy' with, "Taxes!" As if he's ever paid them in his thieving, scheming life? Unlikely.

    "Dis gettin' a little too much," he shoots in Rogue's direction, in that lowered, under his breath voice. Too many faces he knows and can't put names to, too many names he can't connect memories to. He picks up his forgotten drink and polishes it off with one quick toss back. "Ah need a smoke, Cherie." Possibly the illegal variety at that.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands with Remy as the group that entered settles in at the bar now with their food and drinks. She leans over to Remy then. "That's Mikey." She tells him. "He lives in the apartment next to yours over Music Center. He works in the store, specializes in guitars and banjos and such. You guys would watch movies a lot and, I dunno, guy stuff?" She smirks at him. "Sorry, I thought I'd invite them. They've been askin' about ya." She says before sipping her drink again.

A nod is given toward Roxxi when she sees the other looking a bit unsettled. "The bathrooms are back there down the hallway just before ya go in to the pool room." Rogue indicates.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     "I think I'm not used to eating so regularly anymore.." She admits to Rogue, a hand over her complaining stomach. "I should probably head to the Dorms, just in case..." Hopefully, she makes it. She rises, inching over to Rogue for a hug if the other woman seems so inclined. She then waves at Remy, "Have a good smoke, welcome back!" She has //no// idea where he's been.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Non, it's good, Cherie. Jus'..." It's hard to put it into words. There's one word that likely sums up the way Remy's feeling. It isn't one he'd use, but it might be one Rogue could attach to it; if only because she knows him so well. Vulnerable. He feels... vulnerable. A bunch of strange faces, the fact that he knows he should know them doesn't make them less strange and him without the powers he's so used to having?

    He chews a little on his bottom lip before he starts flipping the cards on the table again, one at a time, slow, deliberate. Between flips, he raises his right hand to the brim of his hat and gives it a little nudge, 'tip of the hat' in micro, in response to Roxxi. "Merci, cher. See ya 'round, oui?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles to Roxxi. "Thanks for coming out. Hey, do me a favor and text my phone when ya get back. Or tell one'a the other students in the rec room t'text me." She tells her, even though Xavier's is just a five minute walk north and then a couple minutes down Greymalkin Lane to get back. It's hardly far at all... but still!

There-after, the Belle looks back to Remy and leans over to speak low to him. She goes down the line of people at the bar, speaking off their names, the four guys and two girls. All the guys work at Music Center and the girls are the romantic interests of two of the guys.

She smiles over at Remy then and leans back again. "You sure about the sleep out? Feelin' good enough t'be out all night like that?" She then asks, now that its mostly just down to the two of them. Her drink is raised up for another sip while she stares at him.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi nods to the remaining pair and the group at the bar. She leaves the snacks she'd made, and apologies to Tabby for not helping out. Roxxi then darts out to hopefully make it to the campus before her stomach can really start to complain. It's a good ten, fifteen minutes before Rogue gets her text, letting the Belle know of Roxxi's safe arrival.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    He reaches up to push that hat back a little bit to fully reveal those odd eyes. Remy offers a little nod. From face to face, he does his best to commit a name to each as Rogue speaks them. When his flipping of those cards gets to the Queen of Hearts, he stops and flicks a finger across the pile, sending only that top one in Rogue's direction without so much as disturbing the rest a fraction of an inch.

    Meaningful that one little card, but mostly he's just doing what's familiar, almost muscle memory stuff for him, cards are a comfort even when he can't properly charge them and use them as weapons.

    "Oui, think it better den sleepin' inside, ta stuffy..." Translation: Too caged in. "'sides, it not like Ah don' have ya dere in case a bear attack or somethin'?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is lowering her cup when the card comes up her way. She catches it and looks at it, then smirks and lowers it down to tuck it under the low scooped neckline of her tanktop. Right in to the happy place the card gets to go, poking out just a little like its riding on the best seat in the house.

She grins at the words from the Cajun then. "Been a bit since I seen a bear out in the woods. Last one was about this time last year I think... I flew it pretty far north before lettin' it go. Think I was past the state line in fact...." She partakes in another drink of the whiskey before she glances at the glass. "Gonna need another..." She says softly.

Her eyes go to Remy then. "So, we ask Scott about the move in the mornin' then? He's always down in the Danger Room by sun up.... easy t'find, that one. Bit of a routine stickler, ya know?" She smiles at Remy then before jingling the glass and the ice there-in.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith takes care of everything behind the bar while Sam says good-bye to Allegra then leaves the bar to him again as she does the waitress bit now that there are people who don't live at the school present. She makes the rounds, smiling at people and cracking jokes with everyone but Remy and Rogue who she leaves mostly to their own company so she's not disturbing their conversation. Must be killing her to be so good. I mean she's not tossed off a time bomb all evening, not even the kind that are all flashbang and no damage.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah think dat an be arranged," Remy offers in regards to 'another'. He stands and makes his way toward the bar. Big step that, with all those 'friends' he can't quite remember sitting up there.

    That's the thing about him though, isn't it? Shit knocks him down, but he dusts off and stands back up again. While in the process of retrieving a bottle of bourbon and the Belle's whiskey, he even manages to make small talk with the six gathered, even if it's just a 'how ya doin or the like.

    Once back at the table, he refills Rogue's glass and then his own, bottles left there in the center of the table should they need another.

    "Sounds good, Cherie," he finally replies to that last bit. "Scott, he a little... stick in th' mud, but a good guy." Not a question, he remembers Scott, at least bits and pieces. The most important bit is that he *trusts* Scott. "Scoota'..." That comes with a smile.

    He nods his head in Tabitha's direction then and asks, "Dat one, was she on th' jet on th' way back?" He had a few, very few, moments of 'awareness' on that trip home. "Dey all came..." Just to get him? That last is spoken with more than a little ... awe?

Rogue has posed:
The guys and gals at the bar are all regulars here, the guys in particular. They're often at the pool tables in the back though but with the food and such upfront they're spending their initial moments up here to socialize. They are the kind of people to include everyone around in their discussions, especially Tabi the Bartender!

Right now they're arguing about a movie that hit theaters this weekend that they apparently all just got out of seeing. Some popular super hero affair, the girls look very disinterested in this though and are chatting each other up instead.

They all stop when Remy appears at the bar though and they greet him in return, offering some friendly comments before he goes again to join Rogue once more who is leaning back in her chair and tapping on her phone to make sure someone checks on Roxxi's return. She's a new student after all!

Her phone is put down again though and she looks up to see Remy with the refille. She sips it and smiles. "Yeah, Tabs was there. She can create explosives with her mutation. She's a hell of a crowd control team mate cause'a that. She's with James Proudstar, Warpath and Boomboom are their code names." She tells the Cajun with a smile.

"They're some'a the best people at the school too. Good t'have on your side." She says before taking another sip of the drink and adjusting the straw hat on top of her head.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith catches Remy's nod and nods politely back in his direction with a smile before grinning at one of the guys at the bar for something he said then jokes, "Maybe tomorrow when I'm actually not on the schedule I can let ya prove yerself at the pool tables." This is said with a wink because the regulars have been around long enough to know Tabby only pretends at not knowing how to play pool until you ask her to bet money on a game.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Once he's gone through flipping all the cards in the deck, he picks them up and starts over again, minus one. Routine, comfortable, familiar. "So, kinda like mine," he comments quietly in regards to Tabitha's powers.

    "Mon Pere, Jean-Luc, he call earlier today. Thinks he can smooth things wit' the..." Other side, the Assassins. It's not really something he's eager to say out loud, but Rogue should get it, right? "Thinks Ah should come home."

    He gets to the King of Hearts in his flipping and flicks that one aside the same way he did the Queen, not toward Rogue, just out of the deck.

    The next one he flicks aside is the King of Diamonds. He flips it face down after flicking it aside.

    "Ah don' think dat the best thing though." Flip, flip... he stops on the Ace of Spades, flicks it away and places it face up on the King of Diamonds.

    "Whatcha think?" The question is asked very quietly, uncertainly even. Her opinion matters, but more important... does she actually want him to stay?

Rogue has posed:
There comes a round of laughs from the guys at the bar at the pool challenge. And of course the one with the loud nerdy laugh and big glasses is eager to shoot a return challenge back to Tabi. But first they all ask for more drinks of course too.

Rogue just smiles at the antics at the bar before she watches Remy tossing some of the cards away, the other still peaking out of her top. She leans forward in her chair and folds her arms over the edge of the table, forearms pressing against it as her back is kept straight but leaned a bit forward. She shakes her head at this commentary from Remy.

"I'd prefer it if ya didn't get involved in that kinda thing right now. Not right after all ya been through..." She says to him. "Not that I can stop ya, a'course..." She mutters that part before taking a sip of her drink again. "But... if ya do go. Just consider takin' me with ya, hmm?" She asks then. A glance is given to Tabi and then back to Remy. "And yeah, similar power, I guess. I think her Booms are disassociated fromneedin' any object like a card though..." She says as she looks down at herself and plucks the one out of her cleavage. She flips it around and looks at it before setting it on the table...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Between Sam and Tabby all the drinks are delivered in short order to those desiring them then Tabby looks over toward Rogue and Remy and calls out, "Hey you two, last call's coming up pretty soon. You want anything else to drink before the bar gets shutdown?" Even private parties have last call in a bar that has to keep its liquor license after all.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Non, Cherie, he want me ta come home fo' good." Not just a trip. "He think it betta' Ah... recover? Dere, in New Orleans." Remy's next card flicked out is the two of spades - Deceit, change.

    He finally lifts his own refill and tosses it back quick, just one drink and gone. He reaches out and slides that Queen of Hearts next to the King of the same suit with just an index finger. Side by side.

    "Ah don' think it a good idea ta go back."

    Next card is the Ace of Hearts - Friends, new relationships. "Ah... think Ah'd rather stay here..." His attention shifts from the cards and up to Tabby. He gestures to the bottles he snagged while she wasn't looking, they're sitting in the middle of his table. "Ah think we good, cher, merci."

Rogue has posed:
The whole conversation from Remy has Rogue looking a lot more meloncolly. She watches what he does with the cards and she starts to understand what's going on with them. She'd caught a bit of it from the start but it all becomes pretty obvious as he lays them all out like that. They're little windows in to his stories, more than he might even realize sometimes she suspects.

She looks over at him with her slim chin resting on her shoulder as she stares. "Well." She says to him, her white bangs hanging down in front of her on the left side of her face. "I say you do what you wanna do. Not what anyone else wants ya t'do. That's how ya find your true happiness in life. At least... that's what I tell myself, Mistah LeBeau." She says in a calm voice, one laced with a relaxed flavor to her husky tone.

Tabi's words make her look away though and she smiles at the bartender. "Awwww. Is it that time already?" She asks as she takes another swig of her drink. "Do ya need help cleanin' up, Tabs?" Rogue asks as she reaches for her money in her leather bomber jacket draped over her chair. She did say she was gonna leave a nice tip after all.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith flashes Rogue another smile, "Nah. You two can head out whenever ya like. We'll clean up and I'll even pack-up the leftover food and get it back to the kitchen at Xavier's for ya. Thanks for the offer though. We're just glad everyone was here. Y'all enjoy your night." And with the last drinks served for the night, she actually gets started in on packing the food that's obviously not going to get eaten so it can be transported.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy falls silent, just flipping through cards. His hands are quick with it, skilled obviously, sometimes just a blur from one thing to the next. The face down King of Diamonds is replaced with a face up King of Spades, the Ace on top removed. The King of Hearts is replaced with the Jack of the same suit.

    Small changes, with significant meaning. When he gets to the end of the deck again, he gathers all of the cards up in one swift sweep, shuffles them and shoves them back into his pocket.

    He pulls a few bills from his own wallet, the total amounting to about two hundred, and tosses them on the table. "Takin' dese wit' us," he announces to Tabitha as he snatches up the two bottles on the table. It doesn't seem to be a question. It may not be exactly legal, but when's that ever stopped Remy?

    "Go fetch dat mutt, oui? Meet me at th' creek?" he asks Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leads about the same so that Tabi and Sam can split it up as they so desire. She watches what Remy does with the cards some more as she does her best to decipher the story unfolding there... Once its said and done though and Remy is replying to Tabi, Rogue is standing up to put her jacket on. She smiles to Remy before finishing off that whisky with a respectable chug that would impress most drinkers for the size of girl she is....

She exhales then and carries the glass to the bar where she meets up with her friends and spends a few moments talking to them, telling a couple jokes as she starts to make her way out of the bar. She's heading outside now and waving back toward everyone still within. Her phone beeps and she looks at it to see its the message about Roxxi making it back to the rec room safely....

Once outside where once was Rogue, there is no more as she takes to the sky to go get things ready to meet up with Remy by the water... Jeepers included, no doubt slumbering on his dog bed right this moment.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's almost out the door before he turns back. It's kind of amazing that he can actually flip through a deck of cards with one hand, but he make it look easy. When he gets to that Ace of Hearts that was flicked off to the side before, he drops it on top of the bills left on the table.

    To Tabitha, maybe it just seems some random Remy weirdness.

    But coming from Remy, it's a meaningful little message: Ace of Hearts - Friends, new relationships.

    After the addition to the tip, he heads on out the door, it'll be at least an hour before he makes it to the creek, but not without a few texts to tell Rogue that he's coming... promise. He just had a few things to do first.