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Snoop Doggs fingers
Date of Scene: 29 September 2021
Location: Roof Tower
Synopsis: Ellie opens up. Rogue gives advice. Ellie wants cupcakes.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Rogue

Negasonic has posed:
There's only a handful of places a student can escape to to smoke a little pot. The roof honestly isn't one of them, and Ellie honestly isn't one of the students trying to hide anyways. She's lounging out with her back against the tower with a joint clutched between thumb and index finger, ankles crossed. She's sans her usual black leather jacket! Staring out over the yard between taking hits with a little hiss of air around her fingers.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been dealing with Remy all week, and was out for a flight now today to shed her nerves a bit from the drama of having a guy in your life who has almost completely forgotten you. She comes down out of the sky right in front of Negasonic who will assuredly recognize her after a moment or two. Also wearing a leather jacket, only one of bomber style rather than biker... Rogue drops in toward the roof and plants her feet upon the edge of the castle-like structure. She stands there and grins down at Ellie.

"Well hey there, Sugah..." She says in that smoky voice of hers as she steps off the edge and on to the roof before turning to stand beside where Ellie is. "Goin' full Willie Nelson up here, huh?" She asks. Ellie knows Rogue doesn't care, so there's nothing much to worry about. At least so long as she's doing this kinda thing in a secluded space away from the others, especially the littlest tikes who are not allowed up here.

Negasonic has posed:
Even if Ellie thought Rogue did care, she wouldn't, so she doesn't even bother trying to hide the joint she's smoking when the teacher appears! Her blue eyes cut up to look at the southern bell, joint tucked in the corner of her mouth for another drag. Her chest is all puffed out, holding in the smoke, and her hand is coming up to offer it to Rogue.

Say what you want about Ellie, at least she's willing to share.

"Yup." Strained voice. Smoke curling out of her nostrils. "You're not fucking your man? Figured you two would be going at it like whole ass rabbits right now."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is a college student and faculty / school assistant (errand girl), though she is in college for a Teaching degree! But, she's not a teacher quite yet! Next fall is her goal for that target though...

She pushes the sleeves of her jacket up to her elbows, then tosses her wind swept hair back over her shoulders. She accepts the joint from Ellie and gives it a look then partakes in it a second or so before she exhales and laughs at Ellie's question. She shakes her head and offers it back. "He's barely even aware of who I am anymore. Plus he's sleepin' a lot still." She exhales and leans forward on the ledge with her forearms bracing her as she looks out over the yard. "They really messed with his head, ya know? They had three mutants locked up in gas pods... One'a them was already dead when we got to'em." She glances over at Ellie and smirks faintly at her. "Gabby stowed away in the jet like you. Ya'll don't have to do that, ya know? We already consider ya trainees. Ya just gotta checkin with a team leader..." She holds her smirk at the teen though before looking back out at the yard. "What's goin' on in your life, Ells?"

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie accepts the joint back and hits it again, leaning her head back against the bricks beside her. "I know, but it's fun to pretend I can still be a delequent sometimes." Smoke bubbles from her open mouth. Small spherical rings of smoke drifting off her tongue into the sky until the dissipate. "Dang. Sorry." She means it, maybe, hard to tell. Her level of inflection is complicated to decypher sometimes.

"With me?" That has her laughing, humorlessly. She's not wearing her jacket. Which she worn every day since she got here. "Almost blew up the mall the other day, think I'm falling for someone, and pretty sure they're not into me. The usual teenage shit that adults say gets easier, but it still fucking sucks while you're going through it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue catches the sight of the smoke ring out of the corner of her peripheral. It causes her to look over at the teen again who gets another grin. "Alright, Gandalf. Lets try not t'be too much of a badass at your middle teens still." She teases the younger one.

With the talk of the mall, Rogue winces. "I haven't been there for awhile. Can't believe the place is still bustlin' as much as it is. I caught a couple abandoned mall videos online awhile back... they were like post apocalyptic... Like Lone Pine will be if ya blow it up." She smirks again then. Her right gloved hand, green and rolled down to her wrist, is pushed up through her white and brown hair. "Yeah? Who ya got a thing for?" She asks. "I'm sure she's inta ya, she's probably just not sure how to reciprocate. We got quite a few new students this year, did one'a them catch your eye?" She asks then with a faint smile for Ellie.

Negasonic has posed:
"Heh." Ellie chorts, once, at Rogue at her Gandalfing. "Sure sure. I'll try to dumb it down for the other teens... role model and all that." She muses in a disinterested voice as the joint is stubbed out on the brick beside her and slipped into the pocket of her hoodie.

"Eh, just some stupid bitches. I was going to walk away, like you guys taught us, but Yukio wanted to make them apologize." She bobs her shoulders in a little shrug. "They started making fun of her, so I got mad and almost blew them up." Which probably starts to give an indication of who has caught her eye.

"Nah, man. I'm pretty sure she's just wanting to be my friend. Which is cool. I'm not a dude who can't control themselves, but it'd be nice.. Everyone has someone." Her fingers slip into the small bit of hair she's let grow out. Just enough to run her fingers through it, "And it's really weird too because she's abso-fucking-lutely the lamest person I've ever met, but dammit I like her so much."

She does not sound like she actually thinks she's that lame.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the joint get stuffed out for later. She then just raises her right gloved hand up to prop her chin upon the palm of it. Her fingers drum against the side of her face as she listens and frowns at the bit about the mall rats teasing the two mutants. She shakes her head and glances over at the other. "Glad ya contained yourself. We don't need t'see ya get put on a most wanted list cause'a some dumbasses at at the mall."

The mention of Yukio has Rogue 'hmmm'ing'. Clearly she's not quite sure who she is. It takes her a second before she remembers and casts a big smile then. "Oh yeah, she's like... all smiles, right? Friendly, but struggles with English some? She's fresh from Japan, isn't she?" The Belle asks. "Ya know its pretty common t'fall for someone who's different from yourself. I think we crave a bit'a different in our lives...." Which is assuredly some of that romantic southern belle wisdom coming out of her there...

Negasonic has posed:
"Mhm." Almost blew the mall up is not at all an exageration. Ellie doesn't get into it. Best to let Rogue think she illustrated some control. Which is not true, once she got really mad. Yukio had to calm her down. Alas.

"Yeah, that's her." Smiling, bubbly, Japanese. "I gave her my jacket. She wanted one like it, but then we had to leave the mall, so I gave her mine." She explains in a quiet voice. "She came by today and gave me this delicious crepe thing with ice cream in it because she saw me cry... out of anger." She adds that last part quickly, glowering at how liberally she's sharing. Surely because she's high.

"And then she's holding my hand in the mall or hugging me with her head on my shoulder... and I know it's just cultural differences because they're all friendly and touchie feely in japan... but I got butterflies in my stomach like some fucking simp. And I keep telling her, but I don't think she gets it. And I don't want her to stop coming around, so..."

Motion around. "here we are."

Rogue has posed:
What Ellie all says there has Rogue processing it for a bit as she stares off toward the north where the lake is partially visible through the trees. There are some students down there too, but they're pretty far off and just walking around the serene environment.

Rogue has to exhale a light laugh at Ellie's words before she looks over at her. "Ya know... I'm just a southern bumpkin, I don't know a lot about Japan... but I like t'think I know a lot about romance and what touchin' and feelin' is best for. Sounds t'me like ya got a girl who wants t'spend time with ya, wants t'touch ya. Hell. Wants t'wear your jacket and bring ya sweet gifts." Rogue shakes her head slowly with her chin still propped up on her palm. "That's a girlfriend, Ells."

She lowers her hand from her chin then to drape it over the edge of the castle ledge. "She's probably just waitin' for ya t'make the move for a quick kiss. I mean, lets be honest, between the two'a you, she's definitely the less intimidatin'. If ya'll dance together, you'd be the one in the lead, right? Ya gotta take that lead, ya Warhead. Sure is better than just sittin' up here like a god damn Gargoyle grousin' about it endlessly, right?" She asks as she casts her eyes back out over the late afternoon sky.

"It's cheesey, but true. Gotta take your shots while ya can. Things go by fast, and all that crap. Aim for the best stuff, and shoot."

Negasonic has posed:
"I fucking /guess/." Ellie grumps and visible deflats, "But what if I do that, like kiss her and shit, and then she's like ew god, you're a girl I like donger. Then I'll have had my feelings hurt because I put myself out there and will never respect her again because she unironically said donger... you see my delima?" It is one of her own creation.

She rolls her eyes and closes them, head resting back against the bricks.

"I guess I'd just rather have her come around as a friend than risk having her stop coming around if she's not into me like that." She voices quietly, "I get it, it's 2021, everyone's a little gay now, but you can bet your whole ass, the girl /I/ like will 100% be straight as fuck because the world likes shitting all over me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue straightens up when her phone goes off in her pocket. She digs it out while listening to Ellie respond. The response has the Belle grinning from ear to ear as she glances down at her screen to see who the message was from. She doesn't respond to it though because she's one of those rare types that would rather spend time talking to someone in person than ignoring them and typing on their PHONE! Take that, Ellie!

She sets her phone down on the stone ledge in front of her and just leans against the block to her left while looking to Ellie.

"I guess it was probably easier when everyone assumed everyone was in to the same shit, decades ago..." She says in a quiet tone. "But. I mean... Look at it this way.--" Rogue glances out to the yard again before back to Ellie. "Give it a shot. If she doesn't like it, then just tell her you'd at least like t'be closefriends, if nothin' else. If she doesn't like that, then hey... doesn't that kinda mean she's not a very cool person, and ya don't really wanna hang out with her anyway?" This is of course asked, followed by a shoulder shrug. "I dunno, to be honest. I've never dated another girl before. So my crappy romance wisdom has its limits."

Negasonic has posed:
"It's not so different. Dating girls. Except that boys are fucking lame and smell like farts and have boogers on their shirt." Ellie chides, possibly playfully, but no it's not playful at all because look at her serious expression. She takes note of Rogue not sending a message response to the sender of message...

And her brow furrows at this herasy... "Are you not going to answer that?"


"Seriously, what if it's important?"

Brow furrowed more...

"Alright, fine, okay.. I'll give it a shot. I'll ... I don't know, something. Ask her out on a date or something. Maybe kiss her, but when she flips her whole ass shit, remember you told me to do it!"

Rogue has posed:
The bit about boys has the Belle smirking again and glancing away once more. She shakes her head softly. "Not the good ones. But yeah... those are few and far between. Like that corny song, where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods." She looks back up with a big grin. "I love that dopey fuckin' tune."

Her phone is given a glance then and she reaches for it. "It's just about plannin' for the weekend. Remy said he wants t'throw a party at Harry's, once he's out of the med bay. He wants to celebrate life, or some such.... ya know how he is. Sometimes his accent is even hard for me to decipher." She grins again before putting the phone back in her pocket.

"Look." Rogue says then. "If she turns ya down... I'll take ya to the mall. We'll see if we can't find those people who fucked with ya and we'll ... well, maybe we'll pour some icy's on their heads from the second floor balcony. Then I'll go buy ya a new jacket or somethin'. Hows that sound?" She has just a half-grin then for the other girl. "I don't think she's gonna turn ya down though, Tough Girl."

Negasonic has posed:
"Yeah, you get all excited for a dude who smells like old socks and eats shrimp in everything." Ellie pushes herself up from the roof and dusts off her butt with both hands, "I'm going to go out on a limb and say your taste in men is questionable, maybe even suggest that you're doing it specifically because you're still in the closet and trying to convince yourself to come out of it, but that's none of my business." Ellie has said more in the laste couple minutes than she has in the entire time she's been here.

Maybe it should be legal for /her/ to smoke pot?

She's not smiling more though.

Nor is she less sarcastic.

"I really hope you're right. I know I'm only 16 and have a whole life ahead of me where I'll fall in and out of love, but it'd be pretty cool to have a girlfriend when school starts back up." Simple pleasures.

"I gave her my jacket.." Murmured to herself, head shaking. "Suck a fucking simp."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her hands in her jacket pockets then as she just grins at the grumpy teen. She shakes her head softly and glances to the south toward the front yard but its hard to see much but the far off yard from this vantage point. "I'd date a girl, I think, if I ever met one that did that thing, ya know? Caused a electric reaction?" She shrugs her shoulders inside her jacket. "It's just never happened for me that way. I've met plenty I've liked, but yeah, not gotten that 'thing' from'em. Who knows though, lotta life left!" She gives another quick smile. "Right now, I'm all about that guy though that everyone loves to crap on... He's fun. I like fun. It's all I can really boil it down too." There's a pause then.

"He looks good without a shirt on too..." She mutters before pushing off of the stone block.

"Come on." She motions to the younger one. "Lets go see what they're making for dinner in the kitchen. If it sucks, we'll take my truck t'get somethin' from town, yeah?" She states as she angles herself toward the door back in to the school.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie has made no secret that Remy is one of her favorite teachers, so her shitting on him is done purely in jest. "You like who you like." She refuses to believe there's a chance some donger would ever give her the stomach tingles though.

"I bet he does. He can't walk past a mirror without taking a look at himself." She leads the way towardst he stairs into the mansion, not that Rogue needs them, but whatever Ellie does.

"Probably something healthy that I pretend to eat because I'm woke, but really all I want is the greasiest fucking hambruger that was ever slapped on a grill." Because she's high. "And a bunch of cookies. And a cupcake." Because. she's. high. "Dude, I want cupcakes."

So even if the food sucks, at least they can get cupcakes.