8070/Skipping Rocks, not Skipping Town.

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Skipping Rocks, not Skipping Town.
Date of Scene: 30 September 2021
Location: Pugsley Creek
Synopsis: Rogue finds a wayward Remy much closer to home than she expected. They talk a little about his situation amid a lesson in skipping stones.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It was only a matter of time before it happened, before Remy grew restless, bored, started to feel caged in by being in the medbay. While being far from *well* with his powers still all sorts of messed up, he started on the upward of feeling 'decent' enough yesterday.

    So, he lasted about twenty-four hours after being able to walk himself to and from the bathroom and such before he bailed. However, he didn't bail far. Still wearing that collar, he dressed in a simple t-shirt, a pair of jeans and those worn out old boots he loves so much and wandered. It was an aimless thing, as he's still fuzzy on details, but it eventually brought him to his favorite spot along Pugsley Creek. It's a place of open water, not his favorite thing, but his favorite past-time here doesn't require getting *in* the water, and lots and lots of smooth, flat rocks.

    A pair of earbuds blocking out outside noise, replacing it with the likes of Elvis, Hank, Conway and Merle, he's standing at the water's edge skipping rocks. Even without his powers, his manual dexterity and his ability to throw like a beast, has most of them skipping their way all the way to the other side.

Rogue has posed:
Once Remy's condition had leveled out and the scare of him worsening had subsided, Rogue had to go back to some of her daily responsibilities. She'd moved to doing her college homework down in the medical bay, but the school stuff she had to go take care of.

Kids still needed to be driven to the town and other errands had to be run by someone.

Rogue was coming back from one of those runs when she found Remy gone from the med bay. She frantically ran around looking for him down there before she happened to stumble across Charles and Moira in the corridor... Charles only needed a second to find Remy not too far away with his mind and told her where to look...

As such, a few minutes later and Rogue is meandering down one of the dirt paths. Wearing a hoodie of green, and a pair of jeans shorts, running shoes and her hair tied back, the Belle appears on the pathway and walks toward where she sees him skipping stones.

"Runaway! Someone get the shock probes!" She announces playfully before walking closer toward him, her hands in her hoodie pockets, a smile on her red lips.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    With those buds all plugging his ears, Remy startles a little when he catches movement from the corner of his eyes. He turns, stone in hand, as if he's ready to wing it at a would be attacker. Jumpy? Who can blame him. Of course without his powers it's not as if that little rock would have done much unless his aim was dead center to the eye or something of the sort; which it might well have been.

    But those same reflexes that might have allowed him to put out an eye with a creek bed rock, are the very same that allow him to stop himself from throwing it once the momentum to do so is already there.

    Even with the collar, the adrenaline rush has those veins in his arms turning that purplely-pink, his eyes flashing with the same for a moment. His fist clenches at his side, he makes a small little sound at the back of his throat that's a little pained when the collar kicks in to batten down the hatches on that growing energy.

    He shakes it off like a champ and flashes that lopsided, left dimple only grin. "Shouldn' sneak up on a man like dat, Cherie, dey not all so friendly as me." He reaches up to tap one of the buds in his ear to pause the music.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hadn't noticed the earbuds until she got up closer to him, so her little joke went on 'defa' ears! She just smirks at him as she looks him over for a moment at the sight of that glowing vein situation still happening... its concerning but what can she do?

She sidles up beside him on the shore of the creek and just rocks a bit forward and back on her shoes before she smirks back over at him when he does pause his tunes to speak to her.

"I didn't think I had time t'get a boat out from the boat house, row it down here and come up on ya from the front." She quips back at him as she reaches a hand up to her hair to pull some of the white bangs out from her face, the wind coming off the water having cast her thick wild hair across her eyes.

With it back out of the way she glances back to the sparkling water surface. "Feelin' better then, I take it?" She asks him next, still not getting too close to him since he'd asked her too, and since he'd seemingly forgotten most things about her in general.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Oui, better," Remy replies, that lopsided smile's still there and anyone that didn't *know* him would believe it. Sure, he's feeling physically better but the rest of it still has him upside down and inside out. Gambit's still *scared*.

    "Got stuffy down dere, jus' needed..." To get away from it, but he lets that line of thought trail off. Truth be told? It was difficult for him to stop at the creek and not just keep on going. Running, it's what he does when the shit gets hard and it's really *tough* right now.

    He bounces the rock in his hand a little as if weighing it before chucking the thing out across the water. It skips right on over to ricochet off the opposite bank.

    "Ah hate dat Ah don' remember things, ya know dat, right?" he comments before bending to snatch up another rock.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes travel with the rock as it skips across the surface and bounces in to the wet shore on the other side with a quiet thud. She smirks again and trails her eyes back over to him. "I kinda thought you probably went t'the garage and swiped a car, and were likely halfway to Atlantic City by now, or somethin'." She says softly back at him before glancing down at her feet in front of her. Her lips purse together and she pulls a pair of sunglasses out of her hoodie pocket that she puts on her hairline but doesn't yet put over her eyes.

"I wouldn't blame ya this time either, really." She softly continues, her eyes going back up to him beside her. "I mean, yeah, this place feels new to you. I guess. So it may as well be a place fulla' strangers. I woulda run myself, I'm sure. Not like it isn't in my blood too. Hell, look at the name I earned myself..."

Rogue kicks at one of the rocks near her feet and grabs one with a quick crouch and bounce back up. She rolls it aorund in her ungloved right hand then tosses it out at the water!

It just splashes right in to the water, never to be seen again!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Non, not strangers, Cherie. Dey like ghosts or somethin'. Like parts o' it are dere others not." With his next attempt, the rock only makes it about three quarters of the way across. Remy's distracted by his thoughts. "Strangers would almost be better den lookin' at someone an' feelin' like dere supposed ta be somethin' dere and dere isn'."

    Another rock snatched, but this one he just bounces up and down in his hand. "Did Ah give ya a puppy? he asks tentatively. "Here ya doin' it wrong. Ya gotta hold it like dis," he offers along with a demonstration, the rock all curled up in the crook of his curled index finger. "Den when ya throw it, use ya wrist more, like dis."

    This time, with the demonstration, the rock travels the distance again. "Ah thought dey made me kill mah Papa," he murmurs quietly. "Ah called him dough, he's bien - good. Wants me ta meet him in Louisiana fo' dinna' when Ah can, jus' not New Orleans."

    Another rock, bounced, stared at a moment. "Ah don' understand why Ah remember things like... New Orleans but not dis place so much."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her hands back in to her hoodie pockets as she listens and watches him making the instructional toss of the rock. She smiles at his success with it. "Well ya certainly didn't forget that part.." She says before looking over at him.

"And yeah, you got me a yellow lab that we saw in a shop window from a town bit north'a here while joyridin' around." She says, her southern flavored voice calm and pleasant. "Named him Jeepers, cause'n I'm a big Scooby Doo nerd. My first dog was named Jenkies... but, lost him when I lost my parents. Stuff I've bored ya with in the past, but I guess its all fluttered away now, like a bird on the winds."

There comes a little exhale from Rogue as she draws another hand out to stroke at her hair and her eyes go back to the water. She bends down again to get another rock and give it another shot... with his instructions.

Same results as the first one. The rock moves at blazing speeds and just vanishes under the water with a splash in its wake...

"Mmf." Rogue mutters.

She looks back over at him. "We played baseball recently in the backyard. Ya were tossin' them t'me and I waas crackin'em out over the lake. Was a lot of fun." She flickers a little smile at him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Maybe try not so hard, oui? And angle dat hand up more, line it up wit' the water's surface, not so much down," Remy offers before he tosses the rock in his own hand in her direction.

    "Ah feel like it all dere, Cherie. Hidden somewhere, not gone. Ah jus' can' *find* it all. Ah jus' wind up wit' a headache from th' tryin'." Her voice may be calm, but his is frustrated, sad, remorseful even.

    He falls silent for a moment then, those odd eyes fixed on a spot out over the creek. "Ah know what Ah feel when Ah look atcha," he begins before shifting his gaze sort of back onto Rogue, in her general direction anyway. "Ah feel safe, warm, like Ah'm supposed ta be here. Dat gotta count fo' somethin'." And that's why the garage isn't missing a vehicle right now.

Rogue has posed:
Remy's added instructions has Rogue bending down again to grab another one of the smooth rocks. She stands up again and rolls it around in her soft hand before she hears his response about his memory and its relation to her.

It makes her smile, happily. "Ya big sweet talker... even when ya lose half your marbles, ya still throw the sweet words at me." She replies as she lingers her eyes on him a moment longer before she pulls them away again.

Rocking back and forth on her feet she goes to toss the rock again!

This time it skips, little tiny 'splishes' as it bounces about five times before it goes under for good!

Rogue pushes the sleeves on her hoodie sleeves up to her elbows and then raises her hands up in the air triumphantly! She even does a little single jump. "Yeah! Take that, gravity." She says with conviction before her hands come down to her hips. She's smiling back over at him. "Do you wanna go on a car ride? Get outta here? We could take Jeepers with us if ya'd like." She then offers to help his sanity.

"Otherwise, if ya keep complainin' about your head I'm gonna make ya go see Jean like on the double, Mistah..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "See, ya did it. Dere not much of anythin' we can' do..." Together. The words began softly, ended softer and before they were snuffed out by his brain to mouth filter kicking in. The suggestion to go off grounds gets a different reaction than she's likely expecting.

    Remy shakes his head, quick little motions but final. No. "Non, Cherie, if dey come again..." His hand strays up to that damned collar. "Ah couldn' help much wit' fightin' dem off." Instead, he settles down there on the ground, legs bent and arms resting on his knees.

    "Jean, Ah know dat name. But what she have ta do wit' mah head?"

    If enough thought's put into it, there's a pattern to the people he remembers and how. Ororo, he remembers her pretty clearly but they shared a really *long* history. Scott he remembers about the same as he remembers Rogue, little bits and pieces, but the *feelings* are there, he trusts Scott. Seems the closer he was to a person or the further back they were involved in his life, the more he remembers.

    Like they were chipping away at the easier things to get rid of first, working back toward the more ingrained stuff, like Jean-Luc being his father.

    The feelings he has for Rogue, definitely one of the things he fought hard to hold on to.

    "Can dis Jean help? Is she th' one dat was in mah head when ya came fo' me?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue dimples her cheek out to the side with her tongue as she hears his response about going out on a drive. She nods her head once and then just smiles quickly at him. "I think you've forgotten what all I can bring to a fight." She replies to him in a low tone before just letting it lie for the time being. Does he even remember she can fly? Let alone everything else... who knows!

She turns to face him then and walks toward him, but skirts just around behind him as she walks around him and toward the tire-swing that hangs from the branch of the tree. "Jean is a telepath. One'a the strongest in the whole wide world..." The Belle says as she puts her legs up and in to the tire swing one after the other before she sits within it and gently sways back and forth, starting to turn in a circle. She eyes him as she does this, her hands holding the rope just above the tire.

"She helped me get right in my head, cause'a how my mutation works... fixed my thoughts right up. I think she could help with yours too. Plus she's a smokin' hot red head, if that helps inspire ya t'go see her." She grins then at the Cajun man as she spins some more on the tire, leaning back to look at the sky, her hair dangling down behind her head now toward the ground..

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ya gonna t'row up ya keep dat up," Remy warns. The silence that follows isn't an easy one, it's uncomfortable and weighted with things wanting to be said. Too much weight for the simple, "Ah don' know if she wanna see th' things in Remy's head, Cherie."

    Uh-oh, there's that weird, ridiculous third person thing that always means Bad Things in one way or another. In this case, seems it might be the Bad Things are the things in his head.

    He finally reaches up to pluck those earbuds from his ears and tuck them away in a case in the back pocket of his jeans. "Smokin' hot, ya say? Don' know if smokin' hot worth a red head temper." Something he's *almost* familiar with, with that mane of his that's just on this side of auburn from being red.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's long legs move in graceful patterns to help propell her swinging motion on the tire as she gets it going a bit more than just idly swinging. She straightens up again at his words and looks over at him as she swings out over the edge of the creek. She just smiles at him.

"She's seen it all, Remy. Can you imagine' bein' a telepath who is also attractive and is also a teacher at a boardin' school full'a hormonal teenagers? Let alone her duties with the X-Men and all the damn weird shit they've seen for years and years doin' the stuff they, we, do?" Rogue shakes her head as she swings out over the water.

"Ain't nothin' gonna surprise her, Mistah. So yeah, I think it'd be a wise thing t'do..." The Belle adds as she swings back around with her long bare legs stretched out in front of her, knees together. leading her on a back arching swing back toward land!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm not talkin' about sex, Cherie," Remy murmurs quietly. Perhaps so quietly that she won't hear him while she's out over the water. Watching the swinging Belle has him more than a little on edge.

    He stands in one fluid motion, without benefit of his hands and looks as if he's about to reach out and stop the swing before he reins himself in and doesn't.

    There's that long uncomfortable silence again, but this time rather than end it with some sort of something important, Remy forces on a smile and just says, "Ready ta go back now? Ah'm gettin' hungry. Maybe we can throw some burgers on th' grill, oui?"

    It's right there though, so close to the surface, something he's afraid to confess. Maybe just to cover it, for the first time since he's been back, he reaches out a hand for Rogue to take when she's done with the swinging, "C'mon."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't need help stopping the swing. She can, in fact, simply stop herself from swinging becasue she controls her own gravitational pull with her flight power. So she just swings slowly and stops back where the tire hangs naturally. She steps out of it then and just smirks at him. "Okay. I just meant she can help is all." She softly says back at him as she takes a second to fix her hoodie around her waist and toss her hair back behind her shoulders, though her bangs remain to wave gently on the sides of her face.

She glances down at his hand and then reaches out to accept it with her own.

"That'd be nice too. Its a nice night, after all. Bout t'be my favorite month too, no less." She says with a big grin then. "The trees in this area turn the prettiest colors... so I'mma be out on walks a lot the next few weeks..." She states as they start their walk back down the path toward the school, her hand giving his a firm squeeze.