811/Happy Harbor: Bird Plans

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Happy Harbor: Bird Plans
Date of Scene: 28 March 2020
Location: Morrigan's Office
Synopsis: Kian's finally got a plan nailed down.
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre, Kian, Carol Danvers, Colette O'Connail

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan's office hasn't been busy given it's Spring Break.  People haven't needed much, but, she is in the building from day to day.  Like today.  She's seated and reading through a file on someone while pages for an upcoming event print out quietly on the printer.  It was a slow day by the looks of it.

Kian has posed:
    Let it be said first that Kían has not been moping, as such.
    However, since the incident at the prom—at least he wasn't seen, but still!—and then the meeting with the green shapeshifter, the bird has had a lot on his mind of late, and has even more than usual kept to himself, burying himself in his English language studies, slipping out for soul-cleansing flights only long after dark when there's zero chance of being scene.
    He does not yet know the Earth phrase, "waiting for the other shoe to drop", but if he did, he would self-apply it.  And he kind of thinks when it does drop, it will be on his head.
    He does not quite have the feeling of mild dread that he had before meeting Gar, when he thought he was going to be asked to leave the planet.  He realizes now that was a silly, paranoid thought, an overreaction, a false assumption about how Earth works.
    This does not stop an even milder sort of not-quite-dread settling in as he approaches Mórikan q'miríth’s door in the company of both Carol and Colette, and he slows to a near stop.  "Nnh," is all he can manage to say.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Kían, it is fine, this is just what you need to not worry so much.»  She is just being encouraging really.  She doesn't pop his shoulder lightly like she wants to because she isn't sure how fragile he may actually be there.  Also she hits like a truck even at the Woody Harrelson 10 percent.
    Colette gets a look, it is amusement if anything and a bit of a shake of her head.  She has been giving the teen a look since she arrived at the school to deal with this today.  I mean, yes, last time she picked up what Colette put down and agreed to trust her on this, but the confirmation of what wasn't directly being said is amusing.
    Anyhow, she smiles trying to be encouraging and steps forward to snag the office door and hold it open for Colette and Kian.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Relax, birdy buddy," Colette suggests as they get to the office door, putting a hand on Kian's shoulder. "This is just administr…."  She stop herself and looks at Carol with a rueful grin.  "Pretty sure he doesn't know that word, yet.  You wanna try?  Kian… be calm, everything is good.  We're just making sure you can continue your lessons when you move into the Tower."
    What Colette had been saying to Carol a few minutes earlier would perhaps have been less calming to the nervy bird if his English was up to it.  "We had an… interesting meeting with Raven.  She's taken things harder than even Garfield did.  She wasn't exactly enamored of the idea of people returning to the tower.  But she's acknowledged Garfield has as much claim to the Tower as she does, and he's…."  She shakes her head from side to side.  "Well, he does seem to be determined.  I think Raven will be keeping to herself, but there's room in the tower for Kian.  And more, I think."
    As for that elephant in the room?  Nope, Colette's not discussing that.  Carol's amused looks may elicit the odd barely controlled grin, but what wasn't directly said was merely an expansion of what was directly implied.  All good.  Carol can quiz her about it later if she really wants to.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan's bright violet gaze looks up to catch Carol, Kian and Colette coming in and there's a moment where her mind goes 'this is it…', but she tries not to look worried. «Kían and Agent Danvers.»  She gives a smile to them, greeting in Kian's language.  "Come on in, have a seat.  What can I help you three with today?" she asks as she offers them all a seat in front of the desk.

Kian has posed:
    It's still a big step, and he's such a little birdman… well, compared to these huge Terrans, anyway.  Kían slips through the door, and then bows formally in greeting.  "Kié, Mórigan q'miríth."  The title she knows, of course—'dean' or 'headmistress'.
    He glances back and forth between Colette and Carol, takes a breath, and tries to start in English: "Iss mus'… nnh.  Iss say fir's… nnh!"
    Well, it was a good try.  «Sorry.  I just don't know the words yet,» he says in his own language, folding his wings tight against his back.  «First,» he says, going off in probably entirely the wrong direction, «I am so sorry about breaking that window.  I… I heard all the noise, and I just wanted to see what was going on, and slipped on the ledge.  At least I'm pretty sure no one saw me.»
    He pauses, and adds, «I still don't understand what it was all about.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol looks at Kian and nods lightly, listening to him and then looks to Morrigan.
    She reaches over to touch Kian so the touch telepathy can pick up what she says now.  "What I've been able to gather is there was a disturbance and it may not have blown the cover… but it isn't great and Kian with his wings is a real challenge."
    "We think we may have a solution to this, if he can take some distance learning opportunities."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Relax, Kian," Colette repeats gently but a little more firmly this time, guiding him to a seat.  "Doctor MacIntyre," she says in greeting with a polite nod before taking a seat of her own.
    Colette lets Carol do the initial conversational introduction before taking over with the explanations.  "In short Doctor MacIntyre, I have found a solution to… well pretty much all of Kian's problems, and the school's problems with Kian.  He's rather… obvious, which risks drawing attention we don't want to the school.  Particularly as he really needs to fly.  As far as I can make out, flying for his species is more than just a mode of locomotion, it's a cultural necessity.  Their word for 'wings' as far as I can make out translates literally as something like 'gift of the body'.  The implication being it's a divine gift.  Discouraging him from flying would be cruel.  Letting him fly on his own risks both the security of the school and his own security.
    "However I have a friend who can help.  Garfield Logan.  Beast Boy, of the Titans.  Carol brought Kian to meet with Garfield, and they seem to get on.  Garfield is willing to give Kian a place to stay at the Titans Tower.  It's on the bay at the edge of Metropolis, giving him large amounts of open space to fly in.  Garfield can transform into various forms that are capable of winged flight, to accompany him.  And there's more…."
    This next fact may be news to Carol, as it wasn't actually mentioned to the others at the time of the meeting.  "Apparently amongst his own people, Kian's telepathy is not limited to touch.  Garfield's mimicry is so accurate that he and Kian are able to communicate directly, in flight, without contact.  Not only does this offer Kian a secure location, the freedom to fly, and protection from the dangers of a world that's unfamiliar to him, it will offer him a greater scope for rapidly picking up the language."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan gives an odd look to Kian.  «Broken window?» she asks the birdman.  Then her eyes go to Colette and Carol.  They probably know, nothing was reported to her.  Then back to Kian.  «You didn't hurt yourself, did you?» she asks him.  Then she looks to Carol and there's a nod.  "This is something we've spoken to Kian about recently even," she admits.
    «I'd be happy to set up distance learning for him, or anyone else for that matter.»  She nods to Carol.  «I don't want to make anyone feel like they're being smothered to conform when it goes against their religions and other things,» she states.
    Then there's a look to Colette.  "For the record, the word problem is probably the wrong one to use.  I have no problems with Kian.  We've had a heck of a time trying to find things to do is all," she states.  "So if he's going to team up with the Titans and do virtual work with the school I think that's a perfectly safe plan.  And Kian should find happiness in not having to hide from people."  She nods to that.

Kian has posed:
    Kían glances at Colette when Morrigan questions the window—he assumed, of course, that it would have been passed up the appropriate chain of command by now.  «No, I'm fine, I just banged my hand into it and cracked it.  I don't think any pieces fell out.  I didn't stop to check, I was more worried about getting out of sight.»
    He sighs heavily.  «And that's part of the prob… part of the mismatch between myself and here.  It's a good school.  I know my command of Ing'lis is still very rough, but what you've managed with me in just the short time I've been here is… well, okay, a work in progress,» he says with a shy smile.
    He swallows hard before continuing.  «But I can't be anything other than what I am.  And I am Akiár, not Tér-ran.  You have a wonderful school here, q'miríth, and I deeply regret that I am not a good fit for it.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "SHIELD appreciates and fully supports what the school is and how much it is doing for the community, Professor.  We just… as you say we want him to be both happy and not pose a danger to the other students."
    There is a gesture to Colette.
    "As Ms. O'Connail says, we think we found a solution where he can be free to be himself, to fly, and sometimes share telepathy with meta whom has a track record of heroism and being on the right side of the law.  All the while if you are willing as you say you are, to learn about our society."  She gives a light shrug.
    "I really do appreciate all your help in this matter.  It may not be the last time we have to be flexible like this and improvise."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Respectfully Doctor, I think 'problem' is the right word," Colette says, forehead creasing in a frown.  "That's not a reflection on Kian, it's a reflection on who else is at this school.  It's going to be a struggle enough stopping the kids from bringing too much attention to this place without half of Staten Island gossiping about the mystery bird-man on top of that.  Frankly, getting Kian off the premises is a good move for the security of the other students.  Maybe… maybe I'm worrying too much, but I don't think so. To be honest… ah…."  She hesitates, glancing briefly at Carol.  "Well, I feel there are other issues too, but it's a start.
    "Kian and I have become friends, Doctor.  I would be more than happy to handle getting things set up at the Titans Tower to tie in with the school's network for distance learning.  I intend to spend some of my spare time helping him with his English too."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan gives a look to Kian and there's a smile.  «See, I told you things would work out,» she tells him.  «And no, don't think like that.  You're perfect the way you are.  Don't let us make you feel like you are inferior or wrong in anyway.»  She shakes her head.
    Then there's a smile to Carol.  "And I appreciate all SHIELD is doing for the school and helping out in so many ways," she states.
    She looks to Colette, but she doesn't look upset that the woman has so much to say.  "You have become friends and this puts more worry on you.  It is a natural thing."  She nods to this.  "And yes, there are other issues, they are being handled," she states simply, not wanting to air dirty laundry in front of Kian.  "And if you'd like to head up getting him set up in Titan Tower then that will be excellent.  Kian could probably use the familiar face until he gets settled," she admits.  "The school isn't perfect, but, we're hoping someday we can have all of our ducks in a row and all of that," the woman states.

Kian has posed:
    Kían holds up a hand.  «You're not making me feel wrong.  I'm just not in the most optimal place for me, and I'm causing difficulties for you just by being here.  It's… it's like when the researchers finally gave up on me on my world, and decided to send me on to the homeworld.  There wasn't anything else they could do for me, and there wasn't anything more I could learn from staying where I was.»
    He stops suddenly.  That was the wrong thing to bring up.  Going to the homeworld is precisely what landed him on Earth, and a faint shadow crosses his features before he carries on.  I mean, that couldn't possibly happen again.
    One hopes.
    «Also, Gar has a rhy'thar too.  Maybe he knows someone who can teach me more about mine.  It's also part of who and what I am, and I need to understand it… and maybe why that's the reason I ended up on this world, because there are so many here with rhy'thar'yw, it's not so….»  Now he doesn't have the word even in his own language.  «Well,» he finally says, «there I was the only one on two worlds with a rhy'thar.  Here, everyone seems to have one.  So I'm not so unique anymore.»
    He adds wonderingly, «In a weird way, that makes me feel a little better.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "There are lots of rhy'thar on the planet Kian, I am sure you can get help if not from Beast Boy than from someone else."  She is still trying to be encouraging.  "Still unique… but not alone."  She smiles, amused.  "I feel you though, it is good we aren't alone in being strange."
    Then she looks to Morrigan.  "This seems like a good plan then.  Thank you for everything you are doing, Professor."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "It's not really Kian I'm worried about Doctor," Colette says.  "I'm confident we've found the best possible solution for him.  You should have seen him.  When he met Garfield, and they flew together."  She smiles a little at the memory, then turns and gives Kian a grin.  "It made him happy.  And to be honest it's… well I think it'll do Garfield a lot of good, too.  Mutually beneficial arrangements really are the best arrangements.
    "No, I'm more worried now about uh… certain of the other more enthusiastic students, shall we say."  Colette rubs the back of her neck.  "In all honesty I'm worried that the emphasis on keeping things under wraps may only encourage some students to take their interests… well… underground, if you like.  Without wanting to derail this conversation, I have an idea for something that might help deflect that possibility somewhat—I'd like to submit a proposal to you, if that's okay."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan gives a look to Kian and there's a bit of sadness, she hated losing him, but, he'd be better off with the Titans.  She had to accept that.  «And you need to be in the best place.  Yes.»  She nods to that.  «And finding familiarity is a good thing, Kian.»  She smiles to him.
    Carol gets a smile.  "Thank you, Agent Danvers," she tells her.
    Her gaze goes back to Colette.  "I know who you are worried on.  Name starts with an 'S'.  I've already had talks on him.  Others have brought multiple things to my attention and we are working on it," she states.  "If there are others, I have not been informed except for the students that we expelled earlier this week."  She sighs to that.  "If you'd like to submit a proposal we'd be happy to look over it," she tells her with a nod to that.  "I want to make things easier on the students and other teachers," she adds.

Kian has posed:
    «And maybe I'm clutching at any sort of familiarity,» Kían says with a smile, «considering how little of this world makes sense to me.  Please, though—I go because I need to go for me, not because of anything you or your school have done to me.  And if we can work out a safe way to do it, I would like to visit you occasionally.  You have been very good to a stranger to whom you owed nothing more than what your heart bid you give.  I must conclude, q'miríth, that you have a very large heart.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol shifts and sits forward a smidge in her seat.  "What students did you expel?"
    If there was a report to SHIELD, she didn't see it.  Then again other than the alien students she hasn't had any reports flagged really.
    The idea of expelling powered students though definitely has her attention at this point.  Expelled may mean trouble and powers may mean future SuperVillainy.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    The amused smile on Colette's lips reveals she knows exactly who Morrigan is referring to.  "Oddly I'm less concerned about 'S' than some others.  If he gets a little too ah… relaxed, I think that's because he finds a certain comfort in the school he doesn't feel elsewhere.  He's a remarkably competent kid and I think he will respond to gentle advice.  I'm certain he wouldn't do anything as unwise as our Instameta show-offs.  But yes, an idea for something to hopefully channel some of that over-enthusiasm into something educational which may also help certain students with socialization issues.  I will have a proposal and lesson plan outline in your inbox on Monday morning, Doctor."
    Apart from the roundabout reference to 'Instametas', Colette leaves the answer to Carol's question entirely in Morrigan's hands, contenting herself with turning to Carol with a smile, a nod and a quick, "Thanks for everything, Captain.  I mean it."
    Finally, Kian gets a broad grin.  "Going back to the tower, Kian!  More flying with Gar.  Looking forwards to it?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan gives a smile to Kian.  «You're going to be fine.  You're in good hands with Colette and the Titans,» she tells him.  Then there's a look to Carol.  "Sadly, four of our students decided that the first day of Spring Break was going to be spent with videoing their superpowers and things of that nature.  The situation was brought to my attention and sadly we decided that the damage was already done."  She frowns.  "I was actually notified by SHIELD about the situation and then had to handle it from there," she states.  "Thank you for helping Kian and others so much, Colette.  It is appreciated," she tells her.  "Just let us know what is needed for transitions and we'll make sure you get it," she states.
    "Is there anything else for the moment?"  She looks to Kian and Carol.

Kian has posed:
    «Nothing that I can think of,» Kían says, no longer the nervous wreck he was when he came in.  «I am so sorry I was such a poor fit for you, q'miríth, and more than anything else I don't want you to think of this as a failure of your school.»  He continues, in hesitant and heavily accented English, "Iss good s'chool.  Iss véri good s'chool."
    Switching back to his own language, he continues, «All I have are my notebooks, so moving isn't a problem.  And the space you've dedicated to me can be put to better use for more than just one student.»
    He bows again, wings spread wide—the most formal.  «I thank you again, Mórigan q'miríth, for everything you've done for me.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "I'll have to dig up the file and review it then…."  She just frowns, sad Captain Marvel is sad at the missed opportunity.  Honestly, other than Kian she hasn't had analysts flag anything Happy Harbor related.
    "Honest, I swear, teenagers."  Though she says it with a hint of bemusement knowing Kian and Colette are here to take offense.
    "Nothing else, thank you Professor."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Nothing I can think of either," Colette agrees.  "I'll handle getting Kian set up for the remote tutoring.  It won't be any problem.  Though I suspect just being able to spend time socializing will do Kian's English more good than our lessons ever could."
    Colette gets to her feet, holds the door for the other two, and gives Morrigan a nod and a smile.  "Thanks for everything, Doctor.  And yeah Captain."  Eyeroll, shake of head.  "Teenagers."
    Well, she hasn't been one for months.
    "C'mon Kian, let's get you settled in over at the Tower.  I'm sure Gar is going to want to introduce you to an Earth custom called 'pizza'."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan gives a smile to Kian.  «There is nothing for you to apologize for,» she tells him.  «It was great to get to meet you,» she adds.  «And we're trying to be a good school.  Hopefully we can keep going in a good way,» she tells him.  «You're welcome and anything that you need, please let us know.╗  She gives a dip of her head to him.
    Then to Carol, "I can send the file over if that would help," she offers.  "And if SHIELD has any concerns, please let me know," she states to that.
    Then she smiles to the group.  "Thank you all, I hope everything goes smoothly," she states.  Then she's gathering a few files to put up and to work on a new one.