812/Bringin' Home the Black Card!

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Bringin' Home the Black Card!
Date of Scene: 28 March 2020
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Harley brings home swag for April!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley's been gone for almost a full day now, which probably means she's locked back up right? That's the way it works with her isn't it? She disappears and leaves April with the Hyenas to take care of like some kind of user that's only in it looking for someone to take care of her?

Everyone is thinking it.

That the Clownette is good for nothing and going to bring nothing but trouble to April by way of just being present at her apartment... But nobody is saying it to Harley's face, even if she's keenly aware of the impression people have of her.

Suffice to say that when she comes home tonight? She's lugging several //armloads// of bags... ones from high end Stores down on Madison Avenue. Wearing her yellow shorts, sneakers, and suspenders over white t-shirt, she has a pair of Gucci Glasses sitting low on her nose so her bright blue eyes are visible over the frames.


"April! Come'eah! It's Christmas, 'sept I'm Jewish!"

She also got a three hundred dollar hairjob.. so it doesn't look bathtub dyed, with crisper pink and blue, cut shorter in little piglets held up backwards. Bud and Lou bound after her, yapping happily from the hallway. "Aww babies, I aint fuhget you bois! Look wha momma braught!" Once she's set down the bags, she reaches in to pull out a premium cut of steak for each of them!


April O'Neil has posed:
April is in her office at her computer processing a video for upload. She'd been in Sterling for the day that Harley was gone, so the apartment had had a moment of quiet all itself. The little mouse that lives in the walls of the kitchen had free reign to scurry around the floor boards and search for scraps. Now, that mouse is hiding from all the noise again.

When April hears Harley's return she pauses her work and stands up from her chair. Making her way to the office doorway she leans against the frame of it, in a red and white football jersey with white gym shorts on, April watches the arrival and smirks in to the living.

"Someone looks like they just won the lotto." She says to the ever exuberant Quinn. Pushing off the door frame she walks in to the living room then and puts her hands around her stomach to look Harley over and everything she had with her.

"What on Earth has gone on now?" She asks with a light laugh.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"APRIL!" Quinn breaks into a wide grin hearing her call from the doorway into the office. She's laying out a quartet of big crystal bowls fancy rich people usually have as center pieces for dinner rolls, but into these she's put water and the two steaks for Bud and Lou... Both of whom sit back on their haunches waiting.. Which is a rare show of just how disciplined they are.

Once she's opened the packs and deposit the meat, she scampers towards April with a massive grin on her beautifully made-up face! Someone was at the Sophora counter! "MSHUGE!" She shouts over her shoulder in Yiddish, letting the two hyenas loose like ravenous monsters on their dinner.

Harley, however, envelopes April in a big ol'hug, hoisting her up in a twirl with so much ease as to really defy her small stature. She's //really// stronk for her size. "Heya! Come'eah! Look't!" Motioning to all the bags, dozens of them of varying size, she seperates and kneels down easily to start move some away from others into two different piles... "This is ye-ahs! This is mine!" Hands moving between the two, "But if ya see suh'n in mine ya want, ya jus' take't okay? Everythin' is up foah grabs!"

In April's pile there's just about every imaginable kind of clothes, but all of it is high end.. There's thousands of dollars (MULTIPLE THOUSANDS) of clothes and jewelry and Harley looks absolutely beside herself with joy at it. "I got'a job.. I'm a personal assistant!" Which is absolutely not the kind of job that affords this kind of swag.

April O'Neil has posed:
Bud and Lou get a big smile from April. "They're bein' good boys." She says about the two big damn hyenas. But ultimately it's Harley's big ass haul that draws April's eyes. She starts to take in all of it and once she sees what's in the bags she starts to more aggressively go through them.

Sitting down on the edge of her coffee table, April starts to pull some of the items out of the bag and turns them over. She starts seeing labels and... everything and her stare goes from a particularly gorgeous blouse up to Harley. "Jesus christ, Harley." April says. "Where did you get the cash for this?"

It suddenly dawns on her and she lowers the top down to rest it on her lap. "Harley." She says in a more evenly toned voice. "You didn't do something that we're both going to regret did you?" It's a fair question, at least in her mind. "I mean this stuff is amazing, but come on, what kind of assistant are you? To Donald Trump? Is he trying to seduce you?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is twirling with a dress held up to her chest in both hands. A flare topped A-cut gown that tapers at the bottom, expertly embroidered with colorful swirls in oranges, blues, and greens. The material shimmers slightly, likely silk or some kind of silk blend.. "Ya like? I thought ya't like tha'!" Tongue poking out from her teeth as she grins over at April checking out the blouse... then the price tag on the blouse.. with a raised brown-blonde brow above her blue eyes gazing over the frame of her $300 dollar Gucci shades.

Laughing heartily and reaching out to swat April's arm when she jumps to the logical conclusion, "No... come'on, I aint inna oldah guys like tha.." She teases, rolling her eyes as she tosses the dress ontop of the bag it came from to dig into one from a high end lingerie boutique. A fitted bra and panties combination in vibrant pinks and purples is pulled out and held up by the small hook upon which they're still attached. "I gotcha some in yellah an' red.. I had tah guess yer cup size, so if'n they don't fit, tha's okay, we'll go buy ya some new ones."

As if she's forgotten what April had asked, but then suddenly remembering, she AH HAs and breaks into a huge shit eating grin, "Well, I stop't Jonnathan Crane from escapin' from the Hellfiah Club last night aftah he sprayed feah toxin on everybody, right? So's today I get a cawl from Sebastian Shaw, who runs the joint, an' he invites me ovah ta rewahd me... So obviously I ask't wha' any girl would ask'foah.. membahship... OBVIOUSLY.. a drink named aftah me.. an' money to buy shit..."

From her bra she produces a black card. Standing suddenly at attention with her head quick shaking in delight, "Two hun'rit an fifty thousand dollah limit."

April O'Neil has posed:
That dress that Harley tosses aside gets a very long look from April before the lingerie that is held up and put on display practically makes April feint at the sight of. "Good lord." She says. "I don't think I own anything even remotely close to that." She reaches out for the pair and holds on to them as Harley moves on to something else. "I'm sure whatever you guessed is pretty goo--"

April stops then when she hears the rest of that story. She drops the lingerie set down to her lap and just stares at the other with the fancy new hair-doo. "Scarecrow? You stopped him? Now you're a member of the... Hellfire club and they gave you a credit card with--"

April struggles to get the number out of her lips. She forms the words and whispers them as though they're stealing her breath while she's saying them. "Two... hundred. An'... fifty---" Her blue eyes center on Harley's and April reaches out to take Harley's wrist. "My god, don't fill that card all the way up, don't even fill it half way up. How can you pay that off??" She seems a bit panicky now, because well, that's a lot of cash!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is all smiles watching April flick through things, accept and startle and awe, she looks more happy seeing APRIL'S happiness than she had been with the things for herself.. Popping her gum with a little chew of her back teeth when the other goes for the lingerie, "Now, ya gotta model it, tha's the rules.." Probably teasing, right? Probably.

Who knows.

She's bobbing her head at all the details April is vocalizing, bouncing her brows, "You got't toots..." Right up until she mentions not maxing out the card.

"Huh? Wait... no, listen." April's wrists are in Harley's now, however that suddenly happened, sliding one around her waist and the other up to lace fingers with the redhead, spinning in a small waltz circle.

"Sebastian paid it off to two hun'rit and fifty thousand dollahs... soooo... it's already //paid//.. It's a prepaid black. I can spend all I want, this is already mah money. WHICH REMINDS ME!" She pushes outward, holding to April's hand, and bends backwards towards her Golden Gucci purse, one leg extended outward. High levels of balance as she digs through her bag and stands up with a tall stack of money which she holds out to April. "Rent. It's six thousand dollahs, but if ya need moah, I got it."

April O'Neil has posed:
April can't really focus on the fact that this clothing and, the rent money and all that was just laid out in front of her like that because well, it's not like it's every day that someone she knows is given 250,000 dollars. Sure, Vanessa is dating a rich guy down in Sterling, and now Harley has...

"All my friends have sugar daddies except me." April says a bit distractedly then before she reaches out and accepts what Harley gives her, tentatively anyway. "Jesus, Harley. This is a big deal." She tells her, glancing down at it all before she looks back up at her. "Really, I mean, thank you?" She questions it, then changes her tune and nods her head. "Thank you, really." Harley may or may not have been a /bit/ of a burden on the single bachelorette life that April had been living since graduating college, but this repays any of that in bulk, and April-- She pauses.

"You know you don't have to do this. Right?" April says to the blonde. "You're my friend now, Harls. So long as you keep your life going straight and don't fall back into crime. You've been given a second chance at life now and I'm here to help you with that, so you... you don't owe me nothing."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley releases April when the other reaches out for the stack of money, slipping backwards a few steps and returning to going through her own bags of swag. One of them, from Pandora, is pulled out an exquisit pearl necklace is slipped from one of them long black felt cases. The jewelry is held up to her neck, trying to look down at herself wearing it, which creates a little second chin of flesh... and makes her look kind of silly with her eyes crossed.

Glancing up only when April says she doesn't have to do this, smiling brighter than ever, "I know I don't, I want't to.. Ya been a bettah frien' tah me than anybody evah has been, April... even if ya was jus' makin' a show when ya came ta see me in Arkham? Look't everythin' now.." Motionings at the apartment, at Bud and Lou, at all the stuff on the table.


"I aint sayin' ya /did/ this? But ya certainly made feel like /I/ could... an' tha means a whole lot ta me, so..." She nudges the bag of lingerie towards April, only cus it was the closet one and not at all because lewds, "Lemme show ya how much I appreciate it.. I don't get evah do this foah nobody befoah."

She nods, once, clipped. "I love ya, ya big sawfty."

April O'Neil has posed:
This really is a lot for April to process, the fact that Harley just dropped a money a-bomb on her lap, quite literally and is now being all sentimental toward their friendship and their arrangement here. So, to express it, April stands up once more from the coffee table and steps over the lingerie bag to put her arms around Harley and give her a hug, a good nice soft and firm squeezing.

"Thank you." She tells her. "I wasn't putting on a show at the prison, I genuinely was trying to be nice to you. I'm the kind of dummie that thinks being nice to people is what we should all strive to do to make the world better." She is cheesey when she wants to be.

April steps back from the hug then and she looks over to Bud and Lou. "Thank you two also, for keeping the creeps away." She says with a grin to the hyenas. "I hope they're happy here too." She says then as she looks back to Harley. "So this is a big deal then, huh? This Sebastian guy isn't going to 'expect things' out of you is he? Like some kind of pimp?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley returns the hug, proving she's not just some crazy psychopath incapable of genuine human empathy even if she is a little bit of a crazy psychopath. She squeezes April once, then releases her, holding her at arms length with a big ol grin on her face. "Nah.." Snickering at the thought of her having a pimp, "I don't wohk foah him, I'm jus' in his club.. I wohk foah Karen Starr of Starrware... I'm hu-uh her personal assistant when she's at the New York branch of the company." Fishing her new fangled cellphone out of her back pocket, wiggling it between her thumb and index finger knuckle.

"Doin' cawls, an' set'n schedules an' all tha' professional fancy shit like in tha Devil wears Prada." She jokes, slipping it away, "Imma get mahself a bike too.. like a pedal bike, I think onnah them ol' powder blue shwines wit tha basket onna front. Cus I always thought people riddin' them look't supah hip, ya know?"

Glancing towards the babies, who are both in post food comas, as per freakin' usual.. "They ah.. I know they ah, cus they don't show they bellies like tha befoah they came heah." Her hand pats April's side, "Okay! So we's gots swag.. we's gots a big wad'uh cash... we's covah the mushy emotional shit wit' expressions of sentimentality.." Popping her gum.

Turning in a small circle, quietly repeating okay to herself over and over like Faulk at the End of The Princess Bride.

"Wanna watch Air Bud an' ordah Cheesecake Factory?"

April O'Neil has posed:
April laughs softly at Harley's words, it's hard not to sometimes at the eccentric things that she says. "We'll ride around on our bikes together then." She tells her before she moves to pick some of the clothing bags up, and her eyes go to that pearl necklace too. "God, you really got some fancy stuff here, you know that?" She states as she sets a few bags on the chair and then peers inside of another one. "Holy crap." She says at WHATEVER is in THAT bag.

At the food and movie question, April looks over to the blonde. "You know there's like 9 of those movies right? They didn't just make the one." She straightens up then and turns toward her office. "Let me publish this video I took yesterday and I'll be right back here though."

April walks past the two hyenas and nuzzles one of them with her toes on the way by before going back into her office room!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley grins to April, twirling a finger in her hair while expressively chewing her gum at the compliments to her taste, "Befoah I was a psychopath I was a propah lady, April.. some'uh that didn't go away wit the chemicals I fell innah." She murmurs with a wink, taking out her phone to put in an order for two of the biggest damned burgers Cheesecake Factory has, with extra bacon (because she's not very good at Jewish), pickles, onions, and all that extra shit that goes on a burger.

Plus a whole cheesecake.

Then drops back on the couch with her legs going in two completely different directions, cantywompus, down at angles, super flexy.. Still twisting her hair in her finger. "Hey April, Imma get us a biggah TV okay? An' maybe a surround sound system... ya think there's enough room inna kitchen fer a jacuzzi?"

Giving Harley this much money was a huge mistake.