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Mandarin Express
Date of Scene: 11 October 2021
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: In an effort to turn her vampiric bloodlust into a positive, Jubilee is in the Danger Room, drilling through a program made up of feral vampires for her to to slay. Rogue stops by, shouting in Mandarin whenever tensions get high. She just got back from a mission in China, where she absorbed a rock-skinned Chinese mutant, so give her a break, wouldya!? The two discuss the Brotherhood and Jubilee's new status as a vampire, drawing connections to their shared experiences growing up mutant.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The Danger Room has been configured to look like the familiar food court of the Lost Pond Mall. All the usual hits are here: Orange Julius, Hotdog on a Stick, and, of course, Mandarin Express. The mall is mostly empty except for three figures: Jubilation Lee and two snarling, feral vampires that are trying to corner her against one of the walls of the food court. They are advancing on her...

    Jubilation moves with a swiftness that suggests that her reactions are faster than her opponents, like she's anticipating their movements and starting her reactions sooner than than she should. It's like a beautiful dance -- the monster throws a punch, Jubes blocks it to the side and counters with a jab of her own. The jab connects with the monster's chin, sending a spray of blood into the air, but it doesn't go down until Jubilee drops and sweeps across with her leg. As soon as it starts to fall, Jubilee drops to her knees, straddling the creature as she retrieves her weapon from her crossbody strap. With a loud grunt, she plunges the sharpened wooden stake into the monster's heart, sending it to its final death in a flurry of screams.

    A second scream echoes as another feral vampire drops to the floor with a wooden stake sticking out of its chest. Jubilation's head is turned towards this vampire, her right arm extended towards it in the final form of her sudden throw. She lifts her leg and stands up. brushing her hands together. Jubilation bends over at her waist and pulls one of the stakes out of the creature's lifeless body.

    "Danger Room, how long was that?" Jubilee asks as she takes a few steps towards the second monster. ~ONE POINT EIGHT SECONDS. A NEW RECORD~ is announced by the Danger Room's synthesized voice. She bends down and pulls the stake out of the feral vampire's chest, causing a squirt of blood to fountain into the air. Jubilation is wearing a black sports bra and a pair of black spandex shorts and white sneakers. Her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. She wears a strange medallion with a raw sapphire around her neck...

Rogue has posed:
Through the entrance of the danger room, Rogue steps in to the simulation with her eyes instantly going around the surroundings. She's wearing her leather bomber jacket over her favorite green and gold X-Men bodysuit, and tall boots. Her hair is down around her shoulders and loose though she does have a green headband tied around her brow that is holding her hair down, with long tails that dangle behind her head... Daniel-san style.

Her green eyed gaze goes to Jubilee and she cracks a lopsided grin at the girl's skills being put on displayed. When Jubes stands up, Rogue walks toward her. "Dayum, girl. You're workin' off more aggression than I've been doin' in here lately." She states as she gives another look around the food court of the local mall. "nice recreation too..." She adds as she gets closer to the Vampilee.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "One point eight..." Jubilee mutters to herself. "Not good enough!" She slides the bloody stakes back into the slots on her cross body strap and reaches up to straighten out her ponytail. When Rogue starts approaching, Jubes grins and shrugs her shoulders. "And I didn't even break a nail!"

    "You come to use the Room? I can reset it for you, if you want."

    Without waiting for an answer, Jubilee raises her voice to deliver the command. "Danger Room, reset!"


    "Huh?" Jubilee frowns a little at that unexpected response. "Simulation not over?" She turns to look at Rogue, as if to ask her for her opinion on this little glitch, and her eyes go wide. "Lookout!" she says. A feral vampire leaps into view from behind the counter of the Orange Julius and lunges towards Rogue from behind!

    Simulation not over.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue raises an eyebrow when she hears Jubilee not impressed with her own skills there. "Tough critic..." She tells the other young woman with a little smirk. "I was gonna do somethin' fun I think. maybe bring up the Mario Kart program.." Oh yes... it exists. "But..."

Jubilee issues the reset command and Rogue looks around in confusion herself when the Danger Room denies her. "That's odd..." She agrees with her hands still in her jacket pockets...

The Orange Julius employee leaps over the counter and normally Rogue's seventh sense would alert her to personal danger, but she's a bit off her game after last night's battle in China...

The OJ Employee lands on Rogue's back and tries to get her in a choke hold!

The southern Belle lifts her gloved hands up and grabs the man's forearm before just bending RIGHT over and throwing the guy across the room. When Rogue straightens up again her hair is a bit more wild about her face and her eyes are glaring at the guy as he skids across the floor and slams in to some tables.

It's here that Rogue just shouts out a string of Manderin curse words while stroking a hand through her white bangs and walking toward the guy with a angry step to each fall of her yellow boots...

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation pulls one of the bloody stakes from the strap that crosses over her chest. She tosses it into the air and catches it after it spins around once. She's about to call to Rogue so she can throw the stake to her, but the string of Mandarin curse words stop her in her tracks.

    "What the hell is /that/?" Jubes shouts from the other side of the food court. "Not cool, Rogue! Not cool!"

    She's not fluent in Mandarin, but she's heard enough of it growing up. Plus, kids always focus on the dirty words, don't they? Jubilee looks over her shoulder to check for any other lingering vampires before she starts jogging towards Rogue.

    The vampire Orange Julius employee, whose nametag says Lothos, rises to his feet and snarls. He bends at the waist, both arms akimbo, as he bears his fangs!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isn't looking at Jubes as she responds to the Belle blurting out a bunch of Chinese curse words. The Belle is preoccupied with walking angrily toward the Orange Julius employee. As he snarls, Rogue leans forward and grabs him by his questionably clean collared work shirt. She pulls him in toward her and holds him back from doing any sort of attack with her strength...

In Mandering: "I am going to enjoy watching you die. Sugar." Rogue utters in an aggressive tone before she sweeps the man around on his comfortably shoed feet then shoves him right toward Jubilee!

"Now do your thing to him!" Rogue adds in that language she definitely, probably, shouldn't be speaking!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation squints. "...Happy...death...sweetener," she mutters, trying to access that part of her brain that contains memories of her grandparents. Her mouth hangs open at that, her expression saying one very obvious thing: what the hell? Is Rogue making fun?

    Suddenly, Lothos is shoved in her direction. Without skipping a beat, Jubes is ready to plunge the stake right into his waiting chest. She leans back and delivers a high kick right into the stake's blunt end. Lothos, the vampiric assistant manager of the Orange Julius, falls to the ground, announcing his untimely demise with a crescendo of screams.

    "<What the poop?>" Jubes asks in Mandarin, frowning a little at Rogue. She's rusty, but 'what the poop?' is probably good enough.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches from a handful of feet away as Jubilee dispatches the Vampiric dealer of delicious beverages. She lowers her yellow gloved hands down to her sides and stares at the Vampire as he shouts and writhes on the floor before dying.

He kind of hammed it up a bit there... lets be honest...

But then Rogue's eyes shoot back up and over to Jubes as she questions her. Rogue stares daggers back at Jubilee. 'You are a mutant! You are trying to escape! Get back to your assigned room!' She shouts in the same foreign language. Her expression is strange too, like she's... impersonating someone else. Her eyes quickly dart around the Food Court then "Where am I?!" She shouts in Manderin next before falling down to one knee and dropping her head to let her hair fall around her face as best it can with that green headband tied about her forehead....

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    There's a brief moment where Rogue's daggers are returned by Jubilee's. She glares back, her mouth opening and exposing her fangs, as if by instinct. The moment is short, however, as Jubes regains control of herself and closes her mouth. She recognizes most of the words easily enough, especially 'go to your room!' She's heard that one before.

    When Rogue drops down to one knee, Jubilee moves quickly in her direction, making a point to step right on Lothos's chest as she passes. "Rogue!" Jubes calls out before bending down next to her. She reaches out to touch the woman's shoulder with her hand.

    "<You are in Danger House...>" Jubes replies slowly. "<What is wrong with you?>"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue remains there on her knee as Jubilee approaches and touches her jacket and suit covered shoulder. She's breathing heavily under the seclusion provided by her brown and white hair. But after a moment she speaks, once more in English.

"I'll be all right." She says, her left gloved hand sweeping up to catch half her hair and toss it back over her head as best she can with the band on. She moves to stand up again then. "I went with Mystique's team last night. They were rescuing Mutants in a containment facility somewhere in China..." She didn't know where they were honestly. She just went to try and make sure things went smoothly without killing. "I... thought I could absorb more people than I guess I'm able to yet."

When she stands up and moves her hair out of her face, then looks to Jubilee... the vampire girl will see that Rogue's skin is entirely changed. Her exposed face looks like its made out of rock now... "I'll be fine." She says with her stoney rocky face!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation's gaze rises as Rogue stands. When she switches back to English, Jubes relaxes and switches back to her usual valley girl voice. Rogue's mention of Mystique, however, knits a frown across Jubilation's brow. "With Mystique?" Jubilee complains. "What!" Her mouth has curled into a scowl, twitching a little as she tries to keep her fangs hidden. They want to come out, they really do.

    When Rogue moves her hair out of her face, Jubilation's struggle to keep her fangs hidden resolves. She jumps back in surprise. "Woah!" she says. "Rogue. Uh, you want some lotion?" Jubes points her index finger at Rogue's face.

Rogue has posed:
Out of habbit, Rogue looks down at her gloved hands only to see they ARE gloved. She quickly pulls one off and looks at her rocky hand. She curses in Manderin again then closes her rocky eyes. "I absorbed a mutant... he had the power to grow in size and... yeah... have bad skin." She mutters as she tries to focus on the power.

Eventually the rocky skin starts to fade away and Rogue's more natural look returns, even with that perfectly tanned tone she was lucky enough to have when she absorbed Carol several years back in California...

Her eyes open up again and she looks to Jubilee. She smiles faintly at her. "We're a couple'a cases, aren't we?" She quips back to the other girl. "This'll all fade outta my system by the end'a the week. I didn't touch any of'em for very long..." She states while shaking her head and looking back down to her hand to flex her fingers now that the rocky surface of them has gone away again.

"But yeah, went on a Brotherhood OP. T'make sure it went as smoothly as possible..." She adds before nodding to the gymnist vampire killer. "You're uppin' your game quick, this Danger Room stuff is helpin ya, yeah?" She asks.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee's eyes lower to watch Rogue's hand come out of that glove. Bad skin, indeed. "Yeah, well, let me know if you need lotion or something. I don't need it anymore," she adds quietly. Since her turn, Jubilation's skin has been free of any blemishes or imperfections. Startlingly beautiful. Her gaze lifts to watch Rogue's face start to return to her normal California tan. She crosses her arms in front of her chest and grins.

    "You sure you're okay?" Jubilee wonders. "You're not going full Brotherhood, are you?" She bends down and yanks the wooden steak out of the Orange Julius employee's chest. She gives the piece of wood a little bit of a shake, sending droplets of holographic blood into the air, before tucking it back into her crossbody strap.

    Rogue's question about the Danger Room gets a big toothy smile. "Oh, for sure!" she replies with enthusiasm. "I'm working off all my..." Rage is the word. "...frustrations. AND I'm training to waste these jerks, too! Win-win." Jubes reaches up and scratches her finger against one of her fangs. She's never been too eager to come in here before. Never was too eager or happy about killing, even in a simulation.

    "Rogue..." Jubilee starts, her tone taking on something a little more childish and wistful. "...How much longer are we going to have those Brotherhood people here?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue flexes her fingers a little bit longer and then slides her hand back in to her glove. "Lotion doesn't absorb inta my skin very well anymore. I seem t'be stuck in the condition of my skin when I got all the other powers stuck in me... same with my hair, for that matter. Can't dye it for more than a few days before it fades out in the shower..."

She sighs and puts her hands down on her hips as she looks back to the dead Vamps on the floor, especially Orange Julius manager...

"Unless the Brotherhood screws up and becomes public enemy number one again... I think the Professah is trustin'em with some faith." She says as she puts her eyes back on Jubilee. "I haven't seen Blink around as much though. Raven either for that matter... I've been goin' to her lately. Especially with Remy ..." She just shakes her head. That relationship wears on her visibly, especially lately...

"Maybe I shouldn't do things in here, if its just gonna make me... lose control. Maybe I should just go listen' to some music, or, I dunno. Sneak in to Jean's jacuzzi..." She says with a smirk.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee nods her head sympathetically. "Oh yeah, I totally get that..." she says, gesturing to her hair where those bangs /would/ still be if her body didn't return to this state each night. "...Every night I wake up looking like this..." She shrugs her shoulders and cracks a smile. "At least I didn't get turned when I first got here. Remember that stupid short hairdo I had? With the cowlick?" She laughs at the memory of how stupid she looked.

    Jubilee lifts her foot and steps up onto the Orange Julius manager's chest. She starts to bounce up and down on the balls of her feet, springing a little against the dead vampire's body. "Well, I hate that they're here. They really cramp our style, you know? Bunch of murderers," she mutters. "And that's coming from /me/... And I'm a /monster/ now." Jubilee rolls her eyes and harmphss under her breath. The mention of Remy causes Jubilee's gaze to lower for a moment.

    "Yeah..." she replies quietly. "...What's going on with him, anyway?" Jubilee has had her own stuff to worry about and it can be tough to keep track of the latest disaster in Remy's life. "...Is he, like..." Worth it. She wants to ask if he's worth all the trouble. She finds a more tactful way to say it. "...Is he okay?"

    As Rogue starts to slip into feeling low about her current situation, Jubilee's eyes light up. "I know what you need!" She leaps off of the dead vampire and towards the Orange Julius counter. Jubilee reaches across and grabs a holographic cup and puts it under the sacred Orange Julius spigot. "Nothing that can't be solved with a little bit of this!" She presses the cup against the lever and it starts to fill with simulated Julius goo.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking away as Jubilee turns the vampire's body in to a little trampoline. She looks back as she jumps off it and runs toward the counter of the tasty drink stand. Rogue exhales and starts to follow after her. "I thought your hair was cool back then." She says with a grin. "But I understand what ya mean. You could certainly have ended up with a worse lot in life, I mean.. what if you looked like Toad?" She laughs before stopping. "That was mean... but... he also deserves it.... I think. I dunno."

She sighs as she sets her hands on the counter edge and leans against it some. "Ya know the best part of food in the Danger Room is once ya eat it ya just walk outside the room and it vanishes outta your stomach." She considers THAT then too. "Maybe that's not a good thing... I dunno!"

She slumps over the counter then and puts her gloved hands on both sides of her face, holding her hair up some as she does this. "I got no power over the Brotherhood though, its above my paygrade.... They are tryin' though, I"ve watched it. I AM watchin' it. I'm tryin' t'actively observe it. For folks like yourself... If it goes south, I'll be on'em like a dirty shirt on a Orange Julius manager."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Something about that intrigues Jubilee. "...Really?" she says with interest. "Can you taste it?" She looks down at the cup, now full, and its orange liquid. She slides the cup over to Rogue and leans up so she can sit on the top of the counter, legs dangling. Her eyebrows rise as curiosity takes over.

    Jubilee reaches up with one of her hands and touches the sapphire that dangles loosely from her neck. It's a quick check to make sure it's there. "If they weren't up to their old tricks, they'd just join the X-Men," Jubilation stubbornly points out. She's a senior. She knows about the team. It's an open secret among the older students.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue nods her head softly as she holds on to it with her gloved hands. She drops them then down on to the counter with a light thud before she stands up straighter again. "Yeah, you can taste it." She says. "A'course you can program it, or any food here, t'taste like whatever ya want it too. Like a chocolate ice curbe, or somethin'. It's all in the master programs... I don't like diggin' around in there though. I just make Kitty do it." She shows a quick grin as she leans her hip against the counter.

"You might be right too, about the Brotherhood, at least in some ways. I just... Wanna watch and see how it goes. I mean it wasn't that long ago that Toad was drivin' a truck around and tryin' to blow me up... So I don't buy that HE is suddenly good. But i do know Mystique well, I do know there is good in her. IT's just... she's had a fucked up life, ya know? Not even sure how old she is..." Rogue mutters that last part as she looks to one of the drinks. "Gimme one'a those berry ones, the works. All the berries." She says with a smirk.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I don't /want/ to be right about this. But, it's a little weird, you know? To just suddenly be on the same side. I don't buy it," Jubilee adds with a shrug. "But, it's not like anyone asked us how we felt about having terrorists in our home all the time, so..." She tilts her head in Rogue's direction, giving a little smirk. "And we've /all/ had fucked up lives, you know. Doesn't excuse anything, if you ask me." Jubes shrugs, seemingly happy enough to let it go.

    Without getting up from her position on the counter, Jubilee twists so she can look behind her at the various items on the Orange Julius menu. "...Rogue, it's Orange Julius not Berries Julius..." She points at the cup already poured. "That's basically the only thing on the menu!" She grins. "Oh!"

    "I forgot. I never told you about the thing," Jubilee says, swinging her legs. "I found out who did this to me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans forward against the counter with her gloved fingers resting on it now as she reaches for the cup that Jubilee already made for her. "No berries? What's the point of even bein' alive then..." She says with a smirk before she sips it and samples it. "Shit... that's pretty good." She mutters. "Maybe they really did design this tech t'trick prisoners in t'thinkin' they were not in prison." That is muttereed too. Danger Room lore?

Her eyes go back over to Jubilee as she grabs a napkin to keep the moisture off her gloves. "I was one'a them once too. I did bad stuff too. But yeah, I joined the X-Men.... Course, I didn't have much choice neither, if I wanted t'get over the... Brain issues." She glances back at the dead employee on the mall floor.

Then sips her drink again.

She looks back at Jubilee then and cocks her head. "You found out who your... uh... Sire? Is?" She asks then. "Please tell me it was like Tom Cruise or whatever...."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee's mouth hangs open for a moment, watching Rogue sip the Orange Julius with obvious envy. She used to live in a mall and, to Jubilee, there's nothing better than the first taste of an Orange Julius after a long day. She freezes like that for a couple seconds before the entire expression is replaced by one of utter disgust as Jubilee the vampire considers the horrible thought of drinking anything but blood. She turns away while Rogue drinks it.

    "Yeah, like, how did they know what it's supposed to taste like, right? I mean, it's all ones and zeroes. Kitty tried explaining it to me, once. I thought I could get it, 'cuz, you know... two numbers... But, they're numbers." She shrugs, blaming all of her academic struggles on her dyscalculia. Oh well!

    "Rogue... " Jubes begins, her tone taking on one of gentle protest. "...C'mon. You're not like them. I would know, right? You were my best friend here until..." She blinks, thinking about that. She looks up, as though trying to see above the sublevels. Even though she's a vampire, Jubilation squirms a little at the uncomfortable moment she just created. She's referring, of course, to the day that Jean Grey assigned a new student -- Noriko Ashida -- to be her roommate.

    "Sire," Jubes answers with a nod, sounding quite sure of herself. Vampire lingo. "No, not Tom Cruise... It was some disgusting dude they call The Ancient One. How lame is that? So, like, he didn't bite me. John says I'm, like, the only one he's seen who was turned without a bite. It was a /curse/..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had breezed past the question about Remy too, as she hadn't heard from him in a few days and is assuming he ran off back to New Orleans. Or... to wherever he goes. She does stand there for a moment thinking about it and him as these drinks were usually acquired with him at the ACTAL Lost Pond Mall. At least after she started hanging out with him more than, well, Jubilee.

"It's magic, this place. I can get diabetes in here, but then walk out and not have diabetes anymore." It probably doesn't work like that...

The Belle sips on the drink some more and stares at the Vampilee. She is enjoying the taste of the sim drink before lowering it again.

"Wait, some nerd who named himself the 'Ancient One' put a curse on you?" She asks then. "Well that's good news! Curses can be broken!" She says with an upbeat tone. Suddenly she switches to Manderin and adds 'We can find a way to fix you good.'

The Belle's brows furrow then and she sighs at herself, realizing she did it that time.

"Who's John?" She asks then back in her smoky English default voice. "And girlfriends don't count as best friends. So we're still best friends." She points out with the straw on her bottom lip.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Really?" Jubilee's response is one of interest, surprise, and curiosity. She doesn't know how diabetes works. Rogue could be right!

    "I didn't know him, but he wasn't some nerd. He was... I don't know, gross. Like, a monster. God, I'm so glad he didn't bite me. Eeewwww," Jubilee bellows, shaking her head. "Gross!" Her hands lower and grip the edge of the counter top. "It's /not/ good news, Marie. It's not..." She lets the slip of Mandarin go since Rogue so quickly moved back to English, like a little hiccup.

    "John is this... I don't know, I thought he was a vampire hunter since he killed the Ancient One, but... he says he's not. He completely wasted this entire rave /full/ of vampires..." Her gaze lifts to watch Rogue's reaction to that. "...Ones like him.." She points to the dead Orange Julius manager. "...Not ones like me."

    "He's, like, an expert. And he said he's never seen this before. One of us who was turned by a curse." She leans in and lowers her voice. "It means I'm the first one." That's cryptic! "So, like, vampires are really into, like, genealogy, I think? Like, this one made that one made this one made that one. But... I'm the start of a new tree."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue narrows her eyes when Jubilee recalls some of her night where this all happened to her. "I didn't know you had recovered memory a'what happened that night." She says back softly. "So you've got his name, his identity really, and like quite a bit'a info on why he did it, or what he was doin' it for... So when are we gonna go storm his mom's basement and break his f'ing joints and fingers until he takes the curse off'a you?" She asks next.

It's possible she doesn't understand that Jubilee MIGHT be starting to like this life.

It MIGHT be hard for her to understand that.

"So this John guy has helped quite a bit. But, like--" Jubilee's 'case of the likes' is contageous! "He's just one guy. Now that you got some info t'go on ya can shop around for others who might be bigger and better experts in Curses and ... Curse 'lore'. Or whatever." Bless her southern heart she's trying hard to use 'the right words' for the Vampire lifestyle.

"This feels like a positive to me, over actually bein' bitten an' drained t'death..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation nods her head slowly. "I'm finding that some of it is coming back, but... Like, I can't tell if it's a memory or a memory of a dream. It's like... there's not even a difference anymoe since I die again every morning anyway." She shrugs and looks down at her knees. Did she really just casually drop that? Oh, yes, she did.

    "I know that he's called the Ancient One. He's some gross monster and these other vampires were like, I don't know, worshiping him or something..." She begins. "...But we can't break his fingers. He's dead. Like, dead-dead. John killed him."

    Jubilee says that last part with obvious disappointment. The standard rule is a curse can be undone by the one who did it, right? She reaches up with her hand and starts playing with one of her fangs again, just idly. All casual, like.

    "Rogue, you know that voice in your head that tells you not to touch the hot stove? The one that tells you not to kick a dog right in the balls? Well, I have a voice like that..." Jubes continues, lowering her head. "And it's not going to let me undo this."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is sipping the Orange Julius that is probably the best Orange Julius she's ever had, every sip growing more and more icy flavorful.... She keeps it to herself though as she knows how much this means to her friend, or used to, these wonderful drinks...

"This is a lot t'take in." She mutters, her eyes glancing down at her drink. "All she said jokes aside..."

She gives a confused look at the 'kick the dog in the balls' bit, but the rest makes sense to her.

"Okay... so, your new self has a self preservation switch built inta it. But... think'a your ... true self. The one who was all excited for her Senior year just a few months ago. Like preparing game plans like a war General... What do you think that Jubilation would want? T'live the life of a vampire now?' Rogue shakes her head back and forth.

"Look. J-Wad. I'll suport ya in whatever it is you wanna do. If its this, then ... well.. I'm here for ya. If it's fix it, then I'm here for ya. If it's go get actual Orange Julius' for... uh, just me? I'm here for ya in that too." She says that last one with a smirk to follow it.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I'm /still/ excited for my senior year, Rogue. That's not different. I'm just getting used to this!" she insists. She frowns and lowers her hand back to her knee. "Do you remember when you first found out you were a mutant? I mean, how much would you have given to just not be one? To just be /normal/. Remember how everyone... On the news...and all that... All the people back then talking about a cure for it." Jubes frowns. "Fuck that."

    "I can be this and still be fine," she says with a thoughtful glance. "I used to think about being someone who could, like, help mutant kids who were alone and afraid." Jubes closes her mouth and drags her tongue against her fangs. "But, who's doing that for vampires? Seems like the best thing is to be supportive of the ones looking to ride the line." She points at the Orange Julius employee. "...And put down the ones who aren't."

    Jubilation hops off the counter and grins. "This isn't really what I want, but... I don't think I have a choice. Though, I guess... ask me how I feel about it in eighty years when Nori's..." Jubes stops, falling silent. She closes her mouth and takes a deep, pointless, demonstrative breath. Jubes blinks her eyes and lowers her head. Instead of coming back all mopey, plagued with the thoughts of Noriko growing old and decrepit while she remains eighteen, Jubilee comes back with a smile.

    "I'm going to go see her," she says with a smile. Jubes leans her head back and gives a command. "Danger Room, clean this up!"

    A beep acknowledges the instruction and the mall, the vampires, and Rogue's cup blinks out of existence.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is sipping from the cup some MORE because OH MY GOD IT"S ORGASMIC! Okay, maybe not quite that much... But still, this freaking place knows how to make a drink!

What Jubilee says, the logic behind it, all challenges Rogue's inner thoughts at first, but then she realizes its all pretty much on-point. "Well... I guess if ya killed the ... Ancient... Nerd... then this is pretty much dealt with." She admits with a momentary frown. Her eyes dart down and then back up to the other who is starting to go. "Okay, well. I'm on your side then, so if this is what you want... I'm all in then." She states with a smile before she goes to sip from the straw again. Only it vanishes.

The room reverts to default metal creepy dome and Rogue looks around, then exhales and puts her hands on her hips.

"Tell Nori, I said we need t'go get drinks from the Mall soon." She tells Jubilee on the way out.

Rogue speaks up to the room then. "Danger Room. Initiate Rogue's Robot Romp Roadhouse Rockfest." The room dings and complies and soon it fades in to a rock and roll concert performed by robots and attended by robots that are all trying to fight Rogue.

It's a thing. Moments later and the danger room is filled with loud music and shouting Manderin.