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Fun Times at the Bolero
Date of Scene: 14 October 2021
Location: The Bolero Hotel - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Synopsis: Nick, Thomas, and Felicia are grumpy in different ways
Cast of Characters: Michael Hannigan, Thomas Blake, Felicia Hardy

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Glamour is not something one tends to associate with Fort Wayne, Indiana. But it is home to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum which draws in a sizable amount of people for various types of entertainment events. As such, the presence of a hotel within the Muse hotel network is reasonably nearby. The location here, like other member hotels in the network is unassuming on the outside and just looks like a run of the mill residential building. But once inside, that's another matter.

Past the fake lobby into the real one, the furnishings are comfortable and clean. And while not one of the larger hotels in the network, it still has the dining area and bar area which one can reach by crossing over a small inside bridge that crosses over a Koi pond. There's a railing to prevent the more celebratory of their clientelle from falling in. But this area of zen does allow for a nice place to relax or read a book.

During the day. Post-concert hours. It's a whole different story. And this is where the hotel bar and eating area finds itself. Hosting several persons who just came back from their respective late night events, looking for food, drinks, or perhaps something else. Seated at the wrap around bar, decidedly at the furthest point away from the water feature is Nick. Set before him is a nearly finished draught of Guinness and set on his face is a slight smile. What a good way to relax after getting the concert funk washed off.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake had enough of running around in the Classic Catman Clown Suit. So when he went to the hotel to meet some possible sponsors he did on condition he appear in clubbing clothes. The last time he wore the costume to a bar someone threw a bottle at his head yelling, "Hey catch this, Batman!!" That resulted in clubbing of an entirely different sort. So nice jeans, jacket, shirt worn open displaying the three crescent shaped scars on his furry chest. The sponsors ate it up and his producing a knife out of nowhere on request. Then there were numerous selfies of them being menaced by 'Catman', a relatively safe former theme criminal. A psychopath and friend he'd known mentioned daydreaming and suddenly flashing on killing everyone in the room at times. He now understood where that was coming from. He had to do something wild soon or he'd kill somebody. Why a cable company suddenly thught one of their efforts was good enough to go national was beyond him. It was like a purse snatcher suddenly deciding to confront Batman. He might be a very good purse snatcher but know your limits. At the bar he orders Scotch and leave the bottle.

Of course three of the four sponsors were women. That part went well.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    The door to the lobby opens and the air of the place changes with a negative vibe radiating from a blonde woman in a black leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up by design to below her elbows. The zipper hidden beneath the long overlap design, taking design cues from Howie Style Lab Coats. She looks boarderline biker chick, but the rest of her outfit is too clean and she moves incorrect for that assumption to hold water.

    The black Ray Bans are lifted up to rest on her forehead beneath her hair line and she lowers her breath towards the check in staff. "My car is already being brought around, and I simply need a room for..." A quick look at her watch and the woman is frowning, "Four hours. Can you accommodate?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Another perk of taking the time to shower is that Nick has managed to get the wild mane of hair tamed down down to a pony tail. As he finishes off the drink, he glances up towards the bartender, and consequently in the general direction of the front desk. His head tilts curiously. Is that?-

Sliding off from the seat, he starts to move away from the bar, brushing past Thomas in the process. He turns his head, glancing back to Thomas for a moment before crossing the bridge of the koi pond to make his way over to the waiting Felicia.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake was about to say, "Canary, you goddam heifer, get offa my back!!" It almost slipped out. No fishnets. Hair the wrong shade. Speaking in a reasonable tone. Cold sober. Not Black Canary. He takes a sip of Scotch. When Nick brushes past him he raises an eyebrow. Then sees the direction he's heading in. OK, probably a date. He'd act much the same. Pity. If it was a stranger he'd get a little workout. Another sip. Ahhhh.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    The Blonde woman holds a large carry on coach bag at her side but she sets it down, bending at the waist, next to her three inch black heels. Standing back up straight and looking to the employee typing furiously to get her checked in, and slowly his face is growing more and more remorseful.

    After a pause, Felicia, pops her hip out and shifts her weight onto one foot, her leggings clinging tightly to her legs, but she sighs once. "You don't have any spare rooms..." Felicia bemoans, reaching up to pluck her sunglasses off her forehead and unzips her jacket enough to make a suitable place to hang them before her chest. "Damn." She mutters.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick is quiet,observing for a moment to make sure he didn't make a mistake. The hair is a different color but the distinctive b- VOICE makes him step forward. "I figured it'd take longer for us to run into each other again." Nick comments, looking to the frustrated Felicia, "I couldn't help but overhear. Perhaps I could help?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake spares a glance. Takes another sip. What do you do in Fort Wayne? He pulls out his phone. Satana: no answer. Saeko: no answer. He begins seeking flights back to New York. He needs a Cat-plane. "Shit." Pete, the producer, is a dead man. He's taking some time off after this.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's body jumps slightly at the voice behind her should surprise her. She'd be a horrible cat burglar if someone could approach her so easily without her knowing, but she has to play surprised, and it's easy enough. Turning away from the staff member with a frown and a shrug of her shoulders. "Thank you for trying. I know it's not your fault." She says with a smile of her pinkish lips. "Lets not tell your boss you had to turn someone away." Felicia taps her nose and then turns back to Mike. "Grab my bag." And begins to walk past him towards the bar. "You're getting me that drink sooner than either of us expected, doctor." She winks and starts to walk down the bridge towards the bar. Unphased by the railings and the water, she is suddenly on a mission.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick looks over to the person at the front desk, who seems a little upset and gives a reassuring smile. Glancing down to the carry on, he scoops it up off the floor before following after the blonde. Hearing the doctor comment, Nick chuckles a bit.

Crossing the bridge, he glances over to Thomas as the pair end up moving next to him.

He looks over to the Bartender and then gestures to Felicia and Thomas, "Whatever they want. Another Guinness for me."

Nick looks over to Felicia, "Have you met Thomas yet?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake doesn't usually drink to excess. Boredom is his undoing. The sad part is, with his metabolism, getting buzzed can take a while. The two shots barely register.

"You should go somewhere else and have a good time. I am not sociable tonight. I am done with Fort fucking Wayne. Pete the Producer is a dead man." The barkeep puzzles a moment and then sets another bottle of Scotch in front of Thomas.

"Okay, you can stay for a bit."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "I feel like I'm about to." Felicia says, turning her back to Thomas as she lifts her bottom to take a spot on the barstool and then spins it to face Thomas with a stoic look on her face as she looks very directly into he man's face. Undoubtedly in his personal space as she looks him in the eyes and seems as if she's scanning his full features.

    "Fort fucking Wayne is right."

    Felicia then leans away, puts her hands carefully and dutifully in front of her before looking to the bartender and bouncing her body almost as if she was bubbly and excited like a true airhead blonde. "I would like a the fruitiest and craziest color cocktail you can make." She requests before looking to Mike, "Thomas seems amusing, but also like he's not in the mood to be amusing." Loud enough for Thomas and his handler's to hear.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Should have played hooky and gone to the concert." Mike comments, looking over to Thomas, "I mean, what kind of dick schedules a meet and greet at the same time?" Pete does. That's who. "You know he probably scheduled one here because your room was already covered."

He nods his head towards Felicia, "Speaking of rooms, it seems the hotel might be short them tonight. So there's the matter of sleeping arrangements to work out."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake doesn't seem bothered by his personal space being penetrated. His green eyes lock with Felicia. They say by 20 you wear the face you've earned. Be a bitch and the lines on your face show it in subtle ways. Airhead? Not likely. She isn't dressed for airhead. Not even an airhead pretending to be a biker chica. Fruity drink? She's pacing herself because as a woman, even a fairly athletic one, she weighs less and gets drunk faster. Hey looks into beautiful eyes and says, "I think you're trouble, thank the fates. I could use some trouble in this dump. Thomas Blake. Also known as Catman to some but not in a while, unless you watch Theme of the Crime. Nice to meet you -you-. What do you do besides dress up a room and stop traffic?" A very rough hand is held out to Felicia. Like his face it has several almost perfectly healed and fine scars, in contrast to the three on his chest he makes no attempt to hide.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Her blue eyes widen as she looks away from the bartender towards Mike, and she even has the wherewithall to lower her mouth into a shocked agape look. "That's quite forward." Then with a look back to Thomas, "Thomas Catman Blake huh, this your friend?" She asks, crossing her arms beneath her chest and rising up on her stool to lean onto the bartop with her elbows, trying to feel that little bit taller. There's an effect of her appearing more womanly with her sunglasses hanging off her jacket and she smirks coyly, "Is he always so crude and self-confident?"

    Felicia then leans back, hands uncurling to hook onto the underside of the bar and holds it to keep herself from falling backwards. "Me? I do a little of this, little of that. On my way to Gotham for that big exhibit that they're about to unveil. I'm super big into pirates." She looks down at Thomas' hand and rights herself on the stool to then free up a hand to place into his and shake, the way her Papa taught her.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Considering Thomas's grumpy talk earlier, the change in how Thomas is speaking towards Felicia causes for Nick to give a bit of nod of approval, looking over to the bartender has he sets the remaining drinks down. "Thanks." He states.

Hearing Thomas's pause, Nick looks over to Felicia, "Oh yes. We never really did go over the exchanging of names thing the last time we met, did we?" The question about the confidence gets a bit of a chuckle. "He's got good justification to be. And being you're without a room, being forward seems necessary to make sure you got a spot to crash. He nods to Thomas, "It just so happens we have adjacent rooms. Seems like we should bring him in on the discussion."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake is a little surprised at the strength in her hand. Yes athletic. "I don't talk down to women like they're children or pets. I don't beat around the bush. I'll ask you to address me if you have questions about me. In this case the answer is yes to all for various reasons." No name. Evasive. Yeah trouble. He smiles a little. Crude? Direct. Self-Confident? Hell he's downright bragging most times. Except it isn't bragging if you in fact do the thing.

No trace of anger in his replies. The mark of a poser trying to act tough is to command how he is addressed. Thomas... simply is there. Take him or leave him.

"What's my room got to do with your discussion?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia looks down at her hand in Thomas' and slowly removes it, and then looks up to his green eyes once more, "You shouldn't beat around bushes. They can be quite thorny, and prickly." Felicia says, a single eyebrow lifting up as she turns away, taking her hand back and grasping the bright blue drink and lifting it up to her lips. "I was trying to ask you about Mike, but seems I should be clearer and-" Then the conversation simply stops and she pauses to turn and address Mike with her eyes large and wide, almost accusatory.

     "Indeed, Doctor, what does sweet honest Thomas' room have to do with our discussion?" Trying to put the musician/actor on the spot.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike arcs a brow as Felicia turns the statements from earlier on to him. As she calls him doctor again and then starts to refer to Thomas as sweet and honest, he bites back a bit of laughter.

"A couple reasons." Nick answers, glancing over to Thomas. "One of which is a heads up to what's going on so there's no misunderstanding later. Two is to give the opportunity to help out in the situation. And three, I know each room has two beds each and at the end of this talk let it be known I don't care WHICH one it is but I'm sleeping in one of them."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake nods. "Thank you for the opportunity to help out but I will (I can't believe I'm saying this) be sleeping alone. The lady is a stranger. No offense. You're a lovely stranger, indeed. I will let you two sort things out. Night. Sweet dreams. And Mike... sleeping in more than one bed is quite a trick. Good nite. Good repose." He gets up to go knocking back his third and last shot of the evening.

"Maybe we can meet in better circumstances." He gives a small bow to Felicia.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Good night Thomas Catman Blake!" Felicia says with a smile and a rakish wave of her fingers as she watches him leave.

    Turning on her stool back to Mike, "Your friend has good sense. Much more than you. But that's something I'm finding interesting in you. Doctor. And I wouldn't expect you to not sleep in a bed. That would be super weird." She says, lifting the drink and taking a sip, ending up with a light blue mustache on her face and smirking at herself before laughing softly.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Night Thomas." Nick says in parting. Well, he'll see him later. But he can at least watch the guy leave for a few moments. And, judging from the turned heads, apparently he's not the only one doing that.

He looks back to Felicia. "I have encountered a few people who come up with-" He pauses, frowning a bit before he settles on the next few words, "creative interpretations of offers of assistance. So, you'll have to forgive me for stating what normally should have been taken for granted."

He looks to the moustache on Felicia's face and chuckles. "Either way, you're probably tired. How about we grab another drink to go and we can get you settled?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia snakes her tongue out of her mouth and laps up the mustache with a giggle and then nods her head once, "Deal."