8256/Taking a Moment for Yourself

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Taking a Moment for Yourself
Date of Scene: 15 October 2021
Location: The Victorian Restaurant - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Felicia and Lara stumble upon each other nursing drinks.
Cast of Characters: Felicia Hardy, Lara Croft

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    It's not exactly early morning, it's earlier. Or for most of the people within the club it's going to be late. Quite late.

    Her red eye landed not long ago, and Felicia needed a moment to socialize, and unwind before finding her way back to her own penthouse.

     Fort Fucking Wayne was THAT bad.

    The blonde woman wears the same leather jacket and leggings she had on yesterday evening when she landed there and is seated at the bar, arm on the top with her palm catching her head and propping her up with a glass of something brown and nearly empty lazily held in her other hand. Life of the party it seems.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara has responsibilities as a British noblewoman. She has to make public appearances to keep up the culture and name of the Royal family... The Hellfire Club is one way to do that. At least from a certain point of view. Lara had always been one to sort of push the boundaries on what the Noble status means, and she likes to challenge the nature of the title itself too. So its fun to come to places like this, and find out when the next large event is to attend....

She'd done that tonight, and is now seated at the bar when the blonde haired woman seats herself nearby. Lara is wearing a black leather jacket over a blonde top and dark brown denim trousers. She has a old book on the bar top beside her and something resting on it, it looks like a medallion or pendant of some old variety...

She offers a smile to Felicia. "The look of one who comes to drink their worries away." The Briton woman says in a calm and relaxing voice.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's foot nudges at the carry on bag down on the floor, to make sure it's still there, as she looks up from her fully nursed drink and an eyebrow slowly lifts above her blue eye at the woman reading what might even been called a tome.

    "If I had any worries... I long forgot about them." Felicia says with a shrug of her shoulders and a weak twitch of her lip to try and push a smile out. "Long night. Couldn't get any rest on the plane after having a way too long lay over in bum-fuck no-where."

    Felicia sets her drink down with a clink on the wood top and holds up her hand away from the drink, asking for another. Her hair was formerly styled, and the way it rests on her head, she has some serious bed head. "Just one more to carry me over before the sun comes up."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara shows a smile at this response as she lowers her drink after taking a sip from it. She then dips her hand in to her jacket inner pocket to pull out a small plastic bottle. She jiggles it around a little. "Melatonin gummies. They work wonders on planes." She puts them back in her jacket then before smiling. "I just got in myself, from London. I thought I'd have a drink here before heading back to my place." She closes the book over the medallion and lays the silk bookmark gently over the cover. "What has you traveling?" Lara then asks of the blonde woman. "Work?" She then asks as she raises her glass back up for another sip of the amber liquid.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia cracks a full smile at the melatonin and shakes her head, her hair falling off her shoulders and swaying with her motions. "That's, so... motherly." She says trying to sound kind and with a hint of laughter in her voice. "I ... rarely am so prepared for life." The thief says.

    Work is another thing.

    Felicia gives a nod to the bartender as he pours another double into Felicia's drink and drops a single cube in the glass to go with the smaller ones still in there.

    With her attention on Lara, Felicia seems to have trouble taking her eyes off the book, but she does so when Lara speaks again, "Vacation actually. I needed to get away from everything for a while and it's time I finally got back home."

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara lets out a light little laugh at the motherly comment. She nods her head to it lightly. "A friend suggested it to me several years ago when I was having trouble flying in turbulent weather conditions. Pop a few and zonk out. Good in some situations, rather terrible of an idea in others." She says with a smirk as the alcohol is touching her mind a bit.

She shows a quick smile then at the vacation part as she sweeps some of her loose hair back behind an ear, the rest tied back in a pony via some dark tan leather strings. "Well..." She starts then in her soft voice. "I hope the vacation was helpful. Though I get the sense you wish it were longer." She has a warm smile then before the bartender stops by to check on the two of them. Lara confirms she's well though says she could use another drink likely in a few.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia gives a nod to the bartender as he shows back up and she agrees with Lara in needing some more drink in a few minutes.

    "The length wasn't the issue, it was the sudden moving from Pennsylvania to Indiana in a sudden layover on the way here..." Felicia says with a roll of her eyes. "Met a nice guy though that helped me while waiting for the new connecting flight."

    The burglar takes a sip finally and then looks back to Lara and can't help but be a little nosey as she stretches herself to look up and towards the book. "Fancy book, what are you reading?"

Lara Croft has posed:
The talk of a guy being met has Lara smiling sweetly and making a soft noise of amusement at the idea. "Well, it's not all bad then." She quietly replies before leaning on her elbows on the bar's edge. She looks down at the book as it is brought up then places her left hand fingertips upon its leather cover edge. She turns it and flips it open again to where she was, with the bronze medallion resting upon one of the pages that are covered in the scribbling handwriting of someone. "It's the journal of a colleague of my father's. I found it in a box while sifting through the things in his office. We're having some renovations done on my parent's place, and I needed to be there to sort through some things. When I came across this, well... it has some interesting entries about the owner's life."

Lara smiles lightly again before she reaches out to offer a hand to shake to Felicia. "I'm Lara, by the way. Lara Croft. I'm an archaeologist, and a bit of an explorer, one might say. So... dusty old leather books always pique my interests." And this is said with a playful grin.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia smiles allowing a hint of blush to color her cheeks as she raises her glass to take a sip and she bashfully throws her hand towards Lara as if to ward her off. "Oh, behave." Felicia tries to put up a front of politeness, but then they are in the Hellfire Club and before Lara can respond. "It was pretty great."

    A long LONG sip of her drink and Felicia is putting her eyes on the book and listening carefully, as much as her buzz will allow her. "Oh my goodness that rolls off the tongue expertly. Lara Croft." She says, trying to mimic the accent as well.

    Felicia curls some of her blonde hair behind her ear before sending her own hand to greet Lara's. "Felicia. Hardy." Expecting no one to really know the name, it's been AGES since her own father was doing his work, much like she assume is the case for Lara. "Why old dusty books? I get the leather part." Felicia winks playfully.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara moves her gaze from the book to Felicia and back again. She shows a grin here and there at what the blonde woman says before she pats her right hand down upon the book's pages. "We live in a rapidly changing world, Miss Hardy." She starts with another light and calming smile. "Why just a handful of decades ago the world at-large still believed we were likely alone in the universe. But now, today?" She softly shakes her head. "We know otherwise to be true. Aliens are real. They are visiting us regularly now, openly even. But ... it would seem that that is not where the wildly unusual ends for our society, for our history even." She pats the page again along with the medallion resting upon the right side of it. "Journals from exploreers before us can give insight in to ideas that we may not consider in our modern minds. This one, for instance, is tracking the presence of potential 'Gods' who influenced the Aztecs." Lara grins then again. "'Aliens'." She says the quote. "Or so it would seem now. Are Gods real? Potentially... Some might say Superman is a God. Others might say his physiology just grants him abilities that a human-- like myself --just does not have access to. So were the Gods of old true beings of enlightened spiritualism, or were they merely outsiders perceived as Gods by human beings that weren't ready for the truths." She smirks softly again. "This is just light reading for me really. A way to calm me a bit before heading home. Remind me of simpler times, yeah?" She grins again. "I had an odd childhood, you might say."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's mind might have drifted at some point during Lara's theorizing, or maybe when she said Superman was a god, but Felicia has to shake her head to regain focus. A sip of her alcohol isn't the smartest thing to do, but she does it and starts to nod along with Lara before she can't help herself and lifts a leg to scooch across the bar, her elbows being used as support as she moves to the bar stool directly next to Lara.

    "Let me get this straight." Felicia says, lowering her head and raising her shoulders as she starts to whisper with Lara and try to iron out these thoughts she's having. "Your dad used to tell you bed time stories about how ancient people might not have worshiped gods, but aliens, but called them gods because that's all their minds could understand?" Felicia then looks around the bar to see if anyone is listening. "That sounds cool as s**t. All my dad did was teach me how to pick a lock when I was six." Felicia then snorts and laughs before taking another sip.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara watches Felicia move to the chair aside hers. She smiles at the response that she gets and then shakes her head. "Well, lock picking can be a valuable skill. It's how I found the book that this journal was tucked away inside of." She says with another little grin. She shakes her head then though. "But no, my father wasn't really interested in aliens. He was more-so engrossed in what they may have left behind. OR what their footprints on this world may have caused in the societies that came before us. He used to read to me all manner of tales, of other cultures, of lost societies." She stops herself then and just smiles softly.

"I'm a bit of a rambler, much like he was. Needless to say that he lit a fire within me to continue work of a similar variety. So that is what I'm doing." She raises her drink up to her lips to sip from it.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "I enjoy ramblers, especially when they seem as interested in the topic they're talking about as you are." Felicia says, the ice in her drink shifting and clinking. As if she was reminded she was holding it she takes another sip and sets it down carefully, her finger nails tickling at the glass to occupy themselves.

    Looking away and shrugging her shoulders, Felicia forces a soft blush again and she retames some strand hairs back behind her ear before looking back at Lara. "You're out there looking for remnants of ancient societies and the things they worshiped too?"

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara sits back in her chair as she listens to Felicia's response. She shows a quick smile that comes and goes from her lips like a breeze across one's skin. "Sometimes." She replies. "My college focus was on Asian History, but my life's experience has me going... all over the place, for instance. After a ... unfortunate first outing post-University I was lucky enough to be approached by a member of SHIELD who recruited me for my apparent talents in 'stumbling' my way toward success."

She playws down her exploits some there for humility.

She shakes her head as the bartender delivers both of the women another drink of the same variety that they had previously ordered. Lara affords the 'tender a smile before she looks back to Felicia. "I work for the Agency now. An acquisitions specialist of sorts. So the variety of 'things' that I research has broadened a bit, you might say." She smiles softly again and takes another sip of her first drink, as it is empty now she sets it aside and reaches for the fresh one to spin around a bit on its coaster on the bar's top.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Something tells me you're not much of a stumbler and more a bull in a china shop." Felicia says with a smile, showing off her teeth and disarming herself slightly. Being personable and friendly isn't always going to hurt.

    Right dad?

    Felicia then looks at the drink set down and slightly crosses her eyes. That's way too much. Her eyes were definitely thirstier than her stomach.

    "I think this is enough for me, and I really should be finding my own bed. Watering my ficus, and I'm sure the cat is upset at me for something." Felicia says, taking a quick sip of her drink already in hand and setting it down as well as a hundred dollar bill, giving a wink to the bartender and then smiling back at Lara. "Wonderful to meet you Lara. May haps we'll meet again someday soon."

    Felicia bends over to pick up her bag and with it handing by her leg, she turns to walk out of the bar and the club.

Lara Croft has posed:
Lara looks over to Felica as she reacts to the second drink sat down upon the bar. It makes her smile more openly then. "Yes. You're being the wise one of the two of us, it would seem." She says as she pulls the journal back toward her on the bar and places a hand over it now as she watches the other rise up to leave.

"WEll, I thank you for the conversation. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation too. Have a safe trip the rest of the way home." She'll add before she looks away as the blonde haired one starts to depart with bag and all.

Lara looks down at the 100 dollar bill and then smirks at the bartender. "I think she was saying she was covering mine too." She jokes with the young man across from her.