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In Da Kitchen
Date of Scene: 17 October 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Noodles, Pizza, Stuff on the floor, Stuff on plates. Stuff in mouths. Not enough noodles. Too much snark. Vampire movies off limits. Kevin Smith writes about weird stuff. Good times had.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Quentin Quire, Scott Summers, Jean Grey

Rogue has posed:
The dinner rush was over at Xavier's so the kitchen is a bit quiet now. Rogue is at the central counter, having missed dinner, and only gotten home a few minutes ago she's just leaning on the counter with her right forearm while her left holds a cup of orange juice. She's reading something on the counter about the up coming weeks schedule and just sipping her drink!

The southern belle is wearing a dark green hoodie half zipped up over a black tank top and a pair of blue jeans with the knees torn up, a pair of leather boots hidden up under the cuffs of the jeans.

She lifts one of the pages of paper up and glances at the next page down before smirking at a hand written note on it for the faculty...

Quentin Quire has posed:
    The mostly empty kitchen is quiet for a while, affording the Southern Belle the ability to read in peace. It's a perfect little moment of relaxation for her, sublime and peaceful. Right up until a faint rippling sound that precedes the door slamming wide open with a fluttering, flame-like burst of purplish psychic power.
    That sound followed a moment later by the levitating form of Quentin who is, himself, reading a book. He's surrounded in a faint reddish glow, a low-key hum that is absolutely unnecessary for him to levitate rumbling off of him like an idling engine. Just loud enough to make everyone aware he's in the room. He's dressed casually today, barefoot even since he's on school property and not even touching the ground, a pair of jeans and a jean jacket worn along with a plain white shirt that simply reads 'EASY ;)' across the front in enormous black block lettering.
    And as soon as he begins to head over toward the stove, the cabinets start to flicker open and shut, the clatter and clamor of pans, packages, and cooking implements filling the room, Quentin not even looking up as colorful bursts of purplish and pinkish energy flutter around him, making an absolutely unholy racket.
    And still, he hadn't bothered to look up from his book.

Rogue has posed:
Naturally this absurd display of attention seeking has Rogue looking up from what she is reading, to watch the man's display as he floats in to the kitchen. Her hair of white and dark brown flows around her shoulders at the atmosphere that he displays in his wild entrance. Rogue straightens up then and just leans forward against the counter as she watches the notorious drifter Mutant come further and further in to the kitchen.

" "This is a house'a learned doctors, ya know!" Rogue says loudly over the racket that he's creating. "We aim for a bit'a peace around here!" She says further before her eyes look around at the mess he's inevitably making, even causing the papers she was reading to flutter off of the counter and across the floor.

But in the end, she just stands there and takes this peacetime abuse... and raises her drink up to sip from it again, while her hair of white and dark brown just whips about her head... which is no easy task mind you!

Quentin Quire has posed:
    "There's like /three/ doctors. Maybe four." is Quentin's pained reply as things start to settle down. Slowly. He's mostly just talking loudly over the slightly reduced clamor. Noodles are being poured into a pot that boiled far too quickly for water that just landed on the stove. Then some vegetables are cut but untouched knives as Quentin hovers there in the middle of the kitchen.

    But once everything ends up in pots, things start to calm down. The mess remains, of course, but there's no more clatter and clamor. Even Quentin's annoying 'wom-wom-wom-wom' sound effect for his levitation has just.. stopped. Making it clear he'd just done that to annoy whoever was in the room. And after a second, he lands, bare feet hitting the floor as the power fully disappears and he steps over to the pot of tomatoes and other vegetables, sniffing at it and shrugging.
    He grabs a spoon and stirs it lazily as the noodles boil. "I probably should've started the sauce first, these noodles are gonna be done /way/ too quick." he says, glancing over to Rogue. "You're not a doctor, right?" hopping back to the earlier conversation, "Because then it'd be five. It's like what, Blue Meanie, X-man himself, uh.. hm." pursing his lips as he tries to think of the doctors.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes off her glass of orange juice and sets it down around the time that the annoying noises and hover-ability subsides. She raises a dark green gloved hand up to her white bangs to stroke the hair out of her face before she just flips it back over her shoulder on her right side. She eyes the man now that is preparing some food at the stove. Her left gloved hand rests on the center counter as she watches him... with a smirk. "Mistah Easy makin' himself some grub, huh?" She asks, noting his shirt. "And no, I'm not a doctah.... but maybe I will be in a few more years, ya never know after all." The southern girl says, playing up her natural accent just a smidge for the playful side of it.

She walks over to stand near to where he's cooking to watch for a moment. "You're makin' quite a lot there for one wayward traveller too, you takin' this back to where ever it is ya go?" She asks then as her eyes glance over at him, green surrounded by smoky makeup.

Quentin Quire has posed:
    "Yeah?" Quentin asks as he squints down at the pot, then looks back over to Rogue. "What're you gonna be a Doctor in?" he asks. "Don't really seem like the PhD type to me - you've got a whole good thing going, after all." said with a wry grin. "Flying badass vampire lady thing. Why mess all that up. Besides, you'll be what.. Doctor Rogue? Sounds awful." he says.
    He lifts his bare hand up, pushing his fingers through that pink shock of hair when she questions up. He's only an inch taller than her now that he's standing on the ground but he lifts his chin up anyway to look down his nose at her. "Maybe. Why? We out of tupperware?" turning it into a joke rather than reveal anything. He even smirks across at her.

Rogue has posed:
This of course earns a big smirk from the Belle as she steps around him and walks over to one of the cabinets. "I'm gettin' my teachin' degree, as a matter'a fact." She counters back at him as she leans down to open up one of the cabinets before rising again and opening the doors wide, to show that its full of tupper ware, like mountains of stacked boxes and lids of all sizes. She stands beside the counter then and rests against it on her left hip and left hand on the counter's edge.

"I'm gonna be a French teacher. So maybe I'll get a doctorate in Frenchin'." She says with a smirk at the man, his brand of sass apparently meeting an equal or greater match of something similar!

Rogue watches him as he continues to prep his meal. "So you're still with the Brotherhood, huh?" She asks him next. "Didn't see ya on any of their recent runs... I've been on several lately." Though she has no idea what they do when she's not around!

Quentin Quire has posed:
    Lift his hand a bit, gesturing at the tupperware. An appropriately sized one slides out, the rest falling neatly into place rather than spilling out onto the ground around Rogue. The tupperware hovers over and sets itself down beside the stove as Quentin's eyebrow lifts up sharply, watching her. "Yeah, well. You ever figure out a way to practice that doesn't involve a mouthguard and you let me know, huh? More of an autodidact in that area, we could compare notes." a smug grin appearing.
    Then she brings up the Brotherhood and he shrugs, "I mean. Yeah, figure they don't take the Goody Two Shoes types out on the cool adventures." he says with a few small nods. "Have fun on your milk runs, though?" he asks, reaching to stir the pot a little bit again. Literally, this time instead of just metaphorically.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's arms fold over her stomach rumpling the fabric of her hoodie and shirt beneath a bit as she does this. Her expression turns into one of another smirk as she leans against the counter. "Maybe I already have figured that out. Maybe I'm just not broadcastin' it for fear'a causin' a line longer than some big blockbuster summer movie formin' up waitin' for a chance at me." She boasts self-lovingly.

Her eyes track the tupperware as he draws it out with his mind and fights back at her with his quips. This just makes her shake her head. "Can't argue that. Attackin' Chinese military compounds is as much'a milk run as you're gonna find, I guess." She says back at him as she uncrosses her arms and walks past him again to the center counter where she left her phone. The Belle sweeps it up in to her hands and checks it habitually before turning the screen off again and letting it drop back to the counter with a clatter in its phone case.

Quentin Quire has posed:
There's a moment where Quentin just stares at Rogue for a second, then he smirks. "There's like.. three other ways you could've figured that out." he says after about thirty seconds of contemplative silence. Quentin is reported to be on the same level as Jean Gray when it comes to reading minds, so it's not hard to figure out what just happened there. "Like, some sort of body coating. Mind shield deal. Mind palace, I could drop you in one whenever you wanted. I'd just, you know, be able to watch whatever you got up to." he says with a wry grin.
    He nods some at her later comments, "Yeah, I mean, human military bases. That's just regular military-industrial-complex bullshit. You see any Sentinals? Do they have knock-off Sentinels over there yet?" he asks with a heft of his eyebrows.

Rogue has posed:
You don't need to be a psychic to know when someone is staring at you. You can just feel it in the air... Rogue has that feeling and her eyes look up from her phone she drops to see him looking away. His words make her smirk lightly again as she turns to lean back against the center counter and cross her arms over her stomach again. "You snoopin' around in my head, Mistah?" She asks him at his cooking station.

The Belle shakes her head from side to side. "There were no Sentinels at this place, which was kinda surprisin' really. But they did have a Rock-based mutant. And not like a mutant playin' music outta their butt. But an actual guy who turned his skin inta rock and made his hands all huge'n'big. He grabbed me from behind, tried smashin' me around the place. But ... " She shrugs her shoulders. "I downed him. He was bedazzled by my beauty, which gave me enough time t'strike." She is not lying, but is playing up herself quite a bit, obviously playing around while in-doing-so too.

"So either way, ya missed a 'fun' time out there. But, I imagine you were makin' spaghetti somewhere, or somethin'." She states then quietly with a little grin.

Quentin Quire has posed:
    "Yeah, I snoop in everyone's head." Quentin says unapologetically. It's just a fact. Quentin reads your mind. He finds out your secrets. When he's bored, he pokes around in people's heads to see what they've been up to so he can put it on a T-shirt and piss them off.

    "Yeah, see, sounds dull then." he says. "Rock guy - punch him or throw him into the sky or whatever, every mutant that gets big and brawny thinks they're gonna be a badass and I just.. they don't get it." he says with an amused smirk. His head tilts though and he says, "What, you flashed him? Seems like a good way to get in a sucker punch." he admits, eyes drifting briefly to the suggested assets before he shoots a glace down at his sauce pan.

    "Yeah, crap, this - I am /no/ good at cooking." he says, annoyedly scraping the bottom of the pan with his stirring spoon. It's clear he's burned it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shakes her head at the man's words and response to her. "I'd say you should be ashamed of yoruself for such terrible invasions of people's privacy.... but... Legit, I don't know how Jean and the Professah resist doin' that same stuff." She inhales softly and is looking away from him when he takes his glance and then speaks of ruining his meal.

This causes the Belle to sigh as she starts to walk toward him again, pushing her hoodie sleeves up and taking her gloves off with quick yanks of one after the other.

"Here, let me." She says. "Back up." She warns him, though he may note that her touch-power is enabled at the moment just in case, she can flip it on and off so it seems if he peaks in to her mind again.

Should he get out of the way, she'll take over his food prep. "It's almost done anyway... Most of it is fine too...." She says while scooping some of the lost bits out in to the sink nearby.

Quentin Quire has posed:
    "I mean. I just refuse to be ashamed of anything I do. Shame is for people who still have to answer to someone else." Quentin says with a shrug of his slender shoulders. He doesn't even sound cocky when he says it, which makes it all so much more narcissistic than if he did. He just accepts that he's better than everyone as a basic fact of life.

    At least when it's not cooking. He steps back and gestures at her, "Go on ahead." he says, moving back and levitating himself up to settle atop a different counter, elbows on his knees so he can watch her cook for him. "Should've just come in here and asked you to do it." he says with a wry grin.

    And then because he simply can't resist poking at her - "Go light on the garlic though. Some cute Southern girl was offering me French lessons and I might try to get lucky."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue continues to stir the pot before she lifts one of the noodles up out of it to taste it without much fear or hesitation. She's nearly invulnerable so a hot noodle isn't going to scare her! "I think its ready." She mumbles then as she turns the stove off with a glance over at him and a soft smirk. "Ya don't gotta answer t'God, huh?" She asks him then coyishly before she reaches up high to tap a strainer off the rack above the sink that she sets down under the faucet.

She gets the noodles in to the strainer and then just leans against the counter for a second as she eyes him with a grin. "Do you even need a teacher? Or do I just stand here and you pull all the lessons right outta my head?" She asks then before waiting a moment for his answer....

Quentin Quire has posed:
    Quentin is seated atop one of the counters watching Rogue finish up cooking something. There seems to be some banter going on between the flirty, taunting Southern Belle and the sarcastic, boundary-pushing Quentin. "Sometimes hands on experience is a lot more fun." he says with a lazy shrug of his shoulders.

    Then he hops down off the counter and takes a step like he's about to move in toward Rogue, whose gloves are currently off, attention shifting briefly down to them then lifting back up to her face again. "You wanna get me a bowl?" he asks, since she's leaned in right in front of that cabinet.

Scott Summers has posed:
"We could probably handle at least thirty more student applications before we should talk to the Professor about expanding. It might be a little tight, might have to work on making us less centralized too, maybe open up a Jean's School for Gifted youngers?" Scott idly walks with Jean, musing the idea with her. "You'd make a good headmaster. You have the heart for it."

Scott is dressed rather plainly today: black shirt, blue jeans, red shades, all business.

Even as they slowly approach the kitchen space, Scott takes notice of Quentin and Rogue...two people who would honestly have an explosive confrontation if all ended very poorly. Rogue and Quentin have very...unique personalities. But maybe, just maybe, all is well. It looks like the kitchen is in one piece, so that's good.

"You two playing nice?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean and Scott together in not an unusual sight around the school, as much because of just how large a part the two of them have in running the place as for any other reason, rumored or otherwise. As they stroll into the kitchen, it does sound like business. Although Jean is laughing a bit, at least at that last bit. "Oh, I think I'm perfectly fine just running this place for Charles, at least for now. But we have been considering expansion, well, even on top of the college stuff we're already doing, which has been a pretty big project. But the idea people have kept coming back to is trying to open another school in Mutant Town. And I don't see why you'd want to name anything there after me."

The Headmistress is more fall attire, a green sweater with a grey overall-style dress worn over it.

She breaks into a smile as she spots Rogue already there... cooking? "Hey you two," she calls, and then with another laugh, reaches up to lightly to Scott's upper arm, a calming - or perhaps lightly restraining kind of gesture. "Oh, relax would you? I'm sure it's fine." Then her attention swings forward. "What are you two up to? Or making, it looks like?"

Rogue has posed:
The kitchen is a bit of a mess too, Scott and Jean will likely note that once they've settled inside it more. There's even some papers strewn across the floor. All of this due to Quentin's dramatic arrival he was doing just to solely impress Rogue! But all in all it might look like a bunch of crazy students had been in here, which isn't all that uncommon either.

Rogue has her eyes up on the man as he drops off the counter and takes a step toward her. She is grinning as he asks that last question though, unmoving in her spot beside the counter between the stove and the sink. She is about to reply to him when the other two stride on in.

Her eyes go over to spy them and a smile shows on her lips. "I don't know any other way, Scott." She replies to him with a sultry sorta sass that everyone here is used to from her.

She turns back to the food and walks over to the sauce and so forth that Quentin started, but burned, requiring her intervention.... she saved the meal!

"I was just helpin' MIstah Quire here not burn his dinner on the go." She says as she gets it ready and starts to pour the combined items in to the large tupperware container he mind-floated out of one of the open cabinets....

Rogue looks back at the two of Jean and Scott then. "You two on your way out, or on your way in?" She asks with a little grin toward them before she turns and seals the tupperware on with the lid and offers it to Quentin with a bright smile for him. "Your dinner, malord."

Quentin Quire has posed:
    "Let's be real. Quentin was just bursting in because that's how Quentin does things. He didn't even know Rogue was there.

    He kept it /up/ to annoy/impress Rogue. In equal measure. The result is the same either way though, a messy kitchen, papers all over the place.

    But then people walk in and Quentin takes a step back, glancing to the door and offering a semi-respectful upnod. "Summers." he says. "Gray." no titles or anything, just surnames and a lift of two fingers to his forehead in a sardonic salute.

    "Building's still standing." is Quentin's reply to Scott, a grin appearing as he continues "Don't worry so much, you'll fog up your visor." he says, straightening his jean-jacket, revealing the white t-shirt with the word 'EASY ;)' emblazoned across it in thick black print letters.

    "We're out of spaghetti." he informs Scott and Jean as he accepts the tupperware and takes a step back, grabbing a fork from a drawer and popping the top of the tupperware open as he makes his way around to find somewhere to sit and likely eat the whole thing.

Scott Summers has posed:
"Is there a reason why I shouldn't want to name anything after you?" Scott asks of Jean, a brow raising behind those red-lensed shades. "Besides, better you than me. Charles can come back into active duty making sure the place doesn't explode." Scott attempts to counterpoint. "The college project, while an undertaking, has been a success. Better than I thought it would be, anyway."

His facial features harden though of course, they always do when he's talking to other teammates and students. Though Jean's hand on his arm makes Scott reel himself back a little bit. "Let's hope so." Scott mutters, even though his eyes turn to Quentin, the one more likely to be a troublemaker. "Quire." Cyclops retorts. It's been a hot minute since he's seen him in detention...so huzzah for good behavior?

"For the moment, anyway." He doesn't grace the quip about his glasses fogging up from worrying, and instead nods. "I'll look into getting more." To Rogue, Scott nods. "So far so good. Though the kitchen is a bit of a mes."

Jean Grey has posed:
"We were working late and thought we'd come grab a bite," Jean explains.

As for the rest, she immediately tends toward what comes most naturally for her: fussing. Although one could phrase it more charitably as the way she likes to keep everything around the school running smoothly. "Are we?" Out of spaghetti, that is. She actually sounds surprised, and a little annoyed. Gotta keep the students (and occasional visiting moochers) fed! "I could have sworn there was a whole big pack in the pantry still, did you- well, that'd still mean we're low. Guess you better put some on the grocery list, hmm?"

"I've had Rogue doing supply runs now," she adds, in exlpanation for Scott, "ever since we got the truck." Which wasn't -technically- a gift just for the Belle, yet which she's been more or less exclusively in charge of using for various school chores. "Gotta keep her busy, or who knows what kind of trouble she'll get up to." This is said with obvious affection, and more than that, an outright wink.

As she separates from Scott, Jean starts an ambling course across the room, idly tidying things as she goes. And in this, Quentin's not alone in enjoying the occasional shortcut, it would seem, as various items pick themselves up and obediently make their floating way back up onto the proper tables, cabinets and shelves. Tidy, tidy.

"You sure you don't want a plate?" she asks Quentin as he settles with his food. /Still/ fussing.

And then finally, back to Scott. "I think its more than Mutant Town, well, it has its own culture and its own history. I don't know if Emma's still working on her projects there, if she might want to help. Remember, there's plenty of Brotherhood sympathy there, or just mutants who've never had the opportunities of our handful of students. So it's a delicate thing."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to the three of them as she pulls her gloves back on to her hands with little wiggles of her fingers to get them nice and comfy inside again. Her hoodie sleevse are pulled back down from her elbows to her wrists and she walks to the center counter where her phone is. She picks it up again and checks it once more, before just turning it off and stuffing it in to one of the pockets on her hoodie.

The southern girl watches the floating items as they get put away again. She smirks at this and just shakes her head at Jean's words. "Emma sold that hotel. Last I heard anyhow." She answers that question. "No idea where she is these days. I mean... she was with us briefly again, but word is she packed up and moved out some time ago now.... That woman is all over the damn place...." That last part is muttered as Rogue leans over the counter on her elbows and forearms now, just relaxing for the time being.

"I'll go get more stuff in the mornin'. Its Sunday mornin' after all, that's coffee run day." She states with a grin.

Her eyes go over to Quire again. "Hows it taste? Not too burnt?" She asks with a little smirk for him.

Quentin Quire has posed:
    Quentin gives Scott a (thankfully close-mouthed) smile around a mouthful of spaghetti then goes back to chewing, hunched partially over the tupperware to make sure nothing spills on his shirt or the rest of his clothes. He scoops another bite, not really participating in the conversation for the first little bit.

    Fork drops, fork lifts, spaghetti moved mechanically into his mouth. It's really a testament to just how many calories his powers burn that Quentin has such a slender frame. Jean comments on the amount of spaghetti they had and Quentin just shakes his head, "Nah. Pretty much all gone. Like you could maybe make a plate or something." he says matter-of-factly. No longer a student, he's firmly in the 'moocher' category.

    "I mean only if you want to wash another dish." Quentin replies to Jean, indicating the half-emptied tupperware with his fork. He takes another bite and says, around the food, "I can dump it on a plate, just don't see the point." his cheek bulging a little with spaghetti. Then he goes back to chewing, looking to Rogue and shaking his head, "Nah. It's all good, you've got that Southern touch or something. I guess." a beat, "Does that extend to Italian food?" he asks nobody in particular before he leans back to consider it, the food suddenly forgotten for the moment.

Scott Summers has posed:
Thankfully closed mouthed is better than an open-mouthed smile with spaghetti hanging out of Quentin's mouth. It would be totally gross yet totally appropriate. All the same, Scott seems to smirk a moment even as he looks at the food that seems to have been made. "Pretty much all gone." Scott repeats and looks at Jean. "We probably should've recognized that the student body is a hungry student body...in a building filled with everyone from middle-school up going through rapid growth spurts." Scott seems thoroughly amused, but he nods at Jean's report of Rogue running supply.

"Good call. Hopefully she's been enjoying the running and no doubt, filling the fridge to as full as the poor piece of machinery can possibly hold."

But Scott keeps his attention on Jean, especially as she moves away from him and begins informing him about Mutant Town. "Its one that the Brotherhood remained in for a good period of time, Jean. Magneto had a good grip on it for a long time. Unfortunately, its also the place where mutant hate was strongest in New York. But it was a good first step...mutantkind was lucky to get the space at all." Scott shrugs. Then to Rogue.

"Wise of her to do so." Sell the hotel anyway. He nods though. "You want to do supplies on a monday? Will wonders ever cease?" Scott seems to look amused and playful.

Scott looks to Jean. "Is there enough for a plate for me or has the last of it just been used?"

Jean Grey has posed:
"Did she?" Jean wonders back at Rogue. "I barely even got a chance to say hello, the last time Emma was here." There's regret in that, although she doesn't linger on it. Especially when they have more immediate crises. Like the great spaghetti shortage.

The headmistress heaves a sigh at confirmation that the pantry stock is already almost gone. It's surprising, but only momentarily so, not beyond the realm of possibility. After all, as Scott rightly points out they run a school. "Rapid growth spurts, and metabolisms tuned for occasionally world-shattering superpowers," she adds, with a grin. Point is, you go through a lot of spaghetti.

While all of this is being discussed, she walks to a particular cabinet and takes out a plate. With her hand, this time, rather than the mind-whammy. Coming back, she sets it down in front of Quentin. "It's just a little nicer. And I don't know if you've heard about it, but we do have this fascinating new invention called a diswhasher. I think maybe it's some crazy Stark-tech prototype? Truly fascinating!" Is... Jean giving Quentin the business in return?! "So go on, dump away."

Then she looks back over at Scott. "I'm sure we can find something for us to eat, but I think if you want the last of the spaghetti, you're going to have to fight Quentin for it. He looks hungry. Lemme go see what we've got that'll warm up quick." To the fridge!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just pushes up off the counter and exhales with a dramatic undertone to it! "Always does Rogue gotta come t'the rescue around here, for you folks." She says then as she sweeps past Jean taking the plate to Quentin and Scott waiting to be served his dinner, he gets a pat on the chest from the Belle as she sweeps on past him to the fridge.

"Now then... while Scott stands there like a dog with his dinner bowl in his mouth... lets see..." She sweeps her hair back out of her face as she leans down and looks around in the back of the freezer. "Boy they really did go through this. I had this thing packed a couple nights ago..." She mutters before moving some frozen veggies out of the way, cause gross.

"Ah ha!" She exclaims as she draws out a big red and black box, then displays it to Jean and Scott. "Frozen Pizza. Perfect for the two'a you t'cook up and then take to watch one'a those black'n white movies ya both snore over." She says, lovingly before walking over to offer it to Jean, leaving the freezer door open behind her.

She affords a smile to Quire then. "We southern gals always do it right." Whatever that means!

Quentin Quire has posed:
    There's a slightly feral lean to Quentin's body when Jean approaches with the plate, like he's going to protest purely out of a desire to be contrarian. But then she starts giving him the business and Quentin actually sits up straighter, blinking at Jean like she's just grown a third eye. Or, you know, something weirder. They're X-men after all, a third eye probably isn't that weird.
    So Quentin swallows, snorts a laugh and lifts the tupperware up a bit, using the fork to start to shovel some of the spaghetti out onto it. He glances to Scott, then to Rogue, then back to Jean, "It's fine, it's fine I'll just get a churro or something later." he says, scooping out a.. rather average looking portion onto the plate and scooting it over across the table. Like it's meant for Scott.

    Then the cabinet Jean had opened slams open with a purplish burst of energy and another plate levitates itself out after a small rattle. All of it overwrough and overdone - everyone in the room likely knows Quentin has more control than that. He's just making a ruckus to make the ruckus. Still, he's /also/ using a plate.
    Said plate sets down and then the tupperware flips up and spins upside down, depositing the rest of the spaghetti onto the plate. It spins back upright and floats its way over to the sink, clattering into the bowl as Quentin grabs his fork and starts to eat again, acting like he's not paying attention. The faucet turns on, dumping water into the spaghetti tupperware and a drawer opens, a fork snaking its way through the room to stab into the plate of spaghetti Quentin had put aside for Scott.

    Quentin glances over to Rogue and he nods, "Yeah, I've heard that."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott seems to smirk a little bit. "I blame Logan. He may have done one of his food tirades." Scott suggests to Jean with a bit of a smile. "The man never gets tired and he can eat for days." Also Scott and Logan -kind of not really- dislike each other. It's a respect thing. Though as Jean continues, he seems to smile when she looks through the fridge for something the pair of them can eat. "Thanks, Jean."

He leans against the countertop, crossing his arms over his chest as he ponders something. Looking over to Rogue, Scott seems to frown. "I'm not a dog, Rogue. I'm just hungry." Scott replies, though he doesn't seem offended by it. "A frozen pizza could work. Though I don't remember the last time Jean and I watched a movie together. I think she got annoyed of me falling asleep first. But that was...a long time ago."

Scott looks at Jean then, a silence apprehending him from saying anything more, before his eyes are on Quentin.

Scott turns his attention to the plate of spaghetti that he seemed to have put aside for Scott, and looks at the spaghetti. His eyes turn then to Jean, then back to the plate. For once, Scott seems indecisive. Eat the spaghetti, or indulge in a Jean-cooked meal?

Jean Grey has posed:
Once Quentin relents, Jean takes the rare opportunity to appear just a little pleased with herself. Look at everyone, acting half way civilized!

After that, she leaves Quentin to enjoy his meal in peace. And even though they've apparently reached some kind of spaghetti detente, she nonetheless grabs the pizza box from Rogue and goes over to sit it on the oven top, while fiddling for a few moments with the settings. "May as well throw it in anyway," she announces, glancing back toward the recently relinquished plate, obviously just as unsure if Scott will take it as he is. "I'm pretty hungry myself, and you never know who else is going to wander in here. All kinds of weird people up looking for snacks at strange hours, you know?" The fact that this perfectly describes the entire present company is probably not accidental.

With the heat and timer set, Jean slides the frozen disk of dough and toppings in onto the middle rack, and then closes it up. "Besides, you know the saying. If you cook it, they will come. Not much chance of it going to waste."

With nothing to do about the food but wait, she turns about and sits on the counter. "You may as well start if you're hungry, it'll be twenty minutes or so to cook." And yes, maybe there are molecular mind tricks that could accelerate that timeline, but it seems there are lines too sacred to cross for the sake of convenience. Plus, it doesn't seem like Scott's getting a lovingly crafted, home-cooked meal no matter how this turns out! "So you think Logan's the spaghetti bandit? I don't know. If it were hard salami missing, he'd be the first I'd blame, but I'm not sure pasta is his style." Then, in a half change of subject, she wonders, looking back from Scott to Rogue, "Speaking of movies, we should do some kind of scary movie night for the kids."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives a grin to the visitor from the Brotherhood before she turns around and puts her hands on the edges of the counter on either sides of her hips. She just stares at Scott and Jean as they Scott and Jean.

The last bit there from Jean herself, poised on the counter, has Rogue smiling at her. "Show them Clerks, that old black and white Kevin Smith movie. Cause its what mosta these fat little shi---" Her phone buzzes.

Rogue reaches in to her hoodie pocket and pulls it out to turn it on and check the screen. She smacks her lips then and lowers the phone again. "I'm just kiddin' around. Show them the tame scary movies, like Chucky or Halloween.... it'll have them all freakin' out for the resta the week."

She walks over to her jacket hanging from a hook by the door and roots around in the pocket to pull out a notepad that she jots something down on then. "Sunday morning supply run, better than Mondays... though the grocery stores restock on Sunday nights, Monday mornings. So its not a bad idea...." She huffs out a sigh then. "Okay, I think I'm gonna slip off t'my room for the night. Maybe watch a scary movie or two myself... If even one." She grins at the three of them. "You all enjoy your lovely meals, yeah?" She says as she starts to retreat backward toward the doorway!

Quentin Quire has posed:
    Quentin just keeps eating his spaghetti, zoning everyone else out since he's not being directly addressed. And the player missed it was his turn so we're getting things moving.

Jean Grey has posed:
Rogue has a cinematic suggestion! And in response, Jean wonders, quite deadpan: "You want me to show the -students- a movie where there's an extensive conversation about how many dicks a character has sucked?" Look, someone has to play adult around here!

Eyebrows raised in doubt, she readily cracks into an easy laugh as Rogue finishes her fakeout. "Yeah, there's lots of good ones, we can just grab a pile of the classics..." A thought dawns: "Though maybe we should skip the Vampire flicks."

And so it goes.

Soon, there's pizza, with more than enough for everyone, as they work through a list of classic Horror franchises, their definitive entries, and the numerous totally awful sequels.

A suprising number of the latter make it onto the tentative Horror Movie Night list.