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Date of Scene: 21 October 2021
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: XAVIERS JUMANJI: Monkey King Adventure part ONE. To be continued...
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Megan Gwynn, Roxxi Smith, Negasonic, Dashenka Ivanov, Rahne Sinclair

Rogue has posed:
Invites had been sent out to students for a unique experience in the Danger Room. One unlike any other! Of course some had gone out to non-students as well, leaving the options open for a variety of people to end up roped in!

Upon arriving to the Danger Room, the bravely curious would find themselves in the setting of a cluttered basement in some random person's house. An invite was resting beside a set of five gaming controllers for everyone to pick them up and start the game up!

It was moments after that they found themselves teleported IN to the game that appeared on the screen.

Their bodies transfered through TIME AND SPACE until they were shot out in to the middle of a busy marketplace in a strange new location.

A small village in a jungle atmosphere! Townsfolk and more unusual creatures wander back and forth around the brave adventurers as they stand there now in new and ddifferent bodies.Where they had been moments before, now they are in a group staring at one another... only they no longer look like the people they were mere moments ago...

Yep, its the characters from that 2017 movie, Jumanji! The realization will quickly begin to settle in as to what this Danger Room session is all about...

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Pixie had expected just another DR session so she had arrived in her standard uniform. What she wasn't expecting to see were video games controllers. Not that she's not pleasantly surprised as she picks up a controller, "Ooh, goodie! We get to slack off and play games instead of a workout? Umm...Okaay, can't say no to that!" with a smirk, she picks up the controller..

She waits a moment or two for the others to arrive a d once the game is booted up..."Eeeewk! What's going on?" she yelps in surprise as she finds herself getting sucked into the game, which oddly enough feels a bit like teleporting, only someone else is at the controls.l

When she opens her eyes again, egads! She's Asian with a tight bun on her head, dressed in a black shirt, black pants and a long black duster. "Ooh, so cool!" she peers this way and that at her outfit and blinks. "Umm sooo where are we..?"

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi has yet to visit the danger room, so she got super excited when she received her invite. Roxxi level of excitement is really, really excited by most standards. At the appointed time she dressed in something comfy and headed for the special training room. She then of course checked to make sure Dash had received an invite as well.
     Finding the basement, and other invitees, the teen waved a frenetic greeting. She then spent several minutes poking about the basement. Eventually, she lost interest though and parked herself at a controller.
     Once transported though, there was a brief moment of freak out. She didn't have Muffins! The teen's breath came in fast, quick gasps, as she frantically looked around for the sock puppet. It didn't quite dawn at her at first, that she was now someone else entirely.
    "Muffins?! I can't find Muffins!" The words were Roxxi's, but the voice was not. The leggy redhead searched around the village market stalls and ground.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic feels the weight of the oversized backpack suddenly on her back and almost stumbles backwards, sensible shoes digging in the dirt and kicking up dust until she manages to get her grip. Only to realize that she has dark skinned hands that definitely belong to a dude. She had seen the movie, at least, catching it one night during a late night rerun on cable but she had been on her phone so her memory of the characters, plot and setting were scanty at best.

Kevin Hart's voice comes out of her throat, which feels real effing weird, "What the sweet fuck is going on? Cool? You think this is cool? I'm Sidekick Jackass the braying donkey boy. Fuck my fucking life."

Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
The Danger Room. Dashenka has heard about this place but has never gone before. If she needed exercise the gym was good enough for her. After a lifetime of preparing for battle and actually /being/ in battle, training for such has lost its appeal for the large mutant. Still, Roxxi insisted that she go, that she'll have a good time, and Dasha has found it increasingly difficult to turn Roxxi down.

When she arrives the scene here isn't what she expected. Video games? They can do that at the rec room. Watching everybody else pick up their controller, Dashenka decides, hesitantly, to pick up hers, and it isn't long before they're all transported into the world of Jumanji.

At first Dashenka is alarmed. Gone are the students she came with and now they're stereotypical video game characters. "What is this?" she asks, and then blanches when her voice comes out different. She looks down to find herself to be in the body of a man who's rather portly. "I do not understand what is going on." Despite the male voice, her thick Russian accent is still on full display.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Dead last, someone dashes in. It's red, it's small. It's late. "I'm here!" the voice calls out, slight accent barely noticeable. Then Rahne Sinclair looks for whoever's running the show.

She sees that folks are already gathering, and her eyes look right, then left. Then she awkwardly sidles to a control setup, and...picks one up. Kinda random. Kinda, though she'd never have shown up if she'd known what was about to happen. How...what...who? Yes, who is the question, as she finds herself flat on her back. Arms out, she looks at the blue sky above, the game world so lovingly rendered.

She remembers...falling. She sits up, looks around. She lifts her arm and touches her head.

"Where's...my hair?" she asks. He asks. Then she looks at her/his arm.


The voice echoes across the forest. Male, very very male.

Rogue has posed:
Most of the townsfolk do not even look at the travelers as they arrive.

One does come up though with a basket of muffins that it offers to the tall redheaded woman. "Muffins." The woman in the brightly colored garments says with a big smile, before it offers them to Ming Fleetfoot too!

A large beast of burden walks right past the group as they begin to settle in to their new bodies. It GRUNTS right in Shelly and Mouse's ears as it looks over at them and snorts loudly, before it walks on past them carrying large bundles of cloth and other goods. AS it passes it rips wind rudely!

A second later and a jovial tone can be heard. "Ah ha! Adventurers!" A man in a safari outfit rides up on a messenger bike with some old bags attached to the basket on the back. "Look at you! You are all ready for this grand expedition, indeed!" He says loudly, with much excitement. "Ah, ha, where are my manners?!" He exclaims before nodding to them. "I am Nigel. Nigel Billingsley. I am here to help you get started on your adventure today! Now, that being said. Make sure to familiarize yourselves with what you are capable of! On your left wrists, you'll see your four lives indicator. Hold your hands up to the sky and look past your wrist to see your stats and abilities, along with your weaknesses! Be very mindful of your weaknesses as if you run out of lives, well... you are out of the game. Permanently!"

Nigel laughs softly then before shaking that away.

"Unsettling business aside. Lets get to it, shall we." He motions off to the horizon. "In that direction is the temple of the Monkey King, and you are required to pass through the great plains, the jungles and in to the mountains to venture in to the temple to retreive the GOLDEN MONKEY KING BANANA to bring back here before midnight... to offer to the GODS or that volcano there..." He motions to a mountainous peak with steam rising up out of it. "Will explode... The fate of this village, relies upon you, brave adventurers! Good luck, and get started on your trip!"

Nigel rings the bell on his bike and starts to ride off!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Pixie peers around at the others and smirks, "Oooh, wow, you all look Soo different! I mean, I'm still a girl at least, with a nifty coat.." well she sure got lucky. At least she didn't end up fat, or bald, or old..Or like, a guy. "Okay, ok, sooo I think this must be the Danger Room, orrrr something?" she wrinkles her nose at the smelly beast that breaks wind but fortunately she's out of range. And, oooh muffins! She totally pounces on those!

And theeen, a random guy passes by and offers some useful advice. "Huh? Wrist watch? Really? When did that get there?" but there it is! She peers up at it and frowns, "Oooh, I guess I'm..Ming Fleetfoot..Ooh, Imma sneaky clever thief, cool!" but not so cool is that she's allergic to flowers. "Ohhh boop! That's not fun.." she sighs. Oh well.

Then the guy explains about gold bananas and she makes a face, "Um really? Now that's just.." sigh. There he goes. She peers around at the others, "Okay but if we lose, we dont die right? Soo what sorts of skills do you all have?"

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi stops her frantic searching when a village boy offers a basket of muffins. That, wasn't exactly what she was looking for, but at least it stopped her from hyperventilating. She grabs two muffins, one for now, and one to hoard. As she checks herself for her satchel or cargo pants, she realizes her comfy clothes have become considerably more, scanty.
     She turns to study her fellow 'gamers', nose scrunched thoughtfully. Ellie's potty mouth and charming disposition give her away pretty quickly. And Dasha, well, those speech patterns could belong to only one person. "Dash? Ellie?" She asks tentatively. The others are less familiar to her.
     As Nigel approaches, Roxxi falls quiet and listens to the instructions. Mutely, she raises her wrist and checks her stats. "Ruby Roundhouse?" She before tentatively, before adding with her more customary brightness. "Oh! Dance Fighting, neat!"

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic sighs, "I know this is Danger Room shit and I'm just supposed to roll with it, but I am severely under amused and that's a statement, because I am usually in a bad mood, but compared to my normal bad mood, this is putting me into fucking apocalyptic territory. Look at my knobby knees! This is gross! Oh god, do I have a dick? I'm scared to check..."

Then the guy is explaining their whole mission and she just raises up one of Kevin Hart's hand to flip him off, "Colonizing shitstain, I love that we get to play rampaging Westerners stealing relics from indigenous peoples in order to make our fortunes and probably blowing the place up in the process, so fucking entertaining, I really feel the conquistador spirit in the air..."

Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
DaShelly blanches when the large beast rips wind right in front of her. "Bozhe moy, kto eto der'mo zaprogrammiroval?" She shakes her head waving a hand in front of her face to try to clear away the smell when Nigel rolls up on his bicycle to explain things.

After listening to his explanation, she looks at her left wrist to, indeed, see the life indicators, and when she holds her hands up there is, indeed, an explanation of her skills and abilities. "It is in English," she grumbles, not able to read it.

Roxxi's distress catches her ears, though. She knows the ginger bombshell to be her because who else would lament losing Muffins? She walks over to her and rests a calming hand on her. "Be at peace," she says calmly in that unfamiliar male voice. "He is here somewhere."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"I was growin' my hair out," the scottish sounding man says, as he gets up. He looks panicky. "Et be all gone." That. That's the part that's bugging her. Her. She's two foot taller than normal, has other-style genetalia, and muscles for days. "Be I still a redhead? Wait, y' couldnae tell. THIS FEELS WEIRD." She pauses, looking around, then stops.

Looking at everyone, Smolder Bravestone listens to Whatsizname NPC-o-gram talk, and whispers to Ming, "Es this what it be like tae be tall?"

Then she looks at her arm, and the life indicator. Okay, deep breath. Panic time is later. She straightens out, adding another six inches to his ...his height, and then looks at HIS sheet.

"My name...is Smolder Bravestone. I be..I am good at...combat. Weapons. Speed, climbing, who sold their soul to make this character sheet?"

Then another pause, and she lifts one eyebrow in a smoldering look. "Smoldering intensity.."


"Weaknesses are...generosity, an' Switchblade. I gotta avoid knives." Her accent is already straightening out. Her gender pronouns, not so much.

"Pixie? Roxx? Everybody, it be okay. We can handle this." Nods firmly, still uncertain about the smoldering part, but confidence is coming back. "I mean, still lost, but..."

Rogue has posed:
The woman with the basket of muffins smiles as Ruby takes a couple, then she moves on to the others to offer them some too.

She steps up to Shelly (Dash) and Mouse (Ellie) with a big smile on her face as they get accustomed to their new situation.

It isn't but a second after they finish reading their character cards that the rumbling of engines can be heard as a convoy of large covered trucks come rolling in to the village, sending chickens running out of the way and townsfolk scurrying to get clear of the vehicles!

Men start to pile out of the trucks as one dressed in a silk black shirt and white pants closes a driver door. "Bravestone!" He shouts, angrily. His men form up on him with large caliber weapons as they walk toward the group. "Xander Bravestone!" The man in the silk shirt says again. "You are a fool for coming here! The Golden Banana will be ours, and there's nothing you can do to stop us."

The man stares at the group with dead-eyes, almost like an NPC would. "Men. Kill them!"

The armed soldiers level their guns at our heroes!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Pixie grins at Roxxi, "Ruby Roundhouse, huh? That sounds cool." to Nori she smiles, "Heyy cheer up, this is just another Danger Room session. It's just another exercise. Besides, I'll bet there's treasure at the end of it, right?" As Dash complains about being unable to read her wrist device, Pixie peers at it thoughtfully, "Ooh ok, sooo..Looks like your name is Shelly Oberon. Genius code breaker, archeology, palaeontology, cartography..weaknesses: endurance, heat, cold, sand.." she makes her face. "Woow...Oh yeah for those who don't know me already, my name is Megan, and...!"

And then there are lots of trucks coming their way..Before they can step out of their trucks, Megan is already dashing for a hiding spot behind a nearby building..And she seems to be quite good at hiding as she inches her way towards one of those unoccupied trucks around the back..Hopefully her allies can keep the baddies distracted long enough for her to slip in..

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Further comforted by Dashelly, Roxxi seemed to be settling into her role as Ruby. She munched on her muffin and started to turn and confer with the others. She offers a cheerful wave to Megan! However, the arrival of the armed men interrupted any socializing they might have attempted. Without the sage guidance of Muffins, there was only one thing Roxxi could do; react on reflex.
     She doesn't spot Pixie/Ming slip off, but she does pose as an amazing source of distraction. The now glamazon redhead reaches for a nearby ruffle barrel and jerks it from the minion's grasp. One of his companions grabs Ruby and body slams her into a nearby truck. Fortunately, not the one Ming/Megan is trying to sneak into.
     The body slam has the strange side effect of flicking the truck's radio on! Roxxi/Ruby grins as she stands. "Dance fighting!" She says excitedly as she flows into a fluid, graceful sequence of close combat maneuvers.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic sticks her finger out at the incoming baddies, shaking it back and forth, "See, if I were myself, I'd just blow your toxic asses up in a big old explosion, but instead I'm stuck here with a backpack full of medical supplies and zoology manuals and, frankly, I have no intention of --"

She's in the middle of her rant when she gets shot with a spray of gunfire, flying backwards cartoonishly and landing with Kevin Hart's legs sticking up in the air, exposing even more of those knobby knees.


Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
DaShelly takes one of the muffins and sniffs it curiously. Blueberry. Too sweet for her. She keeps a hold of it, though. You never know when you're going to need a snack.

Megan's explanation of her character only serves to confuse her more. Code breaker she understands. But all the ologies? Not at all. At least she understands her weaknesses though.

The need for a muffin comes too soon, however, when the man in the silk shirt drives up with armed goons. She scowls at them and tenses, ready to fight. And as soon as the man orders to open fire, the portly man moves into action.

She throws the muffin at the goon who's leveled an assault rifle at her, providing a distraction. As he flinches she ducks down out of the line of fire of the gun, and rushes towards him. When she reaches him she springs up, fist going into an elbow, breaking it. She smoothly pulls the rifle from him, turns it around and shoots him in the head.

That was the plan, at least.

What /really/ happens, is that she throws the muffin, and it goes wide, hitting one of the military vehicles behind the goon with a *splat*. She trips forward and stumbles, which gives him plenty of time to shoot her square in the forehead, knocking her off her feet and flat on her back. Dead.

One life down. Three to go.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"Golden..banana.." Xander repeats, having only just now realized that she'd misread her sheet and her new first name is Xander, not Smolder. Skimming isn't always a good choice, it seems. As the baddies start to get threatening, she/he leans toward Mouse, then says, "I'll stall. Everybody get to cover, and throw me a weapon. Please."


Crap. Got to do something, I've got to do something. Something that's not standing here like an idiot. Okay. So, she....he...walks toward the group of Bad Guys (tm) and stands up tall and proud, waiting for them to give the order to kill.

"Now, I never said that I wasnae a fool. I mean, only a fool would do this!" Then HE grabs the handle of the door of one of the trucks, slams it open so hard that it shatters the palate of the nearest henchman, and then pulls the guy in front of her.

Then...he kicks. He kicks, and the guy stops obeying the laws of physics. He flies forward, arms waving up and down like a cartoon, and goes right through his friends like a freaking cannonball. It's completely, utterly impossible, and it totally happened.

And Xander stands there looking at his own hands. He's still holding the guy's hands, but nothing past the wrist.


Blink. Whut the..

And then the door falls off of the truck, hitting the ground and spinning around til it goes still.

Rogue has posed:
Both Shelly and Mouse suddenly blink out of existence!

Ming gets in to the truck and gets it started up, the convoy just so happens to be facing out of the village the direction that Nigel had told them the Monkey King Temple was located too! But once the truck starts up the gun men who are not being Ruby'd or Bravestone'd are turning their guns at the cab!

Pew pew pew pew! Their bullets pepper the green matte metal of the old army style truck!

Better get it moving!

Outside the truck, the dance fighting is very effective! The men are both allured by Ruby's grace and beauty, and stunned by her fighting that she downs them with ease as she sweeps across the marketplace while the townsfolk have fled in to the grass roofed buildings!

Bravestone has shown his renown and his pure strength has the last few men on his side of the truck turning and running in pure fear too!

The man in the silk shirt has hidden behind a stall and is pulling out a gun to fire at SMOLDER himself though!

Reinforcements are coming from the opposite direction though, so its time to go!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Min-Gan Meeps and ducks her head below the steering wheel as much as she can. "Hang on everyone, I'm coming!" she yells as she swerves this way and that, trying to avoid gunfire. And at least she knows how to dodge and flee fairly well, although the side of the truck does get riddled with bullets. She ends up rushing right at a few gunners, trying to knock them down as she rushes to join her allies, unlocking the doors, "Hurry up and get in, everyone!" she calls out to them.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Ruby Roxxi continues to fight. Fortunately, this Dance fighting isn't all that different from her normal style of hand-to-hand. She gracefully ducks under a punch and fluidly kicks the legs out from under a nearby goon.
     She flows and fights around Smolderstone, his strength and prowess a counterbalance to her speed and grace. During all the punching and kicking, she misses as Ellie and Dash get themselves killed. She looks around, trying to find her friends, as the truck pulls up. "Dash? Ellie? Get in the truck!" She calls, looking for them between strikes.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"Ellie! Dash..." Oh god, they're gone. They're DEAD? Is that how it works? "Are the Danger Room settings still on?" she calls out, as she's flinging the leftover hands at the people who run.

Then ssssssss...sh...sh..HE notices bullets. He ducks down, the game allowing her a bit of leeway, and nabs the door off of the ground. He picks it up as a shield, then notices the figure of Ruby flying with grace and passion, and actually pauses for a moment to admire. Damn. I'm like, not even in reality.

"They're dead!" he calls out, catching what Ruby is saying. He's too easy a target. He's just...there.

That's when Xander Bravestone turns, and turns his SMOLDERING INTENSITY on the man in the silk shirt. He looks at him, an easy target but powerful, and completely ready. To fight, or to die. Such. A. Man.

Which is when the truck nudges him, knocking him out of the way of the gun. A moment later he's done with the intensity, and leaps into one of the seats of Ming's vehicle. He sits hard, he lands. He squeaks.

He seems to be turning slightly red in the face, and reaches down to adjust something he wasn't aware he owned.

"Nothing. Ah'm fine.

Rogue has posed:
As the group piles in to the truck, the reinforcements for the thug soldiers arrive and begin to unload from their vehicle to start to level their guns!

Bravestone's smoldering gaze hit the man in the black silk shirt causing him to stop his aim and to raise his gun upward.

"So handsome..." He says in a thick South American accented English. Stunned!

And then the brave heroes are piled in to their truck and pulling off as the men behind them all start to open fire! More machine gun noises filling the air as the heroes drive off out of the village...

But where are Mouse and Shelly?

Well they're coming down out of the sky like rocket ships in reverse!

Shelly and Mouse fly down and burst through the canopy of the covered truck to land in the back, sending up a dust cloud and debris flying everywhere as they smash through the mercenary group's supplies!

Now, our brave group of heroes are barreling out in to the grasslands, not on any roads though... and up ahead...

A giant field of... huge... flowers.

Look out, Ming!

The jungle lies beyond the grasslands, but one has to get there by avoiding the flowers, or Ming will be toast!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Min-gan isn't sure where Shelly and Mouse went! but she sure as heck isn't stopping now! And then, suddenly they burst through the canopy, landing i. the truck! "Okaaasy, I guess at least we don't have to go looking for--Woah!" she yells and breaks the truck to a hard stop as she spies a biiig flowerfield ahead. "Oh, wow, sooo pretty...Ahhhh....Choo!" she sneezes and sniffles, even from this distance she can smell the pollen. "Umm..Soo, I think we gotta find a better way around. DaShelly? You're are cartographer right? What's the quickest way to get to the temple, avoiding the flowerfield?"

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi was turned on the bench seat of the truck, watching as Dashelly and Ellie-Mouse land in the flatbed. "Yay!" she cheers. She then slams forward, as Mingan hits the brakes hard. "Ow..."
    Climbing out from under the dash, she pulls herself back onto the bench. She looks from Ming, to the flowers, and back. "Maybe we can roll up the windows, and someone else can drive... " She looks at Smolderstone since he seems the best bet as the next person to drive.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic tumbles out of the sky, end over end, flipping like a tossed coin and swearing like a drowning sailor, finally landing with a FWUMP, landing on the roof of the trunk. She finds herself gripping the railings on top, holding on for deer life. Normally you would tie up gear, rafts, canoes, bicycles. In this case, it's pure sidekick, Kevin Hart's legs hanging off the back of the truck and kicking in the air like a fish.

"This is the worst fucking game ever and I'm going to go on Steam and fucking tear this dev a new fucking asshole this isn't cool this isn't fun this is an abridgement of my rights how dare they turn me into a man much less this man this goofy little nimrod of a man fuck him and everyone who thinks he's funny WILL SOMEONE FUCKING STOP THIS THING AND LET ME IN BEFORE HIS WEAK ASS FINGER BREAK OFF AND I DIE AGAIN?!?"

Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
DaShelly pops back into existence in the middle of the air and starts falling! "Chto eto za khren'?" There really isn't anything she can do about it other than cover her face with her arms and brace for impact. When she hits the truck she actually bounces back in the air a bit and gets the wind knocked out of her. Somehow, other than being sore, she's unharmed.

She looks at the other players with confused, helpless eyes. "I do not understand what is going on!" When Min-Gan asks about directions she blinks at her, and pulls her backpack off, opening it up and rummaging around until she finds a map. Looking at it there's an old cart road that's clearly highlighted on the map. Handy, that.

She leans forward so Min-gan can hear here. "There is road," she says. "To right of flower. Then there is two paths. Take left."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Xander-chan is already rolling up his window, when he's suggested to roll them up. "She can drive. I mean, I can drive. I mean, I'm ...should I drive?" It looks so odd on the huge, hyper-masculine figure of The Rock. Then...rolling it back down again, as Ellie is flailing and yelling.

He sticks an arm out the window, grabbing for Ellie's portly figure, and makes sure that s/he doesn't get her fool ass killed. "Got you!" And he does, he so does. The rippling biceps, the powerful delts.

It's almost like this isn't real.

"It's not real!" he says toward Shelly, trying to comfort and explain. He really got that driven home with the whole fight they just went through. "Also I'm sorry! I'm supposed to protect people! i think. Probably."

Then he heaves, trying to get Kevin Hart into the back of the truck. You know, safe..r.

Rogue has posed:
The path ahead is relayed by the cartographer!

The winding old road weaves between the flower fields and toward the jungle treeline up ahead. It seems like safe driving and safe horizons....

The soldiers chasing the heroes, however, stop as the drivers are screamed at by the locals in the back.

The man in the black silk shirt looks out the window and a grin comes across his face.

"Goodbye, Bravestone..." He starts to laugh maniacally before a fly goes in his mouth and he has to cough repeatedly!

Back at our heroes in their truck!

The drive is going well, they're almost at the jungle when shadows start to pass over the truck!

Followed by loud buzzing noises...

Up out of the flower fields, giagantic honey bees the size of VW Bugs (pun) start to fly after the truck, and are soon swarming it and jamming theier stingers at the truck and its passengers inside!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Min-Gan glances at Ruby Roxxi and nods, shuffling over so she can take the controls, "Good idea! I mean with the overtop canopy now shredded, I can still get infected by pollen.." she sighs, "Of all things, Whyyy flowers?" oh well. She settles into the passenger seat and pulls her coat over her head. Even if they find an alternate route, the wind can still blow pollen through the shredded canopy.

And then two other two reappear and she breathes a sigh of relief, but makes a face at Ellie-Mouse! "Ohhh phooey! Quit being such a party pooper! This is a great team building exercise! sooo buck up! It'll all be worth it in the end!"

And once everyone is safely tucked away and RubyRoxxi or Xander-Chan takes the wheel, she ducks under her coat again, hiding from view..Hopefully not for good!

But of course, now there are giant bees chasing them and Min-Gan Meeps as she peeks out. "No way, giant killer bees? Bah! Drive fasterrr!"

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Unlike some of the others, Roxxi is having a blast. Roxxi and Pixie both seem to be making the most of things. "I can DRIVE?!" She asks Ming-an and scoots over to take the wheel. "Neat!" Roxxi has no idea how to drive, so hopefully Ruby does. Either way, they get bumping along on the course set by Tenacious Da.
     However, as soon as the bees swarm, that brake is being thrown, and the truck takes another lurching stop. With a squeal, Roxxi crawls under the dashboard. "Not bees! I can't get stung!"

Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
DaShelly tries to stay in her seat as the truck bounces along the flower field. She does her best in trying to read the map, and somehow manages to keep guiding them on the road. Then the bees come. "Bees!" Very helpful Dash.

They start stinging the truck, puncturing the metal with their stingers. Her first instinct is to try to grab one of the stingers and punch and claw the shit out of the bee, but she remembers the last time she tried something brave and heroic like that and decides to just scoot towards the middle of the vehicle.

"Roxxi!" she cries out when the buxom woman who is her best friend ducks under the dash, and lunges over the front seat, grabbing the wheel. With her back half in the seat behind her and the front half in the front seat, she barely manages to keep the truck from ramming into the stems of the giant flowers.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
My job. I gotta do something. She looks at a hole appear in the truck, and just...acts. no thinking, she just does what feels right. Or...you know. Insane. Before one of ...ah, screw it.

"Good luck," Xander says. Then he opens the door, and gets out of the truck.

Yep. he just did that.

He grabs onto the side with one powerful hand, then swings the door closed. Then he leans toward Ellie/Mouse. "I need...a weapon." He calls inside, hoping that the sheet isn't bullshitting and Mouse even HAS something they can use.

Then he looks at the bees, and reaches for whatever Ellie...whatever Mouse, has for him.

And he grins.

A second later he's got one foot hooked in the roof rack, the other down on one knee, and a flamethrower lifting into the air, as he eyes the beez.

"DRIVE!" he shouts down, and then flips the switch.

She's never felt like this before. She may never again. But damn, it's such a sense of power to know that you can do...anything.

And the laughter as she lets loose a spray of howling death into the air around them is totally not Rahne at all.

Rogue has posed:
The bees seem to have our heroes in a bit of a pinch! The truck is being turned in to metal swiss cheese by their iron-strength stingers! Poor Shelly inside is nearly run through multiple times, and the pollen is visibly filtering in through the open holes which has Ming likely feeling the threat of her lives being used up if they don't make it out of this one!

Ruby has some driving on her hands, but with Shelly's help the grasslands will come to an end not that far off...

Up ahead is the jungle entrance and it just so happens to be guarded by two huge monkey statues that have giant open mouths and huge stone eyees like they're frozen in fear!

On the roof of the truck, Bravestone is Gravestoning!

Fire lances through the sky, cooking honey bees that burst in to flame and fall from the air to splat in to cinders upon the grass! The swarm starts to get thinned out as the truck gets closer and closer to the jungle...

By the time the truck rumbles up to the monkey statues, the bees are all pulling back...

The sounds of monkey noises accompany a haunting stare from those two huge statues... along with distant quiet drums...

The jungle looms...

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Min-gah Meeps, hiding under the coat for the rest of the journey as the pollen covered bees make Swiss cheese of the truck. "Good grief, I hope this. thing can at least get us out of the flowerfield in one piece!" she wrinkles her nose at the smell of bbq bees..aBut at least she's not weak to bee stings..

Finally they make-it out of the fields and nearer to the jungle. She peeks out long enough to see the end of flowers and bees..And now there are monkey statues looming.

"Ooooh, monkeys! This must be the place!" she straightens up, shrugging out of her coat..Honestly by this time it's probably covered in pollen and bee stings, so she rather reluctantly tosses it out the window with a sigh.

"Oh well, gotta lighten my load anyway.." she mutters.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi unfurls enough to start working the pedals. She has no idea what's going on above her head, but she trusts Dashelly's directions as to when they need to slow, speed up, or stop.
     "What's going on?" She asks from under the dash. "Are we almost there?" She stayed under the dash a bit longer, to make sure the bees were gone. She assumed her weakness to venom extended to bee venom.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic sighs and tries to keep the backpack on her back in place, the massive thing weighing as much as her, "The sooner I'm out of this dingleberry's body, the better," she mutters to herself. She pushes her head up into the front seat, trying to peer out to see the monkey statues.

"I do not find jungle to be a comforting option. There's fucking quicksand here, you know it and I know it, no way this cheesy ass knockoff movie game doesn't have quicksand all up the wazoo and I for one do not want to be trying to wash sand out of my buttcrack, much less off the penis that I very definitely have for some fucking reason."

Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
DaShelly wildly steers the truck through the giant flowers until they finally clear them, and has Roxxi bring the truck to a stop. "We are at jungle," she tells her friend. "There are two statues. I do not like the look of them."

NegaMouse gets a wary glance. "I am told weakness is sand. I will look for way around jungle." She sits back in the back seat and studies the map for a moment. "There is no way around jungle," she concludes.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Smoulder leaps down off of the truck. Well, what actually happens is he puts down the New Best Friend (flamethrower), then looks at how far it is to the ground. He pauses, then he makes a motion with his arms to move him forward. He doesn't jump. It's like watching someone trying to psych themselves up to get off the roof, which is what it is.

"One, two, three," he says to himself. And doesn't jump. Eventually he just climbs down carefully, sitting on the edge and dropping the two feet left to the ground. How ridic it looks is completely not his concern.

Then he looks at the others and says, "What?"

Then he's looking at the monkey statues, and reaching out as if to touch one.

Rogue has posed:
The team has a chance to breathe for a few minutes and gather their thoughts... the jungle noises are loud here and the monkey statues are ominous in their fearful looks as though they were just on the edge of escaping the foliage when something forze them in to this place that they reside now, forever.

The sun is getting low in the sky for late afternoon over the region, and as things seem to be calm for the moment, something happens to change that.

As is how it goes, in a place like this.


Back in the other direction, back toward the village and beyond it, the tall volcano peak rumbles loudly and what was steam now becomes a black smoke....

It is getting angry.... preparing to burst and destroy the whole valley and much of the region around it!

Time is of the essence!

The jungle pathway ahead is thick with vines, branches and all kinds of undegrowth that will try to inhibit our heroic adventurers, and not but six feet in to the jungle pathway is a giant pit of quick sand with a series of hopping stones to cross it to the pathway continuing further beyond...

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Pixie stretches as she climbs out of the truck and starts walking. "Sooo uh..If the volcano blows up first, will we all die for realz?" she makes a face as she walks along, glad she ditched the heavy coat as it is getting pretty hot and humid in here now..And then there's a giant pit of quicksand. "Ohhhhh great.." she sighs, glancing around! wishing she still had her wings.

"So I'm thinking either, DaShelly has an alternative route around the quicksand, Ellie-Mouse has like! I dunno, a bridge in that giant backpack of your's...Orr we're all swinging across on vines, a la Tarzan style. Thoughts?" she glances around for input.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Ruby's physical prowess is not too vastly different in-game, than Roxxi's real physicality, so she feels confident in her ability to get across. Of course, the leggy redhead is built quite a bit differently than the athletically slim Roxxi.
    As Ming-an starts trying to figure a way across, Roxxi has already tuned her out. Nothing personal. She just has the attention span of a kitten. She starts bouncing on the balls of her feet, testing her balance. And then, just to be on the safe side, she hums the theme song to Mission: Impossible. That counts as music, right? With a hop, skip, and a jump, she starts traversing the stepping stones across the sandy pit of doom.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic goes waist deep on her first step, just missing the edge entirely when trying to work her way up to get a better look and tumbling in like a sinking anchor, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I CAN'T STAND THIS SHIT ANYMORE I SWEAR TO FUCKING MONKEY CHRIST THAT I WILL FIND WHOEVER MADE THIS PROGRAM AND I WILL MAKE THEM EAT THE ASS OF THE MONKEY GOD THAT LIVES HERE AND I WILL MAKE HIM TELL ME HE LIKES IT TO - oh, wait, wait, who's got me, I'm going up, what's happening, help, I think, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" she calls out in Kevin Hart's voie as she's heft up and out of the quicksand again, flung up over a shoulder and carried like an errant bride, soggy khaki shorts bunched up around her/his butt.

Dashenka Ivanov has posed:
DaSHelly eyes the quicksand warily. She knows how this is going to go, but there's no helping it. She looks around to see what her options are. There are rocks, which normally wouldn't cause her a problem, but in this body? No way. Her eyes lift up to see the vines. Maybe she can swing across?

She takes one of the vines and tugs on it, testing it's strength. Seems like it'll hold. She backs up about as far as she can with the vine and twines her hands and legs around it and pushes off.

At first it looks like she's going to make it, but the vine doesn't quite swing all the way across. When it swings back she's still firmly above the quicksand, and slowly she pendulums to a stop right in the middle of it. "Govno."

She looks around for a rock and finds one nearby. If she's lucky she'll be able to make it! She lets go of the vine and flails and maybe... maybe!.... nope. Nowhere close. She lands squarely in the quicksand which quickly engulfs her.


Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"I mean, I could let you if you wanted to," Smoulder says to Nega up close and personal. He's not making a big deal of it, but he puts the funtimes girl down on solid ground, then goes back to make sure others make it too.

"Not your fault! This game's unbalanced."

Then she looks, and...she sees Dash go under.

She has an instant. Speed. She leaps, going under the quicksand in a running dive, and vanishing underneath...

Rogue has posed:
With the harrowing move from the brave Bravestone, leaving both of their well beings in question, things seem even more perilous for our intrepid heroes.

But it doesn't end there.... the danger that is.

Shadows loom from above as the sun light filtering in through the canopy above is blocked by something. A lot of somethings.

When eyes go up, they'll see the shadowy figure of giant creatures looking down at them.

Giant monkeys.

They stare down at the heroes and quietly glare at them before they all start to jump and cry out angrily!

One of them jumps in mid air before it freezes like that.

The whole thing freezes, the world around the players locks up.

Everything goes black.

Suddenly the group is back in the basement room, holding their controlers...

On the old tv the Jumanji screen is flashing with 'Game Paused' on it...

From outside the open Danger Room door, Cyclops is standing there. "Hey you guys done in here? Its dinner time. Come on!" He shouts as he waits for the group.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Pixie waits for the others to go first. She's not super strong enough to carry the weaker ones across of course, but she's pretty athletic and once the others are safely across, she grabs a vine and swings nimbly across. "Aaaaa-Oooh-Aaa-yoooo-Aaaahhh!! This is soooo much fuuun!" she yells as she lands lightly on the other side.

"Sooo, now what..?" she's barely had time to rest when giant monkeys emerge from above! "Good grief! Not fuuun!" she's getting ready. to flee or hide when..."Heey who turned out the lights?" blinking and rubbing her eyes, she finds herself back in the basement. "..Woah..Trippy.." awwe darn it! They didn't even get to finish!