8376/A Really Bad Night to be a Criminal

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A Really Bad Night to be a Criminal
Date of Scene: 23 October 2021
Location: Hell's Kitchen
Synopsis: Two idiots try to rob a car. They realize they are stupid thanks to Rogue.
Cast of Characters: Jessica Cruz, Rogue

Jessica Cruz has posed:
It was just a bad plan and they just didn't know it. Rocky and Ricky were the best of friends and loved to do stupid stuff together. Most of what they did was 'victimless' crimes. Carefully sneaking into places that are clearly closed. Stealing from the trunks of cars. Anything that could get them a thrill that wasn't going to make them run into poeple. Unfortunately they didn't expect when they were breaking into this particular car that someone would cut through the alleyway.

Jessica Cruz has her hoodie up, her hands tucked into her pockets and she blinks as she notices a pair of thugs trying to break into the trunk of a car. She stares for a moment and her eyes meet Rocky's and he cusses under his breath as Ricky pauses in his use of his crowbar to pry open a trunk.

"Hey! You! Stop right there!" Jessica pauses like a deer caught in the headlights and sucks in a shakey breath as she takes a step back. She feels her heartrate pick up and she swallows.

"Hey, hey! Just let me walk away, ok?" She asks and part of her wants nothing to do with this.

<What are you doing, Jessica? You can easily take them.> And the two men start stalking toward her.

"Wrong place wrong time, lady."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue likes to get out and stretch her arms, and legs, now and then. By which she likes to shoot up in to the sky and fly about. She had a few offers to go to bars tonight from friends, but she turned them down as that was getting a little old to some degrees. She felt like flying instead... and maybe finding some trouble like she used to, in the city....

Last summer she was doing quite a bit of indie hero work in Manhattan, but she'd steered away from it this year for a variety of reasons. 'Mighty Woman' is what the media had labeled her since she didn't do interviews.... though most of her following online knows her true label as Rogue....

Here and now, the young mutant is soaring through the skies over Hell's Kitchen. She had her earbuds in playing music up until she got to the city, but now she just flies and listens... turning heads here and there when she flies low enough to be noticed....

AS it so happens, the situation in the alley with the thugs is about to arguably get much worse for them because Rogue just turned down this stretch of buildings and is descending to touch down on her wedge-heeled boots upon the ground. She's clad in a green and gold bodysuit, the green slightly reflective against the outsides of her body while the yellow looks supple and soft up the middle sides of her. She has a leather jacket worn on over this suit, and her two-toned hair is wild and unkempt after the flight.

She lands and puts one hand on her hip as she watches whats unfolding... "Hmm..." She mutters.

Jessica Cruz has posed:
The young woman is slowly removing her right hand from her pocket as the two men try to move at her. She swallows and shakes her head.

"I really don't want to deal with this. I just want to go home. You two should do the same." The two men shake their head, patting the crowbar against a hand. The young man glares at the girl. He shakes his head.

"You saw our faces, lady. We can't have that." He chuckles darkly only for Rocky to tap him on the shoulder and point at Rogue.

"Hey, Ricky. You seein' this? Some flyin' lady just landed."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her hands in to her leather bomber jacket pockets and just starts walking toward the girl's back, with the men now noticing her. The southern belle smiles up at all three of them. "Well heya, boys." She says in a overly flirty sort of way, her naturally sultry voice helping to play it up even further.

"Ya'll aren't back here causin' trouble, are ya?" She asks. "Fraid I'm from outta town..." Rogue notes as she walks slowly, her eyes wandering to the left, then right as they go up the buildings on either sides of them.

"Sure are a lotta big buildin's around here..." The Belle adds as she gets close enough to stop and just smile at the men now. "Hey, nice crowbar. We used t'use those back home t'smash mail boxes with outta the back of a friend's convertable..." A lyrical laugh comes from Rogue then before she sighs. "Kids are crazy, huh?" She asks them next before glancing to the woman they were getting all up on... "How ya doin', Sugah?" Rogue asks her.

Jessica Cruz has posed:
A look over at Rogue and Jessica blinks at her. She looks her over briefly and begins to think one of those superheroes has shown up but it isn't clear. Either way, Jessica nods to her and then looks to the two men.

"I'm fine." She states and clenches her hand a little as she looks at them and then at Rogue. The two guys begin to question things. Their life choices, as an example. Then Rocky backs up a step, hands idly going into his pockets as he grins.

"Listen, Not-" And then he is cut off as Ricky yells out and rushes Rogue, trying to swing his crowbar at her head.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are on Jess when the men make their choices. She averts her green eyes to look at them both just as the one rushes her and slams his crowbar right against her head. It hits her head hard and strong, causing her white and brown hair to wave about in the wind created from the motion... but it will just bounce right off of her.

She stares past the white strands of hair that thusly sweep across her face, and slowly she just starts to shake her head side to side. Her tongue clucks inside her mouth and Rogue purses her lips before she speaks up again.

"See, now, ya city boys just don't know how t'treat a lady anymore...." She says back at them both before her right hand will snap up to grab at the man's shirt to hold him still before she reaches over to snag at the weapon he used on her. If able, she'll just easily bend it until it pops out of his grip.

"Want me t'try the same thing back on your head, Mistah?" She asks him then.

Jessica Cruz has posed:
Rocky, for his part, stares for a long moment before blinking at Ricky, "Who are you?" He asks and then looks to Rogue, "I don't know who whtat is or what he is doing here. Sorry, ma'am, I have to go." and he tries to just move away as quickly as he can.

Ricky stares in disbelief for a long moment before looking over at Rocky, "Hey!" He calls out and then looks back to Rogue and holds up his hands.

"Would you believe...fingers slipped?" He asks and tilts his head.

Jessica for her part, stares for a long moment before looking over to Rogue and nodding to her, "Hey, thanks for the help."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue tosses the metal bar across the ground after bending it in to a hook-shape. She then looks back to the man she is gripping with a fist of his shirt. "Oh, I'm sure lotsa things slip with you." She replies to him, whatever that means, before she turns just throws him at his friend. "Don't leave without your /buddy!/" She says while tossing the man at the other.

When her hands drop back to her sides, Rogue's eyes go over to Jessica and she offers her a quick smile before her left gloved hand goes up to stroke her white bangs out of her face. "Don't mention it, Missy." Rogue says. "You all right then? Ya need an escort t'wherever it is you're goin' t'night?" She asks. "Happy t'make sure ya get there safe'n sound, after all. Southern hospitality ain't dead, ya know?"

Jessica Cruz has posed:
The man lets out a yelp and then the other man lets out another as both go stumbling to the ground. There's some untangling and yelling about a crowbar and both go off running once they are up. All in all, probably the best outcome for the moment. Jessica smirks as they run even as she shoves her hands back into her pocket. She looks at Rogue and sucks in a breath.

"I guess, if you want. I am...I am fine overall." She nods her head, "I think." She states, "I could have probably handled those two idiots. I keep, uh, a weapon on me."

<More than a weapon, Jessica, if you'd just use it.> The woman hears the voice in her head and frowns a little before gesturing to a place down the street.

"Staying here locally with, friends, sorta friends anyway."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes go back to the men as they run off. Part of her wanted to hurt them a bit more for their antics here, but she felt it was best to let them sort out their stupidity on their own, maybe she'll run in to them again before the night is over anyway! Her gaze goes back to Jess then and she grins at what the other says.

"Yeah?" Rogue asks. "I swear if you say These' and hold up your fists, I'm gonna laugh. Cause that's my kinda cheesey dialogue."

The Belle just sighs then and shakes her head. "Well I'm glad ya can protect yourself, and sorry if I stopped ya from doin' just that. Practice makes perfect after all, when it comes to beatin' up jackasses like those two." She states with a nod in the direction they went.

"This is a rough part'a town though, so I imagine you'll get quite a lot of practice...."

A hand is offered then. "I'm Rogue, by the by. Just flyin' around t'night, lookin' for trouble."

Jessica Cruz has posed:
A look at her hands and Jessica chuckles before shaking her head, "I am not bad with my hands but no." She states and casually holds her hands. She offers the hand over and shakes Rogue's before swallowing as she pulls her hand back and steps back.

"I am Jessica Cruz and I am just new to some things but I think I prefer not to fight." She states and looks at her hand again. She then looks toward Rogue again.

"I still appreciate it." She states and nods again and looks toward the place further up.

"I, am not big into social stuff so I am gonna be going."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shows a sly smile to the other once she gets her name, then just nods softly at her. "Well, fightin' is just about my favorite thing. One'a them anyhow." She states before she looks to where Jess looks.

"Well, that's fair. I probably wouldn't be too social myself if I lived within spittin' distance of 'danger alley' like this." She says sarcastically then. "Hope the rest'a your night goes a bit better, Miss Jessica." The Bell states again before lifting up off the ground to hover a few feet in the air, one knee bent and the other leg extended down below her. "I'll sweep around and make sure the rest of the area is in good shape though."

Jessica Cruz has posed:
A small smile is given to Rogue and Jessica nods to her, "Being alone is mine." She nods and then looks in the direction of where she wanted to go before looking back at her. She looks up briefly and then back to Rogue, nodding.

"Well, I am sure those here appreciate it." She nods in response to that, "I am glad to hear that. I think. I am going to rest knowing that some pretty southern gal is flying over head." She chuckles and then stuffs her hands back in her pocket, "Enjoy your fighting if you find it."