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Checking the Weather
Date of Scene: 23 October 2021
Location: Ororo's Attic
Synopsis: Storm is great.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Ororo Munroe

Rogue has posed:
It's a cool Fall afternoon and Rogue is out for a flight. She spent the night last night roaming the skies over the more dangerous parts of Manhattan and even got herself in to a few scraps. Its exactly what she wanted... some adrenaline... to burn off some of the frustrations she was feeling in life.

She spent the whole night out there, not flying up north until the sun was up...

Now, seeing one of Storm's balcony windows and door open, the Belle sweeps herself in toward Storm's attic and touches down on the balcony on her booted feet. Wearing her green and gold bodysuit, the southern gal puts her hands in her leather jacket pockets and looks around as she walks for the open door. "Knock knock?" Rogue calls out in her naturally husky toned voice. "anyone home?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo's certainly home, while she's hardly shaking the mansion with her stereo, there's a thumping bass that can almost be felt on the balcony, electronic music filling the attic.

Of course, this just means Ororo can be all the more surprising when she responds to that call by darting into view from behind the screens that divvy up the attic into her various living areas. Her white hair's a shock of waves and curls, rivaling Rogue's own, dressed down in a pair of denim cutoffs and a black tanktop, heedless of the chill beginning to settle in and herald the arrival of autumn.

Those bright blue eyes widen a little, Ororo's hips cocking, arms crossing under her chin as her full lips spread in a smile, "Oh, for you? Always, dear! Come in. Would you like some tea? A snack? What can your friend do for you today, hm?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's long hair is pretty wild after a full night of just flying around, the dark brown and stark white locks just hanging around her head and framing her face. She steps in to the attic apartment and just smiles at the surroundings of it all. Her green stare goes to Storm when she comes in to view.

A smile shoots over her lips as she steps toward her a couple more times in her thigh high yellow boots, then stops. "Oh... uh, I dunno." Rogue says to the other woman then, hands still stuffed in her pockets. "I just saw your doors open and figured I'd come pester ya." She says with a hint of a grin.

The Belle draws a breath then and speaks up once more. "Got any tea on the kettle?" She asks then. "I've been out all night just tryin' to... ya know, blow off steam an' such...."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo sighs and shakes her head slowly, though she can't hope to hold back the wide smile that blossoms on her face as Rogue steps in, sighing out, "Oh, not right now. But there _will_ be tea, darling. It's the least I can do. Peppermint is fine, yes?"

Ororo doesn't quite reach out to literally drag Rogue along, no, she simply steps close, and gives her a brief hug, and a pat on the back of that leather jacket. And then spins about, as though Rogue following into her sanctum is thus guaranteed. "My my, you know I find dancing and music helps me blow off steam. Admittedly, I suppose flying about might also work. Did it? Do you feel less... steamy?"

Ororo asks it as breezily as she can, which is to say, she only sounds _mostly_ concerned, as she makes her way through the maze of decorative panels that seperate her living area, and into the small kitchen nook to begin busying herself with the kettle.

Rogue has posed:
A smile returns to Rogue's smoky red painted lips as she puts her gloved hands behind her friends back to return the gesture. When they part again, Rogue grins and follows after her. "That sounds perfect. A nice sharp taste would hit the spot right now." She says in her southern flavored voice as she walks upon her wedge-heeled boots further in to the apartment...

Finding a chair not too far from where Storm is, Rogue sits lightly down upon the arm of it, her right leg up a bit now as her left extends out to the side some. Her gloved hands go down to her lap to lace fingers together.... "I uh..." Rogue starts as her eyes look out a window to her right. "I guess?" She answers, before looking back to Storm. "I mean, it's more than just flyin' about. I try t'get out there and find... ya know. Trouble. I found a few would-be muggers, and threw them around, broke their crappy little weapons. That stuff helps quite a bit, ya know? Makes me feel like I did some good. But yeah...."

She glances down at her gloved hands and starts to pull them off one by one, "Remy skipped town again." She says glumly. "The dumb bastard ...." She shakes her head lightly. "I know he went through a lot lately, but still. Guy can never be just upfront and honest, always has t'lie. So yeah. Good riddance."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs softly and murmurs out, "Well, yes, I also feel as though it _must_ be tea... not just because you asked, but because even if you were out all night, it's a little early for the bourbon, no?" She looks over her shoulder as she fills the kettle, eyes sparkling downright playfully.

And then as she busies herself actually getting the kettle going, grabbing mugs, tea bags, and spoons, she sighs out, "I had a feeling he had. I haven't seen him in a week or more. I am beginning to think he is in fact several stray cats in a fetching jacket, for how quickly he turns skittish and runs off."

Ororo spins smartly and points a single finger, "And while I will not judge you for finding such outlets for your frustrations, do be careful. There is always a worry that muggers in the city will have found some device they should not, and I will not accept you being harmed because our thick-headed cajun friend has made yet another foolish decision."

Ororo heaves out a soft sigh and shakes her head slowly, "But I _am_ going to sit that scoundrel down the next time I see him. And give him an itemized list of reasons why you are _clearly_ too good for him. Would you like a copy of the list yourself? I assure you it will be quite flattering."

Rogue has posed:
With her gloves removed, Rogue folds them up and lays them across the top of her right thigh where she sits upon the chair. She lets her bare hands just rest there on her lap now, one idly picking at the cuff of her suit as she regards Storm's response.

She grins at it. "I'd be curious t'see this list, yes indeed. Could use some morale-boostin' to be sure. I mean... I try t'offer that guy everything I think he'd need t'be happier in life, but he still just skips off. Goes back t'his ... whatever the hell he does when he leaves." She shakes her head and glances down at her hands before slapping them both against the fronts of her legs and down toward her knees where her boot tops are. "Screw it." She says then with a quick smile.

"Maybe its not too early for bourbon...." She states then with a playful grin growing on her lips toward Storm.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo rolls her eyes with a soft sigh, "Well, I'm sure part of it is just... feeling like he doesn't deserve you. I'd normally tell him he's being stupid about it, but at this point... I don't think I want to reassure him. He clearly needs to realize he's throwing away perfectly wonderful friends when he galavants off without us."

Ororo snorts softly and shakes her head, "And no no. Tea first. Something warm and soothing to let you unwind from your night of frustration. Then _tonight_ you can indulge in beguiling drink and relaxation, without having to go out and fly about, hm?"

As the kettle begins to hiss and sputter and near the boil, Ororo portions out teabags into mugs, places spoons and mugs on the table next to Rogue, and narrows her eyes playfully, "Or perhaps we'll 'borrow' the Blackbird and run away ourselves for the evening. Go somewhere warm and sunny and carefree, yes?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spends a few moments biting down gently on her bottom lip as she listens to Storm's response. She lets her lip go as she laughs softly at the last part, her eyes coming up from the items that were set on the table to look toward Ororo as she prepares the tea yet further. "I'm sure Jean an' Scott would appreciate that usage of the fuel storages, and jet maintenance." She says with a big grin, being one of the people who helps Forge with working on maintaining the Jet due to the skills she 'got' from Carol...

"But that does sound nice. Jean an' I went t'the dinosaur place a while back. I can't recall the name off hand, but it was pretty... like Hawaii but huge, with Jurassic Park animals runnin' around. Not sure that'd be relaxin' though, but it was still a pretty fun place t'get away to for awhile."

The Belle slips off the arm of the chair and sets her gloves on the table before sitting on the edge of the chair more properly like now.

"If he does show up again, I'd love it if you gave him a piece'a mind. I don't have it in me anymore." She follows that up with a sigh before leaning back in the chair and just putting her elbows on the arms of it now. "But... like, enough about him. What's goin' on in your world?" She asks of the weather Goddess.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo picks up the kettle as it finally whistles its boiling state to the world, and perks her eyebrows high, "Oh my! The Savage Land no? We could go there... of course, we could fly there ourselves, couldn't we? That would be more polite."

Ororo pours the water and sighs out, murmuring dryly, "And come now, I am sure after... what, five? Perhaps six large dinosaurs get thoroughly punched by my darling southern friend for interrupting us, it could be quite the serene, relaxing experience."

Ororo shrugs lightly and sighs out, settling herself down into her own chair, cupping her mug, staring down into the water thoughtfully for a long moment, "Oh, my life? It is... uneventful. Perhaps even distressingly boring. I should probably be somewhat concerned really, after all, idle hands can lead to irresponsible behaviour simply to shake up the status quo. I think I am, perhaps, focusing too much on training and keeping myself prepared for whatever actions may be required. I am... practically training to the levels of Scott. That cannot be a good sign."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue moves about steeping the tea bag in the cup of hot water now herself. She watches Storm settling in to her own chair and just grins lightly at what she says. "To be honest, I've never tried t'fly anywhere that far... especially out over the ocean. I am afraid I'd ... I dunno. Get lost? Doze off and fall inta the drink?" She grins more widely. "Maybe its irrational. But drowning is still a threat for me, yeah?"

She looks down at her own cup then as she bobs the tea bag up and down within it some then raises the cup up to blow on it gently, not that she can get burned!

"It sounds like ya need t'get outta this attic more though, yeah." Her eyes dance about the lovely space around them. "Not that this place isn't awesome though... I mean, best room in the mansion..." She says as she looks back to the other with a wide smile. "But that's the issue, right? This place is too easy t'get stuck inside'a. Ya need to go find some trouble like me, Stormy baby." Rogue says with another grin for the other woman then.

"Whether that's punchin' chompy dinosaurs... or whatever floats your boat." And with that the Belle raises the tea cup up for a sip. "Mmm...." She reacts there-after!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo sips her tea and has to swallow quickly before she snorts out an involuntary little gasp of laughter, "Oh! I... hadn't considered that. That you're just... flying up there with nothing but your own senses to guide you. Perhaps we should find you a GPS handheld unit to take... or perhaps we can bribe Kurt to teleport us?"

She sighs and shakes her head slowly with a crooked grin, "And yes, I think perhaps I'm spending too much time with myself. I do need some trouble like you. And how _very_ convenient I know exactly where to run into such trouble!

Bright eyes narrow to slits, like she's sizing her dear friend up for the hunt, "Oh yes... I think I'm going to get out of the mansion and find trouble with you soon enough."

And then she leans back in her seat and sips her tea again, murmuring out serenely, "But first the tea, yes? Trouble and bourbon later. Trouble and bourbon and perhaps dinosaur punching. Of course, there's probably some uncharted tropical island we could find far closer. And if anyone asks we'll say we're looking for pirate treasure. An entirely believable excuse."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is lowering her tea down while laughing softly at what Ororo says back at her. "Yeah. I'm worried my phone would just get lost if I was out over the middle of the Atlantic. Then I'd just randomly fly in some direction and end up in the North Pole. I mean, I'd look killer as Santa's new hot wife, but I'm not sure I'm ready t'live in a place full'a creepy little elves yet." She says with a smirk back to the other woman.

Her eyes glance around the apartment again before she draws in a light breath. "You got a plan figured up already, huh?" Rogue asks next, glimmering a look of excitement at her friend. "Bourbon and punchin' criminals?" She asks in a happy tone. "I love it when ya call down the thunde'ah on folks, ya know?" She states with another little laugh then before lifting the cup up to her lips for another sip.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo quirks an eyebrow and murmurs dryly, "You realize I'm going to picture you in some sort of red, furtrimmed outfit now, yes dear friend?" She takes another sip and shakes her head, murmuring dryly, "Oh come now! Kurt is certainly somewhat elf-like, and hardly creepy! ...Admittedly, Santa's elves are always depicted shorter. And yes, creepier. No, I think it best you stay with us."

She frowns thoughtfully and hums out, "And my my, that's... somewhat unfair. Some poor mugger dealing with both of us? We could just fly somewhere secluded and I could put on a thunder storm for you? Not unlike a concert, and... you know, no one winds up with heart palpatations from electrocution."

Rogue has posed:
This warrants another laugh from the Belle as she considers the Santa outfit options. "Hey, Christmas isn't that far off, yeah?" She states back with a grin showing once her cup is back down upon its saucer. She then shakes her head softly side to side. "Oh no, I don't need any stray lightning bolts hittin' me. I already got enough white in my hair as is." She fires back with another silly joke.

"Ya know what would be fun though, is goin' with ya somewhere that's plagued with a drought ... see ya call upon the clouds and give them a nice long rain. You've done that kinda thing before, yeah? I bet that is amazin' t'watch the folks react to it.... That kinda happiness is why doin' the stuff we do is so rewardin'. Even just my small time stuff last night, a couple'a the people I saved from the muggers.... It was just..."

She trails off and shrugs her shoulders inside that leather jacket she has on over her suit. "It's addictive. I guess." She then mutters before taking another sip of the tea. "This is good." She ads with a smile to Ororo then.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo smiles and nods her head slowly with a long, drawn out sigh of fondness, "It... really is wonderful. You know, between my ability to provide relief from drought, and your ever impressive physical acumen... we could go on a tour. Ending droughts, building dams..."

Eyebrows perk as Ororo even throws in a little wink, "I mean, I'd offer to give you a show right now to finish washing away your frustrations, but I imagine _someone_ must be out enjoying the grounds, and... well, I don't think it would be very responsible to try and do something indoors and risk flooding the mansion from the top down. Perhaps the danger room if we can sneak in and use it for something far from dangerous."

She sips her own tea and murmurs out, "So, what shall we do, my dear? Off to end a drought this evening? Torment muggers? Share a bottle of alcohol and simply relax? Whichever you most desire. And if we are having any sort of Santa display for the younger students, you are _certainly_ going to be an elf now."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches out for the honey on the table while Ororo speaks and she grins at what the other is saying. She lets the honey drizzle in to her cup in a circle motion before she uses a little spoon to stir it lightly. She shakes her head side to side then while smiling. "I got my fuzzy reindeer horn hat in a box downstairs that's gonna be comin' out soon. Along with the Rudolph nose. That's my jam when I'm pullin' the sleigh around with the kids in it, ya know?" She laughs lightly then as she sits back in her chair once more.

Holding the tea cup up in front of her chest now, she smiles over at Storm. "I think I need a quiet night of rest t'night. Recharge my batteries a bit after bein' out all damn night. But yes, some grander plans are in order, I think. We got a lot t'offer t'this world after all, Miss Stormy." The southern beauty just grins and sips her tea again then.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
White eyebrows rocket so very high as Ororo peers at Rogue and clearly pictures that outfit, mouth falling open for a moment, "...Wait, how do I _not_ remember the absolute adorableness you are describing?"

She shakes her head slowly and murmurs out, "Well! I've no plans for the rest of my day beyond perhaps a little workout, and then a relaxing soak. Some sort of bath bomb, some soft music and low light, yes?"

And above all, she's careful not to mention even a hint of why Rogue was out all night blowing off steam. Oh no, she's going to very carefully not mention a particular cajun at all, until Rogue's entirely forgotten her troubles.

Well, her Remy troubles. If Sentinels show up or something, Ororo will mention them. X-Men troubles are different.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle just shakes her head and grins. "I don't show the sleigh off to ya'll too much cause... well... I swipe it from the neighbors property. The ones that live to the south west'a us. Kitty is good friends with'em. Jean knows I've been doin' it though, she wants me t'start askin' permission since last year. They're an older couple, all their kids are grown up and moved away. So ... yeah.... I'll make sure t'ask before I use it this year. The kids love flyin' around in it, especially when the lake is frozen and we can skim across it." She grins to Storm then. "And yes, I look utterly adorable in the reindeer getup." She adds with a clear beaming expression for Storm.

The young woman in the green and gold then sips her tea and lowers it again. "This is why I come up here t'see ya, Stormy. Everyone...." She glances toward the roof exit that eventually leads down in to the school. "Has so much crap goin' on in their lives. Jean has had a year t'remember.... for sure." She says as she looks back to Storm, and smiles at her. "You are the rock, the solid one amongst us. Always got your stuff together.... It's like you're a role model or somethin'!" She then says with another grin given.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs softly and sighs out, "You know, you _could_ ask them, I'm sure they'd be happy to have the sleigh getting use. And perhaps we'll become better neighbours. Every person we turn to seeing us as friends is a boon to mutantkind, hm?"

Head tilts as she hums softly, "Oh no! I am just very good at _appearing_ like I have my stuff together. And since I can fly, I don't fall back into old habits... not much point picking locks and... borrowing... cars when you can skip the traffic my dear."

She flashes a little grin and murmurs out, "But oh yes, I am trying to maintain responsibility. But even the most rock-like of us need to let our hair down, dear! And I have not been doing that nearly enough. But then, that's what we've been discussing changing, hm?"

She points a finger and sighs out, "Well, okay, perhaps the drought relief is more... a mingling of enjoyment with responsibility. But still. I cherish our time together, dear."

Rogue has posed:
With another sip of the tea taken, Rogue lowers the cup once more and just grins over at the other. "Don't worry. I'll ask permission this year. Kitty'n I are gonna take'em some pies too. Butter'em up before I ask. It's always a good strat t'employ." She jests before leaning forward to set the cup and saucer down on the table.

"Well.... I'm gonna start includin' you in some'a my own brand'a crazy then, Stormy." Rogue says as she grabs her gloves off the table and rolls them up before stuffing them in to a jacket pocket. "Sounds like we need t'help balance each other out a bit, and what are team mates for after all, yeah?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo flashes a smile and nods her head, "Good. Yes. I need a little crazy. And I'm going to drag you out to some concerts sometime! Perhaps even a club if you think you could handle _dancing!_!"

She finishes her tea with a soft sigh and a bright, wide smile. "Thank you for dropping in. It's been a simply spectacular afternoon. And I'm _fairly_ sure they're for wearing fuzzy antlers and cute red noses. I think I heard that somewhere."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins again as her hands drop down to the top of her thighs. "I'll go fetche'm out of that box sometime. Make sure they're not forgotten like last y ear. Wasn't like till Christmas that I had that stuff outta the box in the garage...."

The Belle rises up from her chair again and puts her hands on her hips as she sighs again. "Clubds have always been a bit worrisome for me, cause'a the close quarters contact. But... I've made some progress in that regard this year. So maybe it'd be good practice t'keep that focus up, and not drop a dance club'a people down to the floor cause they got too close t'me." She states with a smirk at Storm.

With a turn, Rogue walks around a bit, glancing around the apartment interior and its lovely decor. "Best room in the house..." She says softly again.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo shakes her head with a crooked grin, "Oh no, we'll make sure it's not a packed club, and I'll make sure no one gets closer to you than I do!" She clicks her tongue sharply, "I mean, that's what the responsible one around here would do, hm? And if you start finding the wind picking up to your thoughts or emotions, we'll slip out just to be safe."

She laughs softly and sighs out, "And Rogue, darling, if you're that jealous of it, I'll give you a key so you can drop in to relax time to time. Of course, maybe I'll visit your room. We can do some redecorating. Make sure it's comfortable and really reflects you. Only the best for my dear friend."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue meanders a bit throughout the apartment between the kitchen area and the living space. She glances back at Storm then with a grin. "You're the best." She says back to her. "But be advised, and remember, I got a dog in my room. He is finally gettin' passed his chew-on-everything phase, but he still sheds on everything, slobbers on everything, and claims it all for his own doggie empire. It's hard t'keep up with." She grins then before motioning to the lovely living area. "Can't quite compete with this." The Belle says before looking back.

"But! I welcome the attempts at helpin', and if I can sneak up here t'get away from the madness of down there sometimes... that's a big bonus too. We got more kids in this place this year than any'a the years I've been here before... It's a madhouse down there...." She states then with a heavy huffing sigh. "But yeah, I'll get outta your hair, go back down there and get myself cleaned up a bit. Thanks for the tea, Stormy baby." The Belle says with a big warm smile toward ORoro a few paces away.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo lets Rogue wander, admire, practically downright _snoop_ should she be so inclined as she laughs and shakes her head, "Hey! I'm sure he's a wonderful dog, and we'll get along fine. We'll be your best friends. And only one of us will sometimes chew on your things."

She shakes her head and stands smoothly to close those paces, reaching out, arms lifting, falling about Rogue's neck and squeezing in a slow embrace, her voice dropping to a whisper, "And you never have to compete with my decoration! Do your own thing. Believe in yourself, if you decorate half was well as you dress to impress, you will _easily_ be my equal."

The weather goddess pulls back and winks, "And if you don't, well, that's what that bourbon is for, no?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Storm as she steps back to her and gives her the hug to help bolster her morale. One of the reasons that the Belle came up here was because she knew Storm knew Remy well, maybe better than she even knows him... There was a good chance that Ororo could help build her spirits up again, and she was doing just that.

The hug is given back, along with a little laugh. "Oh, the bourbon is for a lotta things, let me assure you." Rogue says with a grin back before she pats Storm's side with her left hand. "I'll be back in a bit, I think, we can hang out and share crazy stories. I wanna know more'a yours." She tells the other while smiling at her before stepping toward the roof access door, aka the direction where everyone goes to smoke cigarettes.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo nods her head and grins, beginning to tidy up the remnants of their tea and sighing out, "If there are cigarette butts out there, just kick them off into the gutter! ...They're probably not mine!"

Because of course weather goddesses have no vices. Of course. But Ororo feels a little better, it's true, she does enjoy trying to be the rock for her friends to rely upon in stormy seas. And after such a brief reunion with Remy, her own emotions were more... angry at the cajun than hurt. But even those are forgotten for now. Or at least, she tamps down on the voice in her head reminding her they're still there. She can deal with them another day. When Remy's in broom-hitting range.