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Rumble in the Alleys
Date of Scene: 24 October 2021
Location: Alleyway
Synopsis: Rogue meets Juggernaut in the shady sides of town. He recruits her to go find some fights to blow off steam.
Cast of Characters: Cain Marko, Rogue

Cain Marko has posed:
It's a pretty typical evening in New York. There are plenty of people on the main streets, bustling too and fro. The City That NEver Sleeps and all that. But there's the occasional person in the more seculuded spots. The back alleys and spots behind vairous businesses. Some homeless people, some people who took wrong turns, and of course, the predators. Those were always about. Even if superfreaks did a ot of the big crimes, the little ones were still being handled by the same old thugs.

Behind a certain bar, an example of that was in progress. A couple or burly man, each of them six plus feet tall, are beating up a drunken looking man in a fairly nice suit. One of them has his arms pinned behind his back, while the other one slams his fists repeatedly into his stomach. Eventually it's too much, and the man being beaten empties his bar tab all over the alley floor. Disgusted, the guy holding him lets him go and pushes him to the side. "You should have just given us the wallet." Then he bent over to fish around in one of his pockets, eventually producing said billfold. "Huh, he has more than I expected." "Yeah?" "Yeah. Prick musta been slummin or something." Lucky us."

The door to the bar opens again, light spilling out into the alleyway. Somebody filled the doorway almost entirely, built in a way that makes the two muscular thugs look almost scrawny. Holding a fist to his mouth, Cain burps, then blinks a few times as he considers what's happening in front of him. "Hunh." He'd forgotten his wallet at home, and was stepping out to see if there was anybody HE could shake down for a few quick bucks. What? A bully is a bully, at heart. The two muggers are watching him carefully. They were big, but for some reason they didn't want mess with whoever this way.

Wearing a tight red tee and similarly tight jeans over combat boots, Cain tromps out into the alley and lets the door close behind him. He glances at the guy on the ground, then pool of vomit, and his nose wrinkles in annoyance at the smell. Not that the alley smelled great to begin with. "The hell is wrong with you two? You're doing this right outside? Don't you got no brains?" One of the two gets up the nerve to say, "What's it matter to you?" That caused Cain to stop and consider. "Guess you got a point." Then he's suddenly striding up in front of the man, and unleashing a backhand at him, the light looking blow sending him flying into the back of the building opposite the bar. "Still, you sould speak with a lil respect."

The other thug blanched, hastily pulling a gun from his coat and pointing it at him. "Fuckin freak!" A few shots were fired, which predicably just bounced off of him. He turned towards that man with an even more irritated expression. Briefly charging, he wrapped his hand around the guys neck and lifted him off his feet, slamming him into the back of the bar. Choking, he clawed at his hand. Shaking a few more times, Cain eventually flicked his forehead, knocking him out before loosening his grasp. Feeling around in his pocket, he pulled out the muggers wallet then dropped him. Checking it for cash, he takes what's there then drops it before going to do the same to the other man. Soon, he has the contents of both and is counting his money, considering whether to take what was in the passed out drunks wallet as well.

Rogue has posed:
Its the gun shots that draw Rogue in. The pop pop pop in the night...

She sweeps in to the alley from the north east, her arms at her sides but spread out far and wide. She makes a hard turn and just silently sweeps in through the smelly alley air! Her quick flying motion drops her out of the sky and on to her yellow booted feet. She lands beside a puddle, the wedge heeled thigh-high boots bracing the woman in the green and gold bodysuit. Her white and brown hair wild around her shoulders as her green eyes scan the alley.

"Gross." She says firstly as her yellow gloved hands go in to her pockets and she pushes her leather jacket out some while she starts to walk around the alley taking in the sights and sounds of it all.

It's not like its hard to spot Cain either... she stops a bit away from him and watches him for a moment. "What ya up to, Sugah?" Rogue calls out to him, now leaning against a brick wall on her right shoulder, her eyes on him as he plays with his prey. "Havin' a fun night, I see??" She asks in her naturally sultry southern flavored voice.

Cain Marko has posed:
Cain has situational awareness when he cares enough to. He wasn't really paying attention at the moment though. So, he somehow misses the arrival of the southern bombshell flying in until she speaks to him. Then he straightens up, and turns her way. The brown hair with the white streaks was familiar to him, as was the voice. Though he mostly remembers it shouting at him in the middle of fights. No exact lines stuck out. Superhero stuff. His brows twitch, and he considers her. "Me? Just gettin some air. These two were muggin that guy over there. I wouldn't care normally, but they were annoying. So." He pockets the money now. "Why? You plannin on doin something about it, beautiful? I know you'd give me more of a fight than them at least."

He doesn't seem worried, even knowing about her power draining abilities. Maybe not the wisest. But then, nobody has ever accuused the Juggernaut of being a wise man, have they. "You were.... Rove? Rose? Rogue. That was it. Lil strange, seeing one of you all by your lonesome like this." He makes his way closer to her. He's considerably shorter than she's ever seen him before, if she even recognizes him. Around seven feet instead of over nine. And while he's smaller overall, his build is still one that would make professional bodybuilder weep in envy. You could practically count the muscles through the relatively thin amterial of hsi shirt. There were a couple of holes in it now. Soon he's looming over the lounging mutant woman, casually reasting a massive hand on the brick above her.

Rogue has posed:
As he pleads his case to her, Rogue drops her eyes back to the men that he beat up for their cash. She just smirks at his response to her and shakes her head. "Looks like this situation has resolved itself. Don't need my attention, so it seems." She replies as he makes his way toward where she's leaning. She keeps her hands in her leather jacket and just glances over her shoulder to the way she'd flown in. "I'm makin' a name for myself... Doin' my own hero stuff, ya know? It helps one rest their mind. Refresh and all that junk..."

She looks back now to see him looming over her. It makes her have to look up and up to meet his gaze as she's not even six feet tall in her wedge heeled boots... they only boosting her up to around 5'10'ish.

"You look shorter than I remember." She sasses him with a little growing grin. "Not been takin' quite so much protein lately?" She further teases.

Cain Marko has posed:
That draws a snort out of the still towering mystical metahuman. "Oh, you know. I get bigger when I'm really excited. That's how it works with guys. So you're going solo then? Not hanging with the X-Crowd? Probably for the best. Those guys always seemed a lil culty to me." He scratches at his chin with his free hand as he peers down at her, studying her face. "Hmm. You know, there's something I've always wondered about you mutant ladies." He reaches down, and lightly taps the tip of her nose with an oversized finger. "Why're you all so damned pretty? Did Chuck just refuse to hire any women that weren't tens? I could see him doin that. You can't trust a guy who's always rootin about in other peoples heads." Cain has mistrust of Charles! What a shocking development. "And also, what's 'Rogue' have to do with drainin energy outta folks? Some of those names you people use make sense. That one I don't get."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't shy away from the boop, she has some control over her power now, and its limited to her emotional condition. Since she's calm and collected right now he's safe from her wrath... unless she decided otherwise.

A smirk touches her lips then at what he says. "Since when did you become a weird charmer?" She asks the big man. "Last I saw you, you were just a pummelin' angry ball'a steroids." She pushes off the wall then and straightens up. "As for the Professah, he certainly seems t'have a type. But hey, we help all mutants, not just tens...." She smirks then as she walks past him with her boots clicking quietly on the wet pavement beneath her. She stops at the guys he knocked out and nudges one with the tip of her thigh high boot.

"You didn't kill'em did ya?" She asks him then as she glances back over her left shoulder at him, looking past the whites of her bangs. "Don't become a murderer on us now, Mista Marko..."

"And my name was given t'me by my aunt. Cause I couldn't stop runnin' away from her damn house when I was youngah." She notes while looking back down at the unconscious men that she is slowly walking around the bodies of now...

Cain Marko has posed:
He'd consider her being calm like that impressive, what with her knowing what he can do. But he has a very inflated view of himself. He can't help grinning at her question, flashing square white teeth. "I've always been charmin. I was just too busy trying to kill your boss before for you to find out about it. He's an asshole." His eyes move when she straightens and then walks past him, head and then body turning to track her. He's not afraid of her, but. That doesn't mean he's not going to keep track of her. He starts to walk after her, his own footfalls considerably deeper sounding than her own. Even at reduced size, he's considerably denser than a normal man. In ths literal sense anyway. He might not be all that smart, but he's not dumb either.

"Well, I didn't kill 'em on purpose if they are dead. Things happen sometimes. But these two aren't worth that." He follows behind her as she circles the two muggers, staying close to her. Very close. Testing the limits of the cool she seems to have. "Ah. So a pre-mutant name. Good to know I guess. I never got any nicknames from my family. Unless 'dumb little bastard' or 'waste of genetics' counted." He finally comes to a stop, reaching out a hand and sliding it around her waist ot stop her stalking. "Hey. If we're goinna have a conversation, why don't we head somewhere else? You might be be pleasent to be around, but the smell of puke is less so."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her phone out and is dialing the NYPD when the hand goes out and around her waist. She looks back over her shoulder where she just gives Cain a big smirk. She's about to reply to him when the Dispatcher answers...

The Belle spends a few minutes telling the Cops where to come to find the injured men before she hangs up the phone. She lowers it down to her side and turns to face the big man before she takes a tentative step back! He's tall after all! Or maybe she just wants some distance incase he tries something!

"The Professah saved my life, so watch it..." She warns him with a small smirk. Her eyes look left and right then before back at him. "Where you headed next? To another bar fight?" She then asks... apparently she's looking for all kinds of trouble tonight.

Cain Marko has posed:
Cain rolls his eyes when she calls the police. "They'll wake up eventually." But still, he waits while she does that instead of just leaving. He also has that tab inside he wanted to pay with the stolen money but... eh. While she's distracted on the phone, he scoops up the third wallet and empties it as well. Wow, more than the other two combined. Nice. He places it down instead of dropping it so she won't hear. Though there's every chance she'll notice anyway. When she finally turns back to him he shrugs. "He ruined mine. But fair enough." He turns and starts to walk back out of the alley. Seemingly thinking she'll follow him, and not checking if he's right. "Maybe. When you don't sleep, you find whatever you can to pass the hours. A bar fight would be fun. Or maybe I'll watch a movie. Or flirt with some pretty dame." Once at the mouth of the alley, he glances in iether direction. "What about yourself? Gonna stick with me for a while? Or are you gonna head back to looking for business to stick your nose into?" He glances at her over his shoulder, and grins. "You're fun to flirt with. But I don't really feel like a coma tonight, so I guess I'll not apply that full Marko charm." You can't fault him for lack of confidence. Or at least, thea ppearance of it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't really care if Cain took their money either. She sees the empty wallets, but doesn't question it. She's more about the fights, it might seem the more one watches why she's out here. Stopping crime is one thing, but... caring about these guys and their money? Doesn't really mean much to her.

She does turn to watch himn go and does linger in thought for a moment before she sighs heavily and just raises up in the air to fly after him!

She lands on his left again and looks up at him. "I'm dangerous. That's right." She says at him with a light grin. "So watch yourself, Sugah." She notes with a yellow gloved hand pointing over and up at his chest. She drops the hand then and sighs heavily. "I can't find any good brawls tonight. So I'm guessin' you know where the fun stuff is?" She asks then.

Apparently she is coming with him. "I got steam t'blow off, ya know. Faces need punchin' in. People need knockin' out..."

Cain Marko has posed:
Cain raises a brow down at Rogue. "So you're lookin to beat the shit outta some guys to relax? Don't seem very heroic of you, kid." He smiles though. "But I am liking you more and more the longer we talk." He wraps his thick arm around the relatively petite mutant woman, gathering her in against his side. Dangerous or not, it apparently doesn't bother him. "Hmmm. I'm sure if we go into the wrong parts of town with you there, somebody'll make a bad decision..." Some men are pretty predictable in that regard. The mystical mutate continueing to chat with the brunette southern belle as they head off into the night looking for potential trouble.