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Slow Day, huh
Date of Scene: 27 October 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Halloween Preparations are fully underway with the X-Men.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Tabitha Smith, Noriko Ashida, Ororo Munroe, Remy LeBeau, Jean Grey

Rogue has posed:
The home stretch until Halloween. Rogue had had a lot of errands to run today. She had to pick up decorations that were needed or ruined from last year, especially for the party this weekend.

There are bags of stuff being set on to the kitchenette counters with loads of Halloween themed things inside them, not just candy even though several of the students had already been chased off who were happily expecting that, only to be harshly denied by the Belle. Rogue is wearing a pair of denim coveralls with the straps up over her shoulders over a green and white baseball tee-shirt, her brown hair done up in two braided pig tails while her whites hang loose around her shoulders. She's unloading the bags and setting aside all the stuff in to sorted piles.

"So mosta this stuff is gonna go back near the pool cause people always go around the pool for the food and heated water before we close it off for winter..." She says to whomever is near her.

"This stuff..." She says to a huge pile of decorations. "Needs t'go out to the hedge maze that we've been puttin' together.... especially in the center of it. So flyers need t'take that out there, otherwise ya might get lost in the hedge." She says with a big grin.

There are of course kids playing video games loudly in the sitting area of the rec room too.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Having just returned inside from finishing up the last of the ugly carved pumpkins setup like a pumpkin patch near Breakstone Lake, Tabitha is wiping off her hands with a moist towelette as she walks into the recreation room to head toward the video games. She stops when she hears what Rogue says about the decorations and heads toward Rogue and company instead as she announces, "Well the Great Ugly Pumpkin Patch is ready down by the lake. We finally got the last of them carved."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is usually first to come and see WHAT DID ROGUE BRING.  Has Nori hopped in the back of Rogue's truck on her way back from a grocery run?  Maybe.  But Noriko's presence helping for events is not unheard of, even if it might surprise people who don't know her very well yet.

"Hey."  Noriko steps back when Rogue mentions the pool as if to let someone else go for that.  "I think I'll focus on the hedge maze stuff.  I can set it down for fliers so they can place stuff in?" she offers.  Then she looks back to Tabitha, "Shit.  Are there any left?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo comes breezing into the rec room, if not literally at least figuratively. She takes in the relative chaos with her usual regal serenity... which is to say, she tries to look distant, authoritative, and like someone who doesn't have the power of flight to lug decorations into the hedge maze. But then Noriko's volunteering for hedge maze duty! Or at least part of it.

Finely honed survival instincts kick in as Ororo speaks up smoothly, confidently... a little self-servingly, "Don't worry yourself, Noriko. I can assist with the pool setup." She eyes Tabitha and perks her eyebrows, "How ugly _are_ the ugly pumpkins? Should I be worried if I go for an evening walk?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
At the moment, the one near Rogue would be one Remy Lebeau. The Ragun' Cajun was dressed in clothes ready to work, namely just a black tee with simpler jeans, his hair let down to his shoulders and his constant 5 o'clock shadow unbothered. Is he finally going to grow a beard? Or is it the constant game of leaving it where it lies? Who knows for certain. Though Remy looks at all the Halloween stuff that Remy's eyes track through the motions.

"I can take it out to de hedge maze, Chere. I'm not much for the decoratin' an' the prettyin' up of de place, but I can make de attempt." Eyes drift over to her. "Long as you're patient wit' me, I can try for it." Remy's eyes drift over to the kids playing the video games, as if trying to discreetly figure out who's winning.

Though his attention turns to Ororo, Tabitha, and Noriko when the ladies arrive. "Bonjour."

Remy bows his head, though his attention returns to Rogue. "Seems we got ourselves a petite army, no? Many hands make light work."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith nods to Noriko, "There are plenty of carving pumpkins still around, just not in my Great Pumpkin patch." She grins broadly at Ororo, "Well I was offering a prize for ugliest carved pumpkin and the students took me seriously. They are pretty gruesome. It's awesome." Finally she says, "I can help with whatever."

Rogue has posed:
Some of the young high school students at the sofas start chanting. "candy, Candy, Candy." Which garners a glare from Rogue. She looks then to Tabi approaching and smiles at her before nodding softly. "Well done. I'm sure it looks totally awesome. We're tryin' t'spread out the people this year so we're not all clogged around the pool and patio like we were last year... The adults get those areas. So the more crazy fun stuff we put out on the grounds further out... the more it should ... funnel the loud ones out that way."

the chant from the sofa continues until the video game stops loading in to its match and the shooting resumes... then the kids are zoned out again.

Rogue puts her hand on a bag filled with fake cob webbing. "this should be good for the pumpkin patch area, Tabi too. If ya wanna ... I hate this stuff, I can never get it t'work, but those who are good with it make it look great." She smirks then before her eyes go to Storm and Nori. "Honestly? I'd like you both on the Hedge Maze... Nori you'd be perfect for the ground arrangement and Ororo you could monitor what she's doing from above... seems like a perfect tag team." She says with a grin at the both of them then.

Her hands then pull out the two bottled drinks that she and Remy got at the store and she offers him his. A smile is given to the Cajun. "No. No maze work for you. You'll get lost inside." She teases him. "I'm kiddin'." She says as she pops the lid open. "What I'd like ya t'do, Remy is take all the graveyard stuff and get some'a the Senior Boys t'go decorate the area leadin' to the pumpkin patch between the maze and patch... See the idea is that people run the maze and then go down toward the patch where the candy and food is waitin'. Then there's drinks and food down there for the kids. While the adults get t'hang out around the pool and patio area... Make the graveyard all supa spooky'n crap." She says before taking a drink out of her flavored sweet tea.

Jean Grey has posed:
Run, it's the Headmistress!

Jean's timely arrival may hint at her checking up on how things are going with the Party Committee, although in fact she is just walking past in the hallway when she gets a particularly strong wave of assorted holiday-themed mental vibes from the large gathering in the rec room. So she stops at the door and semi-literally pokes her head in to see what's going on.

"Oh, you got everything!" she exclaims, when she catches sight of Rogue's huge haul of assorted goodies and decorations. And apparently, once she's seen all the holiday magic underway, she can't keep herself from it, and wanders on in. She's in full fall theme as is usual these days, in a russet ribbed sweater, dark green skirt and leather boots.

"Wow, just look at all of this," she murmurs, as she enters and gets more of a complete look at things. But more than that, she takes note of the Halloween mastermind's handing out of assignments to her troops. "It sounds like you've got quite a setup planned. Maybe even more than last year." She looks impressed!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh good."  Noriko doesn't seem to pay much attention after knowing there are still leftovers, pumpkins that is.  When Rogue gives her orders, Noriko kicks her heels together and salutes with her gauntlet.

"So," Noriko pivots, blurrily fast toward Ororo, "You and I on the maze then?  I can get this stuff over there really quick."  In fact, Noriko just starts doing that, because apparently she can't wait for anyone else to help her.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs softly as she fails to avoid being assigned maze duty. But she's not alone! She nods as Noriko zips and blurs and speeds in short order. "Oh, yes! ...I mean, I could _try_ to get them there with the winds, but that seems like a risky proposition."

Eyebrows perk as Noriko gets right to work and Ororo frowns thoughtfully, "Of course, hopefully we can make it appropriately spooky."

Ororo doesn't really trust herself to do that, but hey, Noriko's got the vim and vigor of youth! Surely between them they can manage one spooky.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You de boss, Chere." Remy replies with a bit of a nod. "Hah, hah, hah. No faith in ol' Remy." He replies with all the sass he can muster. "But, it true. Don't like the mazes, unless I'm bein' chased into one of de more complex ones. Keep it simple for me, will you?" He smirks. Though with Ororo and Noriko on the Hedge Maze. "With their abilities, should be easy, no?"

Remy's hand reaches out to accept the bottle drink that he got from the store with her, lifting it in cheers to her as he takes a long swig. "Graveyard stuff, you got it. Gimme a little bit o' power over dem senior boys an' you'll watch me work my magic. Believe me, de pumpkin patch will look like it got 'it wit' de Halloween magic." Remy smirks. "an' you'll owe me a good game o' de cards later, Chere p'tite." He smirks, though his eyes shift to the arrival of Jean Grey.

"Damn, it's de Headmaster.' Remy says teasingly to Jean. "You wan' to help us wit' dis?" Remy questions Jean. "Rogue got a good idea to try an' funnel de crazy kids an' leave de pool for us adults." Remy looks at Rogue and gives her a wink, before he looks back to Jean. "By de way, good to see you, Jeannie."

Remy gives her a two-finger salute before his eyes turn to Ororo. "Only wit' de webbin'." He smirks.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith takes the cobweb stuff from Rogue and says, "I have the perfect technique for this stuff. Throw it up in the air wrapped around a time bomb and it scatters out perfectly. Ya just hafta be okay with potentially gettin' covered in the stuff. Anybody wanna help me with it?" This is asked with the gleeful kind of mischief the Boomer is known for.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue beams past her lowered drink when Jean arrives. "Oh... I got everything..." She says in that loaded sultry voice of hers, never missing an opportunity! She twists the cap back on to her bottle and sets it aside amongst all the bags. "This is gonna be way bigger than last year. Like I was sayin', last year the traffic was clogged around the pool and patio with the older people on the patio complainin' about kids gettin' in the way. Ya know, remember the Professah and his old man friend who had a ragin' cajun for ya, Jeanie?" Rogue asks with a big grin to the Headmistress.

The Belle starts to pull items out of the bags again, a lot of gravestones and ... plastic bags filled with dead body parts.... oh Halloween... She piles all this stuff up on another counter with her back facing everyone, the numbers 69 on her baseball tee covered up by the denim straps of her coveralls, and 'ROGUE' above the numbers.

She hears Tabi's response about the webs and it makes her laugh as she turns around again. "That doesn't just burn it all up?" She asks the Boomer of Boomers. "I mean if it works, that sounds pretty great. Drag some'a those lumps off the sofa t'go outside for at least once this week." She says of the teens shooting themselves to death on the video game console. "Actually, I'd like t'see that myself, honestly..."

She moves some of the party supplies out, the more basic stuff like napkins and plates on to the center counter and bar area. "What I need is people t'run the course once its finished too and make sure it looks good, so... just... ya know, the whole thing feels 'full' and not with borin' gaps in between areas and sections. No bald spots, ya dig?" She then says with a smirk for eeeeeveryone... except Nori who took off!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko works pretty quickly to get the stuff moved over.  It doesn't take her very long, but then suddenly she is sucking on a juice pack as she looks up to locate and track Ororo.  She waves, letting lightning strike out between her fingers to flash and get her attention.  A large pile of decorations sits behind her.

Noriko taps her foot in a blur as she looks to the entrance of the maze.  SHE WANTS TO RUN IT SO BAD.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I'm happy to pitch in," Jean answers Remy with a grin, before turning a somewhat melodramatically uncertain, wide-eyed look back toward Rogue. "That is, if the Party Committee head will have me!" Rogue may never be allowed in the Finer Things club, but this is clearly her domain!

Of course, whatever mysteriously loaded 'everything' Rogue may be referring to only earns a knowing smirk from the redhead. "Oh did you? Niiice-" Which she quickly straightens out, resuming a more prim and stereotypically 'Headmistress'-ly demeanor. "I mean, it's good you got everything we'll need!" And then just as quickly, her brow scrunches inward as the other woman starts going on about her popularity with Charles' aging academic cohort. Finally, she just clears her throat. Ahem!

"Anything I can help you carry?" Ignoring all the nonsense, absent instructions, this is how she initially volunteers to assist, gathering up whatever sundry odds and ends don't make it onto Rogue's big pile. At one point, as something threatens to sliiiiide off the huge load the Belle is balancing, it suddenly gets an unseen nudge back into place.

Then, on another topic. "'Roro, you thought about a costume yet? You're welcome to join us for the group one, but I realize it's a little..."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith shakes her head, "Nope. As long as I don't make the bombs too big they don't burn up. They just blow apart. I think I have the right size figured out. I'm going to head down to the lake and blow some out over the pumpkins then head back to the maze and toss up the rest." She turns toward the door and waves with the cobwebs as she goes.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo's eyebrows perk up and she stares at Jean for a long moment, "I mean... I have... a lot of time, there's like... what, a week left? Four days? That's almost the same thing. It's certainly not that I haven't got any ideas..." She frowns thoughtfully and hums out, "I mean... you know, we could... I could definitely join the group one..." Her eyes dart about, "Not because there's only a few days left and I haven't even thought of anything. Of course."

Ororo tries to split her time between zipping out into the sky above the hedge maze to pick up and drop off various decorations, trying _not_ to laugh at poor Noriko for how badly she clearly wants to run the maze already, and darting back to the rec room to consult Rogue and Jean on ideas for better maze decorating ideas.

She only comes back in with fake cobwebs in her hair from flying into the paths of Tabitha's ingenious aerial delivery method once or twice.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I'm just happy to be where de fun is." Remy tells the gang, though his eyes rest on Jean and he smirks at her. "Good, we'll need all de help we can get." He notices that little lapse in her normally serious composure and Remy actually happens to laugh a little bit. "Hah! I knew she could relax when de party is gettin' goin'." Remy smirks at her a moment, though He looks around. "ol' Remy allowed to bring de drugs?" he stage whispers, his hand blocking his face to Tabitha and Ororo as he asks the Headmistress.


Though he seems to lean away and shrug a little bit. "Oh, dat reminds me." His eyes turn to Rogue a moment, a question lingering in his eyes. "What are we dressin' as? We pairin' or we seperate ideas? Mario an' Luigi?" He smirks at Rogue mischievously.

He picks up the Graveyard stuff though. "I should take care o' dis 'fore it's too late and Chere don' lemme live it down." He chuckles, and winks at Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't even notice Jean's mind save of keeping her stuff from falling over, thats how subtle the trick is! Or how little the Belle pays attention... She reaches for her drink bottle and takes another sip of it while Nori and Storm go out the double doors on to the patio and beyond. She watches Tabi do the same and waves to her. "Hope it works out, that stuff wasn't cheap!" she chides the bomber one...

At the talk of costumes, Rogue looks back to Remy, Jean and Storm when she comes back. "I got two for the party. Belle from Disney." She says with a smile. "Nothin' scantily clad for me this year... not that I was last year neither. Velma from the Scoobs was, and is, hard t'beat, but I figure Belle's two dresses will be fun. That was the theme we decided this year. Disney characters... I think I might be the only one holdin' to it though..."

She looks toward Nori. "Oh, hey. I got somethin' else too." Rogue says as she reaches for some of the larger boxes she brought in on the wagon. One is setup after another.

"Fog machines!" She says happily, then frowns and looks at the writing on the boxes. "I hope these are fog machines, and not bug poison foggers.... that'd be bad..."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's eyes widen as she spurts over to look at the larger boxes, in the larger boxes.  She laughs and shrugs.  "I can get people out if anyone feels sick.  No big deal."  Sure.  No big deal!

"These are so cool.  So did you rent these or can we use them for other stuff after?  How much did they cost?"  Noriko fires off quickly as she quickly unpacks one.  "Did you have an idea on placement?  Does the fog stuff cost a lot?  Can we test it?"

Jean Grey has posed:
"I'm sure we could brainstorm something fun! And either way, if you need any help with it, let me know," Jean tells Ororo. "I've still got a few connections down in the Fashion District. Never hurts if you need a couple bolts of overly specific costuming fabric on very short notice."

That said, Jean's connections sound like they're way less cool than Remy's! Who, by the way, gets his answer by way of adult-specific mental blast: << I can't exactly say yes in front of the students, but I'm not going to tell you how to enjoy the faculty after-party... >>

Then she turns back on Rogue with a shocked look. "Pft. Like I'd ever let you go alone! But I didn't know you were doing outfit changes..." There's almost accusation in her tone. "That's really upping the stakes! And I can't let you one up me..." Frown. "I suppose mine technically has a handful of different outfits too, but I don't know if anyone would really recognize the other ones. At least I'll be set for the pool!" She doesn't say out loud who she's doing, despite Rogue spilling the beans.

As for Rogue's machines she calls over after Noriko: "Considering she buys her own flamethrowers, I doubt she cheaped out and went for rentals..."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo eyes Rogue's fog machines with a thoughtful little frown and a raised eyebrow, "Do... the boxes have pictures of dead bugs on them? Or a bunch of skull and crossbone poison symbols? I mean, if they _just_ have skulls, it could still be Halloween branding."

She sighs and shakes her head, "I'm afraid the only logical course of action is for us to set one up in the garage next to a case of Molson and call Logan over."

Ororo eyes Jean at that little mental adult-specific message, and clears her throat softly to reply to the _spoken_ words, "Oh! I don't think I'll need anything quite so fancy. I mean, I don't think a few days is enough time to get a _tailored_ costume made, but... I'm sure the internet has a wide variety of appropriate or inappropriate yet quality made costumes. ...Say, can I borrow your credit card?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks to Nori and just grins at her. "You can keep one after the party." She says almost like she has an idea of whats going on inside Nori's eyes while seeing her eye the box. She then nods to Storm with a little half grin. "I was just kiddin'. They were in the Halloween section, marked cheap already too cause we're almost t'the finish line. Some big guy was eyin' them too, but I gave him a dirty look an' he took off." She says proudly before smiling to Jean next.

"Hey. All's fair in costume'n'war." She says to the Headmistress with a raise of her drink and a delighted sip from it.

A glance is given to Remy then and she nods once to him. "Partners in costumin' is up to you, but really anythin' from Disney is the style we're shootin' for here overall."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I think she's right...for safety," Noriko pipes up, kicking her the thumb of her gauntlet toward Ororo.  "Just hot box him and see what happens, but I think if you hotboxed someone with a fog machine they'd probably pass out too...not enough oxygen," she rattles on, clearly excited about the machines...still.

"Wait, she does?!  You do?  Is she messing with me?"  Noriko looks to Rogue.  "Really?!  Thank you!"  It's a rare show of exuberance from the speedster.  "Hahaha.  You did good.  This is going to be awesome!"

Jean Grey has posed:
"There are appropriate costumes for sale on the internet?" Jean wonders, somewhat dubiously. "Google image search has lied to me!" She seems to eye Ororo a moment then, as if measuring her up for one of any number of said internet-purchased horrors. "I think a lot of those pre-done costumes are pretty cheap, like those Spirit Halloween style things? 'Though I'm sure you can find much fancier ones." There's a pause, before she adds, minorly conspiratorially. "Some places, they're not necessarily in a holiday section, but you can check under 'roleplaying...'"

Oh my!

As for Rogue's boasting, it's here she points out: "Oh, -all's- fair, hmmmmm? You know, this is one topic where if I decide to play dirty, you've got no chance at all. I could do a hundred costume changes, if I wanted." Their little competitions ALWAYS eventually turn toward powers and cheating!

Remy just gets a quick laugh. "Yeah, it's a group thing the faculty does, not couples. But you could be some Disney Prince if you wanted. A lot of them are kind of same-y and boring, but there's got to be something interesting..."

And Noriko? "Oh, I WISH I was messing with you."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I'll go take care o' dis, you all just have a good time, yeah? licksty split, be right back. Though if you're beauty, does dat make me de beast?" Remy questions Rogue as he starts to take off to go boss some seniors around.

Jeans telepathic message makes him grin ear to ear, and he winks knowingly, though he looks at the others. "I'll see you all around no?" and off he goes.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo eyes Jean, and just _thinks_ loudly at her. Oh, it's not really words, just a rush of emotions she's sure the telepath will pick up. Amusement, friendship. Wicked intent. You know, all those normal, fine things. "Oh, I'm sure they've got appropriate enough options." is all she actually _says_. She quirks an eyebrow and hums softly, "Well, I think I need to go buy a few costumes with rush delivery."

She flashes a grin to Remy and lifts her hand to wiggle fingers in a little wave to departing cajun, "Wait... are you _not_ going as Gaston? Think about it!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been smirking at the bit about Logan and the fog machine but she just lets it lie there as she looks to Nori and nods her head lightly toward the teen. "I mean there's four of'em there, and they're probably just gonna sit in the closet after this weekend. So might as well use one if ya want it. It has some instructions on how it all works... they had one on a table at the store." She indicates as she leans over the counter and puts her forearms down upon it around her drink bottle.

She looks to Jean and grins at her. "No cheatin', Red." She warns the Headmistress as she averts her stare to Remy on his way out. "Hank'll sue ya if ya go as the Beast, Mistah. But that's a risk that's up t'ya if you wanna take it." She tells him as he starts back the way they came from.

Her eyes drift over to Storm then and she smiles at her. "I need t'see what ya buy, Stormah." She tells the other woman then. "BEFORE the party.... So's I know ahead'a time! No surprises!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is...measuring the fog machine now, and then she rushes off to start determining the best placement now that she has a better feel for where the other decorations are.  She also gets a kick out of briefly plugging them in and then running like hell to leave a little trail as it putters out.  No one else really gets to enjoy this fully, but it's clearly observable what she's doing since she goes back and forth more than a few times before taking off for the maze.

"I can't believe I haven't found them yet," Noriko pipes up to Jean, pausing just long enough to catch her reaction.  Then she starts 'testing' the other machines by kicking them up and then running around people and creating little vortexes.  "Yep.  They all work!"

Jean Grey has posed:
Even without words, Ororo's thoughts leave Jean's expression almost sparkling with delight. "Definitely. Get a few. Always helps to have options." And since Rogue is insisting they see them ahead of time, she goes on to suggest: "We can make our own little fashion show of it, ahead of time. Compare options. See if we can't spice things up." Clearly, some wicked work is being devised, here!

As for Rogue's own command?

"Me? Cheat?" Such innocence! Such show of injured pride! And yet, even as Jean clasps a shocked hand to her chest, her sweater and skirt move through a succession of colors, each still paired in a fashionable match, as if she were going through all the spectrum of the fall leaves, the seasonal display the region is so famous for, attracting annoying tourists from all around.

"I'd never cheat," she declares, after this display of unreasonable power used for such a petty cause as a quick outfit change. Wink.

"Rogue knows if she lets the students get to them I will hold her personally responsible." Again, the reply to Noriko is brief as her here-and-there appearances allow, and delivered deadpan-serious.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs softly and favors Jean with a bright grin, "Oh my! A pre-party fashion show? Well, now I really can't disappoint you girls." She sighs and shakes her head slowly, murmuring out, "My my. Such pressure."

If anything, Ororo doesn't fault Jean for her use of vast cosmic power to show off. After all, it's a very pretty display! Also, glass houses and throwing rocks, and it's not as though Ororo hasn't been behind some unseasonably warm trends from time to time when she's _really_ wanted a day at the beach.

Rogue gets a flashed grin and perked eyebrows, "Oh, come now dear! We can find a use for these fine machines before next Halloween. Christmas fog! Easter fog! ...Arbor day fog?"

She sighs and points a finger at Rogue with a grin, "And you, my lovely flying friend... no hovering outside trying to peek through my window. I shall be paying _close_ attention to the airspace, yes?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans over the bar counter on her forearms and grins as she listens to the others. Thankfully the boys at the gaming console across the room don't hear the three older women talking about a fashion show, unless they're hiding it well!

Rogue's eyes go to Nori then and she smiles at her. "Hey, I need you to do somethin' else too. Make sure the maze isn't infiltrated by any'a the students before the party. If that means stayin' up all night out there with Jubes, then so be it. Keep'em out, okay?" She asks, not having that authority to grant either of those two the ability to stay up all night, but sure!

Her eyes sweep over to Storm and Jean and she just grins lightly. "I'll peep if I wanna! Get blasted by lightnin' that is..." She adds that last part with a smirk to chase the words.

"I don't mind showin' you two the costumes I got though, if you both can get your acts together an' actually get out and get somethin' for Ro before its too late." Which of course she puts entirely on Jean and her fashion connections. "Rare 'bolts' or whatever ya need, just make it happen, Cap'n."

She twists the lid off her bottle and straightens up again to take a sip from it.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"That should be easy."  Noriko doesn't sleep much, or at least, not like other people.  "I mean it's not like Jubes isn't already up all night, and I don't have any school at night so," she shrugs.  "Doable...you have any cheap walkies?"

"Well just because I find something doesn't mean I use it, take it, whatever," which now should strike fear into the heart of everyone considering the great New Years teacher raid of '21.  "Don't worry though.  She's done her job...so far."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean does not contradict Rogue's bedtime authority. Holidays have different rules, and here she bows to the Party Planning Committee.

"Well, call it a show, or just call it us doing last-minute adjustments and touch-ups with a few extra sets of eyes," she allows, then, bringing the conversation back from it's suggestive heights to something more grounded and friendly. A little bit of simple pre-game girl's time. "It never hurts to have a second opinion outside of the mirror, right?" In other words: you need someone to tell you how your butt REALLY looks! Essentials, people! Beyond that, she laughs lightly at the thought of assorted peeping and resultant lightning-blasts, taking none of it too seriously "I do actually want some second opinions on mine."

Noriko remains the true Halloween terror, of course. And now, with the fashion matters mostly settled, she just turns a surveying look toward all the party stuff they've managed to haul out, however things may be starting to shape up. And finally, she turns back to Rogue once more. "This is really shaping up to turn out great, I think?" Not that she sounds doubtful in the least. "Anything else you need last-minute, oh brave captain of spookytown?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo nods solemnly, "Oh yes, the mirror can never be fully trusted. Friends are the final judge of costume quality." She grins crookedly and points back and forth between Jean and Rogue, "So I'm going to run upstairs, browse, buy, pay extra for shipping, and we're going to make sure we're all _totally_ on point for the party."

She points at Nori and murmurs dryly, "And you, if you stay out all night, try not to zap anyone... after all, 'tis the season for Frankensteins." And with that very serious warning, Ororo is off to engage in some evening costume shopping. Fortunately, computers always know what you need, and she's sure to get immediate popups and banner ads for what she wants.