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Date of Scene: 28 October 2021
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Pam and Harley come across a Foot Clan attack! This calls for a drink at HFC.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley

Shredder has posed:
    The Foot Clan has been expanding. For those who know the underworld of New York, it isn't that big a secret. Still, that doesn't mean everyone is willing to just roll over and accept it. The Frendellis have run a corner of Brooklyn for decades. A mafia with a lower budget, the family has managed to keep their control through a fairly good repuation with the locals. They run their business, nobody gets in their way, and on their three block radius, not a lot of muggings happen.

    Which is why what happens tonight is a little unusual. A young woman, maybe 25 years old and wearing a good deal higher level of fashion than is normal for the area, screams out. Three youths, perhaps college age, have her cornered, and right on the middle of the street. Surely they know this is a terrible idea, but the three young men hold the woman at gun point, right under the street light.

Harley Quinn has posed:
So it was that in this fated night there's quite a famous Gotham pair walking the streets. The disaster force itself! Harley and Ivy! The clownette is dressed in her usual self, shorts and t-shirt, sneakers. Bubble gum (hey, it's part of her style so it's part of her ensemble too!). Hands are on her backpockets and she is wandering alongside Ivy.

"So, waterin' Frank is it? Do we need ta get him some kinda special watah? Like, you know ..., the weed kind? Because .., I didn't really wanna say anythin' but ..." and she leans closer to Ivy, "... but he looks sorta like an addict..." a sagely nod given.

Whatever else might be spoken is cut short by the scream heard not far from where they are. "What the heck! This ain't Gotham foh these kinda muggings ta be happenin'" she starts to run in.

"Come on, lets check it out." She tells her partner in crime. Onwards to danger!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy's dressed down, casual, dark leggings, green high-collar jacket over a rather plain shirt, hair swept back out of her face, her own hands tucked into the pockets of that jacket.

"No, if Frank wants to get high he can get his own hookup, just... you know, make sure he doesn't wilt. Or throw a party or something. I just feel like taking him to space is the start of a really low budget horror movie, and I'm not risking it around Halloween."

Ivy's about to continue on, probably on a diatribe about modern cinema's need to change up their horror tropes... but then there's a horror trope worthy scream in the distance.

Ivy fights back a grimace... this seems like a bad idea, what with her being a barely reformed criminal and all, and the NYPD seeming like they probably aren't going to be big on taking her word on that reformation. But Harley's already at a run, and, well, that's life with Harls. Plus, hey, she can totally prove to herself that she's turning over a new leaf... like, maybe it's just a fire, and she'll dial 911 and stuff like a responsible citizen.

Still, she falls in beside Harley at a run, no matter how worried she is... aaaaaand then she's rounding the corner to see the tableau of urban crime. Well nuts. That's not an apartment fire at all.

Shredder has posed:
    The acting is pretty bad in this horror flick. The young blonde woman begs dramatically for mercy. MERCY! The guys seems to be taking their time, threatening her rather than actually doing anything to assault her.

    "Hand it over, nice and easy, right?" they demand.

    "Please, it's all I have!" comes the loud mouthed response. Still, they do nothing to silence her at all. Perhaps mildly peculiar behavior from both the woman and her attackers. Down the street, someone opens their door, looking on the event as they have a cell phone to their ear.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"A party is a great idea..!" Harley almost beams as Ivy speaks of Frank throwing a party. Oh yes, plans are already being made.. And oh no!

But no time to speak of those plans! There's a .., robbery afoot? Or ..., what the heck? "Woah, the girl is tryin' way too hard.." give it to Harley to know about acting, and making traps! She might have done something in her criminal days to get a caped crusader's response. She whispers to Ivy, "Yea, somethin' stinks heah, and it ain't spoiled pizza." she taps on her nose, "Eyes open!"

And then they are approaching, Harley waving her hand, "Hey, what's goin' on ovah theah? You guys makin' some amateur movie? OnlyFans? Somethin' a bit hottah..?" yep, totally not buying the act!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Pamela takes a moment to eye the entire situation as Harley takes _very_ much the wrong message abot Frank and parties... but hey, she's already given up on getting the security deposit back on her place. Besides, Harley's raising a point about this dire situation.

With the immediate adrenaline of 'Crime!' out of her system, Ivy frowns... that _is_ pretty hammy overacting. "Yeah... jeeze, are they filming a new Robocop? Maybe one of those guys is gonna get shot in the dick?"

Ivy's happy to let Harl draw all the attention with the shouting and waving, she just keeps her hands in her pocket and shuffles forward, although she's already reaching out to the various weeds in the lots and alleys around... just in case.

Shredder has posed:
    The three guys turn at once, as if ready to fight, only to be surprised when they see two women challenging them. The woman seems equally confused, stopping her performance. "What?" She says. "They are robbing me." Too late, she broke character.

    From down the street, though, the performance seems to have gotten some attention, as a group of five men exit their apartment buildings, converging in the center of the street about 30 yards away.

    "Look, you two wanna be next?" one of the young men with a decidedly Brooklyn accent asks. "It can be arranged." He's young, maybe twenty years of age, carrying himself as if he was much larger.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Are they, though...?" Harley makes that kind of face that she really doesn't believe it, nose wrinkled, cheeks puffed up. She shakes her head, continuing to brazenly approach without caring too much about the guns in their hands. And that they sort of outnumber her! But Ivy's got her back, she knows it! And besides, this seems like there's someone making a video somewhere. "If they weah robbin' ya you'd be shrilling like this ..." and she proceeds to let out an ear-piercing scream. She's got great lungs!

"Like this!" And after the scream she looks at the robbers, moving towards one. "And ya need ta be more assertive. Like holdin' theah arm firmly! Like this!" And she proceeds to take the man's arm and shake him. It's a strong shake too! Because super strength. But hey, she is giving a class here!

This is all fine and nice until there's a new group entering the scene. She looks back at Ivy, then at this new group. "So who are you guys? Are you part of the production crew?"

Harley may be a bit confused now!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Pamela shakes her head quickly, hands coming out of her pockets, lifting up palms out, face grimacing, "Ohhhh, no, sorry, I don't _do_ improv? Like, I mean, it's okay if that's your thing or whatever, it's just... not for me?"

When there's a sudden influx of new guys into the street, she can't help but sigh and pinch the bridge of her nose, "Okay, like, seriously guys I don't know what we've stumbled into here, but you guys really don't want to do this. I mean, you _want_ to, but that's because you're really dumb."

Ivy flinches at that Harley scream... sure, it's no Black Canary one, but it's actually somehow worse? Like, Black Canary's at least launches you through the air and knocks you out.

Ivy just keeps shaking her head as she turns to face the new group and walk towards them, "I mean, c'mon guys... think this through. She's a clown and I'm _green_, you know what that means, right? You see why this is a really bad idea for you? Just go to a sports bar and get some wings or something."

Shredder has posed:
    One of the approaching men raises a hand next to his head. He has a gun. "Look, you ladies having some trouble?" he asks. He's in his mid thirties. He glances at the blonde, at Harley, and at Ivy each individually. And completely, making sure he notices /all/ of them. He glances at the young men. "Gentlemen, I think you may be a little confused as to where you are."

    The young guys look at each other, and then back to the men who have just arrived. One of them seems to keep his attention on Ivy and Harley.

    "Yeah, I don't think we are," the young man says, faced with the fact that they have knives, and the men who have approached have guns, and they outnumber by one. He doesn't look scared about it.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh no, all is fine heah!" Harley tells the approaching guys with guns, "We awhe just rehearsin' some shit. Or well, they awhe.." she announces with a grin, "Just offerin' some actin' tips ya know?" a wink given, then a look back to the men with knives. "And really, ya guys brought knives ta a gun fight? What weah you thinkin'...?" she eyes then closely, "They ain't props though so ...." she looks back at Ivy. "Ives, my spidey sense is tinglin...'"

Yep, spider sense! Because they are in New York now, not Gotham! Got to go with the local heroes!

"Somethin' tells me these guys are gonna start crappin' on each other reaaaaal sooon." she lifts her hands. "Look, everyone still has time ta go back home!", she suggests, because she is a nice clown!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy sighs out loudly. This is... like, yeah, she's totally trying to go... well, if not legit, at least _less violent_, but like, it's not violent to let these two groups of morons fight it out, is it? "Listen, guys, really, you want to call this a wash and go home for the evening. Yeah yeah, they brought knives to a gun fight, but you brought guns to a fight you seriously don't want to be starting."

She gestures frustratedly at her face, "I mean, I _cannot_ emphasize this enough. I'm Green. She's a clown. You have to know what that means! You have to know who we are! You do _not_ want this shit, seriously!"

She glances back at Harley with a frown, "Like, are New York thugs self-absorbed or something? Do they not get the news from Gotham? They made some terrible knockoff TV show episode about me or something, isn't that high profile enough for these dweebs to know what's going on?"

Ivy's actually kind of genuinely insulted... but at least it's only insulted enough for vines to be crawling out of the alleys along the ground... they don't even have chomping mouths or anything. She's being _really_ nice.

Shredder has posed:
    The young men don't seem to notice the vines crawling along the alley, but the opposing group does. One of them puts it together. "Joe," he comments, tapping the guy who is in the lead on the shoulder. "I...uh, think this is that Poison Ivy girl."

    "The who?" Joe looks back at the advisor, and then to the ground. "Oh. OH!" He looks at the young men, and then to Harley. "So Gotham thinks they can move in on us? Huh?" he says. "Don't you guys got enough territory? We don't tolerate muggings here, not from you," he points his gun carelessly at Ivy, "Or you," he points it at Harley, "And most certainly not from a couple 'a fresh faces like you three," he says. "What's she payin' ya? It ain't enough."

    The three young men look at each other, breaking character. "Wait, you think we're with them?" one of them asks, pointing at Harley with his knife.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Right?!" Harley grinning as they finally start to figure out who Ivy and Harley are, gesturing between them. "I mean... I have been livin' heah foh a year now! A gal stops robbin' banks and her rep just tanks. I see how it is..." a little sigh escaping her lips, back of her hand up on her forehead in a dramatic gesture. "We get no respect anymoouh..."

But then they go and accuse them of being here to rob this turf. "Uh, we ain't heah ta rob anyone's turf. We weah just passin' by?" she calls out to the gang(s). She looks to Ivy and then back. "Parlay?" it works for pirates!

"But hol' up.." And she looks at the three men with knives. "Awhe you guys heah doin' this play in order ta steal this turf outta these guys with guns?" she asks the guy pointing the knife at her. To whom she points a finger right after!

"Look, why don't we just all go on our different ways befoouh you annoy my green friend heah? And if you think Hulk is nasty when he gets angry ya should see Pammie when she gets angry. Or rather, ya don't wanna see it!" Hey, she has warned them at least.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Pamela sighs out a loud, frustrated noise, "Oh my god, _finally_! Thank you! I swear, like, there aren't that many green redheads around, and the other one's an alien!"

And then things are just continuing to go wrong, "Mugging? What? We're... why would... Why would we _mug_ someone? Harley can probably rip the door off an armored car! I can _literally_ bat my eyelashes and get a bank manager to open a vault for me!"

She groans and squeezes her eyes shut, "I swear to god, the education system in this country is just..."

And then something sinks in, and Ivy's eyes snap open and she locks her eyes _right_ on the guy who recognized her, "I... hey, wait, that Poison Ivy _girl_? Girl?! How old are _you_, asshole?!"

This is going fine. Just fiiiine.

Shredder has posed:
    "Thirty-five," the leader of the gun toting Italians answers. "But I'd treat you like a woman," he adds.
    "I wouldn't have called you a girl," the college student interjects clumsily. Wait, when did this become a competition for affection?

    The blonde who was getting 'mugged' rolls her eyes. "Mikey, focus!" she says. "Let's go!" Let's go?

    Whistling through the air is a small blade, a kunai with a red tail, and it strikes the lead Italian in the shoulder. "Shit! It's a trap!" He turns his gun up to the rooftoop, looking for the elusive assailant.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Oh, no no no. "I told ya guys that the Hulk ain't the meanest one in New Yoik, but ya didn't want ta listen!" this when they call Ivy a 'girl'. To which Harley then prances over to wrap one arm around her friend, "Hey, no need foh us ta get nasty with 'em. They don't know bettah.." a roll of her eyes. "Typical kids.."

But then they have to go and continue on the HARASSMENT. Which makes Harley let out a resigned sigh. "A'ight, we gave ya enough chances ta go back..." she starts rolling up her sleeves, looking at Ivy. "Time ta show'em how we do things in Gotham..." which is right when all heck breaks loose with kunais flying and stuff!

"No shit, Sherlock!" She tells the lead Italian when he gets a blade on his shoulder. As for Harley? She goes for a sucker punch on the young man near the blond. The one that had pointed the knife at her!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Pamela's not available right now, no, between one jackoff calling her 'girl' and one dopey college kid clumsily declaring he wouldn't call her girl, Pamela's out and Poison Ivy's in.

Those vines begin to rear up behind the men like menacing cobras.

When Harley's rolling up her sleeves, Ivy's ready to... well, hey, maybe not show these guys how it's done in Gotham, or at least, show them more the Batman style, a lot of bruises, maybe a broken bone or five.

But then that kunai flies through the air and strikes the Italian guy and he's suddenly looking up at the rooftops like this is normal, "Is... that a goddamn ninja star? Do you have ninjas?!"

She stares at Harley, wide-eyed, "Does New York have ninjas? Just like... roof ninjas? Lurking up there all the time? What the f... wait, no, tell me later!"

Shredder has posed:
    That's right, ther's ninjas always up there on the roof. Always. Another kunai strikes the second man, and then the gunfire starts. They aren't aware of the vines behind them.
    The young man Harley strikes was not expecting it, as he was fully focused on the preparation to attack one of the Italians. The sucker punch knocks him straight out in one blow, and the blonde pulls an iron maiden from her purse. "Hey!" she declares, coming at Harley, following the sucker punch with her own jab, dull metal nubs poking forward from her knuckles to make the punch quite a bit more painful than it might normally be if it strikes.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"'Course it has ninjas! Have I introduced ya to the turtles?" Harley replies to Pamela while sucker punching that young man. Take that! "And yea, did I forget to mention we are fightin' with Gotham rules?" she tells the man she has just knocked out. "Which means nevah fohget ta watch yoh six." a wink, and then a glance up to the blonde. "Oh, you don't wanna be messin' with me right now, we ain't--" and then she takes that punch to the face!

It makes her stagger back against a nearby car and she spits out some blood. A veritably dangerous look crosses those baby blue eyes, "Oh we on now, bitch.." a bloody smile on her lips and a crazy look to her eyes.

"But remembah what I told ya about watchin' yoh six?" because those creepy vines are getting real close now.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy sighs out, reaching her right hand forward, vines following her command... she probably doesn't need the flourish, but it's Gotham rules, so she's got to keep up the style!

Although she's at least considerate enough to keep it to 'Street gangs in Gotham' level, as vines wrap around the blonde who just struck her bestie, lifting her up into the air to swing her around in a disorienting windmill before launching her towards a nearby dumpster. Hopefully it's... a tidy dumpster? Those have to be a thing.

The poor gunmen get something that's probably far more panic-inducing... can't be throwing guys with guns around! They might drop them and then a kid'll find it. So instead, vines reach up to attempt to simply wrap around their necks in sleeper holds.

Which hopefully isn't going to be caught on a security camera, since 'vine sleeperhold' looks an awful lot like 'vine strangulation for murder purposes'.

This new image thing is going to be rough.

Shredder has posed:
    The blonde has lost her helpless farce, and gives her own mean grin back. She's about to strike again when she findes herself yanked backward by the vines from Pamela. To her credit, she doesn't scream out when she's thrown. However, no, clean dumpsters in Brooklyn are not a thing. She lands with a thunk into the garbage, and the top closes down on her.
    The other two young men look back at their female ally, and then at Ivy. Knives out, and not in a Daniel Craig sense, they charge forward, swinging like maniacs to stop her advance, even though at the moment, it favors them as the Italians are placed into sleeper holds. They grab and tug at the vines, and another few kunai come from the roofs. One misses, another strikes the second and third Italian, and a fourth strikes a vine, but would have otherwise hit its mark which would be the throat of the leader.

Harley Quinn has posed:
As the blonde gets picked up and thrown into that dumpster Harley gets a veritably dangerous look to her eyes, tongue slightly out. "Get dunked!" she tells the woman. Not that she will listen with the top closing up. Ah well. Then she points at Ivy, "That one counts as mine. I totally set it up."

Wait, they are counting who takes down more goons now?

"And Ives, remember me ta bring ya ta the Hellfire Club later.." This while she watches the men getting put into sleeper holds. "... because I tell ya, theah's some kink potential right theah." she dodges under a few thrown kunais, running past and ..., towards the leader? Who was apparently just saved by a vine being in the way of a kunai. She goes for a tackle worthy of her best roller derby days. "Get down dude! They tryin' ta kill ya!"

See? Harley can make good deeds too. If they come with excruciating pain to one's ribs. But it's all in a good day's work!

Pamela Isley has posed:
    Pamela's mouth falls open... trust Harley to tell her to remind her of something that could totally derail her from paying attention to the middle of a fight.

    Except, of course, some goddamn ninja just hit one of her precious vines with a kunai! It doesn't quite inspire murderous rage, but it's enough for the vines to drop the gang members who _weren't_ saved by their vines, and shove the one who was towards Harley, before the vines are twisting together into a platform she can leap onto, lifting her up towards the rooftop at express elevator speed.

    "I... ahh... yeah, I'll totally... remind you of that! We'll go for a drink or whatever! Just gimme a minute! I've never beaten up ninjas before! I mean, at most like, some ninja-adjacent Gotham guys!"

    Ivy's not looking to kill the ninjas... probably, but she's happy to let a couple vines wrap around her wrists to form makeshift whips. But they're at least not covered in razor sharp thorns! See? She's learning to be gentle.

Shredder has posed:
    The wounded members start retreating, one of them firing blindly up in the direction of the invisible assault. He's probably hitting nothing. However, Harley and Ivy's interference has led to a shift in attention.

    The platform finds its way to the top, past the street lights, only to arrive at the contrastingly dark roof with a cloud of smoke already present.

    The tackled leader looks up at Harley, a little confused. "So wait...who's side you on?" he asks, looking very puzzled. He is hesitant to attack anything at the moment. A kunai suddenly comes down, whistling through the air at Harley, but this time it's from the opposite direction. Exactly how many ninjas are here? Well, they are ninjas, so who can really say?

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You go, girl!" Harley exclaims up at Ivy, grinning wickedly, a cackle heard down at street-level when those whips come to the fore. "See? You awhe a natural, Ives! It's like the kinks write themselves...!" Yes, it's hard to fight alongside Harley. She has a knack to be soooo inconvenient! Or just picking up the worst (best) subjects at the worst of times. But anyway, now Harley is atop the gang leader, keeping him down, eyes looking around the street...

"Well, I ain't on yoh side eitha, Italian stallion." She informs the leader, "But with me havin' once upon a time been a mistreated hench I can understand your--" she trails off at that flying kunai going their way. "... OH SHIT!" and then she springs up in an attempt to dodge the knife while at the same time using that strength of hers to throw the guy out of harm's way. "IVES!", she cries out, "Theah's moouh o' them ovah heah."

And finally she picks up the leader from the ground. "You'll thank me later!" unceremoniously tossing him into a trash bin. Might be he will get protected from pointy knives!

Pamela Isley has posed:
    Ivy lands on the rooftop and sighs out as she finds a cloud of smoke, hips cocking, arms crossing under her chest. She's got a pretty solid scowl going, "Listen guys, I don't care if you want to come back and kill the mobsters or whatever later, but if you could stop throwing those little knife things at me and my friend I'd really appreciate it. I'd appreciate it _sooooo_ much that I'd let you just scurry off!"

    She pauses for a moment and then lashes those whips forward, sweeping into and through the smoke cloud, because... maybe they already left? Maybe the smoke cloud's just their calling card.

    And that's when Harley yelling about them being across the street registers and she spins about, running to leap towards her vine platform again with a cry, "Oh, you goddamn ninjas!!"

Shredder has posed:
    The second sweep through the cloud hit something, a human toosh, one that was escaping into the darkness. How inappropriate! Whoever it is isn't intent on being spotted, so rather than fight, the person is choosing to flee. Was there just one on top the whole time? Maybe.

    Meanwhile the Italian grins. "Well, I dont' mind playin' nice with ya," he comments, not making any intentional move to remove her from being on top of him. He doesn't get to experience it much longer as he's chucked off to the side, "What!?" he exclaims, and isn't able to say more before he lands half way in the garbage can, and it tips over, his feet dangling out of it, kicking to try to get free.

    Whoever is the second ninja is much lower, though, it wasn't an attack from above. Another thing is thrown, but this one isn't a blade, it pops a moment after hitting the ground, this time there's green smoke coming out of it, plooming about at Harley's feet. Tear gas. Are ninjas allowed to use tear gas?

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Stop tryin' ta kick out! It's for your own safety!" Harley admonishes those legs that are still sticking out from the trash bin. Some people are just so hard to please! Yet the problem is that it also makes her unaware of that tossed tear gas grenade. It's only when that green smoke starts coming out and she gets hit with it that she realizes what it is.

"Ninjas can't use tear gas!" She exclaims indignantly about this. While pawing at her eyes and moving back from where she was, "They are cheatin', Pammie. Freakin' ninjas!"

She walks back until her feet hit one of the fallen men, making her lose balance and fall back, a yelp escaping her lips.

Pamela Isley has posed:
    Pam shakes her fist as the ninja in the smoke rushes away, "Yeah! You better run! Git! Git outta here, ninja!"

    She's moving across the alleyway as best she can on her vines, calling out, "Uhhh... I mean, ninjas are by their very nature kind of unfair and cheaty? Like, that's what seperates them from samurai isn't it? Also probably why they're always fighting pirates?"

    She gives a helpless little shrug as she peers down from up high, "Do you... uhh.. .see the ninja? Oh, wait... probbaly not 'cause of the tear gas right?"

    She clears her throat and yells out, "Okay, you tear gassed my friend, now's the time to run away Mr. Ninja! We'll call it a draw!"

    Not that she's stopping in looking around, because... what if he doesn't want to call it a draw? No, she's keeping her guard up just in case.

Shredder has posed:
    And then it's quiet. Did they win? It's not as if the ninjas are likely to announce that they've left. The one that got shoo'd by Ivy certainly left with his tail between the legs. Or her tail? Who knows really, with ninja.

    The other Italians have fled, the ninjas are nowhere to be seen. The Italian leader, who doesn't listen to Harley, is still insistent on removing himself from the garbage. "Lady, stuffin' me in the garbage isn't gonna help me," he accuses. Ew. He extracts himself, now covered in things that don't smell good at all. But then, it's better than the tear gas that's covering the ground.

    In the alley, the blonde climbs out of the dumpster, in even worse apparent position than the Italian. She lands on her feet, but it breaks one of the heels she was wearing, and she growls, starting to try to flee the scene. The only other remainders are the three unconscious young men who started the scene, though as they are reached by the gas, they start coughing and gagging, forcibly awakened by the offensive gas.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Pammie, this is not the time to be so logical about things!" Harley somewhat whines as Ivy doesn't take her side about ninjas being unfair. Because they totally are! And she will fight anyone that says otherwise. When she isn't blind... Which reminds her. "I am blind!" she rubs more at her eyes. Which really doesn't help.

"And no, I can't see noone around. It's quiet though! Did we win?" Eyes squinted as she tries to make anything out of her surroundings, still moving further away from the damn tear gas. "And you betta keep inside that trash can. It sorta helps against pointy knives thrown at ya!" She says in advice to the Italian leader.

And nope, Harley is in no condition of stopping anyone from fleeing the scene. Damn you, unfair ninjas!

Pamela Isley has posed:
    Ivy sighs as she drops down to the alley, keeping away from the cloud of gas and looking around slowly, "Well, I think we didn't lose." She shrugs helplessly, one of her vines reaching out to gently tap Harley on the shoulder, "Okay, c'mon, follow Mr. Viney."

    She glances over to the blonde and the gang leader they just inadvertantly saved, "And if I were you two, I'd go for a nice long vacation. Somewhere that doesn't have ninjas. Utah? I bet Utah hasn't got ninjas."

Shredder has posed:
    The leader wipes his sleeves and then wipes his now gunk covered gun on his pants, looking disgusted at his own predicament. "They ain't movin' us," he answers. "Name's Joe Vetti. And while I'm kinda pissed about you throwin' me in the trash," he says, looking decidedly to Harley, who still is being led out of the tear gas, "I still appreciate youse help, not to forget it." He looks back at Ivy as he closes the statement. "As for these?" he says, looking down at the coughing young men who are struggling to get out of the gas. They aren't in any condition to put up a good fight. "These are gonna have to answer," he says, reaching into his pocket. He pulls out his phone, which is cracked. "And look at that!" He growls at the damage. "Gonna find out who you three are," he says. "You gonna know, and everyone is gonna know that you don't mess with our neighborhood." He points accusingly with the hand that holds the phone.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley nearly jumps out of her socks when there's a vine tapping on her shoulder. What? She's jumpy! "Aaahhhh!" but then Ivy informs her it's just a vine she seems to calm down. "Mr. Viney? Ooo, do you come here often?" she asks jestingly, wrapping arm with the vine to make her way out of closeness to the gas. "Utah?!" she then asks Ivy, "I mean, if I was a ninja I'd make my base theah. Noone lives in Utah!" perfect logic right there.

"Well, Joe. Anytime! Now you may wanna go take a showah because uh .., I can smell ya from heah.. And really, follow what my friend is saying, stay out of the streets foh a while. Ya don't wanna be messin' with ninjas. They have a tendency o' steppin' out of the shadows and stabbing you outta nowheah." words of wisdom right there. Not ominous at all.

"And you and me Pammie?" She grins up to the general vicinity on where she imagines Pam to be. "To the hellfire club!"

Pamela Isley has posed:
    Pamela just rolls her eyes in a 'Can you believe this guy?' expression at Harley. Sure, she's trying to turn over a new leaf. Trying to be less murderous, but... not to the point of caring about some random street level criminals. She's not going to bother trying to save them from whatever's going on. Ivy steers Harley via vine until she's within arms reach and she can loop an arm around her friend's shoulders.

    "Yeah, take it easy Joe, uhhh... maybe like, I dunno, go out to Staten Island? Somewhere with lots of single storey buildings or something. Manhattan seems like a deathtrap when you're being hunted by ninjas."

    And then she's eying Harley again, "Wait, isn't that the super fancy club for ultra rich people? ...Well, I guess I can try not to, you know, dip any CEOs into acid or anything. It'll be a good test of my self control! ...Also they have an open bar, right?"