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Meeting of Geniuses.
Date of Scene: 29 March 2020
Location: Stark Tower: Lambda Lab
Synopsis: Riri and Shuri meet up with Peter as he provides tech data on the Toymaker.
Cast of Characters: Riri Williams, Peter Parker, Shuri

Riri Williams has posed:
     <<I can set up a faraday cage. And I've got another friend who could probably help with this. You'll like them.>>

     So killer furbies were a thing now. That... was not something Riri had been expecting. Kind of interesting though, and did play a bit into her AI research. ...Note to self, disconnect AISHA from the network until there's no risk of any hacking. Another few texts sent to Shuri confirmed availability, and had Riri waiting in the lobby for them to both show up.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter didn't bring the parts. He didn't have them anymore. But he did have the next best thing.

However, when he walks into the lobby, he looks like someone who more suited to deliver a package from Amazon...or pizza. Loose flannel shirt, baggy jeans, tennis shoes, beat-up-looking backpack. He looks around, rubbernecking like any tourist.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Peter! Over here." Riri shoves the phone back in her pocket and wanders over, wearing pretty much the same thing she did when they first met. Jeans, MIT T-shirt, AR goggles. No machine oil stains today, though. "You should be able to pick up your guest pass at the desk. Tracks you for security reasons and stuff. And you get to keep it in case you ever come back, but it's also tied to mine right now."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter nods, then walks over to the security desk. The guard looks up and blinks as he sees Peter. "Back for more?" he says in an almost conversational tone.

Peter bit back the reply he WANTED to say. Colin had been here the last time he applied for the assistant tech job. He seemed to enjoy the way Peter had left.
"There should be a security pass in my name?"

Colin snorted. "Pull the other one, Parker, it plays 'Ave Maria.'"

Colin looks at the screen, then frowns. "YOU...are with HER...?" he asked.

For a minute, Colin the Security Guard looks ready to dispute the point. Then he sighs and hands over the pass. "I'll give Blevins at HR your regards."
Peter smirked at him, then picked up the pass and headed back towards Riri.

Shuri has posed:
A few after Peter gets his badge, a car pulls up out front. It looks, strange. Not totally out of place but there's no markings on it for any car manufacturer and it looks a lot sleeker than most. Out of it pops none other than Shuri and she smiles to the driver before walking right into the front door. Nary a sound escapes her as she walks along and today she has taken to having a style half-modern, half-Wakanda.

Her hair is up in a pair of buns like she is often doing but around her legs is a loose pair of pants designed with traditional Wakandan symbols, what look like sneakers on her feet, a simple leather belt with a large golden buckle holding up the pants, her shirts (there are two) are a black shirt underneath that is exposed at her belly and along her sleeves with a white crop top over it with the same symbol Riri saw before ablazing it, the Wawa symbol.

"Hello, Riri." She calls out upon approaching, a beaded bracelet about her wrist with the sleeves of that black shirt coming down to her wrists and a bit of cloth coming out to go over the back of her hand and over her middle finger on each hand.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Ignore him. He's just grumpy that half of the time when I leave the building it's from the roof. ...Which is then followed by me coming back inside. I take a lot of test flights." Riri shrugs, giving Colin a calculating look. And then Shuri arrives. "Oh! Hey Shuri!" She waves, nodding towards the elevators and starting to lead the way. "Peter, this is Shuri. Shuri, this is Peter. He's the one who found the killer robot. ...And also the one I had to talk to about the drone software."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter chuckles. "My last visit here didn't go..."

He turned and saw who Riri was waving at and...

"...well, well, well..." he finishes. The woman from the cathedral, looking at the artistry of the building.
Shuri...that had been her name.

"Hello again," Peter Parker said pleasantly as he follows Riri to the elevator.

Shuri has posed:
Walking up to the elevator with the other two, she nods to him, "Hello, Peter." She states simply enough, "I'm fairly certain we have met before, have we not? At the cathedral a while back?" She asks and tilts her head before she looks over at Riri, "This is your friend? I'm assuming then he isn't just some church goer."

She then listens and hmms before she nods, "You did mention a killer robot." She nods her head, "So, what is it about these robots that make them killers?"

Riri Williams has posed:
     "I don't do church. He's really smart, too. Has a lab that's a lot like the one I started out with in my mom's garage." Riri swipes her ID badge, and the elevator takes them up to the floor with her lab and apartment. "I already got the faraday cage ready in case you wanted to power anything up, since I didn't want to risk AISHA getting co-opted or something. Speaking of. AISHA, trip the hardline network disconnects, video and audio input only." There's a double beep, and the clunk of a solenoid actuated switch firing. "AISHA's the AI I'm working on for the Mark II."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter nodded, looking to Shuri with a wry look, but his lips were pressed together. Probably because the Snark was strong in him today and it wasn't going to help matters. "When you see it, you'll know what makes these robots killers."

He looks to Riri as he unshoulders the backpack. "Well, the bad news is that I sorta had to turn in the physical evidence to someone with a vested interest in the information. The heroine known as Supergirl."

He rummages around in the backpack, taking out a plastic container, hmms, digs in again, then ahs and pulls out a USB stick. "The good news is that I have all the data right here. Everything down to the virtual construction blueprint, the mass spec data on the parts...and the name of the one who sent them."

Shuri has posed:
A look over at Riri and she ohs and nods, "So, you already have gotten started then. I assume you are doing well." She nods her head at Riri, "I know I said I'd offer help but I haven't been around as much as I wished I could." She nods her head and then looks to Peter. She then hmms, "Supergirl?" She then nods again, "That is good I suppose."

She then blinks a couple of times and looks at him, "If you already know who sent them and have all the specs, what are we needed for? Sounds pretty open and shut."

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Well, I'd been started for a while. She's still somewhere in the 'Extra Smart Siri' stage. Plus I need to talk to you about the KERS, and this other Idea I had for-" No. Back on topic. Riri eyes the thumb drive apprehensively. "...And none of it's actual code data, right? Like, nothing that could corrupt AISHA? Because it'd be nice if we could use the AR setup to display stuff. But I do kind of have to agree with Shuri here. ...Why do you need us?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter sighed. "First off, no code. That seems to have been erased as a self-security measure. The reason we're all still here is that this is not the alpha and omega of it. This is the opening salvo of something much bigger, and the more you both know, the better off everyone will be." He hands the USB stick to Riri. "He...or she...calls themselves the Toymaker. These toys were sent to kill me, Supergirl, and Aunt May. The first batch I ran into were loaded with some kind of gas with a substance called 'kryptonite' as the active ingredient. This substance is POISONOUS to Supergirl. It almost killed her."

Shuri has posed:
A small shift from Shuri as she hears the word Kryptonite. She knows of it. When one literaly deals and works with rare materials on a daily basis, one learns about other rare materials. She considers, "Well, that is different. To get such a thing, this Toymaker would have to be rather resourceful." She nods her head and then consideres the USB a moment before looking over to Riri and gesturing, "You should get that loaded up and make it so we can all see it as best we can in AR." She nods her head before looking to Peter again, "So, I'm assuming that these toys offered some kind of attack other than gas given the gas was mainly for Supergirl?"

Riri Williams has posed:
     Okay. No code. That's good. "Hang on a sec, just have to reconnect..." Riri disappears behind a rack of servers, and a few moments later there's another loud clunk. "Okay, network's back on, my workstation's over there if you want to plug it in. ...Sounds like you could use some kind of self defense stuff, though. ...I mean, Supergirl won't always be there." Another pair of the AR goggles is retrieved and handed over to Peter. Shuri, of course, has her kimoyo beads that Riri still NEEDS to figure out how they work. "And why you? I get why a villain could be mad at Supergirl, but you're one of the most inoffensive people I've ever met."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter settled the goggles over his eyes. Where's the...
The lights come back up and he nods. There we go.

As he plugs in the USB drive, he says, "...Supergirl and I were dating at the time. After this happened, she broke it off. She felt I was in too much danger being associated with her." He finds the file, then brings it up.

The first image is from video, revealing a trio of small dolls, with mouths wide open to reveal nozzles that fired green luminescent gas. A sign bubble pops up. <KRYPTONITE-INFUSED GAS. GREEN (POISONOUS).>

Peter seems to have the hang of the interface, and bring up the next one. A note reads ARRIVED 03/24/2020.
It looks like a Furby, complete with plastic beak and fluffy body. Then the beak opens wider...and wider...as it rises on two thin robotic legs, like a velociraptor. Behind the beak are three circular buzzsaws set as sides of a triangle.

The image of the velociFurby begins running as the box 35 MPH comes up.

"That was in the second package. Steel-titanium alloy. Those saw blades will cut through a wooden door in three seconds. And if it got a good grip on the human body?"

He shrugs. "...tha same thing."

Shuri has posed:
Reacing up to the stud on her ear, a simple visor seems to literaly form across her face in a mere moment and then she idly taps on her bracelet and what appears to be a keyboard pops up over it. She types something and then looks at what is being revealed. She stares at the things before they become deadly and blinks slowly, "This is what you call a toy? These things appear to be terrifying before they grow those legs and add attachments." She looks from one to the other, "No offense, but this is one of the weirest things I have found in America so far."

She then starts taking a closer look at them before saying, "Simple design, folded legs inside of the device extending for mobility and the sawblades are nothing exciting. This Toymaker has a bit of talent but it does not seem very advanced."

Riri Williams has posed:
     "...Okay, that's terrifying. Note to self. Make Peter self defense items." <"Memo Recorded."> "Thanks, Aisha." Riri starts to pace a little, reaching over and grabbing the 3D model of the robot, before pulling her hands apart so the thing turns into an expanded diagram. "Yeah, we can never let the military get their hands on these specs. Some scumbag would start mass producing them and mailing them to people. I'm guessing they're somewhat modular with differing payloads and stuff. Krypotnite probably wouldn't do much to normal people, after all. Shuri, they're from the nineties. The nineties were a very strange time. AISHA, Isolate and highlight all weapons systems in red."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter watched as retractable claws, buzzsaw teeth and hidden needles are displayed. "Well, he or she is definitely a mechanical engineer. They are using BATTERIES to run them. Lithium-ion. Cheap enough, and enough power to make all of these things lethal. Which means he can most likely turn ANY toy or small device into a deadly weapon. But he has a thing for toys. These came from Metropolis, but this feel more like a Gotham City kind of bad guy. Consider all the electronic toys we have. Drones, teddy bears, telephones, tablets...the list is long and gets scarier the further you go along."

Shuri has posed:
A hmm as she looks at all the options before she states, "Yes, but if he is using just regular batteries as a power source, their weakness is their power." She nods her head and then looks over at Peter, "Do you have a way to defend yourself besides your ex-Girlfriend?" She asks and then looks back, "See, if they are running off such a small source, they do not last long and any small electrical pulse will shut them down completely." She looks to Peter, "I might have a simple way to defend yourself though it is single use."

Riri Williams has posed:
     "...Yeah, you need some kind of self defense mechanism. ...I could probably rig up a gauss pistol from stuff I already have, or I could build a HERF gun. ...That second one would be bigger though. And if they're LiPo batteries, it might set them on fire due to the electrical surges. ...Shuri, how directional can you make an EMP?" Aaaaand Riri's on a roll again. "...If the components that generate the pulse burn out, they could be single use and that gets replaced for each shot. ...Kind of like how my micro-missiles work. Single use and high power, but small. ...They've also got to be running some complicated image recognition and stuff if they can target you, so they should be extra susceptible to EM attacks."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter ponders for a moment. "I'm pretty much safe since Supergirl dumped me. She publicly ended our relationship, so I'm no longer a chesspiece to remove from the board."

He paused, then shrugged. "Spidey DID ask me to develop some anti-electronics webbing. adds a component of room-temp superconductor filaments to the webbing. Since he's been working with Supergirl, it's been a new project. I have tested the formula and the there is a pronounced drain of energy for anything hit by the webbing is it grounds out the device."

Shuri has posed:
A look over at Riri and then she looks to Peter, "That's good." She then idly pulls out a simple little packet and in it is what appears to be sand. She offers it over to Riri first and smiles, "Each grain of sand is a simplistic nanobot that carries within it a simple EMP pulse device. Once enough of them land on a surface, they all release their pulses at once and typically will ruin anything they touch." She nods her head and then looks over to Peter, "I cannot give you more than a pack of these and they are single use but if you need it, I do not mind." She states with a nod.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Oh. Well that sucks." Riri does not really into relationships. People are complicated and constantly changing. Oh hey, new tech! She examines the packet, raising one eyebrow and staring at the stuff. "That's.... Wow. That's way better than what I was thinking about. I still can't get used to the fact that you've just casually got Nanotech. I mean, I think Mr. Stark has a nanoprinter, but I've never gotten access. We seriously need to talk more. I have like... all the questions."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter looks a little taken aback. The concept of being GIVEN a package of nanotech...the things he could do with it...

Yeah, like Grey Goo New York. Best not to risk it.

"That's okay. I think I'll be fine, really. If I run into any more trouble, I might try to reach out to you through Riri, but I think I'll be okay. I think a lot of people felt my aspiring to date Supergirl was some violation of the natural order in their minds. Since that's no longer happening, no one cares who I am anymore. It's the nature of social media."

Shuri has posed:
A look over at Riri and she smiles, "Well, this is what happens when you are the sister of the Black Panther and...kinda make most of his tech." She states and shrugs before frowning, "I realized I never got to show you the vehicle controller." She sighs and frowns, "My brother showing up ruined that. Well, we will have to see it next time." She nods before looking over to Peter, "So, Riri tells me that you are something of an inventor yourself. YOu said you worked on Spider-Man's webshooters? Anything else interesting?"

Riri Williams has posed:
     "...You sure that you wouldn't get targeted because you're friends even if you aren't actively dating?" Riri is... skeptical. "You still need to have /something/ at least. ...Argh. Why is all the stuff I make so high power?" She makes a complicated gesture with her hands, and starts paging through project schematics on file. "Vehicle controller. ...Hang on. Would that work on any electronics? Because if we combined it with some of my smart homing missile guidance systems, and maybe mounted them on drones... We could hijack any future robots he makes! Catch them before they can self destruct and wipe themselves, have a live data capture!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter laughs a little at that. "Well...let's see. There's the matchbox drone I use to get pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle...the superconductor webbing...the lead-infused webbing...the communications system Spider-Man needs to network with other Spider-People, because there seems to be quite a few of them...the next-gen webshooters, the new suit..."

Annnnd he just had an attack of diarrhea of the mouth.

"Well...you know, when I can afford it..."

Peter Parker...you grade-A GOOBER.

Shuri has posed:
A hand up to Riri and she laughs, "It is not what you think. I will show you later." She then looks over to Peter and blinks, "That is a considerable amount of interesting tools." She states and nods her head, "Do you ever make something just for yourself, though?" She hmms and tilts her head.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Riri blinks a few times at being cut off. oh. She was doing it again. "Yeah, It's like... You spend all your time working on stuff for Spidey. How much does that leave for /you/ to have fun? Honestly half the time I'm going on 'test flights' I'm just flying around up there relaxing. Put on some good music, see how high I can go. ...Well, how high I can go without icing up. But yeah. Fun stuff's important. Like I taught MILLIE how to give high fives. Not that it's a useful skill, but I was bored one afternoon."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter looks to the two of them. Shuri with her nanotech, and Riri with her lab at Stark Industries. Deep pockets.

"I did make something just for myself...once." He looked to the Furby from Hell in its exploded view.

"I can't afford to make things just for myself. Not when there are so many people who need help."

He swipes at the image of the Furby, dispelling it.

"..not when there's great responsibility."

Shuri has posed:
A smirk at Riri and she nods to her before turning her gaze over to Peter, "Peter, there will always be a responsibility that we must take. Trust me, I know better than most anyone about responsibility." She nods her head, "If you do not take time for yourself, you will break." She nods her head, "Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. And what happens if you break when you are needed most?"

Riri Williams has posed:
     "She's right. It's... Duty cycles." Riri gestures towards the area of the lab occupied by busy CNC machines. "I've got all these mills and stuff, right? But they need maintenance every couple of days. new coolant, clean out the metal chips, swap out any worn out tools... If I ran them constantly without any downtime they'd stop working. And they're making things that I'm putting my life on the line to use, so I want them to be in their best possible condition." Riri gestures towards the armor in its test stand. "And you're making these things for Spider-Man, and he's using them to put /his/ life on the line, and if you're exhausted or burnt out when you're building something and you make a mistake, then he could get hurt. You've got to take care of your tools, and you're a tool." ...Wait, crap. "I mean, you're not a /tool/, but... your body is a tool?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter smiles wryly. "Well, if that happens, I'll let you know. But it hasn't happened yet. I've had to manage a full courseload and graduate highschool on time while being the primary breadwinner for my family for the last two years."

Peter took off the AR goggles. Something to put into the Spider-Comm system, maybe.

"As the guy in the old joke says...so far, so good."

Shuri has posed:
A shrug and then she looks to Riri before looking back to Peter, "If you say so." She puts away the packet of sand and then looks over to Riri, "If you two need any more help on this, I am more than willing to help." She then idly pulls up her top, leaving jsut the black shirt underneath and Riri will see some familiar devices over her shoulders, "For now, I have some relaxation of my own to take and a fast way to get back home." SHe nods her head with a smile.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Ooooh. You got the wings again. Those are /amazing/." And Riri is once again distracted by the shiny. "Oh yeah, I had a bunch of other stuff I needed your help on too. The kinetic energy recovery system in the Mark II, and I had an idea for sonic pulse emitters that I could fit in a watch and I need a wedding present for Mr. Stark and his wife anyway. ...There's no way they've been married for six months though, right? He couldn't even keep being Iron Man secret for ONE month."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter didn't say anything while they talk technology. Techno-wings, powered armor, Stark and his Iron Man suit.

"Well, unless you two need anything else, I'll get going. I have one tutoring session to complete and five dogs to walk before the day is over." He smiles to Riri. "Thanks for the invite, and good luck with your projects. You too, Shuri."

Peter starts packing up the backpack, putting the container back in the main pocket and zipping it up.