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Recreational Games!
Date of Scene: 05 November 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy chat in the rec room, deciding to eventually get some good meatloaf.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The Rec room in the Xavier's school was quite silent tonight. More than that, it was practically empty. Except for one person:

Remy LeBeau.

He had recently moved in full to his set-aside guest room, trying to get in the swing of living in a place with...people...more consistently, where he doesn't have to run or flee or worry about someone picking his pockets or stealing anything from him while he rests.

It's a strange feeling.

But whether it's for Rogue, for himself, or the people here who have constantly had his back? He's happy for the moment where he is. For now, he's sitting on the touch, watching the television while he plays solitaire on the table in front of him, drawing a Six, a seven, and a four in quick succession and placing them in their proper places.

"De world goin' crazy every day. Should start to go out on de streets every now an' again." Remy talks largely to himself, red eyes staring at the television, occasionally looking down at his cards.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been finishing up her work helping in the dining hall when she sought out to find the Cajun. She asked around and a couple of students said that he was in the recreation room. So the Belle heads in that direction. She's wearing a black hoodie zipped up over a white shirt and blue jeans. Her gloves are a dark wine red hue and go up under the sleeves of the hoodie that are pushed up to her elbows.

When she comes in through the double doors she sees his back and side, she smiles.

"There you are." She says to him as she walks toward the sofa and comes to sit down on the arm of it. "What are ya doin'?" She asks him as she eyes the cards. "Gettin' ready for a big Vegas trip?" She then asks, holding her light smile.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy wasn't too hard to find today.

Like Rogue, he was dressed somewhat lightly, but with no small amount of style in his apearance. He wears a dark shirt with some Louisianna flair behind it. A simple fedorah cap with a card in the strap is on the table, and dark-colored suit pants are worn on Remy's legs. A vest is worn over his dark shirt and he looks as if he might go on the street and do a couple 'magic tricks' for some extra cash.

Though Rogue comes in through the double doors of the Rec Room and he turns his eyes to her with a flirty smile. "Bonjour, Chere. Was wonderin' when I was going to be seein' you next." Remy pats the space beside him so she can sit there if she so desires.

"Vegas trip? Nah. Lookin' at the news reports, talkin' about crime and how crazy people are gettin' these days. Thinkin' about doin' some heroics like de X-Men, no? Think I could fit de bill?" He seems to scrap his game, gathering the cards in one deck and bridging them. "You miss ol' Remy?" He winks at her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her gloved hands on her thighs and slips off the arm of the sofa to sit down beside him. Her stare goes from him up to the tv and then back at him. "Watchin' the News is like hittin' yourself with a hammer. I don't know how those places even make enough money t'keep their lights on. We'd be better off if news was all just independent people online these days..." She says with a huff and then a look back over at him.

"Nice hat." She says, her green eyes up on it before they drop back down to his red. She smiles at him softly. "Missin'. Yes. A'course. Though its nice t'have ya closer, so I don't have t'jump in the truck and go searchin' for ya out there... it's gettin' cold again, ya know..."

She looks at the cards and then back at him. "We could go out some night, lookin' for people t'beat up. I do it from time to time still. Find some thugs to put in their place... Lots of'em out there these days..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy seems to smile, in a way that the corner of his mouths seem to reach his eyes a bit as a chuckle echoes, eyes looking at the cards he's dealing for no particular reason. "Glad you're takin' a likin' to my fashion statements, chere." He smirks at her. "But I'm findin' myself in agreement. Same ol' thing each an' every time. Someone murdered, someone got de piss kicked out of 'em, thievin' - now that one I understand clear as day - and arsony, or some costumed people runnin' around causin' trouble."

He shrugs. "Could do some difference, maybe it will help your friends like me better." He teases her playfully. "It's nice to be closer to you, chere." He smirks, though his eyes give her an unashamed once-over. "Could give ya my ol' coat to warm you up, or offer some o' me to help you feel better."

Yes, he probably won't ever stop.

"Like a date night? Hit de town, punch some people, have a good time? I like de sound of that. Maybe get some good bayou cookin' afterwards?"

Rogue has posed:
All of this has Rogue smiling at him as she leans back in to the corner of the sofa with her hands still on her lap. "Butt kickin' an' dinner, that's right." She says back at him with a small laugh following her words. "But yeah, somethin' like that could be fun. And they do like you, Remy, they just worry about your runnin' off and not tellin' anybody where you're goin'. Imagine that..." She chides him a bit there at the end.

Her eyes glance at the tv before back to him. "Did you get any food tonight? I didn't see ya in the dinin' hall. There's a lot of left overs still. Meat Loaf night." She says with a little grin. "It's good. Forge cooked it. Who knew he could cook?" She shakes her head lightly then before sitting forward on the sofa to pick up some of the cards to try and shuffle them, badly. Its hard with gloves on! Give her a break!

"Did you know that every time you shuffle a full deck'a cards its a new order that has never been shuffled before in the history of mankind?" She asks as she looks over at him with a little grin. "I heard that on Tik Tok anyway..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Should be a pretty fun date night. Might even earn a kiss for my efforts to sweep you off of your feet, Chere p'tite." Gambit winks at her playfully, though he shrugs a little bit as he continues to deal the cards. When she drops some knowledge on him about the new order, Gambit looks at Rogue with a bit of a laugh toughing his face. "Hah! Dat Sounds like a good con joke. There's been a lotta card playin' folk throughout history, Chere. But...hm. I suppose? Thinkin' about it is gon' make my head hurt."

Remy seems to frown a little bit at her little chide. "Told you I was gon' do better, Chere. Pretty sure Scott is about to put a tracker on me to make sure I'm not gon' be stealing people's wallets an' expensive-lookin' bikes." Remy shakes his head with a chuckle.

"Nah, I didn't get anythin' to eat today. Too busy wheelin' an' dealin' with these cards. Most intense games of solitaire I ever did play." He hums though. "But if he made some meat loaf, long as it ain't mystery meat, should be ine. Might try an' see if it's as good as yu claim." His cards are easily taken by Rogue, likely because he's not trying to keep them from her.

She's bridging and shuffling...she's not great at it.

"Here, here..." Remy tries to extend his hands to touch hers so he can walk her through the motions. "The cards are fluid, yeah? It's not a new set, so you don't gotta worry about bendin' them funny. Follow the movement, use your thumbs to help you an' curl your fingers so he can glide the cards. It's like swimmin' if swimmin' was cooler."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts his help as he tries to guide her gloved hands to control the cards. "It's good, its seasoned well an' everything." She says of the food in the kitchen. "I'll heat ya up some if you'd like." She adds before looking back down at the cards he's helping her with. She gets them to work for a moment before they all burst out of her hands and mushroom around them in to a big mess on the table. This gets Rogue to laugh openly again.

"I'm ... whatever the equivelent of two left feet is, for hands... All thumbs? Is that the right one?" She asks as she looks back over at him with a smile.

"I dunno..." She says then before looking back to the cards and sweeping her hands around on the table to pile them all up again and try to straighten them out once more.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Honestly? Remy was just happy to be holding Rogues hands, even if it was just to help her figure out what the hell to do with these cards. He helps her move them and control the cards, getting them to work and bend to their will, before suddenly? The cards burst out like an explosion! Alas, Remy wasn't using his powers here, but it makes him laugh all the same. "You almost had it there, a little close, but stick wit' me, an' I'll make sure you're a master in no time."

He looks Rogue in the eyes for a minute, deeply considers making the attempt to make a move, but he remembers he's sort of on thin ice right now...and so diverts his eyes from her for a moment. "Yeah, all thumbs. If it was your feet, den you would have a lead foot." He chuckles. "Which, I think you absolutely do. I reemmber you kickin' cars like soccer balls.' He teases her.

Though he seems surprised. "You gon' heat some up for me? Hah, you do like me." He winks at her playfully, though as she starts to pick up all the cards again, Remy looks at her. "Now you know the movements. I know you strong, Chere, but these cards ain't gonna hurt ya unless they in my hands an' you broke my heart." He winks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives the card shuffling one more go before she gives up. It ends the same way as the first. She just huffs out a light laugh and shakes her head. "Forget it." She says then, that little temper of hers spiking even if she laughed about it. He knows how she gets though with failure and not achieving her goals! She moves to stand up then and offers him a hand to stand too. "You wanna come back in here with the food?" She asks him then. "We could watch a movie. I'm kinda shocked nobody is in here... But I guess they're all up in their rooms in candy comas still. Mosta them made a killin' Sunday night." She grins at the Cajun then.

"The party went over well too, had all kindsa compliments. Cleanup was a bitch though..."

She'll turn to walk out of the rec room, intending to go get him some dinner from the kitchen.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Heh, I imagine you got plenty of compliments, Cherie, especially wit' de blue paint...gotta say, I am a little surprised you didn't ask for a kiss from your prince." Remy chuckles a little bit, though Rogue seems to get frustrated as the cards burst out again, and he easily collects them quickly enough, the cards having blown up in his hands enough times that collecting them is little more than a simple chore.

She gets up and looks a little tempered, but Remy knows. She lowers her hand to him and he takes it, standing up with her and giving her a friendly smile as he hops up to his feet. "Might as well. Maybe even make some popcorn an' watch a movie you might like." He offers to her with a friendly tone. "It's been a while since we had some time to ourselves, not since de restaurant I think."

Remy gives her hand a pleasant squeeze. "But don't worry, Cherie, even if the cards don' like you much, you know I do."