8566/Outsiders Movie Night, now with extra TIGER

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Outsiders Movie Night, now with extra TIGER
Date of Scene: 06 November 2021
Location: Level 4 - Recreation - The Roost
Synopsis: The Outsiders will be watching The Third Man and Seven tonight. Also, there is Siberian Tiger in the Roost and this time Bart has nothing to do with it.
Cast of Characters: Conner Kent, Gabby Kinney, Hope Summers, Jason Todd, Tim Drake

Conner Kent has posed:
It is the weekend already? Niiiiice. Halloween makes for a busy week at college, you know? And getting into a fight with crazy cyborgs and spend half the night talking to the cops (and lying a little about missing chip) didn't help. Conner definitely will sleep tonight, but not yet.

This time the texted 'movies night guys?' received a good number of thumbs up, so he came to the Roost earlier to nerd out with Tim about what movies to pick, and tell Ahab the snacks/pizzas to prepare. And then run to the store for the missing foodstuff required while grumbling at Bart about eating everything good.

Oh god. Since when is Conner then one doing the /planning/? The world is upside down, guys!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"We are NOT sleeping together again, Ras. You're too rough," Gabby intones from the hallway as she starts to come walking down it. There's a gruff noise in response, a chuff of growl, and Gabby speaks again as if she were having an honest conversation. With the Siberian Tiger that is walking next to her. "I know you don't MEAN to but you're heavy and you licked me a bald spot last night," she complains while reaching up to touch a part of her hair that was just a bit shorter than the rest. It was still regrowing.

Stepping into the rec room she grins at the sight of Conner running around. "Hey, Conner! Ready for movies? What're we watching?" The questions are followed with her hand patting to the side of the massive tiger whom she tells, "Pillows. Good Ras. Oh hey this is Rasputin by the way, I'm cat sitting," she explains. The tiger apparently knew 'pillows' though because he saunters over to the pile of them to FLOP down bodily with all the weight of a large carnivorous cat slamming into the ground. And he rolls around on them.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope does not regret not staying to talk to the cops. Or taking the chip. She's spent a good portion of the last twenty-four hours in the lab studying it herself, but now that she's learned everything she can from it, she's emerged once more. "I feel like it's the sort of thing I should send certified mail, but it's also the sort of thing I don't want to return to people who can't keep it safe in the first place, you know?" she says as she joins the others, sliding the chip into her pocket.

She looks up just in time to register that Gabby's animal companion is a tiger, lips pursing for a moment as she considers the best course of action. "I have...so many questions," she concludes. "But honestly, most of them are 'can I touch it?'"

Jason Todd has posed:
One moment, the room contains Connor, Hope, Gabby and a freaking tiger. The next, Jason is behind the bar, raiding the cabinets for liquor. He's old enough, and has Seen Enough Shit for it to be alright.

"Jeez," he says, his head buried in a cabinet. "Don't you guys have anything good in here?" He comes out with a bottle of what can only be called gutrot whiskey. He stares at it, frowning before he shrugs. He grabs an ostentatious tiki mug, hits the soda fountain for ice, and glugs ... probably too much of the garbage alcohol into the glass before he tops it off with cola. He takes a sip.

Jason Todd, the Red Hood, grimaces.

"Jesus, I will literally buy you guys booze as long as you promise not to ask for hot garbage."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Believe it or not, Tim is not only *not* planning this movie night, he wasn't even at the Roost. It isn't until a few minutes after Conner arrives that Tim strolls in through the front doors of his small section of the renovated theater that conceals the team's hideout, and makes his appearance in the Rec Room not long after for some nerding out. He's dressed down in jeans and an oversized hoodie, AKA his regular out-on-the-town outfit meant to infuriate the paparazzi. This particular hoodie is a new one in the rotation, black with an advertisement of a tour for some niche British punk band on the back.

    "What are you talking about," Tim says as he strolls back in, having vanished briefly into his apartment for a shower and, who knows, some Tim-business or whatever it is he does. "There's no alcohol in the Roost."

    He looks once at the bottle Jason's pulled out, lifts his eyebrows, and then says nothing as he turns away to get himself some coffee from the kitchen. There's a fresh pot brewing on the Mr. Coffee basic model that Phoebe had bought to replace the previous model they had, which *mysteriously* broke.

    Once he's settled in a chair, legs slung over the arm rest, he cradles his thermos delicately. Like a baby. His baby. (My precioussssss).

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins broadly at Hope who she hadn't seen in awhile. A familiar face returned again was a good thing! "Of course! Just don't wear capes around him, he gets bitey. Let him smell your hand first, then go for the cheeks. He oves the cheek scritches," she advises helpfully. She's already starting to go grab herself a drink of the soda variety when Jason starts to complain. "Yeah, sorry, I think Laura used all the good alcohol when she was making her poisoned cocktails the other day. She wanted to stay on top of her assasination techniques."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Gabby, what?" Conner blinks slowly at the Tiger. "Oh, that is cool..." he decides, only slightly surprised. "Where did you find the cat?" Hope gets a wave and a smile. Jason actually being here is more surprising than the Siberian Tiger. But the presence of alcohol... not too much.

"The Third Man and Seven" he adds as response to her question. Conner is still going over all the good police/detective movies. Action and Sci-fi movies are low in his tastes lately. They are so unrealistic! Besides, his super-senses make all the wires too obvious.

Hope Summers has posed:
"In our defense," Hope notes in Jason's direction, "I'm pretty sure less than half of anyone here actually has the capacity to get drunk." She's far less interested in the booze situation than she is in the giant tiger though, coming over to the pile of pillows to crouch near it and hold out a hand. "Who exactly are you catsitting a tiger for?" she asks, quirking a brow up at Gabby.

"And also, how did you //get// it here?" Because clearly the logistics are what count.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason rolls his eyes, splashing some more cola and whiskey into the cup before he vacates to find a seat. He shrugs at Hope's statement, smirking. "Well, I'm still going to bring some good stuff," he says as he looks right at Tim. "At the very least, I don't want to drink garbage when I come to visit my favorite brother.

He doesn't sit near Tim, though. Tim has coffee and he bites over it. He also stays away from the tiger, because it's hard to shoot when you're missing fingers.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim takes a slurp of his coffee and doesn't bite anyone because everyone present has the good sense not to try and part Red Robin from his precious caffeine. While Jason stares him down, all Tim does is shrug, head tipped back slightly. Look, willful ignorance is occasionally a very useful tool! The less he knows about any and all shenanigans that may happen under the Roost's roof, the better. Case in point: he wishes he didn't know that they're currently housing a full grown white tiger.

    Speaking of, said tiger gets a slight side-eye before Tim, just like his previous encounter with the beast, decides it's just not worth getting worked up over it. "Love you too, Jay!" he calls out, grinning, as his fellow Bat joins them for arguably the greatest British film of all time.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Box truck," Gabby responds simply as to how she moved him around. She claims a spot on the couch sitting indian style while watching the progress of Hope and the tiger carefully. Just in case she needed to jump in to save things. Though Rasputin had been fed, and had his bath, and dried off. He was suitably satiated. Without the usual imps around to annoy him he was in a good mood. Much as a tiger could be.% r% r"Er, well... See a friend of mine..." she begins considering how to answer. Before finally sighing and shrugging. "Catman, okay? I got him from Catman. He's been a friend of mine for a few years now. I mean I know he does some criminal stuff but he's been trying to be better," she assures with a toothy grin. "Anyway yeah he's out in Africa right now so I'm cat sitting."% r% r"If it becomes an issue here I've got access to a safe house in New York I can bring him to," she assures while cracking open the top of her soda to take a long gulp.

Conner Kent has posed:
"As things go, the Roost is probably better than a place in New York. Sound-proof walls, much more space..." Conner shrugs. "Just don't let him roam into the labs with the expensive stuff. Cat will be cats, yeah?"

He goes to the kitchen briefly and returns with a big box full of popcorn. "Yeah, I think we are all set. To the theatre. Someone grab the pizzas. The drinks are already there. Except the booze, Jason can take care of it, I guess."

Hope Summers has posed:
"Who is //Catman?// And why did he pick that name? I take that one back. There's no good answer for that." Hope is cautious, following Gabby's instructions, but she's not fearful. Fear isn't really her speed.

She rubs the back of her hand along the tiger's cheek, then scratches under its chin, a small smile quirking as she does. "All right. This is pretty cool." When Connor announces it's movie time she looks back up, giving the tiger one more good scritch before she straightens up. "What's tonight's movie about?"

Jason Todd has posed:
He just sat down, and now it's time to move again!? Jason groans and stands up. He shuffles back behind the bar to prepare a second tiki cup in the same way as the first. Ice, whiskey and soda. If he's going to be in a different room, he may as well have to make fewer trips to get a refill.

"Yeah, I'm taking care of the booze, alright. This bottle won't survive tonight, one way or the other. I'm either going to drink it, or dump it down the sink and hoof it to the liquor store to get you guys something modest, but decent, set up. Even if I'm the only one touching it."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's legs slip off the armrest of the chair and he rolls up onto his feet, carefully balanced so as to not slosh any of his coffee. And with a similar mindset to big brother, Tim tops up his thermos, adds a sprinkle of sugar and the tiniest splash of milk, before he hefts up a stack of pizza boxes and follows.

    "Even though I know it'll only be you touching it, Jason, uhhh insert generic talk about imbibing responsibility here." Yes, he actually says that aloud. Look, he trusts his team. The full grown white tiger in the room notwithstanding, nothing too crazy really happens in the Roost. That Tim knows of. And he likes it that way.

    "Maybe he's Catwoman's brother," he suggests to Hope. Of course Tim knows this to not be the case, but look, if the guy who goes by Red Robin can't joke about codenames... who can?

Conner Kent has posed:
"Look, Jason," points out Conner. "You never know when Rose or Roy will drop by," not to mention Laura's weird experiments with poisons. "It might be a good idea to keep the good stuff in your room. I mean, if you pick a room," it won't be completely safe either, but safer than in the rec room.

He turns to Hope, offering her a bag of popcorn. "The Third Man is a British noir film from seventy years ago. It is going to be a bit strange, movies styles have changed a lot. But it is supposed to be one of the classics, so it will be cool. Seven is a modern crime thriller, my buddies at the uni recommended it. Very Gotham, too." It needed to be said.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Rasputin, the tiger in quetion, tips his head back to accept scritches with a deep rumbling purr. Even large cats purred. This one especially as he appearently accepts and enjoys the attention. Gabby grins at the reaction relaxing a bit more... but oh, it's moving time? Bouncing back to her feet she clears her throat. "Apparently he calls himself 'Catman' because of some African magic thing that gave him traits of cats? I haven't asked the whole story but he actually helps at large animal preserves and the like. ... When he's not cat burglaring or taking other jobs." She pauses a bit, glances down at her cup, and then shrugs. "He actually has been going after the lab that made me as well, which is how we first met. Mutual enemies sorta thing. I know he's not totally on the up and up, but neither are we sometimes," she points out hopefully. She had no delusions that he did what he did after all.

"Ooh crime thrillers I'm good with that! I've still got a list of movies I need to catch up on so I don't," here she lifts her hands making air quotes, "'Suck at being a teenager.' Ellies words not mine."

Jason Todd has posed:
Tim starts his half-hearted lecture, and Jason just stares at him. He does his best to keep the full weight of it back since this is supposed to be fun hang-out time, but it's hard. The things Jason has been through. The things he's done. It's all there in that one look. Alcohol is the least of his life's problems. Honestly, he barely touches the stuff most of the time, unless he knows he's going to be free.

He draws back some of the weight, shaking his head slightly as he looks to Connor. "I could do that, or I could take a page out of Bruce's book and set traps. ... That'd be funny, actually. I might do that."

Upon relocation, Jason finds a seat and somehow flops down without spilling anything. Somehow.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope is definitely not the person to throw stones when it comes to extra-legal activities. "Well, the tiger seems happy," she decides, shrugging. "So he's not an animal abuser. So that's good."

When Connor explains the movies for the evening she sighs dramatically. "It's not going to be another artsy thing, is it? Because I don't think I can do another movie that's all meaningful glances and weird music." Hope has pretty simple tastes - high art are not among them.

Tim Drake has posed:
    In Tim's defense, the lecture isn't aimed at Jason. It's mostly the teens and young adults that are nominally under Tim's purview, as team leader.

    Also it's not like Tim could stop Jason if he wanted to drink. They both know who wins 100% of the time if they go head-to-head.

    So Tim just shrugs lightly over at him, then takes a seat nearby in one of the new, expensive reclining seats he had installed in the theater once he's set the pizza aside. He folds his legs up despite the fact he's popped out the footrest. "No, not really. I mean, the Third Man has a lot of dutch angles? Seven, though it's..."

    Tim snorts at the description of it being 'Very Gotham'. "That is... uncomfortably close to the truth." The thought of the villain of Seven making his home in Gotham is really, it's just too easy to imagine. "I can shoot you a list, Gabby." Of course Tim's made a list.

Conner Kent has posed:
Alcohol does nothing to Conner, but he is not judging. All of the young people here do far more dangerous things that drinking alcohol, which in any case can be done at different ages in different countries. The age limitations in the US for things like driving, drinking or even voting feel rather arbitrary to him.

Instead he replies to Hope. "Hey, movies should be artsy. And entertaining. And the really good ones give us insights about life. But my guess is these two do not require a lot of effort to follow or require knowing a lot about foreign culture. Well, the first one is in Austria after the Second World War. Did you know the country was split among the Allies, just like Germany?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I'm good with lists. I like lists," Gabby confirm with a nod toward Tim along with a grin. "I still want to try playing video games sometime, too. I've got a whole list of my own. I haven't dived off a cliff yet--I mean I tried but they wouldn't let me--I've driven a motorcycle, a jet, and a Humvee. Did you know military vehicles don't have keys? Just turn 'em on and go."

Hope Summers has posed:
"I know the tactical implications of it," Hope smirks over at Conner, reaching out to grab a handful of popcorn. Her grasp of history is somewhat tenous given her own history, but there are somethings Cable never stinted on. "No time to hunt for keys in the middle of a fight," she nods to Gabby. "I mean, also why it's worth learning how to hotwire a car, but when the //purpose// of your vehicle is to be readily available, you know."

She grins, dropping into a seat next to Conner and getting herself comfortable. "All right. Bring on the great tales of whatever it is this time."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason is also not a big fan of artsy movies. Then again, he doesn't watch too many. Too much work to do. Still, he reclines the seat, putting his feet up and crossing them at the ankles.

"Hey Tim, in the noir one, we should count how many things the guy in the movie does that Batman does." Jason will be taking a drink for every one of these. He's going to have a bad night and a worse morning.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney settles down somewhere comfy preparing for the movie. She looks over to Hope again with a grin and not at the explanation. "Yeah, but it's also good for stealing in traffic if you need a ride and to get away from some goons. I mean. Not that it's happened in awhile." She lifts a hand to wave it dismissively. "I was like fifteen at the time." The mention of things Batman does earns a glance over at Jason Todd and Tim thoughtfully. "I got to work with him the other week. I mean, I know one time isn't much, but you dad seems okay." This is offered with a solemn nod of apparent parental approval. Wait, did they say they were his kids or is she just kind of... assuming? Probably assuming.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim aims a look Jason's way, trying very hard to keep down a bubble of laughter. "You better not turn it into a drinking game," he says, because he can predict exactly how much trouble that will be for Jason. And more specifically, Jason's liver. "He's..." He looks down into his coffee, and then, over at Gabby. "Thanks?"

    More than anything, Tim is just glad to hear that whatever encounter Gabby had with Batman, there was no... uh, that everything went alright. The Dark Knight of Gotham isn't exactly known for being friendly and hospitable. It would kind of clash with the brooding.

    "I bet I could find an arthouse film you all would like. I mean, have any of you seen Seven Samurai?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner leaves the bags of popcorn at the reach of the others and grabs one of the pizzas, triple cheese, to share with Hope and whoever that sits nearby (and is not a Siberian tiger). "I had to carry the damn batplane all the way to Florida to Gotham the other day," that is... not exactly the same as driving a Humvee but somehow it feels it is vaguely related.

Find Batman things in the Noir film from 1949. Seems a good way to look for in the first movie. "Seven Samurais next weekend," onwards.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Definitely thought that was a literal question and not a movie title," Hope admits to Tim's question, grin flashing. "But I guess it's a no either way. Lots of monks, though?" She doesn't comment on the topic of Batman, but when it comes to Hope, that usually means she's got something else brewing under the surface. Mysteries are interesting, after all.