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Saturday Morning Cartoons
Date of Scene: 06 November 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Its morning at Xaviers and there are cartoons on. Conversation is had, Deadpool is investigated. A typical Saturday at the Mutant School.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Negasonic, Roxxi Smith, Jean Grey, Wade Wilson, Ororo Munroe

Rogue has posed:
IT's Saturday morning and most of the school is still asleep. Some are awake but still residing up in their rooms.

Down in the rec room however, Rogue is standing in the kitchenette area of the room holding a cup of orange juice in one hand and a blueberry muffin in the other. Her eyes are across the room on the tv mounted on the wall that she flipped on to some old Scooby Doo cartoon.

The Belle is wearing a black and white Xavier hoodie with the zipper zipped up to mid chest, some blue jeans and sneakers on. She's just standing there munching on the muffin and taking a sip of her OJ>

A nice quiet morning! So far....

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic doesn't like being up this early. She's not sure what time it is, but it's too early, whatever it is. Probably because she was up until five in the morning, most of it on her phone, arguing with some numbnuts fascist on a variety of social media platforms. She pulled out her phone and checked quickly. Huh. Didn't get banned. She really could say that.

Her head is fuzzy, needing a new shave, as she makes her way in, wearing a black crop top and a pair of pajama pants with Betty Boop on them. Her eyes are bleary, her feet are bare and she makes a general grunting noise in Rogue's direction before she flops down.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Glitter covers Roxxi, almost from head to toe. There are also bits of dried glue in her loose, faded green hair. Dressed in a ratty sweater, scraggly jean shorts, bright yellow leggings, and her chunky boots, she heads into the rec room, a stack of posters rolled under one arm.
     The teen heads to a blank wall, and starts to unroll one of the posters, before even noticing Rogue, or the cartoons. However, once she does, the stack of posters get tossed onto the pool table, as Roxxi heads for the kitchenette. "Oh, are there muffins?" She asks excitedly. Speaking of Muffins, the argyle sock puppet dangles from one of her belt loops.
     "Hi Ellie!" She adds brightly, steering around the other student.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her phone on the center counter and is glancing down at it, then up at the cartoon. Scooby Doo is her favorite cartoon of all time and most people who know her well know that, especially since her dog is named Jeepers.

She looks over to see Negasonic entering like a zombie and it makes her grin. "Heya, Sugah." She says quietly to her. "You're never up this early." She states while watching the teen drop on to one of the sofas. "Trouble sleepin'?" She asks her before she looks over to Roxxi.

Rogue nods her head then at the carton she is beside on the granite counter top. "Yep. Donuts and muffins from the bakery in Salem Center. I got'em right off the rack about thirty minutes ago, have at'em before the others get up." She notes before sipping her drink again.

"Ya'll got big plans today?" She asks the both of them.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic stares at Roxxi for a moment and gestures vaguely, "What's with all the glitter, bestie? You fall asleep in a stripper's buttcrack?" she asks. "Not that I'm judgin'. Sounds like a good time to me," she says.

She flops her head sideways and lays it on the arm of the loveseat, sprawling a bit precariously and kicking out her bare feet to perch on the other arm, "I'm always trouble, sleeping or awake," she grins, "Sun started creeping in through the window and shinin' right in my eyes. Stupid bastard star."

Jean Grey has posed:
A shock to no one, given the perfectionist leader figure that she is (or promotes herself to be!), Jean rarely sleeps in. Things to do, parents to brainwash, etc! The weekends are probably a bit of an exception, but still...

Even when Rogue shows up, there's a pot of coffee on ahead of her, even though the room is empty. The mark of Grey! Where she goes in the meantime, no one knows (it's probably a really boring answer), but a few minutes later, she returns. She is also in morning dress, though just a touch more put-together and with a nod to the season and the occasional chills that can plague an old house: a silk pajama set with loose pants, camisole, and a loosely-tied robe jacket, all a sort of matching champagne gold. She's already done her hair and a touch of makeup. These are the powers of morning Jean!

When she returns, the timing is perfect, with the coffee machine just switching off. "Oh good, you're up," she remarks when she spots Rogue there. "I wasn't sure if you'd want coffee too, so I made a good bit. Oh."

She has spotted the students, and is probably genuinely surprised to see some of them awake. Leave it to Negasonic to be angry at a stellar body. "Appreciate it while we've got it, a few million years and we'll be in trouble."

Roxxi Smith has posed:
    With a pleased little yip, Roxxi goes for the carton of morning carbs. Probably as a surprise to no one, she opts for a doughnut rather than the slighter healthier cousin, a muffin. With glitter-covered hands, she begins her feast.
     Roxxi beams at Negasonic and her use of 'bestie' whether said 'ironically,' or not. "Oh, no. No strippers! I made posters." She answers the other teen, with a laugh. "Some are for the Winter Formal, and some are for the Gymnastics club" So much glitter.
     The re-emergence of their silk clade leader earns a small wave from Roxxi. "Morning!" She says chipperly to Jean.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks up to the windows where the morning sun light is filtering in across the room and furniture. She grins at Ellie's words and then glances at Jean and the coffee. "Yeah, probably have some here in a second." She says to the Headmistress. Her eyes go back to where Ellie is then on the sofa. "Some'a my favorite moments are readin' Ellie goin' savage on Flat Earthers on social media." The southern gal says before she taps her phone screen a few times.

She takes a couple steps back then and leans back against the counter beside the fridge, finishing off her muffin before she looks to Roxxi. She upnods at the other and takes a sip of her OJ again. "You still gonna join the girls in takin' care of the horses too, Rox?" She asks then. "And I seen some'a your posters, they're awesome."

Her eyes look over at Jean and she smiles at her. "We doin' more faculty after dance parties for those Winter Formal things?" She asks, cause that's when the booooooze comes out!

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic pinches her nose and nods, "Posters. Right. That explains it. You've been sniffing glue again."

Jean might be an authority figure, but that doesn't mean very much to Ellie, as she remains utterly slouched and hogging the entire loveseat to herself, despite her relatively petite size. "Rogue. Coffee for me, too. Strong like bull. Pretty ****ing please."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade wanders in. He's in his red and black (which isn't entirely uncommon given the naked mole rat in a trash fire that his skin usually looks like). He isn't however, wearing any weapons. Any visible ones at the very least.

    "Ooh, we're doing coffee?" he says, like his presence is an everyday occurence at the school. "Also, really like what you've done to the place. Very nice of Psychic Mr. Clean to move into the 20th century with at least some of the decor."

Jean Grey has posed:
"She should invite them out to join us on our next trip to space. Would clear their misconceptions right up, although they might not enjoy the alien parasites, battleships, and universe-dominating plans so much." Ah, space.

Jean goes about pouring herself some of the coffee. She has a mug that is a student gift from back whenever, emblazoned '#1 Teacher', predating her taking over for Charles. One can assume Ellie was not involved in commissioning it! But she uses it proudly, all the same, filling the cup, and then going to the fridge to get some milk to add in. "It's always a fun idea in theory," she answers Rogue, while going about this breakfast business, "but after we're done chaperoning the students, usually all I want to do is go to bed." Insert old people jokes! "But I'm sure we'll put something together."

"But I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've all put together for the students," she goes on to tell Roxxi. Student event planning is always to be celebrated and encouraged.

But all of this is upturned by their surprise guest. Costumed appearance aside, she breaks into a surprised by friendly smile. "Oh hi Wade, it's been a while. Joining us for breakfast? We've got all kinds of stuff."

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     With the rest of her glazed doughnut crammed into her mouth, Roxxi nods at Rogue. "Oh yeah, I'm in the Horse Club. I still can't really ride, but I like to groom them, and feed them apples!" Which was good enough for the green-haired teen, for now at least.
     Roxxi hops on the counter, twisting to take a seat on the other side of the carton o'carbs. She beams at Rogue's compliment over her posters, and nods, accepting the praise. "Thanks!" She leans over the box, and carefully selects a second doughnut. This time, she grabs one of the fancy Bavarian creme-filled pastries, with icing decorated to resemble a turkey. "Last one. She promises to whoever might be keeping track. This one, she eats a bit more slowly, taking time to actually taste it.
     The teen just laugh at Negasonic's comment about glue sniffing. "You're so funny." She tells the other teen, clearly not taking the sarcasm seriously. She also adds. "Oh! Are you on IG? I should follow you. I'm @OnTheRoxx and Muffins is @OnTheSocks!" She waves to Wade as he wanders in, with a frenetic side-to-side waggle of hand.
     Roxxi continues to beam, preening at Jean's encouragement. "Thanks! I'm really excited about it!" She says of the upcoming dance. Though it's likely she's excited pretty often.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just softly smirks at Ellie and sets down her bottle of OJ to walk over to the coffee once Jean is done with it. She gets a standard school mug for the teen and fills her up a glass. She grabs a plate out of the cupboard and puts a couple blue berry donuts on it too with a napkin.

Rogue is walking this service over to Negasonic when Wade bursts in in his costume. It causes the Belle to look back over her shoulder past her white bangs to see him, and a smirk is sent his way. "Mistah Wilson." The southern gal says as she reaches Ellie and serves her. "Your breakfast, Lady Sonic." She says with a half smirk.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic takes the coffee from Rogue, pushing up into an actual sitting position, her legs folding underneath her in a sloppy fashion. "You're a saint and an angel and I worship the ground you walk on," she says to Rogue as she takes the coffee, black as her proverbial soul, and takes a long drink.

"Am I on IG? Of course I am, Rox, I'm not forty five," she mutters. "@AtomicPincushion. I have a private one, too, but I'm not shouting it anywhere that guy can hear it," she says, pointing a black-polished nail at Deadpool.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade directs a quick finger wave to Jean and Roxxi. "Breakfast sounds wonderful Ms. Grey" Wade says with remarkable politeness. Seems like today is one of his good days. "Rogue, dahling" he intones at Rogue in a passable facimile of her own accent.

    Negasonic gets a grin, evidenced by the stretch of mask and his tone. "Oh please. One, you're *far* to young for me, my name is Wade not Jared. Two, I don't go in for MCR video extras. And three, I've got a girlfriend and she doesn't know you so, completely off the table."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo breezes in with all the calm, casual confidence of teacher, goddess, and superheroine in one. Of course, she's not fighting the drag of a short change on sleep that a certain surly teenager is, in fact, judging by the few stray droplets of water still clinging to that shock of white hair, she's recently availed herself of a shower before picking out her attire for the day, simple black tanktop and a clinging pair of leather pants leading into dark leather boots. But prim poise does not preclude her from making a beeline for the coffee, even as she lifts her hand in a little wave to all present.

The suspicious narrowing of eyes? That's all for Mr. Wilson. Although when her suspicious lookover finds he's _not_ carrying an arsenal fit for a squad of marines, even he receives a polite smile. "Well, isn't this quite a bit of activity for a Saturday? And without any explosions or giant robots to be found!"

Jean Grey has posed:
For SOME reason, discussion of private social media accounts causes Jean to turn a quick sidelong look at Rogue, lips curled in mischief, and then back across at Wade, turning to total innocence. "I'm pretty sure we're not."

Once she's got her coffee sorted, Jean selects a blueberry muffin out of the collection of baked goods. Both are placed on a small plate, which completes the necessary breakfast preparation. Thus she ambles from the kitchenette toward the hectic collection of seating, across from the territory presently staked out for student usage. There, she sits, snuggled in against the cushioned arm of the thing, getting rather comfy looking with her legs curled up beneath her and the plate balanced partly on the armest. She's probably not in much danger of spilling things. Also the students spill all kinds of stuff in here, constantly, so it's probably furniture that is semi-resistant or easily cleanable!

Or frequently replaced.

"'Roro!" While she seemed genuinely happy to have Wade join then, he ranks second in enthusiasm to Storm's arrival. "We're having late breakfast and watching cartoons!" she explains, as if it's not at all obvious. Which also prompts a turn to Rogue: "So what are we watching?"

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi pulls out her old, battered cell phone and instantly starts following Elli. She follows with Muffins' account. She absently looks up from time to time, as her phone quickly distracts her. She pauses to lick a bit of the Bavarian creme from her festively Turkey-styled doughnut.
     Storm's arrival earns another pause from Roxxi's social networking. The teen smiles a bright grin and adds an effusive wave. Glitter still sparkles from most stretches of exposed skin and clothing as she tucks the phone back into the pocket of jean shorts.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue snickers at Ellie and nods her head. "Darn right." She replies before turning back toward the little kitchen and bar area. She walks past Jean on her way to the chair and glances over her shoulder. "Oh, it stopped." She says about the television. At the bar she picks up the remote and taps the screen on it to continue to the next episode.

"Obviously, Scoobs." She replies to the Headmistress then. "The original. Back when the creators were all doped outta their minds. Much better back then." She grins before looking over to Storm's arrival. "Mornin', Sunshine." She says to the lovely teacher while setting the remote back down.

Her eyes bob up to Wade again then. "Who's your new gal pal then, DP?" She asks him with a slight smirk. "First name Co, last name Caine?" She teases him for the funs of it.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic stares for a long moment at Wade, "You've got a girlfriend? Jesus fucked a snake, that is one of the saddest things I've ever heard. That poor girl. I'm going to start a GoFundMe just to give her some charity to pay for whatever medical treatment is required to restore her sanity before she realizes what she's done and goes to jump off a bridge."

She takes a long drink of her coffee, and stretches, pushing up onto her feet again. Storm and Jean's conversation makes her blink, "Cartoons? Like what? I vote for Gravity Falls. Or Cowboy Bebop. Anybody who says Simpsons I'm blasting through the windows." When Rogue says Scooby, she nods, "Oh, yeah, that was a cartoon first."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade moves to the kitchen and, like he actually lives here, manages to find a mug. He fills it with the black nectar of the gods and rolls up his mask to reveal the scarred and cancer tortured skin of his neck, mouth and nose underneath. "On no, 8 ball's not girlfriend material. She's just a cruel mistress that sometimes calls for hookups" he puts a finger to his lips in a characteristic 'quiet' gesture. "Don't tell my girl though. She's a cop."

    Negasonic gets a bland look. "Laugh it up, Wet Blanket. She likes me for me and knows all about this." He makes a circling gesture around his face as he moves around to lean next to Roxxi and the doughnut case.

    Storm's arrival is met with a cracked-lipped smile. "I left the C4 at home in the closet this time, Ms. Munroe. Promise."

    Then the topic is turned to cartoons. "Oh, funny story about cartoons. Did you guys know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are *real* here? I mean, I used to watch those all the freaking time as a kid. Or well... someone with my name, face, and general early history did." He taps at his temple. "You know how it is. Love me some old Scooby Doo, though."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo pours herself a coffee, adds a little cream, a _lot_ of sugar, and picks out a muffin seemingly at random. Eyebrows lift as she eyes Jean slowly, "We're having breakfast and watching cartoons? And the breakfast isn't cereal composed mostly of marshmallows? We're bridging new territory here!"

She snorts softly at Negasonic's full court press attack on Wade's social life and dating prospects, but it's just a soft snort... can't be letting the students see her being less than infallible and divine! She gives a little wave to Roxxi, lips pursing... the poor girl is surely fated to be finding traces of glitter for weeks. As is glitter's way of course.

And then she's eying Rogue downright skeptically, "Oh yes, because cartoon writers today are surely beacons of sobriety. I'm pretty sure it's just that they were writing for an equally... medicated audience back then!"

She bobs her head towards Wade, "Cocaine's really not good for a steady relationship. I've seen the movies. Eventually you're either forced into a final confrontation with a drug cartel, or you start listening to Huey Lewis."

She snickers softly as she makes her way to perch against the side of one of the couches, "Now now, if we want to start _real_ drama around the mansion, we'll start a discussion of who's better. Velma or Daphne?"

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, nice!" Jean echoes Rogue. There's a universality to those old cartoons, predating all of them to the degree that excludes them from being claimed in any generational 'our version is better' wars. And her inherent redhead hivemind bond causes no special bias with any character, surely!

She scrunches back into that cushion a bit more and nibbles on her muffin. Her brow does furrow slightly at the extra dose of Nega-venom Wade gets, but she doesn't chide. Its the rec room, it's cartoons, and so she's maintaining a sort of truce period regarding Headmistress-ly authority. Cartoon neutrality! Muffin-based detente. Et cetera.

Instead, after Wade has finished defending himself, she looks over with some extra curiousity, leaning further over the arm of her chosen couch. "Oooh. Anyone we'd know? Or, you know, actual legitimate normal police lady who isn't also a super spy or secret alien host or so on?" Those are rare! "Either way, she sounds like a keeper." As usual, she radiates positivity to a near choking hazard degree.

"We probably do have cereal that's mostly marshmellows," she then informs Storm, before holding up her muffin, now bearing the battle scars of a few missing bite-sized chunks. "But Rogue bought us these!" Then an elabroate, exaggerated open-mouthed gaaaaaaasp as she encourages the Scooby-gal war, followed by a narrow-eyed look at Velma, er, that is, at Rogue.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic flips Wade off, "Gross. Sick. Vom. Literally giving me an ulcer. Just nasty. Pure filth. Would rather die."

"And duh, of course it's Velma. Daphne doesn't even do anything, she's just Fred's sidepiece giving him handies in the front seat while he gets lost on his way to Albequerque. Once the monsters come out, all she knows how to do is run. Velma's the only actual detective. She's solvin' that shiz in a sweater set. I have a personal headcanon that her girlfriend is their pot dealer and probably Shaggy's sister." Did she write some fanfic to that effect and post it online, including some steamy scenes involving said sister? Maybe. But no one will ever suspect that Negasonic's slash fiction alias is Metatastic Megababe.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     As is often the case, much of the conversation goes passively over Roxxi's head. Instead, she focuses on the slow conception of her fancy doughnut. When Wade leans nearby, she leans casually against him. The revelation of burned skin gets only a broad grin and cautious lift of fingers. "Oh neat!" The teen's hand hovers in the air, mid-reach. She doesn't actually touch though unless it doesn't seem to bother DP.
     The topic of cartoons doesn't elicit much of a surprise until Wade mentions the TMNTs. "Who?" She asks. "They're mutants? And turtles? I like Turtles. They should come to school here!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is staring at her phone after garnering a cup of coffee for herself. She sips at it while listening, and just blurts out. "Velma. NO question. Daphne is a frail wuss." She looks up and over at Jean with a grin past her white bangs before she looks back down at her phone and taps the screen a couple times.

"Roxxi. We should go do some ridin' lessons some time. I can have ya goin' full sprints within a week, if you'd like." She says then to the teen on the counter. "Its real fun after it snows to ride around the fields and through the forest trails."

Rogue lowers her eyes again but smiles at what she hears Storm saying, followed by everyone else.

"Ellie gets it." She says after hearing the Team Velma chime-in. Then quickly adds. "We have a giant turtle in the basement science lab. I imagine Wade was down there trippin' balls and just dreamed all'a this up." She says then, giving the Merc a wide happy smile.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade takes up a doughnut and bites into it. He notices Roxxi reaching for his skin in his periphery and holds up a hand. "Only if you're 18" he says, not even looking at her. To the others he nods. "On that, we can agree. Velma one hundred percent" he says with a grin.

    "As for Sara..." he pauses. "She's pretty normal, all things considered. Aside from being able to like a guy like me. But hey," he gives Jean a look, "you at least tolerated it for a night so... maybe it's not as bad as I think it is." It really is. The uneven, new skin feel of his...*everything* is just a testament to what unchecked supercancer can do to a body. But in his defense, it's quite soft to the touch and smells faintly of rosewater. So he at least takes care of himself, disfigured and blistered as he is.

    To Roxxi and Rogue he adds, "They're actual people. Met one in the park the other day. I mean, they probably classify as mutants... it's in the name and their origin is due to radioactive waste. Might be worth it to check them out... being all inclusive as you guys are to our people." Not a hint of sarcasm in his tone there. Not like he hasn't been dismissed from the X-Men a number of times over countless iterations.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo whistles out softly, "Wow, no love for Daphne at _all_... although now I'm thinking this sounds like a fine group costume for next Halloween. I can _definitely_ rock an ascot. For the team's sake of course."

She goes quiet for long moments, nibbling at her muffin, sipping her coffee. Eyebrows perk up and she murmurs out, "We have a what in what? Why?"

She shakes her head slowly. There's probably a totally reasonable explanation for why they have a giant turtle in the science lab.

As Wade chimes in she shakes her head, "Have we considered just inviting all the various groups we constantly have trouble with to some sort of conference to unite the world in adoration of Velma Dinkley?"

Eyebrows perk up as she murmurs dryly, "Even the Hellfire Club would fall in, probably with some speech about how the bookish ones always have hidden depths of carnality."

She frowns thoughtfully and chews her lower lip, "...What were we talking about again? I fear we've gone off on a very... specific tangent here, people."

Not that that tangent is in any way _her_ fault. She's an infallible weather goddess.

Jean Grey has posed:
This broad Daphne-SLANDERING consensus causes Jean a very pouty look. She proceeds to eat her feelings by stuffing the muffin in her face a bit more aggressively, muttering occasionally between bites. OM *grumble* NOM. This dark cloud is only lifted, quite appropriately, by the benevolence of SAINT ORORO, very BESTEST of her friends unlike certain other terrible people. "I still have most of what I bought for the costume last year," she tells her savior. "Not that I had to get a whole lot for it."

Her attention swings back to less cartoon-y matters, even as Daphne is presently getting herself captured on the TV.

"If I'm remembering, I think you kept your mask on," she tells Wade, after pausing to think about it a moment. Which probably says a fair bit about their date on the whole. "But it's not like I asked you to. C'mon. We have people here who are made of rocks. Or are part bird or squid or all kinds of things." HAMMMMMMMBOOOOOONE. "I don't think anyone really cares that much." There's even a pointed look at Negasonic, as if in disbelief of the genuine nature of her own vitriol.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     "I turned nineteen on Halloween!" She says brightly to Wade as she reaches out and lightly touches his cheek. After all, she does pass the age requirement, even if the caress is completely and utterly innocent. Her youthful enthusiasm and manner would make things weird, fast, otherwise.
    The talk of turtles quickly distracts her, however. "There's a giant turtle in the basement?!" She asks rogue belatedly. "Oh I want to see it!" She starts to slide off the counter but decides to finish her doughnut first and goes back to leaning on DP.
     At the mention of a possible Halloween group costume, Roxxi gets excited. "Oh, I'll be Scrappy-Doo and Dasha can be Scooby!" Surely a Scooby onesie is a step up from the pink Unicorn onesie the Russian teen wore this year.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just tapping away a message to someone or something on her phone, leaning forward against the counter with one hand now in the pocket of her hoodie. She bites down on her bottom lip as she listens to the others then and laughs softly. "Hellfire Club... hmm... Wonder what kinda events they got goin' on there t'night." She says as her fingers start to dance and swipe across the phone screen before her.

"And yeah, Reggie the Turtle. He's down in his glass box. The boys like t'keep care'a him. Sorta the opposite of the horses and the girls." She notes back to Roxie.

"And we did Scooby Doo here last year, but there's no reason not t'dabble again next time if people want. I'm already linin' up ideas for myself..."

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic pipes up, "I'll be the Mundane Horror of Capitalism that inspires con artists and grifters, the villain of every episode!" She meets Jean's gaze when the redhead gives her a reproachful look and responds with a an outstretched tongue, although she refrains from making the raspberry noise. Wouldn't want to be disrespectful, after all.

She finishes off her coffee and gets out her phone, starting to flick through her various apps as she continues to converse, multi-tasking being her general way of life, "I don't think HFC lists events in public or I'd look 'em up for you. Only the charity balls and we all know that's not where the real balling goes on."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade doesn't seem to mind the nineteen year old leaning against him and only shifts a bit to accomodate the extra weight. "I was at Hellfire during their Halloween extravaganza" he says with a grin. "Went as Dude. From Free Guy..." he pause and flexes with one free hand, not jostling Roxxi or his coffee. "~Catchphrase!~" he says with stylized emphasis.

    "I also *might've* got like 5 kids... sorry, young adults and one robot drunk by challenging them to a drinking contest. Which... I cheated at" he shrugs, again with one shoulder so as not to jostle the poor girl using him as a post. "Comes with the territory of having Wolvie Juice--TM--in my body."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo sighs out and rolls her eyes, "I was not suggesting we go to the Hellfire Club for a Saturday evening of debauchery and excess. Really, if we want to hit a club up for music there are so many better options. And you can make _any_ club debaucherous with intent."

Not that Ororo knows anything about that. She's an infallible weather goddess, don't you know?

She eyes Wade and lifts an eyebrow, "Is it really cheating if it was just your healing factor compensating for the alcohol? Innate talents and gifts aren't cheating unless you lie about them! ...But please never call it that again."

Ororo doesn't involuntarily shudder, because she is so very poised. But she does heave out a little sigh and shift, moving to drop onto the couch properly, because even goddesses need to unwind and relax sometimes. "Hm... and Rogue, we are definitely going horse riding sometime! I can guarantee you we'll have some weekend soon with simply wonderful weather for such a day."

She lets out an involuntary little snort of laughter before she tries to cover with another sip of coffee. Because she can't let Negasonic know that her costume idea got a genuine rise out of her. It's going to encourage the girl to act out more. And really, Ororo shouldn't encourage that. For the sake of the world.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I suppose as long as the legacy of the group Scooby costumes endures, I can't really be mad," Jean announces with a resigned sigh. Her anger, for the moment, is sated. A muffin is a small price, considering her track record. Also, rebellious tongue aside, Negasonic's observations seem to set her thinking, concluding with a quiet, "Huh. Kinda weird when you think back about it. That they were all crooked land developers or whatever. Or weirdly political for a kid's show."

However, as the topic universally seems to turn toward a particular night spot, she is inclined to offer a friendly reminder to both the no doubt curious students of the age where getting into trouble is your primary goal in life AND the adults, theoretical and otherwise: "Uh, I hope you guys aren't forgetting that those people are some kind of front for well... mutant kidnapping, trafficking and genetic experimentation at the very least, and I assume all kinds of worse stuff we don't even know about. Right?" Right?!

"They throw a mean party, I'll grant. Who doesn't want to show off in smoe faux-Victorian kinkwear now and then?" That is awful specific! "But outside of very public events, I'd be extremely cautious with anything they're involved in. Well, unless you're Wade, in which case they should probably watch out for him." The joke, in this case, serves as clear cover for that brief yet more serious reminder of their often dangerous existence.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxie continues her casual lean against Wade. The teen pouts briefly at Rogue at the mention of last year's group Scooby costume, but the expression lives briefly. Instead, she moves on to the topic of Reggie. "Can I help take care of Reggie /and/ the horses?" She asks because, after all, some girls want to be a Princess and Darth Vader simultaneously.
     As Ororo mentions riding, Roxxie belatedly remembers Rogue had mentioned riding lessons. "I do want to learn to ride..." She begins hesitantly. Though she loved taking care of them, the large animals still intimidated her a bit. The talk about kink and the HFC just goes smoothly sailing over her head.

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic needs no encouragement to act out. She's been acting out her whole life, mostly to discouragement. Some might even say the discouragement is encouraging her. Still, she takes a little obvious pleasure in getting a laugh out of Storm, if only because the regal mutant is so darn stoic.

"I mean, totes fair, although I bet, like, most of the companies and billionaires in the whole world have pretty fucked up ties if you dig deep enough. Cause the world is a horrible shitshow full of terrible, terrible people. Some of whom throw really good parties."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins at what Storm says about the Hellfire Club and other clubs for that matter. "Sounds like fun." She says before she looks over to Jean. "Just makes me wanna snoop around there even more..." She says in a sultry playful tone before she looks between Roxxi and Storm. "I'm always down for horse rides, so ya'll just say when and we'll go." She notes with a sly grin and a nod to Rox. "I'm sure you can help out with Reggie. Poor big fella just sits down there by himself most days." Nevermind he probably likes it that way!

Rogue lifts her phone up and stuffs it in a pocket then before she finishes off her coffee and sets the cup down in the sink. "Okay. Gotta do somethin' with my day. Can't just sit in here starin' at screens all damn day. Who wants t'go on an adventure? Anybody?" The Belle asks, putting her eyes from set to set around the room.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Sure," Jean answers Negasonic. "But we usually don't have to rescue students from cages in their basements, or end up with their victims dying in our medbays." A harsh edge to her tone evidences what waits on the other side of that overly positive exterior, the raw anger such things provoke. For just the slightest moment, it's palpable in the room. Not in the metaphorical sense, but the literal: the tiniest feeling seeping past her psychic discipline, a brief glimpse of a fraction of the part of her that would reduce the people who threaten them to atoms without hesitation or regret.

Jean smiles. It's gone, and she's back to well put-together Headmistress Grey.

"I know they have a big social presence in the city," she finally allows, easing off the doom and gloom, "and we can't hide away from those things. Just- well, if you ever go to any of those events, make sure you keep your head on a swivel." Warnings aside, Rogue's idea of more purposeful espionage (even if it's not serious) causes a pause. "It might be worth trying, sometime. We'd have to be very careful. Get help from Emma, maybe, or Warren." Then she shakes her head. It's gone past student-appropriate conversation, now.

Fortunately, Rogue provides yet again. "I'm actually pretty caught up today. Where we goin'?" She's already down for whatever Rogueventure. "Gimme a couple, I gotta get dressed." And with that, she swings her legs down from the couch, soon to make her escape. Wade even gets a blown kiss on the way out. "Be good, Mr. Pool."