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Archer Scout Cookies
Date of Scene: 30 March 2020
Location: Titan's Tower - Lobby
Synopsis: Kate shows up to see what the Titans are about and if Colette is being real about them maybe getting going again. Plans are made. Pizza is ordered. Seems pretty Titan-y.
Cast of Characters: Colette O'Connail, Gar Logan, Kate Bishop

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Never put it past Colette to dump a surprise in your lap, or throw you into an awkward position. Sometimes you need to employ shock tactics, or just not give someone time to think. At least that's how her thinking goes. However she's not always completely insensitive, so she had warned Gar in advance about Kate. Or Hawkeye two-point-oh, as Colette calls her.

    Terry and Colette had run into two-point-oh while out following another possible lead on Terry's father. While Colette was a little skeptical about the archer's tactical nous, she was impressed by what she'd actually pulled off, and suggested she might want to visit the Tower and talk to Gar. Now that Raven's shell has at least a sliver of a crack in it, the idea of the Titans is one that's time may have returned.

    Colette had left the ball in Kate's court to make contact, but had indicated to Gar that if she did, she'd be happy to be there to make introductions and help reduce the general feeling of awkwardness such situations can create - this way at least everyone has a familiar face.

    So it is that Kate has made contact, and arranged a time to visit. Colette and Gar wait in the lobby for the appointed time, while Colette briefs him on what she knows about the Minihawk (including that she hates being called that.) The main thrust of the briefing is that Colette thinks that Kate is dedicated, has obviously worked hard to get to where she is, has good resources and lots of potential - but really needs more experience, and more time working with others.

Gar Logan has posed:
This was so exciting! And by that, we really mean a little bit intimidating.

Gar had been back around the Tower for most of a week or so in the wake of the dangerous encounter with Raven that led to about as much of an admission from her that others were going to start coming around as can be for the moment. During that time, there have been efforts to get things squared away with Kian, attempts to chat with Terry about more things, and a little family-related matter to focus on.

However, he was no more than a call or text away, so when it was shared with him that there was a prospect looking into the Titans, it seemed like a good opportunity to see what she was about and whether there was any teeth to the idea of the Titans being a thing again or not. Still, it left him pacing around the lobby in wait, dressed in his usual casual attire. This Kate person, Hawkeye the Second, or whatever she was going by, felt like she had potential. They would probably know more very soon. "Man, I remember back when I was the one being recruited, even if I sort of just started hanging out around here anyway at first. That made it hard for them to shoo me off."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate makes her way to St. Martin's island fairly conventionally. Her gear is all in the satchels of her motorcycle and she rides the hyperloop as a civilian as it were. That said before she heads across the bridge to the Island she does take the time though once on St. Martin's to find a good spot, swapping out behind some cover into her gear. Based on research and some LexMaps she was able to determine she wouldn't have much time once over the bridge to find a spot, and who knows what kind of survilence that tower has right.

So yeah when she arrives at the tower she has her purple armorweave uniform on. The helmet is left out on the bike in the parking lot but she has those sunglasses that she uses to domino mask it up. Sword into sheath, bow swung across back, batons in the holster.

Wow the tower is very big, not like New York Skyscrappers everywhere big but it is a pretty big symbol. One she knows you can see from Metropolis.

Kate ponders a long moment out there staring up at it. "Symbols are important and right now thsi is the wrong kind of symbol."

Squaring her shoulders a moment she heads to the front door, and reaches out to ring the bell as instructed for service.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Now you get to be the judgy one Garfield," Colette says with a grin. She puts a comradely hand on his shoulder, trying to help the Green Wonder calm down a little. "I think this one has potential. She's young. About the age you were when you joined up, I guess. But let's see what you think of her, 'cos you're the one who needs to make the decisions here. Heart of the team and all that, remember?"

    Colette doesn't see Garfield as a leader. Nor, for that matter, does Garfield - they've had that discussion before. She's conscious of the stress this puts him in right now - having to be the decision maker, not really having anyone else he can refer - or defer - to. She's also very conscious that for all the pushing she's trying to do, it's not really /her/ business what the Titans do, and all she can really contribute is advice - and encouragement. When Kate's bike comes into view through the glass frontage and shortly after the bell is rung, she takes her hand off Gar's shoulder and gives it a gentle punch instead. "You got this, Garfield. Relax. You've walked this road, you know how it works. Trust your instincts okay? I know you've been doubting those instincts a little lately, but they're good instincts. Go get 'em tiger."

    "Uh... I mean probably not actually AS a tiger. At first. That might kind of freak her out." Colette flashes Gar another grin.

Gar Logan has posed:
"If all that is supposed to make me feel more confident about this, it's not working," Gar is sure to inform Colette of, flashing her a mild frown in spite of knowing she's just trying to talk him up, give him a pep talk. He's /not/ a leader. He's /not/ the one looked to for a decision. Restarting the Titans might not even really be his call to make!

Yet, here he is about to meet with someone who's interested in the group. He adds, "I'm more the kind of guy who would just hug someone and say 'Welcome aboard' and then we'd go get pizza and garlic knots and all that stuff, and we'd be best buds by the end."

So it is that as the buzzer is pressed, he's more or less sent forward by Colette, waving a hand back at her after the contact made to the shoulder. "After seeing that thing about Joe Exotic, I'm not sure I even /want/ to be a tiger for a little while." The door soon opens, revealing the green-skinned, green-haired, green-eyed, green-everything(ed). "Uh, hey. I'm Gar, also known as the resident beastly dude of all shapes and sizes."

Kate Bishop has posed:
The what is she maybe sixteen year old waits patiently. Yes she can see the two of them through the glass in the lobby talking. No she doesn't make faces or do anything but politely wait for one of them to come get the door and all that. I mean other then maybe tilt her head and wish she was better at reading lips. What are they discussing.

When the door is opened by Beast Boy she gives him a very winning smile and a nod of her head. "You would be hard to mistake anywhere, so it is cool to call you Gar?" she shifts her footing, but doesn't look like she intents to akido Gar or anything. Nope she just extends her hand to shake hands right there. "I'm Hawkeye, also go by Hawkingbird on Twitter... not a trademark or copyright violation because Old Man Hawk knows about it and endorses it." she pauses for a moment. "The Tower is really impressive, you can see it all the way in Metropolis." she leans a bit to the side and wiggles her fingers at Colette. "Hey there, nice car. Not sure why you let your friend drive the other night."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette greets Kate with a lazy salute. "Hey there two-point-oh. Yeah, it really is impressive. Could do with a bit more life around the place though. Gar here may be the life of the party, but it's hard to be the life of a whole tower. There's another resident, but she uh... she's not coming out to play right now. Raven. Probably best left on her own, she's got things to deal with."

    The car comment gets a rueful grin. "Well, I could afford the car or a chauffeur, figured it's better to have the car and no chauffeur than a chauffeur and no car. So 'Gary', which isn't his real name, got to drive his car, 'cos I'm not letting him drive mine. Because I'm lazy. Besides, it was his party, I was just along to keep him out of trouble. He has a real knack for getting into trouble when there's nobody around to stop him."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan offers a brief handshake, but only after hesitating to do so until Hawkeye/Hawkingbird/Minihawk/Etc. is doing the same, so they meet somewhere in the middle with that. "Yeah, Gar's probably the nicest thing someone might call me most of the time. By the way, purple? Good color." He, when in costume, has been known to favor purple and black as one combination.

He clasps his hands behind him and rocks back and forth on the balls of his feet, which are clad in a pair of sneakers that feature a custom paw-print sole (also available online and at fine retailers in certain areas for reasonable prices!). "I, uh, don't think Raven's up for introductions right now, no," he says, casting a sidelong glance Colette's way before returning his focus to Hawkeye. "Yeah, it's a pretty cool place. And what do you prefer to be called, O Holder of Many Monikers? And what made you interested in the Titans?"

He asides, "We're not much of a group right now, but I'm trying to work on that. And is she talking about me right now?" He asks this just after Colette's talking about getting into trouble.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Thanks, though I mostly lifted it from the trademark holder's costume and copped his whole style. Admittedly it is a sincere compliment to him and everything he has done, even without powers, but I do think I pull the color off a lot better than he does." she smiles. She is super trying to be disarming, nice, and funny. Look she is friendly.

"I won't press Raven, even if she has an awesome choice of codename, one bird to another. As for what to go by.. I mean Hawkeye works unless this is the time about sharing secret identities... which to be fair I've only done with Hawkeye who only half sort of has one. So new at it but I mean.. you are a Titan still." she glances to Colette "And scout I guess.. still not sure what your deal is unless your secretly Raven."

Then her attention goes back to Gar. "Her friend Gary.. kinda nerdy... I had to take down a bunch of Russian mafia who were going to interrupt a deal they were doing with a mob information broker." she wobbles her hand. "I mean I imagine you can get into a ton of trouble if you put your mind to it... but not this time?" she peers at Colette "Your friend Gary seems to get in trouble even when other people are around from the sounds of it." amused tone.

"And.. uh.. why Titans. Well your friend over there had a good point. About teams and having backup. I've been trying to get a young avenger thing going but my Ironheart is way too interested in Stark's lab and doing theoritical stuff... I found a good Black Widow.. though he is a boy... but yeah it isn't going well. She suggested we talk."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
"Our mutual flame-haired friend," Colette clarifies to Gar. "You're the one who keeps him /out/ of trouble. You know what he's like. I just try to tag along when you're not available to make sure that at least someone is there to shake their head at him disapprovingly when he thinks about getting in over his head."

    Colette's take on this is not quite the same as the way Terry reports it. He seems at least half convinced that she's the one encouraging him to get /into/ that trouble in the first place, though to be fair so far she hasn't let him get shot so far.

    Once Gar and Kate have done their handshake, Colette steps forwards to offer Kate a handshake too. "Nice to see you again, BetterHawk. No, I'm not secretly Raven. Pretty certain she would not have suggested anyone visit the tower. No deal here, just a friend trying to help the nice green goof out a little. He wants to get things moving again here and that sounds like a great plan to me. I saw you in action and thought you guys might be able to help each other out a bit. "

    Colette glances at Garfield. 'Cos yeah, team and all that. You needed backup there two-point-oh. Gar needs some good people around if this place isn't going to moulder. Just seemed like the sensible thing to get you guys in contact with each other."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan comes off as fidgety, like it's difficult for him to stand still and remain in one place for more than a few seconds without a need to change it up in some way. Nervous? Absolutely.

Understanding dawns. "Oh, /that/ Gary," he says, nodding rapidly. "Yeah, he gets himself into so much trouble I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't have a little cat in him or something. He's already used up a couple lives since we met." Oh, how little he knows.

"Anyway! Yeah, Raven is..let's just say you'd want to respect her privacy, and she isn't really the touchy-feely type. She's a good person inside, though." He believes this, tells himself it's so. It's a little of that eternal optimism he tries to keep up, seeing the best in everyone. "And..maybe I'll just end up calling you Hawky or something. It's easier than trying to remember a bunch of different nicknames."

Coming back around to Titans talk, he agrees, "Backup is good but friends are better, people you can count on in a pinch. It's hard trying to do this stuff alone. That's sort of how it's been ever since we all broke up. I want to have that team thing again, being part of something better."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Hey my generation is really big on respecting people and getting consent for things, no worries on the Raven front. Also I've seen some of the footage from when the team was together fighting crime. I have no interest in angering Raven. I'm sure she is great but at her speed or not to meet her. there is a very easy going sort of shrug from Ms. Bishop at that point.

"I'm very interested, though I am pretty sure if we want to do the friends thing then we probably do need to go out eat food laugh.. maybe hit a movie night. I really did mean it about the Young Avengers thing and I do have some solid prospects who know their stuff and seeem to really want to make a difference."

She will step past him into the lobby now if allowed though and gestures up and around the huge space. "But... this is already here.. waiting.... I think it might be better to try this Titans thing instead of copying the Avengers style entirely... though no I am not giving the name back. Possession is nine tenth of the law."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "You've claimed it, RealHawkeye." Colette smirks a little. "It's yours now. That's like cat law. I'm not recommending you lick it though, because that would be... ew. I guess if he wants it back he can challenge you to an archery contest."

    "Not copying Avengers' style seems like a pretty good plan to me. People need to work out their own things. If you just copy what went before, you don't get progress. Dogma is the enemy of invention." Colette tilts her head to the side. "Enough about dogma and cat law though, or Gar will start doing animal puns."

    "So yeah, what's the plan Gar?" This is Gar's dance, for all the vague attempts to reassure him, she is kind of dropping things on his shoulders. "I mean I guess you two should spend some time assessing what each other can do and how you can work together tactically, but teamwork relies on a whole bunch of trust issue, right? So yeah, the friends thing makes a lot of sense I guess. What do you say, Garfield? Want me to order in some pizzas? Or... I may have to go pick up, I'm just trying to imagine how hard it would be persuading Giorgio's that an order to deliver to Titans Tower isn't a prank call. "

Gar Logan has posed:
"She's not someone you want to get on the bad side of," Gar rather clearly confirms of Raven with an emphatic, single head bob. Down, then up. "But when she's directing that toward the bad guys? Sometimes I feel for them, a little." This is not really an exaggeration at all.

He welcomes Kate's stride toward other parts of the lobby, letting her look around as she will without being overbearing. In fact, he shoots Colette a look as if to ask if she's challenging him with the animal stuff. "That's my thing, yeah. I can turn into any animal you can think of, and a lot you haven't even seen. I use that a lot." He does not specify whether this is just when the Titans are in the field or not. If she sticks around, she'll learn soon enough. "And I could go on and on about movies if you let me." So says the actor.

While Terry creeps back into his thoughts, they're interrupted by Colette putting him on the spot again. "I'm not gonna turn down pizza, but..look. I don't even know if all of this is gonna work. I've never tried to be a leader. I just go with the flow. I don't think Nightwing is coming back around. He's got a lot of other stuff going on these days. But last week I met someone who needed a friend, and he needed someone who could have something in common with him. I think if we just sort of had a few people that got along and got to know each other, maybe all the rest will work itself out."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"The animal thing is pretty cool actually. The hollywood stuff too not just the hero stuff, but I bet it can be versatile A-F when fighting crime."

She pivots around "Well as for me you kind of get what you see, I am really good with bow and arrows... have a steady supply of whacky trick arrows thanks to the original 1.0 Hawkeye. I'm good with swords and fighting sticks... lots of other things really." a shrug. "I'm great with a gun but.. that is so lethal and not very heroic so.. yeah bow and some nonlethal and more lethal arrows if need be I guess."

"Friends are a good grounding point I guess, but I think the team well if it makes sense.. it will make sense.. but some effort will still need to be put into it. As far as calling tactics in the field.. well maybe you aren't that leader." she turns to gesture at Colette and then Beast Boy "Far as I can see though right now, you two are the ones trying to make this happen... and that is probably enough leadership to give this a solid go right?"

She plucks her glasses off and holds them in her hand. "I'm Kate Bishop, of those Bishops. My family doesn't know and would not approve of what I am doing but I am doing it anyways. My mom would be proud of me helping people."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Makes sense to me, Gar. Go with the flow, baby steps, all that." Colette fishes a phone out of her pocket and starts looking for a number. Without looking up from the screen she continues talking. "You don't have to be a leader the way Nightwing was. There's more than one /kind/ of leadership. I mean there's also leading by example. Your example Gar? It's being a good guy, being friendly, easy going, easy to get on with. Honestly, that's a really solid start. Because without that stuff, it doesn't matter if you have some tactical mastermind running the show. "

    Colette raises her eyes over the screen to look curiously at Kate, when she reveals her name. "Well, that's... Hmm. I guess we all know each other's real names now. I feel like I ought to tell you my secret codename to keep things balanced, except I don't have one of those, so I can't. You know, the whole not being a superhero thing, awkward that way."

    "So, wanna tell us a little bit about your potential cohorts, Hawky?" Colette asks. "Ironheart and a male Black Widow, you said? Male Black Widows may be in rather large supply, I know a couple. Any preferences for pizza?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan notes, "Who I am is not really a secret. That's just the way it's been for me, being out in the public so much. And I don't really blend in with everyone else." Might as well embrace it.

"Maybe we can start out with some people who are there to help each other out, but we're gonna eventually be in the field doing more. It'll help if we have someone who's good at herding cats, if you know what I mean. Usually I just turned into whatever animal I thought made sense," he explains, then a half-smile forms as Colette lists a few positives about him.

It's Hawkeye he turns back to, though. "Kate's a nice name. So you have some other people you know, too?" he asks, head tilting at the 'male Black Widow' part before he gestures toward the bar, which has a small space for various notes. "We'd be safe with the usuals over there." Sure enough, there are a handful of different combinations that must have covered various tastes for different Titans. As he eyes it and realizes how discolored the note looks, he reconsiders. "On second thought..meat and veggie combos would be fine for now."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Eh superspy assassination maybe inclined teenage guys.. you know a few?"

Kate can't help but a bit of sass. She tucks the glasses up into her hair. "We do know each others names, I mean yours are just yours so I thought this was a fair olive branch if we are serious about doing this." also the name Bishop explains how she can afford this gear and that bike really.

"Ironheart is her codename.. she is too smart... but I don't know if this would interest her. The other one.. well no codename either so I don't want to say too much more and maybe out him but I'd definitely arrange a meeting. He seems to be very interested in security for a teenager..." she mulls that over. "Hacked my phone somehow without touching it then helped me get my shit together better on communication security standpoint."

Pepperoni is good, honestly just about anything on a crust is good though my heart is weak for New York style..."

She walks over to the bar with the others now and pulls up a chair. "Do you want to meet him?" looking for the others, she seems to set to have people meet for sure.

"Oh and count me in on this experiment, I think it can work." pauses "Hell.. I think it needs to work."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette takes a seat at the bar, barely hiding her disappointment at the lack of anything alcoholic on display there - though all things considered it's hardly a surprising lack. "Yeah, I know a few," she confirms to Kate while looking over the notes. She gives a shrug and then starts tapping in a nice general purpose pizza order.

    Ordering done, Colette looks up with a slight grin. "Told them we're hanging out in the lot here and to call when the delivery gets here. Seemed a safer bet than trying to persuade them to ring the bell. Don't worry about the herding cats thing for now, Gar. You're looking to put together a few new faces, maybe one of them will be good at the herding. Concentrate on what you're comfortable with and see how things pan out. Might want to talk to Kian about things too. He's a nice guy, but I dunno if he's mentioned yet that he can generate heat. That goddess' gift thing he mentions? He's basically a meta too. But maybe you guys can start out light, get to know each other and get comfortable with each other in situations where you don't need a tactical wizard to sort things out. Somehow I get the feeling that wizard will turn up before too long though. I mean..."

    Colette interrupts herself, looking up sharply at Kate. "Hacked your phone without...? Hmm. Don't suppose by any chance he had a dog with him, did he?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah, I'm totally down for meeting new people," Gar confirms, giving a thumbs-up to both Kate and Colette. "And Kian's a nice guy. I hope we can help him feel more comfortable around here, too."

He seems content to listen for a moment, a brow raising at some of the info shared so far about the others in question. "Go on..?" He, for once, seems content to be on the listening side for now.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate peers at her. "Well there were several dogs in the park when we met but none seemed to be hanging out specifically with him." she squints. "About 5'9", Blue eyes, Blond hair?" she isn't giving away much more but that should be a good general bit. "I was casing a school that seems to be more than a school when I ran into him the first time."

She glances towards the parking lot. "Happy to meet people, excited about pizza." she looks back to the others. "Good with going on some field work to show you what I can do Gar. Plenty of people need help out there."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
"Fuck! Excuse me." Colette takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "Very blue eyes, very blonde hair, right? Yeah, I know the school you're referring to. Can I ask you not to talk about it? There are sensitive issues at play there." Well that explains Kate's 'HH' question of the other day. And no doubt answers her question, too. "Okay, I guess that means we only have two Black Widowers on the list rather than three, that keeps things a bit more manageable."

    Colette pinches the bridge of her nose. "Too many coincidences for my liking. Still..." She shakes her head again, waving the thought away. "Fieldwork sounds like a solid idea. So... not my party, but if you guys will take a suggestion, pick a day for a regular weekly Titans meet-up, to start with. Work other things out on top of that, sure. But you want something... stable. Something regular, something to keep people coming back. And of course plenty of opportunity to get to know each other, bond and all that. If you guys like that idea, maybe Ironheart, the Aryan Widow and his little ninja buddy could be invited along to the next one. Don't call him a ninja though by the way, he won't like that. So..."

    So... plans, in a rather vague way, are discussed. Thoughts and opinions shared. Slowly, the thing that Kate said /needs/ to work starts taking some kind of rough shape. It's a start, of sorts.

    And then the pizza arrives.