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Remember, Remember, 11 November
Date of Scene: 11 November 2021
Location: Coney Island
Synopsis: A start of a birthday lunch.
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, James Barnes, Achilles, Yelena Belova

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
New York's wet and grey on what the world calls Remembrance Day; Veteran's Day, for the Americans. Something strangely apt in the other smaller ceremony marking a natal achievement after a century of seeing the world.

As such, Coney Island is nearly deserted. Winds drive grey waves off the Atlantic, gusts snapping at faded advertisements and sheeting tacked to chain link fences around the main attractions and rides. They're mostly shuttered for the season, though the boardwalk always remains open and its attendant restaurants, tacky gift shops, and occasional fishing vendor or food trucks catering to the locals who spend a few bucks for old-timey fun. The seagulls are deprived of their French fries, no longer fattened and smug. Dog walkers roam the strand, very few people trying to sunbathe. Too cold, too steely for that.

For Wanda's purposes, it's fairly perfect: few crowds, open sight lines, no need to ride a rollercoaster. The thrills of that wore off about the fourth time with Pietro complaining it was too slow. Older and wiser, she instead walks the long stretch of boardwalk in a warm red coat. Shocking, it would be red. A flash on the general non-emergency chat channel for the Avengers indicates when she's out there, and leaves lunch? as a question mark for them.

Oh, sneaky witch.

James Barnes has posed:
And lo, the world's longest POW case has awoken.

Bucky sees the flags standing tall of a country he once fought for during it's darkest hours. The people who walk and thank elderly veterans on nearby benches, the absurd amount of people grilling out today, combined with the scents and flairs of New York City. Bucky's eyes look out the window of Wanda's room in the Avenger's Mansion, having fallen asleep watching television last night.

He wonders where she went and gone.

Then of course, a flash on the chat channel for the Avengers indicates that she's out there and leaves the question of lunch in the air, and Bucky seems to ponder for a moment as his eyes look around. He sends a reply back through Jarvis as he gets changed.

'I'm on my way.'

and so, Bucky gets dressed and heads down to Coney Island. It wasn't hard tracking Wanda by security footage and cameras off of cell phones. JARVIS was extremely helpful in that regard as Bucky made his way. He was dressed plainly. Shoes, jeans, a dark red shirt, and a black cargo jacket covers his person, gloves are worn on his hands to cover his metal arm, but not look suspicious about it. He wears a worn-down Yankees cap on his head to help hide his identity. Eventually, he sees the witch across the way, smiling to himself as he approaches.


The soldier greets.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Remembrance Day means poppies to Wanda. A few years spent in the United Kingdom will do that. In Flanders Fields the poppies grow, between the crosses, row on row. One little velvet flower with a black heart lies pinned to her coat on the left side over her heart. But it's not quite the eleventh hour of the eleventh day. The UN headquarters to the west already celebrated peace and recalled war, and all around the city and country, the task to recall is observed by veterans, survivors, schoolchildren, passersby.

Coney Island isn't heaped in wreaths or yellow ribbons or uniformed people. Life finds a way through war and peace, maybe less so through the end of tourist season. The gulls skirl and keen for attention, winging around on the gusty updrafts. Snapping flags and pennants play over the closed entrance to the main theme park. Smaller rides are available, of little interest. Instead, she stops into a drowsy cafe where a young man is engrossed in his phone and his university coursework on a laptop. Startled when she peeks in, she breaks into a smile. "Table for, let's say, four? I'm waiting for someone." She reaches into her pocket, bypassing gloves, coming up with her wallet. Pulling out two twenties, she puts the bills down on the counter. "I am meeting up with them outside, but that should start for coffee?"

She dips out from the restaurant. Back to the seaside, in the time Bucky tracks the witch down by a railing, watching the surf pound the sand. One day, the ocean will eat Long Island whole, but not today.

"Hey to you too." Being casual is good practice. English likes to trip her up. "Beautiful day in this neighbourhood, and such a view!" She gestures. It's maybe a mile, tops, of grey water and grey skies, the occasional grey bird misjudging a wave to dive after lunch. That makes her laugh as she waves to the soldier. "You know the best part? I can charge lunch as a business expense." She cheekily grins.

Achilles has posed:
    Veterans day. An American holiday that Angelo heartily approves of. There really aren't any normal folks who have served as many years in as many military forces in the history of the world as he who could be called one of the first ever 'super soldiers'. After all, he was augmented by chemical and magical means. . . but I digress.

    He is no Avenger, and not in the loop when it comes to their comms. But Angelo does tend to check in with HQ now and then. Plus, he has moved to New York in the last few years, and Coney Island seems to be a tradition. He has no real -costume- to wear. He is dressed in simple clothing, a pair of bluejeans, work boots, and a black polo shirt with a Pea-Coat over it.

    So when he was told that an operative would be out at Coney Island, he figured he'd pop over. So he parks his average looking sedan nearby, and makes his way out into the area. Hands are in his pockets... pockets he put a handful of commemorative medallions into in order to give out to veterans here and there in thanks. With.. of course, yellow lanyards attached to be reminiscent of yellow ribbons. But for now, he approaches from an oblique angle, wordlessly coming closer at a slow pace. Making sure that he can be seen and that it doesn't look like he's trying to sneak up on folks.

James Barnes has posed:
Approaching Wanda at a steady pace, Bucky eventually stops in front of her, giving her a small smile as she stays casual with him. He looks to the left of him to see the restaurant, the nice cafe that seems to be pretty quiet, windows all around. Full coverage. Not too shabby, Maximoff. Eyes return to her and he seems to look greatly amused. "Yeah, it's nice. I think that it's moments like these that are rare."

He literally killed several HYDRA agents last week. Don't come creeping around the Winter Soldier's neighborhood and expect to have a warm welcome.

But he chuckles a little bit. "You can, I suppose, but then it wouldn't be much of a lunch date." He smirks at her. "How are you today, Wanda? All is well?"

He half-expects Steve Rogers to pop out of a corner somewhere and wish him a happy Veteran's Day, but Bucky's full attention is forward and eventually turns to see who else was around.

People enjoying the day, the simple pleasantries of life. His eyes are ever moving. Ever watchful. Too many people in this area means that while he's hidden, others might be hidden too.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Sometimes when you think you're alone you're not, and Yelena is one of the types of people that help make it so. She didn't join Wanda, and she didn't join James, nor did she know anything of their plans. But she did take note of James about the Triskelion, and the familiarty to someone special was uncanny.

Being a bit of her own entity within SHIELD since she sorta-kinda been 'joined', she had mostly seen Natasha above all others. Most other agents warned to keep their distance. So while she didn't necessarily had someone to ask, the curiosity made her pursuit the matter on her own.

Wrapped up in a blue peacock coat and jeans, just a normal person going about her business. Just so happens that her business was tracking James Barnes, and seeing if she can get a moment to confront him when he is on his own. For now she's been keeping her distance, observing from across the street, very old fashioned as she sits on a bench to look at her phone, while actually studying James' meeting with Wanda.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"Everyone reminds me picnics on the cold, wet sand are not popular. I cannot imagine why." Being bundled up under a long, fitted coat in a red currant hue, and multiple layers under that, keep her especially warm. Wind also might want to check its mood around a witch willing to flatline its presence personally! Though without Thor to guarantee clear skies, the other Avengers and agents have to make the most of a November afternoon. At least it's not raining.

She leans into the railing still. Casual posture gives no suggestion of tension or worry, the brief brush against Bucky a subtle tell of familiarity. "My definition for a good lunch spot may not match Stark's." Tony dining at Coney Island would probably involve flying in the restaurant and chefs from somewhere fancy.

Subtlety can be a polite nod in Angelo's direction, somewhat familiar from different sources. She isn't hiding. "Everything is good. You have heard something different?" Her auburn eyebrows raise a little. Unnamed trouble could be a good reason to abort the team lunch plans.

The wind toys with her hair and she turns away from facing it head-on. "If not, then we have all the space we need for lunch. The cafe is busy."

Empty but for someone dining on a BLT and nursing a coffee, actually.

"Hungry?" A question asked of the world. Oh no, an invitation.

Achilles has posed:
    Upon approaching, as unsubtle as can be... Angelo smiles and looks to Wanda. "Sastipe! Lachho dives" he states, attempting to use a Romanian 'good afternoon' type of greeting before looking to Agent Barnes, "I'd offer something Russian to you, but I am informed that you are originally from New York, so... good day to you sir." he says, his own words laced with just the hint of an English Accent. Like he is in the process of losing the accent altogether, but it's just not... quite... gone.

    "Pondering lunch I see?" he asks with a gesture towards the cafe. "I wonder if they prepare traditional gyro's." he adds.

James Barnes has posed:
"They tend not to be, no, unless you are shooting a music video. I think I was 'rick rolled' earlier today, whatever that means." Bucky shakes his head, looking rather amused. Though he looks at her with a kind smile. "Tony would splurge money just to send us all to Vegas." His smile turns into a smirk as he looks at her, and when she brushes up against him in that brief, subtle moment, he curls an arm around her waist in an attempt to plant a gentle kiss on her lips, lengthy and romantic.

"Thank you for having me today, Wanda." He tells her after the contact if it's permitted, his eyes looking into hers like he's looked at none other. "Famished." He replies to her question of hunger.

Bucky's eyes then drift to the approaching Angelo, who speaks to him in Russian, tilting his head at him. "Hello there. Pondering lunch, yes. Wanda, I think, ordered coffee." He smiles at her, before his eyes suddenly narrow and he looks around.

He's being watched. He can feel it.

His eyes move towards that bench, perhaps near moments from discovering Yelena.

Yelena Belova has posed:
Yelena had seen some files of the Avenger dubbed Scarlet Witch, enough to know that it's not someone to trifle with. Interesting that James Barnes keeps such company. It may also explain his sudden disappearance. At least that's what it was from a Red Room perspective. Not too much to make of it, now that Yelena had a wild experience of her own that forced her out of the Red Room. Entirely unintentional, but sometimes paths are choosen for you.

Angelo offering a Russian greeting to James in jest, is enough to affirm her suspicions, albeit the place of origin being New York is quite jarring. Very improbable. She touches a fine buttons on her phone, not at all tuning any sort of voice amplifier directed at the group, to better listen in on their conversation.

When Bucky is turning to look at the bench, Yelena isn't there, because she's talking to a hot dog vendor nearby at this point, purchasing a bottle of water for herself becasue she's suddenly become so very thirsty. Just in time to not be on that bench when attention is swept towards it.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Hard to say hi to someone when given a kiss, so the initial response shall have to wait a few seconds. The slight blush Bucky leaves to her cheeks is faint but there, and she gives him a quick kiss back.

Romanian isn't so common in New York, city of a hundred languages, that it doesn't stop the witch short. A small look of surprise blooms when Angelo favours it, one augmented by a creased smile. "<'Neata. Cum sta treaba?>" A greeting of hello and asking how Angelo is comes as a quick, smooth response clean as a native. Her accent matches the words to a tee. "I hope they make good gyros. The menu was all sandwiches and soup. Today, that' s what we need to stay warm."

The cafe isn't fancy, the sort of low-slung place with slightly sticky booths and a menu that probably hasn't changed in twenty years. Good coffee is a mainstay though. The kid waiting on them after a $40 payment is happy to seat whomever, just as eager to get back to texting and studying, the most hazardous activities. Their table is really up to them; just the one diner engrossed in his stuff, no reason to notice anything off. Not like Wanda has done them the advantage of manifesting the namesake tiara.

"Take your pick," she invites them to sit wherever. Yelena probably is not on the radar yet, not without a hostile signature.

Or that's what a spy-trained sorcerer wants you to think.

Achilles has posed:
    "Everyone thinks better when they are not starving." offers Angelo. He inclines his head, and pulls the silver medallion out of his pocket, complete with that yellow lanyard. "Please accept this Mister Barnes, in recognition of your service to the United States." he says. It's literally just something he had made personally. Nothing official from the government or whatnot. "Happy Veterans Day." he adds.

    The weird thing. The only nation he never actually served in the armed forces for is the United States. But he turns to follow Wanda and James into the cafe. "I do not believe that we have met, and I feel that I have you at a disadvantage Ms. Maximoff. I am Angelo Tampambulos. I am what you might call a.. Co-Worker of Mister Barnes here." he adds before moving to find a seat someplace near one side of the room. Easier to have one's back to a wall and watch the rest of the room. But he leaves that wall-backed chair for Barnes.... He plays decoy a lot. It's kinda his thing.

James Barnes has posed:
Bucky gives Wanda gentle brush of his nose in response to her blush and reponse to the kiss, and he doesn't leave her in awkward silence, but he does seem to be keeping much of his attention on her. "Gyros...Hm. I haven't had a Gyro in a really long time, I don't think. It feels familiar." Bucky suggests as he rubs his chin with a gloved metal hand.

His attention and searching of Yelena seems to be in vain. He could've sworn someone was there. He's definitely being watched. He doesn't like this situation much at all, a gun no doubt stashed on his person somewhere. But he follows Wanda into the cafe all the same, his eyes still looking. "How about over there?" He points to one of the corner booths where they can converse.

His eyes drift to Angelo, seemingly smirking at him. "True." Though he seems a little bit surprised when he pulls a silver medallion out of his pocket, complete with a lanyard. "W-well, I don't know if It was good service but..." He tilts his head, though he accepts the trinket all the same, chuckling a little bit. "Thank you."

Indeed, he moves towards that wall-backed chair and takes his seat, so he can have his eyes on all the exits. "and to you as well, Angelo."

Yelena Belova has posed:
It's unfortunate when the group decides to settle in for a meal, because now Yelena will have to find a hankering for something. Perhaps there's some light fare, a cup of coffee, black Russian tea if she's lucky, and a little pastry to buy some time. The water is left with the vendor, as she walks towards the cafe/dinner/whatever it was they were sitting in. Ever so casually, enough delay so it's sheer happenstance, and as she feels none of them saw her, it wouldn't seem odd for anyone else to be going in. Public place and all, by some accounts likely good enough.

She elects to sit nowhere near the others, but she does set her phone on the table, aimed at them, to better listen in on their conversation.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The medallion being offered to Bucky gets a curious look out of Wanda, obliquely given from the corner of her eye to Angelo. A small nod blends respect and acknowledgment for the small acts of kindness.

Wherever they sit, she settles in without so much worry for walls or windows. Her hand smooths down over her coat, but she does not remove it, nor the enchantments it provides for minor protection. "Mr. Tampabulos." Her Greek is good, not slaying his surname by stumbling over it. "One of Mr. Barnes' coworkers is by extension an associate of mine. I work on an as-needed basis, specialized in European matters." Or the weird ones, but that probably goes without saying since the whole "Avenger Witch Lady" title goes that way!

A piece of her hair she tucks behind her ear. Comfier that way.

Whatever they get around to ordering, however, the one kid up at the front does the waiter service. The kitchen isn't big but knows its business well, though a tureen of tomato bisque isn't high art. Neither are grilled sandwiches, the beloved gyro, or spanikopita. Two figures shuffle around back in there, probably grumpy. It comes around to the poor kid to circle around and realize the population of his cafe has increased by twenty percent with Yelena. "Hi, um, be there in a minute. You need anything to drink, I got you!"

Achilles has posed:
    Giving a small smile to James as the man denigrates his service level, Angelo shakes his head. "You served. You also paid one of the heftier prices that I have ever heard of. I was never in the US Military myself, and as such, I feel that it is important that I recognize the service of those who did."

    That said, he looks over to Wanda, and bows his head in acknowledgement of her words. "So, is that a long winded way of saying.. any friend of his is a friend of yours?" he asks in an amused tone.

    But as the waiter approaches, he waits to order last. And when he does, he orders some lemon rice, and a pretty standard gyro with lamb, feta, tomatoes, etc. And water. Just water to drink. Not because he's cheap. It's because he prefers to drink water when eating so that the drink does not overpower the flavor of the food.

James Barnes has posed:
Bucky turns his full attention onto Wanda for a moment, smiling appreciatively at her as she states to Angelo, as he put it, a friend of a friend is still a friend. He reaches for Wanda's hand to hold and squeezes it gently in his hand. When the waiter comes around, Bucky orders a simple gyro with lamb and feta, and some saganaki if they have any. He doesn't seem to go further than that, instead just enjoying the company.

His eyes though turn to Yelena as she sits in one of the corners. He doesn't move for her quite yet, though his eyes remain fixed on her for a moment. "Hm." But he doesn't say anything to Angelo or Wanda on the matter.

Instead, he just looks to the pair of them, before he settles on Wanda. "Out of curiosity, Wanda, why didn't you take me with you when you left? Are you up to mischief again?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda breaks into a slight smirk, one playing off the amusement in a similar spirit. "We are coworkers." There. He has a star in the firmament to guide by.

Her own choice for lunch is a plain bowl of that tomato and red pepper bisque, complete with a Greek salad on the side. Cucumbers never did anyone wrong. Especially not in a zippy dressing with kalamata olives.

She asks for tea to go with the rest. "I am bound to be disappointed. Lipton." There is always hope, but doctoring her drink is on the menu. Hence pulling her crossbody bag over and unzipping the front pouch to obtain her tea. She carries looseleaf bags wherever she goes, and prepares the satchel by popping it on her spoon.

"Wrong member of the House for mischief. I am the respectable one." Pietro, your ears better be burning! "I needed to get my run in and tap a line. Did you really want to go jogging this far?" she asks Bucky, squeezed in next to him and leaving her hand in his for the moment. She doesn't need it, so no harm done. "I never assume anyone enjoys jogging. I don't. But necessary for fitness and keeping up with Steve." She grins briefly at them both. "No one keeps up with Steve, not really."

Achilles has posed:
    Not oblivious to nuances of personal relationships, Angelo inclines his head, "Tell you what. Make mine to go." he tells the server. He doesn't explain it. He just thinks that these two don't need a third wheel when they make a good balanced bicycle as they are.

    He stands and says, "I just wanted to introduce myself, give thanks, and be on my way. If you like however, I do have quite a collection of different types of tea. I would be happy to put together a sampler and provide it to Mister Barnes here to deliver to you Ms. Maximoff. But... you enjoy yourselves please." he says before he excuses himself to depart.

James Barnes has posed:
Angelo announces his departure, and his eyes turn to Wanda with a bit of a nervous smile about him. 'Did I scare them all off by loving you?" Did he also just drop the L-word?! His eyes watch as Angelo takes off properly and Bucky's eyes turn to Wanda with a bit of an apologetic look. "I'm sorry if I ruined it." He chuckles a little bit. But then again, Bucky always did enjoy Wanda's company the most.

Though she tells him about her choosing the wrong house and for jogging not realy being that fun, and Bucky couldn't help but smile at her. "I enjoy jogging. It keeps the mind sharp and the body ready for anything." She brings up Steve and how fast he is, and Bucky smirks. "I can keep up with Steve." he tells her with a small frown. Does she not appreciate his ability to run fast?!

He eventually gets his coffee and Bucky thanks the waiter as he takes a few sips from his drink, nice and calm, easy and steady.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda tilts her head, looking a bit perplexed. "It was lunch, these are open. I don't know. Some people here are so calm about things, and others get so uncomfortable. I was trying not to be rude and draw attention to the yellow ribbon thing he gave you." It has a term but the English word eludes her, and she reverts to German. <The lanyard.> A matter of awkwardness there is one that has her raising her brows at again. But she can't help it, looking off over Angelo's departing form. "I'll try talking to him later about the tea. It wasn't my intent to do this."

Making amends is a certain necessity. Failing that, they can smile wanly. Laugh, even. "How do we know how it was ruined? I am sorry to him and you. We'll fix it later. His company was good, be nice."

Reaching for one of the mugs put down by the waiter, she drops the teabag into the hot water and it smells of caramel soon enough. "You can run fast as Steve. I cannot. You would be halfway to Queens before I crossed the mile mark. And my brother would have run to London and back." No; she's very likely /not/ kidding.