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Where is my booze
Date of Scene: 12 November 2021
Location: Derby Queens
Synopsis: Kian brings his promised booze to Harley, though of course trouble happens right as they are to get to the good part. The Tenderloin girls decide it's time for some vengeance.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil, Terry O'Neil, Dawn Granger, Kian

Harley Quinn has posed:
Dusk. Derby Queens very own roller derby rink! A message was sent to Terry and friends!

> The time has come! Kian is bringing his hometown booze to share! And nothing better than sharing with friends! So you are cordially invited to come chez Harley, at the roller derby rink for some fun shenanigans! Bring your best skating prowess! XoXo - Harley

And so it was. Messages sent. The roller derby empty and available just for them. Because Harley is the team captain! And she has perks... Or else...

The lights are on now, the rink illuminated and Harley is on the side of it, dressed in her battle uniform already, black and red (Because of course) and the roller blades on. She is near April and helping her getting those laces tied. "No no! It's the otha way around!" she explains to her roomie and friend!

April O'Neil has posed:
April isn't coordinated. Everyone who knows her know this about her. She's a clutz, to put it mildly.

ITs partly why she gets kidnapped so much. She goes to dangerous places, then exposes herself (not like that) and gets caught!

So this whole idea has her whining. "Roller blades?" She questions again as she laces them up and puts the plastic bit through at the top of the boot to get them to be more secure. "I'm gonna break my freakin' neck, Harley." She says in her scared voice. "I thought they made these things illegal, or something.... Didn't they stop making them in the 90s?"

Once they're secure, April sits up then with her back straight and flicks her hair out of her face so she can lower her helmet on her head and secure it under her chin with a snap of plastic clip!

She sits there now in elbow and knee pads, looking down at herself. "I feel like an American Gladiator...."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry has been to the Derby before. He even has custom skates that he brings with him- glittery, sparkly ones with Cheshire grins painted across the fronts. "Rollers are the only way to go, cousin!" the Cheshire cat says, getting his on without much trouble. Sure, he had sent the invite to all Titan friends who were available. Gar had monitor duty, so he wasn't available... poor guy. But Vorpal promised to come later and make it better, so it's ok. "You won't be an American Gladiator until you get knocked off a tower by a gigantic foam q-tip wielded by a muscular hunk in spandex." He pauses while lacing up his skates. "Say, how /is/ your dating life as of late?"

Dawn Granger has posed:
Terry has brought a ringer in. Skating Prowess? :- Dawn Granger, ballet dancer and avatar of Peace. Dancing on skates? nooo problem! Beating people up in the rink? sliiiight problem. Not that Dawn really knows what this trip is about, only that Terry wanted to hang and why wouldn't she say yes to the enthusiastic chaos cat?

Dawn doesn't know these people but she knows a good opportunity when she hears one, so she helpfully adds, "You look like an American Gladiator too." To the American ear she sounds British. To the British ear she sounds American. Such is life growing up in two countries.

Offering her hand she says, "Hi I'm Dawn." Harley she knows _of_ because well who hasn't heard of someone so famous. April she's seen on TV. She peers at Terry.. just how many famous people does he know? well, he's famous too by all accounts.

"I'll.. uh.. put some skates on," she says trying to avoid things getting awkward with staring. She sits down and from her bag takes out her roller blades and starts to lace them on. She owns her own, because of course she does.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"But you weah whinin' about not comin' to play with me befoouh!" Harley retorts to April, gesticulating with her hands while talking. Because she is making a point here! "So now you gonna roll..." her expression turning veritably devilish as she regards April, " .... one way or anotha."

Wait, what's the other way? Not that Harley EXPLAINS it, finishing to help in that lace up, "Teah we go!" she getting up to her feet and delivering a slap on April's rear, which may or may not be unbalancing!

"And oh, did I tell ya that Terry is part of the team too? He was sorta adopted last time we weah heah during his trainin' to defeat his doppelganger. The Harley-Fu runs strong in him." a sharp nod delivered to the red-haired chaotic cat. "Kian is late! But .., we will make suwah ta get thirsty by doin' some gamin' around the place."

"And hello theah, Daenerys!" she greets Dawn when she comes by, "I hope yoh powahs aren't firebreathin'.." handshake given!

A knock is heard on the door. "Oh, that must be Kian!" she starts sliding there..

April O'Neil has posed:
April is smirking at Terry as she stands up and gets slapped on the ass by Harley. It makes her nearly lose balance but she recovers and puts a hand on the wall behind her for extra support. "Ha ha." She says before she looks toward the Briton woman. "Hi." She says then with a smile. "Nice to meet a friend of Terry's. I'm April. His best cousin." She says with a little grin touching the corner of her lips then.

She then shakes Dawn's hand. "Did you know they let guys on the team?" She asks then as she looks to Terry. "Are there guys on the other teams?" She asks further! "I don't want to get MURDERED, Harley!" She calls after her roommate as she goes toward the door...

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"They do let guys on the team, cousin, provided they are gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide /and/ have awesome fashion sense. The fact that I have two boyfriends /and/ am a fabulous dresser means I am more than qualified for the role."

He grins at Dawn, "You know Harley, of course. April's my cousin. You might say that sticking our nose in things that don't concern us is a family trait. All the O'Neils have either been spies or journalists."

Is that true? Good question. Donna is not around to suss fact from fiction here. "Now, how about we hit the deck? Sounds like Kian is right on schedule!"

Dawn Granger has posed:
Dawn chuckles as Harley calls her Daenerys. She's not going to fault anyone for giving her that nickname. She peers over at Terry and says, "You're cousins?" Does that mean April also turns in to a cat? she doubts it but it's interesting none the less. "I can honestly say I don't know any of the rules for this game April."

She remembers that Hank said how much he loves sports. He probably knows how this game is meant to be played. May be she can ask him for tips later.. but for now, she'll just have to wing it.

She peers after Harley for a moment though. Most everything she knows about the woman is from the news of her being a supervillain with the Joker. This context is wildly different. She adjusts the lacing tensions and then rises up smoothly.

She is clearly very fit and moves with a grace on the skates. "It's been yeeeears since I've skated. This will be fun. Wait, Terry, you have _two_ boyfriends? who is the other one??" Oh right, helmet.. she reaches in to her bag and pulls out a powder blue helmet with white wings painted on to the sides. "I'll get it..," she says about the knock and skates over to join Harley at the door.

Kian has posed:
    When Kian does slip in, it is quietly, as is his usual way of doing things.  Kilt, vest, sandals and a bottle-sized pack strapped to his belt.  Perfectly normal Kian.
    Finding Harley and her group is no challenge -- listen for the most noise -- and of course where Harley is, that's where Terry will be.
    And that's where he goes first, to greet his /tenar/ with a hug and a kiss and a scritch just behind his left ear... and a slightly askance look.  "I do not know what you are goin' to do, but everyone iss wearin' wheels on their feet an' a lot of protectif gear, an' I will sit over here an' watch it in safety."  Gotta love those patented birdman run-on sentences.
    And then he starts fussing with his package, and heads for Harley while extracting a bottle therefrom.  Slightly larger than liter-sized, maybe around a liter and a half.  Clear glass, amber liquid therein with a faint red shimmer.  The writing on the label is... not of this earth.  "Harley /tavar'h/!  I haf kep' my promise, this iss the brandy my father makes!  I think either you will like it, or you will not."
    Way to cover all your bases there, bird.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Murdered? No one gets murdered in roller derby, Apes! That's only in the movies! I mean, broken ribs and hair rippin' is faeh game though.." The clownette informs April, "It was all in the rulebook I mailed you earlier today! Are you sayin' you didn't read those 200 pages..?" she tsks while rolling /backwards/ towards the door. Because she is a pro. And it shows in the way she slides and weaves!

Such grace, much skating.

"And hol' up, why are you askin April about her love life, Terry? You tryin' ta hook her up with someone?! Who!?" Curious Harley! But then they are close to the door, she grinning at Dawn. "Hey, you skate well. Played this befoouh have ya?" she questions, then looking a touch confused as Kian comes in from *another* direction that's not the door. "Uh..., theah you are...!" but then who is it on the other side of the door?

The answer comes by way of the door being pushed open with a kick, which has the effect of making the clownette fly back and fall on the ground. "AAaaahhhhhh!"

Outside there's a group of rather large, muscled women. And certainly not friendly! They start walking in, "Heard you were here. Time for some payback on what you did last game.."

Harley retorts from the ground, "What are you Tenderloin bitches doin' heah? And I will let you know that I did that Cindy a favor by givin' her a new smile durin' the game!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April leans on the wall while standing there trying to get used to being on skates for the first time in her adult life. She just shakes her head at Terry. "Yeah yeah, keep rubbing it in." She says before smirking toward Dawn. "He's got two boyfriends. I can't even find one. He won't live it down either..." She pauses for a moment questioning to herself if 'live it down' is even an expression.

Her eyes go up when Kian appears though and she smiles at him. "Mmmm, boooze. Whats not to like? Am I right?" She says before trying to take her hand from the wall testing her ability to stand... on skates.

She looks over at Harley when she takes a tumble, then up to the door. This, of course, has April fluttering her dark lashes as she considers who is standing out there. "Wait, what?" She asks then. "What happened last time?" She asks as she looks around at everyone. "Is this a revenge match?!" She calls out now sounding worried for real!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry grreets Kian with a kiss and a nuzzle, and he grins at Dawn "Kian. You know Kian, Dawn. You always did say that I was too much for one single person to handle... turns out you were right. Gar and Kian share that burden know," he jokes and begins to make his way to the rink. "Nah, she only gets to turn into the Cheshire cat if I die. There can only be one at any one time. It's like the Highlander, but with a lot fewer beheadings and kilts."

And just as he is hitting the floor, he whirls around, perfectly comfortable on the skates. What attracted his attention is the commotion at the entrance, as a group of very intimidating women enter.

"... you can't blame this on me," he says to Kian, by way of anticipation.

Dawn Granger has posed:
Dawn smiles as she notes the way Terry and Kian interact. Even more of a change than she had realised - Kian has found partnership on Earth. The question from Harley brings her back to the moment and she shakes her head, "Nope, not even sure what the game is called. I'm a dancer, but I like to skate. Usually ice skating but this is fine too." She smiles and then as the door is opened and upset players from a prior game move in she twirls and kicks off giving space before curving her path around to move to Harley's side.

"Hi there," she says not knowing these people of course, "I don't know what went down in your last game but perhaps we could talk this out." She really wishes they would.. why is it so few people take the talking option until after violence has been applied? But they are strong independent women, clearly, may be they have their heads on straight. Either way she offers Harley a hand back up. Even if she is clearly trying to start a fight... or escalate the chance of one.

Kian has posed:
    "If I see glitter on them, I can an' I will blame you," Kian replies, smirking at the cat.  "Try not to get too badly broken, that only means Phoebe again an' you are even weirder after she has to fix you."
    No, actually, Kian is not familiar with the idiomatic meaning of 'fixing' a cat, and if he were, he probably would have phrased that differently.
    Instead, he retires to what he hopes is a safe vantage point, and takes a discreet nip from a smaller bottle he brought with him for his own use.  This is either going to be interesting or terrifying.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Taking the hand that Dawn offers Harley gets up to her feet, dusting herself off with a hmph, "This is no revenge match..." she tells April. "Because we already KICKED THEIR ASS last time!" she points out. Sure, point that out to a group that wants to get violent. But there's pride in these teams! And she certainly isn't some pushover. "I am heah with a few friends just havin' fun so scram and go away.."

"Also, theah's a Titan ovah theah.." she points at Terry, "And anotha..." she points at Kian. Then a glance to Dawn, "And we also got a Daenerys! She breathes fire." a grin. "And last but not least theah's oouh secret weapon, our best skatah." she points at April.

The women look around with a frown, "Yea, that's not how this is going to go. Time to talk is over, time to talk with our fists." the lead woman says, smacking one hand on her palm and lunging at Harley! The others spread starting to go for the others.

Battle Royale!

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyes are on the women that look angry. "Well its not a revenge match for us... but clearly it is for /them/" April replies as she sees this getting rapidly more and more out of hand. Her eyes go to the Titans and then back to the women before she lifts her hands up and waves them rapidly. "I'm new to the team! I wasn't even here for the last game!" She says as she starts to wheel backward... or so she thought she was going backward. Instead she starts to roll toward the invading team. "Ahhhh! Crap!" April says as she ducks under one of them and tries to roll her way toward the showers doorway! "This isn't how you play Roller Derby! I looked it up this afternoon when I didn't read those things Harley sent me!" She says on her way past the others!

Dawn Granger has posed:
A tall but impressively muscular woman gives Dove a shove and she rolls backwards, then splays her feet apart to put on the breaks. "Please, don't push me. You _really_ don't want to do this. You heard what Harley just said.. those two are Titans."

And so is she. But she's not going to point that out just yet. Always give them enough opportunities to change their mind. The tall muscular woman moves in with a fist and Dawn gracefully drops down and sweeps her leg, dropping the tall woman. The bigger the are the farther they fall.

Dawn rests a hand upon the forearm of that fist as the big woman crashes to the ground and she says calmly to her, "Please reconsider. Your friend may have chosen violence but you don't have to."

Another of the 'opposing' team rushes over to push Dawn off of her friend and Dawn does a small role over the top of the downed woman and rises back up. "There's always more time to talk, it's never too late to turn away from violence."

It is when one of the women takes an actual swing toward April, the non-combatant of the group, that Dawn feels that true danger sense in her gut. "Dove!," she calls out and her casual roller skating clothes are replaced with a the white uniform of Dove. A blue form hugging uniform with white wings, and blue/white goggles over her eyes.

She moves with a quickness beyond the norm of humanity and hooks her arm around the woman throwing the punch, drawing it back and tossing her over her own back to dump her on the floor. "I'm trying to give you an out here, just calm down and let's talk things through. Please.." but she can already feel the orderliness and desire for peace inside her welling up to Dove levels of insufferableness.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, girlfriend, you sure picked the wrong disco to boogey at," the Cheshire Cat extends a hand and a glowing flamingo mallet appears, out of thin air. "Why don't you listen to my friend and just pack your things and go? We don't have to do this- this isn't an official match, so all of that work is just going to go to waste and there's no audience and no-"

And then a punch is thrown at him, and he rolls away, dodging it with his characteristic agility.

He sighs, "I see that brute force is going to be it. Allow me to disagree... you see, FABULOUS secrets were revealed to me the day I held my bird aloft and said-"

He raises his flamingo club into the air and shouts: "By the power of glitter!"

And there is a blinding light that covers Vorpal. Are those disco strobe lights? And rainbow arcs? Wait, is that a chorus singing in the background? What the hell is going on?

When the light subsides, Vorpal appears to be clad from head to toe in a bodysuit that sparkles with every move. He is wearing a roller-derby-appropriate helmet with an incorporated tiara. His skates have little wings that flutter as he rolls by. "I HAVE THE GLITTER!"

And he sure does. He extends his hands and what can only be described a projectile balls of coruscating glitter, dense enough to hurt and push back upon impact, fire from him with purple and red sparks. The woman who was coming to punch him catches a ball in the chest and topples backward in a mushroom cloud of sparkle, glitter and light. It is as non-lethal a weapon as you can get, but it is also magical glitter, which means it is a /punishment/.

"April!" he shouts, "DUCK!"

He aims his next volley at the ones going after April, but he doesn't want to peg his cousin with the glitterballs.

Okay, maybe. That would be pretty funny.

Kian has posed:
    Kian does the sensible thing in a warehouse, and makes for the rafters.  He is entirely too small, light, and hollow-boned to take part in fisticuffs with large muscled anyone.
    He is *about* to try to assist by trying to deflect attackers from his friends with static fields... until he's distracted by Terry's "attack".
    All he can do is stare for a moment.
    And then his mind returns to static fields... and static cling, and opposing charges on the attackers and on the clouds of glitter.
    They're *never* going to be able to get rid of the sparklies.

Harley Quinn has posed:
All heck has broken loose. Fists flying, Tenderloin girls ALSO flying due to Dawn tossin' them like frisbees. And then the sparkly transformation. It has Harley's eyes going wide, those baby blues mirroring the forming glitter in the air. She holds her hands together to her heart, "My knight in shinin' GLITTER!" she exclaims, giggling as those balls of glitter start hitting the girls and tossing them back. And also while jumping away from getting hit, sommersaulting over one of the women's head, then skating away. Elusive clownette!

"And I knew it! You awhe a dragon!" Harley tells Dawn, "... that also looks like a dove.."

Yet it seems this has turned into saving private April, so Harley does the same, angling over her skating to go hit a couple of girls as she skates by, slamming them away with that increased strength of hers. Thank you, Ivy!

"Kian, don't let that bottle break!" she warns, now realizing that it might not have been the best of ideas to push for a fight. Ah, well!

Yet with the combined efforts of the group they do start to scramble away and out the door. Too much glitter and power for the Tenderloin girls to handle!

April O'Neil has posed:
April's jersey is being pulled from behind by one of the Tenderloin gals who wants to get the reporter, even saying something to the effect of 'I've been waiting to tenderize your hide, Shitty News Girl!' Rude, right?

April whines loudly as she's pulled backward, but even with her back to her cousin, the other Tians, and HARLEY she can see the light show and hear the sounds of her cousins wild powers going off. "You're in trouble no--- AHHH!"" The woman lets go of her stretchy jersey and it sends April zooming in to the showers!


April sprawls out on the shower floor, rolling over on to her back. Dreamy eyed she has her head propped up against the shower wall. "Oh, a pretty Dove..." She says in a dreamy voice too!

Dawn Granger has posed:
"A blue dragon who is actually a dove?," Dove queries Harley; but then there is Terry and the Masters of the Glitterverse. She stares a touch dumb founded even as one of the Tenderloins takes a blind swing at her with a fist. She leans her body just out of the way and the fist swishes by her face. She nudges her shoulder in to the woman pushing her back so she can keep her eyes on the light show.

There is little more she can offer the Tenderloins now that glitter is being thrown at them magically.. and somehow clinging to them thanks to Kian. The turn in the fight is welcome with the Tenderloins fleeing; but Dove finds herself in the unenviable position of struggling with her state once more. They left.. and nothing was settled. There was no peace just deferred violence for later. Possibly when she's not around. It irritates her to the core.

So much so that she looks around and stares a long moment at Harley who egged them on, riled them up, and likely got them upset enough to encourage them to come along today looking for a fight. She takes in a deep breath, and lets it out slowly as she calms her mind.

What helps is April crashing in to the showers. Poor thing. She skates over to her and comes to a kneeling skid before her, "Hey there April. Are you feeling okay? The helmet saved you right?" She offers her hands to help April back up to her feet and 'tow' her back out to the ground since it's clear skating is not one of April's skills.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Now that the danger has passed, Glittercat dismisses the illusion and, skating towards April and Dawn, he goes to check on his cousin.

"Ape. Ape, are you okay?" he says, coming up to them. "You can't be injured. I'm not giving you permission. Just like that one time you jumped off the barn because you thought you could fly and I hadn't given you permission? Yeah, no."

He screeches to a halt, and then follows Dawn and April, to make sure his cousin did not receive a concussion. Or a glitter wound.

Kian has posed:
    Kian drops down from the rafters as the attackers begin their retreat, and he *does* safeguard the bottle.  Not only is it a gift, the only source to replace it is around six parsecs away.
    He also makes sure that there's a little electrostatic push sending any remaining floating glitter after them.  Terry is not a good influence on innocent little aliens.
    "If that iss how this game iss played, I do not think it makes much sense."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You dishonor the rink!" Harley shouts out after the gals, "Next time settle it in the game.." A hmph and she dusts her hands off to step back and joining the others in assessing April's condition.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is hoisted up off the ground by Dawn's assistance, using another hand to brace herself on the wall. "Yeah, I'm okay." She says to those who come to her side. "What the heck was all that about?" She asks as her hand goes up to her helmet to adjust it atop her head.

She looks to Dove first who gets a smile. "Thanks." Before she looks to Terry and Kian next. "Glad you two are here." She says, having missed the glitter balls though...

She fidns Harley next then and frowns at her friend. "Why were they so angry at you?" She asks her next. "You didn't stink bomb their locker room again did you?" She sounds like this has maybe maybe maybe happened before?!

April starts to roll out of the showers then. "Come on, when do we start the game? I'm gonna get all worked up now, and want to smash some faces after that..."

Dawn Granger has posed:
Dove can sense the danger has passed. For now. And April is okay. Though, she could very well have not have been.. and that would have weighed on her heavily. She shuts her eyes and takes long gentle breaths until the uniform of Dove disappears revealing her outfit and helmet from before once more.

"I don't understand why people never want to sit down and talk it out. May be they'll be of a right mind next time you see them to simply discuss what's upset them." She's not going to point fingers, but she suspects it's Harley.

A pause at Terry and a smile, "That was an amazing light show. I don't remember you being that good at magic a year ago... Kian are you alright too?" It seems everyone came out of this just fine except for the Tenderloins.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, they'll be alright!" Terry says, and he brings up his mirror up to his eyes to transform into a human. He's spent enough time as the Cheshire. As he transforms, the sense of chaos vanishes from the air as Vorpal is replaced by Terry proper. "They just need to take a couple hundred showers and they'll get the glitter off them," he grins toothily and puts an arm around Kian's waist. "All of that was illusion, Dawn, except for the glitter. But /they/ don't know that, and what they don't know..." he glances at Harley.

Oh it was totally Harley, he suspects, who set them off. However- "They were bad osers, and there's nothing so embarrassing as someone who doesn't know how to lose with grace. I was at that match, Harl beat them fair and square." And hard and ouch, but that's beside the point.

"SO... who's up for a game? April is raring to go!"

Kian has posed:
    Kian leans into Terry, taking a nip from his small bottle and passing it to him.  "It may take more than a shower.  The static charge I used should haf made a firm an' even coatin'.  It will eventually come off their skin, but it may never come out of their clothes."  He kisses Terry's cheek.  "You are a bad influence."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I didn't stink bomb 'em...!" Hmph! Harley crosses her arms in an affronted manner, nose slightly up and she turning her head away even if it's only after she is sure April is okay! "Sore losers! And they awhe pretty much some o' the derby queens biggest rivals so it always gets heated." then a grin over to Terry, "He was oouh biggest fan that game!"

"And damn right I am ready for some gamin' and some booze. Time to put that bottle to good use." She tells them, "And you gonna have ta tell me all about that experience back in your homeworld." she goes for the bottle, bringing it with her into the rink.

"Now get yoh asses in heah and lets play some roller derby!"