8700/A Walk on the Wild Side

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A Walk on the Wild Side
Date of Scene: 16 November 2021
Location: Rubin Museum of Art
Synopsis: Rogue finds Black Cat sneaking around and assumes she's about to perform a big heist!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Felicia Hardy

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was out and about tonight, her suit had been repaired since the last time it was torn up on a mission and now she was just enjoying a bit of flying around the city. She likes to go on solo patrols to find trouble she can test her abilities against... Or just people to throw around or punch, if possible.

Tonight she's swooping across the skyline of the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Its a nice place, a lot of nice loft homes and apartment buildings, with a lot of cultural centers where people enjoy art and education.

Rogue just soars through the night time skies, its chilly out but not too bad yet in the year. Her leather jacket whips in the wind along with her two-toned hair as she glides about with arms and legs moving here and there to flow with the winds!

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia, The Black Cat, steps up to the ledge of the skyscraper she has clambered up to the top of for this specific purpose. She checks the equipment of her suit with a tug of the glove on her right hand and makes sure it's snug as well as the fur going down from it. She checks within to make sure the grapple is secure and ready for the field test.

    "Don't fail me now sweetie." She says, hair catching the wind and flowing behind her, matching the white fur on her costume perfectly as she lowers her arm, closes her eyes, and with a deep breath, Felicia pushes up on her foot, pulling the rest of herself fully up onto the dangerous cliff.

    "Fortis. Fortuna. Adiuvat."

    The wind rushes quicker and quicker until is deafening and the swan diving thief spies the anchor point she plans on using. She fires both hooks to her target and gets a full swinging arch before both release and retract perfectly as she's nearing the apex of her swing.

    Twisting slowly in the air until she's facing skyward and arms outwards as if she were a flying ballerina. If she would have had the figure for it. Felicia sends out her right hook with a hiss before it goes taught and she's swinging down near the street, feet dancing in a quick sprint on a semi before the swing up begins and she wears a huge smile.

    Landing on a rooftop, Black Cat, doesn't land in a low or braced stance, she lands elegantly, as if she was stepping onto the roof like a woman stepping out of a pool and she walks having timed the apex and speed perfectly to walk towards the access door to the staircase for the building.

    Hands press against her pockets of her suit, the pouches and hideaways hidden within the tight fabric and frowns.


    The Cat then steps to the door with her lock pick set and hunches down and gets to work on the door lock.

Rogue has posed:
The Cat just put on quite a show...

Rogue saw everything after the grapple guns had fired and caught her attention in the sky. The noise rang out and she stopped to watch the femme fatael do her thing. The Belle just low-whistles at it too... then leans forward and starts to fly again...

It's when Felicia leans forward to pick the lock that something happens she likely didn't expect. A voice speaks out behind her, a voice laced in a southern accent no less.

"I'll be damned if that weren't the coolest thing I've seen in awhile." Rogue says in her naturally husky toned voice. Her hands in the pockets of her jacket, as her left leg is extended while her right is bent knee-forward. She just hovers a few feet off the roof... no wires!

"I mean, legit, I'd be askin' ya for your autograph but I figure since it looks like you're fixin' t'rob this place, that you're not one for givin' over your John Hancock huh?" She then states with a grin forming on her red hued lips as her wild hair flows gently to the left of her body in the night time chilly winds.

"Maybe I'm mistaken on your intentions though, Miss Sexy Catsuit."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia winces to herself, as the voice rings out, and she slides the lock pick tools out of the keyhole and she turns around and faces Rogue while standing up slowly and raises an eyebrow, though the domino mask obscures it.

    "I'd gladly give you an autograph if you weren't about to try and beat me up for something so innocent." The Black Cat says, her face relaxing and the eyebrow resetting above her eye like normal. The flying woman is certainly a problem, but Power-Girl flies, and Felicia has her reservations about this southerner being as fast as such.

    "I do appreciate the compliment, and the boldness of your own suit isn't lost, trust me. Though I do feel the trust is already squandered... Shame." Felicia says, popping her hip out slightly and resting a hand on the other, tools securely hidden with her fingers, just to be safe.

    "Though I have never been so lucky as someone mistaking my intentions. It would be nice if you were and didn't try to 'good guy' me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks down at her own green and gold bodysuit, the green going up the outsides of her form reflective like forest-hued leather, while the yellow interior is soft and supple in how it catches the light of the ambient sky. She looks back up and shows a smile at the other woman who is a measure of distance away.

"Heya, Sugah. Relax with the sass! For all I know you got some legit reason for doin' what you're doin'. Maybe somebody in this place did ya wrong, and you got some fair'n square payback t'deliver. Not like I haven't done similar things in my time..."

Rogue descends down to put her wedge-heeled thigh-high boots on to the roof surface. She keeps her hands in her leather jacket pockets though.

"So what is up?" She asks next. "Either you got a great story here, or you're the best Stripper-Gram money can buy." She adds with a visible grin on her lovely features!

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "I'll try the truth, but that doesn't seem to work out well for me. Or for you. Or, at least, the people that have stood where you're standing. Metaphorically." Felicia stands, her hair flowing to the right of her body, mirroring Rogue's.

    "You're right though. Not sure why sass was my go to move there." Felicia hrms to herself, even bring her hand up to cup her chin and think it over.

    "You're not going to believe this, but, I left my key at home." Felicia says, arms moving from her hip and chin to rise up outside of her frame and her shoulders shrug in a large 'I don't know' motion.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just softly laughs and shakes her head from side to side. "I mean... That's a good go-to if this were a Saturday mornin' cartoon." She says with a grin apparent on her visage in the dimly lit area. She starts to walk toward the doorway then and comes to stand beside it and Felicia. She leans down to look at the lock, her hands still in her jacket pockets. "Simple enough lock..." Rogue says as she straightens up again then and glances over to the Cat.

Her right gloved hand comes out now and she just pulls on the door until the handle snaps open and the door swings open in her grasp.

She holds it open for Felicia then and smiles at her. "There you go, damsel in distress. I think I just earned my good deed karma for the year, huh?" She asks while now leaning against the open door on one hand.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia doesn't retreat from the circling Rogue, the approaching X-man. The burglar doesn't even step away from the door as Rogue reaches out and snaps it open, bending the metal latches and frame with ease. Felicia's arms drop and her hands slap her thighs in exaggeration.

    "I could have done that if I wanted to." Felicia turns to start walking into the building. "But I simply didn't want to." With that, the thief is walking down the stairs and at the first half flight, she pauses, to rest her hand on the railing and turn to look back up into the door way that's now going to need repaired.

    "You coming?"

Rogue has posed:
In truth Rogue doesn't know a lot about being a burglar. So when the invite to follow Felicia is given, Rogue just smirks and steps on inside. Her eyes visibly look up and around the door like she's searching for security systems, an alarm she might have set off... because that's precisely what she's looking for.

Once inside she uses her right hand to sweep her wealth of white and brown hair out of her face, now that they're in an enclosed space with the stairwell lighting shining on them both.

"Hell, I guess at this point. But when ya get brought down for whatever crime'a the century you're tryin' t'do here, I'm gonna squeal like a pig... to the uh... Police." She doesn't disrespect the Police, so it seems!

AS Felicia descends, Rogue just follows along after her. "So you live here, huh?" She asks with her hands back in her pockets.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia descends the stairs, one at a time, down and down, but only two actual flights. Felicia looks over her shoulder at Rogue's threat that the southerner will squeal and then she only smiles, closes her eyes and looks back forwards as she continues down. "You're in the wrong city if you're gonna act like that. New York, HATES snitches." Felicia laughs once just as she makes it to the doorway she's seeking.

    Stopping at the door and looking back to Rogue, The Cat looks to the door and back to the heroine, "No, I don't live in the stairwell." She says, waiting for Rogue to open THIS door too.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue continues to descend th stairs with her hands in her jacket pockets. She smirks at the other's words as she walks down to meet her on that floor level landing. "Ha ha." She says dryly before she looks at the door and just reaches her right leg up to press her boot against the push mechanism. She just shoves the door open with her powerful leg, causing it to snap and go wide open.

Her foot drops to the concrete stairwell floor and she looks over at Felicia again. "This city also loves its super heroes, and I'm one'a those you know?" She says with another soft smile. "So I'm just doin' what we do. Waitin' t'see what kinda trouble you're gettin' yourself inta here, Bombshell Kitty." She then upnods at her. "I like the mask though. Never been much for'em myself, but it works for ya, Darlin'."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's eyes go wide at Rogue's show of force and then bends at the waist, palms in her lap keeping her braced against her own weight, so she doesn't fall forward, and looks closely at the twisted metal that was the door frame.

    "I hope my land lord doesn't charge me, or anyone else here, for the new doors." Felicia says, turning to face Rogue and straightens herself up before walking through the doorway and down the hall.

    "Thank you. I don't think I could pull off flashy colors like you, but you got the confidence of a model walking down the runway and it's ... intoxicating." Felicia says, her tone lowering deep into husky territory for the last word.

    The duo stops at an unassuming doorway in the middle of the hallway with a subtle oddity that might tickle at Rogue's mind. There's no other doors on that side of the hall... "One last one... and do be ... gentle on this one."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shakes her head and smiles at the other woman as they walk out in to the hallway. Her eyes roam around the hall before she looks back to the other. "Well ain't you a sweetie, throwin' out compliments like that. I do work out a bit, but I dunno about model quality. Ya should meet my friend Jean, now there's a model!" She says as they approach the door.

When Felicia tells her to be gentle with it, Rogue looks at it and gives it an up and down... "This one, huh?" She says then as she takes her right gloved hand from within her jacket side pocket warmer. "One finger death punch." Rogue says to the other woman then as she reaches down to the door handle and just pushes with one finger until it pops open too. "So this is your place, huh? Not some ex-boyfriend ya come t'steal all his jewelry?" She asks as she peers around the corner in to the place.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "If I have an ex-boyfriend with any jewelry, especially stuff worth stealing, it's news to me." The thief says as she says, frowning at the broken frame of her doorway, with a sigh, but she turns back around into the spacious, but not quite extravagant place. Homey is how Felicia tends to describe it.

    She doesn't take off her mask as she walks in, slipping past Rogue with a glance to the woman and a smirk as she passes the corner of the wall, leaning back so only her face is visible with her hair dangling down, "Love the smell of your hair. what is that, your boy's old spice shampoo?" Felicia teases before disappearing.

    "Tell me about your friend if you think she's hot, I simply couldn't imagine." Felicia says loudly into the apartment followed by a jingle and she's appearing before Rogue with a set of keys. "See. Left them." And she walks past Rogue again to the doorway and pushes a key into the lock and twists it, unlocking the still open door.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans against the door frame as she watches Felicia go on inside the place. She smirks at what the other says and shrugs her shoulders inside of her leather jacket. "Life is full'a mysteries'n surprises." She replies then moments before the keys are presented and the Belle tilts her head, a slow grin forming on her lips. She pushes off the door frame then and stands out in the hallway now. "Guess I mistook your fancy circus tumblin' out there, the lock picks, the mask, the hidden pockets on your bodysuit..." She rattles off the various things she's noticed about the woman. "Clearly you're just comin' home from a real nice late Halloween party." The Belle says with a hand going up to run through her white and brown hair again. "Well. I'll leave ya to it then, Miss Kitty. I'll send a check for the broken doors in the mail." She says as she starts to turn back toward the stairs they came in through. A look is sent over her shoulder then. "And it's only natural conditioning shampoo that I bought on Amazon. So mind your sass, Pretty Lady." The southerner says with a smile before she looks away on her walk back toward the exit.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia is reaching up and carefully taking off her domino mask as Rogue starts to decide it's time to head home. "Fine, don't tell me about your friend." Felicia says, mask in hand and tongue sticking out towards Rogue, but she pauses and lowers her mask with a solemn tone touching her words, "Thank you for helping me." The tone is genuine, as if she often isn't helped. Life's been hard on the thief, and there's been a few shining bright moments from shining and bright people lately and it's leaving Felicia with a sense that she doesn't deserve such optimism. "Don't drink and fly." Felicia says, cheering herself up and waving out her door.