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Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath
Date of Scene: 17 November 2021
Location: New York Harbor Docks
Synopsis: A smuggling operation is revealed in New York by Arthur. Bebop, Rocksteady, Nia, and Roland manage to whup em while a sneeky ninja escapes with the goods. Emma decides not to buy real estate there.
Cast of Characters: Arthur Curry, Shredder, Emma Frost, Roland Livingston, Nia Nal

Arthur Curry has posed:
    "Shaughnessy, what're ya thinkin?" A harsh voice calls out across the docks, and not for the first time. If an alien were cataloging the flora and fauna of the Earth this particular strong-voiced individual would go down as NewYorker: Type C, Dockworker: Irate. It's a call that goes out any number of days though at times different in pitch and vigor. Yet it has the same reaction as the smallish crane being controlled by the aforementioned Shaughnessey jumps to life to continue the task of loading cargo onto one of the fine ships at rest there in the harbor.
    The time of day is past the lunch hour, and the water is mostly at rest save for the occasional wake caused by a ship leaving port or returning. The sky is cloudy, and the chill in the air serves as a harbinger for the coming Winter. All things coming together to perhaps lend more of an edge to the working environment than normally there would be.
    A heavy /thud/ sounds as a crate impacts on the wooden dock, a good foot and a half from the cargo-hold which causes another round of grumbling and indignance...
    And truly does damage the mood there at the harbor, for those that might be sensitive to such things.

Shredder has posed:
    Oroku Saki is nearby. A rather posh lunch was served for interested business partners of New York City today. It's an excellent location to monitor the activities of the Harbor without actually being part of it. He's dressed in a sharp suit, quite expensive. Navy in color with a black tie, the Japanese businessman holding a glass of wine is known to have a rather diverse holding interest in several businesses both domestic and abroad. Few know just what they all are, but it's sufficient to say that he's well connected.

    Meanwhile, on the docks, a new pair arrive. They certainly are not stealthful. They stand almost eight foot in height each, muscles abounding. And they aren't human. Both dressed in rather cliche degenerate outfits, they are dirty and smelly, but most people wouldn't dare say such a thing to a giant humanoid warthog, or rhino.

    "So this is where the thing is supposed to be, Bop?" Rocksteady asks, letting his 20 pound sledgehammer swing from his hand casually.
    "It's where they said we should be," Bebop answers with a shrug, twirling a large chain in his hand. "So we supposed to just grab the thing, right?"
    "I guess," the rhino answers.

Emma Frost has posed:
A black SUV rolls along the road approaching the dockyard. Following closely behind it is a conspicuous white limousine with gold trim. The pair of vehicles pull up to the gate, the passenger side window rolling down and a ruddy-faced older gentleman leaning out to talk to the guard, and motioning with a hand towards the car behind him.

The gate raises and both cars proceed inside, pulling up at a warehouse alongside the docks. A sign on the building identities it as as the property of Longshore Holdings, a company that primarily runs dock workers and deals in warehouse space and dock equipment.

The cars pull into parking spaces off to the side of the warehouse. The heavyset man climbs out of the SUV, while the limo driver emerges from the white car and moves around to open the back door. A woman's legs are seen first, feet adorned in the latest Jimmy Choo. Emma Frost takes the driver's hand for assistance as she rises from the car. Releasing it, she straightens her dress which is covering by Emma's standards, if not exactly concealing due to the tight fit.

The man hurries over to her side. "Here she is, Miss Frost. Prime warehouse space. This stretch of dock is one of the more prized, easy to maneuver in and out of, near to the harbor mouth," he tells her. Emma eyes the warehouse speculatively before turning to look about the rest of the area, letting the man wait on her as she takes in the lay of the land. Her eyes fall on the two non-human giants, though at this distance the sight of them makes Emma's head tilt at first, not quite sure she is seeing them clearly.

Roland Livingston has posed:
Roland's yacht is stationed in the water way quite close to the docks, just out of shipping traffic but still near enough to the marina that it can return to its berth there if it needs to. It's owner is on deck, letting the crew operate the vehicle as he relaxes with a drink in his hand, leaning against the rail closest to where Shaughnessy is being yelled at. As he sips his whiskey the young adventurer enjoys the show, visually inspecting the goings on at the dock.

The rich Englishman isn't alone, either. He's got a few people on the boat with him to enjoy the crisp weather and massive spread of food and drinks. Apparently he's having something of a party. He's not even sure who is in attendance, only that drinking at a get together beats drinking alone.

One of the guests, a stunningly drunk man who, based on his attire, may be a college fraternity type guy that walked onto the yacht, approaches Roland, "Hey man! This party rocks! You got booze and girls and the boat is bad ass! Thanks for letting us rock out on here, dude."

Roland grins at the other young guy and lifts his glass towards him, "Thank you for attending, my good man." His accent is as English upper class as it gets. "I'm pleased to see you're enjoying yourself."

Arthur Curry has posed:
    The line of sight is clear between that warehouse and the dock's end where the two monstrosities stand sentinel in a casual way. Visible from that leisurely floating yacht out some small ways. There is a small bustle going on as the stevedores handle the cargo for another ship near, yet their task is not so all involving as to prevent them from taking a brief moment to stop...
    And just look at the creatures and that sledgehammer. Shaughnessey gets a squinting look from the barer. And within the crane's control cab, Shaughnessey gives a shrug as if to say, 'It's New York, what do ya expect?' Then it's back to work for the pair of them.
    There's perhaps a touch more of time for a party to be enjoyed, for a warehouse's exterior to be considered. Time enough that for most a hint of doldrums might almost set in until there is an abrupt /blurble/ from the depths as a large bubble makes its way to the surface and expands audibly to pop and send the surface of the river jostling as waves roll out and expand. Some of the nearby ships rock in their moor while more cavitation continues to surge to the surface. Not loud, deep in tone, and for those awaiting a particular package it is nowhere as stealthy or subtle as they were likely told.
    Then any premise at subtlety is shattered when from the depths there emerges a black metal curved hull that rockets up, bow first as it breaks the surface and arches high, some thirty feet, then crashes down with a /WHASHOOOSH!/ of cascading water that falls along its sides, ballast panels opened and its silhouette becoming clear to be a submarine of some variety though without a conning tower.
    A large submarine, to be fair. Larger than the recreational vessels near. And another aspect it has is apparently armed men as several hidden entryways crack open and /clang!/ against the hull of the ship while teams of men in black armor surge forth seemingly. Some rush for the dock, others go over the side of the ship, while one team circles the portal and fire /down!/ into it with the rapid bark of suppressed weapons.
    One in heavier armor seems to gesture and snarl, then snaps something audible for those suitably sensitive though the language is Afrikaans and is clearly orders given to the others.

Nia Nal has posed:
    This isn't Dreamer's normal stomping grounds. She was in the city for a journalism convention and had gotten a dim vision of the docks in her sleep. She'd woken up from the dream, shaken and with her heart racing. As usual, she didn't know what it meant just yet, but she knew she didn't have much time. She crawled from bed and unzipped a special compartment on her luggage, pulling out her costume and gauntlets. She glanced briefly at herself in the mirror and tried to smooth down her bed head with no success.
    She slid into the costume and tossed a breath mint into her mouth before adjusting her domino mask. She tightened her gauntlets and made her way out, sneaking through the halls of the hotel, until she reached her rent-a-car. A Subaru was hardly the most Superheroey car, but it was what the Daily Planet would cover.

    Some time later...

    The girl creeps along the docks, moving as quietly as she can from patch of darkness to patch of darkness. She is just beginning to peek out from her 'hiding spot' when the sub breaches the water, and her eyes widen. "Oh. Oh, whoa. Alright, Ahab..."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma turns back towards the warehouse as the eagerness of Mr. Johnson is easy to read even by a non-telepath, rubbing his hands together. "As you can see, the warehouse is in fine shape. Eight years old. We maintain all of our properties well..." he says as he begins going into other virtues of the location.

The frigid blond woman isn't really listening to him. She's taken all that she needs to know from his mind, including what his final selling price is likely to be. No, she's here to see if the warehouse space may have other uses than the normal ones it will be put to by Frost International.

"Yes, if it was not in good repair I would not have taken the time to visit-" Emma starts to say, having let the silence linger long enough. Though the disturbance on the water cuts her short as she and Mr. Johnson and her driver all turn to look and see the submarine suddenly breaching the surface.

"You weren't kidding about this being a stretch of dock in demand, apparently," Emma remarks icily as she takes a few steps closer towards the water, watching as the men emerge and begin opening fire back into the submarine. Her eyes narrow and she reaches out to the minds of the gunmen to find out what is going on.

Roland Livingston has posed:
One of the party attendees on the yacht exclaims as they notice the submarine appearing not terribly far off. This causes Roland to look over and see the vehicle emerging from under water. "Hmm," he hums to himself as he gets a look at it, then at the heavily armored men emerging from it. He moves quickly to an intercom system nearby and presses a button, "Captain, return to the marina." Then there are some suppressed gunshots. "I'll be back there shortly."

Livingston starts to sprint towards the interior of his vessel, down the stairs and to his boat inside the yacht. He quickly leaps into it, unhooks it from it's spot and starts the engine. As the yacht goes one way the little speedboat goes the other, heading straight towards the submarine. While driving, Roland allows himself a moment of distraction as he reaches under the dashboard to a small waterproof case that's bolted in place and locked with an electronic code lock. Punching in the correct sequence of numbers the adventurer is able to produce a handgun and do an one handed press check. Satisfied that there's a round in the chamber, Roland goes back to focusing on driving.

As the speedboat gets closer to the submarine it becomes clear that Roland is going to try to board, attempting to pull up alongside so he can reduce throttle and leap as soon as he gets the chance.

Shredder has posed:
    As the submarine makes it to the surface, Saki takes a sip of his wine, narrowing his eyes. It wasn't expected that they would show themselves. That submarine was trying to be discrete. It looks like there's more competition for the package than he thought. He watches as Roland makes his way to the interior of the yacht, indicating very little on his own. Was Roland the party they were intercepting? It would be an ironic turn of events.

    "Check it out, Rock!" Bebop points, gawking. "It's one of them red october subs," Which...okay, it's not a military sub, but he's a simpleton.
    "Oh yeah, like the movie," Rocksteady agrees. "Wasn't that the thing deliverin'? I thought they were doin' it underwater?"
    Bebop shrugs. "Dunno, but it looks like they are havin' all the fun without us. Let's get movin." The two start running down along the dock, a truly intimidating presence to regular humans who give them a wide berth.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    The current crew on the surfaced submarine have their focus primarily on the one entry point that is receiving all of the fire. No fewer than four men are circling it, their weapons bucking and barking in their grip as they shoot down into the command deck of the ship. Though one steps back and pulls a tube from his back and kneels off to the side, undoing a snap that lets the weapon slide open as an iron sight pops up for what is apparently a rocket launcher.
    While the fire team is busy, the other soldiers, perhaps twenty all told are rallying around the one man shouting who is tapping the side of his armored helmet, his face hidden by the heavy visor. Then there's a sharp motion in the direction...
    Of Emma's likely warehouse purchase.
    All of a sudden those men start moving in that direction and toward the docks. Which in turn lead them toward...
    The sudden charging forms of Bebop and Rocksteady. They lose a step. Two. Weapons are held at the ready but they don't fire. Only for the officer in the heavier armor to shriek angrily while making gestures in the direction of the rushing mutated creatures.
    wo of the soldiers abruptly kneel behind cover and reach for the metal tubes on their back, snapping them into the ready position and taking aim at the onrush of Shredder's cronies while the others fire their weapons with a short PAK-PAK-PAK sound that echoes off the nearby hulls and walls.

Nia Nal has posed:
    Oh boy. Here we go. Deep breaths, Dreamer. Think Wii Fit. You got this.

    Dreamer flips from behind the crates she was using as a hiding spot and lands gracefully. A crackling pole-arm of white and blue energy manifests in her hand and she twirls it as she launches herself at several of the armed men. "Hey! I thought New York had strict gun laws!" The polearm is spun with the skill of someone who is not an expert, but HAS been practicing quite a bit.
    Should it land a blow against any of the men, then the oneiric energy will course through them and most likely cause unconsciousness. She's actually no joke.

Emma Frost has posed:
The sight of the armed men taking up positions on the dock, their weapons pointing her general direction, causes a bit of alarm for those who came to view the warehouse. Emma darts behind the SUV, pulling her driver with her. Mr. Johnson is quick to follow as they take shelter behind the car frame.

"I don't know who they are, Miss Frost! This never happens here!" he tries to assure her.

"Oh be quiet. You should worry more about going home with a piece of lead in you, and less about whether we close this deal," Emma snaps.

She peers out, eyes going from the men towards the submarine itself. "We can possibly wait it out," she says, expecting help to arrive from within the submarine to draw the men's fire.

Roland Livingston has posed:
As his boat gets into a good spot near the submarine Roland launches himself off of it and onto the surface of the submersible. He dashes towards the guy with the rocket launcher, doing his best to close the gap before moving to attempt to rip the tube out of the fighter's hands so that he can toss it into the water. If Livingston's successful he'll attempt to lay the armored man next to him out by repeatedly striking him in the face with the butt of his pistol before launching himself at the rest of the team pointing their weapons into the vessel!

Shredder has posed:
    They should have opened fire. The two continue to charge forward, unintimidated by the presence of weapons that can certainly pose a threat even to their heavy hide. Rocksteady flings his hammer forward, flipping end over end unevenly as it careens toward one of the rocket launchers. "Hey, no cheatin'!" Rocksteady yells as he makes his target the other soldier with a rocket launcher, tucking his head down as he closes in for a charging gore. The man might have time to launch the rocket, but it may or may not arm with the short distance before its target, and if it does, well it's probably not just Rocksteady that will take the hit.

    Meanwhile, Bebop swings the heavy chain around his head, taking a few rounds to the chest and arms. They break the skin, clearly able to harm him, but it doesn't stop him as he slaps the chain across at the team that is opening fire on him.

    Meanwhile, on the yacht, Saki pulls up his watch, a smart device, and sends a few taps to it as he quietly watches.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Hiding spot abandoned, Nia Nal flips past the pile of crates where the stevedore had taken cover. He, at the least, has the wherewithal to shout. "Hey, look out there!" Before he might realize with the suit and the glowy and the crackly that she's likely a superheroic type. Still, his heart was in the right place.
    Unfortunately it causes one of the gunmen who had been firing at the mutates to pause and shift target, abruptly drawing a bead on Dreamer. His electronic modulated voice comes from his helmet as he snarls, "What the?"
    And then /ZOORCH!/ as her twirled pole-arm plants a good impact cross-shoulder causing the gunman to reel and then _blast_ backwards from the hit.
    Yet it's right in that moment as the gunplay truly begins. The larger number of soldiers on the dock that had spread out all start firing, their rounds hurling toward Bebop and Rocksteady, while a few start thudding into the ground and vehicles near Emma and her comrades. Some of the bullets explode with short sharp reports when they impact, while others slam home powerfully in the walls they strike.
    Yet unbeknownst to them, behind them, another struggle breaks out as Roland gets his boat beside the sub and with a rapid dash /leaps/ across the distance, perfectly timed as the team takes that moment to reload as they clear from the fireline and the one with the rocket moves forward...
    Only for him to have the Englishman rush him. For an instant they struggle over the rocket launcher even as short sharp electronically modulated invectives are hurled. One of the gunmen drops his firearm and goes for his pistol though in that instant Roland gets the upper hand and...
    SHOOMPF! The rocket goes off firing straight up into the air, the cannister being hurled aside even as the British adventurer is able to pin the fighter, slamming that pistol butt over and over into the helmet of the soldier until the visor cracks sending a few shards into the man's face.
    One of the other gunmen starts to take bead as he stands up, trying to find a clear shot to take out Roland and not hit his friend. Only for then to be struck by what looks an entire computer console hurled out of the sub itself and through that airlock to slam into the man holding the pistol and knocking him overboard with a heavy splash.
    Rising out of the ship comes Arthur Curry, the Avenging Aquaman though for those who don't know him might just assume he was an angry indigent man who somehow got woken up inside the submarine.
    "You people seriously do this shit in New York?" Arthur's voice is twisted with the scowl that's seen on his features, "The place where there are more capes per capita than anywhere else. Brilliant."
    Yet any further words he might utter are lost in the ensuing carnage as the great mutated monstrosities rush into the crowd of soldiers. For all their dull brutishness, the two henchmen know how to fight and they choose their targets well. Already on the wrong foot, one of the anti-tank soldiers seems to reel in the face of such a brutal charge, already on his back foot he brings the metal tube up and around... then proceeds to fall backwards as instinctively he tries to get out of the way of the charge, though the rocket /ROARS/ as it rushes forth, neatly under the arm of the mutate and slicing across the distance leaving a trail of smoke as it arcs... towards Emma and her people.
    Then smashes through one of the windows.
    That heavy chain smashing down by bebop collides with the neck and the arm of two other soldiers while its end snaps against the second anti-tank weapon even as it's fired. The explosive rushes across the distance and impacts with the dock itself, blowing up a part of the structure, as well as now causing the medium-sized loader crane to start to sloooowly tip over on its side.
    The gunfire continues, however, though now confronted with three aggressors coming at them, their fire discipline is not as good as it could be.

Nia Nal has posed:
    Once the goon goes flying backwards Dreamer smirks and twirls the polearm again as she turns to glance for another target. She spots another armed figure, but he's a good fifteen to twenty feet away. Suddenly the polearm shifts and shortens, becoming more like a javelin. She hefts it and tosses.
    The energy javelin rockets through the air towards the man and his group of felons. If it hits him, or any of them, this one will let out a shockwave of energy, blasting the whole lot of them.
    "Nighty night, boys!" Hey, the girl's trying. Then, "Holy crap, is that -Aquaman-?"

Emma Frost has posed:
The trio hiding behind the SUV all duck as they see the rocket launcher fire in their direction. When the warhead hits a window and passes inside the warehouse, they stay covered, until finally the lack of an explosion lets them give at least a small breath of relief.

"It must have been a dud," Mr. Johnson exclaims, before ducking as shots ricochet off the pavement near them.

Emma Frost's eyes narrow. "Right, we need to get out of here," she says. "Over to my car," she says. While it might not be bulletproof it is hardened compared to other cars. "Move when I say," she says.

The woman peers out from behind the vehicle, blue eyes fixed on the gunmen. To their eyes, a group of elementary schoolers come out from behind the cars and shriek in terror. It's enough to cause at least a couple who were firing that way to check their fire to avoid hitting the children. Though no one else sees the kids.

"Now," Emma says, shoes in hand as she runs barefoot to the limo and climbs in. The driver gets behind the wheel and peels out, driving around the corner of the warehouse where the building will protect them from fire.

Roland Livingston has posed:
"Hello there," Roland greets the fellow emerging from the submarine with a quick nod before he's onto trying to mess up the other three villains atop the submarine. He starts with his handgun, firing rapidly towards the knees of the armored individuals, popping off a couple of shots at each. He's guessing their armor is mostly based around their heads and torsos. Before all the brass can hit the surface of the sub or the water in the harbor the Englishman unleashes a flying knee strike towards the nearest helmet, ready to rock the guy's world. "Damn terrorists! Or whatever you lot are!"

Shredder has posed:
    From the safety of the yacht, Saki continues to watch, and holds his watch up to his lips, whispering something into it.

    "Hey Rock," Bebop calls out as he grabs one of the men who are firing at them and throws him one-handedly like a baseball at two more of them. "Check it out, it's Namor." He points at Aquaman.

    "I think it's the other one," Rocksteady answers as he takes the rocket launcher tube from the man he just ran down, and casually smashes it into his head. "But check that out," he points with the tube at Nia. "She's pretty good. Hey lady! You single?" he calls out even as gunfire erupts around them. A few rounds strike him in the shoulder, and he glances in their origins direction, then snaps the tube through the air at the gunman.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    It's while the soldiers are in a grand melee with the two mutates that Nia is able to take her aim and pick her target. She is bright and has special effects going for her, but there is something distinctly more intimidating about the eight foot tall rhino and warthog. Which is likely why they don't have have the time to focus and shift position before that javelin explodes on the dock with a heavy crackle of energy that sends three of them sprawling, their guns flying from nerveless fingers as their suits lock up into a protective posture. For now the men are out, unmoving. Yet their comrades for the moment don't notice, so taken with the need to survive and deal with this threat.
    But then abruptly the rate of fire slackens, giving just enough of a window for Emma and her entourage to make that rushing move from cover to cover and into the limousine. The ghostly image of the illusion given the gunmen halts their fire and causes some to shift position, leaping onto one of the other boats nearby and trying to use it as cover against the advance of the mutates.
    On the submarine, however, another entire other sort of Heckfire has been let loose, as Roland's greeting is met with a quick, "Hey man."
    Only for Roland to /leap/ right across from him and into the next armored man and proceed to put a _thrashing_ to those men. That pistol bucking and causing one... two... three knees to snap into a locked armor position, shifting some to fall onto their side as the soldiers are shouting in Afrikaans something furtive and entirely rude most likely.
    Only for his voice to be cut short as that flying knee /cracks/ against the side of his helmet and sends him reeling. Which earns Roland a not-so-grudging, "Nice work," accompanied by a finger-point from the Half-Atlantean. Who seems to figure the man has this under control.
    Which frees him to /leap/ off the sub and onto the docks, causing some of the wood to splinter. Which with an attacker behind them, another throwing what they assuredly think is high explosives, and with another of their number just /thrown!/ across the distance to smash into his comrades by the two giants amongst men...
    Needless to say their morale suffers.
    A few weapons hit the ground, several try to surrender to Bebop, while Rocksteady for some reason has them skittering away from him. Nia finds a pair of rifles thrown at her feet as two men raise their arms. When another does the like to Arthur...
    "We surrender, American!" Is snapped loud from the officer as he lowers his weapon.
    "Outta the way, man!" Is murmured in response as that armored man is thrown to the side as Arthur closes the last distance while the cargo crane squeeeals with the sound of twisting meal as it falls to the side.
    Only to be caught by Aquaman's last second dash as he grabs hold of the cab and holds it up, fingers digging into the metal sides.

Emma Frost has posed:
The driver pauses the limo once around the building. Emma and Mr. Johnson turn to look out the back window. Emma's attention is on listening to what thoughts she can detect, gathering a little more information. Perhaps some of it will be of use still.

Mr. Johnson interrupts Emma's mental eavesdropping as he pulls out a handkerchief from the pocket of his suit coat, using it to mop at his forehead. "I'm sorry for all of that. Never had something like that happen here before. But I think that was the Justice League on the submarine. Good to know they are keeping the area safe!" he says, trying to turn it to a positive. "So, once things are quiet again we can go in and let you see the freight movers inside and-"

The man's sales pitch is cut off as a wall of the warehouse blows out. Apparently that rocket warhead that flew in through the window wasn't a total dud. Just delayed in exploding.

Emma watches as bits of debris rain down on her limo, denting it. Beyond is the sight of the warehouse with a gaping hole in the wall. "No, Mr. Johnson. I think I will be passing on your warehouse. Good day sir," she says. Her driver is swift in moving to the door to open it, pulling a flummoxed Mr. Johnson out. Then returning to the driver's seat to pull the car away.

Emma sighs and reaches for a bottle. She needs a drink.

Roland Livingston has posed:
As the guys around him seem to have had the fight taken out of them, Roland stands over the lot with his weapon pointed at them, "Good on you for knowing you've met your match." He's not even breathing hard. The mess with the crane, however, takes his attention for a moment. The Englishman waits to make sure he won't be needed to jump in and start saving people and whatnot. The mutates are given a quick look and a furrowed brow and the shiny young woman gets a wave and a big smile. Then it's back to making sure the fight remains out of the guy he shot and beat on, "You picked a terrible time to invade, you know. Not that there's really a good time to attack New York, what with all the Avengers and whatnot running about the place."

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop casually steps on the arm of one of the still conscious gunman, even though he's already disabled from the fight. The man cries out as the heavy foot decidedly breaks his arm, and he looks down at the men. "Hey Rock! See I'm scarier than you! They surrenderin'!"
    "Nuh uh!" Rocksteady answers, pointing, "They runnin' from me, I'm scarier."
    "My man," they both give an air fist bump at each other from a distance.
    "You wanna fight that Namor guy?" Bebop asks, pointing at Arthur and his feat of stopping the crane. Do they have a beef with him? No, but that never stopped them before.

    "Yeah," Rocksteady answers, "But we gotta get that thing," he reminds Bebop.
    "Oh yeah. You get it, I'm gonna go ask him if he wants to fight later," Bebop suggests, casually walking in Arthur's direction.

    Rocksteady, meanwhile, gauges the distance, and leaps across at the submarine, his heavy weight landing hard enough to make it rock a little in the water.

    Meanwhile, a lone figure has entered the docks, female. She's small, with matte steel shin guards, a black outfit, steel shoulder pads, and a red scarf covering her face. She silently slips past the crazy scene, and also makes her way to the submarine.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    On the surface of the sub, the gunman that got the worst of Roland's ire seems to grimace beneath the remains of his helmet's visor. His lip curves into a scowl as he shakes his head and murmurs something under his breath that is likely some sort of commentary on Roland's ancestry though offered in Afrikaans.
    The other gunmen go about divesting themselves of weapons even as Arthur /hauls/ the crane back up into position and tilts it to the side so that while it's not level... it at least won't fall over, even as debris from the exploded warehouse begins to lightly pepper the dock and the water with small bits of burning debris.
    Distantly, one can hear the wail of sirens and perhaps even see the flashes of red and blue lights off the buildings down the street from the dock, authorities on their way soon enough.
    Arthur, for his part, says at first simply. "Avengers? Pfft."
    Slapping his hands together to clean them of the dust and rust, Arthur grimaces and looks back over toward the submarine. He lifts his hands and gently presses them down as if to calm everyone, "Alright folks, chill out. Cops are on their way. Not bad..." He looks over at Bebop, not quite catching everything that was said perhaps as he says, "Good work, Mohawk Pig Guy."
    But then he grimaces and looks past to see Rocksteady jumping onto the sub, "Hey. Hey! Get away from that thing, it's a crime scene." Then his eyebrow quirks as he offers, "Or something. Still, get back here."

Roland Livingston has posed:
The submarine rocks as the massive rhino-man jumps onto it and leaves Roland looking momentarily surprised. He then lets out a bit of a chuckle and says, "Nice work out there. You're quite dangerous. I think you may have disabled at least as many of these guys as I did." It pays to be polite to giant monsters when they're probably on your side.

"I thought you were an Avenger," he calls out to Aqua Man. "Still, excellent job catching that crane. Nick of time."

As the bad guys divest themselves of weapons the English dude kicks them into a pile away from their former wielders. "Nice hardware, gents. It's a shame it'll end up in an evidence locker."

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop nods, "Pretty good work with that crane thing," he says, seeming to take no offense to the description of him. "You wanna fight? I always wanted to fight one of you guys," he says, without any indication of motivation past...well, just wanting to. "Just bare handed, like, no weapons or anything." He snorts a little, hands out in a shrug of offer, as if he's giving some kind of gift to Arthur.
    Rocksteady casually strides across the top of the submarine toward Roland. "Hey, you got all these guys?" he asks. "That's pretty cool." He looks down into the hatch of the submarine. "Hm, um. I gotta get a thing outta there. Supposed to be in like a green bag that glows and stuff?" Clearly, an 8 foot Rhino will not fit down that hatch. "Think you could be a pal and get it?" he asks.

    Much more quietly, while everyone is in conversation, the female kunoichi lands on the rear of the sub without a sound, quickly slinking low to present a smaller visible target for the people in the area as she makes her way toward the hatch, though Rocksteady's drawing of attention to it makes it a little hard for her to directly attempt entering it quite yet.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Those gun-men left upon the sub look none too pleased to see the mutate make that leap onto their former vessel. Yet they seem to do as they're bidden, shuffling around to the sides, forming a semi-circle and curiously enough putting Roland in the way between them and Rocksteady. Just in case he loses it anytime soon.
    Arthur, for his part, is starting down the dock in the direction of the sub when his attention is grabbed in part by Bebop whose words earn him a semblance of a stink-eye from the Atlantean. Squinting he gives the mutate a once-over. Just a look down then up he cocks an eyebrow and makes a face slighly. "What?"
    "Nah." He holds up a hand as if to stay the henchcritter. "We got cops and junk showing up and then we'd have to paperwork. That'd be boring as all hell."
    Then Arthur sort of tilts his head, "Hell, maybe later. I need a beer."
    But then he hollars after Rocksteady, "Don't mess with the sub, man!"

Roland Livingston has posed:
"Glowing green bag?" Roland's eyes go wide and there's a hint of excitement in his voice. "I'm not sure if I should go into the boat or not, actually. Didn't the Aqua Man say that it's a crime scene? I try to avoid trouble with the law whenever I can. Lawyers can get quite expensive and I'm not one of those costumed sorts who just ignores legalities." Most of the time.

The ninja sneaking aboard the vessel hasn't been noticed yet, but the prisoners moving around are, "Please remain still. I doubt the big guy is going to do anything to you if you're compliant."

Shredder has posed:
    As Rocksteady is called to again, he waves dismissively at Arthur as he is warned again, "Come on man," he says to Roland, "Gotta get a job done." And he clearly is not equipped to deal with getting into a sub. The lithe ninja opens a side hatch, taking advantage of the situation. Rocksteady and Bebop don't know it, but they've actually already succeeded. It's hard for them not to draw attention. She slips in, and soon enough, the small device is in hand, none the wiser to her presence.

    "Okay," Bebop accepts the excuse. "I could go for one, too. I'll join ya! Rock, I'm gonna get a beer with Namor!" he calls out to his compatriot. Wait, was this agreed on? Congratulations Arthur, you have a beer drinking buddy for the afternoon.