8715/Xaviers School: Cooking X-travaganza

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Xaviers School: Cooking X-travaganza
Date of Scene: 17 November 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: The Xaviers Thanksgiving pre-game cooking! It is a moment of peace, calm, family and no aggressive space bird people!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Samuel Guthrie, Logan Howlett, Kitty Pryde, Gabby Kinney, Jean Grey, Betsy Braddock, Rahne Sinclair

Rogue has posed:
It is the night before Thanksgiving, and with 100 people living at Xaviers School, that means a lot of cooking has to be pre-loaded! Pies have to be baked, potatoes have to be mashed, corn has to be breaded, yams have to be... yammed, and turkeys get to find out what the after life is like! (That's morbid)

One thing is for sure though, the school smells really good right now and the student body is satiated with a stack of pizzas that were ordered and put out in the rec room where all the non-helpful students are hanging out and enjoying pizza together to keep them out of the kitchen area!

The kitchen area itself has been stocked with ingredients and anyone willing to help has been invited to do just so! There is music playing on the surround sound stereo system, all the lights are on nice and bright and there's lots for everyone to do!

Out on the patio the Professor is entertaining some of his colleagues, and since Storm made it a nice comfortable evening they are enjoying drinks and chatting while the process in the kitchen is fully underway.

Rogue is closing the fridge and carrying two cartons of eggs to the counter. "Nobody run inta me, these are the last of the eggs!" She says with wild eyes! The Belle is wearing a apron with a turkey on it, wrapped around a hoodie with the sleeves pushed up and flower-covered gloves on her hands, blue jeans and her hair tied up in a bun with a net over it even! Cooking without hair in the way is important!

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is carrying in the last of the grocery bags. Since he had to come in from the city and he has a nice large pick up truck, he was the one who got sent to the store for all the things that might be needed or that others thought might be needed. He comes walking into the room and says "Ok, Ah got all the taters they had, if we need more, Ah am going to have to blast out and hit some other stores."

Logan Howlett has posed:
There is nothing helpful about Logan's presence. Sure he can cook some things, but not one of them is in this kitchen right now. As he enters he takes one quick look around and says almost immediately, "I'll stir something and stay out the way, other wise something will get burned... that is unless you want a turkey deep fried, that I could do."

The man knows his limitations and he's announced them.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde runs into Rogue. No, strike that. She walks right through Rogue on her way over to the pantry. "I'm not saying there's anything wrong with turkey and dressing and all the rest for Thanksgiving," Kitty is saying to Rogue as she does. "I'm just saying, people haven't really given Crunch Berries quite enough consideration as a festive holiday dish, is all."

Kitty stops at the pantry, looking in it. "Baking powder," she says, pulling the box off the shelve. "Someone's doing baking, right? So you're going to need to this. To bake?" she asks, turning and looking back at the others with far better culinary skills than she.

"No flame throwers on the turkey. Made it taste a little... gasoline-y," she reminds Logan.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney is hot on his heels! If only because she wants to hang out with Logan some. Dragging him here may have been her idea? Who can say. Either way she bounds in with a light step shortly behind Logan wearing a rather bright grin. "Gimme a knife, I can help cut stuff! Potatoes or carrots or ..." She pauses to regard the items lain out getting ready for massacre. Kitty's own suggestion earns a concerned look. "I... I don't know. Maybe?"

Jean Grey has posed:
As usual, Jean is Queen, running the cullinary chaos like she does the school. Well, no, let's hope she runs the school a LITTLE better than this, because it's all kind of a crazy mess!

Still, she stands proudly at the center of the chaos, both well-engrossed in the work herself while also trying to direct many of the various student volunteers, who vary pretty wildly in their experience from 'learned from their mom, before their parents died tragically' to 'grew up in a secret government experiment and didn't know food came in non nutrient-slurry forms.' As is tradition, she is wearing a comedic apron, emblazoned with the text: 'Hot and Spicy' on top and 'And the food is pretty good too!' on the bottom, with a pair of red chilli peppers between.

"No, you put that in after... yes, the second drawer... no, your other left, ah, watch out!" Rogue is carrying vital goods! "Bring those over, we're going to do another batch of dough," she tells the Belle. While there are a lot of things being prepared, including the star birds, the desserts as often take center stage, and Jean is at the pie assembly line.

"Not for the pie, but we'll need it for the biscuits," she calls over to Kitty. Carefuly controlled chaos!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is turning to look at Sam arriving with more emergency supplies. "Oh, Sam. Good! Did you get more egg---" Rogue is cut off as Kitty walks right through her! It makes the southern girl gasp as she shoots at look at Kitty. "God that weirds me out every time you do that!" She says to her friend, showing a smirk then as she walks now toward Jean again...

Her eyes shoot over to the arrival of Logan and Lil Loganette. "Carrots are there on the island. Cut'em up and put them in the bowl there." She nods to a stack of bowls on the counter not far from the carrots. Rogue gives Logan a grin, but doesn't say nothing!

Eggs are deposited by Jean and, Rogue gives her a hip bump. "Did ya get a drink?" She asks the Headmistress, as she leans in toward her. "Takes the edge off, ya know." She says in a hushed tone, a bit of flower on her nose.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan moves out of the way, in fact he finds himself a corner out of the way and stands there.

"You don't use flamethrowers for deep fried turkey," he offers to Kitty, folding arms across his chest. "That's for blackened Turkey. Deep fried requires oil, fire, a pan... but I think that's a no... so I'll stay over here."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins a bit at the talk of turkeys being fried and flamethrowered. "I don't think there's that many ways you can cook a turkey, is there? I mean. It's kind of a huge bird? Not as big as an emu. But big." She's already by the carrots where she snags a pairing knife. It's flipped in hand a few times to get the weight of it settled properly, then she starts to peel and chop up the carrots. For what she didn't know, exactly, but she was making them uniform size at least. Rather well actually. She might not know how to cook but she did know how to use a knife. "... How do you cook an emu though?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Ah got another 5 dozen, but Ah do request at least a dozen of them are turned into deviled eggs. " He looks over to Logan "If your offering Ah'll have it set up in the morning on the patio. The Prof might get upset if we set up for it right now, with his whole having friends over." He then looks to Gabby "Very Carefully."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"You get it while it's at its most vulnerable, Gabrielle," says BETSY BRADDOCK, who had come up to the Mansion for a very sensible reason: It's family. Betsy is not wearing something ultra glamorous right now: a loose sweatshirt and black yoga pants, although she has left a fabulous peacoat in the foyer. She is also carrying, with effort if not difficulty, a cardboard box which is clanking gently.

"You cook the eggs. Where shall I put this?" Betsy continues, slightly raising the box for illustration. "It's largely brandy but I have a few assorted other things."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Mmm, not yet," Jean answers Rogue, looking sidelong with a sly grin. "But I am about ready for one."

The pie station itself is quite an involved thing, because Jean has it set up as an assembly line for the younger students, who may lack the full degree of knowledge (or attention span) to do more complicated cooking. This way, they can each learn a single step of the process and do that over and over. So there are students mixing and stirring, students kneading, students rolling, and students trimming rounds or dough slices for the eventual full or lattice pie tops, respectively. And here and there, a tool flies through the air seemingly of its own accord, filling in for any missing steps. There's no such thing as cheating when it comes to this madness!

"Hey old man, if you've got time to slouch around, why don't you finely slice some onions," she calls over to Logan, grinning a bit. "We're gonna fry them for the topping of the veggie casserole. That one's always a hit. Wait, who's cooking an Emu?"

And to the returning Sam: "You're a lifesaver! Bring them right over." Then she starts directing some students again, one to crack eggs into a bowl for an egg wash for the pie crusts, another to start working on the cookie dough. "Deviled? Do you know how to do it?" If he's demanding, he can help! "Besty!" The last with surprised delight. "Glad you could make it. Ooooh, and with treats. Uh..." she looks around somewhat fruitlessly for empty counter space.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Which is when Rahne walks in, wearing her full kilt and scotch regalia. She looks around, beams, and cries out, "Happy Rememb'rance Day!" Then she looks at everyone, pauses, and frowns. "Wot, you people still doin' this thing?" She crosses her arms and grumps a little, not so subtly reminding them that she's not American, and never darn well will be!

Logan Howlett has posed:
One brow lifts for a moment, but Logan consigns himself to the fact that he gets stuck with onions... perhaps he'll get lucky and everyone else will start crying while he slices them, because he intends to not breath.

"Sure, sliced and diced, or just sliced," he asks, finally moving out of the corner.

Sure, he could use his built in ginsu knives, but that's just tacky... so first step is find a knife in a kitchen full of people already using knives.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go back to Sam to smile at him. "Professah Egg Savior." She says to him and his five dozen more eggs. "Now we don't have to fret on runnin' out." She says with a sigh of relief before her eyes go to the new arrivals. "Heya, Betsy." Rogue says in a flirty tone, before she eyes what the woman brought with her.
5r Rahne's words draw her attention though and Rogue walks toward her, picking up a fresh sugar cookie with a nice bit of icing across it. "Yeah we are." She says as she hands Rahne the cookie. "Don't act like ya don't like it neithe'ah." The Belle says.

A second later and Charles is calling out Rogue's name. She turns and walks out toward the Patio to see what the Professor and his guests need next.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"They came in late in the first place, didn't they?" Betsy says to Rahne, with an air of very mild conspiracy, and then says to Jean, "It's no trouble whatever. I could just hold it here, perhaps, for a few days. It'd be a lovely way to get a bit of cardio in." She opts, however, to weave her way towards the pantry, though it is of necessity it is a transient thing.

"This is stunning," Betsy says, as her vision fully encompasses the pie station in all its glory.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne takes the cookie from Ms Rogue, nibbling it. She's already done as much negative as her personality will allow for one day, and she's going to spend the next while making up for it by being helpful. No choice, that's just how it's got ta be!

So when Betsy chimes in on her side, she gives the lady a warm nod. Proud of her AU roots, after all. However, cookies are always going to win over philosophy..

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Rahne, and says "Hey Carrot top." He smiles over to her, and says to Jean "You got a burner, where I can boil eggs, I can do deviled eggs, they aint hard, and ma, always had to do a couple dozen just to make sure some hit the table with dinner.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I said how do you COOK an emu, not catch one," Gabby corrects of Betsy though she does offer a smile in the woman's direction. When Logan starts to look for a knife for the onions she pipes up, "There's some knives over here, dad. Might be a chef knife in the drawer. I think those are for onions?" She was fine with the smaller knife she had herself; it was her-sized. She's already several carrots down at this point and making a nice pile of chopped ones for that veggie-whatsis. The fact that she slipped and called Logan dad goes unsaid. Nope. Chop chop chop.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Just sliced will do. So they're long and fairly thin." If Jean is confident anyone can deliver veggies cut to precision request, it is the senior snikt-er himself.

Rahne joins the many arrivals, and she smiles rather disarmingly at the analysis of their local traditions. "We're still doing it," she confirms. "Although I like to think it's really more about the excuse for people, family, friends, to all be together and enjoy some food than it really is about the holiday itself. And if nothing else, we DO love an excuse for a nice dinner around these parts."

Betsy's humor draws the intended reaction, and by the time she's returned, Jean indeed has the next round of student work nicely under way, the new batch of eggs being incorporated into their various bowls and flour mixtures and everywhere else they might go (one is flung at another student, even - it stops mid-air, and Jean turns a Look upon the student responsible, raising a finger to waggle).

"Glorious chaos," she confirms. "Is there anything you like to make? Or even just to eat? Family recipes, favorites from back home?" Not that the British sensibilities are so far distant from their child-nation's!

To Sam: "Take your pick of those." The kitchen is a very large one, so even with multiple pots set on low simmer with any number of different soups, sauces, or other concotions, there is space enough to boil some water.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
A quick kiss on Sam's cheek from Carrot Top goes quietly astray. Another for Gabby, and Rahne doesn't add to the chaos and melee much more than that. However.

Every single person, one at a time, is presented with a flower. Jean, The Professor, Rogue...Betsy, Sam, Logan. Kitty, even though she's quiet. Then Rahne wishes each person a wonderful holiday, and walks off to give all the guests a flower of their own.

She's giving out poppies, it's true. But this is her tradition.

To Jean, she says, "I love it," in an honest confession of truth. The family thing makes her smile, and she will always, always, always love you all.

Logan Howlett has posed:
The knife hunt ends when Gabby points out a chef's knife, which he does to collect. "Thanks kid," Logan offers with a grin. mussing her hair and not giving a flying rats butt she called him dad.

Next he goes to hunt down the onions from the pantry, finds a cutting board that isn't in use and begins the process of finely sliced onions. Each and every slice is exactly the same thin slice width, nearly perfect and not because he's a chef, no it's because he knows how to use a knife. You want something sliced perfectly, the snikter has your back.

"Anything else need slicing while I'm..." he stops mid sentence, looking at the flower being offered to him. A soft, 'hmmmm' and the flower goes behind his year. "... slicing things up?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spends a bit of time out on the patio talking to Charles and his three guests sitting at the table just outside the double doors. She comes back in as Rahne is headeding out to pass out her flowers. Rogue accepts it with a smile for the Scot. "You're the sweetest." The Belle replies as she puts the flower up in to her black hair net near to her left ear.

She then reaches in to her pocket to pull out the keys to the 'secured' cabinet in the kitchen, passing by the Pie Station to check on her Cherry and Apple pies. "Lookin' good, ya'll." She tells the STudents working on it all.

When she reaches the cabinet with the lock on it, she twists and opens it with a snap, then digs around inside it before she finds a old cigar box. She opens it up and sniffs inside it before making an expression of uncertainty.... "Old people are weird." Rogue then says as she shuts the cabinet and starts to take the cigars back outside to the Professor. She looks to Sam on her way. "I loved Deviled Eggs, so lets see the Guthrie family recipe." She states with a sly grin on her way outside again.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes the flower from Rahne. "Thank you!" she tells the Scottish girl, offering a quick hug and a, "Happy Day Before Thanksgiving to you as well." Kitty tucks the flower into her hair and then takes the baking powder over towards the person making the pies. See it says 'baking' on it so it was a good bet it was needed for that.

Kitty looks about at everything going on, and decides the best thing to do is to get out of the way. She moves over and finds a clear spot of counter and hops up on it, waiting for someone to say they need something that seems appropriate for her lack of culinary skills.

"So anyone have family coming in for it?" she asks, glancing around. "Sam, any of the clan making it up?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney blinks in surprise when Rahne comes to give her cheek a kiss. It's accepted with a quick one armed hug snaking around her friend's side though, and she flashes a grin. When the flower is offered over she nods solemnly, and likewise tucks it behind her ear. It helps to keep her hair out of her face as well that way. Like father like daughter? "Thanks, Rahne. Happy... rememberance day was it? Sorry I'm still learning the holidays here mostly, too. But poppies I know are for WWI, right?" She couldn't not know that being as much a Captain America fan as she was.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I wouldn't really be able to tell you," Betsy answers Gabby, "though I mean I can speculate. I imagine you'd part it out when it was that big; we had a cook for a while and once in a while we would try to do a turkey or sometimes a goose and he'd always complain to the heavens that you couldn't get the damn thing to cook just right."

Betsy gets halfway into the pantry doorway, as it is of course fully stocked. One legging-wrapped leg stretches as she reaches up to a high shelf: "Something about how the drumsticks, the legs, and the thighs-" Clank clank clank as she places the liquor up somewhere high and, hopefully, secure -- there's a little space up there with a door and a padlock for these sorts of things --

"And the wings, and the breast," Betsy continues as she swings back, heavily, "had completely different cooking times. Quite unlike your humble chicken, which, in fact, he was able to get spot on, every time." Her eyes turn towards Jean then, and without a box in the way Jean can see that Betsy has apparently done up her face for the trip up. She may have pregamed a little.

"Hm," she then continues, at Jean's question. There is a pause as she takes Rahne's proffered poppy with a murmur of thanks, and then contemplates how to thread it through a sweatshirt. This seems to be impossible. Nonetheless, she holds the flower instead of putting it behind her ear or something like that.

She leans against the wall, then, just as sinfully as Kitty. "Well it's hard to say really," she continues. "We have harvest festivals and so on but there isn't really /this/ experience, if you follow me, we save it up for Christmas usually. That one's a bit funny compared to here, I suppose. As for my favorite in *general*..."

An idea occurs to her. She raises a hand, points towards Kitty, raises her eyebrows dramatically, and taps her forehead. A little bloom of purple ionization appears over her brow then, because she is sending Kitty a *secret message*. One to one telepathy (though Jean might be able to eavesdrop if she DARES): <<Kitty I've just had the most tremendous and high-calorie idea. It's Hannukah next week, if I have my calculations correct, and by calculations I mean Ruth at the upper bar at ~my club~. I notice also a certain surplus of potato here in the old storehouse. Let me know if I'm going somewhere offensive with this.>>

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will hug Rahne when she kisses his cheek, and as most the flower gets put behind his ear, so he has it with him but leaving his hands free. He ruffles Rahne's hair a thing he has done for years and shows no sign of stopping. Then a stock pot is filled with two dozen eggs and water. "Na, ma, said she wanted to have the get together Sunday, cause Paige can't be there tomorrow, so they doing a small thing then, and then the big thing Sunday. Also looks like Allegra, and I maybe spending Christmas in Italy with her grandparents."

Jean Grey has posed:
Since Logan is offering? "Oh there's plenty you can do. Apples for the pie filling, don't have to be pretty slices-" What, does she want him to make intentionally ugly ones? "-just kind of broken down enough that they'll melt nicely when we put them in to bake. Cauliflower broken down to the flowerettes. We got a whole bunch of fresh squash somewhere from the local market, any of the longer ones I want sliced crosswise down the length to rounds. Raddishes..." This might be quite a list. Just about every veggie they have in the pantry is probably going to end up in one dish or another.

Rahne's flower earns the biggest of smiles. Jean eats this stuff up. "That's so sweet, Rahne, thank you." She debates between tucking it in an apron pocket and her hair, but goes for the second. The spatula is coming in and out of that apron pretty frequently!

"My parents are driving down," she answers Kitty, and there's a certain, well, extra joy in saying that, even among what is already a pretty boisterous holiday mood. After all, feather-headed aliens tried to murder said parents not so many months previously. The turkeys will be sweet revenge, or something! "Dad said he's really looking forward to it, after all the terrible hospital food."

As for whether she listens in on the SECRET CONVO? Hard to say. But, well, there is a certain smile that dawns when the suggestion is made, and the fact that she doesn't start immediately hassling Kitty about her idling... maybe that's silent approval for the dish idea!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets the box of cigars down in front of the Professor at the table, then stands for a few moments as they tell a joke giving everyone out there a nice laugh. The Belle separates herself and comes back inside to move her eyes around everyone.

She passes by Logan and lifts up two cigars that she snagged from the box. She hands them to him with a sly grin as she walks on past back toward the cookie crafting area she has been working on and off of all evening.

"Kitty, you wanna run the mixer on the mashed potatoes? Get'em all creamy an' puffy'like?" She asks as she picks up her mixing bowl again.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Those cigars get slide right into the pocket of his over shirt and Rogue gets a big-ol-grin out of the old man Logan. NOthing better than a cigar, and his nose is already telling him those are Cuban. "Thanks Rogue," he offers, then finishes off the last of the onions.

With no idea where they go next, he moves to the sink to wash the knife and goes in search of the apples. He's not much help anywhere else, but slicing and dicing is the perfect task.

"Apple slices for pie," he mutters to himself. "Who the hell eats apple pie at Thankgiving?" Oh well, apples found he finds a new cutting board and gets to coring and slicing.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney considers the various issues with cooking an emu before she finally nods. "Yeah I guess that would be a problem. I don't know. Emu's are kind of bad ass anyway, they'd probably take out anyone trying to take them out." Shrugging indifferently she lets her attention shift around to the various conversations that have sprung up. Some she could follow, others were just confusing. "What's wrong with apple pie?" An innocent enough question.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is watching one of the students, Smacks, who came to help struggling to open a jar. After he's given it a few tries, tapped the lid on a counter, all to not avail, Kitty reaches out for it. "Let me give it a go," she tells him.

The boy's eyebrow goes up. "But, you're not super strong or anything," he tells her, handing over the jar anyway.

Kitty gives a soft chuckle. "You have to think outside the box when it comes to abilities, mutant or otherwise." She holds out his hand with a small flourish to get him to watch, and then takes hold of the lid to the jar.

And phases it off the jar, which she then hands back to Smacks. "There you go," she says with a grin as he takes it and gets back to prep work.

The Jewish girl looks back to Betsy with a small grin. <<I'm afraid you wouldn't want to eat latke that I made. But, could probably get my mom on video chat and walk us through it?>>

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<<Is it something you can learn through video chat? I've only had them the once, it was here in fact as I recall, but they were memorable. Tcha! Rogue is demanding potato. Tell her you've been commanded to do something else with those potatoes. Or are you supposed to make every form of carb possible? I defer, my dear, to your experience in giving Thanks.>>

"Have you ever thought of opening a restaurant, Jean?" Betsy says, as further directives are issued.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan starts the apples, glancing to Gabby. "Nothing wrong with it," he replies with a shrug. "Just used to the idea of pumpkin and mincemeat pies for American Thanksgiving. Thought apple was more... spring and summer thing is all."

That comments doesn't stop him from going to town on the apples, it's almost as if he's done this a hundred times before, or something similar enough that the skills transfer because he makes quick work of the fruit.

"How many pies you making?" He asks in general to the room, starting to wish he had not come to the kitchen, but damn it he was trying to be less of a grumpy bastard and more... social, but this was starting to get to him. All the people, all the scents, all the chattering... he had one more task him before he would have to take a break and escape.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Absolutely nothing," Jean interjects as Gabby joins the apparent Great Pie Debate. "Basically, everyone has their favorite pie, and there were always complaints if we didn't have it." There is a certain exasperation in voice that suggests this has been an actual topic of controversy in the past. "Solution? We make -every- pie. So don't worry." This is pretty close to being true. There will be, at least as apparent from the ingredients scattered about: apple, cherry, lemon, minced meat, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, and strawberry rhubarb. There is a reason she has a whole assembly line just for pies!

And finally, there's proof of the eavesdropping: << It's a great idea, but I've never made them either. But it's worth a try? And it'd be nice to get her in on things, even long distance, don't you think? >>

As if this other conversation were not happening, she real-world answers Betsy with a certain inherently sarcastic sort of lopsided grin, while spreading her arms, one holding the afforementioned spatula. "What, and leave all this?" A laugh, and she shakes her head. "I don't think anything I make is especially fancy or restaurant worthy. Just the kind of classic home cooking stuff people expect for the holiday. And my mom will still have notes, I'm sure, when she arrives!" Of course. How else did she learn any of it in the first place?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over at Smacks as he tries to struggle with the jar. 'Do not bang that on the counter." She warns the troublesome little kid who runs with Hambone's crew. She sees Kitty is pre-occupied with helping him now then and grins before looking to Betsy. "Oh yes, all the carbs. Every last carb we can mine, and stuff inta everyone's face holes." She says with a grin as she prepares another tray of cookies to go in to the second oven.

Once deposited in she sets the timer and turns to grab her drink. She takes a moment to herself to sip from the icy red hued drink before she sees two kids running by out i nthe hallway with pizza slices in hand.

"Pizza stays in the rec room!" She shouts after them. "This place is pure madness..." She huffs as another sip is pulled from her glass.

Rogue picks up one of the cookies then and heads over to Gabby then to offer it to her. "Here ya go, Sugah." She says with a smile for her. "Thanks for the help."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"What's mince meat?" Gabby was just having a lot of new terms thrown at her today it seemed. Doesn't stop her from rolling with it though. She's almost done with the stack of carrots she'd been tasked with, and pauses to wipe off the knife she'd been using with a dish cloth meant for such a reason. Never hurt to keep your tools sharp! She's about to ask something else when Rogue appears with a cookie. Grinning broadly she chirps, "You're welcome!" Before just opening her mouth to CHOMP the cookie out of Rogue's grasp. Careful of fingers, of course, she's not trying to bite anyone or get zapped by powers. Her hands were just full right now otherwise.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives a nod towards Jean and Betsy. She goes over to the pantry, checking the interior. She reaches way in back, phasing through a shelf to reach easier, and pulls out an extra bag of potatoes. "This should be enough, I imagine," she says.

The bag is set aside and Kitty goes into the hallway, pulling out her phone. Those with exceptional hearing, or just standing near to the door, likely hear her end of a phone conversation.

"Hey Mom. Yep, everything's great. At the school, helping prepare for Thanksgiving. Listen, had a request to make latke-" Kitty pauses in mid-sentence then laughs. "Right, that's what I said, they wouldn't want to eat any I made. BUT, I figured if you're not busy, you could go on video and tell us what to do-" Trailing off again. "Great!"

Kitty comes back into the kitchen, finding a spot she can lean her phone against something to stand it upright. "My mom's going to walk us through making a Hanukah treat," Kitty explains. The blond-haired woman in the phone's screen is an older version of Kitty, but with blond hair. "Hello everyone!" she calls through the phone. "Logan! I hope you're making the turkey!" she calls when she sees him. "Ok Kitty, here's what you need to do first," she says, starting listing things to get the potato cakes ready.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Ah planned on buying some pecan pies, Ah would offer to try to make them, but Ah always end up with bitters in the pie, and can't get it quite right." He tells the others

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan pauses in his slicing, laying the knife down, and pulls out his phone. He can't think of how to describe mincemeat, so he pulls it up on the internet. See? The old man can be taught new tricks. Once he finds what he's looking for, he holds it up for Gabby to read.

"It's really good," he comments. "Just older, not too popular these days apparently."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs when Gabby bites the cookie out of her hand. "Careful now, Sharknado." She responds with a grin as she steps back then with her drink to lean back against the counter.

When Kitty brings her phone in and displays her mom, the Belle offers a wave to the Mamma Kitty. She just sits back for now and listens to the rundown on the recipe they're talking about.

Having no family to really speak of, Rogue doesn't really chime in on these kind of conversations! She's got no family recipes to share!

So... she enjoys her mystery red drink, for now.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"There's no meat in mincemeat," Betsy offers aloud. "It's an older usage, when 'meat' was more along the lines of 'food' in English."

Betsy disengages from Kitty's mind as she moves to make a video call. While she's doing that, her head turns towards Jean, who gets her own private commentary. <<I'm looking at all of this and I'm seeing a calorie counter spinning like one of those national debt widgets. What are you going to do if Magneto attacks on Friday? I'm sorry, I know they're being friendly. Lately. Yes? I think so.>>

Betsy takes a deep breath and lets it out. She then steps forwards, leaning into frame and waving at Kitty's Mother - hesitating, for a moment, but then collecting a knife of her own, moving over to place herself at the disposal of latke production. And, this is important, out of the 'street'.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney swipes her hands off on her leggings leaving a smudge of carrot juice behind. Maybe part of a peel. The knife is down though, as is the towel she so diligently cleaned the knife with. Hands were less important. The cookie is grasped and chomped on while she leans over to look at the phone Logan offers out reading over the ingredients with a soft 'huh' of curiosity. Betsy' filling in more information earns a glance up along with a nod. "It sounds good. I'd give it a try. Then again I try most everything. I won't know if I like it or not until I try it." Oh, wait, was that a video call? She leans in from the side to wave with half a cookie in hand to the screen. "Hi Kitty's mom! Dad's not doing turkey tonight he's helping cut apples for pie! Oh I should get back to chopping veggies," she mumbles before straightening up again. It's here she pauses to really regard Logan. "You need to get some air?" She asks hesitantly.

Jean Grey has posed:
"If google isn't enough, we have some chilling in the fridge." Mince filling, that is. "It's basically lard and a bunch of fruit. I'm not a huge fan myself, but, yeah, it is sort of a traditional holiday favorite for some people. You can try it tomorrow when they're done, see what you think, Gabby." All of this just goes to reinforce why the policy is EVERY PIE. Annnnd since they're talking fillings, wonders, generally, "OK gang, who wants to mash?" This is also often popular with her younger volunteers, because of the SMASHING involved. "We need a lot done, not just for the normal mash potatos, but both pumpkin and sweet potato for the pie fillings."

Also, Sam it tut-tutted: "No store bought pies here!" Well, it's hardly 100% true: plenty of people buy things and bring them to the dinners, too, and it's not like any food gets turned away. "Pecan is one of the harder ones, though. I tend to do it last when I'm not too distracted."

<< First, Thanksgiving is an automatic cheat day. I'll make it up in the Danger Room on fri- saturday. >> Yeah no one is doing shit on Friday. Except maybe some culturally mandated capitalism. << I don't think any of them will be causing trouble. Dropping in for food versus having their own dinner up on the asteroid? That I don't know. But we're, yeah, on more or less friendly-ish terms right now, so... who knows. More likely they'll raid the food than Fort Knox, at least. And if they want to risk the angry shoppers on Friday... I think maybe we let them have that one. >>

After settling various pie debates (or not) and setting her minions to mash, she wanders in the same direction as Betsy, to find where Kitty has set up with her phone. "Hi there!" she adds, waving all friendly-like, at the camera.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Theresa Pryde waves back to people through the phone while Kitty goes off to get some of the ingredients besides the potatoes. "Jean! Betsy! How are you both doing. Herding cats? And probably Kitty-s too?" she asks with a warm laugh.

The woman tries to peer past them and then leans closer to her own phone. "Did she say... does Logan have a daughter!?" Theresa Pryde asks. Kitty bites down on her lips to avoid reacting more overtly to the question.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Once Gabby has read the information, Logan drops his phone back into his pocket. He's doing his best to keep his calm on, but if Gabby was picking up on his need to escape, then clearly he wasn't doing as well as he thought he was.

"Ya kid," he mutters quietly, glancing around the room. "Getting too much for me."

That's when he notices the whole phone thing going on, eyes shifting to look at Kitty and the phone and shiiiiiiit. "Yeah, I got a daughter," he states loudly and puts his hand on Gabby's shoulder. It might be too loud, a little too possessive, and a bit stand-offish, but he did say he was getting closer to his evacuation point.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pushes off the counter as the recipe instructions are laid out. She walks past Logan and Gabby as they exchange words, which makes her smile. Her drink is set down on the counter as she pulls her gloves off to drape them over one of the chairs.

"Ya'll are doin' great." She says to the students at the pie station on her way past them. Near the hallway door, Rogue pulls out her phone and steps partially out of the kitchen to start to tap out a text message. <Happy Thanksgiving.> She sends to Mystique before scrolling through her contacts to send the same to another number on her list.

The Professor, meanwhile, out on the patio is telling a story about something very impressive as he is waving his hands around and his three old man friends are all laughing while the four of them smoke cigars together.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney blinks in surprise when Kitty's mom reacts in that way. For a moment she hesitates, torn between trying to keep an eye on Logan because she KNEW he would be getting antsy--Rightly so it seemed. And now this. It's only when he reacts by putting an arm around her shoulder and declaring her his daughter that she breaks into a smile that was big even for her. Turning she gives Logan a big, BIG hug only to let go after a second. "Okay, I'm bored now so I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air," she declares matter-of-fact, and reaches out to grab hold of Logan's arm to tug him along. "Come on! I want to see your motorcycle!" Plus it gives him an 'out' without it being his fault. It had been awhile since she used the 'I'm bored bye' tactic but it was one that she was known for.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy takes a deep breath at the question from Theresa Pryde, but then Logan accepts it. Quietly, Betsy places a hand over her heart, thankfully facing away from either of the Wolverines as she does it. She waits until she can hear a motorcycle in the distance to say -

"Holidays are miracles, aren't they? Look at me, saying this in my sweatshirt," she asides to Kitty and Theresa alike. "Now then, how do I attack these potatoes."

<<What do they even eat up there? Algae cakes? And if you could be a darling, Jean, and think about chopping up potatoes for a moment, I want to make sure I don't startle Theresa with something emphatic here.>>

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan was prepared to go into more detail with super pissy mode starting to engage, but he is hugged and that distracts him enough to look to Gabby again, and then his arm is taken.

"Alright kid," he replies more calmly. "Let's go look at the motorcycle."

A quick glance to Rogue, "If there's any thing needs watching through the night, just leave a note and I'll check it. Gonna be up anyway," and then he's guided out by Gabby. Obviously he could just stop her, but he needed the out.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will move to peel taters while his eggs boil. The young man is used to helping around the kitchen, when you have a family his size, you have to help to make sure everyone eats. This kitchen probably looks less hectic to him than anyone else here.

Jean Grey has posed:
"We're managing!" Jean says, still facing the phone. "And your daughter is as helpful as ever." Which might be a bit of a joke, as it comes to cooking! But when things turn toward Logan and his family, she, like Kitty and perhaps several of the others, doesn't look like she exactly knows how to answer the question. "Ah, it's a little complicated, but-"

Well, Logan makes that easier. She breathes out. Still, even if they've managed to smooth it all over, she can certainly FEEL some of the remaining tension, particularly on the part of the would-be loner in question.

"You know how it is over here, we're always an ever-growing family. And I really appreciate you popping in to help out." As they are all talking and figuring out the recipe, she glances over toward the snikt-inclined family unit, and the fact that Logan takes the opportunity to make his exit? Clearly, she's not going to begrudge him the fact. "Thanks for helping with all the veggie prep."

With that, its back to the madness, including figuring out how to make a new dish via teleconference. << I think they've got some greenhouse facilities, actually, although I've never been up there. You could ask Rahne about it, if you see her. >> As for thinking HARD about potato slicing? There's a momentary sense of confusion, but Jean, ever helpful, delivers the mental-image as requested. And not surprisingly, it's of some pretty deft chopping.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Theresa Pryde beams a smile at Logan. "Congratulations!" she calls to him, and she waves to Gabby as well. the woman nods towards Jean. "Yes, amazing how everyone there has grown so," she says.

Kitty returns with the ingredients and gets to work on the potato pancake-like treats. Theresa is quite the cook, having sent many a care package during Kitty's school girl days at the school. Pretty much everyone who was around in those days will have been able to sample some of what was sent.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stuffs her phone back in to her front right pocket before she reaches up to take Rahne's flower out of her hair so she can take the black net off of it. She's letting her hair down as Logan and Gabby make for the garage. She smiles at them and nods. "Will do, Mistah." She says to the father of the two.

With her hair down now, Rogue walks back in to the kitchen, running her right hand through it to rub at the top of her head, leaving her brown and white hair wild around her shoulders.

She drops the rolled up hair net on to the small table beside the windows and grins at the conversation going on.