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Lounge Lizards
Date of Scene: 22 November 2021
Location: X-Lounge
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy have a bit of back and forth with each other in the X-Men Lounge.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
The X-Lounge is a nice little rec room tucked away in the X-Men Base. No sstudents. Just a nice living and recreation area with a kitchen and even a pool table.

This is where Rogue is tonight. The tv mounted on the wall is playing some action movie with explosions and machine guns going off, and there's music playing on the stereo surround sound in the room. Tv and radio at the same time. Rogue likes to party.

The Belle herself is wearing her green and gold X-Men uniform and holding a pool cue as she lines up a shot and fires the cue ball down the table to clatter against some of the pool balls, sending one in to a corner pocket. She is humming to the music as she rounds the table.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, well, Cherie-"

The voice emerges from a short distance behind Rogue to reveal Gambit approaching, his staff left to lean against the wall as he straightens out his long dark cloak. Tactical gear underneat his coat, along with his standard suit. Knee-high greaves, fingerless gloves, some kind of kevlar mix with largely purple motifs on his costume.

"Dat costume look just as good on you as it did 'fore." Gambit casually flirts with her as he walks up to the table, leaning his hands against it maybe to offset her shot if it's an unstable table.

"Can't tell if you like de music or de television more, cherie, but personally, I like a bit o' both." He's quiet for a moment as his lips curl into a smirk. "How you been doin'?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her eyes on the television when Gambit appears and she pauses to look over at him. A soft smirk shows on her lips as she glances down at herself. "I've had several suits, but this one is my favorite. Gets me the most social media attention too." She says with a broadening grin. "And I couldn't be better..." She says at him as she walks around the table to walk past him. She taps the pool cue against his shoulder as she walks by toward the cue ball where it came to rest.

"How are you doin'?" She asks him. "Been scarce of late again. You findin' more trouble?" She asks as she reaches the other corner and moves to take another shot...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Gambit's eyes take in the room. The stereo systems, any possible security in the room, the bits and pieces of games, board pieces, larger sets like the fooseball table and the pool table....they reach his eyes like one could breathe. A habit of a thief, a bad one - yet like all things, has it's use in the world. Of course, his eyes drift away from the material and look instead to the anatomical, examining Rogue like an artist does a great work.

"Happens to be my favorite to an' I ain't just sayin' that." Gambit smirks at her. He could only imagine how many people caught sight of the eye-catching attire that did all it could to flatter the woman's physique. The pool cue is tapped against his shoulder and a small laugh escapes his lips. He follows her in a smooth motion, twirling on a heel until his hand was on the back end of the pool cue, maybe to tip it one way as he leaned, a whisper - soft as it was - perhaps finding her ear:

'Don't miss.'

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is admittedly a bit distracted with him doing that to her, let alone standing up close to her while she's taking her shot. She takes the shot and clips the cue ball causing it to go off course and sink itself into a side pocket.

She quickly jabs the cue back against his inner thigh, not too hard, just enough to freak him out that she may have been aiming somewhere else!

She straightens up then and spins around to glare at him. "Rude, Remy LeBeau." Rogue says at him with a glare that sends daggers at his red eyes!

She softens a second later as she stands there staring at him.

"Just you wait for the next time you're tryin' t'do somethin'... I dunno what... but you'll get it back." She threatens the Cajun!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
There is a brief moment.

His entire life flashes before his eyes, his voice prepared to reach a pitch so high that most would consider it improbable for his voice type, but thank whoever decided to run this chaotic universe that she doesn't end the lives of future children prematurely as the end of that cue stick only hits him in the inner thigh and not too hard, but a grunt of being hit escapes his lips.

"That was too close for comfort..." Gambit jokes with her as she spins around to look at him, a smile touching his features. "Love that gorgeous shine to your eyes, cherie. I can see my reflection an' I look pretty damn good." He teases her ever so slightly, though as she softens and she stares at him, the proximity so close and in that moment, everything else turns to silence. His gaze falls slightly to her lips, before looking back into her gentle eyes.

....even if they are usually staring at him in subtle displeasure.

"I'd be disappointed otherwise, cherie." is he leaning in?

Rogue has posed:
The proximity is enough for Rogue to know what was likely to come. She stares at him with a calm admiring look, and as he leans in she flutters her eyes for a moment before she lifts a gloved right hand up to press her first two fingers to his chin. "Careful, you." She says. "I might just take the life right outta ya." She calmly threatens the man before she cracks a smile at him.

She leans forward then and lets their cheeks nearly touch, her white bangs brushing against his face as she whispers in his ear. "Glad you're stickin' around more though."

When she pulls back she places a quick and soft kiss to his cheek, demonstrating her ever-increasing ability to control that touch power. Just how much control she has now though? She kind of keeps that a secret... for obvious reasons!

She pulls back and grins at him. "Want a drink? We got alcohol down here..." She says as she moves to walk around the pool table toward the kitchen area of the lounge.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Gambit has always tried, likely more than once.

He meant it. He was going to change for the better - or *try* to change for the better - to work with this team of mutant heroes, to officialize his joining of this family of Dreams. Eyes begin to flutter shut as he draws close, close enough that they -aaaaalllmoooost-, but two fingers find his chin. The soft material of her gloves the only warmth he feels from her at that moment.

"Not a bad way to go, no?"

He questions her, her cheek brushing against his as she presses those lips to his cheek and a smile on his face. "Been out on the streets lately, tryin' to get used to dis hero gig." He whipsers back to her, his hand reaching for her waist, but...he retracts at the last moment.

Best that he doesn't push his luck with her.

"I'd love a drink." he follows her as she pulls back, almost keeping the same distance between them as they move towards the kitchen area. "Got any of de strong stuff?" he asks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets the pool cue back on the rack with the others as she hears his quest and walks ahead of him, her eyes glancing back over her shoulder at him to grin softly. "Of course." She says upon stepping in to the kitchen. She gets them both a couple of glasses before dropping some ice in to them from the freezer.

When she turns around to the bar counter she has a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. She grins at him as she pours them both a drink.

"You wanna watch a movie with me?" She asks him then. "Kitty was givin' me crap for not havin' seen this Mr and Mrs Smith movie. I figure I should watch it so she doesn't have that t'lord over me."

Rogue leans against the counter as she raises the glass up to sip the amber hued liquor.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You never seen Mr. an' Mrs. Smith? Cherie, that movie was -made- for us." Gambit looks almost aghast, like he couldn't believe what his ears had just heard, what his eyes had just seen. Even as he's watching - and admiring - Rogue with every step she takes. Eyes finally lift as she pulls out the bottle of whiskey.

They're gonna drink all of it if Gambit has his way.

"But if that's what you want to watch, then I'll happily deliver. Long as you don't mind me makin' a move now an' again." He winks at her, testing the waters and seeing how she reacts maybe. Glass poured, Remy lifts the drink to his lips and his eyes look at her from over the glass's rim. "I wanted to thank ya, Anna. You've been patient wit' me and waited for me even when I've been an ass to ya and yours."

A deep breath.

"Thanks for bein' nice to me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers her glass down again and looks down at it. She can handle her liquor really good considering she's only 21, but that's likely part of Carol's influence in her head too... Carol had issues with booze after all!

Rogue's green eyed gaze goes back up to him then as she hears his remarks about the movie. She rolls her eyes and grins as she gathers up the whiskey bottle by its neck and starts to walk toward the sofa. "I grew up without a television ya know." She sasses back at him as she settles down on the sofa. She sets the bottle down on the coffee table before gathering up the two remotes.

The stereo is turned off as she leans back and crosses her legs at the knees... the other remote is raised up to search for the movie in the X-Men database... they got everything after all.

She pauses though to look over at him. "Not used t'the apologies." She says with a lingering stare. She nods at the sofa then. "Come'n watch with me. But don't spoil anything!" She warns him with another glare!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Rogue could always handle her liquor. That was never in doubt...the only aspects of her that may have been in doubt were her ability to distinguish between who was -her- and who was -Carol Danvers-. Remy would often watch, waiting, to see who would come out at certain points. Would it be the woman he loved, or a thesis statement version that she plagiarized? Not a clue would be had.

She looks at him and mentions her lack of a TV growing up. 'Me too. TV's were too expensive in Louisiana, so I did what most small kids do in their free time-" his grin turns mischievous, a wink follows a closing eyelid.

"I stole one."

"Didn't have anythin' to plug it into o'course, but it was nice to have one." He chuckles as he approaches the sofa and gathers himself nicely as he looks at her. "No spoilers, promise." Remy lifts his hands defensively as he reaches for his glass again. "Remy don't kiss an' tell." he winks at her playfully as he nudges her with his shoulder.

Then the movie plays out, and true to his word, Remy didn't spoil a thing. This wasn't a moment to be spoiled. This was a moment to cherish.