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Madi's first Hulk
Date of Scene: 25 November 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: A new BFF! And she's amazingly green!
Cast of Characters: Madigan Belle, Jennifer Walters

Madigan Belle has posed:
The day Madi's been dreaming about for at least 3 weeks has come to pass. She's worked hard, making a social media presence, working with her uncle, getting in contact with big leaguers isn't easy... after all, unless you are a brilliant girl with lots of potential but happen to have a physical disability to lean on. And lean she does. Madigan Belle wrote a letter to She-Hulk, explaining how she's always looked up to the big green powerful heroic woman that she is, and would love to meet her someday. That in those times when she has difficulties she just thinks, "What would She-Hulk do?" And then tried to be brave, and do what she can as a brilliant intellectual.

Columbia University helped to promote the idea, for just this one person, why? Well, Madigan Belle is a top student, one of the top up and coming geneticists in all of the Universities in the entire world, let alone here at Columbia University. Why wouldn't they help a prized student? And, of course, Uncle Oisin has a way with words. So, it's a big ta-do on this Holiday. Food, presentation, promises to keep things more or less private even if there's likely to be a few photographers here to get some shots of Madi and her big green heroine BFF-soon-to-be-trademarked.

That's of course, then, what She-Hulk will wander into. A private but staged area in one of the many larger halls that Columbia has along with a table with far more food than would seem possible to consume. And an entire day planned out, in fact, shortly after Jen arrives she'll likely be approached by a woman in a skirt suit, clearly an Irish accent, and handing off an itinerary with events on there like, snacking, talking about personal struggles, taking a walk around the campus (that is mostly empty due to the holiday) and it has some time called BFF questions listed... and off in the distance is the red headed glasses wearing Madi, sitting on a couch rocking back and forth like a kid waiting for marshmallows.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer, for her part, can be a softie sometimes. After all, you usually don't get into the superhero business unless you have some compassion for your fellow person. So a letter from a disabled college student is likely to get her attention. Moreso when she calls up Columbia and finds out that not only is it a disabled college student, but it's a genetics wunderkind. That's more than enough for her to agree to show up.

She's honest surprised when she arrives. She's worn one of her suits; the same thing she'd wear to trial, since this is more of a professional speaking affair. Still, she also brought a bag with her with her /alternate/ professional attire, so that if any of the students want a photo op later, she can indulge them.

She listens to the personal assistant; again, something fairly standard for her, unlike what some other supers deal with on a day to day. She looks over the itinerary, and will ask the PA to send her a copy via a smartphone (never know when hardcopy's going to end up lost). Finally, once she gets briefed, she starts over towards Madi, approaching with a confident stride.

Jen looks poised and professional, put together today. Hair is done up in a professional bun at the nape of her neck, suit is perfect, heels add an additional four inches to her (not that she needed the help). The gamma-green lawyer approaches Madi, and gives a warm smile. "You must be the girl of the hour. I'm Jennifer Walters. It's nice to meet you." She'll offer a hand out to Madi along with the words.

Madigan Belle has posed:
As soon as Jen speaks, Madi turns her head, and her eyes go wide, her mouth gapes and she squeals. Holding up her arms and shaking them a little, like some fangirl who just saw Justin Bieber wink at her from stage. It takes her a moment, but she works herself up to her not-at-all intimidating height of 5'. In contrast to Jen, she's wearing a plaid mini-ish skirt, some highly fashionable and expensively branded glasses, a short-sleeved black blouse that holds its own and a pair of black and white converse. For Converse experts, it's a rare classic edition but definitely no heels, what with the leg braces she needs to help keep herself steady, and the crutch that she uses with one arm.

Standing there, looking up, and up and up and up, Madigan is giggling, grinning, beaming, her eyes are wide, she pauses, and then sees the hand, reaching out with both of hers, taking it and shaking quickly, breathing quickly, is she hyper-ventilating? "Oh my goodness, you showed up, you are here, really, that's so great, you are the best, my favorite, don't let anyone say a cape or blue are better, will you crush my car? Could you pick me up? Is there a limit to your strength? Are you as amazingly awesome as you are strong? Were you made fun of as a kid? Does it seem unfair that everyone probably presumes green is your favorite color?" Breathe breathe breathe, pant, and a few quick glances around, "Ohmygoodness, I'm Madigan Belle. You can call me Madi. Or, not, whatever you want, you don't need my permission, you are mega, that seems rude, is it rude? I'm so sorry, I don't mean to offend, if I am." It's all very quick...

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Extreme height difference! Madi standing at 5'0" puts her eyeline somewhere around Jen's navel; with the heels she's wearing, she's brushing up against the 7'0" mark. Jen gives her a polite smile...right up until Madi starts talking, and then the energy is just infectious. The polite smile moves to a full-on grin, as she listens to the rapid-fire delivery of questions.

"Okay, okay. First of all, /breathe/. If you pass out, you'll have to watch that on YouTube forever." Her tone is good-natured, much like the gentle teasing a friend would do.

"So! Thank you so much for the compliments. I /could/ crush your car, but why would you want me to? I can pick you up, and I'm happy to do so, if you like. SO far, we haven't found an upper limit on my strength; it gets a little tricky up there. I like to think I'm awesome, definitely, and this get-together seems to agree! I was teased some as a kid, but not for this." She waves her hand in front of herself, generally indicating her body. "I wasn't green as a kid. And yes it does! I mean, green's fine, but I can't wear it. I'd look ridiculous. Also, your hair looks spectacular; I am super jealous. And those glasses are on point."

Madigan Belle has posed:
The breathing slows, by only a little bit, as she's getting responses from THE She-Hulk. In this place, surrounded by who knows anymore, cause it's all background. "Wow! You can crush my car, maybe I'll ask you to do that, cause like, it'd be neat to watch. I've never seen a car crushed, well, not my car, and definitely not a car I'd want. And usually not by hands, I mean, that's silly, who crushes cars by hand when you can use one of those crushing car things in junk yards. Those are so much fun, I climbed into one when I was a kid and got trapped there for a few days until my Uncle found me. I'm lucky there was any cars needing to be crushed, but I did built a climbing kit out of spare parts that were still at the bottom of the thing, I was about to get myself out, when... whoop, picked up and pulled to safety." She is grinning wide, still, even as she goes through the story.

When you say you can pick her up she just sticks up her arms like she's a 2 year old wanting to be picked up. Though she doesn't stop talking. "You weren't always green?! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! How did that happen then? Were you always super strong? Were you always this... amazingly tall? I've always been kind of short, you know, small but cute, an' all that but you can't get sex-ehy till you have some height for legs. That's what I've surmised." When she catches up to your compliments, she looks up and off to the side, "Schucks, really? You think so? My hair -is- awesome. Red heads are the best, we're mutants, did you know that? You probably did, I'm silly, you are probably like a genius super smart amazingly gorgeous wonderfully strong mega super heroine. I wonder if you can do this?" She sticks out her tongue, still holding up her arms, and curls it in on the sides, and then the front part pulls in as well, and she keeps trying to talk, "Ohlshy ahbousht fishtuhn purrrschient of peeoles cahsh."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jen still can't help but grin, as she listens to the rapidfire stream of consciousness. "Well, let's not think about car-crushing, unless you've got an old car that doesn't run or something. After all, most college students can't afford someone going all Hulk on their car."

Once Madi holds up her arms, Jen leans in, puts her hands under Madi's arms, looks up to make sure she's got clearance, and then rather effortlessly tosses Madi about ten feet up in the air; enough for clearance, not enough to let anyone try and go snapping any pics under her mini-skirt. (Yes, Jen thinks A LOT about wardrobe malfunctions; she's had more than she can count). She'll catch Madi carefully as she comes down, setting her down on the ground again, effortlessly. "And nope. I didn't go green till I was in my twenties! And I wasn't superstrong, either. I was a mostly mousy brunette. And I'll claim SOME of those, but I'm nowhere NEAR as smart as you are, I'm sure. You're the genetics genius of Columbia from what I hear. Jen tries to make her tongue do that, but nope. She is not in the fifteen percent.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madi is responding to the whole car thing, as she gets hoisted up, "Yeah, I have far too many..." And then she's up in the air and her hair is fluttering about her face, and she's screaming out as she is going up and then coming back down to be caught gently and settled. A pause, and she says, "Again? Now, later, I mean, how high can you toss me?" She's practically humming with excitement, as she listens to the story about the greenness, and her thoughts are derailed from the tossing. "Early twenties? How old are you now? That's interesting, there usually aren't many genetic mutations that crop up later in life. Unless something introduced it, or an extremely stressful situation happened that may have triggered it." She's going all analytical for a moment, but then, getting a super teeth filled grin, sticking out her tongue a little and biting the tip of it as you compliment her.

"I am pretty smart. I got that going for me alright. I mean, genetics, right? Easy peasy. Crushing cars, though? Super tough. I saw this time in which you punched someone THROUGH a wall, not punched them and they went through the wall, but just boom." She makes a quick jab forward in a stance that clearly says she's not a fighter, "Right through a wall, and clocked the person. It wasn't even a super super person, I think they were a tech super, but anyhow. You must have a ton of control over your muscles not to just like, crush everything in sight. I'm not sure I could do that, I can sometimes be a little scatter brained, a tad ADHD, as you might say. Though technically, I'm not ADHD, I don't want to make light of that disorder, it can be life threatening after all."

She's at least calming down, but is clearly still rather excited to be standing right in front of you. "What else do you do? I mean, you crush things, punch things, you can wear heels, I -wish-. I'm an all flats all the time, did you want to take a tour? I can show you the genetics lab, or you can tell me about you? Do you have a best friend? Cause, I have an opening... in my, friends list. I bet you'd rock at pillow fights. Do you play video games? What about pets? Cats or dogs? Food? I'm always kind of hungry, an active mind, as they say..."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"In here? The roof's an issue. Outside, I could probably throw you up to the roof of a skyscraper. But that's not something I'd want to test, with the whole "you not being invulnerable" thing. I'm thirty-four now, and it was definitely an external factor; I had a blood transfusion from the Hulk." Jen's never really done the secret identity thing. "So that's definitely the reason for the whole gamma-green-and-glorious. I do practice a lot; when you're as strong as I am, you kind of live in a world of cardboard. So you have to be careful not to break things."

Jen smiles. "Sure, let's see the lab! We can talk as we go. Mostly, it's the standard Hulk package. I'm crazy strong, I'm pretty much invulnerable, I can jump a really long way. Wearing heels is do-able, though mine cost a FORTUNE, they have to be made out of steel, and then leather-covered." They tik-tak as she moves. "Not sure I have anyone who I'd peg as /best/ friend, though I have a lot of friends." She's shocked Madi has kept up this energy level, and she grins as she continues. "I'm not sure I wanna know how much caffeine you're on. Cats over dogs, though dogs are awesome too. Never /really/ done video games; and food, god, yes. My metabolism needs a lot of fuel to keep going."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Blood transfusion from the Hulk? Huh, I'd of thought it the other way around. You are way better than him. I mean, he's super like, attractive, and all that, but you are still totally way better." Madigan offers as she's talking it out, and then laughs at the cardboard thing, her mouth gets wide open and she's full body giggling, "A world of cardboard? That's great! I wish I could bend cardboard easily, though, come to think of it... I don't think I can even cut it with scissors very well. I'm not that ... strong. I don't do ANY exercising, except with my thumbs, and a few fingers." She puts out her hands in the shape for holding a game controller, and wiggles around her thumbs a little to indicate joysticks.

Then she turns, and starts leading you, well, going slow, and making you hold up for her. She pretty much sways her hips, and moves one leg forward, let's the leg brace lock in place, then does the same with the other while keeping the crutch on the ground for balance. She's well practiced, and it's a pretty smooth operation, but still... slow. "OOooh, so no BFF? Great!" She's wide-eyed and bushy tailed as she goes, literally wiggling her backside a bit as she finds out there's no BFF in the picture. "Caffeine? Oh, probably a lot, I love things like lattes, fraps, anything with a lot of calories, candy, desserts... oh!" SHe pauses a moment as they are going, and takes a few steps to the side, "My backpack, pahlease!" To the woman who first met up with Jen, and waiting a moment, she gets her disney princess backpack. It's pink, sequins all over it, and there's at least a half-dozen of the disney leads from various movies on it that she takes a moment to sling over her back, while pulling out a king sized butterfinger, and starts chomping away at it while listening. "Yes! Cats, over dogs, they are so much better. Apex predators are great, sharks, cats, spiders, all of them. Oh? Do you want ... a uhhh, I have like tons of things in here." She pauses to swing her backpack in front of her, sifting through her bag full of junk food, all sweets though none of that savory or salty stuff. "I got like, everything from Candy Corn to Hershey bars, to single wrapped brownies." Yep, everything.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"Well, he's also a lot more invulnerable than I am. I'd been shot, and there wasn't time to get me to a hospital. It was really dramatic." Her heels tik-tak as she moves onward with Maddy, taking what are (for her), very slow steps to keep a pace with the redhead.

"The BFF position is completely open. And I will totally take a Hershey bar. Hulks are addicted to chocolate." Just a tease a little, though Jen does love her chocolate. "And I just meant you have a really high energy level. With all that sugar in there, I think I see why." There's a little pause, as she takes the offered candy, unwraps, and takes a bite. "I'm surprised somebody like you doesn't already have their BFF position filled."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's some rummaging, and Madi comes out with a Hershey's bar, and she holds it out to Jen before slinging her backpack back onto her back. She continues to keep walking, and quirks her mouth to the side, "Addicted to chocolate, you say... don't mind me, just taking mental notes to be able to win you over if some competition comes along." All aloud, as she keeps moving along. With a bit of a shake of her head, "Nopers. All free. I mean, there's not like a lot of activities I can participate in, and well, there's a lot of dumb people in the world. And then there's the whole I'm a redhead thing. So, like, there's people who are all up in my grill tryin' to date this chica." She points to herself with a thumb, sounding faux cocky as she talks, "But I'm too hot to handle, ya see. So, it's like, that. Either people are all grope-y, or their all wanting to do stuff like white water rafting. And as much fun as both of those are, it is difficult to have either of those really end up with a BFF since... I'm either drowning or it's not exactly BFF territory."

There's a pause to chomp down more of her candy bar, before it's just gone. The entire thing. And she shrugs a bit, before letting out a little sigh, "I'm also way better at video games than most people. I won a tournament when I was only 8, can you believe that? A nerdy girl like me, being good at video games?" She chuckles a little at her own little joke as she keeps going along at her pace. "Besides, my standards are like through the roof for friends. I guess. I dunno. People don't end up liking me for a long time. I think they think I'm annoying. Or clingy, but who -doesn't- respond to a text? Jeezus, right? By the 89th one, you should at least tell me you are busy or something, not just ghost me. Cause then I show up at your house thinking you are hurt, I'm just a concerned friend."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jen grins, and playfully says "You're not secretly some supervillain plotting my demise by restricting my access to chocolate, are you? And there a lot of stupid people in this world. Don't settle. You're too awesome to settle." Jen is the poster girl for believing in yourself. Or rather, She-Hulk is. Jennifer is rather less confident. Jen takes another bite of her chocolate bar. "And I'm sure you're fantastic in video games. You'd kick my butt. I should introduce you to Reed Richards. You two could probably just go off on science tangents that I can't even imagine."

As they walk towards the lab (or to whereever Madi is taking them), Jen says in that same light-hearted tone "Well, then I'm very honored that you want to consider me for your BFF position. So...can I ask what the situation is with your legs? Or should I steer clear of that? Not trying to upset you."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a big comment, about not settling. That's Madi's whole philosophy, why settle? She should have EVERYTHING she desires. Yep. And she grins big, "Well, if it ain't too presumptuous, and I have to hold try outs and all that still, but I think you'd be a winner winner chicken dinner for the role of Madigan Belle's BFF. Ya know, if you ended up not getting annoyed by me, or my random quirks. I get it, I like me, I think I'm pretty great. My uncle, he always tells me that, he says, Madi yer a stinker." SHe pauses to grin bigger, "Which is his way of saying he likes me, and if my uncle likes someone? Daaaaaayyymn, girl, that's one awesome person. Cause he doesn't like anyone. Kind of a better dad than my real dad, in so many ways."

With the conversation shifting to her legs, and her taking a bit of a longer route to avoid what people may still be here. She-Hulk WILL not be interrupted by random passerby, not on Madi's watch, she shrugs, "Nah, it's cool. I have a nervous system condition that's genetic in origin. I have nerves in my legs, so like, I can still feel things, blood flow is normal-ish, but there's not enough to trigger proper muscles responses. So, like, I can sort of move them, tiny amounts with great effort, but they are really just flesh clubs I can't use very well as weapons. Oh! And, bonus perk, I don't ever have to shave. Like, never, there's just not enough to trigger hair follicles. Who's a lucky girl? Me, that's who. But, yeah, so, like, I'm cool with it. I've been in braces since I was ... 9? 9. Yeah. And this crutch and me, we go everywhere together. I'm surprised I haven't made it pink."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer laughs. "Heck, that's a superpower on its own right there. The not-needing-to-shave. I have to use a frigging adamantium razor to get these smooth." She extends a leg a bit. "Or I have to change. Which is its own whole thing, and ties into the "limits on my strength" question you asked me earlier."

If she's noticed that Madi's taking a longer route, she hasn't commented on it. In all likelihood, she hasn't noticed. Keeping up with Madi in a conversation is challenging. "Nothing wrong with pink. Doesn't work so well with my coloration, but I'll bet you could make it work."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I mostly don't, cause like, the more chrome look of the cane and leg braces go with more outfits. I mean, my favorite backpack stands out like a sore thumb, but hey, if you could be Belle, you would. So would I, I mean, I am a Belle, by name, and I do read a lot, and I sing ALL the same songs, just not as well. And I do like monster men, but it's unfortunate they made him a boring Captain America look-a-like. I mean, come -on- who wouldn't be a furry if they could?" She shrugs a bit and keeps walking, and talking.

As soon as she goes through what is clearly a college alley, a small sidewalk that doesn't allow both of you to walk side by side, and she swipes a card at a door and pressing the button that swings it open in an automated way, then she's inside a building again. "Alright, welcome to one of Columbia University's science departments. This one is biology, and it connects to a small chemistry subgroup of neanderthals that call themselves organic chemists." She snorts a bit at her own little joke, "But yeah, they're kind of a problem you need when you are trying to analyze boring stuff and don't have the time to do it yourself cause you are busy studying important things like genes." A bit of a rant, all in just as peppy of a tone.

"So, you can change? Do you mean, like, you can look like me? A tentacle monster? A minotaur? Can you change sexes? What do you mean by 'change'?"

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"Chrome is a classic. And I have to say, the furry look isn't one for me. I work with one sometimes, though. Tigra's great, but I can't picture running around with a full-body fur coat. Had to do it once, cause Xemnu's a jerk, but that got all wrapped up."

She ducks under the door a bit to go in, and she says in amusement. "Not a fan of chemists, huh? And yes, I can change. The whole "being a glorious green amazon" is something I can turn on and off. Haven't ALWAYS been able to do that. But I can these days. I can go from the Sensational She-Hulk to just plain ol' Jennifer Walters. But like you say, who wouldn't be She-Hulk if they could?" She paraphrases Madi, with a grin at that.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a pause as Madi listens, and shakes her head quickly back and forth, "Not a fan of Chemists. Not people who stop there, at least. Chemistry is SOOOOOO easy it isn't exactly rocket science." And then she pauses, giggles a little bit and holds up a hand, "Wait, it -is- rocket science, but like, I mean that in the idiom kind of way. It isn't tough. It's like, rudimentary science, if you are going to major in Chemistry you are basically saying you've always wanted to be 3rd or 4th chair clarinetist. Ya get what I'm throwin' down?"

With the reveal of the whole ability to change, back and forth between Amazing Green woman and some normy, gets a furrowed brow from Madi as she nods her head a few times, "Yeah, seriously. I mean, She Hulk is great. I mean, like, I'd never change if I could be like you the rest of my life. Like, coming back to this?" She tilts her head, "I ain't upset at being me, or anything like that, I like me. I just wish I had long legs, bigger boobs, you know, could walk better, have muscles that could crush a car, you know, standard envy type stuff."

Quirking her mouth again, she looks around, and then heads toward the elevator, "You know Tigra? I bet you know like a ton of other folks as well. I really don't like many of the 'heroes' who are all like, normal folk looking. I mean, if you are gonna be powerful you might as well show it and be proud of that. Instead, they probably skulk around hiding their powers so no one is the wiser. You're way better than those peeps, bestie." She finger guns you, even pulling the trigger with her thumb coming down, as she taps the buttons with the end of her crutch while not even looking. Cause, she's a badass.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"I get it. But heck, I went into law. Science is pretty far from my wheelhouse. And yeah, I agree. It's why I almost never actually change back. But I'll admit, sometimes I cheat, just to shave my legs and such. Having a foot less leg to shave isn't bad. And I'd offer to let you take a look at my genetics, but come on, that's a supervillain origin story waiting to happen. Being a Hulk comes with a pretty massive lack of impulse control." She grins at the compliment. "Well, you're pretty awesome too, Madi. Madz? Madi." She nods. "I much prefer being my glorious green self 24/7. Occasional hassles, but they're so worth it." She shares that attitude with Madi, and unlike a lot of her colleagues, who don't always understand why she prefers to be She-Hulk.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Once the elevator doors open, Ding, she moves out and heads right across from them. She used the exact elevator without issue to cause the least amount of walking to get to the lab. And once she's opened that door she spreads her arms out and says, "Ta-Da. Here is where genetic analysis takes place. Like, 24/7. They are pretty slow still, they aren't the tippy top of scientific analyzers, but they are close. Columbia sometimes does things for the government, after all, and sometimes for the military but a lot of that is all hush hush and I'm not part of it." She moves in and grins big, "I'm running about 4 or 5 of these machines pretty regularly, I have to come in at night cause it takes me a while to shuffle about, get things going, but that means I have more machines accessible to me. Which is great! And I don't really sleep."

Turning back to She Hulk she wonders, "Law, huh? So, can I like, call you if I'm ever arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct again? I wasn't even drunk, but they thought I was. I think I was unlawfully arrested, do you think it was because coppers have a bias against red heads? May be from the early days when everyone hated the Irish in this country? I mean, now people are just jealous of our cool accents, and higher frequency of red hair. But, I bet there's some jealousy still running around."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer moves in, and looks over. "Reed's got some really good stuff, and so does SHIELD. And why am I not surprised that you barely sleep? I'd ask what these do, specifically, but I'm pretty sure it would be way over my head." She checks out the machines on a superficial level, before turning back.

"You can, yes." She smiles, and takes out a business card, and a pen, flipping over the card to write something. The pen goes away, and she moves over to hand the card to Madi. On the front, it's her business card, the classic, boring "Jennifer S. Walters, Attorney at Law". On the back is handwritten a phone number, and a small message: To my BFF, call me. She-Hulk.

"That's my cell number on the back. In case you ever need to get ahold of us directly. I have to say, I'm a fan of the accent, and the hair. But I'm a boring brunette when I'm not gloriously green."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Moooooostly, they are like, spinning things really really really fast to separate out certain stuff from other stuff. Then it analyzes all those things, but you have to get them in concentrations large enough for that to happen. And sometimes, I mix in things prior to make sure I'm making something inert or separating stuff out. It really is exciting. Sometimes I just come in here and watch them all hum along. Other things are more complicated, but in this room there's not that much that's -terribly- difficult to grasp but how it works, why, and the prep, that's the hard stuff." Taking the card, she grasps it with both hands and pulls it close, she grins and sighs out softly, "Awww, I have your business card now. We're like 2 friend activities away from a sleep over where we talk about boys, girls, whatevs, I like, and you cringe and then tell me the same stuff! We laugh, eat cheetos, and watch Disney movies."

Shifting gears she nods her head a few times, "I love my hair, it makes me stand out, pop. Like, in the middle of a crowd, I mean, you don't need that so much, cause you are tall, but me? Gotta get some ogles somehow. As for the accent, I raaarely use it, I was born and raised in Ireland but my Uncle is old school Irish, and he is pretty adamant about no accents. He didn't want me to be... biased against, early on. It's a beautiful language as well, basis of modern French, well, a lot of Modern french anyhow, but they sort of took it and zooomed in a different direction." She is talking with moving her hands about and such. "Is it okay if I text some time?"

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"If I have to talk about boys, you're gonna have to clear your calendar." Jen says, wryly. She-Hulk is well-known for having made her way through most of the male superheroine community. "It's completely okay." Then she remembers Madi's earlier comment about sending eighty texts. "But if court's in session, I can't answer till I'm out." She might have gotten in over her head on this, but Madi seems nice. Hyper, but nice. "And I think you'd be safe. If you were using the accent, you'd probably have to beat people off with a stick."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Yay!" Madi cheers, putting her hands up, just like she were cheerleading, and then takes them down, still tightly grasping that card between her hands. If she were any stronger she might even tear it in two. "You are the coolest best friend. I mean, like, if I need jars opened, if I need something from a top shelf, boom. Best Friend. If I need to get out of some ridiculous law suit, boom best friend. I want to see a car crushed? Or talk endlessly about weird crushes, boom, best friend." She grins and is bobbing her head left and right, she'd probably be dancing if she were that capable. "Well, I don't wanna take ALL your time, or anything, but I'm happy to like, make sure you get fed and everything. And, like, whatevs. If you need -anything- even like, soup brought to you cause you are sick, or like you need some bad guy's DNA researched to help decipher a weakness. Let me know. I'm game. I'm totally up for also like, ordering dessert and pretending I made it, to win you over more."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    "Yeah, were going to have to get back to the itinerary, I think. BUT, you should get me your number, too. Just in case I DO need to check up with you on any of that stuff." She'll nod to the card. "Make sure you send me a text with your number." And with that, it's off to go handle her day.