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Thanksgiving chez April
Date of Scene: 25 November 2021
Location: April and Harley's Apartment.
Synopsis: Thanksgiving at April's! With two very hungry hyenas, Gertie the turkey, and plans to snug under the covers while watching christmas movies!
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Harley Quinn

April O'Neil has posed:
Thanksgiving at April's and Harley's!

Everyone was doing something this Thanksgiving, Casey with his Mom and cousins. The Turtles were enjoying a family together time, Terry was with his boyfriends no doubt!

This leaves April and Harley to fend for themselves! With Bud and Lou too, of course!

The cooking started early. April was up at 5am getting stuff ready for a meal at noon (ish). A nice sunny cold day outside and the apartment was filled with the smells of cooking turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and a few other essentials that the Brooklyn native grew up eating with her own parents.

April stands in the kitchen right now, wearing a white apron with a yellow rose on the chest. She has her phone in her hand talking to her sister June who lives in California. April is giving her a rundown on current events while standing there with her other hand up on top of her head. April's dark hair is tied up in to a crazy bun with loose strands going all over the place down around the sides of her face. Her face has flour and other smudges of food ingredients on it as she listens to her sister ramble on.

"Uh huh... Halloween just flew by and now Christmas will be here before we know it." She does a little fake laugh and then sighs softly as she drops her hand down to her thigh with a slap. She leans against the door frame and then glances over her shoulder back in to the kitchen.

"June. I better get back to cooking. I got a hungry wild roommate here, and two wild dogs waiting downstairs that I think might be eating their way out of their cages." April says with a grin. "Uh huh. Love you too, tell Tim and the kids Hi for me too. Yep.... right. Happy Thanksgiving."

She hangs her phone up then and drops it in to the pouch on the front of her apron, then HUFFS as she takes a break from that conversation by leaning against the kitchen doorframe.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Thanksgiving! Always a happy season! Holidays and FOOOOOD. Lots of FOOOOOD. Granted, that's what lures Harley to it. And the turkeys. And just like last year she is having it with April. What about her own parents? Maybe April is her actual family now. Not that Harley has been around most of the day. Which may be suspicious all in all. But it's Harley, always expect the unexpected!

What April DOES have is a pair of hyenas that are the best helpers one could get, specially when there's food involved! And if treats are given. Their little lolling tongues to the side as they come to the kitchen from time to time. Expectant...

Then back to the couch to snooze. Then back to April. It's good being an Hyena!

And of course that they yelp at the phone when April is trying to talk to June, because of course they do. See, they are being helpful!

It's not getting late..., food almost done and .., door opens up all of a sudden. "Honey I am hoooommmeeee!" Harley's familiar voice at the entrance, "And I brought the turkey!" oh no ... because an actual cluck is heard. And is that a live turkey on Harley's arm?

"April, meet Gertrudes. Or Gertie!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April only feeds the Hyenas bits and pieces if they stand by the kitchen door and not inside the kitchen. Its all apart of her work as a hardcore Hyena trainer! So with her standing there in the doorway relaxing for a moment she feels a tongue licking her hand and it makes her look down to see Lou. She smirks at him and pets the top of his head moments before Harley and her new Guest arrive through the door.

April's eyes go wide at the sight of a turkey. A live turkey. "Holy shit." She says for about the five millionth time since she became friends with One Miss Harley Quinn.

"Where'd you find that?!" She asks as she looks at Gerti with huge eyes, her hands going up to her hips now as she walks toward Harley. A look is sent back over her shoulder toward the kitchen where the turkey she's been cooking is sitting out on the counter now after she'd gotten it nice and cut up in to turkey bits and slices that should last the two women for a few days of left overs!

April's blue eyes go to Gerti and then up to Harley. She leans forward and whispers. "We got a cooked one of /those/ right in there!" She says as she hand waves behind her with her right hand, before it comes back to her hip to slap there again.

"Oh god." April says then as the Hyenas see Gerti....

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley's eyes twinkle with mischief, "Ihihihihi." so hyena-like! "And here you were thinking I was but a clownette, mmm? But let me tell you, I got my ways..., oh yes, I doooo.." she holds Gertie up with both hands now. She looks so proud too...

As for the hyenas, their ears have pricked up, their heads gone low, hunter mode, looking at the big fat turkey on Harley's hands, approaching with glee in their eyes. Oh yes, they can feel it already. The meat leaving the bone and all that!

"She was at one of my bounties place. He was a butcha you see? And since it's thanksgiving I thought I should contribute to the dinnah!" a frown, "But then she was looking at me with those sad eyes, and I went and named her. Which may have been a mistake, I know! But what can I say, I have a heart o' gold!"

"Huh, Bud, Lou. Stop looking at Gertie like that!" She admonishes the hyena gang, starting to make her way over. Gertie clucks again at being brought to the kitchen. And closer to the hyenas!

April O'Neil has posed:
April has the television on but its on Youtube playing some classic rock, Knocking on Heavens door by GnR currently! April observes the Hyenas and the Turkey in Harley's arms. She melts at her friends' words. "You do have a heart of gold. But what are we gonna do with that. Er. I mean, with Gerti...." She says as she turns to the kitchen. "The Hyenas are salivating!" She notes, motioning to BnL.

Once in the kitchen, April pulls her apron off and hangs it on the pantry door hook. She then sorts out her yellow and black striped hoodie around her waist as she walks to the counter. "Everything is ready!" She announces with a big smile then to Harley, and Gerti... frowning when the LIve Turkey seems to be looking at the cooked one. Maybe she's imagining that though!

"Cover your eyes, Gerti..." April says in a glum tone of voice before she reaches for the wine bottle to pour herself, and Harley both a glass. "I stole this from my boss' office last week while she wasn't looking." April notes while pouring the red wine for them both.

"She gets this stuff for free anyway..." April says as she turns around to offer Harley a glass with a big grin. "But yes. Time to dig in, if you're hungry!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Ah yes, knocking on heaven's door. It's something that the turkey might be doing in a moment or two if those hyenas get their way. And yes, they are leaving a nice puddle of slobber as they make their way closer. And right, lets not forget the actually cooked turkey! Poor Gertie, she's going to get scarred for life. Scarred! It clucks again, struggling briefly on Harley's hands but soon gives up.

"Oh, stealin' from the boss...?!" Harley tiptoes around the two hyenas, holding Gertie up high, "Naughty April. I like it! You awhe startin' ta learn a few things, yes you aaaaaare." a teasing wink back to her friend.

"And yep, lets dig in. But befoouh..." she turns to the hyenas. "Alright. Listen up you two!" her eyes harden, brow arches, face looks mean. Grrrr. "I am gonna put Gertie down. You boys gonna behave. In fact you gonna behave soooo fuckin' well that the actual turkey that's foh dinnah I will be lettin' you boys have the legs. The whole legs!" the hyenas perk up at that. Do they really understand Harley? "But you don't eat the live one!" and she puts Gertie down, it running off to the living room clucking it's little heart away. The hyenas don't pursue, miraculously. Harley takes the wine glass and downs it.

April O'Neil has posed:
april just happily sips her wine as she watches Harley address the Hyenas before setting Gerti down. She grins at this and shakes her head. "Good boys." She encourages them when they do their best to ignore the turkey. "We're definitely going to have to not forget about them, and her...." She mutters though as she looks back to Harley.

She grins at her then before she sets her wine glass aside and reaches for some plates....

April helps load up a plate for them both before they end up at the kitchen table together. The table has the pies on it, as well as two lit candles for mood and atmosphere. April chugs more of her wine and reaches for the bottle to pour some more. "I'm gonna be covering the tree lighting in Manhattan this year for C6." She says as she offers Harley some. "If you're free.... it should be pretty nice for Holiday crap!" She says with another grin as she sits down on the edge of her chair.

"Security should be crazy too, considering how wild this year has been already... God willing there won't be any explosions or aliens." She says then with a smirk as she reaches for another forkful of sweet potatoes! "I'm gonna take some left overs down to the guys too. I got their stuff all boxed up already in fact. IF you wanna go down in to the sewers with a bunch of Thanksgiving food with me in a bit."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Well, we dooo have space..." Oh no, Harley is making the baby blue wide eyes. And the pouty lips. "We could always keep her..." she suggests in that casual tone that is anything but casual. And then she pours more wine on both their glasses. Because she's thirsty! "And yes, I hope you don't like turkey leg, we really gonna have ta let 'em have both or this won't go well."

With the table all being set up already Harley lets out a wide grin. "Ya really outdid yohself this year, Apes!" she settles down on a chair. Or rather, she flumps on it, "Ooo, and we even got candles.."

And then it's time for the foodz. She serves herself gigantic portions of course. But as for the legs? She chops them right off. "Bud! Lou!" they put their paws up on the edge of the table and reach for the legs, starting to nibble on them like two little gentlemen. Such a family picture! "Good boys.."

"Damn right I will be theah with ya!" She then addressing the tree lighting, "Aftah last time when we came across that giant hamstah I am all ready foh shenanigans. Being a reporter is so exciting. Maybe I should consider it too, like a side gig to bounty huntin'. I could be your camera gal." she suggests, starting to attack the sweet potatoes with glee.

April O'Neil has posed:
April knew that the guilt trip for having Gerti become a new member of their little odd-ball family was incoming. She started to smile at the way that Harley pitched it too. "Well..." She starts to say, after setting her glass of wine down once more. She eyes Bud and Lou's turkey leg acceptance and grins at it. "And yes, I'm not a fan of the legs anyway. I can barely eat much turkey myself in fact. I get sleepy as hell if I do. It's like a drug!" She notes.

"But yes... Gerti... I mean, I don't personally care if she stays.... BUT. If we forget to put her up, and forget to put /them/ up some day..." She heavily implies her meaning with a look at Harley.

"It might be a sad day around here, ya know?" She asks as she takes another sip of the wine before reaching for her fork once more. "Plus. Where do we set her up to have a place? They already got the stair well! Plus... uh... how do you take care of Turkeys anyway? Feed them seeds, I guess? And oh god, she's probably poo'ing out there right now." April says as her eyes go out to look in to the living room...

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Well, we can sleep after in the sofa watchin' some christmas movies. Like Die Hard!" Harley suggests. "We can slobber and lie theah like an ol' couple all crinkled up." she nods as if the plan was already in motion. "Well, aftah we delivah the food to the kids. I am surprised we didn't get Raph heah today, complainin' about his brothers. But I suppose the season brings people togetha. And turtles!"

As April then turns into the voice of reason about Gertie it makes Harley mmm, mouth jerking to the side in thought, "Well, you make a good case about it. I mean, I wouldn't wanna have Gertie get eaten one day..., but wheah would we take her?!" then a grin as April speaks about places and food for turkeys.

"Well, I was watchin' Youtube while drivin' back home and saw a few videos. They don't need much! We just make a little fence on the side of the living room, then a little feeding hole for the seeds. It's cleaning the place that might be harder. But maybe we can teach her to walk out to do her stuff like the hyenas do.." fingers taptap on her chin in thought.

"Well, we will talk about that latah! Lets just enjoy.."

April O'Neil has posed:
April sets her glass down after another sip and she stands up to walk over to her apron. "I better text Vernon too to let him know that you're gonna get him fired so you can replace him as my camera-woman." She says as she slips the phone back out and then walks back to her chair to sit down, curling one foot up to sit back with it under her other thigh.

"I wonder how cold Turkeys can live in..." She says as she starts searching for that. "I mean, we could make her a grassy area on the roof for that matter. Maybe get some chickens up there too." She says with a grin. "But I don't want to go up there and find them all frozen to death..." She glances up at Harley then.

"Movies and blankets and more wine.... that sounds like how I wanna fall asleep tonight." She says with a big smile over at her friend.

A forkful of mashed potatoes goes in to her mouth as she reads about Turkeys on her phone..."