8851/Diana Prince Does A Welfare Check On Morgan

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Diana Prince Does A Welfare Check On Morgan
Date of Scene: 28 November 2021
Location: 16A - Morgan's Dorm Room
Synopsis: Diana came by the dorm to check on Morgan. Things we're...about as messy as one might expect a teenager's dorm room to be. But Morgan scored an invitation to dinner!
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Diana Prince

Morgan Finn has posed:
From the hallway the sound of 'Brown Paper Bag' by Yoshi Flower can be heard blaring at ridiculous levels. But there is really nobody around to complain about the noise because most of the students are at home for the holidays and will be coming back in the morning. Anyone who tried the door handle to room 16A would find it to be unlocked, but knocking on the door with anything less than Hulk-like force would probably yield no results because of the volume of the music.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana has a number of young people that she has helped in her exploits as a super hero. She often does her best to stay in touch with them, especially if they lost their parents or family for whatever reasons. This was one of those cases. She'd been trying to contact Morgan to check in with him after hearing he'd taken up at Happy Harbor. But the young one had proven to be tough to get in touch with!

As such, Diana has come to check in person.

The Princess walks down the dorm hallway after speaking to the person in the lobby who knew who she was and happily allowed her to pass on through.

With her hair tied back, a black leather motorcycle jacket on, a pair of dark black denim pants, and a white top on under the jacket, the tall Amazon woman reaches the door with the loud music. She does knock with the back of her hand a couple times before she just smirks softly and tries the door handle. The door opens and the Princess peers inside before she opens it a little further.

"Morgan?" She calls in to the room.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn is dressed in nothing but some training shorts from the Happy Harbor football team and a New England Patriots half-sleeve T-shirt. He's lying on the tall loft bed. His feet...are up on the ceiling in a position that only a teenager could find comfortable, and he's flipping through a Sports Illustrated Fall NFL Special issue. He becomes aware that someone has entered his room and he immediately sits up...and whacks his head on the ceiling. There isn't much clearance on the elevated bed.

As he puts a palm to his head, he looks like he says 'Diana' but his voice can't be heard over the too-loud music. He slips athletically off the elevated loft bed to the floor and goes over the MacBook -- a computer he never could have afforded, but likely was a gift from Diana -- set up on his desk and clicks off the music. It goes from so loud to silent in such a rush that the sudden absence of sound can almost be felt in the air for a brief moment. "Diana," he says again, his cheeks flushed with some embarrassment. "I didn't... didn't know you were coming." He looks down at his clothing, utterly inadequate for such an important guest. "Let me find something to put on." He opens up some dresser drawers, but they're empty. He starts to quickly sift through cloths piled on the floor, smelling each item to try to find the least offenders in the pile.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana remains out in the hallway with her left hand up near her shoulder holding on to the strap of her leather satchel she's holding over her shoulder. She peers in the room briefly enough to see the young man sit up and hit his head. It makes her visibly wince at the sight of it. But when he stands to shut off the music, and look for clothing to change in to, the Princess turns away from the open door to look out in to the hall and give the young man some privacy.

She speaks over her shoulder. "Yes, I tried e-mail and the phone number you last left me, but I got no response. So I thought I would come by and check to see how you are doing this weekend." She knows, obviously, it's a Holiday weekend. "We're having a small dinner at the Embassy as well, I was curious if you'd like to come and enjoy a bit of socializing, and some delicious food too of course."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn finds a pair of jeans that aren't terribly wrinkled and don't smell too much like a locker room, and slips them on. He tugs on a pair of socks and then slips into Skechers. He puts his hand on the door. "Please, come in. I'm sorry that it's... it's such a mess." He starts to rub his fingers through his hair in a vain attempt to get rid of two days worth of bed head.

"You look.. you look amazing. As always." The sides of the boy's neck redden a bit. "Dinner sounds amazing. I've been eating cafeteria food for so long that I forgot what real food tastes like."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana turns when he speaks up, and invites her in. She pushes the door open a little further and steps on inside. Her eyes do roam about the interior of his room, especially with him apologizing for its condition. It just makes her smile, along with his compliment. "Thank you..." She says in her accented English. "I would not expect anything less, if I am being honest." She teases him lightly. "After all, it is a private space, one for you to enjoy how you wish to.".

She puts her eyes on him then and smiles openly to him. "How have things been here so far then?" She asks as she stands just within the messy dorm room. "I hear this is a very good school..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
There can be no doubt that Morgan really likes Diana. Obviously nothing could ever come of it, but you know teenaged boys when they get hung up on someone. When Diana looks at him, Morgan can't help but look away. It's difficult under any circumstances not to wither under the gaze of an Amazon Princess. A pleased smile blooms on his easy features. Even a young demigod is still a demigod, and that heritage has blessed Morgan's form. "Things are good. They're.. um.. good. It's an awesome school. There's no way I could have come here without your help. I'm really grateful." Then he adds with a pleased smile. "I'm on the football team. I play halfback."

The small table with two chairs has a couple cases of Gatorade bottles on it. Morgan picks up the beverages and sets them in the kitchenette. Then he brushes anything off the table and chairs that might be there. Holding one chair out for Diana, Morgan says, "Please, have a seat. I mea.. I mean if you want to." He exhales, blowing hair from in front of his eyes.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana watches him with pure confidence, which would shock no one to know she has unlimited amounts of. She smiles again when he speaks of the Football team. "I am glad to hear that. I ... have no idea what a Half Back is, but it sounds very important." She says as he clears off the seat for her.

"Oh, thank you." She says then as she pulls the strap from her satchel off her shoulder, then moves to sit down on the chair with the bag leaning against the foot of it. She leans back straight in the chair and places her hands in her lap as her eyes roam around the room again from this new vantage point. "I will have to come to some of your games then, if you ever decide to reply to my emails." She says then with a grin to the young man.

"How are classes going?" She asks next.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn trots over to the kitchenette again and opens the mini fridge. "Do you want something to drink?" he calls, with his head in the fridge. "It looks like I got Gatorade and water. The Gatorade is..." He emerges from the fridge, holding a green bottle of Gatorade. "Apple? I guess?" He wrinkles his nose and murmurs, "That doesn't sound right." He just grabs a couple of waters and a couple of Gatorades and sets them on the table, then opens one of the Gatorades for himself.

"Classes are.. um.. classes?" the teen replies. Clearly he enjoys his time on the football field more than his time in front of books. "I'm passing everything!" he offers, like someone might do when there isn't much better news than that. He sits in the other chair.

Diana Prince has posed:
When he asks about drinks, Diana looks over at him trying to figure out what the green Gatorade is. It makes her grin a little. "Water would be fantastic." She says as he brings it all over, which keeps the Princess grinning lightly. "Thank you..." She says quietly as she reaches out for one of the water bottles.

As she twists its cap open, her eyes are on his as he speaks of his classes. A vague answer, but still a positive one! "Well that is good to hear." She says to him after taking a sip of the fresh water.

"And your classmates?" She asks then. "Have you been making any friends yet?" The question is asked with a slight raise of her right dark eyebrow. "Grades are important, but so is getting out of this room and socializing."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn's expression does sink a little bit when Diana brings up socializing. He takes a deep pull of the Gatorade. "I mean, I have a few.. a few friends," he answers. He looks back at Diana with his soft, brown eyes. "It's hard, you know? I don't really fit in here too good. I mean, most people by now know that a group of assassins tried to kidnap me and that, you know, you.. you rescued me. But they don't know why anyone would want to kidnap me. What am I supposed to say?" His tone of voice takes on a goofy, mocking tone: "Oh hey, I guess I'm descended from a Greek god and I have special powers that the League of Assassins wants to use for evil."

The kid lets out a single, humorless laugh. "I don't know." He takes a deep breath. "I just wish I was normal, you know? Have some buddies. Maybe meet a nice girl. Just hang out and do normal kid stuff."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana listens closely to him with her eyes on him throughout what he says. She seems to just calmly absorb his words as she places the cap back on the bottle of water lightly before setting it on the table. She Leans forward a bit then and she places her hand over his nearest wrist. "Morgan. Those events... they are not what defines you. What defines you are the things you choose to do to enrich your life. The things you find fun, like football, or ... music. Or whatever it is that allows you to express who you are on the inside."

Diana smiles again as she takes her hand back and sits back in her chair straight once more. "The 'buds' and 'girl' will come, it just takes time, and effort of course."

Her eyes glance around the room once more before returning to his. "And of course, not hiding in this room all the time." She says then with a grin showing on her red hued lips.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Getting touched and smiled at by Diana Prince? Whaaaaat? There's no gloom that can survive that for Morgan. He immediately breaks in a real smile that touches his brown eyes. "Well, everyone went home for the holiday so I just sort of hung out here listening to music and binging on Netflix." He smirks. "I guess I could have done a wash. Pretty embarrassing to have Wonder Woman show up at your place and you got nothin' clean to wear." This makes him chuckle. Demigods. Their moods just rocket all over the place, don't they.

Diana Prince has posed:
The Princess shows a large smile, and laughs lightly at what he says before she glances around again. "Well, I understand this was a bit of a special weekend.." She says as she looks back to him. "That is why I tried to get ahold of you to let you know about our late Thanksgiving dinner we are having tonight at the Embassy. So.." She says as she sets her fingertips down on the edge of the table. "You best get your laundry going, so that you are ready." She shows him a friendly grin then.

"Additionally... I don't want you to think you have to stay here on weekends like this. If you want a place to go to as well, just ask and you can come stay in a guest room at the Embassy. An offer that extends to the Christmas break, or beyond."

Morgan Finn has posed:
"I would love to join you guys for dinner tonight. Is it, you know, formal? I have that shirt and tie you bought me," Morgan says. Most likely it was one of the Embassy staff who did so at Diana's behest, but for teen-love-struck Morgan all roads find their way to Diana. He hops up and trots into the other room. This kid can walk at a normal pace, right? I mean, we've seen him walk before haven't we? He starts stuffing clothes into a laundry bag. From the other room he calls, "I would love to get out of here for holidays and the occasional weekend. If it's not too much trouble. It can get pretty lonely here. I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the Christmas break. They said the dorms won't even be open. The are bringing in a team to renovate."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana reaches up for her water bottle again as she turns in her chair while he rushes to gather up the clothing in to a bag. She uncaps the drink once more lightly as she lifts it up for another sip. When she lowers it back to her lap she smiles over at him. "Well then, of course you can stay at the Embassy during the break here." She notes as she uses her leather booted right foot to push the wadded up shirts on the ground near her feet toward him with a slight grin.

"And as for tonight, you do not need the formal look. Just some nice slacks and a nice shirt should be enough. But, I do not think anyone would fault you if you did wish to dress to impress." She says with a warm smile.

"Fernando was hoping you would be there too." She adds, speaking of the Embassy's head chef... who is a Kithotaur of all things, a large Minotaur-like man, very friendly and an amazing cook.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn finally gathers up all of the stray clothes, packing the laundry bag with easily half again as much as it was designed to hold. He stands there looking at Diana for a few silent moments. Then, "They would have tortured me, right? Brainwashed me? Turned me into one of their pawns for evil?" The young demigod stands there looking at the mighty Amazon Princess. For just a moment it isn't high school student and rescuer, but two supernatural beings who touch the realms that mortals only imagine. "I mean, that's what would have happened if you didn't come along?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana stands up from her chair then as the young man speaks of this again. She steps over to him and puts her hand on his shoulder. "That is not what happened though. You are not their captive. You are free of such things from happening here. You are safe here." She tries to support him and offer reassurance.

She smiles warmly at him and gives his shoulder a squeeze before drawing her hand back, much as she'd done with his wrist. "Your worries should be solely upon your schoolwork, your grades, and everything related to your life in the now. That is the way to a happier life."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn draws in a slow, deep breath. "Right. But the barriers that separate us from our life and the will of others are really thin. And they're all around us." He tucks the overfilled laundry bag under easily under one arm. "You say I should make friends. What if they come for me again? What if they use my friends against me? How could I put someone in that position?"

Diana Prince has posed:
r Diana stares more evenly at him as he says these things. She glances toward the doorway as she'd left the door open when she came in to the room, then looks back to him. "You cannot live your life afraid of 'what ifs', Morgan." She tells him softly. "Any number of horrible thing 'could' happen in life. But if you stop yourself from living because of those things, you are cheating yourself from having a better life. You are letting them win by keeping them space inside your head to stay in."

The princess shakes her head from right to left very lightly then. "You are cheating others from having you as a friend too. You're strong, you're capable. There are people out there that need you as a friend, they just don't know it yet."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn shrugs and looks up at the ceiling. "Yeah. I mean, of course you're right." He returns his gaze to his Amazon benefactor. "You were born into a magical society, right? Trained for this from birth? Up until like a year and a half ago or whatever, I was some dirt poor kid living in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother -- who is now dead. Now I'm the descendent of a god and apparently valuable to any number of evil groups. So yeah, maybe I'm having a little trouble making some friends."

Just because he does not yet have many tools in his social toolbox to break tension, he playfully tosses the laundry bag at Diana, laughing. I mean, he's /trying/ right? She basically told him to lighten the hell up, and he's trying.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana catches the laundry bag with an unusual ease, both of her hands on it as she holds it now in front of her. She smiles softly again at him across from her and dips her chin in a small little nod. "Exactly." She says with a smirk. "We share some similarities, you know? Do I seem to be held back by the negative sides of my life?" She tilts her head as she stares at him then, being a bit playful in her response.

Her eyes then look down to the bag and she pulls the strings to close it up. "Lets go get this going then so you can be all presentable at dinner." She says with a grin at him.