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Cats in Trees
Date of Scene: 30 November 2021
Location: East Village
Synopsis: Morgan Finn, Felicia Hardy and Gilgamesh have a team up to rescue a cat from a tree.
Cast of Characters: Gilgamesh, Morgan Finn, Felicia Hardy

Gilgamesh has posed:
It's a cool, but clear evening. People are out and about getting some shopping done, exercising, exploring the neighborhood or just getting from point a to point b. Some of those people moving around are cats. One of those cats in particular is named Honey Badger. Honey Badger has found himself stuck in a tree.

His eleven year old owner, Marty, is trying to coax the lovable beast down from his perch but he is going nowhere. The squirrel he chased up the tree is now his dinner, but as a result of his successful hunt Honey Badger can't find a way down. It's a terrible conundrum for the kitty.

Luckily, Gilgamesh is on patrol. He's swapped out his apron for an ancient black and gold Eternals uniform. Even with his round belly he cuts a dashing figure in it. Nearly a block away from the trapped cat he's slowly levitating over the neighborhood's back alleys, waiting to pounce on some two legged predators. Unfortunately for the would be superhero and former king, the muggers just don't seem to be out tonight. Fortunately the sound of someone screaming "HONEY BADGER" at the top of their lungs carries just far enough for the Eternal to hear. Curious as a cat, Gilgamesh soars towards the scene of the trapped cat.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn is really just walking down the street, hands in his pockets, not really going anywhere at all. He was stuck on campus for much of the holiday weekend and he really needed to just get out of Happy Harbor. Fortunately, Diana Prince provided him with an Uber account for just such a situation. So here he is.

Getting cats out of trees isn't really something he's tried before but when he hears a kid crying out he diverts in that direction to see if there's anything he can do. I mean, who wouldn't want to help out a kid who was in trouble? But seeing the form of Gilgamesh levitating in the air gives him pause. "What the..." he mutters to himself.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Curiosity will always get the cat in the end but until then, this cat wont change her tune.

    Swinging through the glass and metal jungle, Felicia's grapple hooks are working perfectly, her hair caught behind her like a sort of white majestic flowing cape, and the fur tufts from her calves and forearms add to the majesty of this thief-turned-crime-fighter.

    Behind the domino mask, Felicia's eyes are wide open as she hooks onto a building and swings low to put her feet on the street briefly, stepping twice before the arch of her cable brings her back up into the air. Dashing between cabs and stepping on a third to help rise her up into the air, Black Cat soars over head, hearing the call for HONEY BADGER and getting a smile on her ruby painted lips.

    "A need!"

    Not unhooking, Felicia reaches the apex of her swing and turns in the air to face back down and swings back towards the tree, spying the other, flying, hero. Heroes. One of her weaknesses, so as she hits the sidewalk, feet touching softly as she jogs and then walks before Gilgamesh. "Heya." Super heroes greeting. Yeah. She's cool and able to hang with the big boys.

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Greetings," Gilgamesh calls out to the very interesting woman who'd moments before been flipping and whatnot through the air. "Gilgamesh, nice to meet ya'." A half a moment later he seems to remember the child hanging around Honey Badger and waves towards them, "Where is the Honey Badger? Is it somebody's pet or something? You know, having an animal like that is a bad idea." His accent is vaguely Korean. "Vicious."

The flying hero lands on the ground near the tree, taking care to land softly, and addresses the handful of people there, "Don't worry. We'll get him back home. Or to the zoo, maybe?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Oh wow. Black Cat is...hawt. Morgan previously had been moving through his day with a detached sort of boredom and then this woman literally dropped out of the sky. The day looks to be brightening up. He continues heading in the direction of the cat commotion (catmotion?). Then here comes Gilgamesh with his odd mannerisms. Morgan furrows his brow, watching the portly dude come to a landing.

"Um, I don't think it's literally a honey badger," the teen says. He points up in the tree where a cat is perched on a branch with its kill. "I think the kid is trying to get that little murder hobo down."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Black Cat smiles largely towards Gilgamesh and grins, "I feel like I should recognize that, but..." And then she shrugs her shoulders, and presses her lips into a tight o and twists her mouth to the side, showing some remorse and yet some flippant lack of remorse at the same time. "But it's nice to meet you too."

    Stepping towards the kid that shouted, she pauses and looks over her shoulder towards Morgan and her blue eyes seem to almost look through him. "Murder hobo?" She asks, not being 'hip' with nerd culture as some might be. "What's a murder hob- ooooh." She says with a frown as she looks up to the cat in the tree and then down to the kid. "He yours? He's cute." And then she adds, hands moving to her hips, "And /not/ a hobo." With a slightly sour look given towards Morgan. Then flipping her hair back over her shoulder, "You gonna get him down Fly-Man, or do I need to?"

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Don't take my cat to the ZOO!" the young child shouts at Gilgamesh, apparently more upset about his pet than concerned with the presence of the dude who flies. Marty looks towards the Black Cat and smiles, "Yeah. He's my best friend."

That dude who flies, by the way, has to be told by the two youths that he's looking for the feline just overhead. "Oh. Sorry." When he looks up he sees the cat quite easily.

"You might not recognize me yet. Yet. After I save this cat everyone will know my name!" The mighty hero says, clearly joking. Slowly, he lifts off the ground to float up and try to wrangle Honey Badger.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Well these two super peeps seem to have things under control here. Morgan stuffs his hands into his pockets and continues on down the sidewalk on his nowhere journey in NYC for the day.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia turns her head to watch Gilgamesh start to lift up and then turns to say something to Morgan, and she pauses. "Hey- No. You gotta stay and watch this with the rest of us. Flyers make us all feel like pleebs." She says, reaching out to grab his arm and pull him closer to stand next to her. Even going so extroverted as to wrap her arm around his shoulder and hold the man close as they watch Gilgamesh do his work as if they were star gazing.

    "Gilgamex. You're doing great. Don't scare it, don't move fast, and don't ... I don't know... growl. Be nice. Let it smell your hand!" Felicia rattles off a list of do and do nots as if she's really going to help and really keep the thing calm with just her energy and positivity.

Gilgamesh has posed:
"You don't want to hang out, kid? Take some cell phone footage? Livestream?" Gilgamesh calls out to the guy who tried walking away. It's important to be interesting to young people. They're hip, after all.

"Nice kitty..." the immortal being says softly to Honey Badger. "Good kitty..." For a guy who can fly he's approaching very respectfully, slowly moving his hand towards the animal. Of course, the damn thing runs down the former king's arm and wraps its limbs around his head, claws fully extended. "Yo Honey Badger, be careful! You might take an eye out with those things."

"Honey Badger!" Marty calls out, arms raised, bouncing up and down as he awaits the hand off of his pet. "Thank you Gilamax! You're the best. Some times guys just fly over and don't stop when Honey Badger gets stuck."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn apparently gets yoinked back by Black Cat. Normally the teen would not be all that crazy about being yanked around, but, I mean, /look/ at her. He's willing to make an exception. "Okay, so tell me again why I have to stay here and watch this dude rescue a cat out of a tree?" He looks around the area. "Am I being pranked right now? Do you guys work for Diana or something?"

When Gilgamush asks him if wants to take any cell phone footage of the 'rescue' he shrugs and simply says, "Pass."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Diana, in HR, yeah." Felicia says, teasingly but also maybe she's being serious. "Pranked no, but you're too young to be so jaded. I mean, this guy is..." Felicia's eyes go wide as the man gets attacked by the cat and she has to physically bite her lips to keep from laughing.

    "You don't think this is worth watching? I mean, what else would you prefer, netflix and coffee? An Avengers snow ball fight? Pole Dancing Lessons at the community college?" Black Cat asks, looking back towards Morgan, but she lets her arm go so he can flee now if he so chooses. "Great work Gilligan."

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Damn, that's cold," Gilgamesh says to the kid denying himself the opportunity to take footage of a superhero in action as he tries to peel the cat off of his head. Not having much luck with the furry feline, the fellow looks at Black Cat from between cat limbs, "You have cat powers, I hope. How about a little help? This dude is trying to dig in and I don't want his claws to break off."

"Honey Badger! Let go of that man's face," Marty tells his pet. "Come down. We have to go home. Mom doesn't want you going to the pound again."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Well dang, the hot girl took her arm off of him. This whole situation just got a whole lot worse. Maybe he /is/ in a sour mood or something. He just sort of stands there watching the events unfold. The cat doesn't really seem to be doing any damage to the Gilgaman, but there is just something about the dude that is...comical? "You got a cat out of a tree. I mean, what would I...what would I do with a video of this?" Then he quickly adds, "No offense. I'm sure you're very mighty and stuff."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "I think he's looking for some good press." Felicia says, lowering herself slightly to put her lips near Morgan's ear, and to stage whisper loud enough for Gilgamesh to hear as she also has her eyes locked onto him as she does this.

     Taking a step closer to Gilgamesh she smiles, more up to the cat, but he can't really tell the difference. The thing is on Gilly's head.

    "I don't have cat powers, I just think they have the best asthetic, plus, I look /great/ in this suit." She says with a wiggle of her hidden eyebrows, and a hand running up her thigh as she brangs veinly, briefly. "But I am good with cats. Let. Me. There." Felicia says as she steps behind Gilgamesh to reach her hands up to help the cat unhook its claws from the ancient's scalp and she coddles the thing to her chest and scritches him beneath the chin. "There's a sweet boy. Aww yeah." And she then passes Honey Badger towards the kid. "Be more careful, and don't let him chase squirrels. They can carry rabbies."

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Could you make it go viral, somehow?" Gilgamesh asks the teenager. "Or should I save that for when I beat up some supervillains or something? I don't know how the viral thing works, if I'm being honest. Only that teenagers are an integral part of it."

Felicia's reply catches the mighty warrior's attention and he can't help but watch her move as she gets the cat off of his head and over to Marty.

Marty yells, "THANK YOU SUPERHEROES!" Then he's off to his house to put the cat back where it belongs.

Gilgamesh runs his hands through his hair to make sure it's presentable and turns to get a better look at the two he's been talking with. "Anyway, name's Gilgamesh. Look me up in your history books. I just got into the superhero thing like ten minutes ago."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn does seem to be in a bit of sour mood today for some reason. Nobody here knows him, so they wouldn't realize it's quite uncharacteristic for this one to be in such a mood. But he can't help but grin a reflexive grin when Black Cat whispers into his ear. He liked that. He does seem to be sort of nonplussed by Gilgamesh and Black Cat, though, like not at all awestruck. Must be he has experience around super types, perhaps.

"You can't really just say you want a video to go viral," Morgan begins to explain to Gilgamesh. "It's like you can't just say 'I'm going to make a new friend today.' It's just something that either happens or it doesn't. It's the will of the masses."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Waving to Martin as he walks off, Black Cat looks back and sees Gilgamesh's back so she pokes her head out from behind and looks to Morgan, "You absolutely can decide to make a new friend every, or any day." Felicia says, kind of ignoring the idea of the viral conversation, partially because Morgan already covered it, but mostly because it's boring to her.

    Stepping around to stand beside Gilgamesh she looks to him and squints those icy blue eyes of hers. "I will forget to look you up, because I always fell asleep in history class." She smirks back towards Morgan, and continues on her point, "I decided to stop, and stay here when I didn't have to. I decided to reach out, literally, to stop you, and then I'm going to stop, and ask you to be my friend on snapchat." She asks, pulling out her phone and bringing up her app. "C'mon. It's not that easy, but everything has to start somewhere."

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Damn," Gilgamesh mutters after Morgan expands the ancient dude's knowledge. "I don't know how I thought that viral worked."

Black Cat gets a grin as she tells him about her history class. "That's okay. You'll know my name soon enough. Just gotta put in the time. I've got plenty of that." There's a laugh at his own joke. "You both seem pretty smart. How about helping an old man out a little bit? I don't know where to go to find crimes to stop. I Googled it but it didn't help."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn cants his head to the side a bit, peering at Gilgamesh in an odd fashion. "Dude...this is New York City. You can't swing a, um...." He peers over at Black Cat and decides to call an audible at the line of scrimmage. "...long, um, cord with something sort of heavy at the...at the end of it...without hitting a crime in progress." He folds his arms over his chest. Why did he get out of bed this morning again.

"I'm not on Snapchat," he says to Black Cat. I live in a dorm room. Everything I own fits in a bag. I'm an orphan. I have nothing worth taking pictures of."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "You put in the time. I'll ... keep doing what I've been doing." Felicia says with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders, knowing exactly what she's doing when she shrugs like that. Turning towards Morgan and lifting a single eyebrow in Gilgamesh's direction. "Dick. He wanted to say dick but I make things awkward. It's okay. I've seen a dick before." She smirks and even winks towards Morgan.

    The ever tease then lifts her arm upwards and with a hiss, her grapple cable sails out from the fur at her arm. "It's been great meeting you two, but I have work to do, and kiddo, life sucks, I won't disagree with that, but it's also up to you what you choose to give value in it. If you stay apart from other's you'll find you're awfully alone when it gets harder." She frowns, and with her arm still hooked onto a building, she steps to Morgan and pulls out a pen from one of her hidden pockets and quickly writes her number and 'Black Cat XOXO' on his palm. "I'll be your friend. Just ... find a way to get a hold of me." Then without warning she zips up into the skies again.

Gilgamesh has posed:
"I gotta look harder or something, I guess," Gilgamesh says to Morgan with a frown. "Least I helped the kid with that cat."

He watches Black Cat zip off into the city, cracking a smile at her. Then he looks at Morgan and says, "Sorry about your folks. I never had any. Its something that I used to think about a lot, how it helped make me different from almost everybody else. I have siblings, though. Sort of. So I got lucky there."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn takes in a long, deep breath. His eyes don't show any sadness, so either the whole orphan thing is something he dealt with long ago or has really super suppressed. Hard to say not knowing the kid at all. "Well, there's a lot of shitty people doing shitty things in this city. And you just saved a cat from a tree and made that little kid's night. So you're alright in my book. Name's Morgan." He does steal a glance up to see the departing form of Black Cat. "Man, she was hot, wasn't she?"

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Dude, she is smokin' hot. Women like that do not come around often," Gilgamesh agrees with the young man entirely, making a couple of big nods with his head. "Nice to meet you, Morgan," says the Eternal a bit more seriously. "You know any good restaurants around here? I'm a pretty good cook, myself, and I like to challenge myself to reproduce or improve on the best recipes I try. I can usually do it, but I've been cooking seriously for five centuries. Humans who can do that sort of thing? Blows my mind every time."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn looks around, exhaling a long breath. "To be honest...I have no idea. I don't even live here. I live in Happy Harbor." Reflexively the teen laughs a little chuckle. "No seriously, I'm not even making that up. It's really called Happy Harbor. I eat dorm food like seven days a week. You can't even hate it because it doesn't even have flavor. It's just like stuff you eat so you don't die." He shrugs a bit. "The tater tots aren't bad though."

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Happy Harbor?" the Eternal lets out his own laughter. "Dorm food? No flavor?"

"Oh no. You can't eat that stuff, Morgan!" Gilgamesh actually sounds a little offended. "Use your phone and find a good spot to eat nearby. I'll cover you this time if you promise you'll try to find a way to avoid dorm food at least once a week. Do you have a kitchen? I could recommend some good cookbooks to you."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn smirks a bit to himself. "Well, there is something I think is called a kitchenette. It has a sink, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a toaster oven. Not exactly Gordon Ramsay kinda stuff." He shrugs. "It ain't no big deal. It's food. Some people have to go to bed hungry, or put their kids to bed hungry. I live a king compared to some." He smiles up at Gilgamesh. "You're a cool dude. But it's late and I gotta get an Uber back to campus before curfew. I can tell already I'll see you around."

Gilgamesh has posed:
"Alright, if I'm ever in Happy Harbor I'll bring you some cookbooks for college kids, all you need is that toaster oven," Gilgamesh tells the youth with a nod. "Maybe a hot plate." There's a shrug of his broad shoulders. "Have a good one, man. I'll catch you later." Then the Eternal is off, lifting quickly into the air to go look for some crimes to stop. Or cats to rescue.