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Arrival of Exodus
Date of Scene: 04 December 2021
Location: High Up In The Swiss Alps...
Synopsis: Bennet was discovered in Switzerland by Magneto and Blink, who take him back to Asteroid M to begin learning this new world.
Cast of Characters: Paris Bennet, Erik Lensherr, Clarice Ferguson, Raven Darkholme

Paris Bennet has posed:
The Swiss Alps...

This broad region is noted for being relatively geologically stable, in addition to possessing a relatively constant climate. There are many peaks here that are popular for both climbers and spelunkers who routinely haunt this these locales during certain times of year...

The Matterhorn may be one of the most notorious locations in the world for climbers, it is not the location for this particular venture. That distinction belongs to Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in the region and some distance away. The cause of concern would be a seismic anomaly of uncertain cause. Those of an astronomical bent would note a meteoroid airburst having triggered a number of avalanches in the vicinity rendering this entire vicinity under an immediate evacuation notice.

However, this also draws uncommon eyes to the locale....

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    In his spare time (Not that he allows himself much), Erik has been working on a private side project. Although most people believe mutants are a relatively new phenomenon, Erik has been following a trail of obscure manuscripts and flat out mythology to try and prove mutants have been showing up even in the far reaches of history. This is mostly so that he has more ammunition to use in the battle to gain acceptance for mutants, showing that they have existed alongside normal humans for thousands of years without causing the havoc that modern day humans try to assert would be the result of mutants living among them.

    His latest project is one of the most ambitious, as there is very little actually surviving from the time of the oldest mutant that history only hints at. Reports of a godlike being come from many sources, and many of them are in fact just stories, or the so-called 'god' is a being like the Asgardians. Only whispers of an extremely powerful being trickle from the historical data, but he finally has a name... En Sabah Nur. And surrounding this shadowy figure from the distant past come reports of other beings serving him.

    He has tracked these unknowns and finally, in historical texts stored by the Knights Templar, he finds an account of the death and burial of one Bennet Du Paris. Templar records are actually fairly complete, unlike many other writings from that time, so he finally gleans a location from them... a Templar castle in Switzerland. What is missing, however, is a location of the castle, so his search comes to a sudden stop. Given his resources, he moves Asteroid M into orbit over the small country and tasks his technicians to scan the country in search of any ancient fortifications.

    For a week, those scans come up empty, but he keeps his people working. Then the meteoroid shakes things up, and from one of those avalanches, the battered lines of an ancient fortification emerge. Deciding it's worth a try, he calls Blink to his side and has her bring them down to investigate.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    There are few people in this world to whom Clarice gives a fraction as much loyalty as she does to Magneto - her King, and the man ultimately responsible for her rescue from the Mutate Program, and the liberation of Genosha. When he summons her, she is always prompt in responding, no matter what had occupied her. (In this case, a dalliance with Rahne is interrupted - but after a quick kiss and apology, she makes her way to the Inner Sanctum.
    After a few scant moments studying the most detailed scans of the ruins, Clarice opens a portal which brings them out on what appears to be a relatively stable and clear patch of land near the outskirts of the castle. Accustomed to more tropical climes, the young magenta-hued mutant pulls her heavy coat more tightly around herself as she looks up at the ruins of the structure they'd discovered, letting out a quiet whistle. "Looking into new real estate options, sir?" she offers in a slightly teasing tone - before truding through what remains of the snow towards a break in the wall that will grant them access to the castle itself.

Paris Bennet has posed:
Through a combination of strange alchemy and sheer isolation, this powerful entity has been imprisoned in suspended animation down through the ages. A dreamless sleep where none were likely to disturb him. The sleep of the undead as levied for penance by the false god.

This is further within however.

The castle-prison is buried mostly under ice, as if it somehow actually predated the glacier that makes up a chunk of the formidable geological presence that is Monte Rosa. The obvious problem with that notion is that it would make the castle thousands of years old...

Within the crag of the castle they are greeted with the odd site or walls lined with Egyptian hieroglyphs over European architecture. An improbable contradiction of history and culture. Gold veins through stone masonry glow, giving a sort of phosphorescence that enables sight of a fashion of all of this.

A pair of suits of armor or a bizarre fashion stand to either side of a door at the far end of this bizarre chamber. Again European style knightly armor... but with helmets shaped in the likeness of a dog's head.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik walks through the ruins with his eyes half lidded, following his senses than his vision. Those senses roam through all the levels of the ruin, seeking out open passages and pieces of metal, easily locking on to the suits of armor and guiding him to them.

    "Interesting. A combination of Egyptian and European styles. There's a good chance this is indeed the right place." He smiles slightly at Blink's question, but also shakes his head. "I'm not much of a skier, and mountain climbing is a bit pointless when you can fly. I am hoping to find records of an ancient mutant who may be buried here. I believe mutants like us have lived among the humans for a lot longer than they want to admit."

    He walks towards the doors, which open apparently on their own, and sees the sarcophagus in the middle of the room. "Here we go. Let's get this open and see what we have found."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "That's what I've been learning as well," Clarice admits, as they stand before the armor. She studies them curiously, reaching out to touch them, and searching for signs of rust and decay - she's surprised not to find any. "Like En Sabah Nur," she adds quietly. "The morning light."
    She hesitates a moment, as the doors open, suddenly finding that her heart is thudding in her chest. Apocalypse was likely slumbering someone - isn't that what they'd uncovered already? Surely this was not //his// resting place, and they weren't about to wake //him// - were they? "Or who we've found?" she asks uncertainly as she steps into the room. "You're looking for concrete evidence of ancient mutants?" she asks.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The disturbance of either the armor or the sarcophagus, none may be certain which, triggered something. A defensive enchantment? Strange machinery from a bygone era? Who can say...

As Ferguson's arm lingers outstretched towards the canine sentinel, not to be confused with that modern mechanical horror, a sinister crimson glow alights within its gaze and a jet of steam erupts from its nostrils. Both righten with a sudden start, arms reaching behind to swing forth with double handed khopesh swords to swing in deadly arcs at the intruders!

The sarcophagus has its own defense as it is disturbed, the golden veins of the room seen to converge upon it, causing a dim glow of the sarcophagus and shudder of the entire castle. Magneto feels his sense of the metal of the place begin to fade, though not all at once.

It is enough to perhaps warn not to dally...

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik glances over at Clarice, asking "You know of En Sabah Nur? We will need to talk when we get back, it appears you have some information I could use in a project I am working on. It's that project that brought us here, in fact. This may be the tomb of one of his followers. I'm hoping we can get some genetic information to prove how long mutants have existed."

    As the armor suddenly animates, he shakes his head and locks them both in place. "It does make things easy when the traps are made of metal." Moving into the room, he probes at the walls, floor and ceiling for any further traps. Since he doesn't find any, he makes his way over to the sarcophagus and pulls four small, thin sheets of metal from his pocket. He releases them and they dart to the four corners of the lid, slipping under it. Directed by his ability, the metal sheets lift into the air, the lid sitting on top of them as they move it aside and lower to the floor. Stepping up to the sarcophagus, he looks inside and stops for a moment, a look of surprise on his face.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Of course," Clarice answers immediately - and as he says the tomb belongs to one of the man's //followers,// for just a moment a look of relief flits across her features. Oh, good. She wasn't ready to face up to her ancient ancestor in the flesh.
    She doesn't have time to reflect on this as one of the swords suddenly swings towards her, and acting on instinct, there's a flash of purple energy and she suddenly isn't standing there anymore - she's across the room, a pair of javelins held in her hands, smooth and silver and faintly emenating a pinkish purple energy. She's relieved to see the armor standing completely motionless. "Should I bring our prize home with us?" she asks, approaching the sarcophagus as well, gazing in - and then coming to a halt.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The longer they linger in the presence of the sarcophagus, the dimmer their powers grow...

And the menacing statuaries continue to loom, fighting against the restraints of the master of magnetism! How do you ensure future mutants don't awaken a mutant who is strongest in the presence of powerful mutants...?

It is true, the sarcophagus contains a very youthful figure clad much as he was when he was free. Eyes closed, posture restful, he is apparently unaware of all that is transpiring. Blissfully so...

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    "Well, this I did not expect. He's supposed to have died at the time of the Crusades." Looking closely at the body, he considers a moment, then floats a highly polished sheet of metal out of his pocket to sit in front of Paris' nose and mouth. After a moment, it mists up very slightly. "It seems he is alive. Interesting." About then, he notices that he can actually feel the armors fighting him, something he didn't even notice when he first froze them in place. Turning to look at them, he narrows his eyes and disassembles them into their component parts, letting them fall to the floor.

    "We need to move out of here Blink. Something is weakening me, and I don't intend to feed it any more of my strength." He turns and walks out of the tomb, pausing just outside the door to try and determine if his abilities are still being drained.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Yes, sir," Clarice replies immediately. "Back to the Asteroid?" She follows, glancing back at the man resting the sarcophagus. His unusual appearance wasn't much to remark upon for one so used to be around other mutants - but to still be alive? "Do we bring him with us or leave him here for now, sir?" she asks, gesturing towards the sarcophagus with one of her javelins. "And if so - where should I drop him? I could put him in the Medbay," she suggests.
    As the pair retreat to the other room, she opens a portal to the asteroid - and the strain her is visible, as she struggles to concentrate on the tear in reality, her breathing becoming a little labored as if she was truly exerting herself. "I'm- I can't hold this for long," she remarks in surprise.

Paris Bennet has posed:
Outside of the room, Magneto feels his powers begin to restore, but the duo also hear the scraping and scratching of the disassembled automatons reassembling themselves!

The trap is effectively resetting itself at this point, before their very eyes. It will take some moments, but it is an apparently inexorable event as at the hearts of the two automatons is a sphere of sorts covered in strange golden glyphs that glow with an unearthly light as the various bits of armor and whatnot gather to them to reassume their former shapes...

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik watches the guardians rebuild themselves, considering the situation for a moment. Finally he shakes his head, replying "I don't want to take him to the Asteroid until I know if the power drain is from him or those guardians. They seem to have some sort of magic powering them, and there's no way to tell if that is where the drain is from or if it's from him. He may have an ability like Rogue's, but in a field around him rather than needing to touch like she does. It's not a gamble I'm willing to take with all the people we have up there."

    He looks back to the room and calls out in French "Bennet du Paris, awaken! We are here as friends, and wish you no harm." He glances to Blink and shrugs a little, "It's worth a try." Turning back to the tomb, he waits to see if his words have any effect.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I could always send him somewhere else. A remote, unhabited island in the Caribbean, for example," Clarice suggests. Now that they've backed away from the sarcophagus - holding open the door to the Asteroid was getting a little easier. Through the portal, a tear in reality surrounded by a purplish energy, is a nearly featureless room with metalic walls.
    "Or I could sent the guardians away - and see if that solves our problem," she suggests. "Just tell me what to send where."

Paris Bennet has posed:
During the course of their exchange, the guardians will both fully reset, fresh jets of vapor like steam exhaling potently from the steel canine helms as the witch light eyes stare out anew

Paris Bennet has posed:
The man in the sarcophagus does not respond, but the sarcophagus itself does seem to dim in the now vacant room...

The two guardians March forth with swords brandished to drive the mutants away from their goal if they can!

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    As the guardians move forward, Erik nods and replies, "Try sending one of them to your island, let us see how powerful whatever is keeping them here is. They may be draining his powers to keep him asleep." He once again freezes one of them in place, leaving the other for Blink to experiment on.

    He considers the veins in the walls of the tomb which seem to mirror the color glowing in the hearts of the guardians. "It's hard to tell if they are interacting with him or powered on their own." Should Blink prove unable to teleport the second one away, he will stop it's movement as well so they can consider their options.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Yes, Sire," Clarice replies. She usually sticks to 'sir' - especially now that Lorna is Queen, especially when they are around others. Sometimes, though it just slips out - or maybe it just feels right. One of her javelins flies with practiced precision, hitting the dog-headed thing that moved towards them center-mass, and sending it away - sending it instinctively to a place she knows so well, //her// island, where it can do so little harm. Her other javelin remains in her hand, ready to fling towards the second threat, should the first attack prove to be fruitful.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The Dog Knight flies through the rip in space, collapsing in a heap on the island totally inert. The image through the hole might as well be a pile of scrap atop a simple ball of dull metal of some sort

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    As the guardian vanishes then Blink's javelin hits it, Erik nods and says, "Good. Remove the second one and we shall see where we stand." Once the second guardian vanishes, he once again steps into the tomb, moving over to the sarcophagus. Looking down at the figure sleeping within, he reaches out with his senses, trying to see if his abilities are still weakening with the guardians gone. At the same time, he speaks in French again "Bennet, can you hear me? It is time for you to wake up."

    Looking over at Clarice, he actually lets a little humor escape as he tells her, "If this is a sleeping beauty kind of thing, it's all you." He looks down at the sleeper, trying to figure out if there is any change with the guardians gone.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    The second guardian joins the first, vanishing in a flash of purple energy and light, before Clarice cautiously re-enters the room. She smirks with some amusement, finally allowing her exit portal to vanish - for the moment. "If I have to kiss him - then I'll have to tell Rahne that you //ordered// me to," she remarks. "...but what is a 'sleeping beauty' kind of thing, and what does it have to do with kissing?"
    Sometimes it's all too easy to forget that Clarice lost half of her life to the Mutate Program - and then she goes and asks questions like that.

Paris Bennet has posed:
With the second guardian gone, the drain on their powers has decreased noticeably but is still present. As if a short in some sort of arcane circuitry has developed, like a heating element that just doesn't work like it used to. The glow of the sarcophagus is still present as Bennett's eyes crack ever so slightly, revealing the gold within gold orbs beneath the lids, and he rasps softly, weakly, but audibly..."Mon mom...est...Bennet...du Paris..."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Replying in French as well, Erik tells the newly awakened man "You are among friends. I am known as Erik Lensherr, and my associate is Clarice Ferguson. Do you think you can move? Something here seems to be draining our strength, and I think it would be best for all of us to get away from it."

    If Bennett does attempt to sit up or even get out of the sarcophagus, Erik will assist him. Otherwise, he will give the man more time to come back to himself, as he's obviously been entombed here a very long time.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Cheese on bread," Clarice murmurs quietly in surprise as the man speaks - and she moves closed to the sarcophagus, looking down at the figure inside of it. She looks between the two men, not following the unfamiliar language, but catching the names, at least, as he introduces himself, and then her. "Uhhh, hello," she greets the awakening man.
    "...do you think he knows any English, sire?" she asks curiously. Though - well, as long as Magneto can speak with him, things should hopefully be just fine.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The glow continues, but the mutant in the sarcophagus does seem to be recovering moment by moment. A gauntleted hand grasps the side of his tomb as he draws a sharp, refreshing breath as a fish seeking the same out of water before he accepts the assistance of Magnus.

A random curiosity, how do you know where one is looking when they have neither apparent sclera nor pupils? This might be noticed when his eyes are wide and he is indeed noting his surroundings as he sits up from the glowing tomb, somehow overcoming its effects whether by force of will or something more sinister...

The man grunts when he is nearly upright,"Your...speech is strange to...mine ears..."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Nodding to Bennet, Erik replies, "You have been asleep a very long time, the language has changed somewhat over time. We can help you become accustomed to the time you are now in. If you would be so good as to come with us, we can make you comfortable while we talk." He looks around the room, scanning to see if there are any items that look like personal possessions the man might want.

    He offers Bennet a hand getting out of the sarcophagus, saying "We need to get out of this room, it seems to be draining our abilities. Once we are clear, Clarice can take us to my home."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "To the Sanctum, sir?" Clarice asks politely, watching as he guides and assists the man. She'll offer her own hand on his other side, if it's desired, before making her way from the room. After confirming where, in the Asteroid, Magneto would like them to go, she opens another tear in reality - metal walls visible through it, and windows that show a glimpse of stars - and perhaps even the curve of the Earth far, far below.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The armored mutant will shuffle unsteadily forth, grunting and gasping as he continues to overcome the effects of the room until...

They are no longer there!

The place long behind, or rather beneath them, the drain becomes hardly noticeable as his ambient power allows him an immediate recovery. The sudden arrival to a place occupied solely and significantly with mutant kind sees him rising upright, no longer requiring their assistance, and he rises forth under his own literal power. He mutters in french, the ancient form that is his native tongue, then in English,"What is this place...the realm of Faerie that my ancestors spoke of? Or be this heaven?"

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    "Ah, much better." Seeing that Bennet no longer needs any help standing, he releases the man's arm and answers him, "It is neither of those. This is my home, a place I have created for mutants such as us to live safely. You will find that humanity has made great advances since you were sealed away in that castle. I will try to help you accustom yourself to the current time, but there is a lot to learn. I don't want to push you too far, but I would like our doctor to make sure you are healthy after being sealed away for so long."

    Looking to Blink, he says quietly, "Why don't you take us to the medbay, let's not walk him though everyone until he's a bit more settled. Best to avoid as many possible misunderstandings as we can."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "This place is known as Asteroid M," Clarice supplies after Erik's words. "And it supplies everything we need. Food, drinks, clothes, medical care, private quarters... A garden with the most amazing view you'll ever see. There's also a space for us to train and hone our powers. When you're ready, I'd be happy to show you around," she promises.
    Magneto's command gets a nod, and a portal opens again - into a small, private medical room kept empty for new arrivals. She's sure that H&D are messaging the doctor - as soon as they see the portal opening in the small room.
    "Doctor Hathaway will only be a moment. She's very prompt."

Paris Bennet has posed:
Exodus follows Clarice through the portal, an expression of astonishment coloring his odd features. He seems to be taking on considerably more vibrance, a glow coming over his ashen violet skin. His eyes take on a luminescence as if signalling his full recovery, though the doctor would assuredly be the one to verify that.

The man from another time mutters,"Incredible. This is surely some manner of sorcery..."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Three... Two... One.

The door swings open and in walks doctor Emily Hathaway. An average height blonde woman with glasses, she wears a button front shirt of blue, charcoal slacks and a white lab coat. Around her neck is the tell-tale stethoscope, and in her hand a small tablet.

"I'd tell you evening, but it's afternoon," she gives Erik a look. Moving the asteroid throws off everyone's internal clock. "Mr. Lensherr, Blink." Each gets a nod before her eyes turn to the 'guest'.

With no signs of immediate trauma, no blood or bones, she then offers a polite, "How can I assist you today?"

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik nods, "I am certain it appears as such to you, but there is no magic involved here. Mankind has simply learned much of how the world works and how we can use the rules our reality has to make things happen. Magic does exist, but it is different, not needing to follow the laws of nature."

    When the doctor comes in, he turns to her and says "Doctor Hathaway, this is Bennet du Paris. He has been sealed in a sarcophagus for the past eight hundred years. While he seems to be recovering since we got him out of it, I would like you to make sure he actually is as healthy as he currently looks."

    Looking back to Bennet he switches to French again saying, "This is Doctor Hathaway. She is quite skilled, and very different from what passed for doctors in your time. I would ask that you allow her to be certain that you are healthy, then we can begin explaining the current time to you."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Hey Doc," Clarice greets the doctor - casually but politely, flashing the woman one of her broad-lipped smiles. She takes up a position along a wall, out of the way, leaning back and folding her arms casually over her chest while she watches.
    "The room where he was being kept seemed capable of draining away our mutant powers," she supplies for the Doctor. "But now that we're away from it, everything seems to be fine, once more. I hope being in there for so long hasn't caused any ill affects for... Mister du Paris?" She seems a little uncertain about the name as she says it - struggling a bit as she says it. After all, French R's can be a bit strange to English speakers.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The golden eyed mutant explains with the patience of one who is himself quite overwhelmed,"du Paris simply means Of Paris. I am the king's man in the army of the Lord sent to liberate the Holy Land from the Mohammedans..."

Yes, Bennet spoke as if the Crusades were still a thing, and why not when he is bedecked in steel plate with a sword at his hip? Bennet numbly approaches Doctor Hathaway with knitted snow white brows as he regards the woman dressed unlike anyone he has ever seen next to equipment that seems like a wizard's workshop in spite of Erik's assurance of the contrary!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Hathaway hmms softly, listening to the report from Erik and Clarice. Being a doctor, and a mutant, she had seen her fair share of strangeness regarding mutants, but the idea that he has been in a sarcophagus for over eight hundred years... that was new. The curiosity of the situation does not show on the woman's face, she's all business as Bennet steps over.

"I promise this doesn't hurt, and it won't take very long," she offers with a smile, then sets the tablet down on the table. "I will have to touch you, but there is no aggression in the action."

Slowly reaching up with her right hand, she rests the palm of her hand against his cheek. She feels slightly warmer than average people would, but her skin is soft to the touch and she is extremely gentle. For a moment she just stands there, touching his cheek, then one brow lifts ever so slightly.

"Impressive," she mutters softly in French, then repeats it in English. Dropping her hand back to her side, she takes one step back and sticks to English for Clarice's sake.

"His health is perfect. Good heart, lungs, organs functioning without any ailments, and his body is... regenerating energy. I can't tell you how or what that energy is, but I can tell you he's getting stronger just standing here."

Switching back to French she says with a half smile, "For an eight hundred plus man, you're in excellent health."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    "Excellent. Thank you, doctor." He looks to Bennet "As you may have guessed, everyone here is a mutant like you and I. I have been fighting for our people for many years now, and have given them a country as well as this safe place. Quite a few of the so-called normal people think mutants are evil, or insane, or planning to replace them." He shakes his head, "Some things never change. In your time it was the Crusades, these days not only do some countries war on each other, but in many countries we mutants are attacked simply because we exist. I am working to stop that from happening."

    He shakes his head, "But I get ahead of myself. There is much to explain to you before we start with politics, I honestly barely know where to begin, how to catch you up on eight hundred years of change and discovery. Still, we shall manage it. Why don't we move to one of the private meeting rooms and we can talk." Looking to Clarice, he says "Meeting room One B should be free, would you take us there?" He glances up at the camera in the corner of the room and says, "H&D, could you have Mystique meet us there?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Thanks, Doc," Clarice echoes after Magneto. At the request from Magneto, she nods, opening a portal while simultaneously indicating the corner to which Magneto had looked. "There's a device imbedded there that we call a 'camera.' You can use it to see and hear things, even when you aren't in that place. H&D are two mutants who watch the cameras, and relay important messages for us." Hopefully that makes sense to the man - though if it doesn't, they'll demonstrate things for him, later.
    "Are you hungry?" she asks Paris politely. "We can ask H&D to have some food sent to us. After all, it's been a while since you ate."

Paris Bennet has posed:
At the observations of both Hathaway and Clarice, Exodus begins to grow self conscious. Eight hundred years. It may as well be a millennium. Had he truly lived so long? He could not remember when he had last eaten though he wasn't hungry, still he asks to be safe,"A glass of merlot and warm bread, por favour..."

The golden eyed mutant continues knitting his snowy brows as he processes all of this, following through the latest teleport portal that is allegedly not a sorcerous production as he reflects upon how cameras are not synonymous with the well known arcane practice of scrying...

Bennet suddenly has the look of a constipated person as he reflects upon how his circumstances fit with everything he has been taught since his childhood...

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Suggestions made, Mystique met one of the cooks at the door to the meeting room, swinging the door open so he could wheel the cart in. Around here when someone just arrives, the food choices offered are simple but many. Chicken, beef, pork, several types of bread, a salad or two, and of course wine, whiskey and rum. All the bases covered, just in case someone was extremely picky.

Dressed in her usual white body suit, white thigh-high boots, and her golden smurf skull belt, she steps into the room after the server. The cobalt mutant with fire red hair and bright yellow eyes takes a single moment to assess the situation. Erik and Clarice are offered nods, before her eyes shift to Bennet. He is also offered a nod, though it is more curt, this one she didn't know.

Waiting for the man who brought the cart to depart, she slides the door closed behind him before turning to lean against it.

"A new friend?" She asks Erik, her tone level, calm, indicating nothing of what she might be thinking.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik moves to one of the windows, beckoning Bennet over. "Here is the first of many shocks, I fear, but look and see where we are."

    Looking through the window reveals the Earth below them, the curvature of the planet plainly seen. "In this time, man has managed to escape the bounds of Earth. This place hangs above the Earth much like the moon does, though we are much closer to it than the moon."

    He looks over as the food cart and Mystique enter the room and says, "Ah, good. Bennet du Paris, this is my second in command, Mystique." He pauses a moment, then adds, "There's another thing to get used to, women are equal to men in this time in most places. I know it was different for you in your time."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "The moon is about ten times as distant from the Earth as we are now," Clarice supplies helpfully. "And my mutant power could bring us there, too, if we wished. But it would exhaust me - it's the limit of my capability."
    As Mystique enter, Clarice offers the woman one of her broad smiles, followed by a nod of greeting. "Boss," she greets the woman, before glancing towards Paris. "I am Mystique's second, just as she is Magneto's. And I am also part of Magneto's Royal Guard, and that of his daughter, Queen Lorna Dane of Genosha. We are all part of an organzation known as the Brotherhood."
    She glances towards Mystique once more as she adds, "We discovered this man in the Alps - where he's been slumbering for 800 years. Well - it was Magneto who uncovered his location, of course."

Paris Bennet has posed:
Magneto was mistaken, for the man who would one day soon be called Exodus had already endured a few shocks and Raven's entrance would break the metaphorical camel's back well before his knowledge of altitudes...

With eyes flashing like twin arcs, Bennet's features contort with certainty of purpose as he declares,"Demon! I knew this was some trick of the Deceiver, such places as this can only be contrivances of witches and sorcerers!"

With that pronouncement, a blurring of the light surrounds him as his mind instinctively seeks shelter thus manifesting a forcefield against all around him! He looks wildly around him, suddenly panic stricken as he seeks relief from the bizarreness of centuries lost...!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Throughout Mystique's life she had been called many things, demon being one of them. In fact losing her son was the result of a village believing she was some sort of demon, so this man proclaiming her one was nothing new. The only change of expression on her neutral masked face was the slight raise of one brow, followed by a soft sigh. She doesn't move any closer, instead remaining by the door where she had stopped when she entered.

As her yellow eyes shift from Bennet to Erik she says in a completely blase tone possible. "Oh joy. Apparently I'm a demon... again."

The appearance of indifference is just that, an appearance. In her mind she is already preparing the dodge of any attack he might take, the acrobatics around the room that night be required and how she might retaliate should he actually move against her. It's how her brain works, to be tactically prepared for what could happen, while waiting to see what will happen. She suspects Erik will deal with this before the man actually attacks, but there is always that chance the attack will come first and reasoning later.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik quickly steps between Bennet and Mystique, shaking his head and saying "No, my friend, she is no demon any more than you or I are just because we have special abilities. She is a mutant the same as you are." He gestures as the shield around Bennet and asks, "How many people from your time would call _you_ a sorcerer if they saw you do this? She just happens to have a more obvious mutation than you or I do."

    He seems fairly at ease, at least as much as one can when dealing with a stressful situation, but he's also ready to stop any offensive actions on Bennet's part. Given that the man is in a full suit of metal armor, he has no real worries about that part, but he'd rather not have to use his powers on somebody who's simply in the throes of rather severe culture shock.

    He looks over at a chair and it pulls itself out from the table while he says "Please Bennet, sit and we will talk. After all, from what I've managed to put together, you were allied with En Sabah Nur, you must have seen mutants who did not look human. Here you may see quite a few who do not, they are usually treated the worst by the humans, so I've done my best to give them a safe place."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice doesn't move - but no doubt Magneto and Mystique can sense the subtle shift in her posture that indicates that she's ready for trouble - ready to summon a portal at a moment's notice. Her hands lower down to her side, one of them shielded from Bennet's view as she summons one of her javelin's into it. She does //not// appeciate having her 'boss' threatened by this man - nor is she fond of the way her King just stepped into the line of fire.
    "I promise you, you're safe here," she remarks in a seemingly calm voice. "The one rule we hold our residents to is that they do no harm to the others in this place. And if you do not wish to remain, I can send you back down to Earth. But we would like to talk with you, first. Only talk."

Paris Bennet has posed:
Bennet lets slip his sword from its sheathe, the elegant weapon shining like one newly forged though it had been with him ensconced within that prison all those many gloomy years. He could not deny the sense that Erik spoke, something was happening to him, or rather had happened to him though he had no clue of its nature. The purple skinned knight almost spits his reply,"En Sabah Nur, the name of the Great Liar Beneath the Sands, yes I saw him! Your servant bears the same azure complexion, though he is many times even mine own height and stature! He seeks not allies but worshippers, and an escape from his own slumber and strange prison! He sought to bind me into his service, but I saw through his deception and so he cast me forth to whence you discovered me...Eobar, that weak kneed Black Knight, he tried to help me but he was too late in his uncertainty of purpose..."

Bennet grits his teeth against the memories, his grip on his sword tightening as his gaze remains ever inward...

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Even with the sword drawn, Mystique does not move or react to the threat. Instead a smile spreads across her face and her entire body begins to morph, like watching magnetic sand, the change rolls up her legs, over her torso and finally her head. In the end Bennet is standing there looking at himself, armor and all, same height, though she does not have the sword.

"Mutants have come a long way since then, Bennet," she offers calmly in his voice, an exact match just like her appearance. "What you see now is you, what /you/ look like and you call me a demon? Perhaps you should take a moment to sit, breath, and realize that you also could be mistaken for a demon when in fact, you are not."

One hand gestures toward a chair as 'he' stands there, but the replication of Bennet's eyes stay focused on the one he's modeled after. "Please... it has been a long time for you, and this is all a horrible shock to your mind," and now she starts to shift back to beautiful cobalt self. "Give us a chance to explain it all to you, to show you the new world you are a part of."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    "She isn't lying Bennet, that is exactly what you look like. Mystique has the ability to change her appearance at will. Mine is a mastery over metal and magnetic forces, while Blink can open portals to places or teleport things with her javelins. Let me be perfectly honest - None of us are anything that the humans would call normal. My life is dedicated to protecting mutants, and I will do that until the day I die."

    His voice raises slightly, with the tone of one used to being obeyed. "Now put up your sword, sir knight, sit down and we will begin to explain the world you find yourself in. I promise you you will not be harmed, but neither will I allow you to harm any of my people."

    He steps out from between Mystique and Bennet, the chair at the head of the table pulling itself out to allow him to sit. He watches Bennet with no further word, waiting for the man to make a decision on how he wants to handle things.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Magneto and his Brotherhood saved me as well, you know. Not from sleep - but humans had found a way to enslave my will, and make me their tool. He set me and the others like me free - and I swore to serve and protect him - and his Brotherhood." Clarice gestures to the table. "Sit, talk, learn of the world - and decide where your place in it lies. It needn't be here with us, but you'd be welcomed if that's what you decided."
    Her eyes remain locked on Bennet, reading his posture, and waiting for the smallest signs that might telegraph the start of an attack. She has no intention of letting him harm the people she cares for.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The knight out of time stares at Mystique, an expression of disbelief coloring his features. As the words in his voice sink in, he looks at the flat of his blade as if hoping for a refutation...

There is none there to be found.

The reasonable voices around him are like droplets of rain on a campfire, largely meaningless in the face of realizing that his life has been a lie. Teeth gritted, features now an almost pitiable snarl, Bennet finally raises his sword...

And plunges it into the floor before taking a seat with a heavy exhalation.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Even as Bennet raises his sword, Mystique doesn't move. If he means to strike apparently she has no intent of defending herself, mostly because she knows Erik will stop the sword mid-swing without even breaking a sweat. As the sword is then thrust into the metal of the floor, she shifts her eyes from the man to the sword and then back again.

"That'll buff out," she comments idly, then finally moves over to sit in the chair to Erik's right. Not exactly the best introduction she's ever had, but definitely not the worst either, so she'll just accept it as a thing that happened.

"If you're hungry, the cart has a variety of foods, as well as some wine choices," she comments though uncertain of the wisdom of letting a high strung man start drinking. "H&D said something about a Merlot? Two choices there for you to pick from."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik nods as Bennet sits down, not even bothering to worry about the floor. It will be easily fixed by the slightest flick of his power once the sword is pulled out of it. "Good, I'm glad you're willing to listen. Do take some food and wine, no doubt it will make you feel better after eight hundred years without." He waits for the man to take something, then sits back in his chair, steepling his fingers in front of him while he thinks for a moment.

    "As I said, I hardly know where to start. I was expecting to find a long dead mutant, some information to prove to those foolish humans that mutants have lived among them without destroying their lives for centuries, if not millennia. The sudden need to explain the modern day to someone who has been in a form of hibernation has me wondering just what is most important to tell you."

    He pauses here for a moment, then causes the cart to roll to him and takes a glass and bottle of wine, pouring himself a drink before replacing the bottle on the cart.

    "Well, I suppose the first thing to point out is that looking like you do, many of the normal humans will fear or hate you for being different. They are idiots in my opinion, but there seems to be a great many of them. Next, if you wish it, you can stay here for now and I will have someone teach you about the changes between our times. Honestly, if you choose to go back to Earth and go out on your own, I will not stop you, but you will probably have no idea how to deal with most of what you see there. I would strongly urge you to allow us to at least teach you about the world before you choose if you wish to leave or join us."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As the sword is thrust into the ground, the subtle tension in Clarice's form eases - and the javelin she'd held in one hand blinks from existance. She allows the others to sit as she approaches the cart, fetching a bottle of wine and several glasses - while she was hardly a servent, Paris was their guest - and both Magneto and Mystique her superiors. She pours a glass for their guest first, setting it in front of him, and then for herself, her mentor, and her King - setting one before each. She also retrieves a platter of bread, cheese, and dried fruit to set within Paris' grasp. "Please help yourself to this, or anything else you desire," she offers, before taking the seat to Magneto's left.
    Once seated, she lifts her glass to her lips, sipping from it, as she watches the stranger with curious, electric green eyes.

Paris Bennet has posed:
Bennet reverts to his french after taking in the words of Magnus,"You make it sound as though there is nothing there for me."

With that said, the purple one retrieves a slice of bread to go with the Merlot. The bread is sliced with a carefully manipulated blade, and Bennet explains,"I could not do such things before I met...him. I was always a superior man at arms, arrows had a way of not finding me and blades would glance from me. My sword could cleave a man's shield with little trouble. After meeting Him...my sword can fight for me. It is as if I have an invisible hand and an encompassing shield. But that is inadequate to describe what I had thought...I am no longer certain what I thought."

He dips the slice of bread in his drink lapsing into brooding silence.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Collecting the glass off the table, Mystique gives the liquid a slight swirl before letting the aroma linger to her nose. Wine was one of those drinks she truly enjoyed, but rarely had. It wasn't that she couldn't get the good stuff because she most certainly could, more it was that wine was one of those things she'd had so much of, it was like water and could easily just be guzzled down. Drunk was rarely helpful.

Taking a small sip, her yellow eyes trail over the table to Bennet. A man out of time, and he was starting to feel it as realization crept into his mind.

"I'm afraid you're in for some serious culture shock," she admits softly yet kindly, despite his earlier desire to maim her. "Horses are no longer the mode of transportation, society lives in huge cities of hundreds of thousands of people, and as Magneto said, woman and men have become equal in the things that they do... for the most part."

Another small sip, it was a good year, probably one of Sascha's finds. "There is a place for you in this world, but it would be wise to take the time to educate yourself to how things are now."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Nodding to what Mystique says Erik adds, "She's exactly right. There is a place for you, probably many places you can choose from. But first, you need to know enough about the modern world to actually survive in it. Once you can fit into the world, if you want to go, you can go. You can also stay here, or on Genosha, which is the country I conquered for our people. Almost everyone there is a mutant, so you would not stand out there, and would not have to face the mutant haters in the larger world."

    He tilts his head just slightly, looking at Bennet for a moment, then says "I would also offer you a place with my Brotherhood of Mutants. I have the feeling you could be very helpful in the things we do. But that is up to you once you are.. well, educated is probably the best word for it. You can spend some time learning about the world if you wish, or you can get the very basics, but then you will probably not be ready for what you see."

    He takes a sip of his wine, then finishes with "The choice is entirely yours."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Liberated, sir. We were liberated, not conquered," Clarice remarks with a wry tone. After her first sip of wine - which she'd largely done to set Bennet's mind at ease, she hasn't taken another. She has no intention of getting intoxicated, incase he decides to become violent again.
    Looking to Bennet she adds, "I understand how difficult it can be to acclimate to new circumstances. Though our stories are not the same, I had to learn how to function in the world. I had a man who taught me - Victor Creed, a member of the Brotherhood.
    "And when you are ready to see something of the world, I'd be happy to bring you down to Genosha, or anywhere else you prefer to go, and accompany you to answer your questions. But I agree it would be better to get used to life here on the Asteroid first."

Paris Bennet has posed:
The golden eyed knight regards the others as he samples the wine soaked bread. His mind is abuzz with frustration and thought, but he manages to keep much of it to himself this time.

Bennet isn't interested in getting drunk any more than his peers, which isn't in keeping with the negative stereotype of the warmonger man at arms of the past at all. The simple fact is just isn't craving anything at this moment as he continues to merely sample as he works things through with what he has thus far. He eventually replies once he has heard everyone through, in English now,"Then....I will stay here. And learn what you have to show me."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique offers a bright, warm smile at his decision as she swirls the wine in the glass again. She had never thought of using bread to soak up wine before, but watching him do so made her curious. She'd try it later, would not do to go spitting out something nasty in front of a guest.

"Excellent," she verbalizes, setting the wine glass on the table so she can pull her phone out of the top of her boot. "We will arrange you a room to call your own, a sanctuary that no one else may enter without your permission, unless it's an emergency of course. I will also check my files and see if there is someone who might more readily know your current cultural knowledge," a polite way of saying someone who knows how antiquated the man's knowledge it. "and thus be able to instruct you better. In the mean time, Blink and I will make ourselves available to assist you in any way that we can."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Smiling as Mystique starts detailing the things to be done for the Asteroid's newest inhabitant, Erik says "You see, I'm fortunate here. I set policy, and Mystique and Blink make sure everything that needs to be done is done."

    Turning to look at Mystique he adds "Once he's settled in a bit, let's try and figure out what his powers are. We've already seen him shield himself, but there's probably more, even if he's a bit unsure right now."

    Looking back at Bennet, He tells the man "It's best to know what you can do so you don't make a mistake and hurt someone with a power you didn't know you had. For now, there are things I must tend to, but I'm glad you're staying here with us for at least a little while."

    He stands, nods to the ladies and heads for the door, leaving Bennet in their capable hands.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Sir," Clarice replies with a nod, rising to her feet as he does. There are somethings highly ingrained in her - such as treating her King with the utmost respect. She settles back into her seat, before remarking to Bennet with a smile, "Really, if you have any needs or questions - you should come to me first. If I think the matter warrents Mystique or Magneto's attention, I will contact them - but I assure you we all want to do everything we can to assist you in acclimating to your new circumstances. I know you'll find you're place in this world with a little time."

Paris Bennet has posed:
There are also things similarly ingrained in Bennet. One such thing flickered across his face at Clarice at the suggestion of coming to her with a need. The whole situation is still very awkward to him, and he finally drains his cup in one go before he hrms, then regards the bottle as if debating another glass as he replies,"Very well. I look forward to my quarters....Thank you."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Although Mystique was not from the same time as Bennet, she was from a time long enough back that she knows what the man is thinking. Real men did not go to women with their problems, they did not go to other men with their problems, they shouldered them like a weighted sack and carried them around like extra baggage. The idea of even suggesting he come to Clarice or Mystique would likely be as foreign to the man as as television will be.

To counter this she chooses a slight rewording, "As you are not yet educated on the way of this world, your needs and questions will relate to better understanding and be a part of your learning. As such, you should not worry yourself over how it might appear or seem, you must think of Clarice and I as your teachers."

Finishing off the wine in her glass she stands up, setting the glass back down. "Allow us to show you to your room?" She then offers.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "We'll walk this time, so you can learn your way around," Clarice adds, as she rises as well. "And from there - we'll show you where the cafeteria is, and the garden. And we'll schedule you some time in the training room - so you will be able to safely practice your powers and learn their full extent and capabilities." Explaining the training room and simulcroms of living beings it can make will be interesting - she decides to save that for later.
    "If at any time you decide to leave us, you simply must let me know, and I can get you anywhere you wish to be. You are our guest, and you enjoy as much freedom as you wish or require."
    With that said, she gestures for him to follow them, as the pair of women head towards the door.

Paris Bennet has posed:
In the end, Bennet opts for no more wine at this time. Rather, he rises to his feet and makes to follow the women where they lead. He grabs the sword on his way, the weapon having thrust more than a few inches into the floor suggestive of the strength in his arm alone. An inspection would reveal the weapon to somehow be undamaged however!

Slipping the sword back where it belongs, Bennet will quickly catch up to find his quarters and hopefully privacy to properly adjust for the future...