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German Cooking, or German: Cooking
Date of Scene: 05 December 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Kurt prepares a big German meal for Xavier's. There is a vampire visit, also a 'sister' visit, which leaves the elf feeling awkward after recent revelations.
Cast of Characters: Kurt Wagner, Rogue, Jubilation Lee, Laxmi Mallick, Noriko Ashida, Atrid, Michael Erickson

Kurt Wagner has posed:
The kitchen is often the source of numerous pleasant aromas. In some cases, depending on the preferences of one person or another, they're more like pungent odors to avoid.

On this day, Kurt has drawn cooking duties, and with the assistance of a few students keeping tabs on things for him, he's turned it into an entire course of German meals, sides, and desserts. Whistling while he works, he's got a very Gordon Ramsay-like chef's jacket on, along with a puffy chef's hat. With a spoon, he samples a sauce he's working on, and numerous dishes are in the middle of being made, the oven in use, the stove as well.

"Would you mind turning the temperature down on that, bitte? It is time for it to simmer." he asks one of the students watching over a stew being prepared. "Danke."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Jeepers were out on a walkabout the lake outside. She's returning now with the dog on his leather leash.

Up the patio stairs the two appear, with the yellow lab waving his tail excitedly as they make their return to the house. The kitchen double french doors are opened up and the two make their way inside. Rogue is wearing her suede jacket with the fuzzy white collar and cuffs, along with some blue jeans and leather boots, a pair of dark green gloves holding Jeeper's leash.

"Somethin' smells... Nice in here?" Rogue questions as she shuts the doors behind she and her dog. Jeepers looks around at everyone, his tail going even faster now as Rogue tells him to sit down beside the table, and he obediently obeys. He's been in doggie training this whole past fall, and its paying off.

The southern girl removes her coat and walks it over to the rack in the corner by the hallway door.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    It's evening, which means the likelihood of encountering Jubilation Lee, disgraced former RA, increases to a near certainty. One place she's rarely seen these nights, however, is the kitchen, but there's no river so long that it doesn't contain a bend. The heavy wooden doors swing open and slam against the walls as Jubilee gives them a shove with one of her palms. Her movements are smooth, graceful, and her body does not bob up and down. It's like she's gliding through the air, though anyone watching her feet would see she's absolutely, positively, walking normally.

    "Something smells like that stuff we cut out of Hank's fur..." Jubilee announces, her expression positively sour. When she turns and notices the who/why/what, she does her best to force a smile. "Herr Glockenspiel!" Jubilation announces with a pair of finger-guns directed towards Kurt. "Smells...good..." She tilts her head towards Rogue and raises both eyebrows. The doggie gets a weary look, as though she's expecting him to freak out.

    "Don't mind me..."

    Jubilee steps around Kurt and begins to rummage in the cabinets.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    At the request to turn down the flames, it's Laxmi that follows the instruction, a look of uncertainty on her features as she asks, "Like... that? Low enough?" She's honestly set it at just about the lowest setting possible. The real question should be if it's //high// enough.
    Laxmi is an awful cook - the sort that could manage to burn water without surprising much of anybody, but she's trying to learn. If anything smells bad, honestly - odds are it's the Hindi woman's fault. At the moment, she's dressed in one of her usual lehenga - but has covered it with an apron to protect it as she endeavors to help Kurt with his work.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
"It is a medium-low heat. You want it to bubble a bit, but not boil," Kurt explains to Laxmi. Rubbing his hands together, he glances toward the double doors as the smells begin to attract others. "Hallo Rogue, Jubilation." He does pause for a moment after that, adding, "Und Jeepers." There is a spell where his silence is potentially awkward, then he clears his throat and turns back to a dish in the oven. "We should be ready for everyone very soon. Would you like to know what we are having?"

He begins to tick off the foods one after the other, using his fingers to do so. Of course, with him lacking the number of fingers most have, he has to start over with the first finger sooner than usual.

"We have Kartoffel Kloesse, which are potato dumplings. Shredded red cabbage, with apples. Green beans with bacon und onions. German potato salad. Garlic-dill deviled eggs. Sausage lentil soup. Bratwurst Reubens with sauerkraut, a light chili sauce, und melted cheese. Dijon grilled pork chops. Bavarian pot roast. Also, apple strudel, chocolate Lebkuchen, which is a gingerbread-like sort of cookie." There are more sides along with breads and the like, as well.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is by the doors when Jubilee flings them open, she's hanging her jacket up as the door sweeps just past her. It causes Jeepers to bark once, at the motion, or at Jubilee's presence!?

Rogue looks over her shoulder at the Vampilee and smirks at her. She turns around and starts to walk back to her dog to put a hand on his head, causing the lab to lay down on the floor where he just stares at Jubilee...

Rogue tosses her hair back over her shoulders and settles down on a kitchen table chair edge. She listens to the others talk and her eyes go to Kurt where she grins at him. "What's the occasion for all the cookin'?" She asks him.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Where there is food, there is, at some point, usually a Noriko Ashida.  As if Kurt's monologue of food were an avalanche of dinner bells shaking the entire mansion...the speedster shows up promptly.  "I missed the menu?" she asks with a touch of disappointment when she realizes aloud.  Her eyes twitch around the room to take stock and she blur-walks about the kitchen.  The top to a pot gets rattled, skillets shifted, all in a blink of an eye as she wafts the smells all together in a little breeze that weaves through people to where she ends up, next to Jubes.

Noriko clears her throat and tilts her head down at Jubes.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The cabinets close and Jubilation is cradling a balanced, store-to-table meal: a bag of chips, a box of Fruit loops, and a family of miniature clementine-style oranges. She sets the items down on the corner of one of the counter tops -- a luxury! It's a buyer's market in the kitchen real estate tonight. When Jeepers barks, Jubilee fires back with wide-eyes and a loud hiss, mouth open to expose her fangs to the doggie! Rogue seems to have him under control, so it's not long before Jubilation's display fades into one of mild annoyance.

    "I swear, Marie, that dog of yours is trying to get between us," she mutters, her mouth curling up into a smirk of her own.

    "Oh, I'm not gonna have any of your Schnowderhosen or your Gigglewurst," Jubes explains, nodding at Kurt and his explanation of what's going on. "I'm all set with this stuff...." She gestures at all the items she has arranged on the counter: potato chips, Fruit Loops, and clementine oranges. And then, without warning, Jubilee brings both hands over her head and begins to smash all of it. BAM! BAM! BAM! The chips get pounded into crumbs. The Fruit Loops box collapses with multi-colored dust spilling out of the top. And the clementine oranges... well...

    "Ew!" Jubilation exclaims, staring at the orange pulp dribbling between her fingers. She looks at the others, shrugs one shoulder, and flashes Noriko a little grin.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Ah... yes. Of course," Laxmi answers Kurt, studying the fire again. Is that 'medium-low'? It seems like such a subjective term. She gives a small, baffled shake of her, head, before turning back towards the other arrivals. "Namaste," she offers, pressing her palms together. She goes still as Nori starts rushing around - it's a bit silly, as if the speedster's reactions would allow her ample opportunity to avoid the music-instructor - but ultimately it's Jubilation's strange actions that earn her attention.
    "...what was the purpose of that?" she asks in bafflement.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt Wagner speeds around in his own way, checking on a few more things before removing this from a burner, adding something to that, and repeating a couple other times. "Good cooking takes attention, Laxmi. That is not to say you can't use a slow-cooker for a nice stew und just let it sit for a few hours, but many of these things take tender focus to ensure they are finished at the right times."

The hiss he hears from the perky vampire leads to another pause. Her fangs are much like his, but there is of course quite a difference between the two of them. "Jubilation, bitte, could we not have hissing in the kitchen?" he asks good-naturedly. "It makes me think we might have a gas leak und that would not be good." The display she puts on with her own selection of food leads to him rubbing at a pointed ear. "Ah. Well, it is your loss. I have a special German chocolate cake to include with dessert, but it is only for people who have some of the rest."

Nori's rapid arrival causes him to clear his throat, as he patiently walks over to put the things she's shifted and moved around back in the places they were. "Thank you for the help, Noriko, but we have it under control. I can repeat the dishes if you like."

Getting back to Rogue, there is another pause as he determines what to say and how he wants to say it. "No special occasion. It was mein turn, und I thought I would make some traditional things. I suppose in a way, it is about comfort food." She, of all people here, might understand why he'd need something like that, but he is not in the same brooding mood as he'd been for a time.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is rather used to Nori breezing in to a place when Jubilee is around, so she doesn't get tense at a speedster zipping about. It DOES make Jeepers stand up though, his senses picking up on the girl in a different sort of way. He starts to wag his tail happily at Nori as Rogue looks back to Jubes and grins at her while she takes her stuff out of the cabinets.

"He just wants t'play with ya, and is nervous you don't like him anymore is all." She says back to the Vampire moments before she starts to do her smashy foody thing.

Rogue is about to look back to Kurt when it happens...

Jeepers starts to bark again at Jubes' outburst. A good three barks before Rogue puts a hand on his neck to stop him. She eyes Jubilee, then looks to Nori before she looks back to Kurt.

"Well. I'm eager t'get some'a your cookin'. I love that stuff." She says happily, like the foody smashy didn't just happen.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko watches in her sped up perception the ultimate slow destruction of that glorious spread of food.  She could save some of it.  She could just reach out and snatch one of those oranges, or the ships or...but what would her vampire girlfriend do?  Noriko's hand, outstretched, retreats, and she sniffs, now in sync with everyone else.  "You murderer!" she faux accuses with all of the high drama it requires...there's pointing.  Then a grin.

Nori's eyes snap over to Kurt and she shrugs.  "I wasn't volunteering.  I already saw it all.  Looks weird.  Smells good."  She pops up next to Jeepers to give him some scratches behind his ears and a quick-quick scratching all over to follow before he can figure out what is going on.  Then she's back to staring at Jubes, pointing a finger and smiling.  "Answer for your crimes."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "It's the food I would've eaten," Jubilee explains, her tone taking on notes of indignation, but her smile can't be contained as Noriko wags that metal finger at her. She puts both of her palms in the air, as though she's being held up at gun-point. Orange guts drip from her fingers.

    "That dog needs to get fixed," Jubilee threatens, making a snip-snip motion with her fingers and tilting her head to watch the animal's reaction.

    "I'll clean that up later," Jubilee explains. With the deed done, Jubilation leans forward and plants a little kiss on Noriko's cheek. With that settled, she glide-walks on out!

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "I see..." Laxmi replies, though she clearly doesn't. Why waste perfectly good food and make a horrific mess for others to clean? Just because she once would have eaten them?
    She watches the girl leave, a faint frown pulling at her lips. "Is she alright? I know she's been under a lot of stress with everything that's... happened, but that wasn't-" well. It wasn't normal. She shakes her head in bafflement, looking between Noriko, Kurt, and Rogue for their input on the matter.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen finds his way into the kitchen, maybe it was the smell of the food or just the sound of voices, but the red and white haired teen takes a look around before leaning against a wall.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt Wagner frowns at..something, but he shakes his head and pours more of his focus back into the cooking. He is not going to allow distractions to cause anything to come out worse than it should. "I am afraid I do not know the answer to that, Laxmi," he confesses with a shake of the head, giving Noriko a questioning look as well. "I cannot say I know what it is like."

Adjusting his chef's attire, both coat and hat, he occupies himself with more sampling of tastes, giving a nod of satisfaction along the way. Whether the food is good or not, it all smells like it will be worth eating. "I hope you enjoy it," he says to Rogue, including the others who have been congregating, whether students assisting him or otherwise.

Still, he rubs his face for a moment at the barking.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Well some of that you would have given to me," Noriko points out, redirecting her metal finger to the carnage on the counter like a puppet before dropping it when she's kissed on the cheek.  She grins, seemingly unconcerned with Jubilation's manic like display and just watching in a daze as Jubilation glides out.

"Huh?"  Noriko looks over to Laxmi and arches her eyebrows.  "Wasn't what?"  The girl is half turned as if she was going to run after Jubilation, but Laxmi's comment seems to have stopped her.  For a moment at least.  "If you're so worried about her maybe you should ask her yourself?"  And with that, Noriko zips away after Jubilation.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at Jubilee on her way out. "Get him fixed? And take away his soul?" She shakes her head side to side. "Nah. I don't partake in that archaic practice of maimin' my animals, when they are not allowed t'wander the world freely anyway." She says with a little exhale!

The doggie in question happily receives Nori's affection, panting quite happily at it, while the southern belle stands up and walks toward the mess left behind. She waves to Atrid as he makes his way in. "Hey there, Cool Dude." She says at him with a grin as she reaches the mess, then reaches out for a grocery bag to start to put some of the left over oranges and the cereal box in to it.

"It's still fresh for her, ya'll." Rogue says to those wondering about Jubilee. "It's like if ya just found out about your mutation. Not like any of us don't know how that feels..."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Well maybe I would if anyone would stick around long enough," Laxmi murmurs quietly, shaking her head. "Here - let me help," she offers Rogue, fetching the broom and dust bin, so she can start sweeping things up. After all - she's better at cleaning than she is at cooking.
    "And that is precisely why we should be concerned, Rogue. I'm not saying we punish her, or anything like that, but if she is struggling... Then it requires attention." She offers Atrid a nod, as she sweeps up the mess that Jubilee left in her wake.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen smiles and waves at Rogue. "Hey, sorry been gone a while, stuff, you understand." He says before looking to Laxmi. "Thats how those two are, give it time I'm sure things will settle again." Igniting his right hand. "Hey I can always make the mess ash. I'm Atrid by the way and who might you be?"

Michael Erickson has posed:
    The kitchens tend to be where folks drift in toward the evening - after all, a school, like an army, runs on its stomach. Michael, being now a veteran of both, arrives at the doorway to peer inside, spotting...oh, rather quite a number of people here. Scamps searching for snacks, perhaps. Or teachers, apparently, cooking away.

    "Hallo," Michael says, his black suit sans lapels making him look something like secret police. "And good evening. Set any fires yet?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt Wagner takes up a bit of silence aside from a few words to his assistant chefs. A few of the dishes are reaching that stage where they require more attention in order to make them perfect, and the line between perfection and overdoing things is a thin one.

As he nears Rogue, his tail snakes out to tap her along the shoulder, where she is safely clothed. "Would you mind helping me get a few plates und things ready? There is a treat in it for you." He adds, "Mein apologies to those just getting here. The work of a chef is never done until people have eaten."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has the bulk of the bigger chunks cleaned up and put in to the plastic shopping bag when Lax moves in to help. "Yeah. The dorm room in the college house has helped her a lot, I think. It's like... we're not trained for..." She looks around before centering her eyes on the other woman again. "Her issue. It's similar to mutations, but also not, ya know?" She looks back at Atrid and snickers, shaking her head. "We do not light messes on fire around here just t'clean them up. That's how the whole damn house will get burnt down..." She says as she walks the grocery bag over to the trash bin and opens it up with a touch of her boot tip.

She looks over at Michael when he arrives and waves a gloved hand at him. "Hey there, Space Man." She says with a continued smile for him before Kurt's tail gets her attention. "Oh, yeah, you bet." She says next as she walks over to the cabinets to get some stuff out to help her blue brother from another mother. "Ya'll been at this for awhile now. This is a big meal."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Besides which, the ash would still need to be tidied up, adding danger with no benefit," Laxmi remarks in a wry tone. She pauses in her sweeping long enough to introduce herself to Atrid. "I'm Laxmi," she offers politely. "Laxmi Mallick. I teach music and dance now, namaste - and welcome back," she says in a warm, friendly tone. Her attention returns to the sweeping, getting all the crumbs into the garbage, before she retrieves a rag to wipe up the last of the juice and pulp.
    "I'm glad that moving into the college dorms has been helpful to her - but it does seem a bit inadequate, don't you think?" she remarks with a sigh. Not that she has any real notion of what else to do for the girl.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen shrugs putting the flames out before lifting his left coating it in ice. "Unfortunately Ice can't help clean." Than to Rogue he mock stomps and snaps his fingers. "You're no fun." He teases. "Careful keep acting like this I'm liable to start seeing you as a surrogate big sister." His eyes dart back to Laxmi. "A....wait your a teacher?" He asks looking her over. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Laxmi, and thank you for the welcome."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "Yes," Michel says with a smirk cast Rogue's way, "It is I, the Space Man. Hello, everyone." He looks between the teachers arrayed there, and...hmm. "Well, I see you're all busy - I just wanted to know, could one of you tell me who's teaching Astronomy? I've taken some images on Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. I thought the teacher might want to use them for their coursework. Advanced visual aids and all."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
"Danke," Kurt says to Rogue, and there's another one of those moments where it seems he's about to say more. 'Marie?' 'Sister?' He struggles with getting it out, so he ends it with the word of thanks. In addition, he slides over a piece of apple strudel to her. "I believe it is all right to eat dessert first, but this is mein thanks for giving me a hand. You all can have one, too," he adds to Laxmi and his other assistants, a couple more students.

"Now, we do nicht need to be thinking of fires in the kitchen. That is usually from a cooking mistake, und while we can laugh about it afterward, we do nicht want to burn down the mansion."

He has no answer to give Michael, so he says, "I have forgotten, if I am being honest. A few classes, I can't remember if there has been a change."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets the items down from the cabinets and starts to set them all out. She glances up to Laxmi and shoots her a quick smile before shaking her head, her white bangs waving against the sides of her face. "I haven't checked Amazon lately for a 'Vampires for Dummies' book." She says with a joking tone before her eyes dance over to Atrid. She smiles at him too. "That's me, big sis around here."

Kurt naturally gets a look then and she reaches out to touch his shoulder with a gloved hand. "You're the sweetest, Kurty." She says then as she gathers up her plate with the tasty treat on it, reaching for a fork across the counter, her green eyes look up to Michael.

"I'm not sure, t'be honest. I like t'pretend space doesn't exist..." She says as she jams the fork at the present from Kurt. "Ya better go find Jean and ask her." She says then with a grin toward the Shi'ar man.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Maybe we should make Logan teach it," Laxmi suggests with amusement. There's something amusing about the idea of Logan teaching a science course. She offers Atrid an amused look for his surprise, then turns to Kurt with a grateful smile. "Thank you, Kurt, but I think I'll save mine until after the meal. I wouldn't want to ruin my appetite, after all, not after all your hard work."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Michael stares at Rogue for a long moment. "You know," he says, "I'm starting to think you don't like space, Miss Carlyle." Then he smiles, squinting at the Atrid there. "New students? Well, if there isn't an astronomy teacher, then I suppose I should take the mantle. I might even make it so Miss Carlyle might even like it." Then he casts a wink at the lady with the witchlock, and looks back to the rest. "Well. Take care, everyone. I suppose I should see the headmistress."