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Channel Six Action Ne-AHHH!
Date of Scene: 08 December 2021
Location: New Lots
Synopsis: April O'Neil is accosted by a thug who has been targetting her for weeks now. He and his friends didn't expect a random appearance from a savvy Cajun card thrower though!
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Remy LeBeau

April O'Neil has posed:
It's that time of year again, Christmas shoppers are out in droves...

These are the kind of things April is paid to report on by Channel Six News. She does it cause it gets her exposure, and is her ... or was her .. childhood dream of being on tv. Now, as an adult, April's dreams have shifted some. She's more about her internet presence. But hey, why not dabble in both while you can?

Tonight, she had been at a near by shopping center reporting on the busy season, but she'd wrapped up and told her camera man Vernon that she'd just ride her bike home. 'It's only a few blocks' she told him.

But, taking a short cut, April found herself waylaid by a group of guys in hoodies...

"Nice bike, Miss O'Neil." One of them is saying, having stopped her dead in her tracks. "Maybe we'll finish taking it from you, now that you're without your stupid Spider-friend." One of them says with a light laugh from some of his buddies.

"Come on, guys." April says, still on the bike. "It's the holidays. Lets all just have a bit of cheer and forget about all this dumb crap." She tries to reason with them.

But one of them on her left suddenly reaches out to grab her by the hair and tries to pull her off her bike, causing her to scream!

"Shut her up!" Another one shouts as the one on her right reaches for her mouth!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It was about time Remy LeBeau got back into the thick of it.

He took a moment, before he even left, to see Rogue. Checking in on her and making sure she was still asleep, before he sends a text message to her phone to let her know where he had gone, then he's out of there! For the first time since he returned, he's out of the mansion and into the greater, larger world.

He leaps between rooftops, no doubt using an assortment of his own powers mixed with his knowledge of motion and movement to get around town. "Now then, where's a good place for the Ragin' Cajun to get back to his old tricks...might steal from flowers for cherie." Remy questions the larger universe of fate and chance.

Imagine his surprise when he comes across a classic situation. A lady, who looks rather nice, is finding herself waylaid by a group of guys who likely hold no true gentlemanly values or intentions towards the young lady. With a leap off the building, Remy performs a front flip, and after? Two cards fly from his hand, glowing purple with kinetic energy.

His aim? For them to strike at the man holding April by the hair, with the other going for the one attempting to gag her with their hand. "Gentlemen! Step right up, step right up, the one, the only, Gambit is here to show you all a good time....an' some proper manners for the fairer sex."

April O'Neil has posed:
The two men are both blasted by the cards that are thrown their way. The noise that the glowing cards make when they fly, and explode, catch all the remaining three men off guard too. They watch their two friends get knocked backward on their feet by the bursting energy, before all eyes go to Gambit.

April falls back on to the ground, her bike clattering to the pavement along with her. Gambit is behind her, causing her to look over her shoulder when he makes his personal announcement. She only can barely see him before the three hooded guys all pull out weapons.

"Who is this clown?" One of them asks, his baton unfolding with a snap, as another wields a hunting knife.

"Whoever he is, he should take his fireworks back to the carnival he crawled out of." Another says, cocking a handgun that he raises up to point at Gambit.

April starts to shimmy-crawl backward out of the way as the one who tried to cover her mouth suddenly grabs her and picks her up to use her as a shield, which naturally has her shouting again and trying to kick his shins behind her!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy watches the two men fly and he laughs like a madman, only for all eyes to be on him. He draws a deck of cards from his black duster as he approaches the group of ne'er do wells, and he smiles like a devil in the pale moonlight. "Gentlemen, I recommend we leave the lady out o' this....you see, a classic game for us all to play is called Poker, you hear o' this, yes?" Remy questions them all, and he pulls out the cards, showing all 52 cards in a perfect flourish.

"This many cards shows you all de chances you gon' get out of this alive, and a few o' them where you'll probably die." Remy tells the group then. "Now, I may be out of practice, but we gon' play my favorite game in a minute if you don't let the young lady go about her business on this lovely, safe night....and I warn you, I'm quite the swindler, just ask anyone who knows me."

He folds the deck back into a solitary block of cards, and he starts to shuffle them. "So what'll it be? You let the lady go, or are we playing 52 card pickup?" He questions as the cards start to glow purple, almost like they have been lit alight with purple flame.

A gun is lifted and cocked in his direction. "So we playin'! Don' fear the reaper now, boys, but fear le diable blanc!" Gambit proclaims as he starts to move, shoving the majority of the deck into his coat, while a card is thrown at the gunman, with rather...explosive consequences.

The other two? They meet the face of a staff that elongates into it's full shape, and with a twirl, Gambit goes to strike one of them in the face. "Coulda been home eatin' gumbo!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April continues to struggle in the grasp of the dark hooded man trying to use her as a human shield. She's looking right at Gambit now while he gives his colorful speech to the thugs who don't seem too intimidated...

At least until the cards start to get thrown, and it becomes more obvious that this guy wasn't tossing fireworks around. "He's one'a them. One'a those mutant freaks!" One of the younger sounding guys says as the card gets tossed right at the gun-toting man! A POP goes off from the card, and the gun! A bullet is sent flying up in to the brick wall as the card blasts the weapon out of the man's hand! He clutches his hand, and stumbles backward. "Son of a bitch!" He shouts as his hooded head looks up to Remy with anger strewn across his face.

The second one that Gambit engages gets a crack right to the nose before the third man rushes Remy and tries to slam that telescoping baton at the back of the Cajun's head!

April, meanwhile, fishes her taser out of her yellow leather jacket pocket... she gets it in to hand and reaches it back to ZAP the guy holding her! Right in his crotch! The man shrieks, kicking April forward toward Remy, causing her to stumble right at the Cajun hero!

Remy LeBeau has posed:

The sound from the weapons colliding sounds like a balloon bursting, and Remy is smiling ear to ear at the sound that preceded the dirty curse word that came out of the poor gangster's mouth as he held his hand as he stumbled backwards. "Guns are the tools of cowards, good sir. Honestly, I'm surprised you even had that hand this long. Don' worry though, Gambit's a friendly sort, you'll have that hand back in no time at all."

The second crook gets cracked with his bo staff, even as he's already moving out of the way when a baton is coming for the back of his head, his hand coming up and trying to touch his jacket...which may start to glow purple. "Au Revoir, mon ami." and he tries to kick him in the chest to get distance before an explosion kicks off. It's not nearly potent enough to kill the guy, just enough to make his hair stand on end and give him a reason to perhaps not.

His eyes turn to April, red gaze noticing that the man just got tazed right in the crotch, making Remy wince. "ooo....that gon' last awhile..." He catches April though in his arm with a smile. "Mon ami." He tips his head in a friendly nod to the lady as he tries to move her behind him. "Take care o' yourself now, I'll wrap up with these unsavory types, no?"

April O'Neil has posed:
April does what is expected for a young woman who just gets thrown in to Remy LeBeau's hands. She looks up at him with a SHOCKED expression, but his handsome features and charming accent instantly works on her. At least for a second. She's about to smile, but the realization of whats going on settles in quickly as two more of the thugs rush at them!

April is quickly shuffled behind Gambit as she looks over his shoulder now! "God these guys don't know when to quit!" She says as she steps backward, then crouches to pick up her bike off the ground.

The two rushing Remy, try to take him from either sides, one having a knife and the other a metal trash can lid to block any more explosive cards. "You picked the wrong neighborhood you weirdo southern creep!" The knife wielder shouts as he stabs at Remy!

"Look out!" April shouts too, as the trash can lid one tries to bash Remy like Captain America ... but with a trash can shield!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Bonjour belle."

Remy tells April before she's put behind him so he can cover her escape. Bo staff twirled in his hand, Remy is actually -laughing as these guys seem to be rushing him now in an attempt to put the numbers game on the Cajun. "This kind o' hospitalit would never happen on de Bayou, lemme tell you." He rhymes intentionally to frustrate his opponents, and maybe even his clever ally as well.

One has a knife, so he twirls his staff in a way to try and slap the weapon out of his hand. "My only weakness, small knives! But you know what they say about men wavin' around small knives..." He grins mischievously at the lewd joke he's made, even as the man with the trash can lid is coming at him with a shield bash. Remy lifts his foot to kick off of the shield coming after him, the bash only making him stumble backwards a moment as he reaches for his cards and charges them with a bit more....'oomf'.

"I know a guy who uses a trash can like that! Though, he an American hero, dunno who you supposed to be." he throws three cards simultaneously at the sudden shieldbearer, hopefully knocking him back or making him regret picking up the lid in the first place.

April O'Neil has posed:
April has her bike in hand again, and is once more getting on to the seat as she adjusts her bike helmet atop her head again. She looks to the fight still unfolding before her. "Jesus...." She says at the display of card throwing power, specifically when the three cards blast against that trash can shield, sending the wielder flying back in to the garbage pushed up against the alleyway wall!

A police car flashes its lights and appears at the end of the alleyway, a bright spotlight shining down the alley now, causing April to look back over her shoulder in to the light.

The knife wielding man Remy is fighting gets disarmed, but not before the five guys all get up, one of them shouting 'Cops!" And causing them all to turn tail and run for the other side of the alley!

April looks back to Gambit, seeing the guys running off. "Thank you." April says to him. "Seriously. That one guy with the gun has been harrassing me for weeks now."

Gambit will see two cops coming down the alley now over April's shoulder.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Les laches et leurs jouets..."

Remy spits on the ground as the poor souls start to flee for their lives when the cops show up. Man, they are bold enough to start using creative weaponry on a random guy, mutant or no, but when the cops show up, they run?? Man, criminals are weird. Remy twirls his bo staff until it rests on his shoulders, his arms resting on the ends of the metal staff to create pressure on either end, making it a great place to rest his arms.

He turns when April gets his attention, giving her a smile. "No thanks necessary. 'less you have money." A small pause. "Relax, I kid. It is my pleasure to help. Gambit, at your service." He flourishes a bow, though as he rises, he sees the police over April's shoulder and he gives her a smile. "And that is all for tonight, my adoring audience. I'm afraid I must bid you adieu." He smiles at her as he starts to move at a run, slamming the but of his staff into the ground and channelling kinetic energy through it, giving him quite the vaulting leverage and force to launch him into the air until he lands on a rooftop.

Even the dealer has his tricks, but one thing these criminals never remember?

The house always wins.