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Morgan Visits Diana's Office
Date of Scene: 13 December 2021
Location: Diana's Office: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Diana, Cassie, and Morgan eat ice cream and banter. There are few better companions to ice than banter!
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Diana Prince, Cassie Sandsmark

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan was training with some of the warriors a short while ago. He did remarkably well again multiple opponents. His combat prowess is improving by the day. But still...it was rough. He took a beating. As the training progresses, things getting more difficult and failures are punished more harshly. When Ferdinand saw Morgan's condition he immediately made the kid a huge banana split. Of course, by the time Ferdinand finished making the sundae, Morgan's wounds were basically almost entirely healed. But still, he got ice cream out of it.

The teen enters Diana's office triumphantly carrying his prize, taking bites with a long-handled sundae spoon. The crystal bowl is worth more than everything Morgan has ever owned in his entire life put together before he met Diana. "Hi, Diana!" Morgan says energetically. He's always happy to see Diana.

Diana Prince has posed:
The Princess had returned from the Hall of Justice just a little while ago. She now stands in front of the display where her armor rests beneath some golden glowing lights. It gives the set a nice ambient decoration appeal to the rest of the office. The Princess turns to look at the young Morgan when he strides in with his ice cream. She smiles at the sight.

"Well that looks delicious." She says with a happy tone to her Themysciran accented English. Wearing casual clothing of denim jeans and a black shirt with a red zip-hoodie on the Princess seems very relaxed in the moment.

"How did your training go this evening?" She asks as she steps away from the armor display and toward the sofa in the office. "Did Adrastea and Galatea go easy on you?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen flops down in a chair. He is really getting more and more comfortable around here by the day. "Psh. No," Morgan replies, shoveling a quantity of ice cream in his mouth that only a teenage metabolism can deal with. "Mthey beamt the he'h outta me!" he tries saying with a full mouth. He wipes the back of his hand across his mouth. "But I got some shots in!" That's a big improvement, his willingness to actually hit someone else with force. It likely took many sessions to get him across that psychological barrier.

He chin-flicks toward Diana's armor. "Were you on a mission?" he asks more seriously. Work is a subject he never makes light of. Not ever.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana leans back in the sofa and crosses her legs as she just relaxes for the time being. She shows a quick smile at the young man, before tilting her head. "The training is starting to take effect then. It becomes just part of the process. Do not think, just act." She gives another quick smile then before her eyes glance over to the armor that has been cleaned and gleams beneath the light.

"Yes. Some what." She responds at his question as her eyes go back over to him. "We had a meeting at the Hall of Justice that went a little ... poorly. The person we believed we were meeting turned out to be an imposter. He... got aggressive. We chased him off though, and captured one of his friends. So. We will try to track him down and see that this absurdity comes to an end..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan listens intently. He always listens intently when missions are being discussed. "I wish I could be of help," Morgan murmurs lightly. "I stay in this beautiful place and use your generous hospitality. I know I'm capable of more." He draws in a long, slow breath and exhales. He pushes some ice cream around the bowl with the spoon a bit half-heartedly. "I can't explain it, Diana," the teen says, looking up at her directly. "There's something inside of me that screams that I should be doing more. It's almost like another person in my body." He is, of course, the son of a god, and that blood courses through him and pushes him to rise above a mortal station.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana uncrosses her legs then and leans forward to put her elbows on her knees as her hands press palm to palm. She looks over the coffee table at the chair that he is seated in. "Morgan." She says in her soothing voice. "You are doing something." She tells him. She nods her head at him once.

"You are preparing. Your training is you preparing to step out in to this world... of Faux Wizards pretending to be a friend, when they are truly a villain. You are training, just as I did, just as my sisters have..."

She shows a quick smile then. "Do not take short cuts to get to the finish line. Run the race, win the day, reap the rewards. Focus on your goals in the now... not what comes later."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is sitting on a chair with a partially eaten, massive banana split in a crystal bowl that essentially has Ferdinand's signature all over it. And it's no secret that he as Morgan have been thick as thieves lately. The two are practically inseparable. He pushes some ice cream around with the spoon. "I know you're right. But it's all been battle. Just day after day of battle. And I hate it so much, hitting people with weapons and bringing them pain." He shakes his head. "I rather they hit me. It's better that way." But he does find a smile. "I won't fail at this, Diana. I just...I just won't fail at it."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Footsteps come echoing down the hallway outside Diana's office, as well as a... musical accompaniment? A hummed tune, a lyrical fragment here and there. Cassie comes into view in front of the partly-open door a few moments later, gigantic headphones having joined her usual (WW merch-heavy) wardrobe. She's bopping her head, and looks totally disconnected from the world.

Is she singing the alphabet? That's... a little childish. She raises her voice:

"F-" But then she gets to the door, and stops, mid-stride and mid-lyric (it's for the best).

"Oh hey Di. Didn't know you were back yet." And then, finally, she tilts her head allll the way to one side to peer at the fact that there's someone unfamiliar sitting there in her office. To the person: "Yo."

Then, back to Di, pointedly: "Who dis?"

And back again to Morgan, paying more attention to what he's holding than the fact he's there in the first place. "Oh, there's ice cream?" Technically, there's probably always ice cream. It's Diana's favorite food group. But, obviously she means the fact that Ferdinand is handing out goodies. "... imma be right back."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is about to respond to Morgan when she stops and looks up to the door before Cassie even arrives. She smiles at the sight of the young blonde gracing the doorway and then looks from her to Morgan and back again. "This is Morgan. He's staying here for the holiday break from Happy Harbor." She says as she motions to Cassie. "This is Cassandra Sandsmark. Or... Wonder Girl as the media has dubbed her." Diana shows a smile then as she exchanges their intros.

When Cassie rushes off to get a bit of ice cream, Diana calls out. "I'll take one too!" She says before settling back in the sofa again and placing her hands atop her denim covered thighs. A quick smile goes to Morgan.

"You are doing great, Morgan. So remind yourself of that. Take pride in it. Enjoy the here and now, while it lasts."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Blonde-Girl comes swooping in and then back out again so quickly, it makes Morgan laugh. "Hi. Bye." he says playfully.

"I will," he says to Diana. "Gods know that I know how fast things can go away. In a blink." Somber boy is somber, it seems. But he has an awesome sundae in his hands so he starts to down some more of that. It was a massive bowl, it must be 1,800 calories or more worth of banana split. Fortunately, Morgan almost never sits still. He'll burn that off in no time. "Wonder Girl? Cool. Is she part of your family?" Morgan narrows his eyes in thought for a moment. "How come I never heard of a Wonder Boy?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Sure thing, boss." The last said with a bit of cheeky sarcasm.

And then... Cassie zooms off! Literally. Woosh! She vanishes in a snap, leaving a brief gust as displaced air rushes into her former position. Superpowers are definitely for getting dessert. Still, despite however fast she manages to cross the Embassy to the kitchens, it probably takes Ferdinand a moment to grab a couple more bowls. Tap tap tap, and...

... zoom! It's a bit of a skidding stop, sneakers on carpet, as Cassie comes to a stop in front of the office doors for the second time. She's proudly holding two bowls, each with a spoon sticking out. There's less haste in the last leg, though, as she ambles across to hold out a bowl for Diana before finally grabbing the spoon out of hers to dig up a bite.

"Thas' me," she answers Morgan, talking around a spoonful in an eerily similar fashion. "Family?" She tilts her head. It's true in a variety of ways, but how the two of them actually define it? That leaves her thinking.

The answer she goes with? "Kinda, yeah. I'm her partner!" Then she frowns a little. "Why does evveryone always seem surprised you have a sidekick?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana hears the questions from Morgan, which makes her smile. She looks over to the book cases to her left and motions toward some of the framed photos sitting on one of the shelves. "That picture there in the middle. It shows all the original Wonder Men." She says as she looks back to Morgan and smiles warmly. "It was taken a very long time ago though, and there have been none since." The photo is clearly from the early 1900s and has Diana standing in the center of a group of soldier-types on what looks like a battlefield from a World War. "The newspaper, from back then, labeled our group as such, with one small reference to a Wonder Woman. This is where the name originated from. It was picked up by our media today, when I became a public figure. So..." She's about to answer him when Cassie comes back.

This garners a smile from her, and she accepts her bowl of ice cream with a quiet 'Thank you' to the young girl.

"Sidekick is a less than desirable word, I believe." She comments as she takes up her spoon. "But, it works in this case, I suppose." And she dives in to the cold treat!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan quirks a half-grin at Cassie. "Nice t'meet ya," he says as he stands up to move toward the pictures. "Morgan Finn," he says in way of identification. It's possible Cassie has heard the name. Wonder Woman rescued him from a League of Assassins kidnap attempt that left him orphaned in 2019.

He moves to the pictures and studies them carefully, silently. It's obvious there is a bit of reverence there. He turns back to the group, moving sit return to his seat. But before he gets there, one of those reflexive, almost-violent yawns that sometimes comes on a person without warning or control escapes from him. He did, after all, spend the day getting the shit beat out of him in combat training.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Also the Amazons don't usually train dudes," is Cassie's more... to the point explanation, tacked on after Diana's, with a somewhat smirk-y grin.

"Or, you know, let them leave the island alive." She makes the classic finger across the throat motion. By now, though, it's pretty obvious she's being exaggeratedly sinister, perhaps just to mess with the new guy a little. The grin never quite goes away. "So that'd make it pretty hard to train one. You revising the policy?" The last is directed back at Diana, of course, the younger woman's gaze following Morgan over to the picture before turning back toward her mentor.

"I don't mind it," she says, of her 'sidekick' title. She's a fangirl first, after all! And actual experience in the role hasn't seemingly dulled her enthusiasm for sharing any part of the Wonder-mantle.

"Anyway, I guess since we've been allowing a lot more people to come and train now though, MAAAAAAAYBE it's something to consider," she finally allows, while feigning a sort of dubious scrutiny. "Looks like they wore him out, though. Sure this one's got the stamina?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana dabs around at her ice cream before she looks up at Morgan. She smiles at him and his yawn. "You should go rest." She tells him before she looks over to Cassie. "He has already begun his training." She tells her sidekick as she puts a spoonful of ice cream inher mouth and then looks back down at her dish.

"Old rules are meant to be refined, and refurbished. We strive toward something better, and new, every day." She then looks back to Cassie.

"He has origins similar to our own. So... if we can do it... I imagine he can as well." She says happily as she leans over to bump shoulders with Cassie.

To Morgan then, Diana smiles. "Sleep well, and maybe Cassandra here will join you for some training soon too..."