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A Jet of Wonder
Date of Scene: 15 December 2021
Location: Roof: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Diana and Morgan take the Invisible Jet mk2 out for a spin in air and space!
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Morgan Finn

Diana Prince has posed:
With Morgan coming by the Embassy more, needing a place to stay for Winter Break no less, he has gotten to go on a bit of a whirlwind tour of the Wonder lifestyle. Today is going to be one of those such events. Diana had called for the young man to be brought up to the roof, and thusly a Embassy intern found Morgan downstairs and did just so.

Diana stands atop the fully decked out roof of the embassy, just outside of the sitting lounge that is glassed-in on all sides with large windows and double doors that open out on to the roof outdoor area.

The Princess stands in her dark blue Eagle cloak with it draped around her form. Her dark hair is tied back in to a small pony tail at her shoulder level, with her bangs loose to gently sway in the winds outside. The robe sways about her form as well, revealing hints of her armored form beneath it.

When Morgan is brought upstairs, the Princess smiles and nods to him. "Having a good day?" She asks in a pleasant voice.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan was...you guessed it...in the kitchen with Ferdinand. Thick as thieves, those two. A genuine bond has been forming. It also has practical applications because the teen has taken to cooking with much more success than he has taken to hand-to-hand combat.

When he arrives at the roof he just stops for a beat to admire Diana in her robe and armor. I mean, can we be honest here? She looks magnificent. A sunrise smile blooms over his features. He may be just a young demigod, but he comes from a line of healers and empaths and soothers. When he looks at someone -- really /looks/ as them -- it's palpable.

"Hi, Diana," he says, tugging his jacket closed and zipping it up. It's cold up here in December. "Are you gonna fight me on the roof?" he asks, though his tone indicates jocularity. "I could prolly survive the fall, though it wouldn't fun for a few hours while my body puts itself back together."

Diana Prince has posed:
A light laugh comes from the Princess at his question. She shakes her head back at it in response. "No. I am not. Well. Probably not." She adds a quick smirk to him before she extends a hand out from under the Eagle cloak. "Come here." She says then as she starts to turn to face the railing that overlooks the courtyard. "I wanted to show you something. I would think it is something you should get used to, since you are choosing to go down the path that you are now."

When he joins her at the railing, he won't immediately see anything of stand-out significance beyond the nice view of the courtyard a few floors down.

What he might notice is that the railing opens up just to the left of where they stand, and there's a small lip / balcony without any railing on it at all, like a statue might belong there... where none resides.

"Have you done much flying in your life?" She asks him then. "Any travels at all?" The Princess asks as she looks over at him.

Morgan Finn has posed:
If he was smiling before, when Diana invites Morgan to come closer he positively /beams/. He immediately joins Diana at the edge of the roof with complete and total trust. "I never been anywhere. I mean, until I met you I never left Hell's Kitchen I don't think."

The teen peers over the railing trying to understand why Diana is showing him this view of absolutely nothing. He peers up at the tall princess. "What's going on, Diana?"

Diana Prince has posed:
The response that he gives her has Diana gently nodding in acknowledgement. "Well, we do quite a lot of flying around here. So it would seem that it's something you might need a bit of experience in as well." She calmly responds as she looks over at him, then out across the courtyard to the other side of the embassy roof.

Without any preamble the sky above the courtyard, and right before their eyes, suddenly begins to shimmer as a object fades in to view. It's like a cloud-hued spike that has a soft gleam to it like a matted metal. IT's huge too, spanning the width of the Embassy with a pointed spike nose and a wide aft section that has dipping wings on either side.

It's a known element that Diana, or Wonder Woman, has an Invisible Jet, and there are even some photos of it out of its visible running mode... and this is precisely what Morgan finds himself seeing here this afternoon.

"It is created by my will. Powered by a gift from another world's leaders. I choose this shape for it most commonly, as I find myself needing a way to transport others easily. It can, however, take many other shapes... but... I do ultimately prefer this one." She says as she looks over and down to his face, and smiles at him.

"Feel like going on a ride?" She asks then as the ramp from the Jet's underbelly lowers down silently and toward that railless platform where it all suddenly makes sense as to why that platform is even there.

Morgan Finn has posed:
As the jet begins the process of materializing, both of Morgan's hands come up to his mouth. He stares wide-eyed in one part fascination and one part astonishment. "...fuck..." he murmurs under his breath. He likely has no idea that the profanity slipped from his lips as he stares at the jet.

He immediately looks up at Diana. "Yer gonna take me for a ride in that?" he says. Oddly, his face is wrought with anguish, a total 180-degree mood change in an instant. "No no no no," he says, shaking his head and stepping backwards away from Diana. "No no, I don't deserve this. I don't deserve all of this. Why are you doing this?"

Diana Prince has posed:
This reaction wasn't entirely what Diana had expected. Some nervousness? Sure. But denial of the chance for lack of self worth? Not really.

She turns to face him as he backs up. She stares at him as he voices his thoughts on the whole idea.

"Morgan." Diana says. "Of course you deserve to be here, to have a chance to do this. You are a good person. Who is trying to build a life of helping others. This is part of my world, and I wanted to let you have a chance to experience it."

She shows a smile then at him. "But. I wouldnt ask you too if you didn't really wish to." She nods her head once then. "So the choice is yours, of course."

Morgan Finn has posed:
The kid looks at the plane. Then he looks at Diana. Then he looks at the plane. Then he looks at Diana. He looks up at the sky. "I think I got a D on my 20th Century World History mid-term," he blurts out for some reason. He's just emotionally flailing around right now. Then he looks back at Diana. "I learned how to make pizza today." A shrug of one shoulder. "It was easier than I thought it would...it would be. But Ferdinand makes everything look easy."

Morgan swallows and walks back to the railing, closer to the Amazonian Princess. The winter wind blows his already-insubordinate hair around crazily, and the cold has made his cheeks and the tip of his nose a little red. When he speaks, his breath feathers out into the air. He whispers barely audibly, "The secret is to let the...the dough rest." A small tear wells up at the corner of one eyes and freezes in the cold.

Diana Prince has posed:
The Princess turns back to the railing when he does. She raises her leather wrapped hands up to rest upon the stone surface of it, spreading her blue robe open gently in front of her as she does this. Her eyes go out to the Jet, just silently hovering there completely stationary in mid air. His words, however, draw her eyes back over and down to him. She has a smile on her red hued lips, as her dark bangs gently whip about in the cold winds flowing around them.

"That sounds delicious." She says to him then. "Is that what is on the menu for tonight then?" She inquires next. "You and Ferdi have been at quite a lot of cooking. Perhaps we should make some food for a local homeless shelter to take and pass out too?" She asks, completely not talking about the huge big pretty cloud-hued Jet just lingering there in front of them.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Oh, that was a /perfect/ thing to say. Morgan looks up at the Amazon with a soft smile. Doing good for others. That really is his bliss. "We could do that?" he asks. "My mom and me would sometimes go to a soup kitchen for food. I always loved it when they served American goulash. All that melty cheese and the elbow macaroni and the hamburger." He lets out a long, slow breath that condenses in the cold air and seems to float on and on and on. Another whisper: "My mom loved American goulash."

He just lets that thought be that, and stands quietly for several moments just enjoying the closeness of the woman who saved his life. Just when it seems like he's not going to talk anymore, and perhaps Diana was getting ready to fill the silence, he says very softly, "I'd like to fly in your plane, please, if that's okay."

Diana Prince has posed:
The comments about him and his mother has Diana smiling softly at the thought of it all. She looks over at him when he speaks of the soup that she liked the most. She doesn't comment on it though, as it didn't seem to be a thing he wanted a response to. Just a little tidbit of shared information between them.

At his last tentative request to fly on the Jet, Diana nods her head justly so, and just one time. "Okay." She says then.

Within moments after that and the Princess is moving up the open ramp of the Jet and toward the light interior within. Her dark blue Eagle robe flows around her as she steps up the ramp toward that interior. Once she reaches the top, her cloak falls more still as she looks back at him. Then she heads on inside.

The interior of the Jet is white and clean. It has a living-room type setup of furniture and a sitting area in the main passenger compartment. But the main draw is that the walls and floors are partially see-thru to the world outside. a curved archway leads in to a two seater cockpit with brightly glowing holographic displays and a perfectly visible exterior before the two would-be pilots to see everything before the Jet itself. It is spacious and artistic in its curves and design, like a true cloud itself.

Morgan Finn has posed:
This...this is one of those moments in life and young though he may be, Morgan seems to realize it. He accepts but does not clutch the gift given to him. He cautiously walks up the ramp, looking at every detail with reverence. When he gets inside the vehicle and see outside the last vestiges of his earlier sourness melt away, chased from the cabin by his bright smile. "This is amazing. I just can't with this." He runs the soft fingertips of one hand along the upholstery, marveling at its feel.

"Are you a god, Diana?" Morgan asks the Amazon. "You made this plane just by willing it to be? That's incredible."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana stands within the center of the passenger area. She watches his reaction and just softly smiles at it. The question that he asks just gets her to laugh a little then. "Not exactly how it came to be. When I first left Themyscira, I was not aware that flying on my own was something I could even do. It was decades later that I discovered that power within me. Prior to that... a friend gifted me a project that he was working on. It was a man-made jet that had the ability to refract light and cloak itself in invisibility. It allowed me to travel between countries on a whim, landing at the airfields of people who I knew and trusted. But... later I learned to fly on my own. It wasn't until the early two-thousands that a distress beacon alerted me to an alien space craft that had landed in emergency in Antarctica..."

Diana turns and starts to walk to the cockpit of the Jet.

"When I arrived to check on that distress call. I found a small conflict taking place. A Princess from another world was being attacked by members of her own government. It was a coup to overthrow their throne. I... intervened and stopped the assassination. As a thank you, their people gave me the 'disc' that allows this Jet to exist as a manifestation of my will." Diana then turns one of the chairs around and lowers herself down in to it, back straight and seated on the edge with her hands upon the top of her thighs. "It is complicated. Admittedly. But... this is the second generation 'Invisible Jet' so to speak."

Morgan Finn has posed:
"You have such adventures," Morgan says after listening, riveted to Diana's story. He stops at the door to the cockpit, standing there respectfully. His eyes scan the controls and holographic displays. "Do you...do you have the ability to fly through the air on your own, like Superman flies?" he asks, canting his head slightly to one side.

He leans casually against the door frame to the cockpit, sliding his hands into his front pants pockets, and rests the side of his head against the door frame.

Diana Prince has posed:
"I do!" Diana responds with a quick smile. "I use it quite a lot, especially for short range trips and patrols around the cities." She elaborates before she glances to the controls as well. She motions to the chair beside her. "Would you like to have a seat?" She asks then as her own chair is turned to face the controls. The sun shines in from outside, bathing over the cockpit interior. Diana's hair gleams in the sun as she motions then to the controlboard and the flight-controls manifest out from within it. The Princess then looks up and outside of the Jet toward the city skyline. "This vehicle does not operate on Earth's gravity. It generates its own gravitational field with which it propels itself. This makes flight within it very smooth, very quick if needs be. So quick that we could, in theory, travel to other star systems in short order. Though... I never have used it for that. I guess I prefer home." She smiles over at him then.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The moment Diana invites him to sit in the cockpit Morgan quickly gets in the other seat like he was just hoping she would allow it. For a moment, he's 10 years old again, sitting there gleefully as he looks over all of the displays. Demigods. Their moods just rocket all over the damned place, it seems.

Morgan peers up at Diana. He's practically /shaking/ right now. "Could we..." He licks dry, nervous lips. "...could we go up into space?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks over at him as he settles in beside her. His nervous, anxious, demeanor has her grinning openly before his question earns a single nod from her. "Absolutely." She says back to him before her eyes go forward. "It is a very common occurance, as we travel back and forth from the Moon base." She casually relays before she initiates the Engines of the Jet and it begins to pull away from the building.

The Embassy roof begins to lower, along with the rest of the world, as the Jet rises smooth as ice in to the air higher and higher, more and more of the City being visible outside the forward view port. It's a pure unhindered view of the world beyond the Jet... The Hudson River and New Jersey visible beyond the city. Central Park sprawling out and southward in the heart of Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty off in the distance past Diana's left.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is pressed up against the sides of the cockpit trying to get the best view possible. "There's the Statue of Liberty!" he exclaims excitedly. "There's Central Park! The Empire State Building. Oh look Diana, there's...." He trails off suddenly and is completely quiet. Slowly he turns in his seat to look /directly/ at Diana, his jaw practically hanging off his face. "Did you...did you just say there is a MOON BASE?" He just sits there staring at Diana with a you-gotta-be-shitting-me expression on his face.

Diana Prince has posed:
The youthful exuberance expressed by Morgan has Diana laughing softly again. "Yes." She replies, her eyes on the display screens in front of their chairs, their light-blue interfaces showing all manner of things that might look entirely unknown to Morgan. "It is a bit out of our way today. But we could go there soon." She says with a glance over at him.

Diana's right hand raises up and she motions at the screen that is showing the city and the area around it. "This display shows all airborne traffic right now, with their dedicated routes on display as well. This will let you know where you can travel safely so as not to disrupt any commercial air traffic." She notes as there are visible little models of planes and helicopters that are out right now operating in the skies above New York and its nearby waters.

Diana angles the Jet to the west and it begins to fly forward. The city zips underneath it now as the horizon ahead begins to grow closer!

Morgan Finn has posed:
A kid could do worse than have his first time flying be in Wonder frickin' Woman's invisible frickin' jet. Morgan pulls his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around his shins. His chin is resting on one of his knees. "This is amazing, the life you live. You're truly a hero, Diana. You live larger than life. People...people pin their hopes on you. They trust you to keep them safe. They count on you to protect them." He shrugs a bit, peering out ahead as the jet moves through the air. "And they're correct." He glances over to her and offers a warm smile. "Thank you."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana smiles at his words as she guides the Jet out of the city airspace and out toward more rural countrside. She spares a glance back at him and just smiles happily. Her eyes go forward then as she keeps focus on the course ahead. "Do not get too comfortable." Diana tells him. "Because you get to fly us home..." She notes as her eyes go down to the display screens where she taps on the air of one to make a blue button on the holo screen turn bright green.

"But before you get all nervous... There is an A.I. element to this vehicle as well. It will always help protect you, should you need it..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
NOW you're talkin'! Morgan puts his feet back on the ground and sits up straight. At the suggestion of him flying the jet he gets a goofy grin on his face, like a boy having his first kiss. "Oh man, that is awesome," is all he can manage. He sits in the co-pilot seat -- that's right, Morgan, you're the co-pilot of the invisible jet right now! -- staring out at the scenery. "Have you ever had to...had to fight in this? Like a fighter jet?" He peers inquisitively at Diana like maybe he's not sure what he hopes the answer to that is.

Diana Prince has posed:
"I have." Diana replies to him as she motions to another one of the screens, on her left. "This is the threat analysis display. If you must go in to combat, it will provide you with all the details of the enemies, and potential enemies, that you might want to engage with. the weapon systems operate with a advanced plasma thrower that can rapidly fire bursts at your targets, in both fixed and turret capacities." She notes as she glances over at him.

She smiles quickly then. "But, lets not rush in to a fight today, no?"

Her eyes go forward again and the Jet begins to rise up in to a thick cloud bank. Soon they burst through it and are above the clouds. The white puffy sea looking like a new type of ground surface as the Jet has nothing but blue above it now, and the sun off in the distance...

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen nodnods at Diana's suggestion of avoiding a fight. "Yes, please," he says. But she is momentarily forgotten as the plane crests the cloud canopy. Morgan presses up against the side of the cockpit again, looking out over the majestic wonder. "If everybody could just see how beautiful everything is from here, maybe they'd stop fighting with each other." The soul of a young poet.

"Those white puffy clouds are cumulonimbus. They bring rain." He points excitedly. "Those streaky clouds are cirrus clouds. They're made out of ice crystals." Apparently someone picks up more from school than he lets on.

Diana Prince has posed:
"Correct on all counts." Diana says with a smile over at him. Her eyes dart to another display screen then as she motions to it. "Your weather maps are here. They will show you the ongoing systems around all of Earth, as well as give forecasts for the rest of the day. You can tap the screen to zoom in on a region, or spread your fingers to zoom back out from it." She demonstrates this before her eyes go back to the sky beyond.

The blue grows deeper and darker before it just suddenly turns in to a much... much different sight.

Space. The corona of Earth all around them below the Jet, and the deep black sea of space beyond and above.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Yeah. There are...no words. None. Morgan is simply incapable of speech. Never in all of his imaginings growing up did he ever think that a poor kid from the Kitchen could ever do this. He sits there peering out at, well, at /space/. Billionaires pay huge amounts of money for just a few minutes up here. With moist, emotional eyes he just...simply...stares. Finally, after a few minutes, he reaches out and rests one hand on Diana's forearm. It's all he can do to express himself right now.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks over when she feels the hand on her armored forearm. She grins at him then before she looks back to space. "Here we are..." She says next as her hand motions to another display. "Here is the satellite report... similar to the air traffic report. But it also includes space debris. It is unlikely that any of the debris could harm the Jet, but it is best to avoid clipping any of it, and altering its trajectory. Sometimes I do fire the weapons at some of the pieces just to clear the road a bit... so to speak." She glances over at him.

"But don't tell anyone that." She flashes another grin at the young man. "Would you like to take over now?" She inquires next.

Morgan Finn has posed:
A giggle -- yeah, that's right, a giggle, what of it? -- escapes from Morgan when Diana reveals her 'secret.' He withdraws his hand. "I won't tell anyone," he says soberly. "I swear." One eyebrow cocks up and he looks hopefully at Diana. "Can we shoot one now?" he asks. And when she asks if he's ready to take over? Oh my, yes. He licks his lips and sits bolt upright. "What do I do?" He's literally giddy with excitement right now.

Diana Prince has posed:
"We will save that for another day." She says of firing on some of the space trash floating around Earth. AS she gets further out in space with the Jet's propulsion carrying them along, the vehicle comes to a slower pace and Diana pushes the controls over to him. They glide silently across the dash and are now in front of him.

Diana looks to him. "This will control your pitch and yaw, this will control your rotation. The throttles are on the sides of the sticks. Just use your thumbs to glide them up and then back down. Up for more speed and down for less. The Jet has a keen sense of understanding the ultimate speed you are desiring though, so do not fear overdoing it. The A.I. system is well aware of us." She says with a smile.

Her hand then motions to one of the screens. "These green routes are safe to travel within. The indicator in the middle is us... so all you have to do is fly within the green... and go where you wish to go. So to speak."

Morgan Finn has posed:
With a grin, Morgan licks his lips and takes the controls. There is literally nothing in his life he has done that is cooler than this. Nothing. Ever. He looks to Diana with a broad smile, then back to the screen. He's not particularly good at this -- I mean, go figure -- and the movements of the jet are a little bit choppy, but the AI quickly realizes that a novice is at the controls and compensates.

"Hang on!" he says, glancing again at Diana. He pushes deep on the throttle, bringing the craft into a considerably faster speed. A few times he loses control and starts heading toward a red zone, but the AI gently eases the jet back to safe space. He can tell the computer has taken over and he frowns, a little frustrated at himself for his failure. But he's not one to give up. He keeps at it over several iterations, and each time he gets a little better and a little better.

It's the same with cooking. He takes to it with skill and natural aptitude. This might all come full circle to his combat training, which is not going nearly as well. To be sure, Morgan is improving in that area, but it's slow. But it can be seen that he has skill and determination and willpower, it's just the psychological barrier of striking another creature that is holding him back.

But back to, you know, SPACE...the teen is thrilled with the experience and within 10 or 15 minutes, he is already showing marked improvement and the AI has to compensate less and less.

Diana Prince has posed:
As Morgan flies, Diana simply sits and observes. Her eyes do sweep between the monitors, and she does glance at the Justice League ticker that is posting messages from the various members on a team-chat style interface, that Morgan might even notice a few recognizable names as the status updates tick across the feed.

"You are doing wonderfully." Diana says then to him as her eyes go up toward space itself. "Look there..." She says motioning to the left and down some. "That is the International Space Station." She says with a smile over at him. "We would do wise to avoid it by quite some distance." She says with another little grin.

"When you're ready..." Diana motions to the paths. "This path will guide us back to New York..." She says, speaking of one of the green tunnels that leads back toward Earth.

"There are more advanced flight abilities. But we can go in to those more another day."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Although he's doing well, Morgan is (obviously) an inexperienced pilot. So he lets go of the controls completely so he can look up and see the space station. "Amazing," he murmurs, speaking for the first time in several minutes. It seems we've found a way to shut the chatty kid up! Luckily, the AI senses the lack of input and keeps the craft steady.

"Oh shit," he says, realizing his hands left the control. Then he looks at Diana as he becomes aware that he let some profanity slide. "Sorry," he murmurs, ears turning a bit red. He starts to turn the craft around, following the flight path, heading for home. Or what now passes as home for this orphaned demigod. He's just smiling, appreciating the experience.