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Huff and Puff and...
Date of Scene: 01 April 2020
Location: Front Yard (Xavier's School)
Synopsis: Carol comes to the mansion for a bit of a reckoning that looks like it all actually work out in the end with Rogue and help.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gabby Kinney, Wanda Maximoff

Carol Danvers has posed:
It is a pretty normal late afternoon day on the Xavier's campus on 1407 Greymalkin Lane in beautiful picturesque Westerchester County. It is a bit chilly with the high struggling for 50 degrees today and not quite hitting it, but Spring is officially here according to a groundhog in Punxsutawney at least.

Carol stares at the gate and the sign on the stonework. "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngesters... .. .. Well this is a thing." she doesn't bother ringing any intercom though she just glances to make sure there is no traffic then hops up and over the gate before starting a slow leisurely stroll up the long, long driveway into view of the school. "Wow okay this.. this is old money and ridiculous gold coast antics." she notes to herself taking it all in.

She isn't hiding her approach to the mansion at all and she is giving plenty of time for any security or people to notice her walking steady with an air of inevitability. There also isn't a Helicarrier parked overhead or dozens of black sedans or SUVs. It just seems to be her.

Just a blond lady with a very famous face wearing an aviator jacket, jeans, an AC/DC band t-shirt, and notably gloves. Perhaps it is because of the cold, or maybe she remembers an earlier lesson.

For those psychics, well she did kick the Supreme Intelligence out of her head so it isn't easy bait, but she isn't guarding surface thoughts. There is a an intense level of determination and focus on finding Rogue and Jean Grey.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean Grey had just finished her last class, and was looking forward to a nice peaceful evening of studying for some of her own psychiatric exams with her own doctoral studies. Then she hears the nagging hint of someone thinking rather intently about her. Which is just about when her phone chirps an alert. Checking the phone, she pulls up the camera views, and...

First, Jean says, "Oh ####."

Second, she sends out a telepathic briefing to all the faculty, letting them know that Carol Danvers is here, and she doesn't look violent... but she's not really happy either. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out //why// either.

For Jean herself, she quickly telekinetically rearranges her clothing into her uniform, flying out towards the front door as she tries not to look nervous. But, well, she does.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isn't in the front yard, she IS in the backyard however. She's standing by the fence around the basketball court and she's got her gloved hands up on the chain link staring in to it watching some of the kids play basketball. She occassionally whistles at one of them now and then just to tease them or try to distract them while replying to different quips or comments made by some of the players on the court... she's flirting, it's what she does.

Not apart of the faculty, so she's oblivious to who is arriving and strolling down the drive out front on the other side of the house.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Watch out! Gang way! Excuse meeee!"

Part of Xaviers driveway looped around so a car could pull in and then circle back to the main drive without having to turn around. It was rather helpful, but it also meant part of the driveway was partially out of sight. It's down this split path that a figure comes barreling at top speeds with arms outstretched in front of her. Gabby, on rollerskates, attempting to learn how to actually use them.

Stopping was not something she was good at yet. Apparently.

And she was going right. Toward. Carol.

Carol Danvers has posed:
WEll the sign on the front gate did say Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters after all. Though to be critical a moment this particular skating disaster on a collision course for Carol on rollerskates does not very gifted.

At least not at rollerskating.

Almost like Carol knew it was coming before a collision cold happen, because she did, the impossibly still looking twenty something lady sidesteps at the last possible moment and then reaches out very fast and scruffs Gabby by her hoodie catching her before she goes tumbling onto the pavement or onto the grass, maybe the fountain. Hard to say what would happen at the girl's current track.

She doesn't really seem to notice the weight, a whole 95lbs of danging teenager, that she has by the Hoodie but she does ask mildly "I'm here to see Jean Grey or Rogue, do you know where I can find them?"

Which is likely when Jean comes out to the sight of her in possession of Gabby.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean senses a few surface thoughts about Carol, at least enough to know she's not necessarily thinking about the X-Men. So, she goes for the subtle approach, rearranging her clothing back to a normal and rather modest skirt and blouse, forest green in hue.

Then she steps out and sees Carol holding Gabby by the scruff of her neck. To which it's probably a good thing that it was Jean and not, say, Laura or Logan. Though Jean does send a telepathic message to Rogue, <<Carol Danvers is out front, she doesn't seem hostile yet... just determined.>>

Aloud, the redhead says, "Excuse me, can I help you with something?" She plays it low key for now, stepping out on the walk and striding over towards Carol and Gabby, "Aside from asking you to put the child /down/, that is?" She definitely has mastered the Strict Schoolteacher tone, as she looks rather stern.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is shouting something back at one of the boys on the court when that mental message just pops into her head like a sudden PA announcement. She recognizes Jean's voice isntantly thought and it makes her facial expression go from silly fun time mood to suddenly and obviously serious. The boys on the court look over to say something to Rogue but find that she's just completely not there anymore, gone without a trace. 'What the hell?' one of them says before they all go back to playing.

Then up in the sky above the school, Rogue floats, visibly above the middle of the building and staring down at the driveway where she can see Carol and Gabby.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney practically swings her feet forward whe Carol grabs hold of her by the back of her hoodie. She literally dangles there breathing a sigh of relief that she was caught rather than crashing into Carol or otherwise ending up in the shrubbery. Which judging by the dent in them, and the fact that there were a few twigs in the hood of her jacket, meant she might have done this a time or two already.

"Thanks! I'm not good at stopping yet but Illyana wanted me to learn how to do roller derby with her and I--" It's here she turns her head to glance at Carol with a grin

It falters as her eyes widen. Maybe it was the mention of Jean and Rogue. Or maybe...

"OHmygosh you're Captain Marvel! I mean Captain Carol Danvers!" Her voice pitches to a little bit of a delighted squeal, and she clutches her hands to her chin with delight. "I'm Gabby it's so great to meet you! My call sign is 'Dropbear'!"

Wait, how the hell does she have a flight call sign? Nevermind. Plus she's still dangling there.

"Oh, Jean's right over there," she points out gesturing toward the redhead coming their way.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol looks down at the dangling talkative young teen, she has no idea who Ilyana is and now the young woman is doing the fan girl squeal Carol has definitely encountered before. There is a chuckle and she carefully lowers her back down onto her wheels "Steady now." she notes then adds "Dropbear huh, I hear they are really dangerous in Australia.. good callsign."

She looks up at the stern school teacher vibing young woman. She seems absolutely positively unphased by the strict school teacher tone though, which either has to do with having to give flak back to Nick Fury or Melinda May on a regular basis, or maybe the fact she is willing to cause international incidents in the course of this current crusade. Maybe half dozen of one....

Regardless she nods to Jean Grey "Dropbear has been released back into the wild." amusement there for a moment then she goes more serious. "Agent Carol Danvers, SHIELD, known as Captain Marvel. I've come to talk to you and Rogue Ms. Grey."

Surface thoughts are actually a bit of surprise about the fact the intel from Mystique was good though.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"We do not often get such auspicious visitors," an older male voice with a British accent says. Charles Xavier rolls slowly out of the doors, one of the students holding it for him. He rolls down the ramp beside the stairs, the powered chair gliding forward smoothly.

Professor Xavier rolls up beside Jean as he regards Carol Danvers. "We are always happy to have one of the Avengers on the premises," he adds to Carol. Charles glances up towards where Rogue is flying overhead. "Anna-Marie, would you join us?" he asks.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean eyes Carol, and looks about to say something when the Professor arrives. Looking a bit relieved, she defers to him as she nods, "Indeed so, sir." She then makes a bit of a gesture towards Gabby, "Hey 'Dropbear', Illyana recruiting for the roller derby?"

Though, her lips curve into a frown as she catches the image of Mystique telling Carol about the school. Her eyes narrow for a brief moment, before her expression straightens itself out.

Rogue has posed:
It's not until the Professor shows up that Rogue decides to fly down. Having him there helped bring her some confidence. She does fly down though and comes to land beside the Professor's chair. Her eyes are straight on Carol though and she crosses her arms over her stomach defensively. She glances over to Charles then. "I told Mystique - who broke in - that I would't 'work for her' unless she went an' told Carol Danvers that she manipulated me t'do what I did to her. I /didn't/ tell Mystique t'send her /here/ though." She states, trying to sound calm but also not freaked out.

She looks to Jean then and frowns. "I'm sorry." Before finally she looks to Carol and stares hard at her. She doesn't want to look weak in front of this woman, partly becasue the Carol inside of her mind is telling her not to look weak right now.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney is set back on her feet. "OH not moving I'm okay with. It's just the stopping that is difficult." She gives Carol a beaming smile even as Jean introduces herself, and the Professor rolls up. Of course, now that she was free? She dodges in toward Carol to give a surprise hug along with a blurt of, "You're awesome!"

Then she's away. Slowly tip-tap inching away to head back toward the others. Maybe if she walked on her toes where the stoppers where? Maybe. "Yeah she threw me around some the other day. Got to get good at this... Hi Rogue." The exuberance has mellowed a little since this seems like serious bidness at least.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Professor Xavier looks towards Rogue. She hears in her head, <<It is alright, Anna-Marie. She is an Avenger. They are aware of the school already.>> He glances back over to Carol then, letting her and Jean and Rogue speak.

Carol Danvers has posed:
The look Carol gives Jean while being eyed is steady. Definitely has a tiny bit of an edge of don't lie to me and make me kick in some doors and look for Rogue vibe to it. Which may have been a smidge of surface thoughts too.

The surprise Dropbear hug actually gets a reflexive hug, one armed, back and a pat on the back "Thanks Dropbear." before Gabby is off slowly towards Jean and the others.

Which, well others, they are interrupted by an older guy in a powered chair who recognizes her. "Do you have many Avengers visiting your school?" that is a completely legitimate question to Carol suddenly, and if the answer is yes she may later need to punt someone named Stark or such. Someone is going to get a punt at this rate.

She then looks at Rogue and locks eyes. To the psychics there is definitely some part of Carol that just wants to blast Rogue through the mansion. It isn't a big part of her, but there is definitely a bit of her that wants to just start blasting as soon as she spots the other person. That part marinated in the fear and anger of nearly dying and then being imprisoned and tortured.

The rest of her thankfully just locks eyes with Rogue becuase that same part of her in Rogue telling Rogue to not be weak, is telling Carol to not be weak, but also not be rash. "She seems to genuinely care about you. Also she really wants me to throw someone named Sinester into orbit for Genosha." there is a pause. "Though honestly while appologies are due, I think I am owed at least a dozen of them even if your terrorist mom was using you like a child soldier."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean answers for the Professor, "Not often, no... we try to keep the school itself under the radar." She does notice the tension between Carol and Rogue, and while she's ready to act if necessary, she looks a bit relieved at Carol's response.

Though when she mentions tossing Sinister into orbit, she nods, "Considering what he's done there... and other things as well, apparently? That would be a kinder fate for him than what I'd probably arrange." She definitely has a Mother Bear vibe about her with that... which, yeah, she's a little protective of the school and its inhabitants.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shows a smirk to Gabby, one of her favorite people at the school. "Dropbear." She says quietly before adjusting her weight from one foot to the other, her arms crossed over the X-School hoodie that she's wearing half zipped up to her chest with a light green tshirt on beneath it, blue jeans and leather boots on. She's got a pair of silver reflective aviator sunglasses hanging from the collar of her tshirt too, the kind of glasses Carol loves.

"Ah already apologized t'ya like ten times." Rogue says in response before lowering her voice a bit, pulling some annoyance out of it just cause this situation is tense for her, she's not /mad/ at Carol, she's just on the defensive now. Edged. "You were unconcious by that point though." She mutters.

Her arms uncrosses and she puts her gloved hands on to her hips. "Look. Mystique wanted t'use you as a siphon for me t'get endless power from. I didn't nkow that, I thought we were just gonna knock you out for a few hours at most so she could do whatever it was she had planned. /She's/ the one who stuck us together and... made it permanent. I threw ya off the bridge to /save/ you from gettin' captured by her. Or worse. Don't know if you remember but Mystique has wanted you dead, for some god damn reason nobody's ever explained t'me. /I/ don't want ya dead. /I/ think you're pretty much the greatest super hero on the planet."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Professor Xavier keeps an eye on the emotions present. They are strong enough it would be difficult for him not to. He says to Gabby, "Perhaps it would be best to let them speak in private. Let's go inside," he suggests.

Charles' chair turns about and starts for the ramp. <<You have it in you to make it right, Anna-Marie. I'm sure you will be able to do this.>>

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney watches as Charles goes inside... but then she doubles back. It's not as if he could reeeally order her around, and she was sure that she had to watch what was going on. So she does.

Some bushes rustling a short moment later results in her head popping out of the foilage. Lurking Gabby lurks.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol watches Charles, Jean, and Gabby leaving to give them time to talk alone.

She doesn't fully take her attention off Rogue to be fair though, she is ready to jerk away to put more distance between them if she has to at this point.

"It doesn't count as an appology if I am unconcious Rogue." it isn't said with a smile Really she grimaces a little when Rogue points out that she threw her into the bay to save her from being captured. "I could have drowned Rogye.... unconcious people drown... " she reaches up and rubs her face with one hand and hten says very slowly. "There was a Kree recon team, they took me again out of the Bay. I spent a year being experimented in Kree space. I ...." yeah she is mad she takes a deep breath and the flickers of cosmic energy that were starting to flicker around her form fade back to nothing.

"Look. I just need to talk to all of you. I don't ... look I don't blame you for what Mystique did. I put her back into prison already."

A glance towards the bushes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over to Gabby and the others, part of her wishing she was the one walking away. But when Carol speaks back she looks back at her. She exhales softly and shakes her head. "I was scared. I didn't know what I was doin'. I was sixteen. All I knew is that Mystique was gonna kill you for sure if I let her have ya in that condition. Throwin' you over the edge was the only option I had t'keep you outta her hands. It's all I could do." She raises one of her hands up to touch her own head. "You don't know what it's -like- t'have have someone else's everything flood inta your mind like that. It comes bargin' in and wants t'take over the whole god damn place!" She's not mad at Carol, she's just agitated, with pint-up frustrations about all of it.

Rogue's arm uncross and she turns to walk a few steps before stopping. "I got everything from you!" She says loudly. "I know how t'fly planes and other shit that I ain't never even seen in person, let alone been inside'a. I tuck my sheets in at night before bed and again in the mornin' cause'a you. Hell, I put my shoelaces in my boots inside'a my boots at night, side by side, cause'a you. You're UP HERE, all the TIME!" She rubs her gloved fingertips against her forehead.

With a heavy sigh she sits down on the edge of one of the short stone walls. "I was sixteen then, and I'm eighteen now. Doin' what I did t'ya then, scared the hell outta me. Havin' your powers, your memories, your wishes, your fears, all of it. It's been two years of Heaven and Hell. Good things and bad things. I've been livin' on the streets since then, until they found me." She motions to the Professor, Jean and Gabby. "Now I'm somewhere where I feel safe, for once."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
It's a good thing the only trees in this area were ornamental, and currently lacking any leaves. This was Dropbear territory. The vicious creature watches her prey from the shrubs, completely unseen by those timid creatures. Slowly, slowly the approach continues. She is as one with nature. A master of disguise.

And then the attack! From the bushes comes a pair of small grabby arms which latch around Rogue from the side offering a hug. There's a Gabby attached to the rest, but she's like half in and half out of the bushes. With twigs and leaves in her hair.

"I'm gonna punch Mystique next time I see her for you! I know what it's like to be used. I'm sorry!" And to Carol she crows, "She's sorry too!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Hoy Boy.

Carol frowns a little when Rogue is talking about how she was scared and how she as honestly trying to save her and all that. It isn't like Carol doesn't have empathy, you can clear some flickers of it as she watches Rogue just kind of break down there with the pent up frustrations.

The talk about having her in her head though, that seems to aggitate Carol again though, her expression darking for one minute. Definitely mad about it at the reminder. Though then it starts to sink in what Rogue is saying and sort of like a flash storm the anger is gone and there is some hopefulness in Carol's eyes.

She doesn't interrupt though she lets Rogue get the whole rant out of her system as she watches.

"Look. I am not here to arrest you like Mystique and throw you in a deep supermax for prison for powered people that you will never get out of." which well is kind of distburbingly specific. They must have one and it probably at some point crossed Carol's mind during this whole saga to find Rogue.

Carol gestures to the school and where Xavier wheeled off and back to Rogue. "Look. I meant it when I said I don't blame you. You were an idiot kid and Mystique used you." harsh. "But you have something of mine and I want it back..." at which point she taps the side of her head. "Those memories.. how to fly a jet.. I don't have those memories. I just have fragments and chunks... huge gaping holes exist ... I didn't even recognize my best friend when I ran into her in one of our favorite bars.. I still don't remember half the stories she tells me and trust me it isn't because they are boring stories or made up."

She points at Dropbear. "You can stay here with Dropbear... I just want my life back." she sounds vulnerably sad for a moment there then manages to mask it over.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue would've likely been startled by the mad pouncing skills of Gabby, if not for that Seventh Sense that she stole from Carol Danvers! When Gabby leaps up and hugs her there's a little tension burst in her muscles, but it relaxes and Rogue reaches a gloved hand to put it around Gabby's shoulders, she glances down at her and smiles at her before using her other hand to pick some of the leaves out of the girl's hair. "You're gonna get ants in your pants crawlin' around down there, girl." She warns the fearsome Dropbear.

Back up at Carol though, Rogue looks at her, understand the desire to get her memories back. "I get it." She says quietly. She motions toward Jean and the Professor down the pathway. "Maybe they can help with that." She states before looking back to Carol. "Mystique said something about that Sinister person t'me too though." She shakes her head lightly. "I don't know who that is. She seems adamant that I need t'help with that, and... I'll help if it means stoppin' a bad person. If I can help anyway."

Part of her wonders about that Prison statement, is Mystique locked away in a dank weird prison? Even with all her better judgment some part of her feels bad for the damn blue skinned assassin who claims to be her mom. "I'm glad Mystique found ya, and told ya about all of this." Rogue adds to Carol before glancing back toward Gabby. "You don't gotta punch her on my behalf. You hang around her long enough and she'll give ya some other reason t'punch her, you can count on that."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives a little squeeze more to Rogue before chancing her release. Just to focus on extracting herself from the bushes. "Eh, not like I could feel the ants anyway," she points out with a careless shrug though she does think to smack her hands on her legs just in case any bugs were crawling in them. And to knock off some dust. A twig is picked out of her hair and she grins faintly.

"Oh, yeah! There's some telepaths here so they could probably help with the memory thing if you guys ask? I mean, I know a few." A solemn nod is offered to both.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Pretty sure Dropbears fear no ants." Carol confirms with a solemn nod.

"I... " she sighs and nods to Rogue. "That was my hope yes. I believe that is why Mystique gave me Ms. Grey's name not just this address Rogue." she hesitates "I really want to hope that they might be able to help with that. It is making living my life really hard. It also means that SHIELD considers me a bit.. unpredictable and I'd like all my clearance back too. Hard to have when you don't remember where the bodies are buried." is she kidding, hopefully she is kidding right. Probably not entirely.

"The one that isevidently called Mr. Sinester was in Genosha after the disaster. I .. do not think he likely caused it but she has been able to give us intel on him and a name. I have SHIELD and the Avengers hunting him now along with other leads on Genosha. No one can get away with something like that." that part is said with an iron firmness.

"Mystique gave herself up, turned herself in to tell me about Sinister and also to gtell me you were a victim of hers... I don't know if she has an angle but at least as far as you were concerned kid. I already knew that part."

She looks at the building behind Rogue. "So they might be able to help. Will they?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue jsut grins over at Gabby before she adjusts her stare back on to Carol. "I haven't told anyone where the bodies are." Rogue tells Captain Marvel, whether it's an inside joke or not. "I haven't told anyone any'a your secrets. They've been nothin' but safe with me." And she says it with a sincerity, laced with a southern belle flavored accent though!

Her eyes again dance to the redhead and the baldhead at the question. "They'll help." Rogue confirms before she looks back to Carol and smiles proudly with the late afternoon sunlight shining on her face (and Gabby's!). "Since I came here, all I've ever seen them do is try'n help people. At least the ones who deserve help. Like us." She bumps shoulders with Gabby then before she moves to stand up. "Lets go talk to'em about it." She tells them both.