9149/Freddy Freeman and Morgan Finn hang out at Happy Harbor High just before the start of Winter Break.

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Freddy Freeman and Morgan Finn hang out at Happy Harbor High just before the start of Winter Break.
Date of Scene: 18 December 2021
Location: Happy Harbor High Dorms
Synopsis: Diana and Donna show up at Happy Harbor and Make Morgan and Freddy's day!
Cast of Characters: Freddy Freeman, Morgan Finn, Donna Troy, Diana Prince

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    The holidays are nearing, and as such, the majority of students at Happy Harbor are departing for the winter season. Some, however, are having more success than others.
    Freddy Freeman is struggling with a suitcase, a stuffed book bag, and a crutch. He told his foster family that he'd be able to make the trip without too much trouble...he just has to get outside, then SHAZAM! Lightning flash! Boom! and he's back at Queens in a flash. Getting outside, though, that's the hard part. As he heaves his luggage out of his dorm, the teenager trips and stumbles into an incoming student.
    "Hey, watch it!" the taller student shouts.
    Freddy turns on the boy, armed with a grin and a sharp retort: "Fuck off. Cripple here." The student, just noticing the champion's crutch, stammers an apology and flees further down the hallway. Pleased with himself, Freddy leans against the wall and takes a deep breath.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Here comes Morgan. He has no secret identity. Some people know a lot about him, some people know nothing. None of it is a secret. Two years ago the League of Assassin attempted to kidnap him, and he was rescued by Wonder Woman herself. Morgan's mother was killed in the attack, leaving him orphaned. Diana took over care, getting him into Happy Harbor. Oh yeah, and he's apparently the son of Asclepius.

It's possible Freddy may have seen Morgan around on campus. He's generally very friendly with everyone he interacts with, and is fairly popular. He plays on every sports team he can make time for, but is lukewarm in the classroom. He sees the incident from a distance and changes course to beeline over to where Freddy sits on the floor.

"Why you sittin' on the floor, man?" he asks, his tone playful as he tries to bring some light to the situation. He holds out one hand to help Freddy up if he is so inclined to take it.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    As Wonder Woman is involved in Morgan's illustrious history, Freddy knows about him even if they've never met. And he's understandably wary, the way all teenage boys with no social capital are with the popular kids. "Uh, y'know, just thought the floor looked comfortable," He hesitates when Morgan stretches a hand towards him. This must be part of an elaborate plan to humiliate him. Why else would an athlete talk to him?
    "Getting up now," He declares, using his crutch as leverage to pull himself to his feet. Sometimes he really hates this body.

Morgan Finn has posed:
If Morgan is offended at Freddy not taking his hand, he shows no indication. "Suck about your leg," he responds genuinely. "But you power through it. You're a fuckin' warrior, man."

So as not to crowd the other boy, Morgan leans back against the opposite wall, jamming his hands into his front pants pockets. "I seen you around but never met ya. I'm Morgan Finn. I live over there." He takes one hand out of his pocket long enough to jerk a thumb in the direction of room 16A. "You headin' home for the break?" A real Einstein, this one.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    Freddy's eyes just narrow. Warrior? Morgan has no idea nor does any student at Happy Harbor save Billy. "Thanks..."
    "I'm Freddy. And I know who you are. Yeah, I live in New York, so it'll be a trip," He says, glancing to where Morgan points. The conversation seems safe so far; no one's trying to shove him into a locker. "What about you?

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan's face blooms into a brilliant, friendly smile. It's just his way. You couldn't find anyone to honestly say they've ever heard or seen him be cruel to anyone. Not ever. "Yeah, I'm going back to New York too. I was s'posed to go yesterday but we had a meeting this morning for the football team."

He nods in Freddy's direction. "How you gettin' home, Freddy? Parents picking you up?"

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    "Oh, really? Back to the embassy, I'm guessing," Freddy fiddles with the strap of his backpack, like he's trying to restrain himself from asking too many questions. The Themysciran embassy, though. Just wow. "Oh, sports. Cool, cool. Go..." He frowns, unsure of the school's mascot, and just gives a nervous laugh.
    Suddenly, he feels like he's being interrogated. How are you getting home, Freddy? He plays it cool. "Um, yeah, my parents are picking me up. Sometime soon...probably." More nervous laughter. Maybe he's just feeling intimidated? "I, uh, my suitcase. It's just heavy, but I'm on my way out right now."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is very in tune to people's moods. Empathic healers tend to be like that. He doesn't push any farther when he senses the other kid's discomfort.

"Next time save 'em a trip and go back to New York with me." He cracks a goofy smile. "I'm flying home in the Invisible Jet. I'm sure Diana wouldn't mind a passenger. She loves Happy Harbor."

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    "Wait, what."
    Freddy looks up at the boy, slack-jawed and stunned into silence. He recovers, but his words pour out slowly. "You're telling me that you," He points at Morgan, face strained. "are getting on a jet, no thee Invisible Jet. With Diana Prince. Also known as Wonder Woman." It almost seems like the revelation is causing the boy physical pain.
    He takes a shaky breath and quickly pulls out his phone from his pocket. "Oh shit. Looks like my parents can't make it. Foster families, am I right?" He chuckles awkwardly and flashes an unrestrained grin. "So. That ride still on the table?" Nice one, Freddy.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan's face erupts in a smile and he laughs genuinely. "Oh just like that? Are you sure you aren't bailing on your foster parents so you can get a ride on the Invisible Jet?"

He nods again in Freddy's direction. "I wouldn't blame you. It's cool as shit. I got to fly it the other day and I couldn't even believe it." He winks. "Plus Wonder Woman is hawt." His expression sobers. "Don't tell her I said that though."

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    When Morgan starts throwing around accusations, Freddy opens his mouth to protest...then just laughs. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, bro. They'll survive," It helps that his foster parents were never coming to begin with. "You got to fly it?! Mind blown, dude. Mind blown."
    As for Diana's attractiveness, he just shrugs. "Always preferred Superman myself but to each his own." Suddenly, that overstuffed suitcase doesn't seem so heavy. The kid would be bouncing up and down right now if not for the leg. "Is she, like, on her way?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan slides his cellphone out of his pocket and looks at it. "Yeah, I think so. I'm expecting her any minute. I should prolly grab my duffel bag."

The kid grins when Freddy professes his preference for Superman. "I'm not into guys, but I guess if I /had/ to pick a dude, a guy can't go wrong with Superman." He winks playfully. "Lemme text her so she knows there will be one more passenger." He tip-taps a message quickly into the phone and hits send.

Donna Troy has posed:
    If there's any school a superhero isn't going to attract too much attention, it's Happy Harbor. It's no secret at all that there are one or two superheroes who work part-time at the school as staff, and a poorly-kept secret that some of the students are superheroes too. Nevertheless it's probably best not to show up in costume.

    That's an easy enough option for Donna, who doesn't wear a costume these days, much to the scandal of the Superhero-watching community. She's here in jeans, calf-height leather boots and a black leather jacket. She's here with her sister, too.

    "I should probably get to know the place better," she's telling Diana as they walk through the hallways. "We've got a couple of Titans who study here, and Caitlin teaches here occasionally. And if Irie ever gets in serious trouble I'm probably the one who'll get the call from the principle, because Wally's never around..."

    When the two come into view, it might for a moment seem to Morgan that there are two Dianas, but that's an impression that fades very fast -- the two are not really all that alike when you see them side-by-side. Diana's noticeably a few inches taller, and Donna's features are a little softer-edged. There are enough differences that initial impressions of similarity seem strange at a second glance, though they do seem to share a lot of body language. The confidence in the walk, the smile never far from their lips, all the little tells they probably both picked up from having the same mother!

Diana Prince has posed:
"I have heard of this place, many times." Diana says softly in her naturally husky toned voice as she walks along with Donna. The Princess, the taller one, is dressed casually as well. She is wearing a white peacoat with black fasteners going down the front, and a pair of black slacks leading down to simple black leather shoes. Her hair is tied back in a bun with two loose strands framing her face on either sides. Her lips are painted a crimson red.

"I am glad Caitlin has such a thing to put her focus in to. It's a very noble thing, to teach. She will have to meet Morgan, as well. If they have not already." She casts a grin over to Donna before her eyes go forward.

"Ah, there he is." She says as they spot the boy, her right hand coming out of her coat pocket to wave to him, and Freddy, as the two Themysciran women approach.

"Hello. I hope we are not too late." Diana says as she looks from Morgan to Freddy to smile to the new face as well.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    "Cool, I'll just wait here, I guess," Freddy watches Morgan get his belongings. Somehow, he's stumbled into a long-time fantasy of his, meeting a founding member of the Justice League. In the moments before the two Amazons show up, he tries to compose himself. The young man's wearing a blue and white festive sweater and jeans. "Oh God, I did not expect this when I woke up today. Maybe I can get her on the podcast..."
    "Ms. Prince!" Freddy squeaks, turning to Diana and Donna. His smile is nervous but genuine, a look that the two heroes are probably well-accustomed to seeing. At least, he doesn't faint. "It's, uh, an honor to meet you. I'm Freddy."

Morgan Finn has posed:
A pleased, warm smile blooms over Morgan's face when he sees Diana and...mini-Diana? approaching. He pushes off the wall and stands up straight. "Hi, Diana!" he says enthusiastically. His gaze shifts to Donna. He, of course, knows who she is but they have never met or been formally introduced. He gives her a respectful nod. "Hi."

Morgan looks over to the smaller teen, then back to Diana. "This is my new friend, Freddy. He was telling me he's going back to New York too where his foster family lives." An expression that can only be described as one part hopefulness and two parts guilt at not pre-requesting permission for a guest to fly on the Jet covers the kid's face. He wears his heart on his sleeve, this one. "Would it...would it be okay if he rode with us?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna responds to Morgan's gaze with a bright smile. She has a /big/ smile. While Diana's smiles tend towards an elegant, comforting warmth, Donna sells hers with enthusiasm. Maybe it's the age difference between the two -- Diana's had almost a millennium longer to perfect her smile! "Hi there Morgan," Donna says. While the two haven't been formally introduced yet, Donna knows exactly who they are on their way to pick up.

    Donna turns her smile on Freddy next, and accompanies it with a wave. "Hi there Freddy. I'm Donna, Diana's sister. Or you can call me Troia if you prefer. That's my real name, but I usually use Donna in America. You coming with us then? There's plenty of room on Di's plane, don't worry! And it's really cool to ride in, you'll love it."

Diana Prince has posed:
Once they stop their approach, Diana looks first to Morgan who gets a big warm smile before she averts her gaze to Freddy. She dips her chin gently as he gives his name. "Ah. Well it is a pleasure to meet you." She states, offering her hand to the young man next.

"And of course you may come with us. If your parents would not mind, of course. If you can text them, or call them, however would be best to check with them first..."

Diana's left hand then goes over to rest on Donna's arm. "Yes, this is Donna..." She follows-up the self-introduction. "I have been meaning to introduce you two." She says toward Morgan.

Her gaze then bounces off all the eyes they have here. "We are ready to go whenever all of you are..." She adds. "The Jet is quietly hiding outside, as it does." She adds with a playful grin.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    When Morgan broaches the question, Freddy's face tilts and his eyes go wide in a well-practiced puppy dog look that has gotten him out of trouble a handful of times. It's a little manipulative but also undeniably adorable. He has a crutch, too. Pwetty pwease...@
    "Yes!" He wipes his slightly sweaty hand on his jeans and shakes Diana's. Then, he lifts another for a high-five from Morgan. "Thank you. Big fan. Of you both. My sister is...also a big fan of the Titans!" And certainly not on the team. Freddy glances at his luggage. He's still having some trouble with it, but he manages to shoot a text to the Shazamily group chat.
    'I'll be a little late. Getting a ride on the Invisible Jet instead of flying.'
    He tucks it back into his pocket, ignoring the stream of notifications and buzzes that follow that announcement. "All ready, yep. Miss, if you don't mind me asking, I always wondered why you had a jet. I mean, you can fly, right?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
When both Diana and Donna agree to let Freddy ride on the jet, Morgan's eyes glitter with excitement. Freddy is in the high-five position. Morgan's a jock and no jock can refuse the call of a high-five. It's a weakness of the breed. He gives Freddy's palm a good, solid smack.

"I'm glad we finally got t'meet, Donna," Morgan says to her. "Diana's been saying for a bit now that we should meet. But life around Diana has this way of turning into a hurricane of stuff, I think." He smiles broadly as though that's a good thing, a very good thing.

Then to Freddy, "Dude! You are gonna fucking /love/..." He quickly bites his lower lip and glances at Diana and Donna. "Sorry," he murmurs. Then back to Freddy, but in a more hushed tone, "You're gonna love the jet. It is amazing."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Your sister has impeccable taste then," Donna tells Freddy with a wink. Of course Donna knows Freddy's sister well, but she doesn't /know/ she knows Freddy's sister. Otherwise she might tease Freddy about the fact that his sister has already had a ride in the invisible jet, and took it a lot further than across Manhattan -- Mary got to visit Themyscira!

    "You too Morgan," Donna says. "Normally we'd have met already by now, I'm usually at the Embassy several days a week. Things have been kind of crazy in Metropolis lately and I've been a bit stuck there. If you think things are a bit of a whirlwind around Diana, you should try dealing with Wonderlanders. They make life around Diana seem quiet and normal in comparison."

    She leans slightly towards Freddy, cupping a hand around her mouth to give a stage-whispered answer to him, obviously quite intending that Diana /will/ hear what she's saying, however much she's acting like she doesn't. "The truth is, flying messes up her hair, and Diana's just terrible at remembering to bring a hairbrush. She keeps losing them. Flying in an invisible jet means your hair doesn't get messed up. Mind you, it's quite easy to lose an invisible jet, too. One time last year Diana forgot where she parked the jet. We were hunting for it for /days/."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gives Morgan a smirk at his foul language slip-up. Not that she really minds it too much, but she certainly never utters such words! Not that anyone has ever heard before anyway...

Donna's response to Freddy has the Princess smirking as she shakes her head slowly. "She is such a fibber." She responds in her heavily accented English.

"Well then, if we are all ready to go, let us head out then?" She notes before she begins to turn.

"And the truth is, Freddy. There have been two versions of the Jet. The first was a man-made variant that a friend ... donated to my exploits in the early 1960s. Back then... as it were... I did not realize flight was something I was capable of. When you have to discover your powers on your own... you might be surprised to realize just how long it can take to figure some of them out." She shows a little grin then.

"This current Jet... well... I told Morgan all about it just the other day. I am sure he could fill you in."

If everyone is ready to go, then Diana will start to head back the way they'd come.

She does look to Donna though. "Morgan has begun his training with Adra and Gala... should have any free time, I would love for you two show him a thing or two as well. He needs the help." She says with a grin back to Morgan.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    Freddy watches the interaction between Morgan, Donna, and Diana with open curiosity, making a note to get the story on the relationship. Another time, though. He won't look a gift jet in the mouth.
    The foster kid isn't sure if he should laugh at Donna's joke. It feels a little misogynistic somehow? Maybe. He doesn't want to offend his hero! He chuckles at the last bit, though. "What, there isn't a wireless beeper on the keys?" He smirks, turning to Diana then. He knows the feeling of learning one's superpowers. Somewhere in the wide, wide web, there's footage of him helping Shazam figure out the gifts the Wizard bestowed upon it. He nods, following her down the hallway. "Well, it's super iconic. I have a figurine of it at home."

Morgan Finn has posed:
With athletic ease, Morgan simultaneously slings his duffel bag over his shoulder with one arm and picks up Freddy's bag with the other. "It's custom for first-time passengers to get their bag carried," he side-mouths to his new friend. "And Diana's right. I have /so/ much to tell you about this jet. We took it up into space the other day!"

The teen demigod begins moving down the hall. "I can't wait to get out of here. I missed Ferdinand's cooking so much!" He falls in stride next to Donna because he doesn't know her and he wants to change that. "Okay, pop quiz. Pop-Tarts or Toaster Strudel?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    "It's not a normal skill for Amazons, being able to fly," Donna says with a smile. "When I was ten, Diana returned to the island after being away for most of a century. When she told people she had learned to fly, everyone was so surprised! Apart from mom, nothing ever seems to surprise her. People kept asking Diana to demonstrate, at least until I started throwing myself off cliffs trying to imitate her. Apparently this was a bad thing and I got in so much trouble." She turns briefly to Diana, her smile spreading into a wide grin. "After that I had to be very careful nobody was around when I tried to learn how to fly. The next time Diana came back for a visit I flew to greet her, and she was so excited! We flew all over the island together. Though I was very clumsy at first. Even when I came to America and we started the Titans, I was still learning and usually only flew short distances. Flying is fun though!"

    It's interesting listening to Diana and Donna talking together. They share an accent, but Donna's is definitely more Americanized. It's not just in the cadences of her accent, but in her style of speaking.

    Donna reaches hands out to offer to take bags for both the boys, but when Morgan gets there first she drops her hands down and lets him get on with it, walking alongside him as they make their way through the halls to where the jet is parked. "Pop Tarts have to win a pop quiz," she replies. "It's right there in the name. Toaster strudels taste a little better to me, but they're more hassle to make and that defeats the purpose. If I want something quick, it'll be a Pop Tart. If I want something tasty, I convince Caitlin to bake for me. That's a hundred times better than either."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana waits the others to come along before she starts to lead them back to where the Jet was waiting. It was parked hovering over a green grassy side-yard on the school property just outside the nearest doors.

The story from Donna about flying has Diana grinning back. "Yes. The last thing I wanted to do was see all of our people back home jumping, trying to figure out how to fly as well... It seems to be a ability with picky origins..." She notes before looking between the two boys.

"Morgan, you will have to invite Freddy to the Embassy some time to meet Ferdinand. Perhaps we can have a dinner here soon, before Christmas. Or after, for that matter... Also, feel free to invite anyone else over that you would like to visit you on break."

Diana turns toward the hallway with the doors that lead outside... "And Toaster Strudels. No question." The Princess says with another big smile.

The doors are pushed open then, and as they all go outside, the green grassy yard is suddenly shadowed by a large hovering alien-looking vessel that just materializes out of thin air. Shaped like a pale silver bullet, the Jet just hovers without noise above the yard.

"Here we are..." Diana says then, the ramp lowering quietly down to the grass....

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    "Pop Tarts, for sure," Freddy chimes in with Donna. "Depending on the flavor, you have to toast them. The fruity flavors are usually good as there are." He says the last part with a fair bit of conviction, like it's a matter that's been hotly debated before. He looks grateful about his bag being carried for him. In this form, lugging it around would've been a hassle, and now, he's free to keep pace with his athletically inclined company.
    "Okay, another question," Since they're doing pop quizzes. "If you could have one power - one that you don't already have - what would it be?" He steals a glance at Morgan. He doesn't know his powerset, but he's pretty sure if he's hanging out with Amazons, he must have some. "Gosh, this would make such good material. My foster brother and I have a podcast where we talk about hero stuff. We had Superman on it once."
    Astonished, Freddy looks up at the silver aircraft. Speechless, for a moment, he takes it in. "Wow..." Leaning into Morgan, he whispers, "D-do you think we could a picture near it? Once we land." Of course, the super senses on the woman make whispering redundant, but he is actively making an attempt to go unheard.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan visibly winces when Diana chooses Toaster Strudels over Pop-Tarts. He glances over at her, biting his lower lip. "Diana you...you're so close to being perfect. I just don't understand what happened?" he says in a tone that clearly indicates he's comfortable teasing the Amazon Princess. And Freddy's additional Pop-Tart commentary earns an earnest nodnod from the fledgeling demigod. He, too, seems to have put much thought into the Very Important Subject of Pop-Tarts.

He's still new enough to the jet that seeing it materialize in thin air is a massive thrill. He can't help but take a few beats to beam at it. "Would that be okay?" he asks Donna, and then looks to Diana for additional confirmation. "Could we do a group picture maybe? I think it would be a great shot."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "One power... that's a good question," Donna replies to Freddy thoughtfully. "I'd kind of like to be as fast as the Flashes, but I'm already pretty fast -- just not that fast. So I'm not sure that counts. Laser eyes like the Kryptonians have would be kind of cool just for the look of things, but... Hmm. We have... we had someone on the team called Dove. Actually there's a new Dove now. They get their power from a being called the Lord of Law. He... and she, both of them really, just have this kind of amazing ability to /calm people down/. I can't say for sure it's a power, but I think it is. I mean Diana here talks well, she's good at getting people to listen to her, but Dove, both doves... there's something magical seeing them work. They just sound so /reasonable/ to even the most unreasonable people. It's great being able to end a bad situation by punching it hard enough, but being able to stop it before it happens? That's a real power."

    When the notion of taking a picture comes up, Donna nods her head in encouragement. "Selfie time! Why not? C'mon Di, we can stand at the back throwing Themysicran gang signs!"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana listens to the three of them as they all walk out toward the Jet's open ramp. She smiles at the conversations being had, glancing over to Morgan to stick her tongue out at him with regard to not being 'perfect'. "It is the icing. I am a sucker for those little packets of icing. It tastes like ice cream." She says with a following snicker.

"I would like to meet these Doves..." Diana says back to Donna. "That would be a nice ability..." She quietly tacks on to her sister's words too.

"I would... choose... Time travel. I believe." She says as they reach the ramp, her walking pausing to turn to face the three of them. "I would love to visit some historical events and witness them first hand." She says with a smile for them all. "Or invisibility!" She says with a little bubbly laugh following her second choice!

"Okay, so picture here then?" She asks, as she smirks at Donna. "Do we have those?" She asks of the 'gang signs'.

"We can take one here, and another at the Embassy when we arrive?" She asks the two boys then.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    "Invisibility?" Freddy tears his eyes away from the jet to regard Diana. "You know I wouldn't expect that coming from you. Invisibility's, like, a villain power. All that sneaking around. Feels pervy." He looks at the vehicle again, and something clicks in his head. "Oh, riiight. The jet. No, solid choices all around. It sounds like what you're describing is a limited form of telepathy, Troia." Walking superpower encyclopedia, here. "I chose flight. 'Cause heroes fly."
    Freddy gets his phone out again, swiping through Mary's texts boasting about having already been on the invisible jet. He hands the device to Morgan since he's taller and thus better able to get all four of them in a selfie, before resting his arm over his shoulders. "If there //are// Amazonian gang signs, you guys should do them. For da culture."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan listens intently as Freddy analyzes the power choices, finally landing on his own choice and giving his justification. The empathetic teen demigod blinks his eyes a few times rapidly. Is he...is he tearing up a little bit? "That's...that's a really good reason, Freddy," the sensitive young man says softly. "I would...I would choose flight too."

He looks around at everyone gathered here. Good people. Important people. He lost one family but gained another. His expression speaks a single, simple word: gratitude. Diana, especially, though. She gets a good, solid look of affection from the young man. Then he gets into position and holds up the camera facing everyone, waiting for people to get into their respective poses. Then, once everyone is ready, he will snap the picture.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Of course we do Di. I guess back in your day there weren't gangs on Themyscira. You're so ooooold!" Donna does look a little younger than her sister, but not by that much. "When I was a teenager running around the mean streets of Themyscira, you couldn't avoid it. All the teens were in gangs. Of course being Themyscira the gangs were very different than in America. We weren't exactly what you'd call criminals, though the gang I was in was feared across Themyscira for the pranks we used to pull. None of the other gangs came close to the things we used to get up to. And if you've got gangs, you've got to have gang signs. How else can you let people know what gang you are in."

    "Telempathic projection," Donna replies to Freddy. "Buuuut... I'm not sure. It may just be a natural empathy and a way of talking. It could be the Lord of Law just picks the right people to be her Avatar. Still, the way I see it, that counts as a power whether it's superhuman or not."

    Donna stands next to Diana for the photo, crossing her arms across her chest in a Themysciran salute, and making a pouty mean face at the camera for all of a second and a half before she's no longer able to take the pretence of Themysciran gangs seriously and bursts into a fit of giggles instead. By the time Morgan pulls the trigger on the snap, she has recovered just about enough to raise her hand behind Diana and give her bunny ears, but not enough to hide the giggles from the photo.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana laughs lightly once more. "What? Invisibility would let me be more stealthy... I am not really known for stealth, you know?" She quips back to Freddy before she shoots a smile to Morgan too. When they line up for the photo, Diana looks to Donna who gets a biiiiiig smirk from the Princess.

"I did not realize Themyscira had changed so much in my time away. I should look in to these blighted gangs of pranksters next time we return home." She adds as she gets in to a nice spot for the picture too. She's aware of the bunny ears, but doesn't care. She also lifts her arms up to her chest to cross them together, the visible glint of the bracers able to be seen under her baggy coat sleeves too!

"Bobspoooonge!" Diana happily says to the camera, quoting someone she recently took a photo with, a little girl... who probably said it the proper way though!

Once the photo is taken, Diana grins to the others and turns to the ramp. "So who gets to fly this time?" She asks as she starts to board it, waving to some of the onlookers who have gathered around the school yard to watch this, let alone record it with their own phones!

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    Taking his phone back, Freddy's beaming when he sees the photo. He kinda looks a little misty-eyed himself, glancing at each of them in turn. "You guys are great. Really. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift. Let's get on this beauty. I call shotgun!" He isn't sure if shotgun rules apply for mystical aircraft, but he's been pushing his luck all evening and got a ride on a famous jet, so why not?
    "Speaking of Christmas, do Amazons celebrate the holiday? If not, you're welcome to come over." He's specifically looking at Morgan, his peer, but the offer stands for anyone who takes it. "It's a full house at my place, but it's the least I can do for the trip back home."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan breaks into a giggle fit when Diana says Bobsponge, his brown eyes glittering with life. And Donna's wacky antics kicks the giggles up another notch. By the time the picture is taken, his face is lit up, bright red, and laughing. Before he hands the phone back to Freddy he taps in his number. "Text me the pic, will ya?"

This kid already got to fly the jet and he suspects Freddy will love it just as much as he did. So he falls back to make sure he's fourth one up the ramp, Once inside, he sets his duffel bag and Freddy's suitcase down on the floor. "Okay, let's roll!" The hatch shuts and off the four friends go!

Donna Troy has posed:
"Bobsponge?" Donna responds to Diana with a barely suppressed laugh. "Bobsponge? What is Bobsponge?" She cracks up and doesn't stop laughing about it even as they get on the plane. She's still laughing when she helps guide people into the cockpit of the invisible jet, still laughing when it takes off, and still suffering from the occasional fit of laughter long after the plane has been taken through its paces to show off to Freddy and come into land in Manhattan.

    She's still laughing when they say farewell to Freddy, and still laughing when they get off the plane. She's still laughing when she heads back to Metropolis later that evening.

    Some time during that night, she sends a text to Diana, which reads 'It's SpongeBob, not BobSponge!"