9255/Morgan Makes Omelets for Diana and Him

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Morgan Makes Omelets for Diana and Him
Date of Scene: 23 December 2021
Location: Kitchen: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Omelets are made and eaten. Diana cracks Morgan's shell to put him at ease about a difficult situation.
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Diana Prince

Morgan Finn has posed:
Maybe with not quite the frequency as combat training, nonetheless Morgan has spent no small amount of time in the kitchen with Ferdinand learning to cook. And he has take to it with zeal. It is Morgan's nature to help and to please, and cooking fills that spot quite nicely. It's dinner time, but there's no bad time for breakfast food. And tonight, dinner is omelets.

Morgan is in the kitchen. He's wearing a Wonder Woman Rocks apron. He has several bowls of common omelet fillings laid out carefully on a counter. The griddle is heated up nicely and oiled. The kid is ready!

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had been busy with work all day, but the Princess' schedule was clear until after Christmas now. So she arrives from the dining hall with a smile and a look around the kitchen. "Well... what are we up to in here?" She asks in her Themysciran accented voice. WEaring a slim fit red turtleneck, with long sleeves down to her wrists, a pair of black slacks and her stylish black rimmed glasses, Diana stops at the counter and looks to Morgan with that smile happily shown. "Did you lay claim to the kitchen and order Ferdinand out?" She playfully asks. She looks to the kitchen doors, her pony tail waving around behind her head as she leans forward to look out and see if Ferdi is out in the hallway, bannished from his own kitchen.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Well as always, Morgan lights up like a beacon when Diana arrives. He just adores her. "Hi, Diana! Ferdinand said he was going to take the night off and get some last-minute Christmas shopping in. So it looks like it's on me to feed anybody who's around and hungry."

With his metal spatula, he points to each bowl as he names off the ingredients. "I'm making omelets. We have chicken, pork, steak, onions, green peppers, heart of palm, water chestnuts, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms." He looks back up to the Amazon Princess with a fresh smile. "So take your pick. Remember that when it comes to mixing flavor profiles, less is more."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana remains standing there beside the counter with her eyes now going to the choices that Morgan lays out for her. She runs her eyes all over them before she bites down on her bottom lip in thought. She remains like this for a second or so before she looks up at him, her head tilting to the left a little. She smiles again. "You know that that just means I want everything, right?" She asks the Chef.

With a little melodic laugh, the Princess casts her eyes around the kitchen again then. "Do you need any help?" She asks him, though Ferdinand speaks higher than arguably anyone about Diana... he undoubtedly has warned Morgan that if the Princess ever asks to help in the kitchen, that you vehemently deny her and politely reject the offer.

Wonder Woman is so good at so much, but she is a horrible cook. Everyone who knows her well knows this. She can barely make toast without causing some kind of kitchen 'event'. It has been like this since she was a wee little girl so long ago.


Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn draws in a long, slow breath. Yes, he has been warned. But how do you say no to the boss? "You know what, Diana, you've had a long day. Why don't you...why don't you let me take this one? Besides, you don't want to interfere in my cooking training, would you?"

He peers up hopefully at Diana wondering if she's buying it at all. He is as bad at lying as Diana is at cooking. "So, um, you want one with the works then?" the junior chef-to-be inquires. But by the way he's channeling his inner Ferdinand with that facial expression, it's clear he recommends against it. Still, the chef's job is to provide, not to judge.

Diana Prince has posed:
AT his denial of her assistance, Diana shows a 'knowing' expression. But she still smiles. "I see Ferdi has trained you well..." She says in a grumbly'ish voice. "Very well then..." Diana says as she steps around the counter and moves to get a glass from the cabinet. "I can at least pour myself a glass of egg nog..." She says with a teasing smirk at the boy.

Once in the fridge, Diana grabs the carton and goes about doing just-so. "And yes, the works is how I like it." She says with a light laugh. "I'm impressed with how much you've taken to this culinary course in the past few weeks..." She says then as she puts the carton away and leans back against the counter to raise her cup up to sip the creamy goodness.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan waves the palm of his hand a few inches above the griddle and decides it's suitably hot. He has a bowl of eggs at his omelet station -- it's always best to cook room temperature eggs. He one-handed cracks three of them into a bowl. He's showing off. Sadly, he messes up the second egg and has to two-hand it. He grins, a little embarrassed. "Ooops." Undaunted, he nails the third egg one-handed. He beats the eggs efficiently with a fork and dumps it onto the griddle. With the metal spatula he forms the eggs into roughly a circular shape.

"Okay, the works," Morgan says. He takes a little bit from each of the bowls and sprinkles the ingredients into the omelet. With a quick flick of his wrist, he gets the industrial-quality metal spatula under half the egg mixture and flips it. "Voila!" he says with a grin. The plates are stacked on a stainless steel shelf above the griddle. Gotta have warm plates. Bam, he plates Diana's omelet and sets it on the counter. All in all, the entire process took him just three or four minutes. He looks hopefully at Diana.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana quietly enjoys her drink as she leans there against the counter beside the fridge. She keeps her left arm crossed over her stomach while her right holds her drink. She tilts her head and stares at the boy as he makes the omletes with surprising amounts of aptitude. The minor slip up with the egg has her showing a grin before she sips the egg nog again...

When he finishes and offers her plate out. She steps toward it and looks down upon it. "Yum...." The Princess appraises. She shows him a quick smile. "It appears you have much to teach me, Assistant Head Chef." She says with a grin before gathering up a fork from the neatly laid out stack.

Diana seats herself at the center counter bar stool and goes about taking her first bite.

She chews with her mouth closed before nodding her head. Once her palette is cleared she flicks her eyes up to him and smiles brightly. "Wonderful." She says to him before diving back in for another forkful. "Very much so." She then says with a full mouth.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Aw now that just lights the kid up like a lighthouse. He is powerless to keep the pleased grin off his stupid face. Even his ears flush. He tries to downplay it by muttering, "M'glad you like it." He starts prepping his own omelet. When he cracks the eggs, this time he slows down and takes his time so he can do all three one-handed. Ooops a little shell got in the bowl. He sinks one of the cracked eggshells into the liquid -- a trick Ferdinand taught him -- and the errant fragment swoops right into it.

"I think Imma have chicken, mushroom, and cheddar," the teen demigod opines.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks up to him again when she hears him pick his own ingredients out. She smiles at this as a hand reaches for a napkin. She dabs at her lips then before speaking up again. "You will have to make some of these for the others too. Galatea has particularly taken to you, I think." She says with a grin. "She speaks highly of your efforts in the arena." The Princess quietly adds as her eyes go back down to her meal.

"What else have you been up to?" She asks then next. "I know that you have spent some time with Alexander. How has that gone?" She inquires.

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Imma man this kitchen until everyone who's hungry eats their fill," Morgan replies. Ferdinand would expect and accept no less from Morgan, and Morgan would give no less. Yes, it's only cooking, but someone who is passionate and skilled and responsible for feeding hungry people left Morgan temporarily in charge of his domain. No way Morgan's letting him down.

"Yeah, me and Alexander have been hanging out quite a bit. I like him." Morgan clears his throat. "I'm assuming you heard we got into a fight?" The fledgeling demigod's expression falls just a little. He has done real-life violence to real-life human beings. It's a thing and it has been done. He very quickly adds, "I tried to leave without a fight but I don't think they were going make that an option."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana enjoys a bit more of her omlete and a sip or two of her egg nog before she looks up at the admission of a fight. "I did not hear about this, no." She says as her eyes drop back to the meal. She hears what more he says before she glances up again.

"Tell me all the details?" She asks then in that calming tone of voice that she has mastered so well, or that just comes naturally to her!

"Alex has a way of finding trouble... but I am eager to hear what happened now..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan dumps his eggs onto the hot griddle and starts shaping them into a circular form. He is a bit uncomfortable with the topic, so it's good that he's cooking. It gives him something to do with his eyes and his hands. "Some guys were following us around. They wanted money." He shrugs a bit as he sprinkles some chicken, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese on his solidifying eggs. "So I tried to give them twenty bucks." Now his tone really lowers in shame. "It was from the money you gave me to do Christmas shopping. I thought maybe they needed it for food or whatever. But that just made them want more. So we, um, got into it." He probably knows there's no way Diana is going to let him get away with that vague of an explanation but hope springs eternal when you're young. He quickly folds the omelet, messes it up, and that's how scrambled eggs were invented. "Shit," he mutters to himself. The topic has him tense and ill at ease.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana finishes the omlete up and then just uses her napkin to dab at her crimson hued lips for another moment. She then lays the folded up napkin upon the plate and folds her arms over each other on the edge of the polished granite countertop of the island. She looks at Morgan. A soft smile shows after he finishes speaking. "It is always best to offer to buy a homeless person food, rather than offer them money. Though I know offering the money feels easier in the moment..." She quietly says before she nods her head to him once.

"You did nothing wrong though. It happens a lot in the city. It is why most people do not carry cash any longer.. among other reasons."

"So what else happened?" She asks then.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Still a little frustrated, Morgan piles the now-scrambled eggs onto a plate and sets it on the island. "I hit one of them. With my...with my head." He goes to pour himself some milk and get a bottle of Frank's Extra Hot. "I head butted him. It broke his nose." He's very much keeping his gaze /anywhere/ but on Diana. "He went down. I know it sounds stupid but I never been in a fight before, like a real one. I never hit someone like that. I freaked out a little." He sits down and pours an obscene amount of hot sauce on his eggs. "So I..." he shakes his head. Whatever it is, he's too ashamed. So instead he shovels spicy scrambled eggs into his mouth. His cheeks and the sides of his neck are flushed bright red.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana raises her eyebrows when he says this of breaking the man's nose. She flutters her lashes a second before she tilts her head and just eyes him while he starts to eat. Since he sat down beside her at the counter, she waits for a moment to let some silence settle between them before she leans over to push her shoulder against his.

"You did nothing wrong." She says quietly to him. She smiles a second later before leaning back again. "Did the Police arrive and help?" She asks then next. "Or did the muggers run off?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan leans into Diana's lean. He desperately needs for this to be okay. He shovels some more food into his mouth. "When he went down, I um...I healed him. I know I shouldn't have because there were other attackers but he was in such pain. Then one of the other dudes kicked me from behind." He swallows heavily and looks up Diana with heavy eyes. "So there I was on the ground, bleeding from two wounds...one from being kicked into a mailbox and one that I healed off the guy I hit...and facing two healthy attackers." He shakes his head. "It was stupid stupid stupid." Bitter shame is bitter.

Diana Prince has posed:
All of this is listened to with quiet attentive presence. Diana looks over at him as he speaks and she just gently purses her lips together before she shows him a quick smile again, a soft one. "You offered to help these people. But they had ulterior plans. You and Alexander were the wrong people for this to have been tried upon."

Diana lowers her head to get his eye contact then before she continues. "Because you two were there, they were not able to do this to a person who could not defend themselves... You, thusly, inadvertantly provided a service to the city. Perhaps the muggers will think twice next time..." She says in her calming voice.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan takes a deep drink of the milk. He does let out a small, humorless laugh. "Well for sure they'll think twice because we ended up beating the hell out of them. They took of running like scared rabbits." He fidgets with the remaining eggs on his plate, pushing them around with his fork.

He looks back up, making eye contact with his benefactor. "Is this what victory feels like?" he asks softly. "Because it don't feel like winning a football game, that's for sure. It feels...empty and hollow. It feels like the lesser of two evils and I'm not proud at all."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana straightens up on the bar chair as she reaches over with her left arm to put it around his shoulders. She grips his left shoulder and gives him a side hug like this. When she pulls back though she leaves her arm there across his back.

"Every time you come out on top of a aggressive situation, it feels different. Sometimes they feel like what you're feeling now. Other times they feel very rewarding. Especially when it involves you directly saving the lives of people who were in danger. You will see. Your experiences will vary drastically, I assure you. As mine have, and as all who have taken on challenges like this."

Morgan Finn has posed:
The touch seems to reassure Morgan. For certain, he's a physical person. How he went through the shit he went through and still turned out like that is anyone's guess. Maybe the blood of Asclepius is responsible. He offers an actual smile to Diana. "Yeah," is about what he can manage as his young mind parses the wise Amazonian's words. He's certainly not dumb, but he's no genius either.

His appetite quickly returns and he starts digging into the eggs again. "I screwed this omelet up," he says with a small giggle. "I guess now I got scrambled eggs." A broad smile. There he is. He's back.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana grins at this as she takes her arm back and moves to stand up to take her plate and glass to the sink. "Well. What do we do when we 'screw up'?" She asks as she sets the dishes down in the sink and runs the water over them.

She looks back at him then. "Obviously we get back up and make omlets for everyone in the Embassy." She says with a bright smile. "I will go send word to everyone to filter in here for your fine cooking." The Princess states as she walks on heeled shoes toward the doorway.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan watches Diana stride out of the room. After she's gone, he whispers into the air, "Thank you, Diana." He swallows heavily and takes his dish to the sink and prepares for the hungry hordes.