9257/In Pursuit of the Perfect Gift

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Gift
Date of Scene: 24 December 2021
Location: Diana's Office: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Eros and Alexander have a meeting, Diana arbitrates, and Morgan questions the world he's known.
Cast of Characters: Alexander Aaron, Diana Prince, Morgan Finn

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    It had been while he was shopping. Out and about in the middle of the snow and the slush, freezing rain pelting down from the grim grey clouds. Enough of a storm to from up North to perhaps put a bit of a haze on everyone's Christmas spirit. Certainly people were still out and about, but they were more hurried, more rushed, and to be fair it's nicer inside this time of the evening. Especially if there's cocoa to be had.
    But it didn't put a crimp in Alexander Aaron's spirit, Christian though he may not be. He enjoyed the holiday, the times together, the spirit of the thing. And this time of year it was subtly different for him. A young relationship, still feeling out the connection, young love and all. But when a major holiday encroaches on such a burgeoning time, well... that adds complications.
    Such as what to get someone for a Christmas gift. It was that reason that had Alexander wandering the streets, looking in windows, pondering doo-dads and goo-gaws looking thoughtful until...
    It struck him out of nowhere.
    It'd take some doing. Some arrangements. Neutral ground. And... a favor from his aunt.
    Which is when the phone at the embassy would have rung. When an ask for a meeting in the next hour was given. And hopefully not too much longer after that, the God of Fear will darken the embassy's doorway.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana has been watching Morgan feed those within the Embassy with Morgan Made omletes. She's taken the call earlier, and is now seated in the dining room in a chair reading a book that she has on the table in front of her. She's wearing a red turtleneck sweater and some black slacks. A cup of hot tea rests beside her book, and her eyes are looking down upon its pages.

Alex is told where to find Diana, and thus it is no challenge to do just so. When he arrives, she looks up from her book and shows a quick smile. "Morgan. I think you have another omlete to prepare." She calls in to the kitchen through the open doors to her left.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The fledgeling demigod emerges from the kitchen. His hair is a fright and he's flushed from exertion, but there's a smile on his face. He's wearing a Wonder Woman Rocks! apron and carrying an industrial metal spatula. The apron is stained with some of his errors, but by omelet 20 or 25 he was cranking them out with restaurant-quality perfection.

"Oh?" he says. "Well we ran out of chicken and heart of palm. There's still pork and beef and mushrooms and green peppers and onions and plenty of cheeses."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Alexander's arrival isn't exactly heralded by grand trumpets, but he does little to quiet his entrance into the room. There's a vibrance to his face, a warmth to his features, cheeks ruddy and his smile a wry thing. Already he's pulling off the scarf he had been wearing, the black gloves on his hands, but he holds off on the pea coat for now.
    "Diana," He tilts his head and catches the other Olympian's presence, "Morgan. S'good you're here, you should see this." Whatever 'this' is. Yet Alex turns back to Diana and smiles.
    In an overly formal tone he lifts his voice and says politely, perhaps with a hint of Downton Abbey accent added to his words. "Dear Aunty, please go to no trouble, and I need no omelet, though I am sure they are quite lovely."
    For some reason he's rather animated, even now as he's pulling off his coat. "I do have another favor of which to ask, and I hope it is a reasonable one."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana smiles at Morgan's response before she looks back to Alex and listens to his. His response has her sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms over her stomach as her head tilts to the right some, her dark eyebrows lifting up a little at the curious nature of his words.

The question at the end, however, just has the Princess showing a smirk as she leans forward again to gather up her hot tea cup between her palms, where she raises it up toward her lips for a sip from within.

"What is on your mind, Mister... Take Morgan to a Fight and Not Tell Diana." She says before smirking, then sipping the tea.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Ooops. Yeah, Morgan did tell Diana about the fight. But to be fair, she passively interrogated it out of him, like she does.

He doesn't really understand what's happening here at all so he stands back by the door to the kitchen letting Diana and Alexander talk. His expression is one of curiosity, and how often can you get Morgan to shut his mouth like this?

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    As Diana settles back, arms folded, it only serves to cause his smile to broaden. For her wariness is a wise thing, especially when her nephew is in such a wry mood. He follows her gaze, feigning such a look of pure innocence that one might actually believe it. Unless they knew the young man.
    "Oh he told you about that did he?" Alexander then shoots a narrow-eyed squint at Morgan, as if to promise there would be reprisals later. Which there would be.
    Back to Diana he returns to that innocent smile look, "I was, of course, going to inform you when next I saw you. Which is now. Diana, did you know Morgan did passingly well in a fight that he found himself in? He blocked many punches with his face, a curious style of martial art but he seems to have mastered it."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is sipping her tea when she hears this response from Alex. She lowers the cup a few moments later and then looks over to Morgan. "Morgan. Please go out in to the courtyard and get a stick off of one of the trees. Then bring it back in here and whap Alexander until he stops with the dry wit and gets on to what he came here to ask out of us?" She requests with a soft grin before she looks back to Alexander and once more folds her arms across her stomach from her place at the table.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan lets out a little snort. "I don't /even/ know what he's talking about. I didn't have a mark on me after that fight."

He motions toward Alex with a flick of his chin. "So what's his whole production anyway? Even I know you well enough to be suspicious right now." He quickly ducks into the kitchen and re-emerges without the apron or spatula, but with a can of Mountain Dew, which he cracks open and takes a deep draw from.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "I will make you eat that stick," Alex says in his abrupt break of form back to normal when he shoots a glower toward Morgan. But then he looks back to Diana and he takes two steps forwards then /sliiiides/ into the chair opposite her, his pea coat settled on the back of one of the chairs beside him.
    "I have a favor. I need to meet with one of our family on neutral ground. I thought this would serve. I intend to broker an agreement, and would ask you to be arbiter?" Alexander's Downton Tone has drifted away, more normal and back to the casual California dude he sometimes comes across as. "It's for a present, and I think it'll be a nice one."
    Then back to Morgan, "I was struck. With INSPIRATION." He confides in the younger Olympian.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana just shows a smile to Morgan before she looks back to Alex and straightens her stare at him, but does tip her chin up a little. "A special gift for someone this holiday season?" She inquires then with a growing warm smile upon her crimson painted lips.

"Another steamy romance, young Alexander?" She chides the young man across from her.

"Of course I will help." She tells him a beat later. "I do not know if this qualifies as neutral ground, however.... But it entirely depends on whom you are looking to ... barter with..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
At the mention of steamy romance, Morgan gets an adolescent grin across his, well, adolescent face. "Oooh. So who's the unlucky lady?" he teases his cousin. He completely drains the can of soda in a second draw. Cooking for so many people is hard, thirsty work.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    When /Diana/ of all people starts to give him grief, Alexander heaves _such_ a sigh, as if he were the most put upon nephew in the world and it was /so/ difficult to endure. But his smile says something else entirely as he leans to the side in his chair and gestures to the side. "It is, in fact, for my significant... girlfriend... other."
    Straightening up he spares a glance for Morgan expecting grief from that quarter as well, and getting it. Though this time he just points at the youngster. It is a condemning point, however.
    "I sent message to my half-brother, Eros. He agreed to meet me here in..." A glance around for a nearby clock, but then he also checks his cell by drawing it out of his jacket. "About ten minutes, I figured I would ask you and if there was a reason you declined I'd catch him outside."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana smirks at Morgan's quip toward Alexander before she just looks toward the older of the two males within the dining room with her. "Of course." She says softly as she reaches forward to close her book. She stands up with it a moment later, gathering up her tea cup as well. "I would be happy to see them, and help you with this..." She adds as she starts to walk around the table before stopping between the two of them. She looks from Alex, to Morgan, and back again. "You should bring Morgan along though, so he can witness this process. It is a good experience to have, I think." She says quietly.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The secrecy and unknown is getting just a little under Morgan's skin and the normally good-natured teen gets a slightly irritable look on his face. "Morgan's right here. Morgan can hear you both," he retorts. "Anybody wanna explain to the dumb kid what's going on?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Alexander sits up a little straighter, "That's fine, where would you like us to have the meeting?" He glances to the side back in the direction of her office, but then also tilts his head behind him back to the main embassy gathering areas. Since either would serve.
    Then back to Morgan, "I'm going to have a talk with my half-brother, and we're going to make an agreement. These sorts of agreements are binding and they often have repercussions. So it's good to do so in a semi-formal manner and also to have a witness and an arbiter who will gauge the justice of the matter should it be needed."
    He pushes himself up out of his chair with a faint creak from the wooden seat. "You get to be witness."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana takes her tea cup toward the kitchen and hip bumps Morgan on her way, due to the young man's reaction to them talking about him like that. Once in the kitchen she sets her cup down near the sink then turns back toward them and rejoins them, holding the book in her left hand. "We can take this to my office. Just bring him in once he has arrived." Diana says to Alexander before she smiles to Morgan. "You are, of course, not required to do this." She tells him as she gives him a soft pat on his back before moving toward the doorway to the hall beyond.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The hip bump from Diana totally turns Morgan's mood back around. It's not like he ever needs much prodding to lighten up anyway, it's his normal state. "I'll do it," he says to Diana but looks at Alexander. "He's my cousin. He's family. Family protects each other." So naive. One of these days he's going to get really hurt, but until then he's just a little lamb. "Besides, he woulda got his ass kicked by three dudes the other day if it wasn't for me. He needs me." The way he looks directly at Alexander while he says all of this definitely indicates he's having fun talking about someone like weren't in the room, just like what happened a minute ago.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    What does Morgan earn for his blatant /lies/? He earns a sound only a few have heard from Alexander. A sound that the last time Diana heard it was some ages back at a Summer camp. It is the sound of the utterly dismissive /SNORT/. So entire in its dismissal that it needs not words for augmentation. He turns.
    For all the grief Alexander gives Diana, however, when she gives what comes across as an order, the young God of Fear hops to. He takes up the coat off the back of the chair and slings it over one arm, then makes his way toward the door he entered from. After a few moments he's through and beyond.
    It leaves Diana and Morgan the freedom to talk about poor Alex behind his back, and also grants them time to relocate.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan watches Alexander go. The snort elicits a grin from the teen. He loves to give and receive ball-busting from Alexander. It's easy to see in his eyes that he idolizes Alex. That could be a dangerous thing, but what the hell. We live in a world that could be destroyed by aliens or gods at any second. Might as well have fun following that lunatic down the rabbit hole.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana doesn't react to the two boys making their shots at one another. She just walks on out of the dining room and shakes her head lightly.

It takes Diana just a moment to check in with the Embassy's staff about the visitor, and then she heads to the office. Once there, the Princess slips the book she was reading back in to the proper shelf before she settles down on the sofa of the furniture in her office. There is a fire crackling in the fireplace near by too, which helps give the room a nice Christmas flavor, along with the Santa decorations, and other such festive holiday charm decorating the Embassy. Not that it is a Themysciran holiday, but Diana has enjoyed it ever since her first Christmas in 'man's world'.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    It takes a little longer than ten minutes. Perhaps fashion is important to the sons of Ares. Yet it does take some time all told before there is a knock at the office door and then it is opened. A moment later and Alexander is seen, holding the door knob and gesturing within for the individual behind him to precede him through.
    To be fair, Alexander is a handsome individual. He has a certain California rugged vibe, and when he dresses well he cuts a nice silhouette. But the being that comes with him is beautiful. Diana is a beautiful woman. And the blond figure rivals her in some ways. She is stronger, while the newcomer is more androgynous yet perfect in stance, in comportment, in figure, in face.
    For it is Eros, who stands there before them with such a regal look to him. He's wearing a fine business suit, tan in color with such perfectly shined shoes to seem as if they were more carved from ebony than crafted from leather. His coat is perfectly tailored, and his hair is exceedingly coiffed. Bright blue eyes look out at the others.
    "Princess Diana, Morgan, this is my half-brother. Eros."
    He turns, "Eros, this is Princess Diana, and Morgan."
    Though Eros is quick to speak, "Yes, we've met." He flicks a double smile Diana's way as if the effort to hold the smile is too much. He looks to Morgan.
    "Whose get is that?"
    Alexander clears his throat, "He is the son of Asclepius. And a friend."
    Which Diana may well sense is Alexander extending his protection of the younger Olympian. To which Eros sniffs affectedly.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan has an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality. But this is Eros, god of love and sex. His vibe fills the room and Morgan experiences an uncomfortable cascade of teenage hormones, and it clearly puts him on edge. There's even a cute little frown on his face as his adolescent brain struggles to make sense of what's happening here. Without even realizing he's doing it, he walks closer to Diana and farther away from Eros. To be sure: he has no idea he just crossed the room like that.

He looks at Alexander, then at Eros. He doesn't speak, just gives the god a nod.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is there standing when Alexander and Eros step within the office. She smiles to them both before she looks to Morgan and shows the young man's reaction a quick smile. She turns her gaze back then to the guest and nods once to him. "It is good to see you again." She says politely before offering her hand to them, not entirely sure if it will be recieved this time or not.

"Alexander has spoken of needing a bit of assistance with a ... project of his?" She asks then as she glances toward the elder of the two men in the room she's far more used to being around!!

Diana motions to Morgan then. "Yes, this is Morgan Finn. He is staying with us here at the Embassy, and has been a friend of ours for a little while now."

Diana motions to the furniture then before the fireplace. "Would anyone like something to drink?" She asks then.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Though his manner is cold, when Eros smiles it does seem to warm the room. At least this smile when Diana offers her hand and he leans forwards to give hers a squeeze. Gentle and quick and easing back. Alexander takes her hand as well once Eros moves toward the furniture. It's a handshake that is given in earnest and spared a small squeeze, expressing thanks in that single touch.
    Then they are moving toward the seats before the fireplace. The offer of drinks is made and Eros holds up a hand, "No, thank you. I shan't be staying long." He tilts his head to look again at Morgan and for some reason... smirks.
    Back to Alexander, "What is it you wish, half-brother? We have not spoken before save in passing at your ascension. If /your/ father wishes aught of me, I would be extremely surprised."
    Which seems to perhaps catch Alexander off guard a little. But he seems to recover well enough as he sits. "He's our father."
    "Ares wants nothing to do with me. I want nothing to do with him."
    "He doesn't think ill of you."
    "He doesn't think of me at all."
    The exchange is rapid-fire, quick and sharply delivered. But it's enough to get Alex to furrow his brow. "I had a favor to ask. Or a boon."
    Which causes Eros to scoff.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan pours himself a glass of water and drinks it all down in one long pull, then pours himself another glass. He has nothing he can add to this conversation and, in truth, he wishes he could be basically anywhere but in this room. But family is family and it's a bad time in life to not do what you say you're going to do. So he find the seat farthest from Eros as he can and sits down.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana sits across from Eros, and slips her eyes from Alexander to him before back again. She feels the discomfort in the air, her eyes now going to where Morgan sat down and she offers him a knowing soft smile. Her stare goes back then to the other two, and Diana levels her chin.

"I am sure Alexander will be appreciative of any assisatnce you provide him. The dealings with Ares.... are complex, and complicated, as we all know. It certainly has been a large point of contention in my own life time, as you both know." She states then before looking to Morgan again.

She'd tell Morgan a bit about that, if the situation were a little different than it is now...

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Eros laughs, a musical thing that is warm and lively. He nods toward Diana and murmurs, "That is very true, and far be it for me to hold others accountable for their relations' perfidy, simply by their blood ties." As ever, Diana manages to break some of the ice with her calm words and gentle manner.
    He takes a quick breath, rests his hands flat on the arms of the chair and looks toward Alexander, "Then speak, brother. What is it you would have of me? Seek you the love of someone unattainable? My assistance with matters of the heart?" He looks toward Diana as if seeking some insight, then back to the Phobos.
    "Nothing so complicated. I am pondering a gift for another. There is some prominence to our kind the items we wield that aid in the execution of our office. Athena has her sword, Ares his axe, Zeus his lightning." Alex swallows and murmurs "I was thinking that an arrowhead of your crafting would be a fine gift. It would carry significance for various reasons. Though I seek one unenchanted, more a symbol than what you would use or have cast your magicks on."
    As Alex spoke Eros' brow knit together more and more, then his smile turned crooked, something flickering like flame in his eyes. "A gift. Oh is this for a paramour? A lover?"
    Alexander's features remain steady and he murmurs, "A good friend, though perhaps there is a future there."
    Which causes Eros to laugh again, but perhaps not as kindly.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Yeah, okay. If Morgan /was/ starting to relax at all (and to be clear, he wasn't) that would instantly drain off at Eros' less-than-kindly laugh. He doesn't want to embarrass Diana. To be fair, he probably does want to embarrass Alex, but only in a fun way, not in a serious way in front of his half-brother. Another sip of water and just sit quietly and let the adults talk.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana affords a soft smile at Eros now. "He is vague with us about whom it is he is seeking this gift for as well." She says to the lovely looking God. Her eyes go then to Alexander again. "Though that does sound like quite the curious gift." She notes to him before she looks to Morgan and smiles at him.

Diana sits back a bit on the leather sofa as her hands rest on her knees. "I'm curious what Alexander will owe in return for this item." She says with a growing slight grin.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    With an elegant flourish, Eros slips a hand over his shoulder and to his back, yet somehow when he brings his hand forward he's holding a slim arrowhead with lovely sharp curves along the sides and an almost needle-like point. It gleams like silver, though in two tones as the edges seem extremely sharp.
    The small piece of metal dances across the back of his knuckles until he brandishes it between thumb and forefinger.
    "Well, it is my weapon, my livelihood." He looks to Diana as he speaks of price, smiling to her something almost beatific in his look. "I would seek like."
    He leans forward a little, "Will you let me have your sword, Alexander? Grasscutter, Godslayer?"
    A shadow flickers over Alexander's features.
    But Eros is quick to try and ease them as he holds up his empty hand. "Not forever, of course. It is bound to you. But perhaps for..." He lifts his blue eyes upwards, as if seeking a fair and equitable time. "Three days? No more."
    "No," Is all Alexander says, sitting there in the chair with his back rigid.
    "Not even for this lovely of yours? You must not be as the mortals say, that into her?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn's eyes glitter a bit as Eros brings out the arrowhead. He watches it for several moments, then his gaze goes to Alexander. These past weeks he has built Alexander up into this larger-than-life figure and he hates to see his idol sitting there so put upon by this...this...d-bag. So he sits up and clears his throat. "You can take my ring. For one week. If you give my cousin the arrowhead." He holds up his hand. On the index finger is a ring of unearthly metal. Nobody here in this room as ever seen him not wearing it. And, in truth, no god or man can take it from Morgan without his consent. "It belongs to my father."

Diana Prince has posed:
The exchange between the two has Diana raising her dark eyebrows in curious response to seeing how Alexander would approach this counter request. She doesn't say anything... but she does look over to Morgan when he speaks up to make HIS offer for this. The Princess, yet remains quiet. She does have a small smile show on her face, but her right hand reaches up to faintly brush at the tip of her nose, and the smile is gone once the hand comes down again.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    When Morgan finally says something, all of a sudden /all/ of Eros' attention is on the youth. The beautiful being's smile broadens, widening with such lovely warmth at the sentiment so expressed and so wonderful in its execution. The way Eros just slowly turns his head to the side, his eyes glittering with appreciation, he seems touched.
    "Oh that is precious. So precious." Then he tilts his head, "Come sit closer, Morgan."
    But Alexander leans forward and holds a hand up. "No." But then he turns in his seat and points to Morgan, "No."
    He turns back toward Eros and says, "Your deal is with me, I will not accept being indebted to Asclepius' son."
    Which causes Eros to click his tongue softly, so disappointed, but he looks toward Morgan and says with that same smile, "Don't worry, Morgan. We can make another deal later."
    Alexander's expression sharpens and then suddenly there's a crimson-bladed sword in his hand, manifesting in a wash of silvery fire that is there for but a moment as the weapon is spun and embedded into the floor between the two of them, causing a crackle of power to reverberate through the room. A red katana, glowing with a golden hilt.
    And its appearance is enough to get Eros to jump back, holding his hands up as if to stay anyone coming closer.
    "There you are. Look on it. See it for what it is." There's a grimness to Alexander's tone, and the room might feel a touch darker, for he is so often cheerful one may well forget his role in the pantheon.
    "It is not for you. Not for you to play with. Not for you to take and use in some small rivalry. Your arrows are beauiful, yes."
    Then the room seems to ease, to brighten, and Alexander's voice softens. "But I want what they represent, brother. And what you mean to he world. Love, and not this bitterness you carry."

Morgan Finn has posed:
When Eros looks upon him completely, Morgan's brain -- not yet fully into its own demigodness -- is instantly overwhelmed. He's up on his feet and halfway across the room toward Eros when the god tells him to come sit by him. Then Alexander speaks up and breaks the spell and Morgan looks even more confused. Why is he standing in the middle of the room? What the fuck just happened?

He peers around the chamber again, sees Diana and immediately walks over and sits on the couch right next to her. Fuck it if he comes across like some kid trying to sit next to mom. He's is genuinely freaked out right now.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana watches Morgan stand up and go to Eros, she sitting up straighter on the edge of the sofa, like she's about to speak too, but she doesn't. Alexander puts the end to that deal...

When Morgan sits down beside her, Diana puts her arm around him and holds on to him lightly, as she rubs his arm opposite to which they are touching now, reassuring him that he did good there.

She looks to Alex as he presents his weapon, then her lips part when he just stabs it through the floor. She just kind of exhales then, deflating a BIT before she shakes her head lightly and looks to Eros.

"You two..." The Princess says. "If I did not know better, I would say you were related some how." She dryly jests with them.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Eros' eyes are wide and he swallows slowly, a hand reaching out slightly as if to try and touch the blade. But then Diana makes her comment and perhaps he doesn't find it as amusing as he should, but he latches onto it, clings to it like some conversational life preserver that will save him. He laughs again. But none of the beauty is in it.
    "Of course, of course. Forgive me, Diana. Sometimes I just..." He shakes his head and looks back at Alexander.
    Who is tilting his head to the side slightly, as if trying to see what new angle the other son of Ares might be playing.
    "Forgive me brother, I am... silliest, when I am trying to be funny. I, of course, did not expect you to agree. I was making a fun joke."
    Eros then looks toward Morgan, then Diana, but then back to Morgan. "Just a fun joke, cousin."
    "I see," Says Alexander, "Will you accept then that I will be indebted to you. A favor granted that will not conflict with law nor oath? In exchange for one of your non-magical arrowheads?"
    To which Eros smiles, swallows again, smiles again. "Of course. A favor. A favor... is good. Though tell me, Alexander. Your gift recipient. She is not a sorceress or the like?"
    "Not that I know of."
    "Ah, good, then no matter."

Morgan Finn has posed:
As fond of Diana as Morgan is, he generally avoids anything that could be construed as disrespectful to her. Like, you know, leaning into her on the couch. But circumstances are dire and there's a freaky fucking spooky ass god in the room and even Alexander doesn't seem to have a full bead on things right now. So lean into her touch he does, crossing his arms over his chest and watching Eros with a plainly unhappy, brooding expression. And the feminine energy from Diana is good too because, yeah, weird things are going on. I mean, Eros is a dude. There's no way Morgan is attracted to him, right? I mean, he's straight. He has 20 crushes a week on girls around school. Psh. He doesn't find Eros attractive at all, and fuck you if you even suggest it!

Diana Prince has posed:
Of course, Diana is eying the floor where the sword had punctured the rug of her office and gone through the hardwood beneath it. She sighs softly again before she looks up to the two brothers, her eyes dancing from one of them to the other before she clears her throat lightly and speaks up again.

"Well then." She notes. "It would seem that this deal has reached a good place...." The Princess says as she affords Morgan beside her a look. She then returns her stare back to Eros and Alexander. "Why don't the three of you take a tour of the Embassy?" She asks then. "Show Eros around, and perhaps get a bit of time together for the Holidays." She knows its bullshit, but it amuses the Princess, and those who know her humor well will know she doesn't believe it will actually play out that way.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The two brothers rise, their eyes meet, and then they shake hands. As simple as that the bargain is made, well and done. Which has Eros smirking as he extends a hand to give the arrowhead over to Alexander. Who accepts it and steps back, "A good idea, don't you think?"
    "Yes, let us walk. And talk, Alexander." Which then gives Eros the moment needed to turn his head as he smiles to the others, "Thank you, good Diana. And it was lovely meeting you, little Morgan." He starts walking toward the door.
    And Alexander follows in his wake, though he shoots a /look/ at Diana even as he extends a hand toward the sword...
    And the sword disappears with a rush of silvery fire that fortunately doesn't damage Diana's carpet nor floor any further.
    After a few moments they both step outside.