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Some Christmas Cheer Also Alcohol
Date of Scene: 24 December 2021
Location: The Wick
Synopsis: Two nights before Christmas and people gather at a Manhattan pub
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Madigan Belle, Jan de Wit, Bruce Banner, Nikolas Kamarov, Franklin Richards, Arthur Curry, Toni Monetti

Viola Fiore has posed:
The Wick is a friendly pub, tucked between two stores on a side Manhattan street. The interior is decorated for the holidays, with holly and lights and ornaments hung here and there, and even a bit if mistletoe over near a window.

A fireplace is burning hot and putting out warmth, which is welcome as tonight it's rather cold. Flakes are falling from the sky, giving hope that there will be snow in New York on Christmas.

The pub has a good crowd. Not packed in, but there's a bustle and a positive energy. Laughter and smiling faces as the holiday cheer seems to have carried over into the crowd.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Candy Canes. Lots of Candy Canes. Madigan has brought with her to this pub this evening, what are brightly pastel colored pink and glittery silver candy canes. She's got a whole box of them, passing them out to whomever wants one. "Yeah, so good, I dunno, watermelon? Maybe strawberry, the silver is just silver, but it's fine. Don't worry about it." A pause, "Yes, I am totally a doctor." Side look, side look, and Madigan grins big, starting to shuffle on. Her leg braces lock as she goes, hooking the box under the non-crutch using arm, as she continues along. "Merry Christmas, yes, you too. Yepyep, here you go, candy cane, enjoy the cheer!"

Of course, she got into the pub using her well-crafted fake ID that says she's 23... just being 21 is lame, of course, but it has her name. And it even passes any of those evil scanners some places have to check the barcode on the back. "Meeeeerrrrrrrry Christmas to all, and to ... oooh, is that a bar? Is this a bar? This place is crazy, you know what these candles look like, they look like giant..." A pause, "Oh, music, nice!" Just easily distracted as she wanders through the small pub crowd.

Jan de Wit has posed:
It was the quiet before the storm for Jan. No last minute shopping, no worrying over baking or cooking - just a nice evening out to relax. The gentleman stepped into the pub, dressed fashionably to include a warm wool coat and a scarf. Making certain to wipe his feet, he steps into the bar proper.
His glance around, then Jan heads to the bar to claim a seat for himself. He slides onto the stool effortlessly, nodding to the bartender as they bustle by. No hurry from Jan, though. There is a look over to Madigan as she enters, so full of cheer.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Dr. Banner often isn't much for drinking. There's something about inebriation and the potential loss of control, the rowdiness of some people when intoxicated, and the crowds. Even so, 'tis the season.

And Bruce has stopped in to get out of the cold after doing some last minute shopping, judging from the set of bags. Ideally, he avoids this thing. He's an online ordering type of guy. Sometimes, however, time gets away in the lab, and well...drastic measures must be taken. Bruce looks up at the sign, tugs down his ballcap, and pulls his jacket a little tighter before sliding in and making his way to the bar and grabbing an empty stool.

"Uh, Jack and coke, please. ...minus the jack." Bruce gives the bartender and awkward smile.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    The door opens, letting in a swirl of winter air and snowflakes as Nikolas lets it shut behind him. The tall, stern looking man is dressed in a tasteful if simple black trenchcoat, with a red cashmere scarf. No gloves or other cold wear, just his silvery hair pulled back in a loose tail. As he undoes the coat, he has a not particularly expensive looking dark suit on underneath, with a buttoned collar and no tie. Glancing around, he makes his way over to the bar to take a seat, leaning against it as he turns to look at the crowd curiously. "Mm, good vodka, if you have it.' he says, his voice colored with a faint Russian accent.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Franklin told a couple of friends that he could warp their IDs such that no one would give them any hassle. It didn't work, but short-circuiting the bouncer's brain totally did. "Okay, so we can't do that again," He slips past the confused man with a rueful smile. "This has to be our last stop."
    There's a bit of complaining from the boys he's brought with him, but the young man laughs it off and slips away from his group. Oooo, candy cane. "Hey. My name's Franklin. Can I get a candy cane?" He points to the one that's green and blue.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    It's at that point along the bar where it turns to meet the wall, where those white candles burn and offer the flickering orange halo of light, that a seat has been taken up by a tall man in a grey hoodie and blue jeans. Under-dressed, perhaps, for the threat of snow and the temperature outside, he looks a bit wild with his long hair and frayed beard.
    Yet he's kept to himself, focused on the rum and coke, minus the coke.
    Those that had been here for at least an hour might've seen a small incident out front where a man had been heard to yell, "Hey man, are you somebody?!" As he tried to get some shots with his cell.
    To which the answer had been, "Nope!" And the end result? Crushed cellphone left in the garbage near the door.
    For now though, quiet grim drinking is the order of the day at that bar.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Heading in the direction of the music, Madigan is going slowly when... someone's asking for one? "Green and blue, one, I don't remember making a ... oh, look, a blue and green one. Not exaaaaaaaactly the same, but yeah. Here you go." Madigan pulls it out and hands it over to Franklin, "Nice to meet you Frankie. I'm Madi, Madigan, for short." A pause, and she looks to the side, and then back to Franklin with a small chuckle that grows into a big grin, "Sorry, no, reverse that. Thanks. Sometimes I get ahead of my tongue."

Then she's turning, and heading the rest of the way to the bar, to come up next to Bruce Banner, "Coke? Just coke?! What kind of prude are you?" Madigan furrows her brow, and then she grins big, "Oh, sorry, you are probably AA. You look kind of like you had a hard AA type life, sorry. No worries. You got my support. Want a candy cane?" And then her eyes get big, as she shakes her head, "Oh, no, nevermind, you don't wanna get addicted to candy canes, they only are made during one part of the year, yikes! Horrible addiction, stick to ... uh, coke." While talking she set a candy cane on the bar next to Bruce, but then grabs it again and quickly puts it back into the box. And then turns to head away. Heading in the direction of mister grumpy grump pants... Arthur. Big smile coming his way.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The door opens and a young Italian-American woman steps in. Her hair looks like she was at a salon recently, and is dusted with snowflakes. There's a certain sense of style in the young woman's attire, the jacket and gloves she removes, and then the sweater and black pants beneath, jewelry perfectly accessorizing the look.

Viola Fiore looks around the familiar pub. They have food as well as drinks, so don't check IDs at the bar, just if someone is ordering alcohol who looks young enough to be worth being safe.

Viola hangs her coat up on a coat rack and then makes her way over towards the bar. The two enormous white candles made of the candle drippings of hundreds of smaller candles over the years, tower up above the bar, and they seem to fit into the holiday decor nicely. Viola gets to the bar, resting her arms on it as she waits for the bartender to free up from getting Bruce's drink.

Jan de Wit has posed:
As the bartender makes his rounds, Jan smiles over to the gentleman slinging drinks. "Bourbon sour, please." He says, his accent slightly off from your standard New Yorker. A credit card is slid over to the other man, to cover his tab. Once that's settled, he turns to look over the other people celebrating this fine Thursday.

A moment later he takes off his scarf, folding it neatly and tucking it into his coat pocket for now. Fast talkers, coke-drinkers, phone-smashers - the gamut of humanity is here!

Arthur Curry has posed:
    It's a smile that likely takes a bit of time to register. An enchantment that doesn't seem to find purchase when in competition with the bottom of a glass that has such interesting... brown liquor to it. Still. Arthur Curry, the man there at the corner of the bar, he's not closed off to the world entirely. He's aware of the ruckus that comes about from people joining the bar, the quick chit-chat about candy canes, the guy who's been shopping a few seats down the way, the guy who ordered vodka. Place is picking up.
    And Madison.
    She smiles.
    There's a glance. Eyes drop, then lift. A breath is taken and whatever sharpness might have been considered is perhaps tempered as he offers a greeting of. "Heya."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Nikolas, once he has his drink and his back to the wall at the end of the bar, turns his attention on one of his more favorite past times when in the U.S...people watching. There's certainly a memorable crowd in the pub, after all. Places like this, he feels a definite twinge of wistfulness. If he'd made it out, back then...would he be sitting here now, as an actual citizen, not a visitor? Free and clear...as he very much is not.

    ....oh, it's the wet man person from the submarine incident. Hmm. Well, he was wearing a mask. And Americans think all Russians sound like, so....

Madigan Belle has posed:
An impression of a person slinking up, well an impersonation of such. Madigan looks to the ceiling, she looks to the side, she quirks her mouth off to one side then the other as she shuffles, twisting her hips to make her legs move forward, lock in place with her braces, and then alternate, a smooth but slow process of walking. As she is performing a half-circle to come up along side Arthur, "Heya. Soooooooooo. I gotta say. Your expression sure is dimming the candles in here. You seem like..." A quick squint of her eyes, as she stares at Arthur, "A glitter kind of guy. Yeah, definitely, glitter."

A few more nods of her head, and Madigan asks, "So what's got you down, mister? Want some cheer?" She pops out a pink and silver candy cane and waves it back and forth, "I'll give you this, if you turn that frown upside down." Biting the tip of her tongue she smiles, with a raised eyebrow, "Huh? Huh? Huh? One candy cane for one smile, it's suuuuuuper cheap. For such an amazing candy cane..."

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Uh," Bruce blinks several times. "Ah, no, just boring I guess. I might take a--" But she's gone, taking off as rapidly as she went. "Well, she's bursting with energy..." Banner says to himself, only to stop abruptly when someone else joins him at the bar. Sure, he's been caught talking to himself more than once before, but it's not an experience he's anxious to repeat. He glances over, pauses, then speaks up:

"Sorry, but have we met? I might just be getting a wire crossed here..."

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Franklin follows Madigan's train of thought and seems ready to comment on the name mix-up, but then she's correcting herself and he laughs lightly. "Heh. Well, nice meeting you," He watches her move on and eyes the cane suspiciously. His mother would have words about him accepting food from eccentric strangers at a pub, but she also fights extradimensional threats on the daily and thus has no place to talk. "Thanks for the candy cane!" He calls to Madi, already sucking on the bottom end of it.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni Monetti, as it turns out, was *already here*. The proof of this can be found in the quarter-or-so eaten salad at a seat at the bar which is now being revisited by Ms. Monetti, who is wearing an Ugly Sweater knitted out with a pattern loosely evocative of something kind of Roman, but "Roman columns with Christmas kitsch." Down lower: flattering jeans. She is on her phone as she comes back, sits down, and looks up from the screen.

"Oh wow, it's filling up and everything, ain't it? Hey, can I get a cocktail? Like a margarita, well is fine," Toni says to the bartender, who doesn't seem to actually take the order. There may have been a preceding attempt.

She leans to the side, peeking round other people, mostly at the Madigan/Arthur contact.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    It is not a word that often escapes Arthur's lips, and it is given the weight of import such a rare utterance deserves. His eyes narrow slightly, but the corner of his mouth twists up. Not entirely so grumpy perhaps, more that that is the vibe or the wave one could imagine that comes from him as he passes through the world.
    Those very pale eyes follow along with the oh so subtle gesture of the candy cane even as she pronounces her observations for the good of the panel. He tilts his head slightly. "Yer workin' from some flawed premises." He offers, "M'not down. I like Christmas. Love the holidays."
    His eyes drift past her for a moment, gaze sweeping the room near that bar, before his attention returns to her with a half-smirk. "But. I do hate candy canes."
    Such condemnation. Though delivered with something akin to a smile.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore glances around the pub more fully then as she waits for the bartender. Eyes going from one on person to another. Though she and her friends have been here on more than one occasion, she doesn't really expect to run into any of them. Though you never know who you might fun into.

Her eyes run across Jan de Wit and Viola gets a thoughtful look, like maybe she's wondering if he looks familiar. Though someone else she hadn't seen yet thinks the same of her!

Viola turns towards Bruce Banner, and her eyes widen with a bit of surprise and the young woman breaks into a very bright smile. "We have," she says, adding in a soft voice so it won't carry, "Dr. Banner. The beach over near Brighton. Marina next door," she says, and then again her voice drops in volume. "Gunfire. Explosion. You saving my life," she tells him. "Viola. Viola Fiore."

Jan de Wit has posed:
There's a name! Dr. Banner gets a nod of appreciation from Jan, and a raise of a glass. No words, as he's having a conversation with Viola, it would seem. Jan does motion to the doctor, indicating to the barkeep that his tab was covered tonight. Least he could do for a superhero, after all! Another glance at Viola, and something akin to recognition in his features. Still, he cannot put his finger on it. Weird how things work, right?

An ammendment to the bartender, and her drinks are covered as well. Then Jan's eyes turn over to where Arthur and Madi are discussing the finer points of the holiday, and the pros and cons of candy canes. That earns a grin from the dancer.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's some nodding, and Madigan is sure listening to Arthur, you can tell, because she's nodding and saying, "Mmmmh hmmm." A few times, as she quirks her mouth to one side, and it's like there's some kind of shiny jingling in the upper right of her vision, as she is drawn to look at something else. And then she brings her vision right back to Arthur, beaming a big smile full of teeth again, "Glitter! I got it right. Good, I was guessing. Here you go." She hands over the candy cane, setting it on the bar near Arthur if he doesn't accept it, "You -can- smile. That's great. Sometimes, people have this thing, it's a genetic condition that prevents some social or communication based muscle expressions. Well, it's not only a genetic condition, but yeah, it happens. Cerebral palsy, I'd hate to have been accidentally calling out a person with Cerebral palsy and extorting them to take a candy cane."

She raises a hand to her forehead and wipes her hand across it. "Whew. Close call, huh? Well, glad I could be of service." Is there another candy cane already in her hand, and she salutes with it. "You see anyone else who needs some cheer? Other than the alcoholic over there." She points with the candy cane to Bruce Banner who got the Coke, "Oh, shhhhhhh... that's probably a secret." An exaggerated grimace shows up on her face.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni seems intrigued by the candy-cane based discourse that Madigan is providing. She reaches over for her salad, shifting it so she can eat it while half-turned, which is hardly dainty but isn't getting particularly messy either. Crunch, crunch. She strives not to sort at the cerebral palsy comment, at which point she ends up looking towards Jan, possibly meeting his eyes directly for a moment. The fork gets raised and her ring and pinky finger waggle in lieu of a wave, because her mouth remains fullish.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    What happens when you give the Impossible Boy a laced candy cane? Nothing good, probably. Franklin's friends find him grinning like a madman, eyes wide and floating a few feet off the ground. "Oh my god, I thought I lost you guys," Each of them receive a jovial embrace and a kiss on the cheek.
    "Uh," Jordie, a young man taller than Frank, exchanges concerned glances with the rest of the group. "Are you feeling okay, Frankie?"
    "I feel fine. A pretty girl gave me a candy cane. I think there was something in it, but like, it'll probably wear off soon. Hey, let's get drinks!" He approaches the bar, still hovering, and points to a bottle of clear liquor. "Hi. Could you make me something with that in it? Only tastier. Alcohol's kinda gross, you know?" The bartender gets to making the drink. Strangely, he doesn't even ask for ID, as if Franklin didn't look like he could still be in high school.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    For Arthur's part. He endures.
    It takes some doing, the listening, the watching, the paying of attention to the stream of words that are sent his way, some registering, others flitting past likely lost in the melted wax behind him. His eyebrows climb slightly and he nods when it turns toward muscle expressions.
    The candy cane is given. He accepts it. But it does end up on the bar's countertop. Likely its destiny to be there for now. And likely not to pass an Atlantean's lips. Instead of consuming the holiday treat he considers Madigan with one eye scrunched up and his gaze curious.
    Gesturing to the side he murmurs, "No idea, but go make the rounds again. M'sure people will appreciate two candy canes more than one." That said he turns back to his drink, though he does seem more aware of the room around him now.
    Though after a moment he nods towards Nikolas. Or is that Toni? Hard to tell with so casual gesture. "Why not them? They seem distinctly candy cane disadvantaged."

Bruce Banner has posed:
"That's right," Banner says, "Ah," It sinks in just what he didn't remember off the top of his head. "Sorry. Memory gets a bit fuzzy sometimes when things get hectic. How have you been doing, Ms. Fiore?" When he sees the glass raised, he smiles awkwardly, giving a wave across to Jan, in turn.

He glances around. "Are things always this lively here? Can't say that I'm a regular for...reasons. Don't want to be a party crasher." Beat. "Or crusher as the case may be."

Madigan Belle has posed:
If she could even come close to mimicking Arthur's expressions, that's clearly what the red head would be doing. Eye brows raising, head kind of tilting, face scrunching up, though much more cutely even getting her nose and a bit of her cheeks and lips in there, with it. Then she's pausing, and saying, "Whoa. Right. Two, waaaaaay better than one. Twice as good in fact, unless it's infinite, then it's just the same." She chuckles a bit, snorts in the laughter, and turns around. "Two... oh, who? Them?!" She points with her candy cane in the direction of Toni or Nikolas, and goes, "Thanks for the tip Mister Gee Pee." Like, GP, or Grumpy Pants for the analytical minds out there. And like a cheery terrible weapon made from a Hallmark card, she is off.

Walking, well, more like shuffling, her walking, box under one arm, crutch with the other, and she's grinning big, "Helloooooo, table of people, I heard from a little frowning fairy with big muscles, that you may be a wee bit candy cane deprived. And, I, just so happen, to have, a big box..." Pause, and Madi looks to the mostly gone salad, and she wrinkles her nose, gets an 'eww' look on her face, "Is that... a salad? You are in desperate need of saving." This to Toni, of course, the salad eater.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola smiles back to Bruce Banner. "I'm doing well, thank you. And still quite grateful," she tells him, before glancing around the pub. "Oh, it usually has a bit of an atmosphere. But this is a little more lively than when I've been here before. People already off work for the week with Christmas two days away and out enjoying themselves I guess. Have you finished all your shopping?" she asks him.

The bartender finally makes it over and she orders, "A mudslide please. Extra bit of vodka to help warm me up. And then a plate of the baked potato skins, with ranch dip."

As the bartender motions towards Jan de Wit and says something to Viola about the drink, the young woman glances down and gives Jan a smile of gratitude. "I'm not sure if it's you or I, but I guess he's covering our drinks tonight," she says to Bruce.

When Viola has caught Jan's eye, she motions to a chair near to them if he wants to join them.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Nikolas flicks his eyes over to Madi as she approaches, a pale brow arching as he straightens up from his comfortable slouch. "Hmm, is that so? I am feeling the absence of these candy canes." he deadpans, his lips curving up only slightly. "You are angel to think of those in need." He has a faint twinkle in his eyes at that, then glances over at the maligned salad and its owner. "Perhaps she is saving room for candy?" he offers.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni, approached, crunches on her salad for a moment. She glances towards Nikolas, raising her eyebrows, and swallows the mouthful before saying to Madigan, "Totally. See, I'm from planet Christmas, right, and as a space alien I gotta eat vegetables and shit. It's a Caesar salad if it makes you feel any better." She ate the piece of chicken on top already.

"What should I be eating?" Toni asks. Before leaning over slightly to add, "You fundraising? Just asking, you've getting my hype." Back up, normally, she takes another big forkful, perhaps to make sure she does not end up gabbling over Madigan.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Rolling on up to his feet, Arthur gives a nod to the tender as he climbs to his considerable height. Of course it seems as if he didn't hear or understand Madigan's harsh words, perhaps he didn't hear the small comment impugning his mood though lauding his muskils. But words hurt, Madigan. Words hurt.
    Though as he stifles a yawn it might seem like he doesn't actually feel that way. Still. He slips around those at the bar, weaves his way around a table. Tilts his head toward Viola as he walks by, but then it's on into the hallway and the restroom down the ways.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Taking in a breath of air, letting it puff up her cheeks, and then exhaling, Madigan looks between Nik and Toni, "Well, good thing I came by. I have quite a few candy canes, it just so happens" She states in all seriousness to Nik, and then shifts to Toni, "I mean, if you are from planet Christmas... which seems, oddly conveniently named, are you sure it isn't a NASA seeded planet? I mean, they still try and track Santa via radar... you can't do that, reindeer are too small to show up on radar that close to the ground. It's just... silly." She shakes her head, cause clearly, radar's the problem.

"Oh, no, you shouldn't eat salads. I mean, veggies are so harmful for ... taste buds. You know, it's a scientific fact... and fundraise? Oh, no, not ... wait, why, how much would you give me for a candy cane? Would it help to know that I'm a ... uh, girl scout, uhh, lead tracker?" She wonders, chewing a little on her lower lip as her eyes get that wide, intense look, perhaps waiting for lightning to strike her monster on a table in her lab... kind of look.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Well, it's an invite! Jan collects up his drink and makes his way over, offering a wave and smile to both. "Good evening. Just spreading the holiday cheer, hope you two don't mind?" A bow of his head to each. "Jan de Wit, pleased to make your acquaintences." The seat offered is taken, the man settling and getting comfortable.

He looks about the pub again, before looking back to Bruce and Viola. "So out relaxing before the business of Christmas?" He asks of thet two.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    "Heh." Niko has more of an amused look now. "All of that, then, hmm? Is that what you are doing, collecting for charities?" He glances to Toni. "Ah, is only salads on planet Christmas? Must be very green place." He shrugs his shoulder a bit, leaning forward towards the pair a bit as he pauses to take a sip from his drink, before the glass clinks back on the bar.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Between the several orders, the bartender finally gets to making Franklin a tequila and Sprite mix. "Thanks, you're the best. Could my friends get some too? One for each of them? Please?" The man hesitates, glancing at the obviously underaged kids asking for alcohol. Frankie's eyes emanate a white light, and the uncertainty washes away from the bartender's face. "Ha! I like you."
    Sipping his drink, he decides that it's not too bad, face lighting up like a Christmas tree. While waiting for his friends to get their own, he takes in the pub. Wow, so many people.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Ah, you just haven't had them made right," Toni tells Madigan. "Like if you want to think about it this way, most vegetables aren't made real well, right? Like most people can't cook, hardly at all. But if you get them cooked WELL, it's delicious." She glances at Nikolas. "Back me up."

"Nasa has like... sadar," Toni tells Madigan. "I wouldn't mess with them." A question arises, then. "How good are these? Because I will pay for good quality, but I am not gonna let you rip me off. Sell me on these candy canes." She slides a hand into her pocket as she says this, probably for a wallet.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a glow from the bar, and Madigan gets distracted... which is unusual since she's been so focused, and then is nodding her head a few times, turning her head back to Nik and Toni but her eyes are on the glowing man for a moment longer. "There's some dude glowing at the bar. That's wicked."

But there are more important things happening at the table, like, potentially some kind of deal to sell candy canes for uber profits, "Me? Collecting for, uh, charities, sure. Like, the Kids too dumb to pass tests funds, for tutors. And the one about Uber Sad Terminal illness at holidays without gifts" A pause, and she adds, "Inc. It's a 503 c non-profit, all the proceeds got to those... uber sad kids with terminal illnesses." She grins big, "But you could bring cheer, and joy to them, for only, one hundred dollars per candy cane. Can I put you down for 20? You two look like, that's easy peasy am I right? I'm right, no checks."

Though there's some comments about vegetables, completely ignored, but she quirks her mouth to one side, then the other, "Sell sell, oh! I got it. These aren't just your standard, every day, candy canes. They bring cheer, and joy. Buying a candy cane today is like finding Santa, holding him hostage, and making him give you that bike. It feels good, and you deserve it. So, how 'bout it? Do you want, everything you were denied? Well, it's just one, I mean, 20, candy canes away."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    The glow draws a glance from Nikolas, his eyes narrowing slightly as he focuses on the energy discharge. Not a familiar energy signature to him....but one he'll probably remember in the future now. "Yes. Best to boil. Steam. Soups is good. Veggies can be good. Potatoes, best. Chop, mash, fry, put them in the stew?" He taps his glass. "Also, vodka. Highest calling of humble potato. Vashy zdarovye!" " He downs the rest of his glass in one go, then turns the glass over, setting it on the bar, then holds up a hand, holding up two fingers. "I take two, hmm? How much?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce nods. "I'm glad to hear it. Honestly. I worry sometimes I don't get enough chances to do more good than harm..." He trails off for a moment, before seeming to catch himself and redirect.

"Oh," Bruce says, lifting up the bag. "I think so. Had to go through quite a crowd...it was a bit hairy, you know?" Bruce chuckles just a little awkwardly. "I guess I'm not used to doing much celebrating this time of year and missed a few people on my list." When Jan joins them, Dr. Banner gives him a subdued smile. "Evening. Thanks. Bruce Banner." He extends a hand. "Some people insist on Dr. Banner, but Bruce is honestly fine."

Toni Monetti has posed:
"You're pushin' your luck," Toni tells Madigan, amiably. She then brings up her wallet, curling her arm round as if to conceal its contents. It's not thick, but... it's a designer wallet, apparently? At least it has a really specific and tasteful little piece of flare on it. That's the kind of thing that costs.

"How about three for one-fifty plus I get you a salad of your very own so you can try it out, see what I mean," Toni offers to Madigan. "I think they can do fried shrimp on it, you want that? Like they aren't stiffing you here, I was impressed. You'd think in the city they'd try to screw you on that, portion control and everything." To Nikolas, she explains, "I have an uncle who does a lot of restaurant stuff, so I picked up some of this. Is that RUSSIAN?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Doesn't take too long. A handful of minutes while the noise out in the bar proper grows with that hubbub of casual conversation. It's a nice thing all told, speaks to life and activity and community. Casual thoughts that flit through Arthur's mind as he's wandering back up that hallway. For a moment he darkens the archway back into the room and then he's strolling past.
    A faint smirk flickers over his features as he catches what he hath wrought with Madi hassling other people. Perhaps he catches Toni's eye in passing as he gives a mild apologetic look, but it's twinned with a pirate's half-smirk.
    Then it's back to the bar where he sidles on up to his seat and retakes it, nodding to the tender. "Hey man, set me up."
    Which the man in question does.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman that the Hulk saved grins to Bruce Banner. "Well, from my standpoint, you certainly did," she says, resting a hand on his shoulder for a moment as she smiles at him gratefully.

As Jan joins them, Viola looks back to him. "It is you," she says as he introduces himself. "I saw you, what, three months ago," she says, the timing of which would tell Jan what show she saw that he was in. "Enjoyed it very much," she tells the somewhat famous dancer.

Her drink arrives, and the plate of potato skins topped with cheese, bacon and chives, and the ranch for dipping into. "Help yourselves," she says. "They do make some delicious bar food," Viola comments.

She gets one for herself, dipping it and eating it, before answering Jan. "Yes, all ready for Christmas. Everything wrapped, just need to take it with me to my parent's house Saturday. Just out enjoying the holiday then," she says. "Next week will be kind of busy for me then. New Years parties."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Two? Hundred?" Madigan questions to Nikolas, "Like, 200 candy canes, well that'd be, at 100 per, two thousand dollars. Though, I only have..." She looks down into her box and her eyes start shifting pretty quickly as she's... counting, and then looks up, "One hundred and thirty two left. But you know what, I'll owe ya, yer such a great guy."

She pauses, and then looks over to Toni, and she settles the box, free food is free food, even if it's gross. She lowers herself into a seat, and pulls out three candy canes to put on the table, they are pastel pink with alternating silver, and she grins, sliding them on the table. "That's four hundred and fifty dollars. Sure, can you get me a salad, with shrimp, and fried eggs, oooh and those honey roasted peanuts on them? I love those, plus, could they bring syrup? What do you think would work with shrimp? Berry? No, maple? No, maybe like a hazelnut... nah, just whatever, have them bring all the syrups they have... bet I can make a leaf taste good. You know, oh, and maybe some vodka. I need some calories, do you think they have tiramisu? I bet they do, kind of fancy, fits." Once sitting, she's rocking a little back and forth, looking around, "So, are you really russian?" This to Nik, "You sound it, I knew this Russian gangster once, he mistook me for his kidnapping victim, drove me all over town in his backseat, but we became best buds, he forgot to gag me so we talked and talked. I could hook you up, if you need some other Russian friends. He's great, lots of stories."

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Jordie's paying more attention to the onlookers and tugs the sleeve of Franklin's festive sweater. "Frankie! Quit it. People are watching."
    "Why should I hide, Jordie? Don't you see? There's love all around us; love that binds. That's the beauty of it, dude." The godling's eyes are still glowing, staring out into the crowd. "Perfect harmony. Universal love."
    Two of Franklin's 'buddies' are recording the display while Jordie is actively trying to get him out of the pub but not before placing a twenty on the bar top. "Nevermind about those drinks, man."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Nik's eyes twinkle, even if his expression remains somewhat stern. "Could be Russian." he allows to Toni, then laughs, a short, sharp sound at Madigan's attempt. "Ahhhh, you think lowly public servants are paid muuuuch more than is reality." He reaches into his suit pocket and rummages out a $50. "Is giving time of year, two canes for this?" He tries. These are expensive candy canes! "And yes. Really Russian." he adds, rolling his Rs slightly. "But am not gangster. No tracksuit, see?" He tugs at his trenchcoat.

Jan de Wit has posed:
There's a pause as Jan looks to the glowing lad and his flock of photo-snapping friends. Huh. A sip from his drink - one sees the oddest things in New York. Still, no concerns from the dancer at the moment - not with an Avenger here! He turns his gaze back to Bruce, shaking his hand properly. "Your name precedes you, Bruce. Truly an honor to meet you." Terrifying a bit, but still an honor!

A smile and a nod to Viola. "Yes, you saw that? It was a limited run - quite the wonderful show. Glad you had a chance to see the performance." He grins. "Hopefully you kept the playbill." He teases. "I hear they fetch quite a bit of money as collector's items." Another sip of his drink. "Yes, the ringing out of the old year - so many galas and parties to get to. Hopefully I can keep myself sane during them." He half-jests.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni purses her lips to the side. "Sure," she says, "four-fifty canadian," which is when she puts down what seems to be her change from some kind of Shopping Activity, as it is three green photos of General Grant and his favorite number (fifty), which she slides over and collects her candy canes. She looks at them because she didn't bring a purse (or left it somewhere) so now she's holding candy canes like an asshole. She rests one behind her ear.

"Listen, people don't like to get called gangsters," Toni tells Madigan, "especially if they're not actually doing crimes, so keep that in mind, would you?" (To the bartender: "Can you get the candy-cane hustler here a Caesar with fried shrimp and a fried egg? And a double virgin screwdrivers. Thanks~")

"These candy canes aren't, like, *special* special, right," Toni tells Madigan. Asks, really, but it's kind of tell-ish.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Uh. $50? No. A girl's gotta have standards... and more so cause I'm the tracker lead. What would it look like to the other girl scouts, just, regular trackers, if I took such a pittance for those Super Sad kids who, will likely die, in a few weeks, or days!" Madigan shakes her head at Nik, "Sorry, maybe you should become a gangster if all you have is fifty dollars?" She purses her lips together, and tilts her head to the side some.

Turning her head to Toni though, she furrows her brows, and sighs, as she did not indicate Canadian or American, "Fiiiiine, what's that, like twenty bucks US?" She takes the money, and passes the candy canes over. "Well, I mean, he -was- kidnapping me, until it turned into just a sort of fun day of being driven around. I mean, after a bit, ropes are kind of comfy." She pauses, to let the order go through, listening, and she mouths, 'And syrup, syyyyyyrup'. She then sighs as the syrup doesn't get added to the list of things, before slumping her shoulders defeated.

Soon to be right back up, with a quick grin, "Special special? Yes." A pause, "Ohhhhhhh, no no, not at all." She then winks to Toni, looking around, and putting her hand up to guard her mouth as she leans in a bit and whispers, "Yes, yes they are. So good. Trust me. Real silver." She leans back and kind of looks around, conspicuously before grinning, "What do you mean?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce gives Viola another subdued smile. "I was getting a break from the cold, myself," Bruce admits. "Didn't expect to see a familiar face." He nods to Viola. "The honor's mine, from the sounds of it. I don't think I could handle the touring life. Even uh, putting aside the green guy. I'd get nervous just going to conferences."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Niko sighs, covering his heart. "You are robbing good, honest servant of Russian public. Is almost criminal!" But he still gives her the $50. "Lucky, you are talented saleswoman and it is Christmas. But is very good candy cane?' A shrug of his shoulders. "Even have people playing for dinner." he adds amusedly, glancing at Toni and nodding slightly. 'Yes. Not best to call people gangster. Unless they are proudly calling out they are one."

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Oh, do you work at the consulate or something?" Toni asks Niko, before her attention turns back towards Madigan. She twirls a candy cane in her fingers. "You know.... SPECIAL." She raises her eyebrows. Lowers them.

She leans over and says in that quiet-murmur tone she's had a little bit here and there, "I'm asking you if I give these to a friend of mine who gets drug tested, is she gonna kick my ass later for getting her kicked out of the spaceball league."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan Belle takes the fifty dollars, slowly at first, but once it's in her hand she pulls it quickly to herself and says, "No take backs. And, I'm not, like, doing anything for that money. If you think that's what is going to happen. Whoa... wait." She looks to Toni, then to Nik, "Are you two like, do you think I'm some kind of... whoa. No. Not at all. Look. I mean, thank you for the compliment, and all that, but no. I do not do that kind of thing for money. This has been a misunderstanding. Unless, you have like, a rare limited edition 2012 fuschia Furby that I've been trying to find... otherwise just, no."

With the lean in question, though, Madigan's face gets serious. Perky serious. And she thinks about the question, "I dunno. If your planet eats nothing but salads, probably won't even be able to recognize what comes back on the test."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The speakers play some modern renditions of old favorite Christmas songs, the newer versions perfect backdrop for the festive holiday night in The Wick. Viola takes a sip of her mudslide as she listens to Bruce Banner and Jan de Wit. "Are you between shows right now, or do you have something else that you're working on?" she asks Jan.

The young woman's eyes go back to Bruce Banner and her expression softens. "I can't imagine it's been easy to live with," she says in a sympathetic tone. "Well, hopefully this is a nice and relaxing enough setting tonight that you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself." Not that fights ever break out in bars. Oh no.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    "Tch. Said nothing like that. You need money, you have money. Is giving season." Niko says, shaking his head. "Also, am not the sort of person to pay for things like that." He glances to Toni, then nods. "Yes. The consulate. I am more of a roving troubleshooter than permanently assigned though." he admits, shrugging. He does tap the bar to get the bartenders attention and a refill of his vodka however. "What is a furby?" he says in a curious tone.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Another raise of his glass to Bruce, and Jan nods. "It is a rough life, but I cannot claim it is not the life I have chosen. Ups and downs, honestly. Traveling can get quite tiresome, as you say. And lonely, being away from friends. It is nice, though, when the troupe or production bonds - we become a family away from home." A wistful smile. "I will also note, I am sure the troubles I face are nothing compared to even a fraction of those you've run across." He says, empathetically.

To Viola, he grins. "Just taking a bit of a break for the holidays. I am sure I'll find one after the New Year that inspires me." A chuckle and a shrug. "But these few weeks, I'll relax, ice myself down, and enjoy a bit of me time."

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni's face purses for a moment in thought. "Well shit, I guess you caught me in my own act," she says, unwrapping the long end of her candy cane and tapping her lower lip with it. "Oh," Toni then says to Niko. "Huh. You come here a lot?" At this point she bites on the candy cane, lightly, before asking Madigan, "So you keep pulling this stuff out, it's really kind of... inspiring, is it improv? Like it's really brightening things up other than trying to angle for thousands of bucks."

("If you are in trouble with someone blink twice for yes")

Madigan Belle has posed:
Nikolas just handed over money, and Madigan looks at him like he's currently growing a third head. Then she just gets more... weirded, "You don't know what a Furby is? They are like, the best toy, ever. You talk to it, tell it bad words, and then put it in a kids room. And that kid, learns, all these terrible things to say from a toy, your hands are clean, and you can laugh like, for weeks about it."

With that, she quirks her mouth though from, side to side, at Toni's question. She hrms and looks up to the ceiling, "What do you mean? Improv? No, it's just where ever my mind takes me. You gotta embrace the world, else it won't embrace you back. And trust me, that's a cold, unforgiving, unfun sort of place. I'm Madi, by the way, short for Madigan. I know, right, what kind of weirdo name is that. Irish. Which isn't weird, it's just older than French, and kind of the roots of most of old French, at that, but you know, we don't get much credit for that. It's true. I mean, it wasn't like it was obvious, the red hair and all, though we aren't the only ones, but stereotypes be typin'. Clickity clack. You? What about you? Are you really not from a planet called Christmas? Cause, I was hopeful.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"It's works. I'm making it work," Bruce says. "It's...nice, even, to get out for a bit." He glances at his watch, which does not seem to be standard. There are some extra numbers in green on the display before he covers it back up with his sleeve.

"I do have a knack for finding trouble, I suppose," Bruce says before taking another long drink of his soda.

"I can recommend some good hikes if you don't mind the outdoors. They're, uh, good for solitude."

He leaves it at that.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    "I am Nikolas. Niko is good." the gruff Russian says in response to Madi's introduction. "It is toy for swearing?" he adds, a bit unsure. "This does sound sort of fun." he admits after a moment of further thought. "But, I have no one to give one too. If I find furby that is...fuschia, will remember you though." he says, nodding slightly, then glancing to Toni as Madi asks her about her planet. Er, background.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni sort of trails the candycane along the edge of her lips, her brow furrowing. "No," she says, sounding careful, somehow. "I don't, really, but like I skipped a lot of that stuff and everything? I would probably remember if I saw one." A beat afterwards, she says, "I'm Toni."

A beat. "It's short for Toni," she continues, "cuz my dad's Tony Stark, who's put a lot of work into like concealing my identity? You'd think he'd get me a better name, right?" Suck, slurp. "I just figured you had red hair or something. You don't sound mega-Boston. ARE you from Boston? Cuz that's way worse than Irish."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola sips her drink. The bartender did a good job of making it strong, the sweet beverage covering some of the alcohol's strength, making it tasty, yet warming from the inside out. She gets another potato skin to nibble on as she talks to the men she met at the bar. Or in Bruce's case, ran into again.

"Well I'll look forward to seeing your next performance then," Viola tells Jan. "Oh, and I'm Viola by the way. Nice to meet you," she tells him.

She looks back to Bruce and her sympathetic look is there. "I imagine I'd probably spend a lot of time off alone as well. But, really, I'm glad you came out tonight and I ran into you. The chance to thank you again? You really made a difference in my life," she tells him.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Yeah, they are super great. I mean, you don't even need to -know- anyone. I don't know any kids, but you just sort of sneak one into a stroller, or like into a kid's backpack, and boom. Instant greatness." Madi smiles at that, and nods her head a little bit, "That said, I'd keep a 2012 Fuschia Furby. They are super hard to find. And garish. Like, one of those lamps you find in motels off of routes with signs that are half covered in soot. And they still advertise they have cable."

With that stream of rambling description out of her mouth, Madigan gets her food, the salad, but there's a drink. She slurps on that quickly downing most of it, while grabbing with her fingers the shrimp, and eating a few of them before looking to Toni, "Wait, you are Tony Stark's child? Shouldn't he have like three dozen kids. Do you think they are all named Tony? Like, George Foreman? That'd be funny. Boston? Yuck, no, I was born in Ireland. I don't do the accent thing though, not unless I'm like, really into someone. My uncle is constantly telling me that I gotta be American. Which is so easy, to do, I mean, you just stare at your phone, pretend not to understand the metric system, and pick a sports team to get super angry about when they lose." She nods her head a few times, and then grins big, with wide eyes, looking back and forth between Nik and Toni, "I have the -best- idea."

Jan de Wit has posed:
And his drink is finished. Jan grins to Bruce, nodding to the other man. "I think I might take you up on that, Bruce. It's been years since I've been out in the wilderness." He grins. He reaches into his jacket, pulling out two business cards - one for Bruce, the other for Viola. "Please, do pass on that information if you feel up to it." He asks of Bruce.

A wink to Viola. "Well, if I get notice, I can let you know when tickets are available?" A smile. "I do need to step home, though. Do stay and enjoy the food and drink." A look to the bartender. "A round for the house on me, please?" A nod as he puts his scarf back on. "A pleasure meeting you both."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Niko looks surprised. "...would not have guessed before you said, but yes, Tony Stark naming daughter Toni seems on brand." he muses, then takes a sip from his drink. "Do your interests run towards invention too?" He glances at Madi. "Ah, you are not American either?" he says with interest. Then eyes her at the idea. "...what is this idea?" he says, warily.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Nope, that's probably why he ditched me like a wet piece of garbage," Toni says cheerfully. To Madigan, she says, as she swizzles around the candy cane in her mouth, "Yeah? I got like five minutes before I have to settle up or my adoptive parents who are not Tony Stark will literally, figuratively, literally kill me. (You're good for the food, I'll cover it.")

Toni, secretly, tries to remember what color fuschia is.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"The greatest idea ever. I can help Toni, hide better from her father. And I can help you blend in, as an American. I'm like, super well versed. And yeah, no, I'm not American." Madigan offers to her Russian counterpart at the table, "That's just how good I am at blending in. My uncle says there's still some ... well, people who don't like the Irish. I'm not sure why, but he was like..."

And she goes straight up Irish, trying to mimic a gruff man's voice, clearly a bad parody done by an all too femininely toned voice, "Ma'di, ya bes' be speakin' like yer from 'ere else I'll take away yer Neenten-do sw'tch." And she comes back to her non-Irish self, quirking her mouth to the side, and rolls her eyes, "He's such a goober. Best uncle though, ever. Really, helps me with everything... and I need it." She taps her crutch to the side of one of her leg braces.

To Toni, "I think your probably better off. Every time that guy has been at a media conference I'm like, snore, free energy, snore, save the world, snore. I mean, even Captain BlueShield is more exciting. But, if you gotta go, you gotta go. Ooooh oooh, you all wanna trade numbers? I like to text, and play video games, and all sorts of things! Plus, I'm like, the best, at science."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    "Ah. He does not strike me as someone who appreciates the gifts he is given." Nikolas says, philosophically. "I hope you are better off without then." He tilts his head, his lips quirking up at Madi's imitation, letting her finish, before asking. "And what is this brilliant idea exactly that will help us both?" he wonders, leaning back against the wall behind him as he crosses his legs.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Ha!" Toni says, at the faux-Irish. Presumaly Madigan is ALLOWED to do that voice. "Awesome. Well, uh, I'm glad he got you a Switch and everything. I do have to bounce, but," a glance at Niko, "Yeah, numbers: Absolutely." She gets out her phone while also gesturing for her check, which appears to be getting paid with a card that looks like it has a valuable color.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Madigan Belle will naturally allow someone else to pay, there's no way she's even reaching for money. The money she DID get this evening has already been stuffed down the edge of her skirt. She smiles big and exchanges numbers, if she gets access to other people's phones, she quickly texts herself, or allows them to do it. She then picks up her phone, and does a sideways tongue sticking out of her mouth with a zaney look to her eyes funny selfie, and sends it. Then she's packing up, looking to Nikolas and smiling, "I just said it. You can lose your accent, and then be a super spy at your consulate thing. And she can get a fake name, and I can help with that, and like we could re-do some of her look, and bam. Instant no-relation-to-Tony-Stark..." Then she realizes, looking down at her box. "I have -so- many more of these. I need to hit up lots more bars."

Quickly, she starts stuffing her face with the remaining eggs, shrimp, everything but the leafy greens or other identifiable veggies. Though she does drink the last of her drink, and swallows it all down. "Plus, I need to go find a donut shop to wash off all these veggie-touched foods I ate."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Niko hmms, then nods, digging out his own phone from his interior jacket pocket and exchanging relevant numbers. He makes a faint 'hmph' sounds of amusement at the selfie but saves it with Madison's number. If Toni is alright with it he'll snap a pic of her as well, then send them bot a text with a pic of his own to attach to the number. "It would be good to practice. It's been a long time since I've been here." he admits, ruefully as he watches Madi put everything away. "...you definitely burn your calories." he says, shaking his head a bit. "Well. It has been good speaking with both of you, let me know if you want to improve my speech."