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Experiencing Themysciran's Embassy
Date of Scene: 28 December 2021
Location: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Monet St. Croix visits the Themysciran Embassy and meets Caitlin and Donna.
Cast of Characters: Monet St. Croix, Caitlin Fairchild, Donna Troy, Morgan Finn

Monet St. Croix has posed:
It's the first time since she's settled back into Xavier's that Monet St. Croix has gone somewhere with not necessarily a sense of purpose but with a sense of awe. Somewhere that she feels small in comparison to. That she feels like is better than she is. So.. Tall, normally arrogant girl standing small she would enter in along with the public groups allowed into the Embassy to take one of the tours throughout the likely lower floors. Her eyes closed, her senses focused outwards to just take in the ambience of it while entering.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
There's a sparring match going on. It's not an infrequent event; the Amazons love to train and spar against each other. Steel rings out in the training yard with the exertions of the day.

In the pit, two women are facing off with each other. The one with the dark black hair is armed with a short sword and shield; the other is several inches taller and quite a bit more muscular looking, flaming red hair tucked into an efficient knot at the nape of her skull and armed only with a pair of heavy gauntlets.

The contest doesn't look quite as asymmetrical as one might think. The more slender one is fast as a striking snake and has incredible balance and speed. On the other hand, the brawny redhead has significant reach even with her bare hands, and uses her own mobility to keep pressure on the other to try and keep her on the back foot behind that shield. Both are wearing split leather skirts and simple leather training armor cut for mobility and speed.

Caitlin narrows her eyes at Donna, feints left, and jukes back as Donna leads in with an attack. There's a fast one-two-three exchange of steel on steel, Caitlin absorbing the sword strikes with her bracers. The third catches on a notch in the gauntlet and Caitlin pulls it to the side to deliver a perfectly timed straight cross right into the center of Donna's raised shield. It's a textbook punch that packs a *lot* of power if thrown by someone with Caitlin's experience.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Since the opening of the Themysciran Arts Center, tours of the Embassy are less common. The array of artworks created by Amazons over the last three thousand years or so that decorate the embassy is dwarfed by the Arts Center's collection, but it's still impressive. It's also a working embassy, and that's interesting of itself.

    A small number of people gather in the lobby of the embassy for the tour, where they are met by one of the Embassy's American staff. The tour guide is Angela -- a neatly dressed woman in her thirties who clearly has an enormous enthusiasm for all things Themysciran. She bubbles with that enthusiasm, and shows the small tour party the artistic highlights of the lobby, takes them into the currently unoccupied office of the Ambassador (Wonder Woman!), shows them a few paintings depicting life on Themyscira in the main meeting room, and takes them through the impressive ball room.

    And then, with a conspiratorial grin and a slightly hushed voice, she tells the tour "I've just been told we have a special treat for you today. Not part of the normal tour. We have a sparring room here in the Embassy, which the Amazons here use for training. The assistant Ambassador, princess Troia, is currently sparring with the attache Aikaterine. In case you don't know, those two are also known as Troia and Caitlin Fairchild, of the Metropolis-based Superhero team, the Titans."

    Angela leads the tour into the sparring room, indicating that they should stay close to the walls, carefully out of the way. The group arrives just in time to see this last exchange of blows.

    Caitlin's fist contacts Donna's shield with a clang that rings around the room. Donna's braced, but the sheer power of the punch sends her sliding backwards across the floor -- though she manages to keep to her feet. She flashes a broad, encouraging grin at Caitlin as she comes to a halt against the rear wall of the room. Without pause, Donna rushes forwards with a superhuman burst of acceleration, a near blur of motion that the eye can barely keep up with. Before she reaches Caitlin she leaps up high in the air, spinning over Caitlin's tall form and coming down to land in a low crouch behind her, sword lashing out towards the back of Caitlin's legs.

    Caitlin's no slouch when it comes to speed either, and manages to leap over the blade -- but barely. When she comes back down to ground, Donna has followed up the sword sweep by pushing her shield forwards, into the path of Caitlin's feet. She thrusts forwards, pushing Caitlin back before she can land properly, and this time it's Caitlin's turn to stagger back and recover her balance.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And it's with fascination then as Monet St. Croix goes to whatever venue is permitted for the viewing public to watch the spar. She doesn't necessarily recognize any of the participants, but she pays full attention to their combat styles. Things are filed away and anlysed visually. Monet is nowhere near an expert on martial arts or styles, but she can recognize the general intent and tactics. And that the fighting involves a great degree of speed and strength.

So teh less than formally trained mutant woman would observe with a great deal of interest, watching as the exchange of blows would go on, evaluating how the duo performed as the combat maneuvers went on, the strikes hard and fast.
    Caitlin's blow that would end the first exchange of blows directed at the center of Donna's shield having her interest. The strength and focus of it, the pattern.. Most of all seemingly to her how efficient the maneuver was.
    The powerful blow seems to have at least knocked Donna backwards but quickly braced, and then the overcommitment to the attack seems to have left Caitlin vulnerable? Monet assesses, accurately or not as she would take in the combatants as theywould fight in a matchup of speed and strength. Thoughtful. Surprised at the acrobatics and the first word she had spoken since coming in would be a quietly, "Effective." Not something she had seen before in a fight of this type. The action going pushing her limits to keep up with and follow. Fortunately she would remember it all to review mentally later.

Morgan Finn has posed:
What's this? A tour coming through the Embassy. Morgan has been watching The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition for like the past 11 hours. Maybe this is a perfect time to take a break. Luckily, like nobody in the world knows who he is so he easily blends in with the tour crowd. He does like watching the combat training. It's nice to see someone else getting beat on for a change.

As the two Amazon warriors go at it and the tour group watches raptly suddenly there is a crinkling sound that really does disturb the sanctity of the tour. Several people turn around to see what the intrusive noise is and their gazes falls upon...Morgan who is trying (unsuccessfully) to quietly open a bag of peanut M&Ms. His eyes go wide. "Sorry," he whispers.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
It's a fair tradeoff for avoiding that slashing blade; Caitlin stumbles a step and then commits to it with a lunging forward roll that allows her to conserve that momentum and turn it into a three-point stance. Caitlin surges forward with a stunning momentum and rushes right at Donna, just as the Princess rushes back, and at the last moment-- they check-step their momentum and more or less collide harmlessly with each other. Mutual laughter and a hug follow before either can be knocked over.

"I've gotta mix it up a bit," Caitlin informs Donna, and starts stripping off her gauntlets. "You're getting too good and holding the low angles on me." She unpins the knot of her hair so the braid hangs between her shoulderblades. With the heavy steel gauntlets off, the golden bracers that are the legacy of the Amazons are much easier to see. Identical to Donna's.

The tour group catches Caitlin's eye, and she flashes a brief but friendly smile at Monet. She turns to get her water bottle from off a low bench while Donna goes and does the Public Face thing. It also affords her a moment to tug a loose white tunic on and belt it in place, somewhat relieving Cait's sense of modesty.

Ooh, snackies. She starts trying to shuffle around the side of the crowd, eying Morgan and lifting her chin at his snack along with a complex pantomime that could be read best as either 'feed the pigeons' or 'can I have one'.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Monet's reaction to the fight isn't universally shared by the tour group -- though everyone watches with some fascination, the sheer speed and power of the fight, not to mention the fact that Donna's swinging an actual /sword/ around, creates a certain amount of nervousness. For the more martially inclined, the skill of these two combatants is clear to see, and the possibility of bloodshed seems remote. The pair clearly know what they are doing.

    When they break away from the hug that apparently marks the end of the spar, Donna gives Caitlin the widest grin and a small shake of her head. "Not /that much/ honestly. Power is always going to be your best friend, and I'm pretty confident you will never face anyone who knows your moves as well as I do in actual combat."

    She sheathes her sword in the scabbard at her hip and takes a few steps over to meet the tour group. "Angela, hi!" she says to the tour guide, before turning a megawatt smile on the rest of the group. "Welcome to the Themysciran embassy, all of you. It's always a pleasure to meet people who take an interest in the culture of Themyscira, and what we do here." Her accent bears clear marks of her foreign origin, and her voice is smoke and honey -- but her English is as good as any native's, and there are hints in how she speaks that she has spent a lot of time here.

    "My name is Troia, and I'm the assistant ambassador. Fighting like this is not exactly typical ambassadorial behavior, I know, but it's very much part of the culture of Themyscira. It would be a mistake to think that makes us a martial people though -- on the contrary we are a people dedicated to peace, but we acknowledge that sometimes peace must be fought for, so we train to be as good at fighting for peace as possible. The greater the ability of a combatant, the greater our ability to spare our enemies from actual hurt. What you saw just now looked violent and dangerous, and I urge none of you to try it at home -- but for myself and Caitlin, there was no real danger. We have been doing this for years."

    "Does anyone have any questions?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would go to watch lightly and review it over and then dip her head, "What was the point of your strike aimed at the center of her shield?" She would use her hands to indicate Caitlin's. "That meant that the majority of your power was split across a wide area since your opponent could take the force at the center of her shield, which let her put her full weight and strength into bracing against it. A strike off-center would mean that she could not brace fully, nor let the shield take the full impact or lessen the blow. And the impact at the strongest point of it where the largest amount of force was positioned to resist."
    Likely not quite exact - Monet was far from someone that was fluent in melee combat; much less martial arts styles or CQC with weapons and bracers. Her watching thoughtfully back as the talk would go on, her putting out her first question on the matter.

Morgan Finn has posed:
There's a lot of heady talk about combat physics going on. Morgan's not all that great at academic examination. His is a...kinesthetic learning style. But you what he does know? Snacks! A friendly, playful smile blooms over the teen demigod's face when he sees Caitlin moving in his direction. He gently nudges his way through the tour crowd. "'Scuse me. Sorry. Ow. Sorry. 'Scuse me, please." Tour group members are looking at the kid with brief annoyance as he pulls them out of the tour's immersion.

Finally, Morgan does arrive at the edge of the group. He holds out the M&Ms bag and pours as many into Caitlin's hand as she wants. "You were really good out there," he whispers, a broad, friendly smile still on his face.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Morgan earns himself vast goodwill from the redhead. Chocolate is delicious -and- calorie dense. But she's considerate enough to stop his pour before he gives her too much and smiles gratefully at the food, and the compliment.

Monet's question is meant for Caitlin and she blinks in surprise when focus turns on her. She quickly chews the peanut M&Ms in her mouth and takes a swig of water to beg a moment's pause.

"Uh, well, it's kind of a... situational technique," she hazards. Donna's presence is smooth and confident, a natural public speaker; Caitlin almost looks a little shy despite being by far the biggest and the tallest there.

"Shields are meant for parrying. There's not really enough leverage to like, use them to stop significant impact. You want to make it glance off the sides. She had to use everything she had to brace herself so I don't-- er, didn't-- knock her over. Two or three big hits like that are pretty exhausting to deal with. She was smart and stayed low, too. If I had gotten a better angle on it I could have punched with more leverage, enough to knock a humvee over."

"But, uh, I don't recommend it as a regular fightin' technique, no," she adds with an asymmetric wave of her shoulders. In stark contrast to the exotic, honeyed voices of the Amazons, Caitlin's accent indicates someone who is mostly grown out of an Iowa accent.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna raises an eyebrow at Monet. It's a more technical sort of question than she was expecting, but she's ready for it and quickly drops into lecturing mode. Though she's reinforcing Caitlin's answer, it's soon obvious that it's not just the confidence in public speaking that's different. Donna's the more technical fighter, and it shows in the different way they answer the question.

     "Armor works in a number of different ways," she says. "In America, people are mostly used to the idea of things like a bullet-proof vest. The primary purpose of such armor is shear resistance, to stop penetration. A secondary feature is to spread the force of impact to a wider area of the body, to reduce force damage. A shield works in a very different way."

    She raises her shield, facing Monet, to demonstrate. "With hard metal armors of the type we use, while spreading the force of impact is of course very important, the major function is deflecting the force away. With body armor, it is shaped to force a blow to the side. With a shield, you should not think of it as a fixed barrier, but consider the fact that it moves. A blow to the center of the shield means the force of the blow is transferred in full, while a blow off-center allows me to pivot around it. If the blow is closer to my elbow, I tilt the shield outwards and most of the energy is directed away from me." She demonstrates slowly, pushing her shield out and to the side, while stepping in past the imaginary blow to deliver a sword thrust (though she's no longer holding her sword). "Alternatively, if she were to have directed the punch to the inside of the shield, I would step back and swivel on my outside foot for the same effect." Again she demonstrates the motion, this time raising her sword-arm and demonstrating a stab over the top of the shield.

    She lowers her shield again and smiles. "Caitlin went for the center of my shield, knowing that this will transfer the most force directly to the axis of my body, and force me backwards. I'm faster than she is, so she benefits from stopping me getting in too close. Combat is all about control of the space. The person who controls the space best to suit their own strengths wins the fight. If this is a subject that interests you, we are running combat training courses at the Arts Center. You'd be most welcome to sign up."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The discussion of the two answers her question, goin ginto both the physics involved and the tactics involved. Both of which are added to the Moroccan mutant's knowledge base for the future. She would bow her head to each of them appreciatvely, "Thank you." Her own voice having more of a French accent to her English, not Parisian though. "I appreciate your explanation. I know.. Very little of this style of combat. It is.. Instructive to observe."
    Her words more thoughtful in nature, taking in the explanation that the two had given her and running it through her head in a contemplative manner, then going to glance at the shield to take in a better view of it and reviewing in her mind the position that had been taken to brace.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Even with his mouth closed, eating peanut M&Ms is not a quiet affair. Couldn't he have brought Twinkies or something? But to his credit, he really is trying to pay attention to the combat discussion. The problem is he really doesn't understand what's being said and he's starting to get fidgety from boredom.

But Caitlin seems to be not completely a stick in the mud. He leans closer and whispers, "I think I'm getting a PS5 Christmas." He looks at her like he just told her universal good news, like peace on Earth was confirmed to be coming soon.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin silently gasps at Morgan, absolutely failing to look shocked (but she fakes envy pretty well). "I have been trying to find one of those for *months*," she whispers back at him. "You gotta let me play the new Lego Supers game, they put me and Donna into it," she confides in him.

She lifts one finger at him apologetically and looks over Monet, politely trying to get her attention with a quick smile. "It's not really a formal fighting method," Caitlin apologizes to the coolly confident European woman. "The rules all kinda go to the wayside if you can bench press a truck. Or fly." She shoots Donna an envious look. "There are only so many locks and grapples that work on someone with superstrength. If they can fly reflexively then throwing them accomplishes almost nothing. We end up circling back to just... y'know, pugilism, punching and kicking," she clarifies. "You don't have to be the fastest or the strongest if you know how to line up a hit right to maximize your leverage."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna notes Monet's glance at her shield, and with a slight grin she unstraps it from her arm and holds it out in Monet's direction. "Want to try it on?" she asks. "Just be warned, it's heavier than it looks. One of the reasons why we Amazons have retained and developed the ancient techniques when it comes to armor when the rest of the world has moved on to other things is that we don't really have to worry about the weight as much. A Themysciran shield has a lot more dense metal in it than even a heavy medieval European shield should have. "

    She turns her gaze to the rest of the tour group. "Anyone who wants to, feel free to try it on. Arm through the strap, grab the handle, then tighten the strap. Don't try swinging it around vigorously though, with that amount of weight you could get a sprain."

    "I heard that Morgan," Donna says with a smirk, turning in his direction. Clearly she has the same annoyingly sharp hearing Diana has. "Don't count your chickens. Knowing Diana, there's a good chance she got a PS3 and only thinks it's a PS5. Maybe a Switch if you're lucky."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance at Fairchild, "In which case one exchanges blows until the weaker is overpowered or outmaneuevred. In such exchanges, best not to go about it with raw strength, but to try and go for grapplings or immobilizations. When one gets to such power classes there are not often many options beyond that do not lead to excessive collateral damage for little return." She would reply wtih some evaluation of it. The woman apparently having given some thought to it.
    "Thank you." The Morrocan woman would look touched as the shield would be passed over. She dosen't make a show of putting it on, just taking it to place it as instructed and then moving to hunch just a little as if she were one of those it was a little heavy for. Her acting wasn't particularly good but she at least wasn't intent on making a show of things.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Wide, innocent doe eyes are aimed directly at Donna. THOSE are weapons our fledgeling demigod knows how to wield with expertise. Morgan sinks back into the crowd. One might even be led into a false sense of security that he isn't there anymore, perhaps having slipped out of the room quietly through some door. But then that sound is heard from somewhere in the crowd: *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin looks at Donna, blinking and uncertain of what to say in response to Monet. "Uh, well, everyone's gotta find a thing that works for them," she offers with a conciliatory sort of diplomacy. "I guess we do OK, but we've been training together a long time. It's always neat to hear other perspectives on self-defense. You're never done learning."

It's mostly accurate, save for those instances when dealing with someone who can throw tanks around. Caitlin absently massages her outer leg with one hand as if an old ache has temporarily resurfaced. She shakes it off and walks over to Donna and Monet while the tour group entertains themselves with the weapons. "I hope that I explained things, I'm not always great at that," Caitlin tells the heiress. She offers a politely genteel handshake with no effort behind it. "I'm Caitlin. This's Donna. She's the backup princess," Caitlin adds with a theatrical sotto voce for Monet's benefit.

Donna Troy has posed:
    A laugh escapes Donna's lips at the 'backup princess' line. It obviously took her by surprise, and equally obviously tickled her. She flashes Caitlin a broad grin and shakes her head slightly. Obviously she prefers that comment to Caitlin's 'princessiest' jibes.

    It's the perfect moment for Morgan to slip away into the crowd, and Donna shows no sign of having followed his vanishing act. Which is not to say that she's not tracking the little scamp by the sound of snack-crunching. Diana just /never/ keeps a proper eye on her sidekicks.

     "Exchanging blows until the weaker opponent is outpowered ensures the stronger opponent is fatigued at the end of the battle," Donna says to Monet. "That's not much good if there's someone else to fight straight away afterwards," Donna says. "It doesn't matter how strong you are, how fast, whether you can fly or fire laser beams out of your eyes -- efficiency is everything."

    Donna offers Monet her hand too. "It's not enough to simply win the fight against you, if you want to win the war as well. The very best fighters learn to win a fight while using as little energy as possible," she says.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would manage to say with a fully serious tone back, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, backup heir." She would offer in an amused voice and then glance at the spot where Fairchild had looked at her leg. The movement quick and possibly difficult to notice unless one was paying attention. The shield would be carefully put down and offered to whomever was next in the tour group that wated it.

"I appreciate it. Your explanation was thorough in covering the tactical applications, phsyics, and applicability of it and it's limitations. It was excellent." The Morrocan mutant bowing her head to the two.

"I am Monet St. Croix." The girl's French enunciation of it clearer.
    As the two women would offer their hands, Monet would shake each in turn and then speak, "Pleased to make your acquaintaince. And efficiency is paramount in any situation for survival."

Morgan Finn has posed:
At some point there are no further disturbances and no further sounds of wrappers or food crunching. The teen demigod must have actually slipped out of the room this time for real.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Pleasantries are exchanged and Caitlin takes a long half-step to the table to pick up a couple plastic bottles about a litre each. She examines the labels and offers the choice to Donna. "Strawberry banana, or chocolate malt?" she murmurs.

Caitlin takes the second one, uncaps it, and hastily guzzles down some of the bottle's contents while Monet is speaking. When Monet introduces herself Caitlin moves the bottle aside to speak.

"It's nice to meet you, Monet. What brings you to the embassy? Are you here on some official business, or just wanted to poke your head in and see the place?" she inquires. Some might take the pointed questions as being suspiciously direct, but from the open and honest expression on Caitlin's face, she seems absolutely sincere in her curiosity. "I don't mean to pry, of course," she adds a hasty beat later.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Monet's modification of Caitlin's line apparently pleases Donna slightly less, and the word 'heir' provokes an awkward pause where she considers responding but decides not to.

    Donna takes her own bottle from Caitlin with a smile of thanks, and moves aside while Caitlin asks Monet a few questions to engage with a few of the other people on the tour. She lets one member of the tour hold her sword, but not 'have a go on it', and answers a few short questions about how the Embassy works, what it's like being a Titan, what Themyscira is /really/ like and so on before returning to Caitlin's side.

    "You do seem to have a very practical interest in combat," she says to Monet. "I assume you've done some training?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would smile over at Caitlin. The smile comes with the almost impression that it's from someone who rarely does smile but is trying. "To.. Explore and experience. The Embassy is unique, and the sole way to look at the.. Culture of the island. Forgive me if I am inaccurate or rude. I merely wish to learn and to discover." She would bow her head over to Caitlin.

"It was a fair question, there is no reason to apologize for the inquiry."
    Monet would nod, "My father had me take several self defense classes, though most of my knowledge is.. Theoretical rahter than applied." Carefully chosen words here.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's expression is earnest and welcoming, and while it's not as well-graced as Donna or Diana, her overall deameanour tends to help put people at ease. She simply doesn't come across as someone with an angle to play or judgement being withheld. "Everyone has to learn how to fight somewhere," Caitlin points out. She glances at Donna; the two share a brief but significant look. Caitlin focuses back on Monet. "It's especially hard to learn if someone's outside the usual percentile ranges," she adds with a gentle and calm tone. Monet was pretty sneaky with the shield, but something in her cagey words and posture has keyed Caitlin in that Monet might be more than she appears. But she's civil enough not to out her in public.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Those who wish to learn and discover more are always welcome," Donna says. "The reason why we opened the Embassy and the Arts Center was so that we could share our own knowledge with the world. Of course my sister and I hope it will be something of a two-way street -- our society has been isolated from the rest of the world since around the time of the fall of Rome. There is much we have to learn from the outside world, too."

    Her expression grows playful. "Ice cream, for example. We have a frozen dessert on Themyscira which is not entirely dissimilar to a sorbet, but the idea of adding cream was new to us. That's one thing from Man's World -- that's what we call the world outside Themyscira -- which has become a very popular import over recent years."

    She gives an amused shrug. "But mainly to share our ways, our wisdom, our learning. We run classes at the Arts Center teaching combat techniques, but also introductions to Themysciran literature, visual arts, plays, music... and lectures about the laws of the goddesses and the principles on which Themysciran culture is founded. The importance of compassion in all things, the promotion of /nous/ as the pinnacle of human achievement -- mind, learning, wisdom. All these things."

    A beat. "But I suspect the martial arts would interest you most," she adds. "For someone who has just done a few self-defense classes, you take a very technical interest in the subject. Of course most of those who take a few lessons in our combat arts do so out of curiosity and interest more than out of any concerns of... survival." Monet's words in response may have been carefully chosen, but apparently Donna picked up on an earlier word.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would nod at Caitlin, "Yes, I can imagine. The tactics required are.. Much, much different and require.. Specialized knowledge and experience." Words chosen carefully again as the group would discuss. The X-Woman speaking in thoughtfulness as she would bow her head over. "I can imagine that if one is not capable of such things then watching it is purely an academic exercise."
    Back over to Donna, she would bow her head once more. "I wish to learn and to improve myself. There are things one must learn with the mind as well as the body." The Moroccan woman does not say she finds herself satisfied with the development of her mind. She -is- perfect after all. But that bit is left unsaid.
    "My own interest in the creative endeavors is.. Somewhat lacking. I find myself more in need of knowledge in the more.. Direct arts. I would be.. ppreciative if such lessons were available here to take part in."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Well if nothing else this is some of the best instruction in the world," Caitlin says. "No one else knows how to fight like the Amazons do. Just takes time and commitment and dedication. And an open mind. Sometimes unlearning old bad habits are the toughest challenge to overcome." She smiles broadly at Monet, trying to put the slightly-uptight woman at her ease. "The only agenda here is sorority and self-improvement. If you can do that you'll fit in really well."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Sign up for a course at the Themysciran Arts Center," Donna says to Monet. "You can pick up a leaflet at the front desk. Training is given by a number of Amazon combat instructors we have staying in America at the moment. Each one has thousands of years experience in the arts they will teach you." She grins slightly. "Unless you're unlucky and get me, I've only been learning for a couple of decades."

    Donna offers Monet her hand again. "Perhaps I shall see you there. Oh... one thing. Do make sure to tell the instructor what your previous experience is. We try to tailor the lessons to the knowledge of those learning, and of course we'd have to have a realistic idea of what you already know for you to get the best out of the experience. I trust you'll enjoy the rest of the tour, and perhaps we'll see you at the Arts Center before long!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would nod over at Fairchild, "Thank you, I appreciate it. I will get in contact soon so I can start to take instruction." She would give a polite bow to the two women, then over to Donna. "I will ensure to convey that when I prepare for classes. And I will.. Attempt to go to the arts center. I prefer the more.. Intellectual sorts of pursuits than the creative oens, but I will attempt."