9322/The First Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala

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The First Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala
Date of Scene: 28 December 2021
Location: The Centinel Hotel - Mutant Town
Synopsis: Atlantis makes a sweeping return to the world stage with an offer to become the de facto homeland of all mutantkind. Brows furrow.
Cast of Characters: Namor, Thor, Emma Frost, Anthony Druid, Joan Wright, T'Challa, Erik Lensherr, Paris Bennet, Donna Troy, Jean Grey, Diana Prince, Atrun Rai

Namor has posed:
Almost the entire lower floor of the Centinel Hotel has been co-opted for the purposes of the Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala. Much of the internal decor has been covered with the red and gold of the Atlantean flag, and several works of Atlantean sculpture depicting kings and heroes of ages past have been erected along the plush carpet that leads the way through the press scrum and into the ballroom proper.

A stage has been constructed at one end of the ballroom, bearing a large screen and flanked by two tapestries bearing the Atlantean flag. The stage itself is cordoned off and watched over by security personnel, all of whom appear to be human and not Atlantean. In fact, despite the purpose of the event it seems to be particularly bereft of anyone who actually hails from the Undersea.

At present, the large screen and several smaller ones throughout the ballroom plays a documentary featuring actual footage of the secretive Atlantean world (narrated by Sean Bean, no less). A camera crew record the boulevards of Atlantis, and the blue skinned Atlanteans going about their business. It is a world clearly influenced by ancient Greece but given a modern bent through advanced technology.

Thor has posed:
The God of Thunder, and duly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Asgard and the Nine Realms, Thor, walks into the area with a very large smile. His eyes scan those assembled, and with a nod here and there, makes his presence known.

A wave here, a nod there, it was all being "diplomatic". After all, any chance to party and have a good time was always preferred to a boring night doing nothing! Now this was a setup! Atlantis. Pretty sculptures and art...but where was the food and drink!

Emma Frost has posed:
And of course Emma Grace Frost is here. It's always good to see royalty in action. To assess them for what sorts of chaos they might bring onto the world. And from what she's read of Namor, he has somewhat of a.. Reputation, justified or not. Having done some research, Emma Frost has come to the gala. Wearing something a bit more conservative than her normal 'party' attire, as this isn't a Hellfire Club ensemble..
    Emma is wearing a low cut white dress going to her ankles, going along on diamond studded heels, and with enough jewelry on her to buy a penthouse in Manhattan outright.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid is enjoying the current midseason hiatus of 'The Doctor Druid' show, having spent most of the holidays in his native Britain and only returning to New York the night before to go over episode pitches and do some publicity photos in preparation for the next tapings in mid-January. Tonight, he's here as a public intellectual, a reserve Avengers and as a celebrity guest. While not considered elite in the realm of superheroics, Druid's show is quite popular, especially with mothers aged 28-47 in the northern Midwest. He got third place in Teen Vogue's 'Most Eligible DILF' poll on their website last month.

He wears a traditional tuxedo, his beard neatly trimmed and with a few silver wrings etched with eldritch symbols. His cool blue gaze is jovial and kind and he smiles easily at those who pass him by, making easy conversation with anyone from ambassadors to waitstaff.

Joan Wright has posed:
Brown eyes wide, Joan watches the footage intently while holding on to a glass containing one of the beverage offerings of the evenings. "My mom and dad would love this video." The mutant member of Damage Control comments softly. The statement is not directed to anyone in particular as she has arrived to the event without a companion this time around. Considering how she's not looking away from the footage, smile widening at the shots of the buildings, it's quite possible her statement applies to her as well.

In one of few rare occasions, Joan Wright has found herself in a dress. Although considering her tendency to favor pants, it should not surprise anyone that the dress chosen, while elegant enough for the occasion doesn't expose too much. She has even allowed for a rather professional, but light, touch to the makeup. With lips done up in a deep red. They provide sufficient contrast to the green dress with black lines and dots accenting the green fabric. Upon her now exposed lower legs, she is wearing black heels with two straps that criss cross around her ankles.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa arrives wearing finely tailored traditional Wakandan garb, mainly black with tribal accents knitted into the fabric in purple and silver. Kimoyo beads around the left wrist, hair and beard trimmed neatly. Two members of the Dora Milaje flank him as he enters, also wearing their typical 'uniform,' though they have left the spears behind.

The reason for the attendance by the King of Wakanda may not be challenging to discern, given his position of power, but the more specific reasons? That's for him to know. And, of course, his personal guard, who he has spoken to ahead of time.

His attitude exudes calm confidence, free with a welcoming greeting and smile as he connects with a face he knows.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    The image Erik projects is rather different than all the formally dressed guests mingling in the ballroom. Striding in through the double doors, he is dressed in his iconic red and grey outfit, including a cape and the helmet. Pausing for a moment in the doorway, his gaze scans the room, pausing for just a moment on people he knows.

    After the quick once over he moves into the room, heading generally in the direction of the stage. It would appear he may be interested in what the Atlantean has to say. Or perhaps it's why he chose to hold this event in Bushwick rather than his embassy.

    Either way, Magneto has arrived.

Namor has posed:
As the attendance begins to swell, what sound like horns of some kind begin to play. They call a stern and self-important tune, musical despite sounding as though they are being played through conch shells of some sort. As they play, a tall figure strides up the steps to mount the stage.

His hair is raven black, his eyebrows possess an imperious arch. He is shirtless, left shoulder and arm covered by something that would look like plate armor save that it appears made from some sort of black, chitinous shell. His legs are clad in form-fitting green and blue where they are not covered by the same black chitin, and a simple crown adorns his brow. In his right hand he holds a trident, ornate and inscribed with ancient lettering no longer seen in the Surface World.

As Namor takes center stage, the music ceases and the documentary behind him fades to reveal a magnified image of the Atlantean monarch being filmed from the audience.

"Good people of the Surface, I bring you greetings from Atlantis and a message of hope!"

Emma Frost has posed:
As Erik Lensherr comes in, Emma Frost would just smile. It almost unnoticable; at least whom it was directed at. Now things are going to get interested, as far as she's concerned. The other royalty that Emma has made out so far are noted. Prince of Asgard, the King of Wakanda.. Enough here to make things interesting for now and to see how things go.
    As Namor would speak up, Emma Frost would turn her attention to him appreciatively. Watching up to listen to the presentation that would go on.

Thor has posed:
The arrival of so many people...some Thor recognizes. Many he doesn't. His armour was well polished and clean, all of the dents, scratches and blemishes from his last battle was all buffed out of it. Thor even wore is traditional ceremonial red cape, a sign of respect for a fellow Prince.

Spotting T'Challa across the room, Thor takes a moment to salute the fellow Avenger. It was a genuine sign of respect from one noble warrior to another.

Thor also notes that a very beautiful Emma Frost was present, a nod and smile sent in her direction. Next was a nod for Joan Wright, Druid who he recognizes, and others, including Erik Lensherr. It was a full house, indeed.

Then Namor himself arrives with fanfare and trumpets and a cacophony that even Thor respects. His eyes glance in that direction, and Thor allows the man a slight bow of respect.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The image of Exodus is similarly striking, for he too shuns the more conventional finery. Clad in the violet and black uniform he was gifted, with white cloak ensconcing all beneath, he is a striking figure mere moments behind Magneto. The shape of pauldrons can just barely be made out beneath that cloak, and the glint of a sword pommel occasionally makes itself known with the the swirl of his cloak.

Exodus' gold within gold eyes peer forth. Not so long ago, he seemed as death warmed over. He is quite vibrant now. The glow of his features, while literal, does not detract from their more mundane healthy vibrancy.

Donna Troy has posed:
    With the notable shortage of actual Atlanteans present, if there's anyone here who is going to find all the Atlantean finery reasonably familiar, it's probably the Themysciran contingent. The Kingdom of Atlantis and the Queendom of Themyscira share a certain amount of history. Both are survivals of the ancient Greek world that have, until recent years, been hidden from the knowledge of the wider world. Though each has developed in its own ways, there are commonalities in their heritage.

    They also have a history, some of it rather contentious. Long ago they were two Great Powers, sometimes working together, sometimes at loggerheads. There had been times when they had fought side-by-side for a common goal, but also there had been a few skirmishes between the two, though not for a very, very long time.

    Said contingent from Themyscira is made up of the two princesses, Diana and Troia, and a pair of Amazon royal guards. The two guards, one red-headed and one dark, both easily clear six feet tall, and are dressed in golden armor and long red cloaks. If they are armed, their weapons are not visible. One carries a beautifully crafted slender wooden box, no doubt some diplomatic gift to the Atlantean king. The older princess, Diana, stands at a similar height to them, while the younger, Troia, is a few inches shorter.

    roia is dressed perhaps a touch casually for an important diplomatic affair; though she looks fashionable enough in her elegantly embroidered black-and-silver JVD jacket, her legs are clad in what looks suspiciously like leather motorcycling pants.

    As the pair make their way in, they head towards the stage for the speech, nodding and waving greetings to those they know on the way. When they get to the spot they'll take up to view proceedings, Troia leans close to Diana and whispers "So this guy and Arthur hate each other, right? Have you met him before? All I really know about him is that he's a big part of the reason Garth doesn't much like discussing Atlantean politics."

Jean Grey has posed:
One of the world's foremost authorities on human mutation and the 'X-Gene' (alongside his long time co-researcher Dr. Moira McTaggert), Profess Charles Xavier is no doubt among the most prominent figures in the public discourse on mutants. Having appeared before scientific conferences and Congressional hearings alike, that his name would be on a guest list like the one for this event is no surprise. That he arrives nearly at the same moment as his long time counterpart, friend, and sometimes-rival is... just good dramatic timing. He is dressed in a tux, old-fashioned in his sense of formal style.

Walking behind Charles and pushing his wheelchair (a gesture of affection more than strict necessity - for all anyone knows the thing can fly and shoot lasers) is a young woman in a plunging green gown. This is neither his former colleague nor current space girlfriend (who was sadly unable to attend), but his young protege Jean Grey. Her public profile is not that of her mentor's - she is the headmistress of a school he founded and serves on several of his public charities - but she seems well-adjusted to the glitz and glamour of the event, happily guiding her mentor along through the media circus outside and into the gala proper. Erik gets a genial, "Good evening, my old friend," as they pass nearby.

"Isn't this fantastic?" Jean wonders, looking at some of the Atlantean decorations and the informative movie. "We're here worrying about two parts of one world, but there's another one entirely down there."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid regards Namor with the attention properly reserved for the host of such a function. Of course, beautiful women like Emma Frost and Jean Grey may provide a degree of distraction, just as the divine presence of the Mighty Thor radiates his natural charisma. Druid inclindes his head to the so-called Strongest Avenger, approaching him from the side and perhaps allowing himself to bask in a little of that Asgardian radiance. One could do worse than to be Thor's sideman.

"You must be used to this sort of thing, old man. The Asgardians certainly put on a good show, that's for certain. I would expect no less. I understand their politics are very messy underneath, but aren't everyone's? Oooh, a canape!" he says, taking a shelled oyster from a passing tray.

T'Challa has posed:
Noted are individuals such as Thor and Erik in particular, two T'Challa certainly has familiarity with whether in the open or behind the scenes. The documentary, what parts he catches of it, seem interesting, maybe something to file away for future ideas of his own. One can gain some perspective from seeing how another nation or group presents themselves to others.

By the time Namor himself makes his appearance, the African monarch has taken up a place befitting one of his station, near the stage. While he has noticed others attending in some form of costume or more distinctive attire, he has kept it simple. Then there's Namor himself, creating a fitting image for one who hails from beneath the surface of the ocean. Leaning over toward Okoye, they share a brief whisper between each other.

Thor has posed:
Thor crosses his arms across his chest, and takes several moments to take everything in. This was a great display, and it was one that Thor can certainly admire. Looking around, Thor can see the effect this has on the crowd, and, with a smile, Thor allows a tad of respect to creep into his expression.

Spotting others in the crowd, Thor can also respect the people present, from all "walks of life" from humans, to mutants, to Kings and Princes, and even "super heroes". It was a sight to behold.

"I am my friend!" Thor says to Druid casually. "It doesn't lessen the fun of the event though! Politics can be messy, but we always find a common ground! With drink and song, and if necessary, my hammer to bring about peace!" Thor laughs, and shakes his head as Druid is distracted by the food.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is right there beside Troia, her dress is a glittering black sleeveless number with red straps along her stomach that have exposed skin showing off the Princess' stomach and back, like dazzling claw-marks in the dress' side. Her hair is done up in a braided bu, and her makeup is a smokey hued shade.

She smiles over at her sister. "'Hate' is a strong word." She responds to her. "More like.... 'openly bicker with each other like spoiled siblings." She gives Troia a quick smile before Diana's eyes roam over the gathered souls here-in.

She puts her eyes up upon Namor as he begins to speak then...

Emma Frost has posed:
As Charles Xavier and Jean Grey would enter her line of sight, Emma Frost would give the two a nod. Sparing a glance over towards the Themyscirans, Emma would muse to herself. Interesting. Then going to send a mental thought to Jean and Charles. <<Large turnout. What are your thoughts for the.. Prince and whatever he's going to propose?>> Emma's mental tone thoughtful as she would speak to the other two telepaths, not directly approaching them.

Also wondering how the other Atlantis was going to handle this. These diplomatic protocols were something she was not quite fluent in. A mental reminder to herself to review docuemntation from the United Nations.

Joan Wright has posed:
As the tune plays, Joan's attention is called away from the documentary that is playing on one of the screens to look towards the stage area boasting the larger screen. And what most likely would be considered the main attraction for such an event.

The movement of Thor's head does draw her attention over to the Asgardian prince for a moment. A gentle smile is given back in acknowledgement before she looks back towards the stage. It is good to pay attention to what is said. She's sure her dad will want to know every detail the next time she's visiting her parents.

Namor has posed:
"Though the Empire of the Deep holds an embassy here in New York, the people of Atlantis have long divorced ourselves from matters of the Surface. Beneath the waves, our Empire thrives from a position of strength and affluence unheard of since the ancient days of the Atlantean Isle. But we have guarded our prosperity, jealously keeping it from those we once called allies, friends, and even family."

Namor strides across the stage, prowling it like a shark. He's someone entirely at home with public speaking, and not a single grain of doubt manages to stall the well-greased gears that are now turning.

"We have turned our attention to the Surface and seen tragedy. Destruction. Hatred. Threats from beyond. We have seen the treatment of homo superior - the mutant race - and mourned for the hate and distrust they have faced. I come before you today to say this:"

He pauses for effect, fiery eyes passing over the gathered crowd.

"I am one of you. A mutant. Born of Atlantis and the Surface. And I am here to raise my brethren up."

Paris Bennet has posed:
Paris Bennet keeps to the flank of Magneto, brow knitted as he surveys the audience. While he's perfectly capable of levitation, he is striding in ordinary fashion. Best not to show off too much, he was counseled by certain elsewhere prior to. It tends to give the wrong impression. He knows this well, by now.

It might be difficult to tell who he is actually gazing at with the monocolor nature of his eyes, but his stern features settle longest on Charles, Jean, and Emma.

Exodus is a powerful psionic himself, so he feels their presence most in this crowd. Paris murmurs to Erik,"There are strong minds here. I can feel them."

He knows how to speak such that his voice doesn't carry, and this is the manner of his utterance as he maintains composure.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa watches and listens with a hint of additional interest and curiosity. Some of these things...not so different, really. Along the way, he seeks eye contact with Diana first, Donna second, a knowing expression writ across his face. A private, unspoken comment, words likely unnecessary to convey the meaning.

A bottle of water is opened, sipped from. The panther watches, listens. The talk is clearly setting Atlantis up for a larger role in the world. Yes. A very familiar concept.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Troia listensclosely to Namor's speech, giving a slight nod of her head when he talks of the self-imposed isolation that has been the hallmark of Atlantean life for so long. Certainly that's another experience shared by the people of Themyscira. Her eyes rove the crowd and briefly seeks out T'Challa. Apparently it's a time for long-isolated nations to find themselves cautiously opening up to the world.

    Again Troia leans in to Diana to whisper "If we're inviting Arthur to Themyscira, I suppose we should invite this guy too. Only maybe at different times. Probably best we aren't seen as taking sides."

    As Namor's speech continues and moves on the the issue of the way mutants have been treated on the surface, Troia arches her eyebrow. That this would be a theme of Namor's speech comes as no surprise -- the venue and the nature of the guest list had been enough foreshadowing that you'd have to have be pretty clueless not to expect something like this coming. It's more the use of a particular phrase, 'homo superior'. It's a contentious title, for sure, and not one that suggests that Namor's diplomacy is necessarily going to be all that... diplomatic.

Joan Wright has posed:
As Namor prowls the stage, Joan's eyes follow him in his movements. While it is a good way of paying attention to what is said, it doesn't hurt that Namor is a bit-

Well, several of the people are-

Joan blinks, bringing up a hand to her eyes before the flash of a reminder that she's wearing makeup deters her from completing the action. The hand lowers awkwardly as she looks back to the side of Namor.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid is certainly one of those active minds, the Druid's powers of telepathy stronger than most might imagine given his general reputation. He can sense a certain amount of astral and psychic communication going on, but doesn't try to intrude, even if he is curious. People tend to get nasty about such things and he tries to respect other people's privacy.

Not surprisingly, in a room full of powerful and influential people, superhumans make up a large percentage of those presence. The balance of power in the world has shifted radically in the last few decades - that or it has merely become less opaque.

"Could I get a glass of the red wine? Thank you, Armando, I appreciate it," he says to one of the waitstaff.

Jean Grey has posed:
From the back of Charles' chair, Jean lifts a hand to give Emma a little finger-wiggle wave hello. That said, telepathy IS really the easier option in such a crowded affair, and it allows the Professor to multitask, to speak with them even as he glad-hands a few people eager to meet him.

<<It's really something. The hotel looks wonderful! I feel like there were still bare girders and piles of bricks the last time I was here,>> Jean enthuses first, while Xavier's thoughts echo: <<It is quite the achievement, both the venue and the event.>>

As for the question? Two minds answer more or less in tandem, first with doubt; they have no more idea what this about than anyone else. And then, as Prince Namor begins his speech, clarity begins to form. <<Well, that's something,>> Jean muses. She can't help but cast a relfexive glance over toward Erik, although Charles remains focused ahead on the stage, smiling in his genial old-man fashion.

In the realm of normal speech, things are far more mundane. "How about we snag us some drinks and hors d'oeuvres? And just look at this crowd, we've got a god of thunder, a good variety of royalty... Is there anyone you'd like to go and meet with?"


Emma Frost has posed:
At the thoughts from Jean, Emma Frost would turn her attention back to Namor's presentation, musing back.. <<Interesting>> Keeping her mind quiet, assessing in passing the unfamiliar individual with Erik Lensherr. Then quietly back to the presentation, watching those present around the area. Quite a large number of curiousity-seekers.. Well, much like herself.
    Emma's mind turning to more business related matters. If Atlantis was going to open up more trade, what sorts of goods and services might be going each way..

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana notes T'Challa's attention and offers him a soft smile and a light nod as well. She then leans toward Donna and her eyes dip down, then up to her sister as she speaks quietly to her. "I have an approach for that idea as well. But I will tell you about it later." She says with regard to Namor and Arthur being invited to the shores of Themyscira. "It will require the Queen's insight, as well, of course."

She roams her eyes across the gathered again before they return to Namor. A quick look is given around then again. "I am surprised Arthur is not here, in fact." She speaks softly again to her sister.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The tall glowing man falls silent after his observation, keeping his own counsel as he simply observes as anonymously as he can manage. Folding his arms beneath his cloak, a solid view is now available of that sword at his hip.

Tis a longsword of archaic workmanship. The handguard bears the cross and crown favored by Crusaders of old, and the pommel is smoooth black. No mere trinket.

Exodus' features shift subtly twords the individuals feeling out the telepaths, especially Emma and Druid. His brow scrunches, but he doesn't act.

He's standing vigil.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Almost hidden under the helmet, one eyebrow lifts slightly at Namor's declaration that he will do what Erik has been fighting for all of his life. His gaze follows the Atlantean as he moves around on the stage. Here is, perhaps, an unexpected ally.

    Or another problem to be dealt with. Hopefully the former, as he is trying to change the Brotherhood's reputation these days. But if Namor is serious about helping mutants, he will find that he has many others who have the same goal on his side.

    As Exodus whispers to him, Erik nods very slightly and taps his helmet very lightly. He knows that there are likely to be telepaths at any large gathering, especially one held in the Centinel.

Namor has posed:
"My people mourned the loss of Genosha and lamented that nation's struggle to rebuild in the light of so much apathy. A proud nation torn from the clutches of oppressive tyrants and raised as a home for those who had none."

"These people - my people - languish in nations that have not yet learned to accept them. To see them for what they are. The immune system of the planet. A species born of the Earth's desire to protect itself. They should not be hated, but instead lauded as heralds of a brighter and more prosperous future."

Namor strikes the pommel of the trident against the stage and the weapon hums, illuminated from within by some mystic source. The lights in the venue flicker momentarily but return to normal almost as quickly.

"And so, I am here to declare Atlantis the homeland for all these disparate people. Any person who exhibits an X-gene will be given full citizenship of Atlantis and all benefits therein, as will their offspring. As Atlantis embraces the surface world, so too may Earth's natural-born defenders embrace a new home in Atlantis!"

Atrun Rai has posed:
    When first he enters the hotel, it is in a toilet cubicle, having stepped through the boundaries of dimensions into the reality of...well. Bushwick. It's a subtle manipulation, no gross tear handled by magic, but the easing open of a curtain that one knows well. And as he emerges from the men's room and enters the hotel lobby, the first thing that Atrun-Rai sees are relics of yesterday. Or that is, the yesterday that today's Atlantis remembers. No doubt that these are works from the future for Atrun-Rai, as strange to him as they might well be for visitors. But he says nothing. This is the way of things. Instead, he smiles a warm, pleasant smile, and furthers down the lobby corridors into the assembly.

    And there is an Atlantean, there on stage. Fishlike. Elfin. Pale. Strange to his eyes, but so are so many things, regardless of the fact he has knowledge of the world today. Standing in the back, black cassock and coat making him look like some vaguely foreign priest or dignitary, he floats. Watches. Listens to the Prince speak. Smiles, both from amusement of his manner - but that has always been the way of royals - and at the sentiments and welcome offered. Well, how nice. At least, in these days, his people are more inviting of others.

Donna Troy has posed:
    And this... sounds like trouble. Troia's eyes once again rove over the crowd listening, this time to look for Erik to see his reaction to this announcement. She's surely far from the only person looking his way, now.

    She leans in to whisper once more to Diana. "That sounds very noble, but... this kind of undermines Genosha, doesn't it? And sounds a liiiiitle bit like Namor's trying to build up a concentration of superpowers in his own kingdom. I can see this being seen as a power play. Which of course it may be. "

    She sighs softly, eyes going back to Namor on the stage, but she continues the soft whisper of observations. "It will be... interesting to see how people react. One more thing for us to keep our eyes on."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid hears this declaration with interest. Certainly not what he was expecting to hear. He thought it would be the usual diplomatic platitudes, everyone get along, rah rah rah, let's gossip about each other in private behind closed doors after we all kiss cheeks in public. Namor, it seems, was more interested in stirring up controversy. Good for him.

Druid regards Exodus with a bit of curiosity as well. The scholar in him can't help but notice the medieval styling of the man's garb, authentic in certain details that one wouldn't expect in the modern cosplay style of the superhuman. He didn't sense any magickal artifacts on the young man, sadly. He hasn't seen a proper magic sword in too long.

Emma Frost has posed:
And there's the inevitable 'this could cause problems'. Emma's mind now gives it her full attnetion, her passing thoughts quickly being focused. Her mind is then opened up to Jean and Charles Xavier, just so she can get their evaluation of things. Emma deferring to the duo as for how to approahc things. <<Politically this is going to be..>> A number of adjectives that rather than be sent as thoughts that were passed along as emotions. Emma Frsot keeping up a strong bit of calm but..
    All of those sent emotions passed along to the other mutant telepaths were.. Various synonyms of 'bad'.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's brow lifts as Namor presents the option for mutants to make Atlantis their new home- with full citizenship no less. And just mutants. Joan is far from the strategizing type. But she does know enough about history. If this kicks off a Super-powered Cold war...

The architect's shoulders rise slowly as she takes in a breath. 2022's going to be an interesting year. She just knows it.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa spends as much time checking reactions of others as he does listening to Namor himself. While many here know how to guard the impressions they give off outwardly, so does he. An impassive expression is offered, mild interest let through, but inside he's considering the potential ramifications of the matter Namor is speaking of.

The Genosha matter is one he is familiar with as well, adding another layer to the pieces that are in play.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gathers up two glasses of bubbly from a passing server. She hands one over to Donna and quietly replies. "Let us hope for the best..." She says with a slightly guarded tone that her near-mirror sister may pick up on.

When Diana roams her eyes across the crowds again she notes the presence of Jean Grey, and Professor Xavier. "There are two more I need to speak too.." Diana quietly notes before she glances back toward the preceedings.

Her drink is raised up for a sip from her smoky red lips on the rim of the glass.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The golden eyed man frowns softly as he shifts his gaze between the telepaths subtly before directing his attention squarely on Namor. He's trying to follow certain...other conversations alongside the speech.

The psion isn't up on politics, but he's trying to follow the subject at hand. Problems? How could there be problems with this arrangement? He doesn't know, but he's not an overly sophisticated individual either. This sounds like a good thing to him, but he reminds himself that he doesn't make such calls.

Exodus shrugs softly, an unconscious outward motion indicative of his internal ruminations. Apparently others see complexities that he isn't aware of. This could be interesting later...

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    For the moment, Erik is continuing to watch and listen to Namor, trying to figure out what the man's game is. Mutants already have two safe havens, Genosha and Asteroid M. Both of which he has spent countless days improving for the good of his people.

    And at the same time, mentally applauding the political maneuvering. He immediately starts running the possibilities of why Namor would do this through his head. Gathering power, of course, is one of the most obvious, but what else could Namor gain? With this announcement, he has thrown Atlantis' lot in with the mutants and their defenders while also giving the mutant haters a new target, albeit one they could not easily reach.

    Still, this is breaking up mutantkind rather than bringing them together as he has attempted to do with Genosha. For the moment, he remains impassive, listening to Namor's oratory. There will be time enough to see where this is going.

Jean Grey has posed:
<<Ah,>> reacts Jean at the final announcement. <<So, we all have our SCUBA certifications?>> Even secret telepathy meetings can benefit from a bit of humor here and there!

In the meantime, Jean has acquired drinks from a passing tray, handing one off to Charles. His chair demonstrates its usefulness by extending a little table surface on which he can set everything. No awkward party drink in one hand food in the other juggling for him.

When Charles mentally speaks up again, it is with a certin stoic calmness that acts as a counterpoint to Emma's worry. <<None of this is strictly unprecedented, Atlantis has been a sort of ally to Genosha in the past, and there have been... exchanges and connections between them. And it isn't as if most of us have gills...>> A few do! <<What is notable here is only the publicity of it.>> He pauses. <<Yet is there any reason he should not be proud of what he is? There is little harm in the world being reminded that the phenomenon of our births... are not truly that unique. That it occurs elsewhere.>>

Jean's response is almost reflexive echo: <<Everywhere. Everywhere there is life, it grows and changes.>> A voice that's hers, and also not.

"Well," Charles announces, tipping back his martini glass with a sort of finality. "Shall we prepare to go and congratulate the man? There's going to be a crush of people, I am sure." And Wheels needs his space! With an easy smile, Jean starts pushing him that way, toward wherever it seems likely Namor might descend. Along the way, she aims them along a path that passes near the Amazon delegation. "We should say hello to our Themysciran friends, too."

Atrun Rai has posed:
    Does Atrun-Rai know of Genosha? Does he care? Or is he just high? It's rather hard to tell from the beatific expression on his face as the tall man begins to wander through the throng, plucking a glass of what one presumes to be champagne from a tray and continuing along. Watching people as he goes, expanding his senses to those who seem interesting while going along. So many interesting people here tonight. One must imagine so, Prince of the Colonies and all. But he always keeps an eye on the man up on the stage. That famous Atlantean, so far away from his own experience. His time. Whipping up so much political frenzy, as the old kings of Atlantis tended to do. Some things, at least, have never changed.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is listening as the conversation goes on, her now sweeping her way through the crowd. Not usin gher mind to listen in, that would be rude! As well as the great variety of empowered beings here would probably notice it and that wouldn't help manners. Jean is given a nod as Emma listens to Charles explain on things.

<<A good point, Charles. Thank you for explaining it.. And giving me a little hope on the matter>> She could overcomplicate things as she would look in from things too much of a business perspective. Which mad her look for complications. As Jean and Charles are going to speak to the Themyscirans, Emma would give them a nod.. Just staying a distance away from the duo but also following them so long as her presence wasn't disruptive.

Namor has posed:
"Of course, you might be wondering," Namor continues, allowing himself a grin - the first crack in his imperious demeanor, "Atlantis is underwater. Doesn't that make living space limited? But the oceans are full of islands, unclaimed by any Surface nation. These are the territory of Atlantis, and it is here we have built homes for you. Infrastructure. Everything you need to live and prosper free of hatred and mistrust."

He turns, passing the trident to his other hand as he strides to the other end of the stage.

"But this is not merely an attempt to strengthen Atlantis. I mean what I say about an alliance. I am here. I have come to the Surface and I intend to stay. I will bring my own strength to bolster its defenses, and I will add my name to the roll of Earth's defenders. I call on them now to meet with me and accept my offered hand of friendship."

"That is all for now. I once again thank you all for being here. I see your concerns writ upon your faces. Your trepidations. I urge you cast them aside. Forget old rivalries, relinquish your grasp on the old and familiar. Embrace change. There is a future out there for all who would only reach out and grab it."

That said, Namor steps into the air and seems to glide through it before landing amidst the crowd at the foot of the stage.

Paris Bennet has posed:
Paris Bennet noticed Atrun-Rai's rather novel entrance indeed. He couldn't fail to notice a fellow teleporter, having learned early on the tell tale signs of it from first hand experimentation. For this reason, the sword bearing psion regards him with blatant curiousity.

He's not very good at subtlety yet, after all.

Exodus memorizes those novel features, then turns his gaze back to Namor as he glides from the stage for the latest part of his oration. He gives a subdued 'hrm' at this display. The...prince was it?...has a flair for the dramatic...

T'Challa has posed:
When all is said and done, T'Challa moves to place himself as one of the first to approach the man from Atlantis. "Namor. As I am sure you are aware, I am T'Challa, King of Wakanda, the Black Panther. Much of what you speak of, I have been considering as well in one form or another. I would speak with you further about some of these things, in due time." A hand is extended to cement the words of greeting, but he does not linger beyond the time and space their conversation warrants. He is certain to be one of many to converse with the man, the mutant, but there is a point in being toward the front.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Troia takes the flute of champagne from Diana with a smile of thanks, and follows her gaze towards Jean and Charles. "I've been meaning to check in on Mystique," she whispers to Diana. "If you were to visit the X-Men and I the Brotherhood, we could gauge the reactions of those two groups and compare notes. It would be useful to have some advance warning of the way these different factions are thinking."

    Namor finishes his speech with words obviously intended to assuage the concerns his earlier words will have raised, but then -- that's diplomacy for you. The Atlantean king speaks fine words, but it's actions by which he will be judged. For now the younger Themysciran princess at least sees this as something to be both hopeful of and concerned about, but the words at least are something to be applauded, and Troia tucks her glass under an arm to clap the end of he speech.

    "Time to go be diplomatic I guess," she says to Diana with a grin as Namor steps down into the crowd. "And hand over the gift." She turns to give a nod to Galatea, the Amazon guard carrying the box -- inside, an ancient vase painted by an Amazon artist, depicting a meeting between Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira and a long-dead Atlantean king during the days after the destruction of Thera, when both peoples had worked to save many Minoan lives.

Atrun Rai has posed:
    Certainly he is, Namor, a theatrical creature. So, too, were the kings of Atrun-Rai's day. The man in black drifts toward where Namor stands, smiling still - ever more so, perhaps, now that the Prince glides from the stage to the floor of the hall. Entering the throng to meet the Prince.

    Though he /does/ feel those burning eyes upon him. The man with the sword is one to watch...albeit out of the corner of his eye.

Namor has posed:
"You needn't introduce yourself, your majesty," Namor says to T'Challa with a smile that cannot help but come off as a smirk, "I know you and your works. I have watched them with great interest and, indeed, admiration."

He shakes the offered hand with the firmness that only the ability to bench-press a submarine can offer.

"I look forward to speaking with you. We shall make arrangements at the earliest convenience."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid is one of the few apolitical figures here, aside from being associated with the Avengers. But it's a very loose association, he is only a reservist. He probably has stronger ties to the Tidy Bowl company ("We'd like to thank our sponsors for today's "Cleanse Your Mind" segment, Tidy Bowl. Tidy Bowl cleans like magic! We'll be right back with Susan Sarandon and the haunted music box of Luciano Pavarotti!")

So mostly he's just fattening himself on hors d'ouvres and flirting futilely with society doyennes.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gives her sister a quick smile, and a single nod. "That sounds like a good approach." She softly responds about the Brotherhood versus the Xaviers crew. Her glass is raised up for another sip before her eyes take note of Namor leaving the stage, to address individual approachers.

She looks to Donna once more and grins to her. "He is all yours." She says then, apparently not going with Donna. Was this a surprise for Donna? Who is to say! But Diana does show a grin as she watches. Is she grooming her sister for a political future? Most definitely...

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Making no attempt to go speak with Namor himself, Erik knows that Mystique will be able to give him a full report on just about any important conversations held in the room tonight. Even he doesn't know where or who she currently is, so he has no doubts that she will be able to get herself close to anyone she thinks might let something slip.

    Of course, ninety percent of those will turn out to be completely mundane and boring, but such is the life of a spy. He takes a champagne flute from a passing server, taking a sip as he watches Namor move into the crowd.

    Turning to glance at Exodus, he murmers "An interesting turn of events. I know you're not completely caught up on the present day, but this has an opportunity to go either way at the moment. I don't know his motives yet, so for now we observe and gather information."

Paris Bennet has posed:
The golden eyed psion is as artless a telepath as he is a diplomat. His curiosity leads his attention, read mind, closer and closer to the discourse of the Xavier representatives. His brow knits with the emotion.

What the hell are they talking about over there...

He's more like a rhino in the savannah that spotted something weird than a spy. There's no craft in this. Just his guiding motive.

Then Magneto addresses him, and he's back to center as he regards the man in the helmet with a rightening of his posture and unfolding of arms to hang at his sides. Ever the picture of formality and discipline, he is.

Bennet replies,"As you say, my lord. I am uncertain what to make of the..."

He then clears his throat with an abrupt start, cutting himself off before he reveals too much. Common sense knocking there.

T'Challa has posed:
"My father taught me the importance of good manners, and introducing yourself to someone rather than assuming you will be recognized," T'Challa offers, potentially irrelevant in the case of a King, but there it is. "And if you are aware of some of these matters, it will make our future conversations simpler to begin."

His own grip is firm as well, but neither too gentle nor too tight. It is well-practiced, balanced, then he steps back to open the floor for others to make their approach. This also leaves him ripe for the same.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would spare a quick and wary glance at Exodus that's nearly impossible to make out wtih luck. More instinctive than anything else. One doesn't try to listen in on Erik LEnsherr. That never goes well. So Emma just keeps a watch out of the far corner of her eye.. Before moving to mingle and listen. Keepin gher mind to herself but also guarded just due tot eh number of powered individuals here. No sense in making any mistakes or leaving any openings.
    the quiet link with Jean Grey and Charles is kept available as well in case either would contact her.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Troia rolls her eyes at her sister. "Diana!" she hisses. "You're supposed to be the ambassador, not me! What will he think when we send the assistant ambassador! He'll consider it a slight!" There's a wide grin in Diana's direction though, and she gives a nod of her head to Galatea to follow her as she makes her way to join Namor and T'Challa.

    When she's there, she inclines her head first to Namor, and introduces herself. "King Namor, I am princess Troia of Themyscira. I bring the regards of my mother Queen Hippolyta, and our wish that our two nations, now both once more opening up to the wider world, may renew old alliances. My congratulations on the success of this event, and in honor of your ascent to the ancient throne of Atlantis and your presence here on the surface world, I have brought a gift."

    She gestures towards the Amazon guard, who steps forwards with the wooden crate, opening it to reveal the beautiful and ancient vase inside. "A memento of a former time, when our peoples worked together for the betterment of the larger world. May it mark more such occasions in the future."

    She ends the diplomatic barrage with a smile before turning to give a nod of greeting to T'Challa. "And good to see you again, your highness," she greets the Wakandan king.

Jean Grey has posed:
<<Sounds like we won't need our SCUBA gear after all.>> Namor outplanned her joke!

Telepathic levity aside, Jean maneuvers Charles through the crowd, although Namor's dramatic LEAP from the stage puts him a bit off the course she'd originally planned for. Kings and assorted ancient secret royalty outrank eccentric old-money geneticists, though, so there isn't a terrible rush. And it gives Jean a moment to do a bit of a drive-by of the Amazons in the meantime. "Good evening, Princess. I must say, you are looking as majestic as ever." It is Charles who takes the opportunity to greet the Amazonian ladies, with Jean smiling in a humored fashion from behind as the old man puts on his own brand of charm. "If only I hold up half as well, at your age." They have perhaps just missed Donna, if she's off to deliver gifts to the Sea Lord, leaving the small mutant assembly time to converse while they wait their own turn.

"I must say, his offer is exceedingly generous," he then continues, no doubt anticipating that his opinion will be required, regardless. "Whatever my hopes for a peaceful integration of all the many denizens of our planet, it is undeniable that he is offering a great deal, and there are many who will benefit. Everyone deserves a place to call their home, and most are far more peacable when they are relieved of basic needs and wants."

There is, naturally, an 'other shoe' still coming: "However, I cannot imagine this will go without some push back from various world powers. I am not certain his ownership of every uninhabited island will be... conceded, quite that easily. Countries are known to fight over territorial rights for rocks smaller than my chair."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana just gives her sister a playful grin as she goes to greet Namor. It isn't a heartbeat later that Diana turns to greet Charles Xavier, and Jean Grey. Charles gets an extended right hand from the Princess who smiles at him. "It is so good to see you again, Professor. I have been meaning to reach out to you, and to Miss Grey about setting up another visit. As it so happens, I have some business to discuss with you both... unrelated to this... directly, though indirectly it does have some ties..."

Diana glances back toward where Donna is. She turns her eyes then to look to Jean, to whom she smiles to. "It is.... quite an announcement. Though, as I said to my sister, I believe there could be great positives in it, should all the pieces line up properly." A glance is given to Erik, whom Diana had spoken to only a handful of weeks ago at the Genosha Embassy gathering...

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would listen distractedly to things throughout the room, giving a polite nod to the Amazons, and then take a champagne flute. Going to make a show of taking a sip of it and then swirling the glass around lightly to make it seem like she was several through it. A trick from movies that she'd always been intent on trying.

She would circle around, the blonde trying to get a feel for the crowd's reaction over to things. A half smile put up for any along the way. Her making a move over towards Namor if there was an approach vector to go towards the Prince, at least if he was out and around for casual conversation.

Namor has posed:
"Your highness," Namor offers Troia, bowing shortly at the waist, "For all the historical differences, the Amazons are remembered fondly in our history. If not for their friendship, then for their worthiness as adversaries. Though I would say I would prefer Themyscira to be an ally."

He looks towards the crate, one hand planted on his hip and the other grasping the haft of his trident as he looks at the vase.

"A wonderful gift! Consider our diplomatic relations to have gotten off on the right food, Princess Troia."

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa returns Donna's greeting. "Ah, Troia," he begins, after observing the giving of the gift. "The pleasure is mine. Quite the announcement, I would say. It will be interesting to see the way news and social media reacts."

With the Dora Milaje continuing to keep an eye on matters in their particular, intense way, he lowers his voice to add, "We are still working on plans for a visit to your lands, I believe? The same invitation would be extended in return, of course. This may impact some of what Diana and I have discussed as well. I have been at work looking at resources and plans."

Atrun Rai has posed:
    Still in the queue, of course, Atrun-Rai watches the interactions between the 'important' people who look on and talk with the Prince - most of whom he does not remotely recognize, but is aware of their importance. Faces to be marked down for inspection in the library later. That swordsman in the corner to watch. But he stands with his hands tucked behind his back, smiling still. Like a very ripped Budai statue.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Our nations have much in common your highness," Troia responds to Namor with a polite smile. "And though there were... /disagreements/, there were alliances in the past too. Perhaps we should view those past disagreements no more than siblings squabbling." A pretty way to describe the occasional bloody warfare, but an event like this is not the time to bring up questions of who was trying to conquer the surface world thousands of years in the past. Neither Troia nor Namor were alive back then, anyway. "The world is a bigger place now than it was then, anyway. Thus our differences seem smaller, and our similarities greater. I trust that we will find many ways in which our interests will align."

    She nods her head to T'Challa, to include him directly in that comment. "As it seems the interests of our three nations have aligned in certain matters of late. My sister sends you her greetings and once more her thanks for your agreement in the matter of our... mutual project."

    She steps back a little to make room for any others planning to engage Namor in diplomatic discourse, stepping a little closer to T'Challa as she does so. "Indeed so," she tells the Wakandan king. "I hope we can move on that very soon now, though there seem to be certain distractions here in America that I suppose must take precedence for now. Has Diana yet informed the Avengers of a threat to New York city the Justice League Dark's magicians have been warning of? If not... I will fill you in later."

Jean Grey has posed:
As Jean is standing there with Diana, her handbag does a little BZZZ and she pauses a moment to dig out her phone, peering at the screen and then doing a dramatic upward roll of her eyes before tap-tapping some kind of reply and finally tossing it back in the bag. It's time enough for Charles to continue playing at his routine, taking Diana's hand to deliver a kiss to her knuckles. Formality, you see!

"Sorry about that, Princess," Jean continues, once she's finished. "What was I saying? Well, we're always happy to have you at the school."

Charles adds: "I can hardly imagine a visitor who gets the students more worked up."

To which Jean quickly ammends: "You're quite a role model for them, you know!" Yes that's the entire reason her visits are popular!

It might go on like this for a little bit, with the occasional sidelong glance over toward Namor and his company. "Your people have a bit of a longer history with the Atlanteans, don't they? How would you take this? Your first, gut reaction?" If you have Wonder Woman for a chat, you may as well take advantage of Pallas' Wisdom, right?

T'Challa has posed:
"I may have heard something. I will need to double-check," T'Challa says to Donna as far as the magical matter is concerned. "We will be in touch," he adds, before stepping back further to mingle with others who may wish to see him.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana spares a glance in her sister's direction again, showing her another grin when they briefly make eye contact. Her attention goes back to Jean and the Professor then. She affords them both a smile for their kind words. "Well. To be honest, I was going to invite the both of you to the Themysciran Embassy. I thought you might like a chance to get away from your lovely school, and come do something perhaps a bit different? WE have a wonderful chef, who would love to make you both a grand dinner experience. It would not be anything quite as fancy as..." She casts her eyes around before she looks back to the two of them.

"Still though. It would be great to host you both, as soon as you were both able to make it, of course. There is... quite a lot to discuss, I think, and it seems like it would be best done over a bit of food and drink, no less." She says in her Themysciran accented English.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Watching the people who make their way over to speak with Namor, Erik keeps his opinons to himself for the moment. He hasn't lasted this long by jumping into things without a proper plan. This was just the first move in Namor's plan, and time would tell what was to come from it.

    He turns to Exodus and tells the man, "I am going to take my leave for now. If you wish to stay and talk to anyone feel free, I know you can get back on your own."

Paris Bennet has posed:
Paris Bennet nods curtly to the Master of Magnetism, replying promptly,"Would you like a portal to ease your transit?"

He is rather unsure who he would speak to on his own here, but he isn't opposed to the opportunity. The golden eyed man glances around for a moment, then returns his attention expectantly to Magnus.

Namor has posed:
Namor excuses himself from Troia and T'Challa's conversation, allowing them to continue without concern for 'Atlantean eavesdropping.' He may not be a telepath, but he's well aware of what people are thinking in the ballroom. He strides away from a group calling out for his attention, giving them a polite wave and a nod of his head.

A man with pale blue skin wearing a suit emerges from behind the curtains. He bows his head to Namor in deference, and the King speaks with him in a high-pitched language that seems to involve a variety of hand gestures. At one point, the blue man says the word 'peshach' and Namor frowns at him and cuts him off with a pointed look.

Atrun Rai has posed:
    He has been politely quiet, but now Atrun-Rai steps forward, smiling broadly as he does so. Speaks in a language usually heard only under the waves, in fair Atlantis - but cleanly, and without accent. Well. Not an accent surface-dwellers might know. But for those who /live/ beneath the waves, the turn of certain syllables, certain tones...smack oddly of even elder days than the Flood.

    "Your Majesty," the man in black cassock booms, arms wide, hands spread. "Forgive me, but will you grant this humble soul a moment of your time?"

Erik Lensherr has posed:
    Erik shakes his head, "No need, Blink is standing by outside. Stay as long as you wish, but do try not to start any wars." It's obvious the man is joking by his slight smile and the fact that he wouldn't leave Exodus here if he didn't think the man was caught up enough to manage on his own.

Paris Bennet has posed:
Paris Bennet bows smartly to the man in the helmet as he takes his leave. The gesture speaks of older surface times, when society was more rigidly structured. Perhaps not dissimilar the realms of certain others present? The swordsman psion turns with a brief look of consternation now, eyeing his peers as if weighing options that he wasn't expecting to be saddled with...

Emma Frost has posed:
As the group seems to be dissipating an d brekaing up into small conversation groups, Emma Frost is pondering. Not quite approaching any of the groups, just taking the occasional sip of her wine. Evaluating just what the reactions are going to be. From the mutant community, those that necessarily might not get along well with it.. Other kingdoms and how they engage with this kingdom of Atlantis.. And comes to the conclusion that she doesn't know enough. Which makes her amused.

Jean Grey has posed:
"We'd be delighted," Charles doesn't hestitate to answer. Who would turn that down, though?

And Jean, while smiling on helplessly at the Professor's eagerness, certainly can't come up with any reason to object. "Absolutely. It sounds wonderful." And she doesn't even know about the Kithotaur, yet. "I'll get in touch with someone at the Embassy to handle the scheduling." 'My people will talk to your people,' except that Jean IS Charles' secretary, more or less.

After that? Well, it seems as though Namor has been called off for a while, but it's no excuse for Jean: there are various people eager to meet with the Professor still, doubly so when he's holding court beside one of the most famous women in the world (read: NOT JEAN).

At some point, she acquires another round of drinks, before otherwise spending the greater part of the evening listen to people chew the Professor's ear off with their own opinions and theories on genetics and mutant politics. And maybe getting drunk with Emma on the sidelines.

If it goes late, it's a short trip to a nice bed!

Namor has posed:
Namor's arched brow raises further when Atrun-Rai approaches, dismissing the blue-skinned man and turning to face him properly. He replies in his own dialect of Atlantean, decidedly more modern but given the length of the Atlantean lifespan not all that changed from the ancient days.

"You are unfamiliar, friend, but welcome all the same. Come, let us speak."

Atrun Rai has posed:
    Tall and muscular as Namor, but certainly more Mediterranean in appearance than the Prince, Atrun-Rai makes a symbol with his hand, fingers flexing into configuration somewhat like a mudra as he bows his head. "I will not overstay when you are the man of focus here, O Prince," he says in the tongue of the waves. "I wish only to give you a gift. A gift of history. If you will accept this humble pittance...?"

    Someone knows his way around the court, as well.

Paris Bennet has posed:
The golden eyed psion isn't keen to approach recognized royalty. He's schooled enough in the ways of proper protocol to not be so presumptuous. Certain things just shouldn't change.

That limits his options. He can either continue to be a recluse, or he can take note of who is unoccupied. Which certainly narrows it down with people filing out...

The swordsman fetches a glass of some sort of red wine with a telekinetic pluck of a passing tray and starts towards Emma, her being the one mind remaining of the ones he noted earlier.

Namor has posed:
"History is worth every obol, friend," Namor replies, the corner of his mouth quirking into the self-assured smirk he is so well-known for, "I would gladly hear it. Perhaps you will accompany us to the Embassy? I can have rooms prepared for you. It seems you breathe the air - I do not mean that as a slight, only to say that we have rooms set aside for ones such as yourself.

And with that, he begins to escort Atrun-Rai backstage.

Emma Frost has posed:
The sensation of being watched by Exodus has Emma spare him a sidelong glance <<Jean, if you don't mind, what information do we have on Erik's.. Bodyguard?>> Putting it politely. Thisone is sent a little more tightly mentally just as she was aware that the man was psionic.