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Christmas Time means Josie Time
Date of Scene: 28 December 2021
Location: Josie's Bar
Synopsis: Jessica gets to meet a new face at Josie's
Cast of Characters: Jessica Jones, Remy LeBeau

Jessica Jones has posed:
Christmas time is when people spend time with their families, find good cheer, gifts are exchanged, kids are jubilant...and Jessica Jones does the same thing she does ever night. No, not try and take over the world, but try to see if she can beat her record from the previous night, drinking in this bar or that. Tonight it's one of her most frequent haunts, Josie's, she's alone at the counter, working on a glass of bottom shelf whiskey with the half finished bottle at her side.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Yeah, Remy already spent Christmas time with the X-Men and his cherie p'tite. But sometimes? Sometimes Remy has to go and get himself a drink.

So here he is, dressed in his trench coat and more casual clothing, like a dark longsleeve polo shirt and black slacks with nice shoes. He's left his staff at home, or so it would appear, and he's presently opening the door to head to the bar. Running a hand through his black hair, its easy to notice he's a mutant via his piercing eyes.

As soon as he gets to the bar, he orders himself a fine top-shelf vodka. Even as he puts a deck of playing cards in front of him and starts to shuffle.

Jessica Jones has posed:
When a new guy enters the bar, during Christmas holiday, Jessica has to turn and take a look. Most stay with their families, the other sad sobs in here she mostly already knows, but this new guy is interesting. Easily a mutant, judging by the eyes, or a vampire. There's an either or there, she recently learned vampires are legit a thing. Then there's the trench coat, and she can't help but quip, "they still do Highlander larping?"

But when the deck of cards comes out, she corrects herself, "my bad, that's a pretty spot on dress code for a hustler..." she raises her glass, "Merry fucking Christmas," and drinks it down.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Red eyes turn to look at Jessica as she gives him that quip, and Remy couldn't help but chuckle. "Bonjour to you too, madame. No clue what this uh, Highlander thing is you're talkin' about, but I'm sure it sounds fascinatin' and its meant to be a compliment." He smirks at her with a bit of a laugh to accompany it. While Remy doesn't care much for vampires, he's met a few of them in his time.

"I've done my fair share of hustlin' over a bit of gumbo. Come one, come all, take a gambit, take a card. The usual. Nothin' to be too surprised over." He smirks, though as Jessica seems to wish him a 'Merry fucking Christmas', Remy turns to look at her with some amusement.

"Are you one of the poor souls with nothin' to come back to? Either way, Joyeux Noel madame, the name's Remy LeBeau, Le Diable Blanc, Concessionnaire et charmeur, all of that and that and that." Remy chuckles as he shuffles the cards with all of the skill and fluency of someone who has ran the poker tables for years.

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Old movie...men in trench coats fight with swords," Jessica gives a rough synopsis. But she does smirk at the accent, caught off guard by it, "...that I did not anticipate, not too many French around here, they keep to Upper East Side mostly. This too low brow for them."

He keeps surprising with the stakes of his hustling, "gumbo...? As in soup? Usually people hustle for cash money, that's a new one." She points a finger at him when he calls her out for her season's greeting, "that's the one, just a sad, sad soul with nothing to live for, like most of us fucks in this bar right now..." she quickly notes, "not even going to attempt the French greeting, I'll butcher that up good."

She pours herself another glass when his introduction gives him pause, "now I'm no PHD in French, but I do know the word 'diable', is it the eyes? Or you're a literal demon or whatnot? Because I've already had a demon visit me, believe it or not." Just after having said that, with a glass of whiskey in hand, she adds, "and it's not the alcohol, it really happened. Fuck."

The proficency with which he handles the cards, makes Jess ask, "so you're from Vegas or Atlantic City?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Heh." Remy replies as he makes a bridge with the deck of cards, a satisfying sound coming from the cards as they all fold neatly against each other. "Just swords? No staffs, no bows and arrows, no metal sticks?" Remy replies, maintaining his Cajun French accent. "You'll find I tend to find myself wherever a good drink happens to be. Both high and low, I tend not to segregate." Remy winks.

She asks him where he's from and he gives her neither answer. "Louisiana. Found my home in de bayou."

Though he shrugs. "Yep. Gumbo. I make mine world famous, but don't worry, I won't be needin' nothin' crazy from you. If anythin', a good conversation is worth givin' you some of de best gumbo you've ever seen." He chuckles.

He gets himself another glass after he easily downs what he was given. "Bingo. The eyes are de window to de soul. Mine just ain't what dey was expectin'. Thus...my name. Rose by any other name, ain't that right?"

Remy smirks at her. "Hope you got a good deal than what dat demon was willin' to sell ya for. Not much you can do there but give back what you be gettin'."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"And no karate magic either," Jess makes a point to include those shenanighans. "Good thing, because god knows Josie doesn't do top shelf," Jess remarks, before immediately raising her hands in apology, "don't ban me, Josie, I'm only kidding," she even offers a polite little smile to Josie before downing another glass.

"Don't think I ever had a chance to try gumbo before, I mostly go to this Chinese restaurant in the area, I got my go to dish..."

She laughs at the mention of demonic deals, "honestly? I kinda punched that demon off my fire escape. I imagine he made it out alive, he's a fucking demon."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I dunno any karate magic, cherie." Remy admits with a bit of a chuckle, even as he keeps shuffling the cards and making it look easy. Though he seems to smirk a little bit when she suggests that Josie doesn't do top shelf. "No? Certainly tastes like it. But, maybe I'm just charmin' my way 'bout town." Remy teases, making himself more mysterious - or attempting to. But what more can the Cajun say?

He's Le Diable Blanc.

"Well, maybe if we be spendin' more time together in friendship and loyalty an' all dat noise." He teases her. "Takes a bold madamoiselle to punch a diable off o' a fire escape. Creative, makes me not be wantin' to piss you off." Remy chuckles. "Nothin' a little explosive negotiatin' can't solve."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"That's good, I don't do too well with those who do," Jessica offers in a dry manner, as she manages to start on yet another glass. All while observing his expert handling of the cards, "oh if she has some and only gave that to you, I'll be offended."

"Not wanting to piss me off is a very smart approach to life," Jessica doesn't disagree with Remy's assessment, "and yeah...punching a demon off a fire escape sounds made up, particularly while we're drinking at a bar, but it totally happened. Like...for real." She does tilt her head slightly to the side at the follow up, "you deal with explosive negotiation?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Eh, sometimes."

Remy lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "Sometimes, you just gotta know what's makin' a person tick. Sometimes literally. Sometimes figuratively. All I know it's dat kind o' thinkin' that keeps people off o' your ass an' onto de ground." Remy chuckles a little bit. "Don't worry, I ain't no terrorist." He say with a lift of the hands. "Just capable of a special kind o' reasonin' dat people find convincin'."

He smirks at her a little bit as she agrees on the aspect of not pissing her off.

"Well, lets be hopin' that demon don't come back. Do you normally deal wit' de demons runnin' around New York? I thought dat was more o' a...mystically inclined variety." Remy Lebeau is aware of magic. Note to self. "Heh, mon amour would be havin' my ass if I was tryin' to fight some demons or other. Outta my wheelhouse."

He shrugs. "Or maybe it is. I dunno. I just don't want de wrath, you know?"

Jessica Jones has posed:
"I'll give you that one, you know what you're talking about, ever worked as a detective?" Jessica casually asks Remy, looking at him with a new light. "Ummm hmmm," Jessica doesn't sound entirely convinced, the words 'explosive negotiation' striking something with her.

"I honestly thought the whole angels and demons thing was utter bullshit until I had one on my fire escape..." Jessica admits, rolling her eyes even as she says that, hating how crazy she sounds. "She must really like you, that amour of yours, if she doesn't want you fighting demons. I mean, I wouldn't wish demon fighting on anybody."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I've worked as de one de detective was tryin' his damndest to find." Remy reveals that information with a bit of a shrug, even as he starts performing tricks with the cards worthy of the finest Las Vegas casino. "Wouldn't mind givin' it a try though." Remy casually suggests with a bit of a shrug. "Why, you got somethin' in mind? Or are you de FBI agent tryin' to bring in ol' Remy?"

He chuckles deeply, like a rolling lyrical song. "Yeah, everyone thinks like dat, but de world got it's own way of showin' us how stupid we are when it comes to how it does de work...an' don't even get me started on de wizards an' folks who can shove buildin's over." He smirks a bit.

"I sure hope so. If she didn't, I'd be scared she'd beat de piss outta me."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Ah...the mark," Jessica says jokingly, "that is, if everything was flipped, isn't it? I'm sorry, I've been drinking, so you're the one causing others to seek detectives to catch you, huh?" She phrases is a bit better, and still drinks some more.

"Well, if I wanted to bring you in, this probably wouldn't be a topic of conversation...also the way you happened to come in and sit next to me...that never happens, no such luck, gotta put a lot of work to catch someone." She pauses, thinks it over, and quips, "not that I in anyway admit to be doing anything on the side of the law. I'm just me."

"So...any troubles with your amour? Or you just here to drink, rather than fish?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Mon Amour an' I are all well an' good, I promise. I'm just here to get me a good drink, see if I run into any interestin' people, and enjoy a good time." He chuckles a little bit. "But don't worry, she ain't the jealous type. I miss her even now." Remy hums a little bit, but he seems relieved when Jessica isn't a sleeper ready to call in the squad out back to try and arrest him.

"Good, den you an' I are gon' be great friends." Remy chuckles. "But that's a possibility. Maybe it's de eyes." And finaly, Remy looks her in the eyes, letting her see the black sclera and the red irises. Not normal eyes at all. A mutant?

"All we ever are is just ourselves. But, if you be needin' help wit' a case, I can try to be of assistance."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Oh, nothing but interesting people in Hell's Kitchen, I can promise you that much," Jessica sounds quite convinced, giving Remy another curious glance. He sounded honest, and that's a bit atypical of the late night crowd in this dive.

"Eh...doubtful, I'm not known for being a great friend, there's a reason all these other bozos kept a safety radius from me..." Jess points at the people just distant enough from her. Come to think of it, both spots on either side of her were open. Maybe the regulars do know a thing or two to make them believe some safety distance is required.

"Your eyes sure are more interesting than mine," Jessica admits as she can't help but stare at the undoubtedly demonic eyes that Remy has. Certainly enough to believe he had demonic blood in him. "I bet you're a hoot in Halloween...hell, you should try that Fangtasia place, I bet you people will think you're an actual vampire."

She nods at the offer of help with a case, filing that mentally for reference.