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Joyeux Noel Mon Amour
Date of Scene: 29 December 2021
Location: Faculty Lounge
Synopsis: Remy has Christmas gifts for Rogue! Yet she finds one that might change her life forever.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Christmas time!

Remy honestly really enjoyed Christmas, especially with others. Of course, a thief at heart, he's stole na great many things but around the holidays? People tend to not be as critically - but still a little bit - jerkish and assholish during the holidays. But more importantly than that, Remy knows this has been a crazy year for him, and one person in particular has given him so much grace and patience...so for once, he's going to give rather than receive.

He gives Rogue a text message.

' Cherie,

I recommend you join me in the faculty lounge. I've rented out the place for us today, so we won't be bothered by snoopy students or staff. Don't tell Scott, I don't think he got the memo. Come and see me, I have a surprise for you.'

and unless Rogue touched and absorbed a telepath, Remy thinks he's gotten the drop on her. Like she won't suspect a thing! Even as he finishes up setting up a couple of the last presents to her of varying sizes. Where did he get the money for all this?


Rogue has posed:
Rogue was downstairs in the dining hall helping with dinner when she got the text message. She took a few minutes to excuse herself and came upstairs. Wearing a red Christmas sweater with snowmen on it, and a pair of jeans, with knee high leather boots, the Belle graces the doorway of the faculty lounge and rests a hand on the side of it.

She looks around inside the room, spying what Remy had setup. It makes her smile as she steps inside...

"I didn't know they rent this room out..." She comments as she comes closer, her eyes going to the presents now. "Someone's been up t'somethin'." She says with a bigger smile then as her eyes go over to him. "I got ya stuff, but ya didn't tell me t'bring it. I should probably go back downstairs and grab it though..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy was wearing what amounts to a -horrible- christmas sweater (https://www.warehouseone.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-master-catalog/default/dw94a2d01a/who/1455108406~041~2.jpg) colored in black, greens, reds, and browns. Classical Christmas colors, right? His hair is its usual natural-gorgeous look, and his red eyes turning to look upon Rogue as she arrives through the doors and brings a smile to Remy's lips.

"Bonjour belle." Remy greets her with no small amount of flirtation as he stands up straight and looks at her. "You have already given me so much, best if you're favorite Cajun gave you somethin' in return, no?" He looks at the presents. "I might 'ave got a little bit overboard, but the feelin' is the same, Anna." He only tends to call her that in private, her real name.

"Yeah, they don'. I just told everyone not to walk in, wanted it to be a special thing, or people gon' get their feelin's hurt." He winks at her, even as he attempts to greet her with a kiss if she permits such a thing.

"Pick one an' open it, I like to think I did good this year." He smirks at her with that usually-not-always charming grin of his.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue returns the quick kiss, her ability to control her power is still limited, and challenging, with the drawbacks that Remy would know. Such as headaches, and the inability to hold it if her emotions wildly get out of hand.... but it works for the average moments of relief from her 'curse'.

She brushes a hand over his chest too, and smiles up at him. "You really musta taken a course in how t'be this sweet t'someone." She says to him before her gloved hands go up to brush her white bangs back behind her ears. "Well. I'll get you your presents after, I guess." She resolves herself as she kneels down on to the floor then to look at the gifts he'ed arranged.

"They're so pretty." She notes as her green eyes roam over them all. "Christmas is such a strange time..." She mutters then. "It comes and goes so fast, and leaves the rest of the year feelin' way less ... I dunno. Magical?" She smirks at herself and reaches for one of the gifts.

She sits back then on to the edge of the sofa behind her, setting the package on her lap she smiles up at him, then pulls on the bow to unwrapp it....

Her gloves are taken off and set aside her on the sofa, so she can have the dexterity of unhindered fingers to do the job a bit better!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The kiss is given and returned, and althought Remy understands Rogue's abilities and has some semblence that she has some strange modicum of control over them, he's also firmly aware that any kiss, any touch, could potentially put him in a coma and Rogue adds some explosive powers to her already impressive set of abilities. It was a relief not just for her, but for him as well. The warmth of her lips was not something he was joking about. He loved these moments of intimacy with her.

Though he doesn't touch her too often, lest an accidental slip kills him or he pisses her off. But he takes his chances where he can.

As Rogue kneels down to pick out a present, and starts to unwrap it, Remy leans and watches Rogue unwrap the gift. What is inside is...what looks like an Amazon box. Upon greater application and opening the box itself, it's revealed to be a long trenchcoat, not unlike Remy's own, but colored black with dabs of green and a red rose on the upper back, styled in green and red respectively.

"I think I got it just right for you, and yes...all o' these gifts come with receipts if you don't like them too much."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits on the edge of the sofa now as she unwraps the gift. The box is pulled open with ease and she pulls the coat out of it. It makes her grin more and more the more of it she exposes. She lifts it up out of the box as he offers her the ability to return it if she doesn't like it. This causes her to look up at him...

"I would never return a gift if it was given with true thought behind it, Silly." She says back to the Cajun. Her green eyes drop down to it, her fingers stroking over the material to get a 'feel' for the garment. "I love it." She says then as she takes it out of the box, sets the box and papers aside before she stands up and starts to pull the coat on over her sweater and shoulders....

"How does it fit?" She asks him as she tries to get it settled on her form, and smiles over at him quite brightly, quite happily. Seems it was a good choice!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
She likes it?

She likes it! Honestly, Remy thought it would be a bit of a longshot, since Rogue tends to like shorter jackets and enjoys browns, but now she has something of Remy's! "Heh, I love you Cherie." Remy tells Rogue then as she gets a feel for the garment. Its good cloth, the kind that some of the older X-Men suits are made out of Though she tells him she'd never return a gift he put genuine thought into, he smiles at her.

"You are too sweet to me, cherie." Remy seems to actually blush a little bit, turning his attention briefly from her to hide it, though he just...he can't keep his eyes off of her.

Even as she tries on the jacket and stands up to model it off. "Damn, I'm good." Remy comments to himself as he approaches her, making sure the coat was as on as it possibly could be. "It looks perfect, Anna." He looks her in the eyes then for a long moment, and he smiles. "You have so many more gifts. If I did good on that one, I sure hope I did good on the others." Remy teases her.

Rogue has posed:
With the long coat settled on her form, Rogue puts her thumbs under her jeans waistline and just cocks her hip out, doing a 'pose' for him, like some kinda cocky cowgirl. She then grins and raises her hands up to put them on his chest. She leans up and pecks another light kiss on his nose before leaning back against. "You're sweet, to an alarmin' degree." She teases him before she pulls her hair out of the back of the collar of the jacket, then looks down at the other gifts.

She moves to crouch down to pick up another one, raising it up, she takes it on to the sofa like the first, and lays it across her lap.

"I feel like I'm bein' spoiled here, not givin' you one t'open..." She says with a smirk at him as she starts to open the second gift now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It's moments like these where Remy remembers just how lucky he is. Not just from Rogue doing quite the pose for him which lets his eyes drink in and admire Anna's form and figure, but that he has someone who has stayed through all the drama and pain he's put her through. He's not the easiest person to love, but he's managed to somehow recover.

He even gets a kiss! Her hands on his chest, his arms around her waist. "I try my best, belle. Though, I promise, I'm not tryin' to earn any forgiveness or sweeten you up before some bad news." He chuckles, and watches as she goes for another gift. When she opens it, there's a dark-colored box that's a little on the small side.

But what could be in it?

"You know I always find a way to spoil you." Remy grins like a devil.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets this box open and moves aside the wrappings as she observes it over before looking back up at him, her hair draping down in front of her on the right side of her body. She smirks softly. "I believe ya." She says up at him before she looks back to the little box in her hands now. "Well this looks interesting." She says as she looks sideways at him questioningly before her gaze goes back to the little box and she moves her fingertips to peal it open next.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy smiles at Rogue as she admits her belief, and Remy watches with a bit of a mischievous smile at Rogue as she looks at the little box in her hands, though she uses her fingertips to peel it open, and it appears to be a long necklace with some kind of emblem on its end (https://shop.southindiajewels.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Gorgeous-Alluring-Gold-Tone-Short-Necklace-01.jpg) with paired earings of similar appearance.

"Now this one I admit was a bit o' a shot in the dark. Figured you liked golden jewelry, though if you prefer silver..."

Remy still gives her that out if she feels like it. Yet...upon closer inspection, she'll notice something small wrapped as if it was its own addition to the long chain.

Rogue has posed:
When the jewelry is revealed, Rogue smiles at the sight of it. Her hand goes to stroke fingertips across it to get that textile sensation of feeling what she's seeing. Her fingers go to the pendant on it, then to the earrings as she smiles brightly at them. "I love gold." She says then as she casts a look up to him. "Silver has its place, but gold is nice an' warm." She says before her eyes go back down to the gifts.

She notes the separate package within and her free hand moves toward it to lift it up then and then she moves to open it, as the other pieces are resting on her thighs and lap.

"God, you spent a lotta money, Mistah LeBeau..." She notes as she does this.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy smiles at Rogue as she seems to enjoy the jewelry set before her eyes. "Whew, I figured you did, since you enjoy the color yellow and all that." Remy smiles as he takes a seat next to her, especially as she goes for the separate package. "Because that's how I feel about you, cherie. Warm an' forgivin' an' gentle... when you ain't tryin' t'kill me, anyway..." Remy chuckles a little bit.

Yet when she comments on him spending a lot of money, Remy gives her a smirk, but no reply. He didn't steal this did he?

Maybe that's part of the joke though, is that she might never know.

Yet what she finds in that package is a golden ring. (https://imgur.com/1KxnCB6)

"Been thinkin' about this for awhile."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sweeps her white bangs back over her left ear as Remy sits down beside her on that side. The right bangs continue to dangle uncontrolled on the right side of her face as she stares at the ring that was just revealed. She lingers her stare on it a moment before she looks over and up at him, with a coy expression. "What exactly are you plannin' here with this, Mistah LeBeau?" She asks him then as her left hand goes to pluck the ring up out of the box to hold it between thumb and forefinger.

She turns it gently here and there to let the light shine off of its design.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy's smile brightens. "I told you, cherie....I've been thinking about this for a long time." Remy tells her. "I haven't been the best to you, but maybe...maybe it was for me to figure out what the hell I was doin' in this crazy world of ours. What I wanted, what I needed. I'm only sorry it took me so long to get some guts." He smiles at her then as he reaches for the ring. "If I may?"

If she gives him the ring, he'll move in front of her. "I'd rather not go on one more day than think about gettin' split up 'gain, either from me bein' stupid or the chance that one o' us don' come back from this X-Men gig." He looks her in the eyes. "I love you, Anna. I want to spend the rest o' my life stealin', but only if you're the one I'm stealin'." He ponders for a moment. "That one sounded much better in my head."

He gets down on one knee in front of her.

"Anna Marie, will you make this headache o' a Cajun L?homme le plus heureux en vie...the happiest man alive...and will you marry me?"

Is he out of his goddamn mind? Or is he finally ready to give her all of him. One helluva Christmas present, but probably only if she says yes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue holds the ring in her fingers as he moves to position himself in front of her. She looks from it, up to him, and then back to it. She has a small smile appear on her lips before she looks back up at him.

"This is amazin'." She says quietly to him then. "I wanna say 'Yes' too. I'm just worried." She admits to him next. "About how it'll all change things. About how I dunno what it'll mean goin' forward. What with school, me wantin' t'work here next Fall as a full teacher. With... yeah. All of it. Feels like a big step, ya know?" She says then as she glances up at him and shows a quick grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy looks at Rogue as she smiles, which is a good sign.


Though he doesn't waver when she informs him that she's worried about how it'll change everything. How everything may look different, and a big step it is, not to be accepted lightly. Though Remy reaches for her gloved hand if she permits him so he can hold it.

"I don't know what the future holds, cherie. What I do know is that I'm staying with you. Whether its here at the school, whether its in Louisiana, whether its in a place in the streets...I'm with you. I'm here." He tells her then.

"That's all I know...with the added fact that I'm not goin' anywhere, an' that my heart is with you. Wherever you go, I go. Whoever you don' like, I don' like. I just can't go another day without you." Remy tells Rogue then, red eyes looking into her ovely green.

"Its a big leap...an' that makes it excitin', through all of the good an' the bad."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to him speak and she puts her eyes on the ring again. She sees him take her gloved hand, which makes her smile lightly again.

"Lets say this..." Rogue says then. "I'll say 'Yes' to the idea of marriage. I'll wear the ring and happily display myself as a engaged woman, but if ya vanish on me again, I'll take it off, put it away and we won't be speakin' of this again any time soon." She states before looking up at him again and showing him another smile.

"I love you too, Remy. I just... I gotta worry about me first, ya know? Gotta worry what kinda pitfalls I might be walkin' inta over an' over.... But yeah. The 'idea' is a very lovely one, one that I'm receptive toward. I just have learned how life works... it hits ya in the nose, just as much as it shines warm sun on your face. Maybe even hits ya more in fact..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy looked scared for a moment, like Rogue was going to say no to him and never speak to him again. The worst-case scenario races thorugh his mind as a silence takes over both of them and he can practically feel his heartbeat in his ears. But he never moves his eyes away from her own, even as Rogue starts to speak.

She'll say yes! WOOHOO! But he understands that he's hurt her before, and so she puts that condition there, and Remy isn't even upset like others perhaps may be. Instead, he smiles at her, and he squeezes her hand tightly. "Cherie, Vous avez un accord...you've got yourself a deal, mon amour." Remy smiles at her.

"I've made many promises to ya, Anna...but this time? I'm going to shine sunlight in your eyes far, far more than I'm going to punch you in the nose. I can' promise you won' get mad at me once or twice because....well, we know me." He smirks at her like a gambler with a winning hand. "But I won't run from ya. I won' be vanishin'. You're stuck with me, belle."

He looks her in the eyes. "Deal?" He offers to take her glove off so she can put the ring on if its still a yes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts his offer and smiles softly at him as the ring is put on to her finger. "This is very sweet." She says again, her voice soft.

She purses her lips as she sweeps her hair back behind her ears with her free hand, then reaches out to offer him a hug.

The hug lasts for a little while before she pulls back to show a smile at him. "I dunno how good I'll be at any'a this. What control I have on my power may go away. I may lose that little control I got. So I dunno if I'm gonna be good wife material or not." She says with a teary eyed response for him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy's smile is wide as he slides that golden ring onto her finger with emotion starting to rise up in his eyes as he happily pulls her into a tight embrace. He wasn't expecting her to say yes, even though he really, really, -really- wanted her to. Engaged!

The Thieves Guild are turning their heads somewhere.

He holds her for as long as she lets him hold her. A hand curls gently into her hair if she permits the contact, while the other stays strongly around her waist. Of course, she was far stronger than him and can break out at any conceivable moment.

Yet when they finally pull back from each other to look upon one anotehr, Remy has tears in his eyes too. "I dunno either, cherie. That's part o' the journey, I think. We actu'ly make a pretty good team, you know that? All I know is that you've been wife material since the moment I laid eyes on ya, cherie p'tite." he tells her with a warm smile, even as he reaches up to wipe one of those tears from her eyes.

"I love ya."