9405/Calling the Cat Burglar

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Calling the Cat Burglar
Date of Scene: 02 January 2022
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Emma offers to hire Felicia for a job. Felicia declines.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Felicia Hardy

Emma Frost has posed:
    Felicia Hardy has received a telegram. SEnt by a courier and left for her to receive wherever she was staying. A card inside an elaborately embroidered envelope made out of silk. The letter embroidered and crafted with small diamonds laced through it in the form of a Queen piece from a chess set, a blazing white. Inside a small key resting within the letter along with a 'You are cordially invited'.. And a time and place to a VIP booth at the Hellfire Club.
    In it, at the time and place, Emma Grace Frost would be waiting, wearing her more traditional attire at the Club. A white corset, a mink coat, and a far too indecent latex bottom along with extremely high heels. Waiting for her invited guest to join her in the isolated room

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Fashionably Late. A term meaning that you either:

A) Where late to an event due to having to make sure you were presentable, regardless of the prescribed decorum.
B) Are late in order to be the last one to enter a place and thus BE fashion itself.

    Felicia Hardy has grown up a socialite and has lived life being fashionably late for many, MANY things, even when she tries not to be.

    This time, Felicia knew better. The White Queen has demanded an aduience but never in such harsh terms. Decorum be it's own idol in the hellfire club.

    The chill that entered the small of her back and crawled up her spine to make the fine hairs on her head stand up wouldn't leave until she was entering the door of the club. Showing off her key to the bouncers and being escorted to the VIP booth.

    Wearing a large tan coat made of fur, the thief has her hair falling down off her head in wafting curves like clouds almost hanging past her shoulders and rolling over the fur like rocks. She moves to sit at the table, and delicately her fingers pinch the ends of her gloves to pull the fingers out of them until she softly sets the gloves down on the table and she leans back, large coat keeping her warm in the winter and obscuring her clothes nearly entirely except the tight pants she tugged onto herself.

    Finally, Felicia looks up and with a straight face nearly mirroring Emma on her worst, or best, days, "Evening Miss Frost."

Emma Frost has posed:
    The Club itself is Emma's domain. While she might not be currently on the Board, she has full use of it's facilities and occasionally the favor to pull in to claim what she might not have the requirements to abuse anymore. So Emma had complete privacy when it came to this little bit. Felicia would be permitted entry, guided to where Emma was waiting, then permitted in with the privacy seals intact. Emma would take a few moments while she would wait to scan the club telepathically to ensure that there were no bothers present, giving the guards a nudge to not pay attention to the duo.
    "Miss Hardy, thank you. I appreciate promptness and appropriate decorum. Things which outside of here can be missing quite often. Now sit." Emma would still have to follow the rules of etiquette herself. "Might you care for something to eat or drink?" Because this wasn't something of immediate priority and she was still playing hostess, a job down the line or not. The girl was a guest and Emma was in turn obligated to treat her like one. "We do have privacy here so feel free to speak at any point and not worry on interruption."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia busted her butt to make sure she was oh so presentable, and then realized what time of year it was and thus realized she needed to cover it up, and chose to go Audrey Hepburn with the big button coat with the the fur. No hat though, her hair was too well done to obscure that even though the wind whipped it around some, but that's to be expected.

    Leaning back into her side of the booth, Felicia looks around, eyeing who all she can see in the club, and taking notes on not only the decor, but the means of egress and possible traps or security measures. Cameras. Guards. Guns. Silent Alarms. Loud Alarms. Sprinklers. Felicia doesn't miss much, and she does this with a practiced casualness that she might appear to be stretching her neck. Taking her seat, and keeping her coat on, Felicia smiles a business kind of smile. The smile that doesn't quite reach her blue eyes. "I'd take a gin and tonic." Felicia smiles before spreading her arms out on the back of the booth. Something everyone WANTS to do when wearing such a large puffy coat. It feels natural, instinctual. Predatorial.

Emma Frost has posed:
There would be a smile given from Emma Frost. One of approval. Her eavluating from Felicia's form where teh other girl would be scanning the area on her approach. Smiling. "So, on a purely professional level what do you think of the layout?" Her then casually continuing, "And you're not seeing anything unusual here, are you?" She had swept the booth for bugs or anything that might indicate a listening device. But the other girl was far better at it.
    And whil she would presume she had privacy, it was completely within the norm for the club for every single place that had privac to be monitored in some way. The innate paranoia and scheming of the Club lent itself to that after all.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    In a brazzen show, Felicia takes her arms off the back and leans forward, her figure must be pressing against the table, with how deformed the coat becomes and how far forward her face is towards the table top and without an invitaiton, Felicia reaches over to the candles and the stick they're in. She spins it around on it's base slowly, before tilting it twice, once in each direction.

    Pulling her hand back and leaning back against the back of the booth, the thief places her hands on the table beside her off center gloves. "Sufficiently clear." The cat burglar says before lifting an eyebrow. "I'm not going to get on my hands and knees to check beneath the table, but the audio from mics under there is usually awful enough that no one does that any ways. No one in the know." Then she looks around the place and nods once, giving her own approval. "But over all, sufficient enough for a place with such... history. Now. Shall we tarry on longer in the droll of back and forth pitter patter and make nices, or shall we talk more ... as your attire suggests... brazenly?" Felicia asks, a devilish smirk across her face and even her eyes that time.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Felicia and smile at her, eyes flashing just a little bit, "Good, you've kept yourself sharp." Her fingers going up to casually brush along the hair of Felicia in a flick of movement before withdrawing. "And this is what I always wear.." There's the faint intonation of 'darling' almost added at the end for the other girl's hearing. A coo as Emma would kick back.
    "This is a formal event. Not a personal one. but perhaps if you give me a good reason to consider something.. More informal.. Then we'll see." As Emma would go tos tart to mix the drinks.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Trust me, I'm not the type to forget or underestimate a blonde." Felicia says, pictures of her Super-Girlfriend dancing through her brain briefly as she's being shown the affectionate brush by Emma, her hair falling gracefully back to where it was before the fingers passing. Her face is unphased but her heart flutters rapidly at the closeness and the smells of the club and the mistress of the club being so close and familiar, but she leans back as Emma stands and assumes control of the table, even while Emma is away. She doesn't respond as there's nothing to respond to, simply Emma laying out the parameters of what Felicia presumes is this meeting and not the known variables of the job Emma has contacted her about. They haven't reached that part of the tete-a-tete just yet. There is much more dancing to be done.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would fold her fingers together and smile over at Felicia, "Good. I'm wishing to put you on a retainer for a.. Possible job down the line that I require someone competent to be available for. I will warn you that the job involves some degree of politics to it and might be something that if you did take it might cause some friction with your associates and I don't know their reactions." By 'associates' she means the Avengers no doubt. Honesty up front.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's heart flutters again. Not with a nervous energy, but a more fearful, primal fear. Her fight or flight instict just kicked on and she feels like the mouse caught between the cat's paws for a brief moment. But none of this reaches her face. The girl appears calm and cool and collected like a cat on a rug by the fire place. "If you're asking me to betray the people in my life that are asking me - expecting me to be the best version of myself for a few dollars... I'm sorry, but you've got the wrong girl miss Frost." She doesn't say that she's worth more than that, she doesn't say that she couldn't stand herself for seeing the look of disappointment on Power Girl's face. She doesn't say 'no' exactly either. Felicia's mind is still buzzing wildly but now she's trying to figure out who's been telling who that Felicia is an Avenger. She hasn't even given her real name to PowerGirl yet... does PowerGirl already know? Are there files with her info already? Is she the corrupt one? What is she even doing with her life? Felicia feels like she's on a knife's edge mentally.

Emma Frost has posed:
Then Emma Frost would smile, "Well, I suppose not then. Forgive me. And I'm not asking you to do it. I'm warning you if you took the job what it might entail. I'm not going to have you do anything against your wishes or that would compromise your principles. If you took this there would be a chance of it. So I can find your reasons for declining perfetly understandable." She's going to lean back over and fold her hands together with a sort of relaxed display.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's mind is suddenly, openly confused. She's not sure how to feel about this whole thing with miss Frost suddenly. She feels like she's trapped, but also, betrayed and not sure who to put it on, but to be so quickly cast aside by someone like Emma. Of course the woman has contingency plans, but hmm. Felicia expected a harder sell or push.

    Then there's that smalled of kernals of truth in the ancient idiom, "What could the job be? What kind of help do you need?" Felicia asks, not having moved from her spot at the booth and yet, the cat is always curious.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to lean back. She's honest and sincere in giving Felicia a way out of this with no strings attached. The girl doesn't want it, she doesn't get it. Emm is being sincere in that. "If you're not going to take the job, I can't tell you. As I said, it's involved for politics and might upset some of your friends to a degree. So let me stress that -significantly-. I consider it important. But you must balance those."
    And Emma is fully serious in not saying anything more on it unless Felicia says so.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Fair, and reasonable enough to me." Felicia says, noding along softly and to herself with a soft frown as she feels like she's exorcising some demons of her own in this moment. She's really letting go of that part of her past... that part of herself. Fully. No matter how large a part of her history that was, it can be let go.

    Felicia takes a breath not realizing she had been holding it. "I appreciate the opportunity miss Frost, but I believe you're right, again, and I really must decline the offer." Felicia says before she rises up. Not even touching the drink prepared by the wonderful hostess, Felicia grabs her gloves and begins to slip them back onto her hands.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over and dip her head, "Of course. One takes these jobs as they want to and they need to. I don't want to put an employee in a position that might undermine their performance on something." She says this with the understanding of someone who wouldn't want someone not fully committed. Which Felicia didn't seem like. And which was why Emma had been quite up front over on it.
    "Thank you for your time. And do feel free to enjoy the lounge while you're about."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "I appreciate the offer, really, but I do think it might be best for me to vamoos." The white haired woman says with a smile as she finishes slipping her gloves on and gives Emma a soft nod before she starts to move towards the same door she entered in. "Have a good night and happy new year miss Frost." Felicia says, with the kindest tone and a look over her shoulder as she can muster. But her mind is suddenly steel. She has work to do.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile at Felicia, "The same to you. Good luck with your curretn path." THer'es formality in her tone. Offer made, offer declined. Tht was the way of the world.

But plans were like bonsai trees. Some bits one trimmed off. OThers you let grow.