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Where were you when the bombs dropped
Date of Scene: 03 January 2022
Location: Queens
Synopsis: A random crime occurs under the super vision of an unsavory sort. Things go sideways when MULTIPLE heroes show up and things get messy from there.
Cast of Characters: Gamora, Singularity, Peter Parker, Nikolas Kamarov, Booster Gold, Rogue

Gamora has posed:


    Quantifiable catastrophe.

    The building with a formerly solid wall front is now smashed and billowing various ammounts of smoke from the sudden hole in the side while a horrible screeching sound cries into the cool night air, the frame of a truck dragged out of the disaster by the front two wheels before stopping suddenly in the empty street and a man on the sidewalk lowers his hands from his face, a device held between and a smile on his lips.


    A handful of masked men charge into the flaming hole, jumping over the damage and rushing into the jewelry store front.

Singularity has posed:
She had been up on top of a building. Watching at a raincloud forming with interest and fascination. Staying quiet and enjoying it. But when there was an explosion on down by the ground, Singularity would flicker and then with a -prisma- sound would appear by the ground by the truck. She's moving to rapidly assess the cab of the truck; seeing if someone is inside it and in need of rescue! The blue form of Singularity woudl flicker, even as if there was someone inside it in possible danger to flicker in to try and teleport them if they were in danger to safety!

Peter Parker has posed:
The alarm system sends an automatic alert to the NYPD dispatch system, along with address, type of crime suspected, and who was close enough to respond.

But they didn't expect...SPIDER-COP! (Okay, just Spider-Man, but who knows what the future will hold...)
A waypoint pops up on his HUD. Hmm. Only half a mile away. Thirty seconds, EASY.
And off he goes, webslinging in the frigid air and nearly freezing his spinnerets off...

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Most of those here are in for the quick score, running into the smoldering hole to grab what they can. The person who dragged the truck out, on the other hand, has something more specific in mind. Winter is dressed t hide his identity, thought he distinctive silvery armor and featureless reflective mask does a pretty good job of that by itself. He's just setting down the truck to head to the back and open it up when...Singularity appears, drawing him up short, his head cocking.

"...they went that way." he says, pointing towards the hole and the masked people running inside.

    Hey, it's worth a shot? After all, it's part of the reason he was working with the gang...they make a good cover for the real reason he's here.

    That said, he heads towards the back of the locked featureless truck. That way, it blends better and is just one more in the streets of the city. Those who were using it were hoping for it being unobtrusive.

Booster Gold has posed:
    Flying somewhere above Queens, Booster Gold is having a meaningful debate with a small golden robot. "Look, you are just NOT going to convince me that some random place you found on Yeep! is any better than Junior's."

    "But it has 173 reviews with an average of 4.8. Statistically that is higher than --" The robot's argument is cut off by the sound of an explosion. "Sir, the place closes in ten minutes!" protests the robot, as that Booster Gold grin settles onto the face of the hero.

    "There is always time for cheesecake, Skeets. This sounds like a call for -- ACTION!" He zooms off in the direction of the noise, his frustrated robot companion begrudgingly following. "But sir!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in the sky.

Green and gold bodysuit on, black leather trench coat over it with a 'rose' burned in to the leather on her back.

She sweeps through the sky when she hears the explosion. She comes to a floating stop, her dark green bandana flowing around her shoulder, with her white and brown hair mixed around it. "Well that looks... less than ideal..." The southerner says before she averts her course and starts to fly toward the erupting chaos from that explosion.

Zoom zoom, fly fly!

Gamora has posed:
    The man lowers his device, but moves over to the light post at the intersection and hides himself behind it, carefully making sure the lens of the camera is pointed towards the fire and the men and the truck. "Whoa." He repeats once more.

    The black smoke pours out of the building, like black cotton being pushed through a hole in a pillow case. Constant, and a sign of malcontent and maliciousness.

    "MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Shouts one of the crooks who raises his crowbar over his head and then lowers it heavily into the glass case and breaks it open, dragging the metal bar through the glass making it easier for his co-workers to follow behind and grab the jewelry and gems. "MAKE IT QUICK!" Shouts another as he holds open a duffle bag in one hand and is grabbing shards of glass and the stores inventory out of the case as quick as he can.

Singularity has posed:
There's what might pass for a gasp from the star-clad girl. She was wearing stars after all. She would be ready to blip in right when she's aware of the other heroes appearing to handle things. There's a sensation of awe from her (if anyone could read the mannerisms of the anthropomorphized sentient galaxy) radiating. Her heroes are here!
    She has so much to learn! Singularity is then teleporting into the store in a bright flash of Blue and flickering in. Then she's going to rapidly start searching for civilians, and would be going to if she found any to rapidly teleport them out of the store to the street. "Sorry, you are in danger!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man is aware of various points of "interest," based on what his Spider-Sense tells him, but he sees the masked men going into the store. He lands on the roof, looking down.
Probably best to catch them by surprise. Give them a five-count after the last one enters...

And then he jumps off the roof, using a webline to swing in through the open window to startle the current occupants...


Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Winter watches Singularity vanishes, presumably to head inside as she starts reappearing with shaken civilians from inside the building, followed quickly by Spider-Man swinging in as well.


He shrugs slightly, walking back behind the truck, then grips the advanced-looking lock box holding the back shut, his hand shimmering slightly, before he squeezes and it comes free with a small shower of sparks and a screech of metal ripping, before he drops it on the ground, reaching up to push the doors open and jumping up inside, looking around for the right high tech storage unit of those stacked neatly inside, all locked in place, all bearing the stylized CD of Cyberdata.

Booster Gold has posed:
Zooming in from above, Booster Gold looks over the scene as it unfolds. He tries to think quickly - seeing Singularity bringing people out, seeing Spider-man drop in, seeing everything unfold - well, Booster thinks rather slowly, even if quick for him. He looks to the truck and the smoke and the people and the building. "What do you think Skeets?"

    "It would seem that inside is being handled by Queen's friendly neighborhood -"

     "Hey, look at that!" And so by sheer dumb luck, Booster's indecisiveness has slowed him long enough to observe Winter's approach. "Looks like trouble!" Booster remarks to Skeeks, before zooming in after him. He had the presence of mind (for the moment) to not announce himself as he pursues what he perceives to be the biggest threat on the board.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is right there as Spider-man goes smashing through that window. She's just a stone's throw away watching him do just so. "Color me a lucky tourist, seein' Spider-man of all folk." She says before raising her eyes up and down the building, and then just floating over to the window that he smashed through.

Her gloved hands go up to brush away some of the glass, and wood, before she just leans in and peers one way, then the other. "Ya'll got quite a deal goin' on here, huh?" She calls inside to whomever might be listening.

Her yellow gloved hands then release the window and she just flaots down toward where that explosion had occurred... now seeing Singularity working on getting civilians out of the place.

"Fancy." Rogue says at the sight of this. She's being really helpful so far!

Gamora has posed:
    The managers and the few actual customers that are trying to do some shopping just after dark fell were in for a rude surprise as the wall beside and near by literally exploded when a truck backed into it. The people were stunned, many frozen with fear and even more surprise as a human shaped hole in space appeared and started to move them to safety instantaneously, a small group growing outside the store, but still within eye of the place.

    "What's going on?" "Where are we?" "Who are you?" "HELP!" All heard and not heard in various places as people blink in and out of reality and causality in no real order only to appear slightly to the west of where they were.

    The goons however continue their spree, loading up, one jumping over the counter to start to get into the hidden storage beneath the counters and taking the true murchandise and nost just the display models. "HURRY IT UP GUYS!" Shouts the crowbar weilding man as he steps around to stare down the red and blues of "Spider-man!?" And with little hesitation he steps forward and swings his crowbar as hard as he humanly can.

    While in the background the four other goons are pillaging and checking out the place, expecting their buddy to maybe, finally be the one random dude to be the one to put Spider-Man down, one looks up and tilts his head slightly at "The flyin' broad?" "No you dolt, dat's Mighty girl, or woman, or ... who's you again?" Asks another before he pulls out a pistol and starts taking shots at Rogue, "BANG BANG!" He says as each bullet goes off.

Singularity has posed:
Rapidly teleporting in quick flickers, Singularity is moving to grab each person in the place that is not one of the attackers while going, "Sorry! You are in danger, I want to make sure that you are safe." her tone extremely apologetic, even as her body would swirl over with small novas and flickering stars and twirling galaxies in what was meant to be an expression over of worry and an attempt at signifying she was here to help. The blue star girl rapidly evacuating anyone, then turning around.. And watching with enrapturement as the others went to work.
    Then she would be aware of someone up in the air.. And rapidly plink over in another blue flash. "Rogue, hello!" Remembering from experience it was not necessarily the Rogue she knew.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man ducked under the swinging crowbar. As he came up, he grabbed the man and tossed him over to the wall, webbing him in place as he hit the wall.
"Take a load off, Freeman," he said wryly, before turning to the others.
Eenie, meenie, miney...HEY MOE!
A webline shotts out to nab one would-be thief. He is yanked towards the nearly display case, then covered with webbing as he sprawls against it.

Ah, a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man's work is never done.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Inside the truck, Winter reaches to the back of his utility belt, unclipping a hardback-sized package that he presses to the back of the cab wall, locking it in place, then tapping a few buttons to bring it online. That done, he turns to put a hand on the locking bar for the cases and yanks, snapping it out out of place with a crack of metal giving, moving to put his hand on the case itself as he turns...and sees Booster at the back of the truck. ".....bylat." he grumbles faintly. Complications!

Booster Gold has posed:
    "Stop where you are, villain!" announces Booster Gold, floating in the doorway of the truck, pointing at him heroically with his one hand. "You are no match for the greatest hero of the 25th century, BOOSTER GOLD!"

    The name "Booster Gold" echoes a few times behind him, probably from the small golden robot.

    "Just surrender now and make it easier on yourself. If you do, I'll let you have a piece of the cheesecake we're going to get on the way to the police station. The place closes soon so we better get a hurry on."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is about to turn in to the building when Singularity appears and recognizes her? Rogue stops, looks over at the starry girl, then looks back in the building... then back at the girl. "Hey... you..." You know that awkward moment where someone knows you but you don't know them? Yeah, that's how the Belle feels right now. She even gives Singa a big smile. 'Where did I know this gal from?' She asks herself.

"Long time, no... talk!" She says, more awkwardly. "In fact, I was just about t'send ya a tex---"

Gun shots!

Rogue's left sleeve of her leather jacket is peppered with bullets, and she leans back to avoid more! She glares inside at the shooter, then rips a street lamp off its base, lobbing it inside at the man with the gun! "It's Mighty Woman, you jackass!"

Gamora has posed:
    The man attacking Spider-Man is judo-flipped with ease, and then shoved into a wall and caught with copious ammounts of webbing pinning him there slightly upside down and with a crowbar danging from his hand with his mouth covered and groaning his annoyance.

    The second man is just as easily stopped by Spidey as he's left on the ground with his hands bound to the counter he was trying to steal from and is struggling mightily to try and tear free. "Seriously Spidey, don't you got loans and stuff to pay off too?" Frowns the man as he squirms to get maybe at least comfortable.

    The one shooting a gun at a flying girl and a space-literally-girl screams loudly like a young teen as he ducks beneath the light post that comes sailing in like an over sized spear, crashing into the wall and hanging through it like the worst game of darts ever. The man his hidden behind the counter, but after the sparks and pieces of wall and ceiling stop falling, he throws his gun back over into the open and holds his hands up. "I give. I give!"

    The last two still standing near the front doors, looks at each other, and at the carnage of the room/shop in front of them and with a slight pause to look back at each other, they snap their arms up into the air. The universal sign for surrender and the bags they were carrying fly from them to land unceremoniously onto the ground. "We're done!" "Yup."

Singularity has posed:
Technically Singularity has met -a- Rogue. Not -this- Rogue. Unless this Rogue has met a different Singularity. Alternate universes are weird. But she is a universe unto herself.. Singularity would go, "#-1 INVALID ANSI DEFINITION: +xterm I'm sorry to distract you!" right as Rogue would go after the man that had done the horrible crime of ruining her outfit.
    Then there's a squeal of glee as she would flicker-port over next to Booster and Sketz, "That was amazing! That was amazing!" wiht the enthusiasm that only a child could muster on it at the spectacle of Booster Gold, professional hero. Then she would rapidly be teleporting again..
    Next to Spider-Man. Were you inspired by Spider-Woman? Or Spider-Girl? They are amazing and if you have taken after them you must be an amazing hero!" That might be.. A new one.
    All of the while as she would rapidly flicker the anthroporomphized pocket dimension would be spiraling along with small galaxies flashing into and out of existence over her form.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man smiles. "Gee, you guys are getting smarter all the time." He fires two webs at the feet of each surrendering thief, then sighs. "So far, so YIKES!"

The blue girl startled him, okay? "Uh...hello. I...uhm, I'm sorta the original. Listen, do you know of any other criminals in the area?"

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Winter's featureless mask tilts slightly at Booster's determined words, looking around slightly at the echo, before returning attention to Booster. Then briefly to Singularity as she appears to cheer Booster on, then vanishes again. "...." But perhaps it distracted Booster for that critical moment?

    Either way, his right hand suddenly snaps, fist pointing at Booster as he unleashed a powerful forcebolt designed to send the 25th century hero flying down the street" *CHOOM!* His other hand grabs for the carrying case, scooping it up as he moves to jump out of the truck. The hardback object on the wall continues counting down with soft digital beeps.

    "I must decline." Winter says icily.

Booster Gold has posed:
    Perhaps expecting the "not easy" option to be picked, Booster Gold turns to evade the force bolt, aided by his force shield for confidence. Luckily for him, he is used to his fans popping into his crime fighting, so somehow Singularity didn't distract him too much.

    "Ok, you can decline the cheesecake but I must insist on the arrest part." He flies swiftly at Nikolas to try to stop him, reaching out to grab at the man. "Skeets, tell Spider-man about the bomb!"

    The golden robot flies back from the truck, seeking out the wallcrawler shouting. "Bomb in the truck bomb in the truck bomb in the truck!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Singa take off again, her white bangs flowing in the wake of her departure. "Bye, Sugah." She says softly before her eyes turn to the building, the gunner who throws down his weapon...

Rogue steps in to the building then, her right hand going out to grab some gold holiday rope off a hook it was coiled up on. She walks to the gun on the ground, her wedge-heeled boot stepping on it until the firearm is smashed under her strong leg muscles...

Where the gunman is crouched and hiding now, Rogue appears... She holds the golden rope up, having tied a loop off at the end... She tosses it at him, and wraps it around his neck loosely.

"Start tellin' the truth now. My lasso commands ya, Buttface. Who do ya work for? And how do I find'em t'have a chatsy?" The Belle shoots the man a smile as she holds the other end of the uncoiled make-shift-lasso-of-truth.

Gamora has posed:
    Everyone's given up and turned themselves in, and most every one is ignored at this point, only the man suddenly finding himself tied up by the golden rope of ... gold. He looks up into Rogue's face and frowns deeply. "Look lady... mighty lady... woman." He stumbles on his words and then motions with his head towards the hole they came in through and the truck outside. "No one, it's just us, trying to pay off gambling debts and Mikey-"


    "Fuck you Mikey. Mikey joined up to help us so he can pay his student loans. We're not trying to hurt no one." He frowns and maybe pees a little. She did throw a street light at him.

    Then Brett gives a point towards the outside again, "And that guy, no idea who he is, but he wanted in on the job, not even sure how he heard about it."


Singularity has posed:
Singularity would go back over to approach Rogue, right over as she would hear 'bomb in the truck' and she would go, "Sorry!" Then she's rapidly moving to flicker-apparate over next to the truck. "We need to get rid of it." Her blue eyes flashing over in struck-star alarm as she's ready to offer her help over to Booster - her mind going out to try and get an idea from the energy currents in the truck to try and if possible get a 'feel' for what sort of thing was inside it if at all possible for her to be able to do os.

Peter Parker has posed:
Geez. Student loans? There but for the grace of God go I...well, if these guys are lucky, they're going to get three hots and a cot.
He was about to lecture them about getting jobs, then realized he got his job through an absurd kind of luck, so maybe he shouldn't talk.

He was getting a buzzing from the Spider-Sense. Not here, but...near.
"Nobody go away. Cops should be here soon."
And with that, he walked towards the source of the danger...instead of in the other direction, like a sane person...

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    "Bozhe moy!" Winter grates as his arm is grabbed and Singularity appears in the truck, looking to help. There are several energy currents for devices at rest or in storage from the cases along the cases along the walls, including the the masked man is carrying, likely tech of some sort. The device on the wall contains a large amount of magnesium as well as what looks like an electronic detonator wired to it as part of a magnetic circuit holding it to the wall. In other words, just yanking it free will probably set it off at the moment.

    The Russian metahuman inside, on the other hand, chooses violence in response to being grabbed by the arm holding the case...which is to launch a rapid punch kick combo with a fair amount of super strength behind it this time to try and dislodge Booster. Also so he can get out of the truck. Because that timer is still counting down! And being in the truck when it goes off won't be fun. Especially since this little mission has drawn heroes MUCH faster than anticipated.

Booster Gold has posed:
    It is undeniable that Booster Gold has a very punchable face. Some would even say kickable too. The good thing about him is that he can actually take those fairly well, because heavens knows he gets enough practice. In this case though he was shifting to try to fly off with the villain and so he already had /some/ momentum on his side when he yanked on Nikolas's arm. As such, they both go tumbling out of the truck in a vague upward direction as Booster's flight path is altered by the blows.

    Ow ow ow!" Booster yelps as he half tumbles out of the truck pulling Nikolas with him. The blows are enough to cause Booster to drop his grip on Nikolas's arm, but that may not actually have been what Nikolas wanted as both are horribly off-balance.

    "A little help here!" He calls out to any of the other heroes who may still be hanging around proud of themselves for stopping a few idiots with guns. "Real super villain on the loose!" He tries to re-orient himself in mid-air to fly back at Nikolas.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to the response she garners out of the man. Her green eyes dance around at the other crooks he rats out the names of, then she looks back at him. The Southern Belle bends over then and puts her right gloved hand on his forehead. "Get. A paper route. Dummy." She says before pushing him over on to his back. "Now stay. Good boy. Move, an' I'll snap your ankles like gingerbread men."

She tosses the rest of the 'lasso of truth' at him, then starts to walk toward where they are tending to the vehicle situation.

"Ya'll need help gettin' that thing outta Dodge?" She calls out just as the duo comes tumbling in to view.

This makes Rogue peer, before she lifts up and flies toward them. "Which one'a you is the one I should be punchin/""

Singularity has posed:
Inside the truck there's a 'squeak' from Singularity as she tries to figure out what to do! So she goes to look for the man that she already knows is a hero and will clearly know what to do.
    This person is of course the one already in the truck struggling.
    There's a flash as Singularity would glow, and up in front of Booster there would be a flickering -blue- shield that would absorb the hits from Nikolas as his hands or anything else he tried to whack it with would hopefully bounce completely off it ineffectually!

Peter Parker has posed:
The Sense was getting stronger at the truck he just passed by on the way in. Stronger and deeper.
He hears the fighting from the back of the truck and he looks inside.
He doesm't know who the other guy is, but Booster Gold is instantly recognizable.
But it's the box behind them that's causing him the loudest alarm.

"What's in that box?!"

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Booster yanking down overbalance Winter as they go tumbling out...but rather than hitting the ground, an ice blue aura surrounds him as he stops in midair, writing himself, then drawing back to swing with another fist just in time for Singularity's forcefield to spring into existence, the powerful punch glancing off it rather than sending Booster flying further!

    Winter frowns behind his mask, glancing at Spider-Man as he arrives at the truck. Well...destroying the Cyberdata truck was mostly to cover the theft, which...is not exactly being low key anymore anyway. Eh.

    Rather than attacking again, this time he reaches out, resting a shimmering hand on the field...then pulling, as the power Singularity has imbued it with dissolves and is pulled into his body as he powers up further, the aura strengthening around him. "You would best be dealing with the thieves inside." he rumbles. "But if you insist..."

Singularity has posed:
Singularity isn't sure exactly what's going on. Having her own energy being pulled out is something she hasn't had happen before. So it takes her a moment to recalculate to it as she's rapidly trying to increase the bubble around the man. Calling out a warning to the others in a bubble-pop of radiance. Her own body would shiver, even as more flickers and starlets would appear about her. Her energizing, going to flow more flashing novas and galaxies..
    At this point, she's not fighting to win or to defeat him. Aware he's already taken energy from her, and he's taking more energy from her..
    He's already gotten a boost from her, so more isn't going ot make a difference. But what she can do is hopefully..
    Be a rather nice distraction while the others deal with the bomb.

Booster Gold has posed:
    "Thanks," replies Booster quickly. Without having to dodge a punch, he can focus his efforts on the thief's target. He grabs at the case and yanks at it with every bit of his strength, trying to at the very least separate the villain from his intended goal. He finds a bit more resistance than perhaps he was expecting. "VERY strong" he manages to blurt out, as the case suddenly breaks, unable to bear the strength of the two combatants. That said, Booster is also unprepared for this eventuality somehow. "Oh crap," he manages before his momentum sends him crashing headfirst into the pavement. But hey, at least his experience as a star football player is good for one thing, as he covers up the case and avoids a fumble.

    Skeets, meanwhile, flies up directly into Spider-man's face. "BOMB IN THE TRUCK BOMB IN THE TRUCK BOMB IN THE TRUCK." The robot does not have a ton of volume modulation, but it uses as much as it possibly can to try to convey the message to Spider-man that someone needs to do something about the bomb in the truck.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the madness unfolding around them all. She rushes at the enemy in question as the Starr-girl does what she does. "This is more crazy than even I thought it'd be." The Belle mutters as she moves toward the man that Booster had tumbled out of the vehicle with.

Rogue pre-emptively removes her gloves, letting them flutter to the ground as she balls up her naked fists and moves to engage Nick in some hand to hand blows... and with her power levle, she hits pretty hard, deceptively so!

Peter Parker has posed:
Bomb? Oh, geez.
Spider-Man jumps into the truck, moving past the people inside to look at the box. He felt along the edges, then pulled the panel off to reveal...

Oh. Oh, yeah, that looked VERY plusungood, as Orwell put it.
He looked at it carefully. Magnesium? Odd. Low yield, high intensity.

"Whatever was near this thing, this was designed to destroy the contents of this truck. It..."
Then a light started blinking. Trigger....the trigger had to be powered by...

Spider-Man started grasping the wires, each one, one at a time, grunting each time. Every wire he grasped, the Spider-Sense ratcheted up two or more notches. Red...blue...blue-white...green...come on, come ON...

Then he grasped the black wire and the Spider-Sense stopped. It was if a light switch had been flipped. Not even a tingle.

Spidey YANKED the wire...and the blinking light went dark.

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    Winter is distracted siphoning up the energies of the forcefield, intensifying his power as his aura grows bright and brighter...until it drops long enough for him to duck out.

    At which point, both Booster and Rogue are waiting for him, one lunging for the case, the other coming in for a flying sock to the fact.

    The case is strained by the brief tug of war with Booster, before Rogue plows into winter, knocking him straight through the already partially wrecked building wall as the case snaps. Booster ends up with it, though it falls open, revealing a series of small black tech cubes, about a half inch to a side, packed in nonconductive foam. Some may fall to the ground in the process.

    Meanwhile. Spidey is on the bomb, effectively using his Spider tingle...er, sense to find just the right wire, the digital timer halting its countdown as he severs the right wire. The truck is safe! And so is Spidey inside the truck.

    There's the sound of rubble following from inside the hole Winter was knocked through, before it suddenly shatters outwards, the masked man shooting out wreathed in icy blue as he attempts to return the favor, launching a punch at the same strength level he was just nailed with as he reverses the stored kinetic energy.

Singularity has posed:
There's a cry of alarm from Singularity as she recognizes what Nikolas has done. He's hurting people because of her. And he has her energy and could hurt other people. If she could cry she would be in tears. "Sorry so sorry!" The young'ish galaxy is going, torn on what to do. Before rapidly moving to try and flicker over behind Nikolas.. Then if she could going to try and make a portal underneath him that would hopefully catch him underneath his feet. Then another one up in the air that if it worked he would drop out of and fall down towards another one on the ground. Where if it kept on going he would fall down that one.. Then the next one he would whip out of would be lashing him to the right.. Then he would pop out of another one that would snap him to the left.. He can fly so likely as soon as he's managed to reorient himself and recover he can get out of it. but until then there's some hopefully precious seconds of him being a portal powered ping pong ball!

Booster Gold has posed:
    Rolling around at the ground with the remains of the case, Booster Gold quickly regains his feet. He flies about quickly to try to scoop up all of the remaining components that dropped from the case as he sees that someone else is dealing with the villain himself.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey shoos everyone out of the truck, making sure they are beyond the effective range. He spots Booster picking up the tiny cubes, and he reaches down to pick one up, eyeing it carefully.

This was what the bomb was designed to destroy. As a security measure? If I can't have it, no one can?

What the heck IS this thing?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stays on him as she sends him through a wall. "Ya tryin' t'blow shit up, huh?" She says, stepping over the rubble, her jacket and hair flipping around in the wind around her as she steps in to the building after him.

"I'm so sick'a pricks like you settin' off bombs like they think they own the place... hurtin' good'n'peaceful folk with your bullshit." She flexes her bare hands, her fingers splaying out as she walks and stalks toward him.

"Why don't we get a look at ya, I'll introduce ya t'my sweet sweet touch a bit more...."

Nikolas Kamarov has posed:
    They appear to be....cubes. With what look like connectors, so apparently they're intended to be wired into something, though it's hard to tell what they might be for without taking one apart to see what's inside. No maker marks visible, despite the case itself having the Cyberdata label.

    Winter's lunge back at Rogue as she stalks in is derailed by Singularity's portal as he disappears into it, bouncing around as the portals at least disorient himself until he pulls up outside the building where the's been deposited, flying clear of the next one. "Good trick." he says, tilting his head. "Hah. Innocent does not apply to a corporation like Cyberdata. Only the truck would be destroyed. Normally." He flexes a hand, continuing to float in midair for the moment as he ponders his potions. The case is in Booster's hands, which he is required to retrieve. The truck is intact, but hiding what was taken isn't likely with multiple heroes as witnesses. So...

    Suddenly he's shooting towards Booster, this time flying a quick evasive back and forth to make it harder to lock a portal on him as he barrels straight for the golden boy.

Singularity has posed:
Singularity isn't exhausted. She doesn't get tired. She doesn't get disoriented. But she is limited in how fast she can react; particularly when she's been thrown off by the more experienced bad guy being able to counter her moves and absorb her energy, which is in turn making her more conservative. So she hesitates. She's made things worse already..
    But what do heroes do when they're afraid?
    They keep going!
    So singularity does what her heroes would always do. Keep at it.

Booster Gold has posed:
"Whoa whoa whoa, this is CYBERDATA stuff?" Booster flies backward away from Nikolas. "Hold up, we may be misunderstanding this situation!" This is actually something Booster can do somewhat capably, as he nimbly streams through the air with his focus on Nikola but avoiding getting hit by him. "I get that they are the real bad guys and clearly you have a beef with them but maybe we can help if you stop trying to PUNCH ME IN THE FACE." Booster seems content to just keep away from Nikola as he calls out to his fellow heroes. "Hey this may not be a theft guys, this corp is bad news. Can we maybe talk this one out?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man glances at Booster, then puts the cube in his backpack. Cyberdata. He wasn't very familiar with the name now, but he was sure he was going to get a lot more knowledgeable as soon as possible.

Gamora has posed:
    At 6PM local time, all television stations, AM radio and FM radio stations in the greater New York area are interrupted by the high whine and triple alert calls of the Emergency Broadcast System. The message relayed (in sound and text on the television) is as follows in a clear but solemn male voice:

"This is not a test. This is not a test. At 5:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, the President of the United States has issued a state of General Emergency for the greater New York metropolitan area. I repeat. The President of the United States has issued a state of General Emergency for the greater New York metropolitan area. The latest forecasts from NASA and its partner agencies maintain the rough trajectory of a Near Earth Object to strike the New York metropolitan area."

"All citizens are required to adhere to a MANDATORY EVACUATION order, effective immediately. Again, all citizens are required to evacuate the greater New York metropolitan area. Please proceed beyond the boundaries of the city in an orderly manner."

The announcement continues to indicate the scope of the evacuation, listing all major boroughs of New York as well as Jersey City and Long Island. Essentially the whole of New York County is involved in the evacuation area.

    Phones, screens, tv's, and actual sirens around the area start to go off nearly in unison. Things just started to hit the fan on a whole new level.



Singularity has posed:
And then those alarms are going off and Singularity is letting out an 'AIIYAHH' t them. The girl is then flickering, rapidly teleporting away. Teleporting high and far up rapidly to get enough height to look over the city to try and figure out what was going on. And she would vanish over ina series of repeating blue loops of energy.