9511/No Angels Allowed

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No Angels Allowed
Date of Scene: 07 January 2022
Location: Eastside - Queensland Park
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Iason, Morgan Finn

Iason has posed:
For all of his reclusive tendencies, Iason has managed to learn to get around the winding cities off Man's World, with their labyrinthine streets and towering buildings. Alexandria was breath-taking in its day, of course, but this was... a thing all of its own.

Once the Embassy staff had relocated, the tedious duty of unpacking and securing items began. Iason was indefatigable- and endlessly patient. Eventually, though, he is called away from his duties by a more important enterprise.

And this is why Iason is on his way to Queensland park, following directions. He reaches for his phone - something Diana procured for him when he first started working at the Center, so he could stay in touch. In the year or so since first getting it, he has learned to text... albeit, not in the way young people text. Although he never learned to read or write while he was in Alexandria, he /was/ the son of Theon and brother of Hypatia. And he /did/ hear many things in his many years as the statue of the Museion, which were kept in the depths of his soul, fond memories of a sightless age. And one of those things he learned was how one should write a /proper/ missive, as was imparted to a young Hypatia by her father.

The text that hits Morgan is long. For the sake of brevity (too late), it will not be reproduced here, but suffice to say that it consists of a greeting, an introductory paragraph, and then the body of the work which conveys the message that he is coming to check up on him, to ensure that his accomodations are to his satisfaction and other such things, and to convey to him, in the most convenient way for Morgan, the place where they might meet.

And so, the dark-haired young man crosses the street on his way to meet Morgan, eyes glued to the GPS, thankful for the modern invention that allows you to, seemingly, walk upon a map itself.

Amazing things.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The text message that Iason receives in response to his long-winded text is: lol dude wtf r u even saying? meet u downstairs

It's a cold Metropolis day, but Morgan doesn't seem to mind...at first! He's outside waiting for Iason wearing jeans, a nice flannel, hiking boots, and a winter vest. The cold makes he teen demigod's eyes glass and his cheeks ruddy. He has AirPods in and is listening to some unknown something.

After a bit, he starts to pace back and forth to fend off the cold, his breath pluming out into the winter air. He peers down at his phone screen -- which shows the song Mask by Dream playing -- to see the time. "C'mon, Iason," he murmurs to himself. "Imma freeze to death out here." That thought seems to amuse him and he laughs, causing an avalanche of dragon breath to expel out in the frosty air. "Imm a be a frozen statue found by a statue."

Iason has posed:
"You appear to be in discomfort," the young man observes in that frank, simple way of his, upon spotting Morgan. He is not attired in civilian clothes, but his native clothes. The chiton leaves his arms and legs bare, and it can't provide much warmth at all- and yet, he seems completely unperturbed by the chilly air. An overtunic, carried across the shoulder, seems to be his only concession to the weather, even if he doesn't need it.

As he approaches, he frowns, a heavy backpack carried under an arm as if it weighed nothing at all. "I apologize. Have I made you wait out in the cold?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
A laugh escapes Morgan when he sees Iason, again causing condensed breath to blast everywhere. "What the fuck is even happening?" he says amiably as he trots closer to Iason. "You look like you're dressed for a beach party in June." He rubs his arms for warmth and stomps the ground a little.

With a nod in Iason's direction, Morgan asks, "Do you eat? Cuz I'm hungry as hell and Diana gave me a bunch of food money." He wrinkles his nose as he contemplates this. "You prolly don't eat, do you?"

Iason has posed:
The young man smiles softly and reaches for his overtunic, attempting to drape it across Morgan's shoulder in one fluid movement. "The cold has never bothered me much. Likely, it is due to the nature of my birth. This should help you regain some warmth while we walk," he says.

Shifting the backpack, he raises an eyebrow and lets out a little laugh, "I do eat. I do a lot of things you can do. Except, it seems, freeze. Where would you like to eat?" he says, looking around at the different food establishments. "I enjoy a lot of the food they have here. Except the sweet things- they are too sweet."

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Weeeeeeell...this is my first time hangin out in Metropolis. I mean, I been to the Hall of Justice with Diana a few times but never hung out, like, in the city before," Morgan explains.

As the odd companions pass a man sitting on a steam grate rattling a cup full of change, Morgan tugs a ten dollar bill from his pocket and drops it in the cup. "Happy New Year, my dude!" he says with a smile like he was talking to a close friend. "God bless you, kid," the homeless man says.

Continuing alongside Iason, he murmurs "Some of them do, some of them don't" in response to the man's words. He looks up at Iason with a half grin. "Well at this point I'm so hungry I swear I think I'd eat a dead rat out of a toilet, so anywhere is good with me. Any place with pancakes is /really/ good with me. There's gotta be a 24-hour diner around here somewhere."

Iason has posed:
"I will let you navigate," Iason says, "I am not familiar enough yet to gauge what might be served..." he glances at a sign, and frowns. "P a n d a EK-spres," he sounds out, and frowns yet again. "That word means 'fast', but I do not remember what a 'panda' is."

The young man glances at the animal on the sign, "Is this place likely to have the cakes you seek?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan quickly shakes his head. "Nope! A panda is a Chinese bear. And Panda Express is the American term for 'diarrhea.' We don't wanna eat there." He looks around and points. "There! That's a greasy spoon if I ever saw one. They're pretty much all the same and they're pretty much all awesome. C'mon!"

The energetic fledgling demigod trots on ahead toward 'Burgers 'n Joe', a traditional American diner. He almost runs into a lady who gives him a "Hey!" He laughs and says, "I'm sorry, miss!"

Iason has posed:
The young man takes a step back, apparently aghast. "Why would they serve... /that/ there?" he asks, astonished, "Things are decidedly more strange than I imagined."

He does his best to keep up with Morgan, backpack behind him. He manages to evade the woman, and then trots by his side. "Why is it awesome to eat with an unclean spoon?" he says, glancing at their chosen destination. "What does one eat with it? There is a place near the embassy that calls itself 'Spoons' and serves soups. Is this something of that nature?"

Carefree conversation, as if a terrible battle were not about to be waged in the city they just left behind.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Having been in a coma, Morgan was spared much of the details of what's going down in New York. And being, psh, basically useless nobody really calls on him for help now. So in an odd kind of way, this is basically vacation for him.

"Oh gods, Iason," Morgan says. "We have a /lot/ of work to do on language with you." So it looks like the kid who is barely passing most of his classes is going to be Iason's language tutor? Hijinks are guaranteed.

"Let's start with Panda Express. I was being sarcastic when I said diarrhea. Did they have sarcasm in ancient Russia or whatever?" Morgan isn't being glib. He genuinely doesn't know. History and geography are...not his strong points by any stretch of the imagination.

Iason has posed:
"Alexandria," Iason corrects, "What... is Russia?"

"What do you mean, when you say something is 'sarcasm'? I may know what it means, by a different name. I have not yet come across it." Reading books of history and archeology, of course he has not come across them. Historians prefer altisonant words and they would spare no amount of baroque terminology where a simple one would have sufficed- which is why he may be more familiar with mockery, ridicule, gibing, and that attempt to play a leftover rack at Scrabble as a last-minute bluff: trenchancy. Having a more polished grasp of complex terminology but lacking in the more vernacular ones is that strange commonality that is shared by revived mystical statues of antiquity and ESL students.

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Let's get inside first!" Morgan blurts around his ever-present, good-natured laugh. He opens the front door of 'Burger 'n Joe' and holds it open for Iason. Once the two are inside, he unzips his vest and finds an empty booth. "C'mon over here!" he says as he walks quickly toward the booth. It's like trying to follow one of the kids from Family Circus around.

He glides into the booth, his butt making a fart-like noise as it rubs over the cheaply upholstered bench, making Morgan smile even more broadly. "Okay, sarcasm is when you say something that isn't literally true just to make fun of something. There really isn't any diarrhea at Panda Express. I was making fun of their food by implying that you will get diarrhea if you eat it." He raises both eyebrows. "Does that make sense?"

Iason has posed:
Iason is not nearly as reckless, he navigates himself into the booth with his calm grace and sits down, setting the backpack next to him.

"I see. I know of what you speak- /Aristofanes/ would write plays like that. He would speak of filth and disease as a means of mocking others."

A slight smile appears on his face, "My sister enjoyed reading 'Hippeis' out loud when she thought she was alone." He gets a faraway look in his eyes, "Of course, I heard. But she never knew."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan gets a little wistful expression, his brown eyes softening. "That was back in...um..." Probably for the first time, Iason sees a frown touch Morgan's face. He's upset at himself that he already forgot 'Alexandria.' It's not that he's stupid, he's not. But book learning is not something that tends to be high on the priority list of a poor kid from the Kitchen. "Fuck," he says. "Where was it? Where you're from. I'm such an idiot." He hits his palm against his forehead kind of hard. And here we see the sand dune shifting landscape of an adolescent demigod's emotions.

Iason has posed:
The young man reaches forward to put his hand on Morgan's hand. "It is alright. When my sister was with life, Alexandria was the center of the world. Time has changed so that it is no longer so. You may remember it, though, by reminding yourself that it was a city that was founded and named by Alexander the Great, who conquered the world."

He hmms, studying Morgan's face, "Or has he been forgotten, too? I read of history and I know your modern scholars know of it, but I don't know how much of my world the people who live among you know."

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen gives a genuine, warm smile to Iason when he touches Morgan's hand because he's just a honestly nice guy. But after a moment he puts his hands on his lap to break the touch because, you know, straight dudes are weird about touching.

"Yeah, I definitely heard of Alexander the Great. That's the dude who cried because there was nothing left to conquer?" Morgan inquires, referring to a commonly held misquotation.

A waitress comes by to take initial drink orders. Morgan asks for a coffee.