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To Strike Back N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
Date of Scene: 09 January 2022
Location: GIRL's HQ
Synopsis: The Outsiders and friends gather to exchange information. Viv is quite sure she has found another of NOWHERE bases. They will go investigate.
Cast of Characters: Conner Kent, Vivian Vision, Valeria Richards, Natasha Romanoff, Hank Hall, M'gann M'orzz, Gabby Kinney, Strix, Bart Allen, Megan Gwynn

Conner Kent has posed:
It has been a few days since the Roost was raided and Red Robin, Balm and X-23 were captured. Add a couple days since the last time anyone saw the real Superboy. Subtract about 30 minutes for Waspette vanishing.

Now, the conflict with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has been running for some for over a year. The Outsiders had some information that they shared with Nadia. And when they managed to find one of the criminal organization's bases, their investigation advanced much faster. It was Waspette the one that designed the device to breach into the space-folding constructs N.O.W.H.E.R.E. uses to hide. Once they located the second base, the managed to retrieve a good deal of stored information they have been trying to decrypt since then.

Well, Robin and Waspette. But as they vanished, the info made way to contincencies... Cyborg, Batman, and Viv Vision. Who was the first managging to crack some interesting data.

A meeting has been called.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Viv generally does not react well when people threaten her organic family members. And this time there are no obvious targets for her wrath. Which means a more indirect approach was required.

With her level of access to GIRL systems it wasn't much effort to re-purpose all non-critical computing power to code breaking and investigation. Scanning all the research done into the space-folding and focusing her entire mind on understanding it. Not to mention pulling in every researcher trustworthy and talented enough to understand the project!

When the time comes to actually do anything with the information. Well GIRL was the logical site to gather people. An army of private security forces, enough anti-surveillance gear to stop world class spies and all manner of exotic shielding devices to stop anyone just teleporting in via various means.

And hey if company did arrive she's got every drone and robotic system in the building slaved to her personal control. Giving them a significant home turf advantage.

Plus it's easier to provide snacks. Organics think better when they have snacks.

Valeria Richards has posed:
One of those clicky keyboards is going strong in the room already. A steady stream of clicking noises is the background music for whatever is going to happen. Young blonde researcher is chewing gum, headphones on, and the screen of data spins past as she works away at the data.

Space folding isn't new tech. She's already applied most of her previous models on the data, and is correlating possible links between existing tech and the effects noted in display. She's using one of the larger screens, but the data is going past at stupid speed.

A blown bubble pops, and she headshots someone on the side screen with the pic in picture. It's not like this is taking all her brainpower or anything. Ooh, a gold weapon drop. Also, she thinks the room is still empty behind her.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha doesn't like storming enemy home ground. She likes having incredibly unfair advantages. But if circumstances were always favorable, you wouldn't need super spies, and Natasha would be concocting unfair advantages against cake somewhere, so there's not much you can do about it.

It occurs to her that she may actually be somewhat spoiled by most of her infiltration ops being strictly terrestrial.

So a meeting seems appropriate. She stands near the wall, arms crossed, face impassive, wearing her standard uniform ('costume' in some circles) working double time to keep any inconvenient personal anxiety under her control.

Personal connections are for the birds.

Hank Hall has posed:
    Hank Hall isn't a hacker. He isn't a decryption expert. He isn't an infiltration specialist (unless smashing through walls counts.) He isn't a scientist. Hell, even at the moment, he isn't even a super hero. He is just a beat cop who is worried about a friend of his. He manages to arrive at the location for the meeting and finds a realtively unmachined wall to rest against. The holographic projections and the number of monitors in the room make him feel extremely out of his depth.

    But, he's seen similar set ups (albeit not -as- advanced) in Titan's Tower so it isn't entirely novel for him. He also understands the value of knowledge and planning, even if Hawk--the being he turned into when danger reared--feels that such things are useless and pointless once an enemy was truly engaged. Being back on the team and engaging in field exercises has shown him just how necessary teamwork is in dangerous situations. He is trying.

    He watches those more experienced in this sort of work do what they do with a stoic expression on his face. Silence, for the moment, is golden for him.

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
M'gann is covered in frost and even a few icicles as she arrives, through a door no less, it's very novel for her. "Impressive. This building can't be phased through." She notes for no one in particular, seemingly impressed by the building's security, as she steps from the elevators and into the large meeting room.

Miss Martian's typical blues and whites have been replaced with a darker black and red uniform, though really its still just her skin. She walks towards the large circular table where the others have gathered and the data is being displayed. "I searched several more islands in the Arctic Ocean, but have not been able to find them yet. They are definitely not in Canada or Scandinavia though." She informs Gabby as she brushes some of the icicles from her body, which fall to the floor shattering harmlessly and melting into little puddles of water.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
While the Outsiders that remained had access to some rather formidable minds, decryption wasn't the strong suit among them. All the more reason that information was shared and outside help sought--Though could it really be considered 'outside help' when there were so many connections among the members of the group? It was more an extended network.

Gabby, aka Honey Badger, has made it to the location the same as the others. While she wears what amounts to a suit for her she's opted not to wear a mask around these people. There was no real need as she wasn't a public figure of any sort to begin with.

While the others work away on their task she stands with arms crossed over her chest, brow furrowed, thinking hard on where to start. It's Miss Martian's arrival that causes her to snap out of her thoughts to offer her teammate a reassuring smile.

"Thanks, Miss Martian. That helps to eliminate a few areas that can be difficult to traverse this time of year. I'm sure we'll be able to pin the location down once more of the information is decrypted. Especially with so many mind working on it." Glancing around the room she inclines her head to everyone that has gathered here. "I don't like to stand around idly. We can at least start to plan our next move even without the location identified yet. It's... been a few years since I've infiltrated somewhere as more than a quick hit-and-run." Lightly she clears her throat. "But given NOWHERE's resources, we may want to split into two teams: A forward team to clear the way, and a search team."

Conner Kent has posed:
The technology present in the room is very impressive, even compared to the Titans/Outsiders gear. Some things can't be purchased with just money. Not even from Star Labs or Stark Industries. It has been built here.

Viv's holographic displays show a large amount of what seems to be gibberish (unless you have a computer for brain) a handful of partially decrypted files and correlated information, pictures, names and even a few receipts for industrial materials. The coordinates on display point to a sparsely populated area in North Africa, within the Tunisia national borders. All evidence points 'Colony Seven' was built there, and then it was shunted into a spatial fold, out of sight. Hidden 'nowhere'.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Of all the super scientist wrangling techniques Viv has mastered perhaps the most efficient is aromatic food. We don't count louldy talking about unattended doomsday weapons, that tends to make matters worse. And in this case her food of choice is freshly baked cookies. Placed just far enough out of reach that Valeria will need to turn and notice people have arrived if she wants any.

The central hologram adjusts to a globe. With various sites of interest marked on it. Suspected and confirmed N.O.W.H.E.R.E bases. Places they've carried out operations or are strongly suspected to have been upto no good.

"Thank you everyone for joining us today," Vivian says, giving a wave towards the conference table that she hopes is taken as an invitation to sit. "As you probably are aware several superheroes, including my Great Aunt Nadia, have been kidnapped. We've been working on decrypting all the records left behind and, I hope, are now at a stage these records can be used to mount a rescue operation."

Various tablet sized devices around the room chime into life. Displaying a plain English version of the research. Intended for general non-supergenius readers.

Strix has posed:
And Strix is there, too, in full Talon regalia. She had managed to sneak back into the Roost and pull it out of the rubble, so it's nicked and torn here and there, but otherwise serviceable. She's decked out for war. Swords are strapped to her back, a myriad of other sharp implements of hurting stowed away on her person, and her talons are sharpened. Yes. She's ready to get her friends back.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha picks up a tablet and scrolls through it, reading quickly, sparing only a brief disapproving glance at the cookies, and asking "Is this everything, or is the decryption still going?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Finding a potential link, the highly focused researcher shunts a possibility to the main decoding section. She has been focusing on tracking NOWHERE travel options, but there are always linkages. A group tends to think in certain patterns, so the transport systems are a clue to decoding other problems as well! Modes of thought are data like anything else. And if she can help the decoding process, all to the good.

She notices a change to the main panel out of the corner of her eye and raises an eyebrow. She pauses her game, letting the AI she's set up handle defending her character, and pulls one ear free from the headphones.

"Decryption is a challenge," she says. "Too many options without a master key." She continues coding her own work, given that there's a lot still on her plate. "I should be able to track them one way or the other though. It's not like they re-invented space or anything."

Not everyone necessarily knows her. That's fine. She's here, she must be qualified.

Hank Hall has posed:
    Hank manages to get ahold of one of the tablets and slowly reads it over. It still reads like a lot of technobabble to him. "So... umm... question..." he says, raising a hand and giving the cookies a dubious glance. "What's the umm... resonant..ah..." He makes a face and groans in irritation. Technobable wasn't his forte.

    "What's reality like in these folded places?" he asks. "I mean, is it just like here" he points to the ground, indicating the normal world, "but hidden? Or are we talking another dimension?"

    He quickly adds. "I ask because well... I can get unpredictable in certain dimensions. Well, more than I usually am at least. If it's just a way they're hiding the normal world then it shouldn't be an issue, but still good to know."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
"Colony Zero is somewhere on an island in the Artic Circle and not protected by one of their Tesseracts." M'gann mentions for those who weren't there when they retook the Roost. "I was able to pry that much from the minds of the agents they sent to attack us at the Roost, but not a specific location. It's definitely not Canada or Scandinavia. You should focus on the remainder of the Arctic Circle if you can." She's not terribly familiar with Earth methods of data analysis.

"Once you find them," She adds. "My BioShip is waiting overhead, we can be there within an hour." Wherever there is, she doesn't know, but she's pretty confident the ship can get there within an hour, wherever it is.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"That's an excellent question and I have no idea, sorry," Gabby responds to Hank's concern with a helpless shrug. "If it were Limbo I could tell you. Not sure in this case. None of us have been there---Other than Conner, maybe, and he's one of the captives."

With the tablets being handed out she accepts one as well with a curious glance cast down toward it. Most of it was gibberish other than the coordinates that had already been acquired. A quick grin is flashed over to Valeria. "This is what you got without a master key? This is great progress! I'm sure it's only a matter of time."

Looking to M'gann, then Strix, she clears her throat. "We should also discuss the enemies we're up against. They're formidable."

Conner Kent has posed:
The only outsider with an inkling of magic that was (briefly) inside one of the NOWHERE tesseracts was Balm, and she didn't report anything unusual. Red Hood, Anarky and Impulse own reports said Colony Two felt normal. And Colony One was a zombie-infested hellhole, and very /not/ normal, but what do they know about magical dimensions anyway.

The N.O.W.H.E.R.E. files so far decrypted don't have anything relevant about operations in the artic. There is definitely something going on at the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea, but it is not clear if it is a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. base or something that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. wants.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"We still have more data to decrypt," Vivian admits with a slight tilts of her head. "But if we wait for everything to fully decode before we act several years will have passed. Now I /could/ speed this up by commandeering any civilian or military computer device which is not properly secured but.. this would likely cause widespread chaos and disruption."

Not to mention be highly illegal and likely to upset SHIELD. If she needs to do it that'll be a plan to run past Janet in secret...

"But we've been able to understand the key technology left behind by my Great Aunt. The folds in space don't create a new dimension as such. It's more akin to sealing off a section of this one. Like a soap bubble on water."

She nods to Valeria. "Working together we can either locate the facility they're being held in directly or, and this might be easier, simply find /any/ site and access it to obtain the location data we require. Either by accessing their computer systems or tracing dimensional signatures to their source from within."

At the topic of how to fight N.O.W.H.E.R.E the synthezoids eyes glow brighter. "Without holding back it will be no great challenge to defeat them."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria mutters to herself about misunderstandings of basic terminology as people talk. She quickly calls up a file, reviewing what she can about Hank (he asked) and says slightly grumpily, "You're probably fine."

What she wants to say is, that chaos and order aren't real, they can't be quantified, and without some form of definitional system there's no real way to plan or set up parameters to gauge his systemic effects in the field.

"I'll get you an interspatial field emulator from my father's stores. Don't use it if you don't have to, but it should keep you at least functional if you encounter a weird energy field."

She turns her head, actually looking for a moment as Gabby speaks to her. "It's a brute force hack, honestly. Wish we had another way, but a big enough computer can plough through it, like Viv just said. Sorry I can't do more, my mom won't let me go on adventures."

Unfair. SO unfair. It's in her tone, she resents that little detail. Being smart so counts as super powers...

"There's something in the Caspian Sea," she points out. "I'll have a portable tracker ready by the time you get to go."

Yep. Grumpy.

Strix has posed:
Strix takes one of the tablets and stares at it through goggled lenses, though by the way she cants her head it's obvious she has no idea what she's looking at. She's just here to get her friends back.

She looks up when Gabby addresses her. Her response to formidable opponents. She holds up an arm and flexes it. It's... not that impressive, to be sure, but anybody who's seen Strix in action will know that she's a force to be reckoned with herself.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha listens to Vivian, and feels... tempted, for a moment. She'll file that away as Plan B. That said, her eyes narrow, and she slowly turns her head to focus on Hank, flatly asking "... 'Unpredictable' *how?*"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney allows herself a small frown again at Vivian's explanation. "Right, don't intend to sit around the whole time. Just help narrow it down further." Tilting her head toward M'Gann she nods at the mention of the Zero base. It's only a moment more before the Caspian is mentioned earning a sigh. "I wonder if they were given incorrect information in case they could be mind-read? I assume they know of your abilities, Miss Martian. Still maybe we ought to check out both options. Just in case."

"You're right Strix, we're strong, but we're also going to be going up against a clone of Superboy. If we can take him out we should but it'll be tough."

Hank Hall has posed:
    Hank gives Natasha a grin. "I don't go big and green, but it's pretty close to that" he says flatly. "There's a thing in here..." he points to his head. "Or maybe here." He points to his heart. "Maybe both. In any case. It thrives on Chaos and hates Order. I go to either one it tends to go to extremes in those cases."

    "But if it's just a folded place like normal space... shouldn't be a problem. I can still tear through a tank with ease and keep chugging until everything is down." He pauses. "You're going to want a contengincy though, especially with Troia or Dawn around. Just in case."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen has been setting up remote beacons for the science people, to give them a bit more access to fine locations. While, he might not have the tech to detect him, he can help others. He does plant sensors at the places where they have crossed over and is now getting back to the others., He comes in listening to the last little bit "The Barrier between here and there seems to be more a physical thing like a dimension sandwiched between ours and theirs or something. I phased through it, but it hurt like heck. Have you tried seeing if we can pick up any Kryptonian signals? I mean I know SB, Supergirl, and Superman might register some, but with the amount of clones, would think maybe that would register larger

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
M'gann nods to Gabby and begins to give a very detailed rundown of the NOWHERE agents that they encountered at the Roost, Thunder, Lightning, the adaptive lizard man, spooky shadow man, some of the details that could only be gleaned from reading their minds. "They're thoroughly brainwashed and they don't seem to remember anything before their time in NOWHERE. They also seem to believe they are doing the right thing."

When the conversation shifts to the discussion of the Caspian Sea and NOWHERE potentially spreading false information, the Martian young woman shrugs. "It did not seem that way, but the possibility can not be discounted. I will continue searching the Arctic Ocean then, you can go investigate the Caspian Sea."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is a tiny bit late to the meeting, and apparently got held up with..Something. She slips quietly in the back of the room, trying anxiously to catch up as holograms are shown and talks are being held. Glancing at Bart, she arches a brow, "dimension? You mean they might not even be on earth?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I don't think you grasp what the word dimension actually means," Val says softly. But she shakes her head, then goes back to her typing. "It's okay, don't worry about it." She upnods toward Gabby then, sliding her mouse over so someone can maybe handle her shooter game, and goes back into the data. Where she really belongs.

Talking to humans is always a bit frustrating after all. Viv can handle them, and that way she won't end up pulling her hair out.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha stares for a very long moment. "... I realize I'm not team leadership here... but if we're going after an enigmatic force that's holding our people captive... I *highly* reccomend against unpredictable assets on the field."

Conner Kent has posed:
Although Nadia has some information, there are more in the Outsider's files. They have been clashing with the agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. for months. The rank and file are science and tech personnel with minimal combat training, but their food soldiers are powerful cyborgs with advanced power armor. Some carry ballistic weapons and flamethrowers, but a few have very powerful plasma guns. Besides them, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has a large group of super-powered agents. The Outsiders captured three of them, but many remain at large. Among others:

Warblade: Fast, strong and regenerates, able to turn his arms into shapeshifting organic metal. Genetic analysis showed he is actually part-alien.
Bright Eyes: Photokinetic, including the ability to shoot lasers
Windshear: Aerokinetic
Fuji: Wears a large power armor, inmense strength, suspected to be an energy being
Crush: Elastic powers and strength
Shadow Walker: Darkforce powers and life energy vampire
Dr. Templar: Leech-like shadow tentacles
Match: A clone of Superboy, but faster and stronger
Leash: Paralyzing whips and teleportation

Hank Hall has posed:
    Hank sighs. "Look. I get that I'm not the most... delicate asset out there. And you're well within your rights to boot me out." He pauses and sighs and then shakes his head. "You know what. Nevermind. It's not worth arguing over. I wanted to extend a hand to help Nadia out. But if you guys have it under control, you have it."

    He pushes off from the wall and lays the pad on a nearby surface. "If you decide you need me... then she" he points to Vivian, "knows where to find me." He turns and shakes his head again before starting to make his way out.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I have put together some simulations based on the various operatives," Vivian explains with a shrug. "Anyone with access to a holographic training facility is welcome to take a copy of the files. Anyone else can practise in one of the shielded rooms at GIRL. I can project holo-simulations to train against. Although I should note this would be without a physical element."

Hank gets an apologetic look. "Everyone here is welcome to contribute. And it might be that certain skillsets are required once we have more information. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated so long as they wish to be." She'll already be sending files to the Titans anyway.

Her attention shifts back to Valeria. "I can always act as a relay on the mission. So if you wish to remotely piggyback into their tech during a raid... Surely your parents wouldn't object to that?"

Strix has posed:
Strix looks at the tablet, scrolling through the information. It... just doesn't make sense to her. She managed to get through the fourth grade of school before the accident happened that led her to the life of a Talon of the Court of Owls, and her reading level never really advanced beyond that.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and says "We need to have a big gun or two with us. They have Match who has SB's powers and some to add. He is not quite as fast as me, but he is fast, strong, and can do a lot more. Not sure how many mercenaries will be there, as figure they probably hire them per mission.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Depends really. We have a lot of odd things going on ourselves." Val pulls her hand through her hair, then nods firmly. "Okay. Also, I said earlier. I can get you an interspatial generator," she points at Hank. "If it helps. I'd hate to pull someone for something we can actually solve."

She leans toward Strix, then leans and points to a few things on the tablet, to help her catch up.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks in confusion. "Soo like, what IS a dimension then?" she frowns, but peers at the screen when the villains who attacked the Roost are put up. "Oh yeah, I remember them..At least next time i'll be better prepared.."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
M'gann glances in Hank's direction before turning to leave, "You're welcome to come with me if you want. They're out there and I'm going to find them." She says before walking out.

Patience has not been her strong suit since this whole thing started. Unusually so, whatever happened on that JLA mission she was on when the Outsiders got attacked really seems to have done a number on the normally effervescent Martian girl.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Deep breath.

"There are sixteen real dimensions.."

And that ends her usefulness for the day. With jabbering about physics and all the things.

Strix has posed:
Strix hurries after M'gann. She taps her on the shoulder, and points at herself, and then in the direction of the Bioship. She wants to go with. While she has the patience of an assassin she feels like she's not really able to do anything here to help. So help her friend she will.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and says "But people create pocket dimensions, which may not be real ones, while with the speed force it is normally possibly to travel to another vibration frequency dimension, when I hit the barrier between this and theirs it was different, which makes me think it is man made, that and when the one base's dimension tech failed it popped into metropolis."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn arches a brow at M'gann. "Ooh, you have a spaceship? Cool. I mean, if you need a teleporter too, I'm happy to help." she's still not sure about this dimensional barrier but..Who knows if they might run into trouble or run out of room on the bioship.